Headlines For Tuesday, February 5, 2019

6 am Headlines A college student in North Carolina thought she had a ghost in her closet. She finally checked it out on Saturday and it turned out to be a creepy dude who was hiding in there trying on her clothes. Researchers at Texas A&M are working on a new A.I. program...
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Headlines For Monday, October 1, 2018

6 am Headlines A new study looked at the symptoms that people in every state Googled the most last year. And some of the ones that really stand out are "dark green stool" in South Carolina . . . and "uncircumcised problems" in Indiana. Police in an eastern North Carolina town...
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Like a virgin!

That title is in reference to heavy metal! I've done some of that before, but this weekend will be the first time I've ever been in the presence of IRON MAIDEN, BABY! Between Iron Maiden and Ghost, I'm pretty excited for a great, legendary band and a great, legendary live show even if I don't get...
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Headlines For Friday, February 10, 2017

6 am Headlines Two guys in North Carolina robbed a Rent-A-Center, then crashed into each other as they tried to drive their cars out of the parking lot. The cops quickly caught up with them and arrested them. A new study found the best and worst states for single people, based...
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