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Which rock song is the sexiest?: Open Phones: Headlines


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Oh this CD here's a steep morning radio Barack enduring sham. If you're going through. You just okay. Well. This. It's okay. Jeez. Did okay. Yeah okay. You. Okay. Doing okay. Smooth Jean guy. Let's give them my passion by monopoly. I took mine off a so there's a good look at snow I assume better and that's good but. Good choice. He can't even open it though. Your I while I mean a little bit I can see out of it now yeah. I don't feel good just not as Barack now there's also a warm up underneath concern. There was Ellis hit out. Bigger we're banner ads big dude big. Save that when I give whoever comes out when these thumbs up I get that. These other without a word. Well hey you know that would sign Meyer manager Allen organ out too because asked to do with work and all that stuff but these things are called the keyword is briefed the light. Q were to melt poll yeah. Somebody had keywords meet. So much you you when you a thousand dollars tax had a 7288172881. Yes Jim. Well in my field. You're I'd say go back reminds me. Few people think certain that's the guy with the law your name for a reply in Europe we weren't smasher passed or expert you invite you may feel was sixty years old he befriends leg match. Program I am I have met with. Ally they can make sure you all locked up. Little Rock on possible. Why things don't play an indefinite why you may or person in car us. Why the floor Clemson and confident and you have reason to dislike him and so like command bureaucrat as a lawyer before last little run it. All right grabbing himself and people that you're playing and if I don't make apparently Drew Brees Kamal. They also shot down near Cleveland. That strike me shudder down hard it was funny I was this is all about. College athletes Michigan I think if you curling my have a chance. Carl clumsy little college she felt boy has he would bank might feel like is a real shot legally for now machine things would Michelle Watson regularly. Not anyone prongs who's. I don't lock them out they might feel. These are good. I don't wanna plasma then. These forward. You may still be best friend Ben Matlock and it well. Who can guarantee it they're. By the way Jimmy yeah I yesterday I was yesterday we are doing the whole Bruno Mars the moon the same area for Friday. How am I can keep up anymore I was going through it's and you may know and in various things I'm trying to get better that says if you dead. Tweet me at any message beyond I'm Sadat and trying to get better that I ads. Is part of the job and I got to get better at it there take the big guilty ever probably gets them back you know why you don't you know. Why in real quick glance such a problem is because now would notifications. Let's say I respond to your snapped when you can see them responding so you open it up in an address by noon immediate response back of and I am back at the bottom of my list of things to do again. Too much far it's very difficult doing good if you get that right you respond to an email before you can respond to another one to load the person replied again didn't say here's homer locations all fall term. I do I did I do that absolutely I do your people send me stuff from busier apparently. Yeah I want entrapped or that the broader Amar Singh apparently that's that was like on some lists over the Summers like the number one get down song as well so you'll be glad to know that are good enough snow fog I guess is one that. Gives people in the mood against. It seem that. Many people learned didn't have my cardiovascular conditions that. I took a number aft. As sure. She'll also sing about says this is kinda Jenna go on in a different direction but. When it comes to. Like sexy music in when I say sexy out I'm talking about like you know it canning you today did you slow and what are our minds. Might make a woman want to remove some close org guy right page yeah this is does have. Inequality. And I was thinking about. And again and again theory about the genre that works best but they did the genre that does not work best where I think there's a lot of problems and we can get to the bottom of right now is. What is the sexiest rock and roll song it when I say sexy I don't mean like guitar sounded sexy. Or how is this the weighty. I am talking about the songs. It's a rock and roll song that you know if you put it on its gonna Ichiro and when a girl or guy or whatever and things are good it'll get things crawl along. The dollar amount on the level of like closer by Kings of Leon. Why is as gloom that's a sexy so they're uses sex to sell any day when he an olive. Top of my list I don't have a list I like best uneven that's a great one actually did immediately comes in my in my revving about a six Xerox or. I think of crawl from the and that's on the lyrics are back then albums researches Scottish actress who aren't crotch crawl. Marking the Leo okay yeah so that's a problem. Okay Sawyer okay need that vote. What what are the others like sexy rock salt. Stuff it is a real tough I'm not talking again. I'm not only about. Guitars sounded sexy. Or they'll lead singer ladies you think he looks sexier guys you know Lizzy you know all she's so high as angry as jokers you our short skirt and it's America. Turn yourself now and and I. I was thinking about it I was a holy Moly lycra. Rock and all I I love rob and I certainly love rock music but when it comes to that is not a whole lot of direction would sexy foreplay news it was a rock and roll. You do make some sexy rock music. The scary guys. Rob Zombie Marilyn Manson big lead at sixteen rude to anybody ever does is on those guys a lot of talent. Kayla Manson he's now one I can't think of it right Nelson new album children. Kill for me it's actually end of the tunnel obviously obviously very often that if that's a sexy song amendment Jimenez can affecting us. Hot when you're always getting the blame the. On Manson Rob Zombie to buy just get down romance in his arm period. Based on six I think about it like this if you were eight strip club DJ need only played rock songs. You know. Only rock and roll solves a minute that's not the best thing because everybody's best tennis and sugar only had to play at. Don't REZ. Do that's energized the density. Bad American marriage Merrill's. Closer closer we asked I don't I don't know that obviously it isn't a bell Larry can I. Now Wednesday punch you in the face say like this talk about sex is the chorus may be may. As we're now because that's something we Lizzy had Phillip hailstorm is like a fly every one of those songs are about her of playing with yourself many of them are her look out the windows somebody's looking into when there aren't as. It's aids is to lay it out let sex I want to low euphemism I like them double entendre. And I like. You know it didn't have to didn't know it's not hard barracuda get out of here would back whoever takes that and later at three area. Mary and I must attic exceed metal band I pretty reckless tea Johnson's attorney sexy. You are what song. CSK very good point is she's I alignment which takes to have sex and management often speaks well sources says deal us a lot of now I don't know. I'm not a particular but I think some people find her very sexy all right now SeaWorld doesn't sign there would be. Plenty of answers in this and all I had to do is get together with my closest 650000. Troops all the suggestions narrow here we go let's go into day even Charlotte day you get to go first on the list good morning. They want to do it you dagger probably buy dot bit outmoded and large and all of that up you know I guess that you know what I'm about. This isn't back Lynne meadow and well why white racial pride in being. No I didn't want to thank all the USA we have your day at least from day. Now all of literally went out and yet he wore a I wouldn't shout not I don't look it met Rivlin and I wanna pick. Boycott pop lol yeah. Well okay you say that word that I appreciate your your phantom nonetheless we appreciate you think. Our guiding you won't hear yeah this is why snake slighted in this is only play. Pretty in your face kind of done it. Thomas car until parkas finally. Are you ready begin there now so. My Mitt commonplace kind of thing the main. The third punch yourself credit trans am the tee tops off. Mullets Perry should ask don't let below the land does Muslim in the lands. Her heritage has more aware naslund opened containers Friday night going shoot pool downtowns and weren't got a girl is pretty John Travolta and passages a deserted town baby on board sign on the back is went to the Genco mom pack of smokes. Ground effects. Abroad perhaps on the front of the car. And oh. It is not sexy. As. In addition to loving the show and all the bad things at about the competition that. Advance pagelet network now I have things of this thing in my cadences what do yeah how was my kids. Paris think it is out of my league and I'll let you don't matter zones. And may give. Let's go into memory and keep going when. Yeah yeah. As did Tommy in fourth place and each airplane went out sorry Tommy good morning good morning hey let's. I. Don't lord barrier entry in the eleven this conversation sexy rock and roll songs. Yeah when he got. Well calibrated we're. Not there. Last night. Susan Page what does that mean in order yeah it is a pretty good that wouldn't work on Elena who first. Time was like that's a song you play a lucky chance wedding anniversary when your plane and our our. Our. MSCONFIG program yeah I'd say yet they need Tommy page here's our forests zebra. It was about a guy has run very happy I'll ask don't do violence and share like the minimum IE does so in appetite otherwise mostly paralyzed and the batters something and he's just thinking back and I'll delays east to look. I hear this song now I can't wait for it to be a horror movie. A man that would work well I'm telling. All of its going down in this. And backgrounds. Shining shoes featuring soundtrack by Eric putt there and in light comes on and then there's blood going everywhere. Pat Summitt can work. Is that your sex is he by the size we are regulated are we gonna do get a break we'll come back. Allison Ford city PUN earth rocker. 180774. Double 093 when it's all more on the radio right after this. Page that's all I 93 point 80 Glenn fry. I would tell my music we don't like six. Come out rock music and what are the sexiest song stylist saying his chance they get about it and I kinda struggled when it but boy. Yes if he wants a question you always have answers short. In fact that he won durden soap company says I was always told that when it comes to make an out put aside one is that Led Zeppelin four. Yeah walled the moment lion you know they are they're at Ratner is gonna get any of that night. It was time to pick Clinton if she won't admit they're there is facing the new agreement let me read you Sarah salesman com. Everybody want somebody Van Halen so my Texas. Kiss by prints I agree would baton. Market that that is a sexy song. Home so people in November rain my Guns 'N Roses. I. Mean that's physical that's a lot solve but I if I don't feel like I'm not a Eminem is certainly a song I think would upon more women. And I guess I can even imagine women here in that song and they're not okay so famous song let's get to do an Internet there are let's got to come home and ran. Mayor bigger Goran there improve our play in Garland Mickey took me yet another hard animal by Def Leppard people are saying and I never heard the songs Cuellar by AC DC united familiar. Sounds awful with. No pain at all in my head okay. Arm somebody's texting or America grounder by Judas Priest in my real upgraded inspire believe they did the app apparently. As nobody else he would run and whiskey Texan Jack. Bellamy. Because. I lobbyists did you see Mickey lay you don't get Andre I'm. Yeah. And on the gets all right don't. That's Procter and that's that's my small exhibit a Alex in four cities in the wings. Amber Alex was up so rare sexy rock and roll music that gave him or her in the midwest yet. I don't know and more to say how many actually restored dollar this so well. But I don't cherry creek bridge. Yeah. Yeah we now are you into that did that does that is she in that scene. Our group. A little bit you can go food you know too far burned out police only I'd be choked. So smacked into him. They see you know I have blames it shades eager. Hello. As amusing and Alex are also remotely bit police shouting and I. Are among them. Probably also recount at least. Ali nothing I. What does it opens up the conversation because you know. Doesn't dividing everything you know blue window play sports get cautions women who knows you know using dog daisy a fragile notes. They want it's true. Yeah I did either well. I don't you know there until it but now she adult sore she'd most serious are your there's a Canadian fragile we do it when I miss onset maybe just. That's not liberate animals are nice thank you sir and have a blessed day. Got to zebra we're Donna according to the rarity of thousand Jennings. I don't even know words are you ready you don't intern all lanes and our quarter. AA. And the Iran over an hour is good. Let's get a two minute line for Spartanburg Gerri on he won urged rocker good morning. They're more and I you guys well I user is good and doing well in it sexy rock general songs which again. It's this self titled song off the album the red chili peppers. Blood section the magic can just got that slow. So exceed deep that it starts off with the drums even before they need to guitars comets like mood actually. I'm contention just. Remember what ever heard there's always go oh really. Oh yeah one gas. And I never had the and he used that in any kind of just asked me if I have a sense playlist and do missiles Fatah men and the sense why. Sex lest I tried one side didn't really work out too well yeah. Well let me you know sometimes harsh humans against the don't think it's going to it's going right. Nice try big he's a list sir have a good day. Aaron don't you don't love slave murdering Green Day long beard dominate you lose so whom ask Ireland's own little word and takes Saturday and you do is let me when I do not need aids in. Outer does I don't know in Melbourne at winds and as I love feeling dirty. And I. The feelings GE. U and I love. We we you've heard me so dry. It's people Steve. Yeah let's Tommy LaSorda. Whose writers aren't televised who has who has a Edison power of the people and families spewing demon genes from Shelby good morning. A more alert notice armed. Heard good things. It is usually Tuesday you told us sexy rock and roll songs when she got bad listener. Are. All. We are horrible what about dirty Diana Michael backing. Yeah those those those those rock and roll. Via yeah just us as Irish played right. Didn't slash play gets around dirty Diana. It every earnings to say slash play guitar on black wide but apparently that wasn't slash go oh my dad just turn old wives' tale. Who knows well I only eat I agree with you on that I invested specified the only Marlin Jackson song you can on the list as far as grip. Sexy rock and I know he lied to and Indian and that is there. They say they're have a good day Saber. We go on and on with this we really care. Not a wouldn't even do one more to do one more one more real quick. Heard from a lot of guys let's hear from young lady it's Asia from Poland springs 1 morning. What do we have to the list Demirel last Halloween in recent headlines. And and everybody called me attitude and it won't actually. It. You can let it out you know a good bit about that bank. At the. Allied and sexy and injured addressing your name right Asia. Hey YSI. And now I can't. I morning. I don't I guess. I've proved a turning Asian. I don't know the song who was in here you don't know this then I went and much rock remove yeah I think incidentally you listen a whole lot. Several I've found what I found was a really rocked a later it was too late ketchup what does it what does this song about a her own. Food food. Now worshipping double probably isn't as well number one on your plate so you think he'll sweep what part pages quit televised sex all the time she's excited I'm not a lot and taking a break from that and would do some headlines with the queen of all who was right after this hold up. Porsche. Gotta do is like the right guys if these guys. Guys headlines with the aids. And you're big blue. Here awareness this allows you sin has yet to be buried in the fight over his body is finally ended. That they clear winner who wants it was an an auction her life regardless squeaky now bring you know bomber Watson you want. While the filings between the family and someone who was claiming that sound he had the rights to Manson at ten talent Manson's says now. A judge has ruled. At the grandson. Of Charles Manson one. The court battle. Over the killers Bonnie. Poland's leader and are obviously winners that never went trend and now. Although I'd say probably thought she is immune I imagine had some kind of money. At a flag outside interest of people probably. On how that works with donated Kazaa main EEC. Charles Manson tee shirts and I don't know that it's a officially licensed merchandise and I'll vote. I don't know I doubt they are or is that like public domain. Might be if your prisoner right because I mean you. They become news in the show about Manson for couple seasons. And also you know movie full cool yeah. July when when they do alike on this OJ stuff like meant. Does that money that ad revenue does anything get in Goldman's family. Should get a restitution. He'd think not because they send their like you know bite USA is still an outlet biggie too but many series are. Zinni the money get in the same I know it's part of history. But. You know Damane. Outside there's never been an Elvis movie because of that Priscilla Presley was sign off on and casinos and that should tell all Elvis. Movie. Now there's a million books about the real Elvis but a movie you're never been done. Remember the story we had awhile back original sign in Vegas for cash and it was keeping the cash them. Our report and it not give it some goldmans and browns panel app. Well judge ruled that Jason Freeman. Will retrieve the body that's been on ice since November. Well. So of course he didn't immediately comment on you know when he read tea event he said they UH cremate and spending ashes. And Manson. And hunter asked this so called monster and this historical figure that shouldn't and then lineup as big as it was all these years. T agree with Benjamin. Sir wrapper that that you know he never did a fake and he leaned planned this thing and then it's certainly manipulated although as a man and women that. You know. He was that the guy who he never once he didn't kill a single person correct. No I around guide reviews range Sharon Tate and learn a lot Yonkers Sarah and her parents but there are other murders and I think a lot of people think he very well probably did kill someone at some point. Probably more than once but as far as the ones he went to prison for now he didn't lay a finger or any of them people said he saw the most famous non murderer murderer. You are but went six sing about him is here. Money kill people every dollar kill people wrath. But can they have talked you kill for your phone or I know is more about a maniacal type person is really more terrifying repeated talk you into doing it forty outside Jim Jones yeah he dug imminent kill themselves there are. She knew being held accountable if you're telling people it's short viral killed pregnant woman for many people if you went on as much straight. What it was Charles Lewis Charles Manson is murder him and he's called later Foley rule on it. Co winner. While he's going to be laid to rest so we're talking about that Ken Holland what happened with that I guess Heath on them now and family nobody wanted them but it. And now on the family just wants to spread his ashe's somehow after it is now and I since November's bout time burn for them. The other ranch there. Now we're compound used to be oracle went yeah here to commune. Remember ranch. Opera to muzzled sound stage here respond rich yet there. Well you never search for the fountain of me question Hartman and who aren't very conscious design and I got it just. Don't know an important so I. Sorry I. Do you think now and you lose if that what Magellan I was looking for and they found a V. The great ex follower I'm standing on Mozilla don't hear burial or loser out of smarter I was gonna guess I use this as I that is. Well there's a study that says that something that you may not be dealing we should be doing more keep you really young. What are we talking amount fat boring. Exercising but ams are sort of gunning after the UK that. Elected a link between aging exercised by comparing two groups of people between. The ages of 55 years in May 1080 years of age in the first group hadn't. Exercise most of their adult. I found a second group hadn't. What they found of course is that group that day and stayed active still had muscle mass by ain't. Body fat and cholesterol. Level of those of half their age them. And plus the men's testosterone levels are still high so in conclusion they found that it's better for yet. To continue to exercise your entire life and to be sedentary. OK so you're immune system is better as well. Certainly I think has science and groups scientist to know that hey if you exercise you'll live longer. Gary anybody to listen to do is there anybody in the room right now who does not know that to be true not there isn't a sole owner of two things no longer I sit here and don't do any thing mom everybody knows better. So. Pistols are for any of us to get up and go under your main and it is difficult is difficult to get up and due to. Yeah Diaz the cal this is difficult they're I don't know why that is. Well he now and distant get out there and getting in getting heroin and sometimes you may follow if right the treadmill and hello all of the Olympics and I came back on and not want to exercise I mean that's. That's. As a fact but anything you're starting at the age of 55. And continuing on. She's going to be a better quality of life because you felt better in the Long Island sort of say is wait until 55 of their starters are Angola is can. It's never too late to start to get healthy are there and flashy you know when can I get my silver sneakers and what insulin every need that. I mean if you make that decision tomorrow. It's gonna help you in the long run yeah. And not knowing is again health care immune system healthy sleep better meant make you feel better Mamie he beef from dime from high cholesterol and heart attack. Playwright. Lorraine saying now these are learned and followed. I know Muslim leader coming from me that's our credibility the wire with his senator Kay wrote it is leadership narrowness. They're so then your real child brother. Like exercising is hard to go. It's hardly motivated yeah earlier testimony heard student collapsed amongst all of ran right through me man. Week ago today. I damn threw me was she's method to pounce out. She drops arrests and takes off ya know at all to do their time to repay his speed and run through and I would have on the ten yards with. Our members and heard her refer to real person. Laws should vote colonel Kevin is that fifty pound person running on all fours days with a buy them under eighteen envisioning in a moment funny picture. This not nice. Ya after that I don't agree on a way that I know. It gets my ground and you'll be fixed annual Milliken might I had I jobs this industry in the evening he needs some kinda antibiotic and there. Most of us know we don't listen assays and Arab group that's a corner you melt if there're. Well we heard about this there's a newly declassified video obtained by a research company that says. Fast moving your Afro off these camps. It was tracked by teary US navy pilots packet and that 2015 couple years again. They went the object is for the pirates or her laughing. And shouting as they attempt to track what the object as an seemed fine in a rapid speed. Are seen video of her sales disarm yours or we can now Linden new Russian. Missile may be assault not a its video from a arm and an F eighteen I'm away from 2015 and pace and and these there's Iger. Holy blood there is thing while they're fighter pilots and it is watching this thing that is. It's way faster and anything we gat or have ever seen on earth OK so I don't beg and held in. Well it is released last week to the stars academy of arts and sciences which is a private research company that Tommy may mean. You send kind of brown act to get the finish released. There are analyzed the clipped yeah lord messy. I don't see it it's sort of simulate a final surge or madam minister mount on the face but certain now to ask you this. The defense department of course had no comment on the video. And there was some other stuff there the New York Times revealed the existence and they secret panic on UFO program. That was ran an 07. And it was reportedly shut down and tiny twelve. Sat out. Nearly USO we delete closely tied there with aliens this is not a case unidentified dry eye contact there could be anything in the sky Ilan must be sending another card displays throwing it can be yeah art can be from another country can enhance. Yeah it's scary thing about three isn't aliens and somebody else's has something that fast. Something that flat as bad I guess here yeah Mike Espy planners I'm only surprised I mean legit. What do you think is there. I don't know I don't have any idea orders are no different. Isn't the forum believe in aliens and more importantly it is I don't know I just I do I think there would be more proves this point. All these things are coming out or what area and there's still an approach that you were born an alien well now. It makes sense that they can fly here and if you pre studied impairments and everything. Even now and that there's more than just hiding. Human remains in the bottom of them that they can be power. Plants and election ancient aliens too much either watch not a stuff but it makes sense how in the world would they build something that I kind of technology back then. The one about the Egyptian terror is really good yeah don't really really good when the Bruins are not all the power sources and third storage and irrigation and how were the river used to be all Astaro. There. Now it's possible that there is another. Planet and that may be have and maybe game has some technology years and millionaire now. If there's other planets why would there be other people are not people necessarily but other beings. No I don't. You at all I just don't ultimately gained get out of this atmosphere but does say some burials can get a different somewhere else okay so what when they showed you unless Condit Tesla flat around there were in the satellite. And I mean I don't have answers ever on the one that I can't. Find an answer to face guard why can't we ever seen videos of radars all these radars that are out there. I'll eSATA ally Dixon. You would see you would tell me clunky like I just right there's probably an explanation I just had never seen one for that they're your group of the. Oh yeah broaden the explain Anderson an unsatisfactory manner now. Our iron and I'm paid to measure as guys hadn't. Asked me to. That's where they're absurdly silly how true is really happening.