93 Minute Rock Blocks!

Nobody rocks the Upstate, longer and stronger, than 93.3 The Planet! Lock in for a 93 Minute Rock Block after the Rise Guys Morning Show weekdays at 10! Then again, when you get back from lunch starting around 1:45! The Planet loads up again and unleashes another 93 minute rock block at 8:45pm... Read More

The Rise Guys

Welcome to the Rise Guys Morning Show! "The Saviors Of Upstate Morning Radio" broke the mold when they hit the airwaves in 2003. Originating from Greenville, South Carolina, Mattman, Nine, Paige & Fat Boy combine to deliver the South's #1 Morning Radio Show everyday 5-10AM. And serve as the... Read More

Worst of The Rise Guys

Welcome to the Worst of The Rise Guys Morning Show! Mattman, Nine, Fatboy and Paige get your morning kicked in with great music, great musings and entertainment... the Rise Guys Way! Turn in for Truth or Consequences, War, P1 Open Phones, Dirty Thursdays, and lots more. Listen for some of their... Read More