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Tuesday, May 29th

Paige Talks to Zoltan Bathory from Five Finger Death Punch about their new album And Justice For None and the single “Sham Pain.” Zoltan candidly revealed Ivan Moody’s struggle with alcohol and his path to sobriety and also touched on hiring veterans and teaming up with Veterans Empowered to Protect Wildlife (VetPaw) which is a  group of veterans to help anti-poaching efforts across the continent of Africa.​

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Do I mean right now when my favorite people result tan battery shredder. On the guitar bass player and founder of five thing or death finds out right. Thank you very you have yet been here for him. Millionaire and I forgot to other credits and you RA martial artists and monster truck driver so we'll get to that later and got up there it. Little led the league doesn't look you know it still delude you about the Robert. I really hate. That aren't the alone managed a just check out that you know my old bucket list. You going you know whatever wreck that you are now under Indian people in biopic decreased chance of surviving something else up renewable spirit though I'm a. Amy you also write a lot of steps I have to ask you know you're quoted as saying we are committed to supporting Ivan road to recovery and the title of the video. For the wrong side to have and I love this quote it says the ones that Levy the most are the ones willing to fight for you guys are such a band of Brothers and you've gone through so much tell how it was with the road to recovery with eyes and it might UN. What in his own couldn't that also called you know ye eat being you know pioneers though you're hanging focused on the earlier in our. And it'll be gen although edit the community the Krugman yeah. Odd man and looking not so let me. We have to wait you really is who he is right then and he and he doesn't Cold War about them cable or money doesn't care what would that structures group. Life is Dolan fired you know what happened and you have on crack up it ought to do that you cannot be. In New York book personally not at all. Also you can focus on loan and some cooler character I have. And you know when you are like that you don't care what you know and the pressure also are at the end and what not. It makes him or her strict also the corporate. I'll let you know. These are you he's the perfect guy is memorable and the Dow went up to. Because who he owed it to you Linda and only an issue. And and he's got that feel the right level of public and there are no rules you know if you looked whatever you feel like bring them. An ad hot spot on some talk that they are all local argue these main indictment while I don't know the light oil what I. A terrible. Ivan the terrible and he's got a you don't look very Peres and. You know in the end because the you know a commitment to travel the world and and you can't be whatever you want you probably took it anyway that value of the good. It even while little pieces through these people abuse did you go right right and what. You know Leo what sort it out BO where he is it can't back up ointment going to be at that remember that they you know we gonna have to stop you right here. You go to rehab and be subordinate MB EBP being torn up crop you know up and put him on stage because but look I think Columbia yeah actually it. Stopping. And and and threatened him that they give up they Kuwait the most important thing in his life which is basically it. Singing because we're all so we can keep your eyes you know when and vindictive seeks a Motley crew comes over your camp. You know and like you got that treatment should meet the spot. Especially true here as well look I asked if you don't get familiar with a high school go to blue. Additional thought he should do their credit they did you bet you expect that issue. It Europe they can all prepare and it'll. Read your rallied around him be supported him and whatever we could do you know sometimes you know you have to be popped blog. And anti competitive he's so great to meet you see that. He's happy you know he didn't. So you'll Albany so when you bought couple is asked to be you know all the and you saw me you see him are you happy that a lot of like a normal person you'd like it is the. You see in the champagne video you see the reality of how hard it is on the roadways in the meet and greets and the fans and tiger and Adam and you know Howard is you've been on the road I mean it seems like you guys are are on the never ending tour sometimes. Cute cute cute cute trumpeting into our second David EXT and bought all of it's for him. You know when you see that hampered read about what you can. It of the all you look at video but there are people that lost it though we don't record label we've heard yet having been that'll be new and help at. I kind of odd event orbital period that we're going to look opens we've Barry or do it. Our border looked real good. Popular garden you'll repeat what they want it dispute and sort of the first I'm going to be have a peace agreement that immediately be if there's been all rest and Beckett for the don't label and and so does song happened in a beetle thoughts about that that he be sort of expose the unit won't solve got back. Well here we are reviewed and number I want for you argued that it is you know and it. Yeah but I ordered that the hand them and what he's doing about but what very sarcastic garrido be obsolete in a bigger you get the that there. You look at orbit about what you lose you know. He actually everything I believe and I think even do these big all the negative ebitda grew our commute to the crowd. And you know an 88 packet radio. East block such a sweet spot what we have to as he beat who are we doing. This would've had the average. And ordered him. That's certainly agree that although the smothered her tour for everything around it if you don't. When you've you've you aren't there any you know off took a short suggested that they are actually. And buying all say amen and thank you again they get it in our local issues more factual data structures because you want to add their own date. When it went that is accurate again coming like hey you have to impeach your read our you have. You know we have a schedule up obviously in office all that or rob you get involved because they want to do all the people if. I don't ever let him grow up because that's what we love about him and he is he's got all the time. Like it the interviews he's so crazy and I think that's why people are are just are drawn to hand. And it was unfortunate what happened with your record company and you know it is your art forms so. You write a lot of the staff and to have someone say well you're putting too much music out too fast and you know the fans want more of what you do I mean you follow your instincts and it seems to either right way. And you know and huge market overall pick in darkly doctor white people because victory. In all you can eat in real and you like him or hate him but he is actually. All or reorganize is not being you know beat up or probably he's street it it'll it'll be located. Yeah maybe your head is you're earlier but we hope it open governance of you know and and you are you going to call unpredictable you never thought you'd go out there 01% of not to look up to me he Europe and end. You have this turtle over for you go yeah there was dumping that car real centerpiece of the year yet despite the I'll let you know when it if yeah yeah yeah you just dugout. He's bag I well let's talk about easel tanned happy birthday. And I saw a I saw the video aren't stage at that loss coming out with terrific. And I had a feeling you solve these people on stay public in my Q did you come. Commitment and you know that the the police trying to that the army. A biblical event and it's a ball so what you thought that if they're only in the yard and and all I've let it be known as well local copy to an openly and it probably the senior went on the sauber and talk and oracle got legally. We know them. We'll let you know that Tommy who got to come off this and and and it BP becoming successful record after. It manager and that happened here or there you know you're duplicated by. It'll I would vote speaks to what actually happened I'm a little bit too big a part of its own you know it. Yeah it was done it not living right there it is not and that's exactly what happened and it will go to public record no heart out. I saw dreadlocks but little creep deals are being the third oh you basically open outlook you are an excellent that there be a comical than usual but I have a corrosive. This is your net and all the men and a good part of the on legal department. And then our apartment. For the other corner of my other nightclub or another article. An expert on how do you have been uttered by the earthquake as Terry is like blood going and hoping that their carbon copy of my vote. What that how it got. And around and beat you all going. Granted he and those who live with currently do that locally will be copied and used to look on her lap as the united. I actually thought like Amanda it would be cool if I keep cool my. You can read you don't have any keep all of that and Mary he can get everything done. So they'll likely Glenn thing that you do interior. Veterans and power to protect African wildlife and I cite your range of data video and just really us and those are two things and I love veterans and animals how are you make an impact on African wildlife. Well you put it it it came about you know it could being you know I lawns where we currently understand these guys are here everybody. Every seat and everybody is out there are rightly in my personal life almost all of them all reference you know why I try to keep. During the equity put it should work out fine for them you don't you think you're able aren't they cute yeah ideal thought that it. And I haven't been Libya it won't hear it yeah why you know us and others. If it kind of birth but look you're not going to lead you to believe about you know I didn't buy it you people who have been writing my life is much. Police firemen and anti during a wall actual nipple. And you can feel the but the kind of beauty but that's the typical person who thought that you know. And so what happens you Eden double B. Don't behind you haven't been hundreds it'll well it goes quick comeback from you know so any kind of culprit and and they try to be integrated into you know society. We'll find that they will be under utilized but what bigger dispute began its slow. Highly print sold specific with their notebook and I think they get a new life who have never have built in half and yet. You know any of the older utilize them not the first. Possible scenario for a man who would have will be loose and then you court but and if he's brought there. Others policy is ought to get your vote. Because they're not. Came over here I'd hope so I'll move on and you're you're going to be one of security guards are ready to QB do you what what you can be talked about people in the not will be done name operated by the over a mile per month for Japan and let. You know they were and lose it provides an obvious or outline critical patient. But these non brokered over the recent bout at BP go over Africa is perfect yeah you know. Our own elephants aren't all that and all the creatures that are. Collision course with experience and I admit I did little use once you're there are you understand are you prepared. Not going notes have maybe five years and a and BB seven B Fordham who are all audit is going right now. The WP don't. On quad behind the Nelson who want it group B in Africa it is revenue of the vehicle can you imagine not. Not a lot and you could not have it go. While trying to sort all you've got to go over there it. And change the setup based grandstand and basically put that these static or is people were in the territory. And so openly with mark you know it goes you you were part of provide a lot of and and veterans then you know if you look very dark way. You are bad something good something. The garbage can utilize it killed. I have been soldiers in all but the beat her to the computer and be critical of the way and as I can you back. So proud I am you know abuse them. The whole world. Something to do something important computer and you have a lot of lesser opinion not you know support our political article graphic card or roll right. Ultimately chair you know and have a auto bit about Obama and the board of our advisors or you know and and how that lead editing it. And pot 12100 dispute and actually down there with urban. Or whatever these overall whatever. It is they need it. So it is predominately. I've been there and see what they'd be good and the only thing that ever bigger. And sort of idea of how people are alive and let. Your enemy whip says August 9 along with oh at most. And breaking it into man. Heritage park amphitheater. Thanks for joining us everybody's like in forward to getting the new CD that's out today and justice for none. And you know they love the champagne songs as Elton anything you wanna say to our fans before I have to tell you up. Yeah I was in that that you could equally be broken up but you know I really appreciate the little response by our. And leave it. You know definitely the support I've been getting I mean he uses all blue. Happy ever lived you know he loved. You know you have an apparent over or not be you have you know and and I think you eat it stopped. So I have to tangled up and yeah he can beat the matter is I think he's or rather Arab and alive today because. Because all the supportive of that letter that you may have oh got out thought. Now beyond dispute that what he's doing you know or. They're you know more than it meaning more important you know that the bigger event that bad either because he out because there are nuclear the epic there. And and you know am do you realize how important it is likely to get what they mean you'll be all the other kind of camp in any. And and how you could be what it does but I definitely. Elsewhere. You know. We're importing the dentist who put an added that he the world look rather you know they are a bit happier and and he'll be all right for a long time who will repeat it is doable let supportive all the lofty look at. He does have is again at the new record yeah it is yeah. The grip you know yes there aren't politically and. Thank you so much for your times Elton you're gored to exultant bath three from five finger death punch it in my earlier at Columbia you sound. I'll see you are not yet it's okay it's different in new Obama.