Listen To Win Metallica Tickets!

Metallica is returning to North America on the WorldWired Tour 2018 and they're coming to Spectrum Center in Charlotte on10/22! Keep listening to Diesel for the Metallica Mosh Pit. Each weeknight at 9:15, we will play 3 Metallica songs at the same time. The first listener to correctly identify all...
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Like a virgin!

That title is in reference to heavy metal! I've done some of that before, but this weekend will be the first time I've ever been in the presence of IRON MAIDEN, BABY! Between Iron Maiden and Ghost, I'm pretty excited for a great, legendary band and a great, legendary live show even if I don't get...
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Earlier this week, I forgot to give my two cents on the new Marvel film, Doctor Strange . One reason I forgot was because of all the other stuff going on like the little election we just had, my band going into the studio and meeting/seeing Ghost in Charlotte. Another reason is that, while I did...
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Well, like much of America, I am shocked that Donald Trump managed to pull off a win over Hillary Clinton despite all the negativity that plagued his campaign like a lingering black cloud. I am also glad that the election cycle is finally over. Now the bitching begins. I do not identify as Democrat...
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Well, Halloween has come and gone so now we're in phase 2 of my favorite time of year: No Shave November and Thanksgiving, a holiday for my favorite pasttime, overeating! But, before I can move forward, I must first look back and reflect on my Halloweek! The first big thing was our P1 Lounge with...
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Headlines For Thursday, September 22, 2016

9 am Headlines 10 of America's most explicit town names. Nashville pot smokers my now catch a break from cops. Nashville's city council has decided that it's time to go a little easier on citizens who would rather smoke a joint than have a shot of Tennessee whiskey. The...
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