Wednesday, May 16th

Caleb Kennedy is our buddy and the biggest wrestling fan we know so he celebrates his birthday today with us LIVE on the show... and Tyler Breeze of course calls in to wish Caleb a Happy Birthday: Headlines: Wrap-Up


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I. Sure I really. I cool. Okay. What I did. Jennifer Lawrence and ribbons they limit now. He's come a million my neighbors rise guys morning show good morning to you. And. Not as seven. And it's a big day today and down. Part of this is about a friend of ours who is a celebrating a big day but before we bring him and I wanted to tall with his mother. Hello Sonja in mourning and Harry in Harry did all right I guess did not bad that's great thank you had an apple of course. I thought it would be you know I just a tennis is maybe set the tone her late ground work out on the Caleb your son he and he's my best buddy a snatch and as an a for real he's that he's a good kid but I say kid. He's but he's twenty years old today. Is here he just turned Twain today. Big bird like nobody our ally what Tom was. Well everything started going wrong saying it way is I'd say around twelve remaining twelve men who couldn't and what was is for those that. And listening now what was that the situation with Caleb. Well he was born with. Missing his right pumping chamber is right ventricle in the heart in the heart yeah. In the end. We found out we need a map that. In between lake ultrasound that layer only found out that he had Liz. Is a orderly shut off all say and his. Pulmonary and they order were pumped into the wrong places say. He had analyze travel really quick yeah and within 48 hours they give minister 3% chance for him millionth. You netstat. Yeah yeah say you. Land down to Charleston. Where we were there for the first thirteen months of his life and the. He made it through every obstacle and they said he would end Palestinian five different times. Denny only have EU said that those the right along yes yes yes yes one lungs the cows. Pulmonary. Arteries that more developed today's pin. He development pretending inner radicalized where he lost his colon. And there's never been another survivor. This Lee all of thanks. Lower the FB wow say who we're thankful for twenty years. He's a special young man a lot in the death that I was telling Sonja yesterday when we were kind of put this whole thing together asset. I'll be having some of them freak and I'm not commutes some of the worst days and I'll have a snap from Caleb get out it and leave him. Welcome mat wrestling are whenever and it is makes it makes me had a puts crashed into perspective like you know what what you bitching about. Contaminants come of his life right now. These are strained back to drag you out there and Democrats are you what in the light lunch terminally afternoons Caleb I don't aren't barriers on yeah past. Oh yeah. So. We we won its does have a little special thing in honor of of Caleb special day it's his birthday. Again bill is not supposed to live as first forty hours in east turning twenty today yes that's that's that's this incredible there are two decades later what a blessing libelous and yes Geoffrey one elaborate cowboy if you would start a music ever because I think that it wouldn't. When Caleb finds out he's he's he's walking in music is Matt hardy's name and the patriots who don't I really appreciate. It. But yeah I've had eleven the death and it's. And a nice birthday is in big David Godot look can't. Jim and Linda title it's own dish yeah. I'm really. The areas the areas brother Caleb good morning sir morning Perry did under wonderful you get one and there's another hot. Yeah do you get that page PSE now you can deceive the top of me here. That's a good thing trousers and the bottom parsed words happy birthday Bonnie thank you and this is great this is great when it went. What a big day it is such a train that and a by the heavy rain and easy. To leave the race. Yeah her right arm so. Let's talk what are what are the birthday plans when we don't today nursery and find now is it Ellison big surprise maybe Padilla when he wanted it. Could accomplish one more title on the expectation of gold. All go through your Macs I know so let's talk about you have. AI IOS too many questions did you have a wrestling ring in your home considered in this is a real which call me sir Caleb. Until we deals and that's how I guess net net. You have a national wrestling ring into your home now and it is like the regulation sisal thing hurts to you and I. They're hard I tried to get them back not so that's right. I know what Luke isn't there and wrestles with his mom didn't heiress would be dead though happened. And found him via one. It was to tear gas space. The home run anything right down. CNN national wrestling ring I mean I know a guy right now in this very room they would just kill to have that in his home. Our apartment anywhere anywhere or everywhere and anywhere under our panel that he didn't do that. I'm so. What do you. What are you what are you thinking about this this whole money in the bank thing you Danny contenders for anybody like as far as the guys again. She's he loses the I don't like him at all kind. I don't like I don't like I know how she's saying well that's always been the case. I don't like the new music. I like I don't like Asian pop I've come to terms and prayer I don't like it or not a lot of prayer group gatherings have the confidence yeah. Com. Knew he was looking this season crazy you can see mission literally stay over there all yeah. Oh wearing the same exact shirt today. I'd actually dot com minds somewhat larger than it. That's right. Who is your favorite guy his size hard to sing. Yeah a dozen legally yeah. You know or he's used. It is hard to yours a rumor and stirred yeah younger I don't know if you like Roman rain till the hour oh man what what about him be like united she'll literal. I'm Jill Kalish are ready and palace when he gamers back to you wouldn't know he's out injured and no I think it's going to hurt him. Smoke which. Yeah it's a merger bar drew knew then what about when the Millard. The ladies who do in the the money in the bank Eli can in the I'll think Iran's and in college in my. Brought in my yeah are there and mean plus the united Jackson on top of the latter ascending fun to watch an odd hybrid. Yes she and now you never know we're sure we're whichever candidate you think they'll put in northern registered their corner. On same point two feet but couldn't pass through there. After five at a higher flyer of the of the three. Man it's as telling your mom and I mean that you you make me smile a whole lot. And then there's times when I need so much and just you do it you Matt hardy impression error or whatever you undertake early I roll hassle that I did I sit I say that what I'll say never right so amerigas yeah. Back in his head. I'm but she knew. You know I think everybody on this Ers got some kind of mission by so we're supposed to be don't know whatever in new doing yours maybe I mean take some solace at twenty years old you deal which is supposed to meet on on this earth that's awesome. Any you need just a you make people smile when they needed and you're enjoying yourself and that's just the best. Yeah I'm proud that our members for some mention of its partner. In just a charge you to take a page within Monday be honest. Yeah it does not do that again usually you know much until many years in decides hardy boys which always favored. Gonna talk say my heart in Tanzania where they get us there from around here and yet the CM London start. It's a fair or staying AJ styles obvious things even that AJ amazing arena. Aussie twice now okay Mangini then and do you out alike from. Well I do I you. And I really appreciate you as a friend and I enjoy you and I enjoy talking wrestle the and I hope he does have the best freedom birth parent and then he argued I did parents to. Yeah really get paired it's. I mean it is. Well yeah I mean I don't. We Rhode reverence rings are very happy yeah we will do great restaurants and you 200 yeah so there's a birthday party. You know when they're wrestling ring let us now it I'll bring my gear and in the back of the car. Never know I'm good looking your dragon strongest days I think every down back home more of it Guerrero hit an armory. All right well. Losing ad did balancing had a birthday. Plus a rebirth best fit the traditional way out of January and even the good Colbert fan boys and in the page will say yeah fervor on news is time and she's got the yeah. So here regularly and honor as Caleb it is his twentieth birthday is this some said he wouldn't make it 48 hours against life. They were wrong mood sometimes are wrong this is hers is fruits or birthday a very Caleb candidate on the New Orleans yes and when they're wrong what are we did in week. Did and I. Have you learned today exuded. Lou happy birthday. Is you. You know. Our day here okay. A happier. Than okay it's okay. Terry. I'll morning we'll happy birthday. He the only are handed the best day ever and if they heat for listened to show you know it's funny it's on to tell me how they found her show. Star of the they were going to go one day. And they were listening to one particular radio station that just would not shut up. And they switched channels looking for something and who was sitting around talking about wrestling blue. For economics and Sonja said they never change the channel sent me and how they were from pro military issues and does so they're really quick arm wrestler losers that's right. He's going to was stole the Phillies go ahead. Yeah well yeah that's right Taylor. Hamburg that friend and here's to many more and you come by anytime you want to bird they're not whenever he is that a deal passer IS to deal I. Taylor whose birthday we indecent headlines right after these words. Guys aren't. In 93 play great. Size guys morning show good morning CA it is 928 to spend some time with Caleb. Big fan of the show turning twenty years old today doctors told his parents say. He wouldn't live to a three day Sudanese twenty years old today. And next us fight the biggest wrestling fan that I know in this world probably the bigger dressing for an award world probably so. We put some feelers out there Caleb and someone his own the phone right now that would like to say hello to you let's just bring him on good morning circuit. On how much hey Caleb is here you were legal and tell him happy birthday. Yeah actually I heard it was his birthday stretch when he right. That's right oh by the way this is how every eastern WW tail and and Taylor number I don't think you. Ally your big represent us and yeah you want to remind all answer. Our man you probably. Probably what are every week and these days and since fashion police know. I wanted to. I. Yeah according January there. Only bringing you glee that's on the and it's totally isn't bringing in his Alex's own wrestling. Road that mr. Lol okay. Cool man and visiting day. And it didn't think what Zain you agree. We enter and move on here. Here yeah. Is that all right northern form. And every. However your your good and we shouldn't trichet agent Tom do you schedules are. Here. Now court and I detailed about who broke a leg up on thank you. All right that's our recent brother. And I. There's semen. Let's say some we went through every connection we had mr. Clinton and we. It DM and friends of friends of friends of friends. And now a lot of excuses Orwell where in Europe this week well however he's Tressel money not your latest technology America. I think the reason this connection a little weird disease call from the other leg and Dow Jones crossed the drip and what comes in and they are now the last Friday of their I think we'll. Were not if you guys head out to me and yes well 23 listing of death our right to listen man happy birthday OK I wanted to get so many others to call and in this in that but you know they are that over in Europe or whatever but. Anti race LS pretty get involved as well. Happy birthday Caleb thanks Jeff is going to do that hello. All right as an oil bill toy phones keep him off the phone is planning. One decent mobile decent mood right now you're ready decent news diligence and Ezra are you guys headlines with the age. And you're beatle who. Figured you praise you reckon it's a miracle. Consummate professional and always ready TV news at any moment. You know she didn't envision the bullet when morning's fit enough sense to stomach but she's like I. Has to get this news now yeah. I'd ever get is cards with thank you chip making and he's a Logan all you. I'm rather happy birthday Atlantic City podcast that he thinks I act you can advance thinking. What a good kid and now they imitate some even if you don't like arrests and a follow Tyler birdies on Twitter is a lot of these guys flat out said no. About coming on today and don't just ignored it some ignored it. Some of them asked for the number and then they never called so that thank you to taller breach for real that was freaking awesome there are down a lot of phone do you remember or just hit the gas and he's he's at. Let me gorgeous here. I have to get in that the doors just easy better than Iraq has used and like him better is there. Look for months so yeah yeah well you know if you think they hear all safely through new credit card that's camp. Think again because there's a new thing called Shimmy I don't like skimming on the credit card. And you guessed it and happens at that point a cell terminal. Gas station and stand on land. ATM machines and be extra careful. What's sustaining thing you ask. Well it's day add. It's a paper thin card sized sham that's inserted into the slot where your gonna put your little card and went there. EM V technologies and all the little chip that you think is safe. Well with the skimming this little paper thin and thing. Attaches to it and it raids on your information off that can't go down. So they're in they're able to steal your Dana. Yeah then give back and then yeah. Her and tried Kindle a credit score uninstalling. Really yeah Manning had a they're good to start and that's how you do you read the magnetic stripe that's your safety thing in there and getting chip and that she safety thing now that shot to. The only thing left is that I have to use my bumper and openness. A follow Jesus took ambulance went about that is when you do the thumbprint like on an iPhone is only we'll take that. For me it will only take my right felt it won't take my left is no phone records throughout the course and how are from always had a bad callous or Mariah went from striking lakers' eyes. Nigeria fingerprints and a homeowner finger era. Ask someone who's like it would take the finger he's set it up. Am so why she is playing with fingertips there's always someone out teen steal whatever you have. All the time. Just think of all these people that in the tip their energy distilling things as they put their energy he'd shoot some kind again. What the world and beyond I mean because there's always some kind of technology to steal something from somebody rentals aren't stupid. Now not all level now I mean there's not wise to do a band on the same. You know what whoever invented these little slip of paper whatever they'd price now have a job working insecurity for credit card companies are you think surface and generally the way they state. On these big guys go higher hacker arrested build their firewalls I would do it could yes I mean as the ones who know how to do it may not exploit Leslie get in. We've all my hiring a professional wrestler will give you more wrestlers on the show hot work well. Analysts just timing. Was. Why this machine head there and they're for they're performing in the UK and they had to stop their show after a fan got super relaxed. By another fan NN Napa unconscious for about 45 minutes in via ads or on this as a guy named Danny. Giles are dialed she was picked up and drop Donna's hand by another fan. So it was 45 minutes in town that they got their nutrients to the band had to stop and then by the time they got conned their show is done the lions. I was curfew and. They like in the news story and they asked economists simplex. Palace greatness and its ability to Baghdad. I doubt it was a Daily Mail says that I've never been able to Delhi belly and I am around them they're usually is noted Max reports old German I. I have to as a citizen of the fact usually it's a release German whose lack. Yeah it was like he's does. And they also had children how each other. There and they present a picture on face back and singer rob -- sitting on the floor with this guy Dan and they released a statement to say to say that machine and does not in anyway a fruit. A visit WWE. Type of behavior on her show would be. And passing understatement. And he says I should go without saying that picking up some money. Slamming them on their head is completely blanking lame I can't imagine the dude who did this is a quote head case that's what they comic fans. Or even someone who regularly get used to medal status. More like some blank call they are to start blanked. And threatening to know why you want to show and a stand up be a much solace in the pit and beat somebody up. A list here are the result had a modem and yeah I agree with the of the standing park amateur on either side just like going to the movies because sprawl while now. I just say that I am just surprised that this was happening and machine head concert. There was more than one person. Of course and maybe what was their big sell off. Or metal man so they don't have any big big hits but they are following. Play metal. The metal clubs and people invest some stuff and regulatory this recall red ballot. So they weren't really pissed about this because it was the second show in around that they had to stop because of violence earn some serious and Terry fan consent when they play in Jerusalem. Now there in the UK it's. Scott I guess I won't call in for Taylor's birthday either then go to borders are reserved by words machine has solved and isn't this is our. I may play some them with us one time. I come machine ended years ago there's just a metal man man to be in darkness within halo how B I name is basically just an excellent they were there Blair rain song titles they were aware of slightly worse in my life that. Maybe it was another metal band had tea hot Italian female singer so vulture would Kurt Coleman yeah. All Dana. Cristina solid tiny cash used training machine has better. Since 1991. Well as well they have a following their old road runner records middleman in the ninety's roadrunner parallel message signed a policy. Hey call me Brett or Brad Arnold for three doors down call now people for being too rough with a Porsche holy crap you call me say yeah. Stories about people comic cops when they hear the Walking Dead people screaming or you know sound gay night. CTO horse and then like now here's a story that tops all of. Messier candidates. TT and TT. Schmidt is a GT Amundson to keep our community music cops got a call about a domestic dispute but it which spends two people at all. And this happened on Monday somebody thought they heard that their neighbors weren't shouting match it was loud and it was gone off for some time it was escalating so when they got the apartment they sciele is gonna turn it out to be an argument. Between Ed 2.2 year old guy and his girlfriend's parents. Kerik F Prince Harry is good birds again to all your safe pair deserve parent parent practice. Rocks at us like a bird apparently. I Frankie so you tell a company with a knowing by the hair for some time in the parent and know how to speak much so he would shouting at the bird in the Byrd kept annoying him and barking back at them. And this should burn the birds can bark that's what they call and actually they don't call it like tweeting it's actually birds will bark. Juvenile turf now the bark and it's now. My dogs to work. So it escalated because amber would just make Mehmet camp and then that make a lot loud noises back and so we started screaming and then got louder and room. You know how to get us. My dolls are Merkin M imagine waiting in the case. So the congress since nothing's gonna complex and the story. So one is just delivered against the catering Jesus Christ I don't hold any examined here and true. Is nice this traced over your school district hills birthday party and it just left on an almost all mama analyst and come back. The bank aren't and so sweet hot mom ancillary. Data loss which way they do considerably didn't they didn't have so yesterday. AD first trailer for the new clean movie you bohemian rhapsody broke on the lab and non. People are criticizing. Because maybe kind of glossed over Freddy's homosexuality. Is he was dating. Well known barber is playing Freddie or her this great and I'll tell you the similarities between the two. From a melon. Who's actually from mr. robots key. A screech yeah he's mr. Barger the US acquired this great English accent he's actually born in LA he tell today golf now he closer Egyptian parents. Senate similarity with Freddie Mercury as they look a lot alike Freddie Mercury he was in the end. He was born in Africa and its parent spam to the UK. He's an Indian morning Africa and his parents for Indian descent he was born in Africa went and then to England. I don't like community college and find is these melting pot Sarah Palin until look at the turn of the trash grain sand people excited to Canada November 2. Got the damn thing you'll hear I'd love to hear that yeah answer. So now all. That is lending operatic section comes in. You know breast extinction here. I'll be out mum on beyond. And then they go. Going on forever six bloody minute his you know wife if you think six minutes is forever. So what do you think about the controversy should the movie damn won't end to his personal life well is it it's it's a Broward abandoned but. When you think of queen you think him and you know nobody else has an interest. Yeah because he was bisexual he did had he lived with Mary Austin for some time. And there is rumors that they understand again about it it was his current a on his son and a pitching and should that should that have been the focus of the film probably not even music. Oh I see this scene where he's in the recording studio and the thing with Sid Vicious happens where they get an argument he calls silent ferocious. Did you. Sid Vicious I don't know about that said Nancy Sid Vicious murders and recording studio in London at some point. And then I didn't look at what he called him that could remember what he called them recalled and Simon ferocious and made in my tighten these so called by the wrong name familiar being a punk rocker boy mayor you jerk. You know that guy right there he's he's kind of like me Freddie Mercury not his says sexual preference but. He is so ugly without facial hair you give them a mustache and and suddenly he just like he did Kaye goes from within. Like semites and shot and often descend elect you know. A man's man. Units hardware and anything to raise him hey watch it ball. It was great Roman. Colossal conservators McAleese incredible just incredible but you know you don't say am I mean without the facial hair and elect a blitz she woman that he does like it's on to. He does like Tim Curry. Tell us just say your friend that it. We'll shop. As a temporary include the biological and yeah Tim Curry I'll oddly enough not Indian. He not know also I don't a lot of to try to smile more in our relations today alien the workers were under world now. And that's listening sound but the best part in the film as he was talking about we will rock Q and we are on the champions. And the record rep says but a six minute song. And then I guess Freddie Mercury footed as saying. Which your wife complain about six minutes and go suck it looked iron butterfly big happy and I got a beta. Access. Because on November 2 it's like running mounted and we have. We need to do rocked by topic yeah we need and that we need are really good when I'm also what are we getting get an Elvis freaking movie. After everybody is bad. Personal TV right after the people who are protecting his image had died and that is at this point I don't. Sales no Jonathan Reese myers' it was a great Elvis this TV movie and they can do movie with him he was bill you know is a very good Elvis oddly enough is Jack why. There again. All part. And the guys who played all the last horse governor did you observe when your bills I mentioned earlier. I guess who earners making all the money don't Elvis estate that whoever owns that now Wilkens. Lisa Marie sold out on man she's not making money off Brad and whoever's making money off the estate obviously wants to protect elvis' image posthumously. Took Russia Rush Limbaugh Graceland assess probably has a Chinese investment hurdles and I don't have been announced. Look at both noble but I'll never forget man Elvis Presley enterprises you would see that all over everything back in the ninety's everything. But you're right about the time we do you think any fan that just loves Elvis would respect anybody who tried claimed. I would be a hard world and to live up to him but what if I told gene. Fifteen years ago that Joaquin Phoenix is gonna play Johnny Cash and kill it. You'd be like Joaquin Phoenix really you and picture but he killed and sang some of sounds better than Johnny did yes and I. Lending him a front end this soundtrack really has Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin big singing and on and I play some. So Olmert met especially June Carter Cash off Reese who has been out saying her ask Greece was very concerned a better mouse is talent. Barack. All right I'm paid to measure has passed and the. Download the free planning ahead and just the rest guys and your mobile I don't know procedures of upstate morning radio on the net now engage in central. The rise jags but I know he's three point freedom plant at empire. France. Beat everybody called saves lives NAND is. Ran. It. Email them anyway yeah and that's what's that we've appreciated. And again happy birthday it is free agent Kaelin Kennedy. He he's a walk in miracles the Asus had needed to be here today and this is big birthday so well. Had a birthday again Caleb tomorrow's Thursday. That announcement. Hours of news and win that we have an honest Facebook's bus. ET. Let's face and voice of jackal Jesse James Dupree audio webcast tomorrow. Tom Nile do we go now right here and we're gonna have more tickets to the NASCAR all star race as we can Charlotte Bobbie Luttig is Jacko takes my lord we're just freaking Ticketmaster round here was December and in order. He lives. Ears open watch football but there a year. I don't know what floor I'm pumped about some macro and she's passed now. Lot of people that's what this gives you this is the JC poppy Abel lot of the permit in Greenville on July 1. If you can to extend. One of the famous people who has blocked frat boy on Twitter he did a list this morning about 7 o'clock text one of those famous names. To secure a lot of labor metal dot contacts find that number 72341. Against 73 point one night there Greg that's go to C poppy. But she isn't blocked me from the strength the fact that there's any chance for you. Did today's podcast and the rise guys dot com iTunes Google placed stitcher radio or text podcast is 72341. Pages in that she's got Jeff thousand dollars here in about ten minutes or so fab more. He'll be with a rise guys rely on the line six thank you so much listen have you blast went Wednesday dealing Vazquez it's done it. My blood kicks up next I'm 33 point three number planets Barack.