Tuesday, September 18th

What's in Fat Boy's Hole?: Headlines: Wrap-Up

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Yeah Stewart here girls for the rest when each. 93 point three point play. Well I've never heard this part of it. I don't know listen I know this song but I didn't I'll ever heard was the course. Oscar it's all. Is about being motivational and sticking your guns and setting goals. Autonomy you have a while ago Oslo backwards now. And highway opponent you have that you had a big one in your like you know on the men's tennis more. On the man of the match and drink your own. Because I got is super huge gland. And the man and a man on an angle and pages of Friday. Is birthday bash I heard everybody's talking about this thing and they are. The tail end presided. You didn't lay everybody. That is supersize free game going and make good enough pain and. It's just it's okay this day seminar on on on I got this is three man and see if these. We will rise always look at Hillary doing their arguments item net problem that's the problem. Birthday bash is Friday and we have a pair of tickets to giveaway 180774. Adult below 93. Once in my home. So don't look him. His role. Oh my. Page is going to put her head. And I just wash my hand is this time fed. Balloon is and I. Yeah. Well meaning in her look a recruits you know. I try to figure out fab voice. What their march. In my knees Bob and I fell through the wall and thus there's a hole in the wall. We've had made mystery item in the hole it now. Hate each ha it was a vote. Yeah and you diplomat. Had voted for herself Jihad. Now I have in page will put her hand in the hole in the wall where we can't name mystery items she will then described what she feels a you'll have to buy her descriptive words decide what's in fat boys all. In the war. She's coming and Stan and I just wash my hands and getting into cleaning there. I didn't Aaron. Again attempt to an item. Getty sent out Billy counts for all they're here for you decorate that lake house for fall that if and when yeah we can't for Halloween that the and I ask me trigger traders at the Lincoln never. You don't want them there. It's kids church regularly and it's got all played and I are drafting have a good time. I AM here on owning an above their eyes on us here have the stack. Our 180774. Double load 93 page is got her remove them microphone over just a little bid. And we know it. It's page will put her hand inside the hole in the wall worries hit a mystery item you try to guess just based off of her descriptions of what's in families whole line hey guys who there. Our rights to searching for honey I did you have the item just described would awarded to what it feels like behind him in fab always hole in the towel. I am inserting my hand and the hollering and I'm very nervous that man is thinking now. Human actually touched the thing. And now yeah or thinks he looks the way it is it like he's on the walls acres and and the sinner. There on the ground organized it's none of the hole into the left I think it. I kind of found something OK I have every hand is off my eight RYOK I'm at six figures on 818. A 10774. Double on 93 page the first thing you feel give us say a great action the great word to describe what you feel. It feels like I haven't act at the end of it. Feels kind of long. Day. It feels kind of loan league and give us another. A cam on aipac conference have been on and vehement. And now it's around. Round round and law is that enough to start whip and 180774. Though below 93. We not find Stoneman on this well I. Products are. It's long and the second word he said page. Graham brown at large in morning rounds are we go to the phones they we get the perennial callers of games he once Latin doll and mourners slugger. Why are we are slanted and it's long and it is. Round ditch when any ideas Woodson fan always hole. Ribeiro. And current I'm out on to say that you look handsome now it's Christmas time November is it's right upon us. I'd long and round this went down innocent others what you feel when it's not raft its song there. Solved long. And around each. Round each 18077. Affordable 93 logo on ordered Britney and mortenson. Britney. Had a hell I'm doing. And can wonderful he heard the descriptions here in the any guesses as to what's and that was hole. Is it a sub sandwich. And this was going to be in the mouth full launch oh. It better be one of those kids sized ones. Which is half is a fourth of the self policing his business and a big Cuban Graham Allan. They aren't from my arm and hand on it and touch it further and I think only a born. So long so all I'm never around and round and aren't Warner's hair. Okay. Carrying around this part that I am touching yeah. And ask cheered. It's scary it's why is she doing long false and round. 180774. To below 93 Travis and Sampson build good morning. There are dark lord is it a dog toys. I had so incorrect Travis try again please. Let's go to he went skinny man skinny man based off all the things pages described here any idea what's in Babel hazel. Although O logo is it a pool and brutal. And it is incorrect as well. It's not a vector us now though not page smaller than a political can I ask a question to ask any small and minute and I have in front the end of now I mean I'm just it's in the but how long would she say. That would be in Italy just basing it off of year. Or hand page. I mean is coming to town touch for an end to end and tell me approximately and you think islanders. In this part here's Tiki and I think and getting to me and end. I think I'm in. It's amazing the page and I'm finally feel some. Tell you how I got. Like your partner of the forgot this tape has been working when you're sad. Any ideas as to what is and that always always page touching right now for birthday bash tickets. I. Many. I say it's Kamal. Oh and brand. And. Walk don't college of gas. Please. Hey are. I'd say he's always found out long round as squishy about five inches longer so it's it's round on the edges any ideas what's in that was all. I am gonna get. A hot dog Ers also point. You heard she's for news close page or as it give you any any other. It's okay the other hand. That's and it's an impressive words it's slimy sometimes artists really kind of slimy it's kind of slash and get sick. Pat and at least she can we sit and it skips a page you liberals say it Deanna gases to what it is. And thank him an hour hour you think you know what we're going and a what do you mean by that and I think I'm right then and now there's been events. Awful and I tell you the year. Essentially holding Kansas Sully from got smacked right now I'll rocket. Not solid from god. Around because when I'm feeling right now as and I am bumping on the Antonin. OK I'll. I know what it is now and I mean I knew it was prior to that even if I didn't I would. I do that he won Atlanta skis and Alabama Jack hammer it out in Charlotte good morning. Harry Easter. But there are pages beg you figure is positioned your hand them the whole way any guesses. Well little little kid who are already adult is it a chili dog. Have you do. Right now got close now to the point where I think we have to kind of lend a hand with the descriptions. Ariza and touched him. On my finger. In and touching. Eighteen fingers together via. And that's something went out and touching something at list and it used the word moist yes she's it was slimy solved. Well on the edges. And a bumpy on top. Pitches later whatever is in Babel is all. There a date you have an idea what his things. Think maybe work. Any guesses this two pages touching and a moment we may just have to give this thing away this is. Stop me yeah well it that it isn't white. It's not clear why it. Let me see. If you saw all this item you would think he would stay. You would want will board shall be asked to laugh like hills materials than right. I think that it failed. And diesel to become a birthday bash so much please try to guess what's in that always hole. Then the Internet say it appeared. Again. They see if there. How much you know I. Written what was it what was it advice that he saw you could think it would stink. Yes put it was the other thing guys there's I was gonna say hot vote now then they pickled. Yeah. Pages not look at it put out my opponent down now would you give that travel. Top dollar got a from the dollars or ma'am because of good uses originally for Jeff's a legal minefield. We have so many well toys yeah exactly. It's the topic aren't. Second yeah problem was is that it's like and gummy worm kinda consistency built instead boycotted the plan is ice sheet rock however now what is it doggy. I don't remember it to you when we construct inside the ones who got the picture of the dangerous congratulations sir you will be joining us and thousands and thousands of other. You all are I didn't get a hold on we're gonna get your information we're getting it paid so moist outlets and some. Some lotions and things like that that's a tough game magazine got a comment. Tiger called toward the end. Then hope nobody else does is it before you do right. Well yeah bigamy you calling you wanna get the suckers solve man that was thrilling. That was the railing what a great game with good page great job I think will do we cannot let it continue to the next sag. All right perfect. Win fake clue that picked up briefly on her finger she will next she will give us the news of the hour or its pages the rise guys right here that. That's all I ask Tony it's recalling there. Right guys headlines with the aids. And you're Beagle who. Did today every Joyce. Yeah yeah mark knowing Dayne is usually Tuesday and then that you its national cheese burger day at letting. I'll travel. Yeah or got emails Manning got a whole list it is emails from. Different restaurants they command by an entree get a free cheeseburger about Jimmy three cheeseburgers and Liam on Miami's hands. And it right beaten. But there Margaret B bottom bones are countries that yeah. Mongo gay right. Are open suit are and don't let the air traffic fully. You know are they gave me is good for artists he sells. What do they didn't let you have a compliment bar and has melted cheeses and condiments and you're dying talk dirty to me food and founder try to manually does Obama mouth underneath it. This is an amount had a that was the hot car among the younger mound ardent. Must sort of frozen. I like to do the little luck Turkey. Opens. In that he can do to buy some won't even. The teachings from where Republicans. If people took to get the big pounder in the big pound burger and Mexico to tokens again. I. And why is it it. So a national she's bird. That's different from national. Hamburg today that two separate and well and hats tees on May take some if you don't eat cheese on your hamburger. I don't like Jews. That or Manila. You know it's Roberts you right yeah I'll. Hamburg you geez don't know I lied to your clothes and you have bread on the edge you push its. I just not a course and you want seizes how many slices right on that one on meets out of commission to take some you know Moussa failed. And remote. Now with that she's stuck there that are the 82% of Americans love cheeseburgers according to in this study on trying Nash and cheese burger day. So we have the top secret slices of cheese you know I'm sorry. When asked to be done. The obvious is is right topic don't so go ahead of its shares bodies are Imus police each week to stop flirting out here now. Oh yeah charge are senator okay. I go ahead and number of and number five I would never think this event this is a grand am program on a hamburger. Problems did she asked me think Turkey here are you know can't went probe lump and try to amber yeah step out of that box. That is number five and number far. Pepper Jack cheese morning percent went down that's again is by AC. I like that on the spicy chickens which insulin yes miyazato. It's not appear projects and Newton and here we are at the top three now ready for this and then send them without them and then with the intent. Still at 43%. People like Swiss cheese on a burger. And I am a little bit of a bite but it may be came down. And say here in the top two you talked to second place. Which is someone then most people like. The way you know number two would be in this second one people like them honest I don't pounds two point. I give up now I'm no mathematician and there's just in am a fraction. And the TU. Sarah 65%. Second place. Chatter chase. How is his second place with 65%. My 66%. And number one answer is and Mary can chase. And as I've 400% though in this and basically the EC and American cheeses the number is an ankle. About one percentage from just places don't even give you an option say cheeseburger is just government sees that there is via. She's stated they column to editor. If you don't actually you know establishment for known for burgers in and out trip. Or is felt need on the list anywhere in the running around the American cheese slice. Lots of penalties that OT Stan. Sophisticated berg. Man. There there's video need to I don't watch to play for five years it was the one member of the pink slime video there Shelley you watch similar to how they may American cheese. Well a lot sooner not yet because I'll know that information bullet holes still smell and wanna you is just all is just all. Is a loyal it's is it oil and food coloring is what you're eating habits he beats. I'm telling you oh boy he got to get the sharp cheddar as number one California. Now. It's they spent with him like mindless and made that Heinz 57 of French frog it's agency. And picker and our whole craft beer well good god a body which way do I steer for mock. Cheeseburger in payments if I get doubles on. France it was a summer where Jimmy Buffett rolled my life and then I realized picking up where Marguerite Margarita Ville T shirts bird sadly judged by the rest everybody into everybody goes through that one little book that summer is a buffet summer man. I had parents however me you know. That's cool. In Canada royal event you'll come back to your cinnamon I went Cheeseburger in Paradise symbolic like merchandise she. Yeah you got a hard rock cafe I get a teacher won here I bought that hat I've bought when he entered a bit yeah Alley and god fighter at all. It's took it was sick and give us a little window we will look at an arrest for and that's why beechy bird and. Analyst I'll celebrate so. Can you imagine if that book comes out and someone writes at that's about. I you're in Japan and in this book talks about how small you're below tied for fifth at the end of it and methods. Only books in my personal life incidents here character from the game Mario Kart. So what are we talking about here retired Matt stormy Daniels her book is coming down and she's describing transit from student area. I'm sorry ninth acknowledged telling her own. Well I mean I you know blown knees do you have any excerpts. Well it's not now and it's gonna come out October 2 title we know that she says it's time one especially saying that she's describing and and it's called. Stormy Daniels new memoir is called full disclosure. To the passing kids explicit. In which discloses as far as the present ten and president's package down there and and according Eunice issue likens it to a character from that game Mario Kart which or. It doesn't say the Donkey Kong and Allen now. Memorial. Donkey down but then she says that's they were having you know their little stress while they're watching shark week. Who wanted to as belzer casinos Sparky. And adding to artists that he even fielded a phone call from Hillary while watching and and then around. Issue meaning. Stormy Daniels one and two be on the apprentice and he was promising tariffs on on the apprentice while they're having now. Sexual encounter it. In down after that went. Dry they don't have their fair anymore and he. Suitor to keep quiet now she's releasing a book OK so it's gonna get a court so we'll see what happens. Age if we're own. It will once out of her mouth saying. No more bullying no more. Is sexism. No more shaming. Then why did news Atlanta is half the country. Clap and laugh and enjoy this bit. She not only had she had sex with a married man next as she went out and now is making fun of and saying he's tied manes these hung like yet this year whoever she's trying to say he's on life. And in looted and that's kind of like not celebrated just accepted as I. What what is is bizarre O world I'm living in right now. Maybe just the political angle where you feel like you know of taken some money down the amounts. In some of the leaders did you imagine that it's like let's say truck was never let him present any started writing books about how. Sloppy a woman's breasts war I'm trying to think of what you say about a woman that would be the equivalent of these tiny. In. I dug down the hallway if you say for sure he wants. Those who was here at Ford nobody New Year's hates that he was small beloved bella the according to this he's she is impressed with him and then that he well I mean do well. Let's listen she's usage patterns all domain policy. 72. Presidential. I don't know yeah serving youth but it's you know. I was gonna say before. It wouldn't be that much of an issues she's like you know what trumps. You know he's well endowed with she's not gonna say legs are oneself. Well on this side of that though. Todd what kind of world we eliminate I remember that Bill Clinton has one show about the the Manhattan yes rather own the the us Supreme Court. Testimony same dollar moved to forward nearly Alan you're kind. Saying that the meat to movement in this is all coming to fruition why because it shouldn't people have some self respect. No begins this man had an affair with a woman might bat. Right after his wife had a child which makes me upset because I felt bad for maligning and the son Darren stone leave this just. So glad for maligned casket of her eyes. On those tours and other stuff goes she. Are you said the haven't for years and years. An am and even people or so and washing it was she's getting into when she married when she didn't she that he indeed these enhancements and a sleep with porn stars. If he allegedly did when a woman who's profiting from this wasn't porn star who knowingly slept with a married man and is now profiting from Macon sides on of the size of the pain swelling and not only bad days she states and a 130000. Dollar hash agreement. And I don't know if she's gonna have to return that money what the deal as with that that Stan and I feel sorry forests and. She should have to work it off in Latin dances for the Supreme Court. It's gonna get money office I'm not a fan of trauma he says there was no problems. Target's got take him and his were his doctors said he was perfect him. Is it do you know of is no problems down there 20/20 vision but what ever compete day zinni as ball lies. Presidential amassed opposite. His eyes are white around that's eighteen and the story can so he is that if every part of his body except around his Kaiser's pre Yugoslav opposite these arms A action. His eyes are completely why around in the. Yeah he needs a better makeup artist Timbaland. Again. I think we're gonna see it you know. At this point as a matter of public record Alia of that is next state of the union should dispute from the ways below. But it means that you wrote if a woman is angry with some punishing an essay on man he knew it had in the lap man ideally nominee as best climber ever has now. Exactly. OK so help me out pays let's say a woman ever talks crap about me what can I say back about her that would be the these beings they yank. We'll guessing about her. And yes the man a small woman is Liz okay and in she's more Alcan. Losing his erratic daddy ads. They're migratory. Floor like I'm an old engine isn't so I know now I've never been in that situation you have attacked anyone who he SC. Bonuses is more women are like you know also assist in your picture. And you know we'll why wasn't that impressed then I've seen the British remarkably William at the same one because you know I got to know full well what I got. I would say Intifada I would say that either way I did some of what I. Both of us like a thump and so associate today. You know you take those pigs shift aware Mickey Mouse hands when he guy makes everything you say she's current. It's worked out I can't do I am airlines are you are anti war words from a all you emerge in LA tried like when the Rigas. In mind as downers. The messes that yeah when David in the manner I don't know why why would you say fear. If you dated a girl and you wanted to get her back where we just about her she is issues said that while a small in the lab yeah I mean this was through. Actually with time I'll say this what she puts Kleenex is in a bra and there are ups and looks like they're like surface I don't know I. She's free basis IG. And meet splashy. While you wanna talk about romance after we talked about. And broken relationship yes I guy proposes to his flight attendant girlfriend mid flight because for federal open. There's not a happy ending tennis. Other than them getting married there's something bad that happened. Plane crashed while she has a flight attendant 9 Chinese eastern airlines in this happened back in Maine and airport for hours on the flight. And then she and usually on China. Area while she was working. In Europe in the Aron he surprised her by proposing in front of the all plane she cried and said yes and everywhere on the plane clapped in each year to go man says the it would viral because that's a happy moment they got a million views well last week the woman got a letter telling her she was fired. Why ain't. I think companies and quote private romantic behavior was extremely irresponsible for the safety of the passengers in other words. She was on the clock. He shouldn't be getting engaged she should be doing our jobs and she's out of my ranking. It's that's pretty sorry mom but maybe. Why would you them they'd buy Europe in the air following the flight was that you ask her to marry you and then she's getting keyboard can. So your issue but nobody does in in Indy gets engaged on their lunch hour now and get you back to work. Whenever I get engaged because twelve day so if someone came and I'm tired because I had to get out of one Mayo or on any and help. I mean it shouldn't matter if you postage is saying McCain is a moment she's not nobody got no harm no found. The time. Page we see you and Jeff had cracker Maryland had to pretend that he was asking you to Merriam any slack demand more about him as I. Poisonous Eric and for Philly human limb by Italy biscuits actually actually came to leaving his camp leaders and mean. Eat your enemy brand that is slapped you arrogant -- and look at each went on word that she was a bit shriveled and all the girls. There was almost. Jeff negates immigrants are going to look into those that that was access turned down so we decided he knows now. NC too fast or Cracker Barrel on the ground and let your. Men are really nicely 82 for us to live happily ever at their restaurant saying Dan and I am unhappy city she. Here we go again. Same part of the show with give page accomplished there and a musical a anyways I've had hair pulled. And ears. He finds us and I users hair I'm patronize your eyes as him thank you else. So that was a real good headlines for Angela Gonzales talk there was danger there was political all that stuff. When we come back subways to SL question of the day we're gonna run you through that tomorrow's show with a huge huge guest. There will be joining us not someone who is. Just get it when things he's get a whole lot of things. What tale about direct it. As guys into yeah. Three freedom it's leaks at this is the rise guys morning she 983 point three the planet suggests a rotten. Time. I think everybody called FaceBook is ran snatch at age we needed all those things we had a great time and I hope you enjoyed it. Tomorrow is Wednesday. Her word please let everybody know Temares Wednesday. Joining us tomorrow 9 o'clock. He's conquered the world of professional wrestling and now. Pretty damn good at music the Ayatollah of rock and roll it himself YTJ Chris Jericho. Will join us tomorrow morning. To talk rock and roll to talks Ozzie to talk. Wrestling all kinds of stuff talk at all Chris Jericho win this tomorrow morning as well as more tickets to the bash which we have right. Now. Not all and crap glorious Diaz so flustered don't look okay you may get more. About the question are here we already got called she in this war and war. He got busted her winter is home. She got the name of who he was cheating with he copped to it so was the girl's name the rim was cheating with coop. Ninth or creek Texas 7341 Carolina paper mill doc context line only bash tickets. Give it to get a 734. When get paid either Iraqi or mixed bad boy and 5 AM rise treasury wind. Podcasts arise guys dot com iTunes Google player takes podcast to 72341. Thank you so much less than have a blast they'd take it guys it is delay it. It was an 83 minute run blood just loved. And loaded. Three point freedom. Enron struggles.