Did Fat Boy smash his phone for Pigskin Punishment?!

Fat Boy's Pigskin Punishment was straight off the cutting room floor from Saw 16 this week! He had to answer three questions. He got two of them wrong, so he had to smash two paper bags with a hammer! His phone was in one of those three bags. Did he smash his iPhone with a hammer?! Yes, he did.
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Mattman loses his eyebrows for his pigskin punishment!

Mattman lost Pigskin Picks, so that means Pigskin Punishment! This time, he lost his eyebrows!
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Gay Timmie hid in a giant teddy bear to scare the hell out of Mattman

Day 2 of the 28 Hour Toys for Tots Broadcast: Mattman walks into the Bon Secours Wellness Arena & attorney Rob Ianuario told him he wanted to take a pic of Maffew with that giant teddy bear over there. But Mattman didn't know that teddy bear was Gay Timmie!
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Nine love TALLICA

VIDEO: Nine Gave Paige & FB a hand...HIS hand!

It's ONE DAY until Halloween! The Rise Guys loooooove Halloween! Nine really appreciates Paige and Fat Boy. He appreciates them so much, he gave them a hand! His hand!
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Dave Grohl

WATCH: Dave Grohl "Falls" Off Stage in Latest Prank

Watch Dave Grohl's body double prank everyone with another "stage fall."
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