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Students Throwing 'COVID Parties,' Putting Money in a Pot to See Who Gets Infected First

While most of the world is taking proper precautions to avoid contracting COVID-19, officials in Tuscaloosa, Alabama say some students are purposefully trying to infect each other by throwing “coronavirus parties.” Read more now.
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Will Americans Get Another Stimulus Check Larger Than $1,200?

A second round of stimulus payments amid the coronavirus pandemic has the support of President Trump as long as it’s “done properly.” See what Trump said about the possibility now.
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Walmart Planning Pop Up Drive-In Theaters In 160 Store Parking Lots

Walmart will be rolling out the red carpet experience for a combined 320 family-friendly showings through October, featuring hit movies, special appearances from filmmakers and celebs, and concessions being delivered right to customer’s cars.
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Live Concert Streams to Watch During Coronavirus Crisis (Updating)

As concerts continue to be cancelled over coronavirus concerns, some artists are offering live concert streams to keep you connected at home. Here’s our updating list of what to watch.
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What Activities Are Safe and Unsafe on 4th of July During Coronavirus?

If you have Independence Day plans this year, it may be worth doing a risk assessment. Here’s a list of popular Fourth of July activities and safety factors to consider for each one.
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Coronavirus: Dr. Fauci Says Drinking at Bars Should Stop ‘Right Now’

As the country sees spikes in coronavirus cases, the risk of contracting COVID-19 has increased in a bar setting, and Dr. Anthony Fauci agrees.
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Tom Hanks Has a Message for People Not Wearing Face Masks: 'Shame on You'

Tom Hanks knows firsthand the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, so he’s not pleased with people who don’t wear face masks. The actor and COVID-19 survivor recently urged the public to do their part in curbing the spread. Read more now.
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Coronavirus: How to Stay Safe at a Bar While Cases Spike

As the country sees spikes in coronavirus cases, the risk of contracting COVID-19 has increased in a bar setting. Here is how you can stay safe.
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Metallica Debuts Social Distance Version of 'Blackened' for 2020

Metallica has put an acoustic spin on the blistering, seven-minute ‘And Justice For All…’ album opener “Blackened,” and while we’re thankful for the now 32-year-old throwback, we’re also seriously craving to see this band fully live again.
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Metallica Supporting COVID-19 Relief With 'Month of Giving'

Metallica is expanding on their ‘All Within My Hands’ charity “Day of Service.” The initiative, which aims to encourage fans to volunteer one day in their local community, has now widened amid the current viral crisis into a full “Month of Giving.”
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