Wednesday, September 19th

The Tampa Bay Bucs like to rub beards when they come off the sidelines but would that fly off the field?: Headlines: Sports

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Arise guy so I could. Typically it's. Job. Hey rise guys morning show good morning and you it is Wednesday September. Pain. We aren't. Are you doing here. Jim good blues. And went on the last news today and I hate those days and I don't know why. My brain can fully realize that when I lay there and hit a canal not fully awake spent like him. The other side in my brain is like to get up. When now when people. Don't FaceBook for the 645 and six more arms is that a real fingers that it took temporary worker I mean some people this year there's the option to do. A whole books and never had a problem getting up off the first. Really well. You'd have sex pebble you say it's. Our hours that you keep like some you get up like 3 different 3:3 o'clock today was two feet six sometimes you text and the land. So Pia. And that's that's that three hours that's your neck in that stuff right yes they Agassi in order Ottawa say 1130. And ala. I'll sleep from about a twelve before. If I sent alarm usually all the most self don't see how long ago sometimes 125. Some were in there until his sleeping in the afternoon anyway well each and also. Put a little. Message on the air. And tablet to my second message what it would says to me even more. It literally in capital letters would fifteen exclamation mark says gift shop. I think that's the vessels in the thing seriously my first and says the best day ever. Joseph is when I first realized that you know. When you first wake up in the morning in years as technically and I had to shrink tell me well they're she would back water treatment therapist tell me what time. That you don't get right up out of bed you lay there for a minute recognize what data is what you gotta do not. In an a way to pressure yourself but just as awaits a high. So look forward to whoever. Best day ever. Watch sponge Bob ID evidently I don't know the last alarm ice. Here. Is this message on the west Ashley has a picture of market about a dollar sign yeah I go in the game and that is. You wanna notifying. And Jenna. Andrea come all but in my last. It's news it still gives me enough time that I like it's getting here and scary thing all acclimated special this week is actually brother yeah triple but he are never really be WB actually brought. Some birthday birthday bash week as you are going to be a little walk Saturday. So why because of all the people or because my although I nations have had all of all of those reasons. Every damn bit out of about getting his service meal that day. Just to. You never how when they have brought Jesus through the town not that I'm Jesus or anything but it. As service dogs are all the rage and minds we'll get when you derive the count down the can't protect services offered a curfews don't whose services are meant to your parent. There ma am off the plan now has just mosey through the bonds of core wanna strain on the back of adult. Tomorrow as well bless you Zola. And their com and you make me angry listen maker. And to. Smack seasons Maxi zoom down. It's smack in some house is a mask now smack is a good old ninety's term for drugs news. Smack smack. Into a pretty damaged and that. It's done. And went to I went to the whale yesterday and you know some last minute stuff for the match. And then down on the floor of the whale and actually put that video out and I'm just going around the huge circular panoramic shot who in them like I've. I've never been in here were so quiet. So clean. Up the mean everything was just glistening like ready for people to come. Sweat a host yes oil spill era echo right. They keep their place for his fifth a man it's like. They have like a hundred people stamped his running around stocking. Soft drinks and mopping means that you're an erratic. There's mopping going on often a main opposition on the things I saw sweeping mopping and sweeping mopping and some some dust in light dusting on. Those beautiful and who got saved. You and patio and all the different things to order a building for that. I'm resolute. Well when they better get on the ball because it's Tuesday and Wednesday and test all of us. Our plans for issued a better get all it I don't think it's going to be. And free contested if if you have not gotten me tickets it I can get it payday is Friday it's time to make some concessions here. MC's case check Google box office to get my kid yesterday we stopped by the this being so I'm there at the the register in egg. I love when he once I walk up to the end and not like pat you on the shoulder or even sale I. Man marries him that he's standing beside me but not looking ME says. I'd buy eight birthday bash tickets swear to god is assesses fees and I might turn so that tells me I'll. He's not saying that out loud are reminding himself the realize is let me in a site. I'll man would you do offered diverted by crazies like needle watts and six kids can't tell you know kids now. Surface do you that I'm talking about here. These kids could have been twenty's you know I'm Sandra but the fact that he ball and his kids tickets as a what has father of the year right there. So taking the kids to bed storming take an adult means taking your kids to concert had best drop in the kids off at the pool. Is is in the number two I got to say you know pure rifle shooter amid him yesterday yeah. Mean. These comments sources are you who I think you war. As the door your money. It was cool BMW yeah can go bash Brothers got to work anyway. And also some. Decided he'd people that I've run into this week you know. Nine out of ten homes say yes now. I didn't asked for ticket proof or anything like that. Number. So you ticket as a senior at the time or you're going to be sitting on it comes to your seat and seat feeling there but everybody's going. And boy everybody there yesterday the well was very aware that this was happening I mean they were all like. We're gonna pitch you don't yet mr. got a movie gives her carpet but I think we'll be back Monday. Playing a little bit. And. We've followed yeah as is going to be it's going to be fantastic and them and heard one of the guys say and one of the employees of the whales and man I don't know if I liked his diet smack I don't know god not come down and smacked them as I was actually at a got the name of the band is like now. I said. Oh lead singer said something about how. Is seated sense always said either he didn't have talent and god came down and smacked it into him or. There was a certain song that they were riding in god came down it smack it that's the the usage of the name is god kingdom and smack whatever talent or whatever. Inspiration and so. America but either way even if it was a Christian group and a light. Tonight we is the bill gates' third trio. It's guide smack. In the end they Timothy yells at everybody now coming up tonight. Regardless matching wits and some God's word right now. It's got smack we give the guides smacked like Vinnie here Benny Hill and not being here and Yevgeny an uphill. They hand went slack people at his jacket and they would follow the program and they were just ball lands her when it. When you Google crowd with a one will form in the he was like it was some on street fighter when he talked to some kind of energy out there everybody was suddenly there. Saved or healed or whatever the process was who has sold to give my god smacked quietly. He should get more creatively that any hint that he should get I can imagine I imagine he should throw like imagine a baseball up in the air. In and hit it with imaginary baseball bat everybody in a crowd walls. Where do stars doing with a forked pathetic and that's how most that we had a great Satan. This side of the doses sell it out. An imaginary out of baseball bat Moses it was in most states the reds a part of it yeah that's what they say and by law. He got smacked me right down middle and walked. Wow was I Wilmington, North Carolina exactly did. Underwater well I'm married and. I'm very excited about it is going to be fair and free contesting get your tickets at 933 to plant rocks dot com they started 3950 plus fees. That's. Would we figure yesterday at fourteen less than fourteen dollars a band. Dep policy you know your meanest who's a beyond that we're cheaper via the brings a value down. This beer some Beers whom either there's I mean there's a cash bar that will be on the he Christian I beer lover. Check out our beer. I made it will be on draft rise guys. It's Prussia ball. What will lawlessness. Rational those crows with him and changing trends hold and so. Yeah it's even if you're not a beer console beer lover c'mon at least try one in the need to chill liquor during. In his trial boy and I ask everybody just to try one. And then go on that untapped happen. Give it out stores if he still is elated deserves facts are spent I'd order so is gonna make its way own states. Podium every brand has so maybe so it has pills at their may. That could be the debut of the rise guy's beer can mascot. On its going to be advancing can't. Osama donkey and my comfort you know pollute the same dog Q I get this on the donkey. He can't ride a donkey together. Tell them about it can't from Harsco track I. You all day on disagree and why he won the US apartment market thereby Iowa though. Com. If I listen to this hopefully you know you don't have anything in sports about Beardsley. What most okay. Oh somebody sent me this yesterday and then apparently. Everybody else that window and back again from 1213 people yesterday. It shows. I don't know whom I would imagine their linemen. But I can't tale but it's two players from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Apparently after they have a big play they lift a so there's high fives Bayer's I've run into each other and terror and in baton bump each other. Here's top five tension on the back side topic on these different. What hand gestures in new ways to tell your team that did job LEO Bob elbows on the set. These guys pull their helmets for both bearded guys by the way. Watch what they do that after that play. That's. As Ryan Fitzpatrick quarterback on the right that this yeah. Look like 74 that says so the outset that is fourteen and he's saying he's famous for having a beard opinions he's on the offense yeah. Pretty it's only his odds were American League are now so he's he's awesome homes. He's the a.'s plans ball like his play is tied or a riady. Will both smoking so okay was like on a murder somebody lift up their helmets and they robbed their beards together would you do their own government. Now Saddam back or not unless I was gone home. Like I don't I truly don't let I'm somewhat in the German folk. Not to the point. Some people but gasoline more than others. And you know I don't mind if people come out and Canada's bounced my beard at the bottom of the that sometimes you know not strangers usually but sometimes I remember Dennis house of blues Myrtle Beach. It was a year member of a motorcycle club. Williams say and instead I know he's like can attach it. I said I give the good beards moves well also be run carbonite that also presented on grounds that up and that's okay that is that it that'll bother me but rubbing up against them another man's beard. That is weird that's like touching your pregnancy. In any you know lines people don't like that and leisure of your your stage and hey it's right. Right I never like it's it's fifteen dollars to do it at the Merck's table right Jeff is from Guatemala smelly. I know she has a mint many shows incidence of what do you make Jeff Lewis and a maternity shirts are immersed table in order a multi law. And honor of her I haven't thought about that that's a condemned this season's. Lewis and analyzed. That I think those those more merger command some four move the line so goes though. Move the logo instead of better in this you know then there's the middle of between Dora the breast plate moved it down. And it shows like a baby in there and tell me in your face like yeah. Not a serious or life he's rightly normally you'll. They'll sell more merge after your match Iraq. A new when you would do that back body drop on some money into tears in his bomber pitcher who sells more gimmicks. And edited as well like around Georgia. When it is these sales gimmicks two months only go for fifth and final thing I'll make money out there. Bless your heart. And and it it is an error that boy done more wrestling appearances and zen radio appearances as Truman's truly. You that we get a little bit of the beard he had a Fuller beard before would you ever rub beards with a man even of football teams like Adidas got a touchdown award Eagleton. I'm him out maybe you'll football team of those guys got to do whatever to a you know builds chemistry Josh carver my barber from liberty fund cuts in shapes EE gimme some great size two or three months ago it's like washing beard once a week. Why because neat it's different than head hair you gotta do is got to keep all this is the Sam gross is average people but funk in it. And I do stinking ball not food but a little bit of just the conditions. Because it's different hair you know on its diameter and. Patchy hair and they know now in and then there's a static cling when you rub pair together you know and plus. There. McCarver says its long beard and you can rove used them to be no Warner's face. And it is like the old style bathroom. Howls were they would hang down roll low in you'd you know violence and it would go back in the income down clean again remember that old school and the last. Everybody relaxed enough Beers car and you wouldn't just good haircut yeah and that's our grandparents and those are. I ever save a tournament beard kisses. And here I am and disruption curtains even made Joshua and this nasty yet. The F puts yummy in your run the risk in saying Lola this possibility you imagine 911 wish reversing. And I'm tied to my barber pole what happened in wrote no are beards that angle we can't as they get the hose pipe out and that's how they separate dogs if it's not organs are beard further as the current cost of our favorite because I literally I'll I'll hand the phone Josh he's literally right here Josh. We're tangle that talent. Who just talking about firm and mr. hands is all tied up its money out here last. Are also due to all went also Smart discussion on what you don't. No got to they're you hang on whether to elect. This moment we're born out of one. I don't want. She uses failures and I thank you Minnesota governor runs and I looked at race time don't you resign and. You know what's funny is from either now a dead beds as the worst part. How a fist bumping. A show again via I was really did begin handshake where extend the middle finger in there and took it upon me it. To do with these guys do you have to spend a lot of time together. Like they do yeah. There's not many humans are it's the memos Tom with write this the boy in the line exist I don't have beards as. And that's a good thing. Com well Eddie we have a great show playing for you today I I'm super excited about this and also allowed. Yeah it's still get nervous for interviews two don't know how that person gonna feel when they come in her call in or whatever kind of mood there in the end it. This guy we've interviewed several times. Matter of fact you may remember he's had his phone number but for a chance to. The Ayatollah of rock and role what song called. I'm gonna ask about some call him the vote. So I'm going in the greatest of all time. But a lot of people are called goat can there be more than one guy whose first undisputed champion. And Chris freaking Jericho will be on our show today election 9 o'clock this morning he'll be talking about. His band Fazio will be performing at the permanent on Saturday night. I'll we'll talk rationally and we'll talk. In showing up at all mankind that was good engadget shows that wrestles for whoever they only lost he's in now near disaster. Disaster here. I view drew as the full number issued through. A little edges and also I get a an inside thing to ask him about I can't reveal my source but. I know first fact from a brother brother date Chris Jericho is one of light and living wrestlers to ever been invited to this man's house. Meant something. And let's suppose people in the school work for mark Hendricks for game here twenty years I've no idea is address that and that means that image warriors where there's issues like. Living living. Living OK so hold in the problem he said savage warrior there's two or did those who did it we'll figure out gently you will be two and a half hours to put it. ST. We got birthday bash tickets as well today will be giving as a way in about an hour's seller for you early birds keep it right here plus he missed yesterday's war we every premiere that for you as well. 180774. Double 093 can text to 7341. The rise guys listen headlines right after this morning everybody get more. I. Thought he 93 playing freedom planet rock. Right guys headlines with the aids. And you're big goal. Yeah and morning everyone. Why have I got a story for you 845. Year old man threatened to kill. An eleven year old lie I saw that you saw and I can you just knew that. The story I never saw the story first thing this morning when I first thing hoops first second thing was there's this story. I'm glad you didn't relation house at some point oh idea pianist that I didn't release the story yes thank you thank you for keeping an and I appreciate that so. You know kids are obsessed with sport night. Mean and not only kids ads and playing video games too much might lead to real problem that's according to the World Health Organization. And here's a problem. There's a 3045. Year old guy by the name Michael Allen. Dirty Alpert mailed it in your relations man in Pennington New York on Long Island. Monday night he decided to place a four minus Xbox when he lost. To an eleven year old boy. You know normally I should say forget about. Probably bush person. Some people in the game and its walk around and bomb blows. Soup on the oh cheat and I'll play and. Slam. As I've never played. Never ever the smuggling nobody will allow me because you know I can just catch up now. Ever get a anybody's house. And and I don't have an in my own mount in your child doesn't do that that's that and though. Well that's a good thing Amy K is Michael Allen parity. He went crazy. And he'd threaten this child. Saddam message including one saying that he would. Shoot him at school possibly at his school he's and that message on Monday around 9 PM went into the police report. And he was arrested at his a Long Island home on Tuesday at 1:40 AM and charged with second degree aggravated at. Harassment and acting in a manner to. Injured child. Did he know that like when you play these games. Eaten you don't know obviously age of the person that your but he did say scold us I guess it it. Save pleaded not guilty yesterday his attorney are you that it wasn't a real threat and vote. Salty language is a two way street. And it's normal behavior in the gaming community and not excellence on pan am I mean that. I don't cross the line you see the mug shot and again it is in the daylight. Come on man he's got pelicans I Yemeni analysts like a teenager kick his ass yeah. I mean and endless camper tickets a series at a game like that non threatening guarded her some money at their school. What he also said how come your house tonight and delaying queue up. Maybe got his chance mixed up who's talking to a perverted justice. Wednesday it says that they were doing a battle Royale. And with cheeks and he and he's lost and was Barea says. Well what happens in him he can't take the pain don't plan again. Don't erect. A Nestle and well how this group got another story about someone here can handle things and that is I guy that think name cast. Cast store the destroyer. And that's because it is my side he's big and 64. What he did. Heat have to bunch of spray paint silver was his flavor. Since he hit it decided to attack. Attack his mama the spats oh my god that's not the normal weapons of choice in the dead deadliest Potomac I think it but but but that's at. So PM you know he dipped into the silver paint can. Allah hi. And then I as his mom as it was bothering him and he hitter with a spatula. Is faces covered in. So don't embrace this as being a fog monthly Q how has like Hillary get a tee which is a red curly hair. I think that's real. Leeway happened Hulk Hogan when he you became Hollywood Holcomb and he'd been Huff and black spray paint and people are like. Dude keep that look it actually looks really good he can still see the handlebar and the blond mustache that the rest of its black man that's kind of a good look. There really don't know what kind of words were exchanged after he was have to tape it. I mean if someone walked into the kitchen in my office. And I would if Edwards analysts had appreciative duty. You don't brother my mom really pissed me off at it and I had some silver left over. Want to. It. She's aussies at this program airs this weekend so our brother and so targets. You don't like it went out nice and carries what are you gonna do when dispassionate look right so why don't. Looks like oh Clegg from Kenny powers when news of him he has repaid out of my guys who are you haven't clay and he tells us and and yeah tax given Robocop beach it. Q what is your favorite viral over here Jack come on relaying on a bad to get a page in their baby girl over to me. Opt out I was like OK top effect effect at the very anti. God it's great you think do this and other offices so my pulls off a mug shot in my Joseph from accounting in the third floor takes elevator down since they're gonna hit program. Yeah I was very controversial. Did Kim dynasty flight of stairs and seen his picture the guy had a less like. I brought down Ziggy stardust you gotta say it I audit us and let down my computer. But. This this recent hits and a band kiss you ran out Emeka. If you can plan well the cubs should have been arrested him in his mom's now episode you know and obviously it was a sharp enough object to. Cutter head is mom and Deborah Katz on her head but she's going to be okay and Glenn is facing charges or malicious wounding. Not a. And I wanna give directions to this to win one hops he Kazaa as you have seen the pictures we talked about eastbound on the face. You know you're not spraying it directly in your for hastening to get it out I always thought even. I don't know why don't I did you sprayed into a bag and put the bag every place on us and sticking around this beautiful round. So you don't have August spotters and they just hit it bring him in the face woods yeah. It's it's nuts on a cell like your take him on his spam. I would just get some of that are clear colored enamel and and half bat yet because then I either won't be any you know. Color on your face and it'll just like you have a nice you know foundation and a. His face is really shiny from the nose down actually nice and it seems like people he's arm italics mean is there something in the metallic spree spray paint then he write the silver come wintertime I used that fake snow peak that's. If it doesn't matter given huffing and if they excel in knowledge is for Christmas it and celebrating. I don't know who was briefing goes for you but I T if you really wanna how something new virus from a PVC glued. As an argument and says things like close quarters and your choice if you're an event only some or all night however house tonight. Got a keg we're gonna cook out and I've got some flights. You were how slick salesman and knows it together for six months but when it come when it opens up though you're rain began bakery. He says he DC schools in my along those and hot tubs in the duel over the wall panels found line. You know of habitat for humanity is now building houses with flexed it. I think I sought and commercial that swear about it you solve both pat and still stop ago. This flares are driving right now together my flight sealed tube and arguably I gotta go elsewhere. He was putting bricks together they build a house would flexing. Alerts for whatever primary use the products lacking in patience and some of that to Wilmington ten. So my takes in his brother as a buffer it's a gold pin was the best thing that the optimist or something no one again. Better than a pop for a tournament since it went to tinker best book ever get back who got. On pace this year is as him thank you page we'll since sports is next with death Lobo and he's got big football is that he's just excited to tell you about we'll get into that nexus arise guys act. Still the rise guys morning Sheila yeah. You Marshal all I needed to have you there I want my son and so like Ellis in the mall when you're ready and then when I'm driving into words reflect creatures did you. You're left it to the rise guys morning. Yeah. Source for assault today only a couple gambling and it's your parent hat down. The ball was. The game went season though wasn't it just to prove is in the NHL that approve their own gambling league. There is a what does it mean jail the NBA was working on that OS-X minutes. Some of these eateries to show football games and try new world of sports books to. So mutual Weezer and put two bit stale same points. That's wonderful usually is still alive right now. This one here though. Dude goes down five books. No points for it straight up winners. He peaked every winner of all the games Sunday and Monday this past week in week two me games is that fifteen protect obviously. Five books Dunham 84565. Dollars. IBooks and they say yourself paying a homebody there was tie. Packers the markings tired and weak suit though overtime. Losses here ties count as a win. Corner these rules so that's the way it is in regular gambling girls up and it's a punch a figure all opinions that's on and vote. Why did. What side she used in you know you can buy points usually lot of people by points. At point one point. Do your part ladies and caesar's you know move your points rounds of my head and Packers and vikings and it ends and Todd. Cab five points after RM Miami head VA bombing at a time. But here's the story here. It's. This is all new to me I don't shave points I've heard of that scandal before crowds in welfare you need some time special blade for that he got those people them. One New Jersey fantasy player home fans tool. Put a 110 dollar bet on the Broncos would have paid 82 grain and but the web site is seen due to an error in the in the odds making process a glitch in the system that they'll have to pay the via. Here's the thing the older. I've never known this side to law. To take spread Moneyline bits. What is I haven't found it Wendell. And who is usually just daily famously Politico you know roster construction. And salary can buying games. Maybe assume part of the site I've never ventured NC. But it's. There was India. Was favored in this an error in the odds because he put the he put some money down India in the fourth quarter. Is you know you can odds change every so often throughout the game. You know smaller order collaborators like a broken or anything. The bookie. Vows through families of the organ print that says that it. As well listen they would all from 500 bucks us and does some tickets to some games but he's isn't in the deal warrior going after his money he shouldn't. They're saying it's this glitch in the system and obligated before. He should call state sports bookie attorney dot com and rob are going yesterday domain now if I mean look that's. I mean do look as risky take a very games were baseball games were you know. Even basketball games Ruth leagues games postponed you'll get any points for the players. Bloom your wife though. No refund. Mean. Button I mean a lot of there's a lot of money. Do you fat boy do you. We knew actively. Debt. Actively by what's the most to you bed annaly. Now and I know before they get in you had a problem I think where our commitment to that you can Geneva had a problem easily do you know. I would chemist suffer in order books week. For awhile there I was like you know. This is a little while ago reading really do much aligned reduce my them parlay cars due to a play or Bible fire every playable and so on a run out of gas slot on oil. When I really started playing a DFS daily fantasy or a couple years ago. You throw in there you've thrown in among line bits to. Orleans teaser as a lot of you know games this weekend you probably makes mobile phone if you parlay about three of you together. Playing point spreads and at east again this mom and pop restaurants soul parlay cards. That lesson that you don't kind of hard to give for awhile there yeah and those Smart and give them indeed in Tokyo like you Tuesday. That restaurant is so Smart that is in Salem and then they would you know you have to come back mayor to either get your money. In Owens and so it's like the young get them to come back in though. Why did Spain should start saying how can I ask you change your kids every other weekend with the other parent. Use our parking lot for that exchange and why you're you're gonna get some ice cold drinks out yeah from its banks are some resurrection. Ad campaigns are can I say retained males is tweaking at it you're dropping off the kits for some cold here. I pop. Ever ample parking am I had happened they have Ingles would have you know parking for parents with children. Why not parking for parents or switch it off kids for the weekend. Here I'll tell you real quick there's an issue with the high air Dickerson in the the hall of fame he's saying look NFL these take care of us. These legends of the game gives some insurance. Or we're gonna boycott hall of fame ceremonies and educated contained. Warnaco. Year I don't know today FCC. When I they have problems within a comedy and Danica. And he delegates on the justices and it was saying here that saw. He's got some formula figured out how much it would cost less than about four million bucks beauties of the hall of Famer the older guys some insurance. Per year. Panel by per year in office lifetime average won. Police in the Rosie newly created hall of fame board of guys who would boycott services of ceremonies. And Jerry Rice is on their core morals on their with a light look. We just say we're gonna boycott anything will note this is all about right the other issue is this Pro Football Hall of Fame not the NFL yeah. Santa NBA yeah. Kind of barking up the wrong tree either Dickerson went on to say is an example of the NFL and players against each other. Brothers stores in town hall of famers you know whatever hall of famers and hall of famers. That's what I asked Chris Jericho today is on the show what would you rather you what's your you either or you'd rather be a rock and roll hall of Famer as you know he's got his band now Ozzie. Oh or would you go in there rather go in the WW legal thing got picked one yet it went Chris. I mean Dixon's a malcontent and they want money for issues but it is also the guy was like well the rams almost do enough for me you know they keep milk silence and oddly enough. A collective well plus I mean like. What's average NFL career. 34 years the room and then sell hall of fame may be extended to the average wet hand. There Kerr warhead about senior career when he got in OK so so career yet. So if you take all that money and you I mean you only worked you know three did ten years there. Save your money invest it wisely. And don't think that they owe you anything do what you gotta do picture of the Rand says the right is Alzheimer and daggers and Randy needs money. And issues back and forth is a lovely relationship but look cheap skills go back in time and be born later. Does the league every year is gonna make more more more money. The guy's gonna make the memos going to be higher that's what would fix all this time travel camera great spots. Arkansas are numbered ball well we don't need. Room so us passports and a really good it is berg big fat boy's birthday bash week hash tag 933 birthday bash wave a pair of tickets coming up for you next hour right here. Music straight mornings it's. Yeah.