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What holidays are in your top 10?, Matt and Nine were polled for the company magazine: Headlines: Wrap-Up


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He's right guys like gas powered by Sunnis can travel. Android or iPhone just 7341. And we'll say to download link in the flat. Powered by Quaker steak you lose your mind every morning and interact with the rats gags and 93 point dream than plan that. It is good. Rise guys morning show good morning good morning good morning and carried. Movies are under let's have more. And the brewers and soon. It's too sweet Tuesday. It's good it's solved. Now. He's slipped out. This way they do in now way that had been mega man. How does all come back which Kinko's guys I'm good abstain from doing this song welcome back onstage at GW six song kind of Christian. It's really all in play based on this miss about his sister I could I idol Albert monkeys who always like a million. My. Hey guys just domestic agenda and tell yourself. War. So listen to this big big things are happening around here you may you may laugh at that you may scoff at that the big things are happening there right huge. I mean we're talking about between our fair than number one entertainment company in broadcasting radio wise. Right now. Among the hospital if you got selected to be a part of the what is it called engage in your inner inner harmed as a magazine there are parent company on the honor guard him well Osaka they're very green. So digital magazine. And soundness and a brings they're very curious why you said you would do a reality show and on a web series for CE o.s Y who sort of agree original I'll love it there I do. I you know what I don't even read anymore because I don't wanna waste paper era pinstripe. So. His DNA. He's been interviewed and then you boys right here now here's the problem. I appreciate the attention. Thank you know little legitimize. Answer I don't like it abduction are renowned. OK here. I'm not dead I'm not BN. Mommy and a true and I say this way and then teaching me is it a question and answer kind of thing where there's a conversation. This they'd send us a much questions to answer. Says can be Alaska. So it's in question saying they needed in Playboy. It's that this is an additional in. In the and I think so most surely got figured out but here's a problem when you PS2 people to contribute to one thing is well there's so much disdain there's some. And analysts say an argument to miss Emma. At a loss for an answer. In his first true save the questions kind of lame cannot be honest and say that. Theory can say that Arnold here's senator Jeff said that it was kind of blame manager sir I was reading his net. Just now it is a year. I'm gonna read all the way here's the one that these causing nine I'm not to agree. There's a lot of lists on here like NTELOS you know. How here's one. Tell us the ten best places you love to go and eat a million Greenville Spartanburg, South Carolina. Two things there hasn't here's the one that we came to an agreement on that when believe it or not. According to mad men and nine what are the top ten in the holidays of the year. Hello I want Jordan hello Michael Jordan I did that would interview him hey Michael hey is there this what are your top ten holidays of the year. It would kind of question is that Mexico SMS changes in your pocket was the last movie you saw. You know to question about the change. That was not nobody has change in their pocket anymore besides what's the what's amateur. Sammy sense at Miami the issue so average. So. Anyway we can to an agreement somewhat on this list. This list and I think is silly here I'm very rain and icy. TI article what they did you actually observed thank you guys talk live this would be easy. But in plus nine estimate April 20 number one. Now so we agree on Christmas for the number one yeah Christmas and one number two we agree on Halloween yeah powering their retired mechanic doesn't they'd kinda goes awry here. What are your third or your birthday. Murdoch or else our. But there are other people observe OK so that's a half at amen I thought I'd I'd opt. It you know egged him I want to speak from the heart not just what's expected yet saying. So my next. Day that I love more than anything after Halloween. Would be. Today the you know as the fourth. Or love this fourth of July care stalemated number five homers. Well there's some that I know we get a combining somehow there what was your number three things given third because it's affording we can. I had to place him fourth. Yeah I had Thanksgiving there is with the fourth you feel one day off around here who would base giving you gave. Four day weekend managed Thursday Friday and is good through the fourth is just like beer how melodrama what. Is that the book we're reading what does is say we we view the present when guys in the past I think about the fourth of July my pants were off all week yeah we would always go to the beach. There used to be a sense of patriotism on that day in America here 1984 for five hour work yes there yet. But I try to do let you know I try to keep element of that tradition go on her lyrics but I I do many verse eleven the fourth that are right and Indies came in his number four. Here are my number four oil reserves. Her dad always have fun on I don't like to tear down I don't like to have big wild parties. But for some reason I enjoy the excitement in the air on New Year's chief dean I did. Say I put in the years even number ten because. I made a promise to my dad he had never do a New Year's Eve party. And I never have you don't go have fun don't what is the excitement in the air when it's a new year turn it over. See Simon in the air assault for you smell from the fire or all of our bad. Now he us UltraSharp ridiculous don't I. I had a friend in high school and my dad knows his dad and he passed away on New Year's eves drunk driver and day he met Danny said. Met here. Math here. Matt Stairs 364. Days you go Latin. Listen there's been times are turned down Luke loses money. Jimmy. Yeah. We're also money sums of money well Hutus some people out. And Eli as early as their medals so had a dead that's not a favorite of mine in anyway. Sterling bird that's does do reverend rabbani's top farm group where we brother Chris was number one Halloween number two out there and you have members drink. Fourth OK numbers for Thanksgiving there were five you may German number five here OK that is think about this. You won't agree would this okay. Okay we'll ask the question what is Christmas Eve and Christmas Day same thing banks are married don't falls under Christmas okay. So here's what it is. My number five. This'll be a shocker to most people are now on times day Valentine as they never fry it up and you know why now is because I get to play the role of my bet. Well not like west. Carlos Jeremiah god let me explain my daddy always vol Valentine's Day present from me and Angel on my Avery yeah. And now that he's gone I get may read some for Valentine's Day. And and so now I had a decent turn them a decent for grace and that's kind of my dad had to get a demon nanny that may have to be in the demand at a family and given out chocolates and flowers Ingraham or care I don't he'd do it. There was a hole. And I had my wish yeah he did nothing. I know. The last in my campaign I actually Kevin Hart said yeah empowerment old reliable yeah. And use it whenever I want yeah it's nothing really good. It was unfortunate. Sir read only gamma drive drive. The fourth exists there and so forth it was fifth or Margaret. Do any others so we got a long way to go there's like five more have a ten man I can't about it and I. I got seventh you'll lose all messed up into us up. Thanks also got on Google. I'm. Most Americans use it's memorable things usually a lot higher than one is should remember to get out and for mr. Lu says anything Christmas Chanukah Kwanzaa same thing. All across is in mama via office received two into. I'm Maine's new things human to what your number six. Number six there probably ask frat boy for hips. Number six is. They should be harsh but I said at the beginning them being honest when he gave this should be higher. My number six is Veteran's Day. Mary's is a good day and in need is truth be known until we're coming off fresh on that I had my whole debacle at Cracker Barrel restaurant about breakfast for veterans and this way and then that happened. And then plus all the stuff with the Marines in the cake cutting Aaland very. And patriotic is after right now when I really am. Thank you. Our number it's. This is there's no off once more you do it I mean I had number six on martyrs memorial there. It's a Monday or yeah I mean through its in its good holiday internal and let you gee this overalls and her do a dollar yeah. Is it our very it's a Memorial Day for what it is being Memorial Day we also really like their the unofficial. Start to summer from us people who work can get a three day weekend now and get drunk instead of observing there's solutions that. There's again tax matter Kimberly you didn't say Father's Day yet seed Texas a thing where. Mean it just says it. I heard her and a lot of saves you may need the Father's Day. How many fathers we have around here. I mean this is many mothers Arab or cash merges the islamists here so it's not did that much of a special day he's had invaded kids they'd be more popular. Here it's. Yeah urgency are mated to ten highlanders. This is. Do it now Jacqui demolished and can our army or god mama's gonna kill me and include Easter on area. There are some of these are filler because org and tune. Oh what do you haven't contributed in me wants images of top five I don't think veterans and memorial they would make cut pages in the miss and anything. Good attorneys and messy obese today learn hell let me. I agree with some of them my top five or Thanksgiving and number five number four Mallon times stain number three Halloween second place Easter I love Easter. First thanks what do you love about Easter. I like. I just think it's pretty LA the flowers nice pastels. A lot around it's politics now actually I get. Well I used to has passed but. I don't out for branch of my family and it's always so much fun yesterday end. Got a righteous Iran Easter Sharon today say good time right remembrance and other Sunday when we get a seat somewhere there's other than it's not a that is just email your family. Thank you Allen president and I was an image serves well he can do my family this my top ten or America or I go ahead I'm number ten. Earth MLK day number nine labor during number 8 eastern seven veterans day six Memorial Day. 54 and fourth nears C three Thanksgiving to growing number one Christmas time it. So maybe we just cinema tough and their President's Day here is not on my list of ten dollars while it was two years ago is boring room. Opera all over column return once our peaches. And other station behind parent. On your list maybe yes because all of its negative change this I forgot about staking BJ day bro and yeah. Mark how are they aren't important to us an enemy number one now through. All right. I just kind of that in Panama the weird quite the weird just spent this questions filler that's been paying the questions filler. Yeah are we supposed to take some kind of funny kind of satirical look at this and Flag Day. Yeah I mean life I guess I'm out there who do they get them Hernandez didn't. Uninsured person they now people are sending I would do weird day things and I can't fire burning building Roy is they don't put more global and Friday. Presidents day. Jimmie just said that who didn't they get enough Good Friday winds up on them eastern error caregiver. Do we need mentioned fest of this or rush hour. I'm not sure Don Shepperd and our guest President Bush. Are right. Maybe this just be nine's list. Cannot say this is our first hand but forgot grandma made him barrier. Primaries moving empowerment pays just nine's list it was a guy Groundhog Day to Barry no matter how many is just nice let's have the putt and it limits Groundhog Day to. The rise guys morning shall we. Thought he ninety's dream twice freedom. Right guys headlines with the age and you're beatle who. Nice guys headlines locked and loaded I've come that is state armory where we have the latest. Actor are the person NN Hollywood he's been accused of inappropriate behavior since the Nolan. Yes and that's Hornish shocking because it involves eleven year old girl. And according to reports. No arrest has been made. In this situation so let me backtrack and tell you what happened Tom Sizemore is the actor in question. He was kicked off a sat in 03. And they were filming. A scene. And a movie. And he's. The sedimentary where you is allegedly touching an eleven year old girls genitalia. And according to reports they say the day after. The born killers seem. In my two girls sat on size Mars lab. Occurred she told her parents all about that she was touched inappropriately possibly putting his fingers where he shouldn't go them. And his co star of prominent Adams says sound. At one point she can see than the ice cart there he saw that the eyes of the girl Ky Hughes like she was going to vomit. He used and then he was told exactly what happened so the producers kicked him off the set but he wasn't arrested for anything can happen even though the parents. Address the situation. Producers co producers everybody was involved knew exactly what happened because they saw on and the filming. Prayer why did they not say anything in. When this happened there women relate words karma this happen and and three senate coming out right now but that's the question is why wasn't he arrested. She's 25 years old now. There's only eleven years old so is touching her inappropriately while the girl was sitting on his collapsed it's doing you know I think now. I understand maybe hairy arm down Nero seat held Tom Sizemore. In 2003 was still I didn't allow workers alone Sarkozy has been like drunken. Fighting people and apparently doing stuff like this and it's been pretty well know old ladies. Garbage is a human being again so why you still putting the dude in movies I. Nobody is our Tom Sizemore I'll spend money on that ever said that has Tom Sizemore was in something that they'd they'd make that made them spend money on it. Saw him on Celebrity Rehab and man just let them. It's Fiat made my way why would you want anybody like that around you just based on not even this but like dead. Gallows just drained. That these people keep getting work somebody like Tom size and resume I mean I why I hate them all act as you get hired to be in some. Some were right. Garbage action movie that came around 2004 do why he's still learning still aren't Tom Sizemore you can get somebody who would again not sell any let Billy Rinker on our American theaters anymore. Sarah did it doesn't matter whose energy put Jackson Tom Sizemore roll he'd be just his good and a better human me. And thank you I timed at a ten mega as a very sector what I resent. But these but he sought to train. There was the dabble. It's a pity even though he even though he has recorded. History of alcohol or drug ABC still don't sexually assault children. Eight year isn't off the set and have nothing happened to them and how did the cops. Shell lob and question everybody and I mean did it didn't take the parents to file something for is some kind of arrest. Because I always thought it didn't take pick a parent saying that if the kids said that's solid. Well the crew members say the girl's parents spoke to police that ended I'm not pressing charges may be because of fear of ruining her career. Kid that I had the parents to go after them but still. It's still Crying Game and the heap on the sat cheater should have pursued him for commending are cramming is a time I've this is her parents that's where they may be loads of them to do it and they didn't put everybody's and the rim saw what happened no. He did it that's the thing nobody injured are the parents our anybody else did any thing that's why this is. This is all having no more fear of ruining a UAV a career over and somebody else doing some Neil how. As stupid as all this it was a promise Echostar said I saw I was watching her and the girl look like she can vomit. Okay this is going on in the film is going on everybody's watching and they chased the dial the sad how come they didn't keep them there and call the place. And Maginnis is more known behavior then. I guess I Cutler pot calling the kettle black. It's America's Harvey Weinstein can't put you in a movie Tom Sizemore. We will do it would legacy I understand Armisen and arm are gonna give as your main. I still love my pillow hold playing in eighteen you know and now it's kind of broken record asking backed out. This Jesus Christ is named just let my mind the end of the the director. And he he hasn't friends now we can't come here and Roman Polanski here. Eight they embrace eyesight they didn't happen he's still in the. He still en us sad he's still part of the Hollywood motion picture of directors association. All that day is okay. No but you know look. Close this SARS is start. But shame our parents I think I think I don't know all the details but what I'm hearing SA shame more apparent good fears her career. Thought how about her life how much her mental health. You raise my kids say oh well we wanted to GP from the earning more movies silly to say anything to the did the good guys. That's a good point about Polanski in my made you know people think twice about him now. Are you sure you might go back and you know which is I think a couple more people came around city did some supplements and is imminent there's more than just the one that everybody's known about for two or four years well over forty years. Kind of a side story about a six woman came out against HW bush yesterday and that's not even like. Even a Big Bang really learn our our former president now six women. Have said that he touched them inappropriately. Paying no mind Tom Clinton though. He is telling you stay and added the media right now and the never touched anybody without rest and soon while that you know Marco was due to now. I I see oil shore but it is can do about it and we CK thing to where he says I ID wielded power over these girls and here I mean this a president Oval Office. Yeah they have made it means I get it you know it's. I don't know like Derek Jeter wields some some degree of power where his money and celebrity and all that big you know I've never heard. He'll so a lot of women a lot of really hot really well known famous women half but they've all come back and said he was gentlemen because apparently he ain't doing nothing nobody wants done. He's a good looking guy like all these guys who once they they all have a common there is all ugly I mean he does we are so Weinstein. It's Louie CK Bill Cosby. How ugly. And I dare look at all them and they ask senator Moore is accused of rain may be and then if Iran goes to Washington Elvis he's coming in and clearing house and good when Marlon and. You know led visibility is low is it keeps going that nobody should be. May did do anything and they don't wanna do like that in fear of losing a job and I'm talking about begged us from working an assembly line no Hollywood. He should not ever be intimidated for work. We we we all live to work. Now too many people do much for release thing I feel like they do and they have been made to feel that where are pro and a. So in the case says senator or more he's accused he's five women have accused him. And he denies all allegations and he's describing them as a political witch hunt so. But it is a wish come medicine is is a good one I mean this is one where. Is anybody felt sorry for anybody that's been outed like this it's a good one we just start leveling accusations if you're not hurt their career because we don't like them you know that's where it goes ultimately. I mean that's why it happens because as you know. I clean and there's more there's tipping point where it sake somebody you didn't do any thing is going to be just under a bridge and oh no they didn't do anything. I'm not saying Rory more is that I regular. My Roy Moore fan held all of an hour or more fan not at all but I mean you know and I understand that initially is going to happen to someone. Eventually it reaches that point where some baseless accusations come out and hurt someone. You know we Bill Clinton's the punchline anyway for twenty plus years saw something else came out. As is bill Clinton Era. But it's important tonight's point and not to politicize it but yeah that was when they AEA this a one of age to consent to. Not an eleven year old girl that far different that's why sex offenders who needs to be. Someone who gets called PM outside personally who molest eleven no girl should not be called sane person. A series yet sex sex offender in first second and third victory and assists plus. I saw our healing process so I really do it the dialogue is again yeah and change is needed. And when when will not be noticed in mount what a factual and have on society. To be continued out. There is something in the house is still going strong pay phones still make hundreds of millions of dollars every year. Where. Where where are these but I Wear these invisible phones they would dump and 35 cents entered not has. Okay only the target seemed public transportation. City does it. And I martyrs a term mortgages are now allowed I mean where like easy easy easy because sensation and colonel's hands. There are photos have you ever used I don't pay phone trusting parents yeah. Oh in the last ten years class pay phone I remember using was an easily and trying to blockbuster. Oh yeah and they'll pump worst yes the last one I used. Com and just cause and an M cell phone on all three of those ago. So once you run into if you like me you don't remember people's phone numbers there and so then even if you don't have your phone you have C eighty a pay phone with a telephone book but they don't put cellphone numbers. When duke number calling card. Remember remember not had a cellphone and home. Here's himself from a aren't consumers about businesses from last year. There there there are still pay phones there's Tories 7000 armament in California and less than half a million in the United States. But they could handle about one point seven billion phone calls every every day or every year part swipe lawsuits from. And anymore and ignored it change if you're doing something. Maybe illegal maybe he's a pay phone criminal activity. At a club. Maybe stockings someone dealing drugs. On him hesitant hearsay that movie with a com. This is now. It's call phone Booth volunteer culture and the help those who knows a great movie then big ending to that you don't her blank and I. And do what channel page. Phone does. Signing period so according to vice dot com and just tears ago pay fans across the country made a total of 286 million dollars. And they estimated that for every phone call pulls in or around 236. Dollars per year. The last you know. It's not as big as it was always doomed coal mining it has and it's a more highly trafficked. And somewhere where there would be semis so watch and about what about it I phone Booth week going there you don't have your eyes iPhone only this time. Are you break the ice and yeah she blog and you count your iCloud or whatever in any kin make calls or text out through the Booth. That's target now. The union had to easily. Into your class but I don't keep stealing thing how far and there. You know remain. Lester. Ballet is it it can work is not an agent technology and people are in the factor just go home and plug it up in the music as answer. But then again it could be losing money here might not want to have around you wanna be an investor known and our first round and Angel investors starting on Tuesday on in together. Yeah compared real stress. Remember pay phones for some reason they order a scratched. These people are awful while I change she met in the seventies and it there. Could have. Well for many people across a tense train giving and receiving gifts at Christmas time has. Their favorite thing studios but it that is changing. Because there's a new research conducted by Harris called the alloy don't believe poll. Her after a suntrust bank. May find that a majority of Americans would skip the holiday giving all together. If they K god Canadians. This hey you're an American if you say that it's a big gift giving you know if you skip Christmas are just not not skipping Christmas is the gift give her. So I was discouraged enough so. I have had this situation my brother for many many years or there eliminate gathered in California is the only. Family relatives. And we just decided that we're gonna focus on the children and not exchanged gifts love. An Allen has done that way because you don't have to go broke a Christmas. So according to this terrorist Paul yeah they find that 69% of Americans would step. Exchanging gifts in their family and friends agree to it. I imagine you can't just forgo have been asked to be sentenced that your whole entire family agrees that. Because you can't just say okay we're not gonna have Christmas and they need on your mom's house medium agreed to it and she buys presents for everybody. What do we do last year here and it the year before you are not here Jimmy your out we did the homemade Christmas gifts and only page and I took seriously yes. Our rural reviewed last year we hear some people some stuff Melamine and remind us why do we change in here do we draw names we didn't sound right. But crafts we didn't do anything else your reporters are here here. Sort of gift exchanging last year. Some to some extent I wanna do that. They are honorary. There we were doing do names or anything like their quality this year the wrong thing. Hey yeah. And get. I don't care end assuming then that you remember much millions needed repair a member wobbly didn't do Lester or is there. Now here. I'm not they're by Lillian until it's time by the how only constant thing there there. Well I'll tablets have to raise Christians prices fell through January because he asked each day kilohertz or something good might Basra the whole room. Our man is like I'm very I'm married now I got this whole marriage has family MI. Starved for time it's not daily and Alan outsell he's changed names who he won half and another fun. Google. Or iron well every nice start tweet me if you wanna draw names slimming and then Al Al drawl your name perhaps there and again I think Jay you all mommies and. And here is their upload it to a possible. Is because. Well somebody's getting like frat boy is gonna get somebody's name. All you hopeful they aren't. Car somewhere then I get the short end of the stick I already gave that to embed. It was remains an average. Any of that away Christians about car robbery now I'll surgery if you draw pages naming you get pay some real good then family as your name lynch. Skirt and don't let bill. Alaska would you walk when you're inferno and three years ago when I that we drew names than I bought everybody some really was so is because I drew I think page's name then I saw some cool for you fat boy and then. In 09 drama best friends I've got to get him some alien out and Jasper Newton learns. Vietnam is here also thank you immigrants an argument well you can't just about one idea talked. And I did. Arguably the last since that board and Connor ever makes more babies have more about four I give people still has a lot of people who get stuffed. I guess sorry at all. Have to agree on more organ again and so is this lesson I draw names in the just biased or do you want to. And endure here yet Campbell sing the same anatomy some. Oh yeah yeah they never ends the you can eagerly spend more on the person you like the most hard. Escalade and I was there at this and it's a once again hang in Davis Cup so yeah you today some artists getting laid ten dollar limit. Yeah I'm an all round. Boy at ten dollars and Max dug myself Blaine on our enemy is not to have hit any preconceived notion and then you meet delighted yeah. Throughout the horn and give the most presents to those with the worst and it's it's it's right after nine I'm going to let your eyes guys my. Wrap written word 93 minute drive. Begins at 10 this morning now more of the rise guys morning show okay my. Rise guys morning show good morning it is not 53. Big keys to those who called in an emailed and tweet in tanks and mr. Graham is snapped and all that we appreciate our own ga yeah. I tomorrow we have a brand new truth and consequences. That will be going down the left to 7 o'clock tomorrow morning drew. But right now so winning fully Lance. Live in tears so one. No but there are a year. Earlier this morning Kelsey called she wanted to talk about dirty movies. She wanted to know the correct order in which to watch what series of movies. Tax bad answer to the Carolina vapor mil dot Comtex mine that number is 72341. That's 72341. David Manning third correct Asian rim they don't what are. Give today's podcast that the rise guys dot com iTunes Google play or tax podcaster 72341. And by the way. Don't forget Friday is almost here. So if already this early in the week Kerry got. People mad at she pissed off or your mad at them or whatever. Athol Fridays on the Sears keep that number in mind 8642414328. 8642414328. Page Iraqi award next. Fat boy shot and AM. Casually mama Yolanda says thank you so much to live and have a web they Google guys. Three minute run blog is locked and loaded. Drugs.