Thursday, June 21st

What do you regret doing for money?: Would you postpone a breakup til after vacation?: We get an OPP from a woman who's thinking about leaving her disabled husband

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3.3 the planet. Oh okay rise guys morning. Look if you must and they show for fifteen years or fifteen minutes you know one thing I stir the pot and nonsmoker. Is it possible that you did not come up to me for a handshake on your way out of the men's room your router bridge you wash your mayor always your drive. Hi I'm decided to dye my hair brown get her breast reduction and finish my masters and then maybe people respect me. Bird or Bucher sometimes in traffic I can't decide which one afflicted people. Lewis meal. Some people say lovers and here we are just stupid there's nitrogen oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air dumb ass. Nice morning's budget. Maybe 3.3 double play. Just tried Kagan Breslin bookings before ray regretted it money wise you know. I mean hell. And I'm proud of the fact that I used to stop the sales of porno magazines it's horrible thank you. They weren't murdered Berlin in the room wrongly that. I have a lot of young man. And you bunch of ladies may like you mortar round you 400 down belly on display with golden palace dot com or in freshly. Day after day after day route and already T shirts and blue jeans for a month. I forgot about that analysts. Don't be ashamed for money. You may money being fat guy that's crazy yeah you're our prayers are that. I wouldn't do it now. It is cold stunning what it was wintertime we did there she is do you remember. Remember back Jimmy fight as they did date and time but I wanna say it was 2006. Or 52003. Does history books aren't there. So golden palace dot com was buying a bunch of stuff like I think they did ball someone's name and they changed her name the golden palace dot com and if you did she like Elvis they buy it you get the news just to give than they were buying just crazy things here you are good the virgin Mary grilled cheese they buy it. So we had the idea nine at the time for an in thirty pounds plus. We wanted to sell them ads of plus assays on the forehead guy did this right they all he put his logo on their phone on his forehead truck a year ago so we auctioned off on eBay. Ad space on mines valley where you put your business logo word name or whatever on the air for how long thirty days of thirty days. And do the bidding went crazy and then all certainly. Old house dot com paid 4500. Dollars to put there website name on nine belly. For thirty days. We didn't think ahead of time like how will we get in a sixty year belly. There's no thought put an end of that. The I write backwards every day and upside down myself Matt if you're Norman I easily rented out his belly gimme part of the money does he doesn't do Nevada. Yeah yeah amendment right on there and walk around like that ruined my clothes. You try to struggle also run. I took showers some bird. Flu. Clearly though went out and how on every morning I'd seen our lines still mayor elect do it I guarantee if you look at the right like he still rate of its familiarity. There for so long is open sharply you're just wash I just wash over like you normally would -- out it don't come all the way all banana cereal comes a little bit just had an X on his hand through Wednesday before him you know we couldn't see it is sneak a little message on the bottom. Now some vote no because it was humiliating enough ever seizure under our environments where I don't. Plus and what we we need to do this this great event on numerous nuptials where we would do on the mass wedding and we would barrier let he once come in and get married or renewed their wedding bells. So we had to Wear tuxedos but not had to sign the contrail gold cost dot com so he's pitches. Tuxedo. Full tuxedo encumbered by our our best. Tie shirt jacket the whole nine yards. But he had to roll it up under his boots and a federal offense does is belly otherwise would have broken the current trend a sharp Leo oh really sure you know we're good to see your man he had some measure our remember what it was and by then the day and we were out some of their he would sweat through them that we all did he swept through it. In his belly was black and so this is sure to lose our borders sermons numerous nuptials so how does not only were swept. Live you have well then where will not that day another day we are out so we're doing an event it was serious in his warming needs swept through the shirt and was all brown and gray and Al man. That's I felt free. I feel like this is something new got a strong armed into doing that your brokered. By I don't know if you would you know. Do you feel somewhat self conscious at that point right being a young man big. We ever eroded them I mean what SA broke. I don't mean like again my PlayStation ME let alone in gas money to go radio station and use them. Willis Tom hog tie. On the end her only the right I do a lot of gas money but I need a lot of gas money had please do everyday for awhile you have a frivolous purchase million out of the of course I didn't course earlier YN dot if ever they want to I don't know if they are to pepper Nelson in my years supply dotted pattern I think you now. We heard her Reynolds. You know. They get. Yes 4500 bucks in. Thirty days Iran and underbelly for 4500. Dollars 150 dollars day. I know it sounds good what she do it it's like well. What should never cowboys are a secretary de stressing it's colder rain and brutally close I mean -- money but you can you ruined shirts is that the most embarrassing thing you've ever done for money. Money was probably this. I know what I know are the top. All I know what it isn't only enough you got paid I hate to bring it up no I'm I didn't get paid for that okay good and you you're bringing up don't you don't say. Well it was then I'm a point and direction you're telling from point in the right there are yes you are every under GAAP and carry itself and that's. Fans of the show and practical jokers they did a very very similar bid that win is same year 20032004. Personally and at first jokers for Cinco De Mayo we hoisted nine up in the air with a crane I'm. And we put the velcro balls all over him. He's wearing a suit himself earlier velcro balls all of in the new deal with pool noodles and try to knock his balls off. There is out swinging in the mirror will retire and and that they was fine I was not it was then that thing that he uses in Mike said he would repel a mountain then like wherever they gear is around Armas. It is a harness strap you guys. Ethnic Zulu. And I and we have to point out is a fairly crude harness words just a couple or. Thank my alarm straps around you tires kind of and that's only things BetaNews nylon straps around it I basically. It was a bit above any stretch your own home rather part of our life and know you would look at you see this crane and how what are they Billy menu looks. Forward how man is free from the string or robbery and all these are the tools you always have in the air on the go from working at an assailant. Hurt so bad it may it hurts so I just being less fat and all my weight coming down on those two straps on to maximize our man it was the worst pain in my whole life hanging around that damn crane. Did you give him the actual balls and some mistrust going Albert's and they are all out. Let's Augusta this event there are now is to pull little but it still like need or this or eight elicited this to hang in America. I knew that's yeah. That's probably one of the worst things one of the worst ways I've felt for you on the show itself having to do it tears spent Umenyiora promoted. So pairs is usually are like two hours and steal third all time. I an hour and half of it their whole lot whose real let me get bring me down it's Bob Ross felt so bad form I keep our and you're a bad yeah. I'd be ready go back up Merlo bad by the do some outlet then ended hoist him up married Disney swing and and then they'd do for messages they Leslie anonymous brightness is like. This is what becomes she's indoors or think it balancing go to my -- differently now I figured out isn't isn't isn't slow sync go to guy in our culture race and I see Mac coming over the idea and kind of you know due to lingering and Susan came across as we all giggle and anger Alon and even Jimmy was giggle and anger and and but then when it actually happened you saw crude was like oh my god. And I you know our heart is Bernard real improper harness system and then I'm married to drag some scrubs were aware of with Oprah extrasolar then there's the doesn't say they felt Brazil is blue hostels are out I really don't I I'm big huge budget act out all yeah. See you you talk to my embarrassment you can't touch the embarrassment right here yeah I am a dirty word grand old grocery and I don't. It may spend hours about a heart is like. Staying used to repel down and yes all around you tourists every hole is a real it's can't stretch our legs around added a whole thing's been. And now just. I was so frat that you hurt so bad to hang it was just. My ass and gravity and it hurt and the circus environment. It didn't hurt his fans don't flat ground have probably heard painted. Yeah that was bad that was that was so bad. I can't I can't say here and think of like the most embarrassing like I did stunts and stuff but none that really scarred me here. Who were in I think back off I don't question that done now. I knew those two now. Things have done and do again yeah most don't I didn't mean to kill let's argue that time either that was him or accident I was gonna get that was one of Turkey neck it. As gonna take it bit us fail and that's what took it out. I'll be much bigger offensive. I assure you broke shot and then more and and don't for first time in radio history in Greeneville that someone shot back on the radio and it was me. Financial reliance on god I hope so not only would you camera and its players I don't know a bird flu. Boy did did he's a loser wait for nine dollars per pound these guys have done some for money that he prowled around. Agent Jack youngest keeps silent during their surge had. I don't know men account for about a rescue people out of port smoke drone on soaps. Let me know as many analysts on Monday when there. Is still the parts isn't there she's finally really sealant was our only event. Former. Real quickly guess in the Bailey but then pull the GPS repay that now look company car. LL put you should surrender but I don't go. Good to low does CBS I sleep and advance our bodies how several times. Idea. Eighteen bears did. Yeah. The morning show your mother aids and you'll see drops you look at school imagine this morning. 83 point three of 100. As anything else telling you mentioned it earlier I was I don't there are no that was the Turks and caicos court should this page are you hearing about this morning browse same. Okay not having mutual friend more me but denying those guys well then they girl for a couple months now. And they are ready. Casino like Christmas you see people going out of town and go on like cash Angel went tell why you are sunlight and talent. IPhone stuff. So he and his girlfriend. Maybe three months but I know at least two months. They're already planning a Christmas vacation. For this year first 2018 Christmas to go to church and take a switch up. Cuba. You say you and I started a couple months ago page right yeah and I say you know what this all these people going all over the world at Christmas time I'd like to do that next year he's not you like about to do that to order start pitching and thousands of dollars to go on a trip and eleven months and a. Really. Something happened why what does the biggest case she'd only been dating a two month and is there a mean dude it's hard to me about my three or guarantee that's usually that the scale. You know whether Gordon who's going to grant her ground won't talk bird I don't know. I heard charge UK tennis and I thought to myself first volume it would afford that sexually what was that last one that's Broward sheriff if I can vacation insertion kickers are ordered a greater Auburn turned out really care to guns before. And I don't ever take top to bottom there we know we knew him. NIC we're not backing kinda need their pre vacation agreement. And in the event that you break out that's what's gonna happen right by have you ever okay so let's say. Let's say this is really a night in and buyout. So we're going in December or around October we hate each others guy yeah. And did a great guy and base Howard doing just grew and now let's add that actually got every we gotta get ours heavily now and save any additional. RA he still likes at ease my new boyfriend. Yeah now earlier I went up her job. Vacations so. October comes who we hate each other and nothing is great and we realize it's over with. Do you waited out to go on the vacation flew for the breakup. And how much man mastered and Terrence. Kansas team knew how you cannot go on vacation when you're sit and debate because you both know it. I'm not I'm not speaking into existence them having a poor relationship gaffe but I just imagine how many people. I'm talking about even marriages where they. Knew it was over what may be even talk about saying you know what. Susan we get off his vacation. We're going to get a law you certainly can't leave for college I mean I imagine that would be hard to stay in the ceremony here if I hated to. I think maybe turning count me employment cost more sorry to have airports and makes a run. Have to be hatred and marry a number you have to hate somebody to break up well but there's a big big big big gap between. I don't want to date you yeah I hate you pay a lot of gray area in the middle if you know. Are better friends and you are lovers like nine is getting at in you would have probably a better vacation. With that person making as you kind of know each other and you can say okay when this is what I wanna do when he won India and have a lot of excursions planned so. If I didn't really hates you. And we are just kind of broken up by our vacationing in but you don't feel that way when you look yeah all of money I Harlem or bring back the cab. You can knew that even if you broke opener. One is that was so insights and feelings by no matter how do you break ups are totally mutual from the jump where. Somebody says era and Matt don't break every when the match goes notably WJ they're okay great some of them were best friends because we agree usually. It is badly because one person also break up the other little. And you drop LLC Max and X and came cannons and Enron scandal and then you were on bending my mark time. And you got a break up again so why do you ever went on vacation with somebody that you knew you're gonna break a lift after the vacation. That's a good question I went on I went campaign on the beach for some mom are we weren't really getting along. And we do again camping and that kind of solidified that we definitely mean and America yeah because he had a drinking problem so you. He still waited till then a little trivia and the reason why didn't break up with them because it was like a couples thing where we are going in all my friends are going and I just like if he pulls this crap again I'm done. I wanna see Ed it's. If anybody listening has done that you. You knew you gonna break elegant guy a break here with the girl but you also knew that she paid in on vacation or planned and at least. So you you went through on the vacation and that it like everything was light dot and then when he got back. What ammo. Yeah I can I get out of going Darren has it is I'm going and Santa Cruz for my cap a weekend thing and everybody pitched in and we are ongoing chaos. So I didn't wanna go I tell my friends so what you just him you win them. Now is with a bunch of. By people knew about phone numbers and what do that 180774. Double 093 if he ever went on vacation with somebody broke out with a master. KG noon. That it was everywhere that you had already pay for the vacation wanna see how that way that I want to find out if maybe you went there with the intention of breaking that women then when you get there with a new. His first. How many people you've known in your life who broke out at Myrtle Beach in an had to drop home you know gosh I know one. Always wait to you get. Home from the beach to break LC they got a ride four plus hours in that mask did any anytime Zambrano heroin summit chilies and then had a driver home. Yeah out there you don't wanna have to your car right after break down and I had the southwestern admiral I was guessing or her. Yeah I can see you. Nation where you're kind of married and you know you want out and you've already planned a trip to Disneyland with the kids you're just finished day. And do it for the kids he's. Is Christ had to bet I totally did that I never it just hit me flat in the face and realized I did that. There when. Me and I've grace's mom were split not. We weeds we already gotten it to Disney trip. And then I got Angel it's got to go and then she got her mom together so I stayed with a Angel and Scott. How they were calm when they had to park I had grace the next day she did. Call me and it's not to let you know. Wasn't bad and now or we get along great tourist is we finally came to that common ground and I was wondering is this kid right yeah that's not like you're just going to some emotions you're staying in the room together and you know you later on it's close yeah. Also disputed. It didn't greatly before about you know staying together for the kids and all that kind of stuff he spent the first month it's got married they did it because they like each other. The sudden they get married they did it. Because they thought to be better for me and third coming up marriage strictly about insurance. Strictly suggestions. Love let's go to Marion and talked to. It was so Dylan. He has very good there and it is at pretty create what I just said. Yeah. Oh yeah we don't usually go and and I knew always come and go get a break up their inaction. Always coming actually the night or devised a plan that I intended to mean another go and that's totally under. I'm not sixteen so I'm not Smart if you knew what I did. He met another girl there and it but did you have to ride home with a girly broke out. I've grown yet what turn over here until it's and Andre are. Yeah. Yes. Yeah. Performance and everything we update the restart particularly markets employment from way back you'll do it awkward. Obviously. Curtis Sumpter how how. A record high Pete's introductory rounds out SI do let's go crazy DL three let me get issue he married a girl he met them they could. There aren't enough I didn't I didn't I didn't parter real long down well a lot of though ideal congratulations sir haven't you have a good weekend we arrived. Now where do we go how about a guy he took a girl on a trip to make her breakup with the and you'd Taylor may embolden extremism brilliance or hard our extensive work on I. You what else about this girl while she's so bad he wanted to break up. Well the northern and great issue trying to get me to move back I do it their east power goes they analyzed go to court but she started graduated we are. And then my body that doesn't come out with a plan that we want to give an apartment together afterward both graduated you know. There has serious this you want it today. So much the coolest I got that your plan are being sure. Last minute come pick him up and pretty much we just made it miserable all the way down in the first thing. That's why I'm worked out beautiful chick our side and moved up only got back because they took her bills were going to. Well I think you know what else is great you're a senior in high school living with a girl in your own apartment. Congratulations. And yeah high school I I want it's and I didn't have a game I didn't seem rather. A hard life what a regular user on a trip. That is first time for a school. Let's just say. Yeah that's what those guys is driving freshman year at least his first senior year Democrats perhaps. Sharon is. Three. Just among major advice here I rely more on line one is anonymous and Lyman good morning anonymous. Well Ito may need some advice. Okay senator. Kind of a quick little back story turn and a half hour becoming married and mean on the fifteen years and announcement stay stable and that once you're actually disabled not kids Macon and I don't think he gets checked. Us again. Anyway so I had when you hear that initially you think how they scheme in the government tried. Earnings release many people who do I go ahead messages and fifteen years have been manner. I've paid setup for years ago and he mom bought the car he really really had a habit and then. I'm and he let it run out of oil and be the engine concede cup though. Oh we were trying to work on her cut at the time and unfortunately we can't we have to you know instrument cart act. And then can now we've been working on her credit line and then I'm last year he had to have another car merely had to happen have a any good friend Kristen thing let it run out of oil they engines they'd cap. He's driving it amuses. Tomorrow and then had a sales code disability. I mean you can't like a lot of time. A concept so bad here amount brain impairment of the nature he's coming up. To give talks. And then he had a lot of lung and heart issues and arming potential replacements. And then he's just broken bone part. That. There's no way he can mark on them about issues that he had Aaron. Q so another car that he won and had to have it PE ruined it he led wonder why the oil thing is. That the way ghosts I checked. Yeah I uncheck Peoria or pay attention and down and goal. I have to go into my former UK and to get under the car. Well why don't you ever a point you just get more cars as he murders. Certainly he has through the doctor all the time and I Wear and Farrell. You get when I drive my car fare. He he can't arrive back with a mark. Coming back what doctors call. Oh yeah yesterday he lost that's freaking key to this car. And we turned the health upside down and can't find it now today we have Arnold my hand command and and Rickie at Indian and you keep. I don't come does that in a car he's had a lesson I hope I really can't there and there's one in Spartanburg S and Westgate mall era they're just. I'm you know what I'm I'm just looking at that. Those are attorneys and a commercial for Obama moment. You're you're you're trying to say how do I make sure he's getting back and forth and Elvis but also. This financial burden that this has become for our Sam. I've been an end and there's another issue to light look at the health issue he actually in the recliner he can't sleep in the bed but you know early on that haven't nonexistent. And and and he he has done. Top basically epi entertainment. And Paramount and the month. Arm he has been with the shorter reply meant he didn't you know a lot of pain he had an expansion Nicky she's did you sleep in the bed is. Just really painful for him. So you're saying Yemen not re saying nonexistent sex what. Yet eight and I'm saying you know. I can try probably twice here I mean again. The older you put your incurred all. I'm forty K any sporting I'm okay I'm there where my old you know. And when I do you know hang out with him preliminary Momo watching TV or something and you know he's on its own all the time they show conversation and it's. My knee is all right AA deeper than the cars she's done and yes I'm any way deeper Brenda wade deeper than that what I think I gray hair does ask this question. Do you think he needs a caretaker more so than he needs a wife and his life. Pouring something in my life would be easier if he's kissed my. A way like me about him like any bank summit stressed. Kids. Around there are about how. And you know I'm not sure how my daughter she owns just 21 side is helping out financially. Ancient site there's constantly always come to my account and then knell for the past couple miles every little thing he does. Agitate and but it saddens me to skin crawl. You made my mom I'm yeah. I well is completed all the time and it aggravates them at the academy and then there's always firm and they do look a certain way. I think top end so well liked the room say. So incursion makes sense now you start off with a car because you don't want an alert. You don't want people say oh you're just leaving him because he's getting old fallen apart fast not this combination of all of it is the coronation of every bit. As a lot of reserving their heels in my he's really trying. Completely. And they have a conversation with then we don't even. Only he he never left the house guarantee that they completely happy. He's happy just in his little problems. And sitting in this chair. And that he had to happen you know how old recliner the United Kingdom regularly and I mean Asian side. Yeah are you out. He got zero I mean ZE. There is no happiness in your life at all right now. None of rural India India's only get it absolutely. Does and you got to take him insulin a nursing home or any better than anything I've Babbitt. This is incredible stress for you there is this is a roommate situation for you right now and. Incomplete like we need a week and a love. Guy and we can finish each other and certainly do have conversation because my appetite up. There is a big connection. Web. That I haven't had with any other part then but at the same time. Comic that Maliki can you compare. Yeah. You know and I don't you wanted to get it turned into news that roommate situation and that's how conversations that in many technique and then try only my tracked onto the predates them we get back Q. You know different in the same box itself. It is. And how did I am really did love him that I'm at that point and I hate saying this and I haven campaign on TV. I love them and love them. Better yes it's GA and you're in love with the the memories you're in love with the thought tenure also in Lubbock to fight I'm invested fifteen years past fifteen years. There you can cared deeply forehand that knocked him. Current president romantic feelings for the man you know he's still care you're not happy in your needs are getting mad at all. And now playing in hot I mean it's your life to live not hits. And he needs our. So like I'm going to be an evil person and I hope your day a year you know they could he say. Sometimes you know some my insurance and they replied that. Send it back on the first show of the year she said I'm gonna quit saying I'm I'm when SARS thing no more I'm gonna stop bending over backward S people they don't do things from me I'm like this woman and sometimes. It's only this years ago an in a way that I did like that the combat I did come to terms with it sometimes you have to be selfish now about yourself and make you happy and then let all them pieces altogether from mayor. Yeah the absolutely you have to especially the situation where you're with somebody who has all these things going on an alias to go to a lot of doctors break. Other part of that sickness and all that I I wasn't meg long term getting worse rattle my spine stuff from my surgery on my recovery. And I need to go talk to somebody hell yeah I needed to talk to somebody needs some counseling about dealing with all that yeah anybody would that I'd say it's probably. UN treaty in ink and Nintendo. Has is similar stories what are brained anonymous back on first. Anonymous he there aren't okay he went pretty in ink has says some advises went through something similar so let's sailor are good morning. Face so he went through something similar may be can help out anonymous. I am well myself I watched my mom and my act goes through and I know I'm gonna let her a lot older guys are out. That ended at 80 yeah it can't get any better because he at. I felt it. Heir apparent to the point where. It. Electric or cry or need it will give you aren't you eating OK okay okay. I don't choke off. And let my mom equity. We. Moment. Yeah. Just course appeared yeah. Beijing years. But to say when you say it almost killed her just what the stress and anxiety in May be limited depression to. Bad and typically late imam at Aurora health and she ended up happening. Like issued her leg. End. About like had she not hot trying would've gone to her heart guilt. Yeah from whom. Well anonymous. Anonymous any of that that I mean how has your health. Firm I have some help achieve that we addressed them and I'm not trying to like give him props but like he does when something happens and I get really sick like he's that's that take care of me and that he is Esther really you know he's really good about that transplant I feel so torn because he had earned many great quality but on the other hand. You don't act. Sure yes. So pretty innate as an outsider looking and then as someone whose mother went through something similar he agree with the nation needs to seems to get out. Ideal. Because even though you're L eight RL. And even though he stepped out again now it. How long it that it'll. Before it's too late. At heart and do what you. Let you try and I don't mean that a possibility. Ahmad added up. Until acting here. Well. Peter. Egypt need to get out before it's too late because he can make great well I won't even know it. Joining me. Unfortunately. I am I my personal and tucked away. And I turned it. Did the same thing and kind of made him live out near the end because he with doing things sat. But keeping my daughter in danger. And then he ended up dying and I'm so extremely guilty drunks. Yeah. Also LC now that was his decision then to make Adobe guilty of don't feel guilty about that. Like I am I made them may even just a few weeks later he passed away and I mean we are together when he passed away in I mean that. I was feeling in the room with them and we you know it was just really hard by a neutral eminent domain situation. All over again. He heard from somebody who is CNET. Right in their own lives and it's not certainly not. An easy decision but in not something you should decide today but some you gotta lean toward thinking about the very heavily. Because if you died tomorrow. It's not worth being in a martyr it's better to live your life and have a quality life for you and your husband. If yes ma'am. And look I'm not gonna take your number but if if you ever wanna call us or email us or anything looking for more advice or any use for a free to contact that's okay. Banking arm and there have been more. Bombers and she gets situated emotions now well I just yet you can tell us an entity that. I hope. Hey I wanna cultivated. Get ahead keep it secure work Sherron is our yeah how well I think that Intel Dell Dell every day every sport. Report we're.