Friday, January 12th

Nine offers an alternative to Fat Boy's daily routine but it wasn't that well received: Headlines: Wrap-Up


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Listen to the rise guys morning snowboard many time. I just don't know the weather that we're instant access to the latest rise guys like gangsta rap as guys. Well we are happy flattering and I guys emerged earlier. Kudzu. Can you help at all John instead. Let's have our quest for. It is. As an example several. We got a funny thing happened earns Allred her commercials and all that reserve. Page comes in our about how she's excited for free food reserve we're gonna dinner thing we're going to later tonight with with some Marines aren't we are told like foot. IDF should in my house Joseph out what you came here to debate Obama has bagel downstairs there's breakfast and lunch covered and then and and enact and I don't frat boy goes on the intercom here intercom. As he requests a bagel from downstairs. And I ask for one too because my marker also works as did you piggybacked on the Bigelow made him a good so then you're a hero left open up in the name of mind and then he comes up to get our guests are you guys that voice from bunch of commercials and stuff from ESPN up Stater. We are just around buildings yes yes very he comes up. And now he's been observing the signs don't feed fat boy. And very little where you can listen to. Still I'm hoping to find somebody trying to feed you in the bathroom my dad just no login there 1 morning in somebody's throwing bagels over the toilet if I don't I don't Hunsicker called samarra. I'm hearing from travel or mark. I brought fat boy and apple now as I'm in this here right now I need to lose on your balance I it's I've put on a lot of waiting Tony seventeen dozen different and emotional reasons so I'm looking to lose always do and I wasn't let you have a day off so nine got a bagel I remembered our scenario yeah. As always nice and a lot of work over the years ago before where it's Rother checked his voice is so professional yeah. Thank you very important thing you very much extra is not a mile away Adelman you know spend like over ten years yet. And that is from jargon often I'm honestly people say that if I look to you you don't like you need to lose honor pronounce my version that thank god for being 61 yeah. If you're not six sooner I mean you know you carry better he gets. I've also done there's Robert De Niro lifestyle where I've gained and lost a game that lost electrical and the past fifteen years since stabbed her. Rivera junior are soft yes yes or strings are part of the boy the apple because that we possibly to some hours per share of February pensions that are. Even back towards you need to mark we will can be viewed as seventeen downstairs its stars have to memorize questions I'll tell you what the Basra their teenage yeah yeah I think it'll probably be doing this amount of the ten minutes have you got to know we understand. We'll appreciate it there you're welcome thank you for the bagels rolls the apple fan welcome. Bags tabloids so reminder that. I just recently realized they do it and I started making it more important do it means try this. And you're not nearly a million stupid Bremer say it anyway I always knew you was you know you're about to say is under somebody and you know how they're gonna look juicy don't say it but you select you dress anyway she got to get it out and get it done. These are teams and the nub. Can't. I can barely stand out most in my eating is done standing up there really helps you won't eat as much you won't eat as long you won't ovary. My wife made the comments in me was submitted Pasco times when she made a last night to where's there if firmly on the counts for little bit this I was she says there. I'm kind of still pointed out earlier it's a far more into the bathrooms and she says. You walk like nine used to pop that's rational way Owen back. Hole where I'm playing down look if I ever gonna get up at firmly and down. I'm kind of person back there. I'm just gonna come out in the light and elegant fat pill Obama next on my pregnancy a little more can you got behind I guess from knowing he stretched out we're that is really used her friend he's trying to dig east and the number I think the key. And now you may have some hidden injury like minded that was just. Aggravated see wearing just manifested into a terrible thing when you when you failed twice. I mean I ask only doses below those rules sandals 13% curvature of mold and is now it out from around one regard I mean gravity is is is is. Mean yeah I don't like him a beer ads. Every horse armour the the astronauts usually get an inch or so taller and space. I legitimately going guys that he got three and a half inches taller and that wasn't true. Might have usually get a little bit taller and space is Latin Grammy let's they're spying and decompress any long days. So the Google worried obviously don't compress says he gets himself Gloria. Stretched out but I'm telling you eating standing up that's where it's that man. Oh supply all people and there are a lot of stupid the same. Are nesting to start needing standing out I've taken things constantly in my colleague other French writer rich famous Mayo are sending up as the new thing. I mean people you know some companies deserve standup desk yeah. Works and my brother in law has or convertible best he has a button you push it raises Laura and. So are you saying he had a smaller planes smaller portions cesspool. Our goal and then eating in the kitchen standing in the content. He doesn't like to stay or not he will stand up for long so he won't eat much that's my philosophy here and talk figure out his slim there. Every word to suspend the won't ask for. On the stand and that I PRD dead and it could slide around age now now kind of bomb homicide sidewalk. You know how was Monrovia. You're here are different from. You don't want compromise you know for things kind of start her a little there and I consider pop. Different joins Big Ten minutes of my hits never hurt where where it was real real big. My hips didn't start her until I got to Lyle lost a bunch of weight and stirred stretching out and get limber that's what I got a shirt they still hurt. Here every day now that they are more narrowly did when Howard ordered held and how they move now Rezko what it is. NC starting all over with Maine because I've got weight to lose and I've been trying to do ballet and needed a fast. Little. Pointe park. It's terrible when your bank. And big dossier jumped AP. And I want to you know a serious you know kind of statement that. Police so on this whole new away a loss journey. Among we twelve days in ambler you know Ivan. I slipped on soda and had as much and as you know still triggers and I sold a little bit. I read any fast food and some thought to have more energy and I'm eating better skirted. But a far a lot more. I'll have would you amount. And bad that'll happen Ramirez exporter detox and there's one years of work now we need gas use goes out but. Yeah I mean the weird far smoke there is any text in Carolina very real Tex lines 72341. Her grandpa said the best way to digest food and not even bunches stand company. Yes or have a shot of an anchor before you eat. Well my far all of this is wanna eat one of my initial thought it was exactly what zinni served because it's from sitting down among them I don't you need to eat good posture. And my posh is best when I stand up and you know it's the shortest distance between your voices straight line right are you standing up or straight are straight down. Parts of the one things in me and I have in common is we both walk around how slow brawls here the minister listen to you need one there. But I don't know we'll see if it went you know mostly hearsay and you don't ever envision myself eating standing up there was all for it. Why anybody who might even say he's like in on the almost send of this and you don't. He said he ordered to stand up you wanna send a desk you noticed and a bench Ozal game stations Ali what does it say that's you know still not play video games matter haven't and that's our line narrows using im gonna demo at best but then again that you know it is hard soon. And arcades arcades yeah always stood up arrested there for hours playing the Simpsons game and moved you don't order. But I got to remember doesn't always heard people stand up. If you're rail thin and even with the pearls in the Providence the only difference and they don't stand up and do whatever. Now I you know why is this weird about sitting down. We go to the you are toward him in Spartanburg to grassland you know if you sit on the bleachers the wooden bleachers and hit it into her mama. It really personal wants by themselves have been awful if you're at and a smaller person who really urged to several stuff like Batman did a great big fat kid I never had any idea are you sit anywhere until just the same I don't I finance I didn't like sitting on a chair with a cushion because it audio signal to cushions it sucked ass I have suspicions firm a profound arcane because at arch your back after delicious fattening your gallon milk and built in cushion. So even if it's always had a stadium seat like Spanish and the I've never have mass always hurt so now. Is it feels like some kind of there. If you'll sort of ball home old Samaranch he argues some time in certain. You sure you're squads are and blues goalie ordinarily backs looking at the fats sects. Check out some armed and Eric I discourage them from living life and I'm trying to make it easier farm. Kicking get a bear trap I taken and animist and they're Bart I'll squads. Workers are you get a big blow it weird sort of Tyreke you don't ever has a loss surgery and we've. That's what took so the women sued you know don't think you're gonna do to escort you to mass ago squawk. And all there losses I don't actually I just don't know bargain build one written apology you build what was never there. I mean you angles why. If he can't get up very fast he's not gonna squad and it took a and they muscle feeds and on and get rid of the Ottoman in the bathroom. You know Ottoman in the bathroom in his speech sale and impart. More. I'm getting religion hasn't aren't bad their noses somehow made he admitted it to be funny car got a little Larson a trash can yeah. Sometimes you know I always megapixel. Please McCain is asking you should speed up and as ground. Get mad that it is no one time horse farm were soon Kim we're for a dimension of all squalid polity. Maybe your week again. Effect to use our era. Era I can't do this things up pretty high I can get a part of the idea one leg up high enough. Doctor told me to get one. I haven't yet almost rose to have warm supposed to be doing hum I can use are now below if you don't like it I'll buyer for half what you paid for her. Disease is an answer our. I mean it just. It goes you're out here it goes inside the tour record I don't know I didn't have very little of him Mikey doing other kind of like you and restaurant on the outside us and you come elected to Russia and when you sit there if you get words. You're supposed to go to the super there are. OK so much easier that you and Mike Russian jumps up and down and I get apps aren't and about Davis while only using one of our news is what part of as well engage and also the scale would know this is all right Jermaine installment uses only one. There are real president between the scale in your blue jeans mainly but our space again. H and not try just try it. And block. Walk. And squat old imports not been stern do that'll get them get some Carty down. I just sort of is doomed to push east and the number got to figured he would look at your damn stupid Bruce Babbitt apparently it's colder it's time you want me to suffer. Some ridiculous I've been doing it apparently it's cold and maybe it doesn't appear uncomfortable on the panda Bai you eat less. You wanna get back to what you are doing a Marty soaring needless. I'm not even hunger announcement. To our lawyers asked a little system is starting to feel as good as your picture's been posted everywhere from Hillary O'Costa farmhouse talkers now notice on you know. I did. Even in Charlotte I know and it's about possibly a planet's two most Worley fugitives and these are retirement under right there if you're banned for meat and food at the varsity I'm gonna celebrate not not because you got banned just because remain popular. And often don't read flourish or pay scoring headlines is good. Now we've got there a story that says that men should do all housework. Yeah. Because it can kill women broken. And humble and Shyamalan plugs too honest a finally emptied. The these sudden you can measure life in the process no cable in the alternative. Over visited. Tell me where the vacuum isn't always better ideas are arrogant our lives aren't you president virtual Iraq veteran guys have kids. Is the rise guys morning show. Thought he 93 playing freedom clinic in Iraq. Guys headlines with the aids. And you're beatle who it's an exciting is and they Detroit I didn't show. It's. Past week. If you're SEV isn't big and bad enough boards got something for yeah. Really yeah out they've got DST edition of the edge sport utility vehicle. Up Howard by anchor. 135 horsepower twin Turbo V6 engine. And carry water. I want monitor it well people explain why aren't they SUV craze they crossovers. In them that is really really big now which. I'm just gonna ask this question if you need something that has like can be V6 engine RV anyone get a big kick and track well if you want some fast. It's. I want you wanna have a main man wearing cost or exactly there's crossover suvs. I mean it. Tenet took the bread the explorer and turn her minivan to me and now they have the edge as Steelers is right. I mean is chauvinist fast but I who wants a fast one of those they again car guys can explain this anchors and text Carolina paper mill by Comtex find 72341. Would any explanation as why we need. That three irons are proud horsepower there are four engines to me. I mean the only thing I know is crank it up and do cities in a suburban admitted to reimburse restorers would be edges forward earned our opinion. You wanna him mean you're asking me my earnings and there's still an error across Everest you might see if you need a bigger engine or something that scan that pole like a vote. Yeah I don't know I mean needs to Maine I need to get through this Costco parking lot in three seconds flat brain right now what are we trying to accomplish coming and he didn't take some nice and fought over 30 I am. Aiming over 40000. And taken off friend probably not. Willis is made sure that this may for offering this is made for speed right Ed did I mean it's may I mean this is not an Alford think it's a fast things aren't my my what I've gathered. But I am I'm confused about the whole mail saying if you want something off spread and in his spend money force and that he can just taken a month. But he few have all the blacks remembered for and everything else that's not an enemy. Something that you want and why near outdoor vehicle there but maybe you like your blood Sherry and year. Year in all train they call it. That's a market has got to be kept at some point I mean we're gonna get some points new cars already expensive. But you know a lot of people bitten by used cars is a can of four brand new but we're gonna get to the point org good use cars on a story alike 25 grand. And maybe even get one for ten down the line has probably got eight million miles long now. Earlier reason why I would want and and I'll wheeled vehicle because maybe to get me through the snow or if amassed in the mountains. But at the same time. It would be just a little bit more practical to give me a track that's Falwell try that again anywhere from an account. Because I don't have that many kids hall. The walls of. But I don't sorrows those can hit it at. I mean it was usually people dropped 4050 grand old car. There reroute me that this thing is designed to take kids to school that needs to be recklessly fast. I know. Then I go off zero and eighty was cited as they do in two seconds for a hamburger here in our face were heard together I mean if you want Eagles fastballs. And see for me in a girl I mean I'm month the heated seats a luxury bits and I want it to drive me through snow are mine because I'm not gonna get out NN so I would want a vehicle like that that would be practical for me. Our room here's the best thing I've seen about this one text cop car. Perfect if that's what you're doing it you know he had to ask me and then a lot of sense that that makes way or sense in taking this thing to the mole series American story. But there's usually a few drivers are like bad you're downtown in traffic not not able to go very fast but then when I get open man when I did to cut people already probably really opening. So it went terror now. Yeah bring cop car perfect did you do that aren't they are doing is why of course now that probably our around with cops have. And many like space they weren't they weren't things where they can put tools from the back them. Our hall whatever you need hall but there's not a lot of holing space and SUV you chat. If fifty. And he small chorus are growing up I had a buddy had a red bill soul. And he was Lamar frenzy you know one of the few that drove around for started near fifteenth and I got problem is one person got to run with them because it was a small to see your if you had a girlfriend are subject is drought tolerant. You probably wouldn't give arrive for couple Muslim noggin labor trying to. Our goal. I imagine they're man what are my buddies are as Skinner. Our business week too easy Eric's Gil are those February. You ain't there to eighty ZX the old wounds I don't. And as those are nice yard third. Act that creating whenever. Everybody was brats don't elf apple. I can now got you got. Into shallow lake at home. It's old Z between aids we tee tops our review scores were like big hunks of metal are still say it isn't it my all time or yeah I think so make Boone Pickens. Eric. But it is a means is the cars back then idea had a couple buddies are dead is bottom EG Camaro or got an iiroc and we gotta you know. Of something else. Camaro. But you got fifteen year old kid is driving around in these via machines yet okay. Does not make any sense we're gonna give you a big engine that you can go fast again travel. In your not an experienced driver experience. He used to be fifteen draw my. Jeanne you're so risk RS may kids. I had at fifteen that's for and you learn negate your commanding you have to do is apparent driving my. There are asking each and I think I adult learners permit at fifteen I could not get my whole license. Totally get it seventeen. But you can get. A full one at sixteen if you've completed driver training or some. How does now you get a provisional on the full license before seventeen maybe I don't know when they changed man and let's just say this most people give their actual driver's license at seventeen now. And maybe and so they're permitted fifteen and restricted provisional license at sixteen you know. Our days. It automatically turn full when your sixteen you know that's true hero bill Schneider for that to happen and allies drove past our culture to the money. I don't know I've learn now I was out Carl follow that would that change between. Your birthday in the mom expert there. How many times did you volunteered to go to the store I have to write irresponsible adore our African driver reward Arab identity. I mean I saw learn to drive a little you know once drunk friends and are you needed they needed to in the united for a first territory radio was the day. Asheville in back. Suspect. Is certainly forgot about that. Oh how this. And be seen friends only me well British member Lenny also ring their watch men now on Netflix and they say is loaded with offensive. Con tent there it is hey I realize and I just suddenly now. Humor back in the day but apparently it is. How silly is Laura from watching it recently heard the whole series on Netflix before it disappeared just deer and especially the last three or four seasons it. Anyone of us had ever seen much of but after you. You watch it and you just kind of shocked at how dirty it is compared to what you see on TV now my friends is. Guilty compared to the Big Bang theory or How I Met Your Mother yeah any thing on network television now do frenzies. Dirty compared to that stuff I'm on the walls meant. It's crazy like how how many I jokes that now like homophobic trainer Rick all sorts of X-Men friends is out there. It just at the time it was weak but now it's so it's like hard core boulder comedy. Homers so British colonials are inherently shell shocked at how much body shaming trans phobia sexism inappropriate relationships. And homophobia. Is in the contents on the bank at a friends episode every. Assert has homophobia sexism transferred me every episode is just chock full of Bloomberg. Again so is the ninety's every day of my life in the ninety's was those things and Maluku repeatedly and summaries and some we're washed up. And we never that running gag about Monica Ambien fat when she's younger Mary gas fat shaming food and how about. Chandler's joke about his trans stand our bras making fun of his lesbian ex wife and her new partner. Can't do that now incense and. That's about all you remember all King of the Hill. Dell's that was gay enjoy Gator via you can do then now or. And transferred stuff we Chandler's parents. Their anatomy Garnett today they can't do that stuff nowadays. When someone poisons Al's going to be like you know and how many guys Al laurels forever people you'll raise it from history. Well it would make more sense to me right now out of bed blazing saddles and it would demands our south but what do you can mile Blu-ray in the other when you can't watch anywhere Americans now. Well there is time went to Ross was uncomfortable with the male nanny Rachel hired for their daughter to Canas. It's not he might BK yeah gay people can't watch children according to an offensive France. I mean isn't this a funny show her get ultra Washington Aminu is every episode I saw as it while they get in trouble for that now. And how about racial hiring an assessed and it was. Totally unqualified. Yes because he was hot and she wanted to name him while Evans now they'll era. And that's sexism. Ash tag maintain. It desperate. And Arkin every sitcom every TV series and 90% of all movies ever I mean that's such a common thing going back. So long that we're how we're going to have. Fiction now without that being in it because we've done and it's every TV showed every single one of them. Well I what three's company now you can't do that because the whole thing is gay Xiamen Jack Tripper even though he's straight member can be gauged candidates ashamed of. Always a sham straight women would do well it is everything on the family that never ever hair net in the sheath that it has silly reason we got a little losing millions did. You're commentator senator watch shameless well I love that and and and watching Joe Horn dog or. Are assured it was on NBC at 8 PM on a weeknight Paramount network TV that means channel for channel seven channel thirteen channel 41. Like you'll see any thing as dirty as friends or any of those channels unless there's sure reference. Mr. or mushy occasional lob migrant and a founder and I think. Early lock on campus might have mega burn a national championship when drums on the field. He lived and. All men should do more chair ours is more chores and women. It short hours Morse course than women because it could kill your wife. As according to some research razors GA. They found that women who did more than three hours two hours a day Schumer at 225% more likely to have their help. Compromise. That much house or didn't seem to have any. Said any effect on a man. You're O Kerry would soon. Because when you sexy story so the highest says I'm indifferent. But social. Social activity. The shores of the men tend to be more active and physical this there's Derek immunity. At wearing as though when we did Tim has. May be lists throughout time and among men did three hours and forty minutes a day. She is kind of exhausted. An amendment into in time and amount. Don't care. At the point where there are other factors and their where she's not sleeping as much he's working to our I don't know who. Obama also kind of stuck on the last story let's show. About friends being offensive mount as my takes in MLS man standing journalists at the time balancing. There was only be seen all it was a group Maria big I can't see him because his deal. Liberal one day and they did a good five minutes on the a bus in the neighbors walls is who's black they're like Finley bill races so newsroom oh my god yeah it's still think there ever anymore. I'm very that's red badge or cancel hobby as going to stand if this I don't know man that's what Stamkos. Ultimately the but I don't sit if Fred. Finally the last couple years Arnold Arnold washing the new Simpsons anymore. Watched him for 25 years worth by. She we always times while they they can try again and now it's Wright made they don't even try not to they have to they just cash checks split. You can see how how restrained they are what how many jokes they don't even try to make anymore because. You can't. The systems like the military and you do cobbled source. Watson you put in over forty years ago which are now in the book and imagine grating on me impatient I want to show us. I don't future Rama to Broder all of it now. I SM is good. Well. This could be the device of your dreams. Or if you're hot day you may really liked this because Mano one afar and from some. Some brilliant person work. And invented a new device that lets you track your flight to land a hopeless forming your stomach on your phone. -- thought it hinges evercore and a because you money how when it's a program I could feel an idol Ernie has until they order to improve to. Nonstop. Don't use that word of the the early and don't you wanna see of forming in your balance and. Now as a group I miss. Yeah as you can't know what is gonna order I know it's only why. You should do little firstly runs through them away. More out there and I am who want to watch you kisser I think this. Ed because. I. Why not have the stage of good behavior just gonna let that let everybody know how you market DVD car to plane you're uncomfortable you're not going to be yourself. There's Bremer your the first thing is with a you pedal harder because your borrow it. You gotta be in a restaurant in the new dual loyalty and you know about the stoppage stuff. Please keep got a problem why do you keep breaking point is that this morning are. I don't advised that a few second day about a point and a cell candidate. November unfairly need to stay married forever Oakland begin and now. You have fat and be so impatient with dating that he'd try to do everything and first day until to have our good friend murky area we have more and I expect it. Yeah. India told the stalled me become highly takes up his panties in his underwear. In addition to pull money out of your body is more in the bathroom your designs are strong hallmark clothes. And blankets. Although light on. Yourself. Yes and we were little phone you know try and an impressive run. And all the time do three hours of chores per day it'll save your life if it went off your rifle and forever be or are you well. A group of scientists in Australia and they just completed the first successful test of the new conventional. Electronic pill that you swallowed. To monetary the flatulence and your stomach and Laura swallow electronic mail so if you mistreating you it's actually heartburn. I guess that would be. A way to get. This is another movie. Okay they got Nicolas Cage Bruce Willis or somebody in the lab. The government ponson Foley's four bills is gonna take a double click track him down and kill them. I would you take a pill. To see what I guess dongle on ethernet to. Yeah yeah you put it on yourself I'm tootsie. Cedar brewing your body. And it is another pass him belly still have to make our neighborhoods and levees. A our hope that the actors feel welcome them back to our. Hero and I have. That would be terrible. You ripped the blue Monica you've competed you're just hacking and used to be far animal care and a lot easier to. I. It hurts. At that. How presidential is getting into the fire we can't do anything about it now. We can all. The idea at the visiting. Tyler hey I'm fart your Bill Murray or text and Carolina they're gonna sign seventy reform. What you well I'll paraphrase what are you passionate. Yes yes suited theories put in this quadrant you're in the next thing and that he's had this definitely did. I've yet to keep it you have to do you want to rent zoom control right now. I don't know how much they cost in their sense that the teacher much Tim I. Critics too much brilliant phrase and lots of more friendlier than Texas governor aren't. I don't think it into it you need that. Anybody going to the movies this weekend yes navy's. Now I really don't want the intense yeah is always travel through. Oh goodness of the elements are here and Paddington bear and now. Come out Hugh Grant is in the unless they commuter yes. That's so long as to warm his I don't know and partly in mesa man man always leave Mason's movie I he think he's insane every day just switch the characters around and the same thing there's nobody saying. A dvd you've taken for Torre sent as a jar jar and your hand on. I'm also the stimulus blues greats he's got a second wind now our kids have about possessing an hour and a half when you go home he's got that except it's all about. We know is better than lame reasons movie nothing. Europe shoot them up starring Clive Owen is way better than only in recent movie. Leo Mazen doesn't PG thirteen version of that also movie where that do good or even cares issued and everything inside do including all the earmarks. I don't know who also watched shoot a month instead of seeing another William Mason movie domain is on the train. But did you retain the Prez I am trying to do within. The animal will. Literally their watch under siege to torturing puzzle object Bob and avocation of women. I was total IQU McCain. Every move has been done. Glad to see you are proud Mary was all about I was 'cause it's just every room and I don't mainly in these these key. It's all over again got soon he'll be the next shrink to two. Fly and I wanted to be sure you know also going pretty degrade any. I'm a son that takes after his daughter every time she gets kidnapped. I love going to movies meant more reliance who lives in store war resist. The NC father figures do your own round. Are you gonna get back again and there's no question mark you know how to like to go well and NB alcoholics and you know and that's their hobby there and say still I'll go. Are fat boy and I'm Mary. X and rats and the post this is a serious fine. I can tell you I won't be good immediately critics in advance itself. So let's Denny glows in the news and ambulatory walk off here this is very to drew hill lowered balls in the whole grill the world had a bombs. All these bloggers are welcome disappears it falls on hold and use it bacon once it was all full circle you're. Back to South Carolina you know Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks team up in the post PG thirteen. You can recommend the Vietnam more. Amy's spend newspapers. And while Clinton durst yeah or older it's one of those pieces you know here let's give him an award. You know this bill are now having maybe it's a difference and and I think America movies from this for the record I past few Tom Hanks movies man he. And since thinkers in there this is Steven Spielberg urging colleagues in rural strategists are Oscar race. As one of the news it is it's Oscar race and that's why Spielberg didn't get nominated Ford because it's too obviously Oscar bait. Here. John Wood was good to do takes an amber you know basically it was a movie about him Killen a bunch of people. Ali because they dole is all Europe chapter to sit out on the all all of those action movies meant. And it's a story behind it to accessories in the county math and count people. A wash so awful that. All collection review Netflix is the worst when he can never watch it was so entertaining the vandals also work this call killing season is John Travolta Robert Dinara. And growing season and they try to kill each other. And John Travolta's decibel. Odd Russian accent he plays or the movie. Unlawful breach actors hilarious and he can do it and they choose to go back and forth in the woods trying to kill each other's. So bad discrete. So when John Travolta tried to play like a dude yeah undermanned. And funny don't hurt any thing. Everything else. I like Jan oh my goodness there lately and acting. Lately recently is kind of fallen off easy and very good at all is because he's he's ever been leg and talented actor and an all bodies may. 170 million dollars doing and in the Earl do anything now. This is awful you know watching us of that we did it here too. Policy. Mike became him in a soldier was also I don't take your four per kid there wanna feel like any movies and we are talk about. You always have to be pessimistic and I kind of prairie here and Miami sent. I'm page and that's your guys and mind. The rise guys morning shelves anytime anywhere. Download a free adheres magic enough agents apple. 3.3 don't plan as. Rise guys morning sheriff dealers now takes it we gotta get those flyers to all the local movie theaters so frat boy can't get the butter popcorn warning goes movement that weekend not you know home popcorn is not a bad free anyway well good as they murderer it is all full story. Anywhere. That'll do it Verizon work things go Logan to turn their Jersey consequences earlier what you think the guy who didn't show up for truth or consequences because there's calls we've got probably better than whatever he had going on anyway. At warp thing most of all we thank you for listening we will be back next week he'll catch the rest guys back here Monday morning. We'll have good stuff for you then. Matthew be back next week as well and registration for numerous nuptials that opens on Monday at 933 the planet rocks dot com. The wedding go down a Rocky River plantation on Valentine's Day that is an Anderson all you need to get married is your wedding license your spouse. Whatever ratings Georgia married for the first timer renew your vows that's Monday 933 planet rocks dot com. That's stormy if fresh page there they know it till 2 o'clock desist arch within 93 minute rock block in about five more minutes. Brad guys more and show you have a good day and I held a weekend. Don't touch that dial one of my own little. How amazing independent. Just a new wow. On Wednesday. He's 3.3 oh well I don't know.