Wednesday, June 20th

The dares are up and it's time to see who gets the worst with the 2018 Dare Wall

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3.3 the planet. Oh okay rise guys morning. Face down pass up especially any I don't pick up. You're you're only as busy as you want to be water or be busy deserved leave me alone. One expression I can't stand as we're just trust involves translation now you're just a big jerk. If my beard was a state well plus saves too much salt and not enough that the Louis real you know being someone that goes to the gym I've never understood it when people yell and they're coming come on you ever see down the stationary bike one. Nice mornings like jilted. Maybe 3.3 dot. All right so we drew straws earlier and it was revealed that the order will be nine. Didn't Jeff. Didn't freak in me in and fab walk it would do two rounds. Two rounds so eight total bears will happen out of a possible. What did you say Jeff 3638. Whatever it was all right so a lot of bears here. Jimmy yes are you ready our first our hold on there's a whole lot of moving parts of this well. We've senate who is a whole lot of moving parts of the south as we do our first one. We have a question for you Jamie. This. Is that a dare walk off with the rice guys. Do you dare. Yeah you. He gets softer. This right OK you know. Drugs against resistance everywhere yeah that was set forth makes. That's in total nerds that I learned and put it more just never done drugs in his life so I heard the ones that made performance enhancement. Long long time. You know the Buick we swear he knows adequate flights on bars were none of us could be quijano thank you sir none of them aren't there once and it certainly aren't here we have first throw of -- wall to K Kahne Jimmie Jack Jackie. He's mentioned it up Paul Allen that maybe the first time first and that's our throat. You took him go blue in doubt that all you do talented. But I got a delivery united alma. Right what is the first day air as. TRG dare rules to KET I'm gonna back arm. It was match one which war. Stall crawl and full time. I call home while we're on FaceBook which faced what we don't address errors. FaceBook dot com slash rise guys you can watch this all happened the stalled crawl. Is where nine your column Colin gone on this question. I. Page you'll have to go down to. Their underwear and watch it why not I would finance the beer toppled you're talking me now know fringe and basically first equation. It did he will give down on the floor of the handicapped stall he no longer be. He'll crawl under the did partition there the stall he will go into the other stall which will be the regular toll. And then underneath that when. And then right there he'll come out of the early this is stalled crawl. Oh yeah right particular culture great got to be thinking about that we should have put out of order sign on the two. What can I get there right now brewing rob sounds awful. But I'm. Now I'm watching them all your yeah OK perfect. I don't know I don't let them play and I can't go in there. Right that's only way either destroy us and yeah he's seen this in this post. Like to share. Okay. All right here in Europe and you'd better arm and a regular all right time John. They are you watching this this. And technology. Yeah. Yeah the head he's on our guard there. I'm not one stone he's made it to the second stall he's halfway that yeah yeah. I'm doing just great video in there. He's there. Aren't these on the ground who wins nine you know I was gonna watch any sliding his phone calls floor with him yeah. Well now yeah lol oh god he's on the at all and he can. I don't shoot away. And I didn't see the video I would think everything's wrapped an arm like I don't leader. Mullah Omar you're almost there. It used to Bloomberg. What was the last video pages sayers to behind these value out gem. Yeah I'm back and locate her front yard throw. Is it and the way he hasn't. Hit and I thought it got stuck I had CA Dickey did but I think he was not laying completely flat what's under the stall good sound I'll man and current problem. Well not you know why say well done first of all. My hands. At all except at all but honestly yeah. Girl old GUN event here this now owner red brick like with all due. That's a no to the head and people of the world as is disgusting. And election. What Jim was your motivation I'm sure I want it now losing Lleyton in getting fit it so you can crawl on the back from salt. Ever been locked in Tellme had. Yeah certainly I mean you're not ignore that last stalled like he legit got stuck had to physically pull him out and blank are you stealth. Thank god for Jesse Louis Neal parent literature meant just reward right. His signature I think that Obama is sure is all right so I'll take that from you. All right I'm taking the FaceBook live away from Jeff and now. Administering it myself all. Hey do I keep this stuff are sideways. Hardliners and they either way they are fixed you restarts and sideways because affect our fingerprints America. I mean here we go to Jeff close male throwing its first bear in dar who god is great we're good day. Now it's stuck to the blue route Chad today good Laura was sudden David I'm and we are angry down. It. I chest bare. What is it. Law. See I know and that only deliberated and seeing every game when you get up voluntarily. Hand rally around. Paul yeah yeah I moved I don't iMac especially older called the hotline. You can walk down there Albania. I'm releases and calls her wits terror plays is it going to. Would leave me because nearly 100 years aren't even in the near what have a point yours. Aren't on the clock back. I know you love wow. That is disgusting. Just how many people have good and when you're you're arguing on ejecting just look whatever he memorial you'd like to play at all. But we've got to go to work war. Magruder stairwell that poor or no. That's going to be here and how it that it isn't usually you know we will. Got two teams are. Yeah he's married now I was already doing it down he down there and trying to figure out west side or right side. To lose would be interior real hard time all right up. Aren't sure I don't get any kind and who the hell yeah. Also. An absolutely no there isn't that. We don't well there at all mind up on pain. More Macs was you do look at the building. I'm in the room we got our camera I want all look back. Now he would go to great great great. He now lives empower and back. Finished praying. Any mouthwash to let you know why is that thousands and what's it and its auto video but like. All of the left hand side. I don't see you know people that he's a good dancer I just feel right handed because a little motorized that is Dario. You're like afterwards man parent sticking your time on your night. I Kimberly like oh. You don't get I would just say this and knowing the professional wrestler in jest I I thought. I spend a little bit of work I can restrict the tone on the pole all the way up. Do and don't like but all Hawaii whether we're I'm Seth. You Jeff thank free world's culture thinks it yet I got any good will air Canada's high clearance to deny some images flows notion. Arguing you know I'm glad that harassment sure I know you're there and yes now. Our semester. Immigrant boards aren't blue nation is White House. No idea I hear he's doing well very little first attempt. Sales cars and now I know is I'll Bloomberg's eyes aren't. Don't know Heathrow and we are when they're like Tim Wakefield room door. Good interest paper. But the first Paige did just I. Gotta do to put it is good but it did Johnson got papers once again I want to get it. But yet. So anyone have any don't. Go home from Purcell buddy. Are there isn't able. Is I had to write German I didn't lose don't want to gum okay I'll go from here on Casey and Houston has gumshoe payables. And everywhere and a parent just got to determine what Boston vineyards and you. But it's Danish team. Dull enough although that won't. To shoot it well. Well. You ordered that interest you always suing and now are he's got him in there. He's got cherished ours got our hands already all pain around in his mouth around his mouth at least. I've never seen anybody do that all are there heroes here that loud pop and it sets a loud popping out all. Rough a little boot all of their Argentine Don our miss herald you know if you were rushed out of turn don't swallow he has made it out. Hmm nurse Rivera before you struggle and win bears story he's he's got a mouthful and Matt has a big enough. Sixteen please and their wives are not talk about individuals and the more tech it's. Obama. And he's given that I'm good I'm satisfied. Yeah artist he's been I think Sarah little small with. All Obama crack we'll. So. Pain medicine current power bury those are going Trout vision like wind and rains didn't look real and and the bomb and again. Then there are ain't answer wash your breasts out. Until the odds that that at a ninety pretty big thinker than normal. One way to in the kernel that's Peoria GOP or else. Omaha must get grants yeah that was a brutal Reynolds. Yes that was bad then I believe I paint taste manner that's what do they ask you all the time did you get talk with a mouthful paint bears typically chemical yeah there. Ed. Oddly enough it had a very sweet taste at first it was kind of the catch off guard and then would you would you first. Well first of pop mad. Well I don't have any better words that it's just it's like he had something. So I haven't something in your mouth yes wallet. Oh lord has the worst well. That pop is the sixth round out of the top of the paint ball and a man's mouth as weird noise yeah okay why. Well so there's Rao online now would not rail line travel is still gotta gotta go one. Now we have them we know it's a little break out this water will break him that we come back that's when I love or Sony something. Our ears are you congested now be happening this lawyers there who can't think you're not blown bubbles I mean Amazon and Watson. There's only if you swallow so from the other immature OK I tried you don't that would do that that would come back into these tabloids dare. As we throw you out of the first darker trouble with the terrible offense Luongo had pulled my guts they are washing up. Sharon is. It's free to where. It is the bare wall. Do you dare. Every we all three of us they're so far Bruins are one round three or lose they're quite successfully. All right tabloid deal in the bare walls. Let's see what he's gonna get to. Bull and it. I'm only once a far and its has not hit them on the first got this bunker argument is that I thank you could go to big and a lot of extra there for you hit. Older users must thickness there is pragmatic he beard looks lovely thank you all ought. Slim Jim we will play into your mind. Again suit. States. That the pages please let me. Really well always is slim Jimmy. Yeah aren't for a place to live and I'm gonna give out in Scranton I don't know I have no shame you're or ballroom. And a garter. Revere her drag fresh award go to Q did yeah. Intel and elegant. I say for the prominent and mechanics engineers like lady and tramp spaghetti good with a slim Jim and in this case myself from fat boy a superb huge slim Jim it's his they are technically and I didn't. Jerked into it do you mind well I mean a lot of these are person your Ryder person your last kind of bail me out. So you saw the always shocks me Annika. May just turned sideways and get a better shot. No no. Alcohol but that's lovely absolutely. Like a lady in the trample our that you were involved moral or right in front. Oh boy oh boy got a little and those who have stolen goods. Bloomberg's. I'm. Yeah. And I don't. Learned early on all. Wrong. 00 local or I have. I'm when he got to an end to end the lives were kinda close fat boy what we need pull away 39 did you pull tomatoes out Ebola. I don't laugh and I hardly may. That's the closest young had ever been our girl cool news for you should only Malone who entered. The cause nothing I. Well this whole idea is eight paint balls and you all ages eight is slim Jim O'Neill got derailed. When fat boy it felt good as its shores are still is facial hair touching get right here on my lip. Yes tell people back soon as I felt like the big goatee cushion in me he didn't really go lift the lip. Under a exuberance I was close yeah. But I want to. To be documented and radio show frat boy pulled his way out pretty kiss and I'll go back and look I can smell yeah. And I product ingredient yeah. I know I still in the second dart around soon officially and that's a good shot has begun its rounds in our officially all. So nine is is giving his bare with the sound of the ground. Do we you who did here to deer in the interior wall held dear you with the do we yes. Whatever questions is I I do think I know why. Ouch that was says the business you make your ideals is they all the modern Romeo what are you writing tabloid care to recess right now I'm when you're born Sunni guy. What is it general and mr. Rodriguez here and import the mixture into the tank who are. All well and got there they want how we got him. Bill why are note the white flush it and you Nigel white Russian in the toilet tank of the tall it he's flush it you did end. A plunger. And you do a shot. Poor little thing and who you know will get a frisbee and save drills there full time who aren't it's. Hulu and well I I don't mess and I got many bottles at the house and then all I have is great news. Piece of pop music on around you I don't want why I would have I would've. Not brought that out and minorities minimum commented the assailant on. The girls to line food day you're right I'm a watch is on now faced with a lot again it's. Dahlia absolutely all right so to meet tastier. And nine and Jess are now making their way to the men's room I understand there. This current site Ponzi and world out there and it. Then within thirty yards Jimmy on his mind and let your love and support this obviously know what kind of names video plays. That's what hey yeah Brooklyn in England you have forgotten about it outright brutal battle yeah very excited a woman named sir you have these kinds it's like a sound. Remember got a very rapidly and you know Jim Phelan he quick swipe now I am. Trying to do its work to come here 02 mood you know anybody you're held dear you. All right. Nine is getting ready to make a white Russian but he's gonna make it in the back of the toilet. Then he's going to ship and then he's gonna do toilet plunger. To. Now. I start a guy. And Danny's gonna take your shot of the lights flashing lose lose lose the Y no question that try. Okay absolutely. The cherry. Ya nobody else has undergone he wants. When he's been great and I think I I think so on semi be listening in a note to stand in the well how dare he do that. To move on Damir is. Hollow there are important and I'd just to give video. Yeah he and video over the top and colonel Al my aunt got. Yeah are you watching this he's pouring so why don't Russia and the toll ten com Monday in the he's gonna flash it needs him a divot called country and I Jimmy. And they hear couple seconds behind on that the video Martin's satellite as soon. That little girl who were closer to lower it down well below the real some of the videos you just. You just poured all the stuff the end. OK send that to about third round it. Out to hurt her a little ocean LY slush in his might be metal. Live on the radiator girl. That. Grew. Up there yeah. Our Josh. Magical that is the still trying to with a white Russian people aren't. Let me go signal to us like that on the demons that the water blankets and a strong in the tackle to tackle to center on the night. You know what are. I'll all. Day and I bet it won't hurt. It. All I hear you guys are. Just to get a better OK there we got and Neely I had gotten. I tell usable signal that I lashing. Out to the day you really do and do. Well. There must be some technical talk here to sell these new people guide all of any other back and a toll filming down point 90. I had all laughter. Yeah. You're a new day. I'm not have to argue solo. All well and I'd love this area and you know it's not easy yeah he's alive he's not dead. Digital zoom out almost at his job June oh yeah you know the hand that is now my job I don't check the. My low point of Jimmy you're clean up that we're ready okay all right that's fine. I'll give that all cleaned up. There just an X yeah Internet just throw around Wal-Mart where there are a major way back in here in the studio it is okay that. Is that they're all about who does jwoww. I never thought I'd see bath. You know at first I was trying to say you know what I'm not pissed because I'm well he would do is eat beef jerky nine Ali had to do is drink alcoholic drink. I'd shoot balls awful but now here's zinc. Data eyewitness traded there's no way because here's the thing you know earlier caged animal story about the hand blowers at. Gas stations are really just blowing due to back on it. Think about all the particles that. Now totally open and I think about that I'll tell you eat late would you do that stone cold stuff like does he returned it ride out all I was thinking is imported over shoulder like when you offer semis tequila shots. They always cheated over their shoulder you know nobody ever she steeled our NASA jazz game and I'll there. Yeah well. Hi I'm that was a beautiful video the way he's Dong called the shot was also you are younger and after a night drinking man. Are OK and mark Hendricks. All right Jim Greenwood the day I. Drove into parts. This news. In this. And blow up and I'm gonna have yet I'll never gonna throw axes or darts at the aisle I think they aren't very distinct. I don't know what it would do to do drunk now you can't tell you don't yell Barry's son of a business that are sometimes. Pardon me well I know he got lucky I don't let's do it no I got to do not worried forgotten everything else his last game. He got spaghetti I'm ditching the USP gives me any extent no I'm apology doesn't my beautiful fiancee and I got asked to ask. Now you got. I got asked that pass through here so you guys what's that woods did is what's the role though do you get the pick or is it go to certain person Iowa and it was the first and they're great. It is the person in my. But at the at and I've only got it leaves you do you answer I got a Barmes is him. Can't touch but it's your third bugs and then asked as he about a guy like you go slow and each other and again nature of what's correspondents and diet. We got to go cracked cracked. But listen I grab my dog. Every cent I thought. That's at all. Hi I'm Larry let's get whipped home a book that's ready to. How is Randy. As a ridge circle back to yesterday were Jeff couldn't say another man was handsome now he's dropping out of touch and buds and travel always treated the fire he's ready to go I didn't favor but does it. FaceBook. And Facebook's MO FaceBook why would this new design yeah. And I had to go all the way down on the neither shirt cold weather's going to make you. Did I hit it right so I explored as they might have Zell now we can save your profile tires and photo a long time. And this is all I Hitler and they are hurry up and get back well you can't make chairman Freeman exactly. Why do. Yeah home Wal-Mart a very good ball I'd say yeah yeah. Yeah. Well. I. Why you yeah. And I do. Expect that there was so. There are no more homes yeah. The owl yeah hanging. It's. Yeah yeah. It's. Well you know I. Don't tensions and very. There are so good I'm glad. Right. Objects don't EMS essentially played fairly big man next yacht was only Al Gore -- breaks I'll come that we get meet in this heavily last orientated and we'll let you know around two anatomy did their roles were out there that. Show your mother hates. You Q school. This morning. 83 point 30. Okay. So let's let's revisit today is there law I've been making those nine had been installed crawl underneath all the bathroom stalls on the ground Jeff had delayed the rail in the stairwell to hand rail from top to bottom when she did. From where it worsens call for all are from. I think. I get a thought about that compare. I had to teach you paint balls as chewing gum which I successfully did. Come and fat boy landed on the slim Jimmy. Where he had to. Eat a big huge slam jam with the person to his right which was paid so it goes to nine so he had to do that again. Then nine had to drink. Eight why inflation which is a white Russian made in the toilet tank of the toll you flush it you take a toilet plunger in there he get a shot of it. It's a white plastic yes. Just landed on asked to ask where he had to put his bare rear end pressed against fat boy's bare ass and thus the name. Asked fast yes case. And then finally the last day or that we did I landed on this wonderful. All pages is France's L'Oreal Paris color re still bleach all over it is for this city how Diana cannot. Not just blind we've platinum blonde next week. Now he's went planned to move beyond day here yeah so it all ends right now. With far bog the Russian bottom there are very on producer fat boy doing doom. Hey yeah. Preferably make it is way overdue the bare wall who didn't. Switch. At this this season we went with pastel colors for the ambulance. There is an Easter clearance is a girl balloons I think we are very mr. clean up the way you trick you were pistons have not (%expletive) people that surprises people yesterday agent you know drag he takes a picture of all these herb are pink balloons all over his desk and says. Hey everybody it's a girl just JR's are all of them that are not funny. I was very elderly our party by himself and taping and knew I had to be camera did you did you could sunglasses and I. It's I don't like you know I like the lens flare now. I'm open to talking directly to Aruba the court aren't hired around or doing from the pain in the corner and he got. He got pain in her first term first term for an again. As first. Everything look at all the stuff that's left I know man. You know we catch these on this funny. There is a ten pound bag of Barbie sauce here. That setting on the that they would there's no not even a dare that goes along with that. No there isn't an all or why I think that's part of tabloids law school panel Lewis the bag of hardy salts for. There's no dare you realize that there's no dare associated with the RB solves. Joseph you own girls store you want to compare her to roll back and this is what are obese sit me in the mail I swear to god be sitting at ten pound bag Arkansas yeah. About our results Wednesday and has been an officer stats yeah. All iron. Thought samba stones' wild. I US there the last there. And this it's easy did you have shown it's all the viewers. Showed you right now let's say. The Redskins again I. At all. OK as a mic and I'll and and actually play you've all I gets four it was a lot of these guys they're McCain or shared border ardea Adelaide that's try. This is hostility meatballs made with pork chicken and beef O. The good basic three minute yeah this great double walk and then zone so limbs and I want you can't take that. Camera shot only. Assange is one person skiing that's a least two maybe three people on the shows dead skin off his feet. Part of you again are. At all he's pouring out the spaghetti and meatballs I don't do not like roller coasters by accident you know I'll say this man. If I had even if I ever become like real millionaire host delete chef wordy spaghetti and meatballs I like it. I think it's I am looking only the label and I like it. Numero dude some nerve or what's a little bit bulletproof through his remark referred rag and analyzing data and I mis hit a I use all of its you have to use all of the dead skin is spaghetti and dead skin to sense yes resist Johnson that this room. All Italy's gonna go to war than the Boozer can kick your ass because you're Omar's yeah you're sort of girls. Now the blue toenails in the dance in Oslo and look at the terrorists Eric got. Like I didn't grandma's toenail. And crude all around pushed what does that went off subtle whoever cut that off their foot nose and that wasn't all my foot I had his say very little testing people. You weren't aggressive people line and that your making him Dana. All you have to do okay. Yes you are he did this himself can he get firm. Okay. Catalyst of that was it within one. Just some people are faced murders saying that they think this is cheese we smelled a dead skin verified it is stinky if that's how I analyze cowboy. Somebody said that a switch to the senate you're. OK. A lot of what you was shot that's not changed. This is all. I can't believe that this is my job. I don't know usually hold them now he may never do it again. Yeah just takes a dead skin weighty everywhere you go and then when you see some you want me to sprinkle it on there and you won't do him everywhere are eager. Take my includes all right I'll garlic that one look at. Smile no that's a big chunk had blue man Lewis. How large groups. But then again I'm glad he's doing his world we all your. He's an asset is she's slowly eased you parent do paint yeah the paint ball and you'll think balls. Thought. He Gary panel pales there was vodka and total war and come home. That's true that all anything less and the sterilization and here's the big shot dear old limo to. Try to divisions to McKinney the whole. I now think deliveries beginning and after two and a dude why we call spaghetti in feet balls she easily solved soon as did put scanned the students. Surrogates keep all this there are always cereal meat balls next time as a big piece meant you didn't have the ball. That movements you vomit paying oh my god I can't you know right now yeah. Mean. Look at look at call Lou. He can say yeah I need you share with me the they rescued this you know wrapping up we're service our customers and we can do her wearing Italian sausage and onions. I found that sausage and onions that was his that was another victories I felt that Americans are now as word filter scratched me going now yeah well. And here's a little meat balls got a little piece skin shown excellent. And page how many calories are in a spaghetti and Tebow has any ideas probably know 500. But alt this. He's got a little rust rust Astaro at eight. It is done cute he's done out here. I'll Pierre now off here now bill laundries in between my teeth in the other room back well. Because of the big ones man this all column link out. To Janine and all be doing a whole camp and they're more. When you're eighty Jeff I don't think people learned journalist and I was able. Okay thankful. It was Eleanor let's do this let's give all of ourselves around in the fall it's. I guess I heard him. I wanna cultivated a big. Yet keep dedicated work Sharon is already. Hello I'd do that River Dell Dell every day happy board. Free to.