Monday, June 18th

The Wheel of Haircuts: Headlines

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3.3 the planet. Oh okay rise guys morning. Hisham I think about is methadone is free to addicts because they can't afford it then why are they do the same thing for cancer patients who came out. We interviewed Gene Hackman is two Oscars Jerry Rice we go to Bill Clinton juries I've felt. Manning nobody too big for DRG four hour trip to Iraq. And I knew celebrities crashing the guy who played they'd be in my shop on her side he's the ultimate battling. Okay I'll complete the real reason only he's underground salt not suspect number one with someone he's lost who's missing at the bridge. Lewis we'll be careful music friends and eventually they will last you for something. Nice mornings by jilted. Maybe 3.3 double planet Barack. And eat the the world haircuts will be spun we have to husband and wife teams that are they're coming in to join us today from I have to we talked to him for a second find out all of the a plan that they have should they when the tickets. A they'll spin the wheel haircuts and wherever it lands on. They will then spin spin the wheel of sex. Which is just another wield it says his or her his or her his or her yeah. Then that decides who gets it so let's bring the end coupled number why. They are making their way in here. And I have no information on them. To remember that long parents are very very may well have a small small. Little house looks okay if a man. Who has the longer him first of all good morning thank you for I joining us today. Tell us your name. I'm I had gotten money misty Heather and Stevie and where you guys from the Edmonton independence and how you married. How long. Two years but I do I love that there is Eric well that's good because is like it seems just like yesterday doesn't. A youth to its visit to yesteryear only got triplets we have more children all the islands area to count. Hong mine I'm sit. Let's try and seek wow now how does help and be on the same schedule it anger our girls all boy. You had my three guns you realize that achieve its. Purity got him the Kagan is still there. Is that we give away her broken thumb and break. And let me ask you this and Indians would be if you guides if you guys don't win the tickets okay. There's still plans to go or what we do with the rescue today in weekend. And we won't bail. Don't you do have a baby sitter in place. And the baby sitter even called UP three times the amount not that family comes together cards sticker yeah yeah talk to into the cage rage hate. So it a look at he really did you have as many potential babysitters possible. And it who are you looking forward to seeing the most should you when the tickets. Queens of the Stone Age group now okay that's great. What do I know about Clinton so he's to tour win Nine Inch Nails and I got banned for Trent Rasner in the bedroom. That's true to him via good lead singer way gallon a long time ago in like no crazy kick. Cameraman yeah yeah. A kept the same guy you've already seen many different reverend Al announcing this a great kid heroes don't just take over and yes I'm okay. You both have long hair and this is indeed that was the thing I didn't know what anybody's hair look likes I didn't know like you know what to put on the board because I was like well put mollid on the board boarded their short hairs no way to do it there is tricky should've put a mile and on the board. Should a foot and you could put it on a boy here. Let's go over real quick what's on the board before Lee get the first Angolan. Questions we can show photographic references to ya world's FaceBook dot com live right now which one. Our rescuers FaceBook dot com slash rise guy OK so let's just start and win though we'll start with this when you have. The Mohawk pretty simple everybody gets a Mohawk right. Then you have mad man's choice will be that will be my choices mini the other ones on the air we have nine choice oh there as well. On the Hulk Hogan not explain the Hulk Hogan is brother could certainly told the sky yes there you see her it is that are. All the way bolt dropped but he earlier actions writes the great for Scarlett. Let's see what else we have we have the ball cut pretty simple to understand their traditional ball cut the sprouts though that one needs some explanation. It's a throwback to the way Jeff used to look. Jeremy Sandler is right PA is a Ryan is looking unicorn that yeah. Pull would you put in Madson had a veteran and stuff so just jail now some swapped seats from yeah. I'm so that's what that would be fat boys choices are there. Oh. I can tell you I'm prick. The JA LA land you have to completely shave all your hair off completely bald. The sunglasses that's where you'll get sunglasses shade in the back to your heads if people can't up and coming or going. The hood ornament. That's where you will get all the hair shaved off except for the front world will make an a nice little design. Nine U Sydney be imparted on the middle with some blows or something yeah if you are ever approach. Bruce harder a mustache or copy your hair and a lot that's. They're scared for his stash is another good terms from Eleanor we also have did tong Lu ways this was Jeff's side addition to the idea for will fare cuts the tong putt there from boxer. It's worries her hair right on the crown of your head and nowhere else only on the front of The Herald. The half and half that means half your head even if it's her facial hair they behalf mustache had goatee eyebrows a whole nine yards. Oh the dumb and dumber. Dumb and dumber. Urge you skirt them assured freeware ordered Coca ask a bowl cut except it's it's straight down here. Maybe that's not a good one the only characters are the Lloyd Christmas Day out there. And then finally. The Arn Anderson a lot of nods to wrestling greats today. Arn Anderson is is almost like a scholar does such as not long in the back and it's more of a comb over on top. So big and it's. He's had that gal I got it right now thanks a lot. I don't purpose. In horror cinema for only two out. Yeah they not and I both met him yeah. I straight through recent coma ribeiro and any good to keep doing those are the and we've thought about who's standing. Who's gonna spin. Who else if you will spin her okay. Stevie is going to spin the will of hair cut Steve by the way is my high. I'm happily for congress solitude and Aaron. Came out okay every teacher and her dad is running for secretary of collusion dad you dad is running for secretary of state. Has no idea and here. Are Americans really good season winding its newly aligned. Kerry would plead for the cops it. Now I'm different thing I am hurt your slider a wow but you all got on top here on the sides and I don't match all called Kerry one million rumor. I hear we EST delist spindle will haircuts to see what kind of now they're merely helplessness triggered all the way around inside track to track. Great streak wonderful stand. Reverse no law collar of her stroller it's easier during the reversed Mohawk okay now. These species I wanna spend the willow sex or will that be have there's job to find out who's gotta get this reverse Mohawk haircut true he got suspended interpret what they Erica it is now she's this and to see who gets it right OK here we go. Giving this fellow my. What a great chance who's getting used. The reverse Mohawk. Yeah. I don't want to take away from the first time I don't know how close solo. This can't. Are they really rebellious streak is going to this more. Okay well you do reverse Baldwin. Josh welcome so you walked in on having to give a reverse Mohawk ever done one of these before. I'm not here conversion but yet we can do this here car home. Sherman I don't know how. A turner rehearsed how this is ridiculous and I'm on immortalized Al connect to hurry up so. Stevie is ready shedding any official Barber's chair. And he has said signature USA flag. Getting ready to I want him Akamai birdied honcho can do that our Josh Carter is he's getting ready to give a reverse Mohawk. He's pretty great care workers he's co without do it on LeBron more yeah. That no McKinley had a nice Lola. Not had a Harry got there is administrator personal friend hair his funeral if you know save their hair office. Let's say they hear him answer these worthless drug her thanking Steve for Washington there's more yeah we did that's triple there there are. A series he's doing this for Carolina rebellion tickets for all three days. So bottom 700 dollar value he's getting here for this version personal affairs over 700 dollar weakened sheriff oh my god. Everyone's everyone on this program is that is not even commenting on the haircut there to tell my heart pretty majestic and beautiful beard isn't just carver Barack. I Baird and they were just carver Guerrero and then there's this huge well yeah barriers third Dinah. The hell you're telling me tell us right now bad. Point we'll also say what do you think you have heard you're sitting here watching this all goes down the wives. Stevie. What are your thoughts as he ever look better. Oh you're back. Amarillo marriages are you look at the Christmas picture today why not. Q not to listen millions and the best birthday America sees everything turn eight Robert yeah our yeah. I'm proud of him yeah and yet there is there will be a lot of current and I were a lot from the Orioles like good security in the little we. Reopened imported drugs and cheap bouncing ball until you have some. Yeah actually blossom pink hill today and that. I'm more of your ask ask it this is an interest in Stevie see anyone ever told you a live band market share. Everybody really. Some people are commenting that is well. Also maybe put some some. Some kind of this sun lotion on the head today as well. Well someone's pointed out as a great idea prisoner you're right it's around. Wow big events at those who do we see from my. Let's say let them marry an endless. UH yeah. I don't know how to go oh man I'll be honest alerting haven't put your. I can't do it's. Pretty big hill. My decision should do is go to San Diego Fernandez. I'm not available. That's great. And that is a big home soon. That is a stallion now Justin yeah it's been everything but the hot towel. Hummer and offer you need some of them are tell everybody out there and Internet world where you're going today the Carolina Ali and that's right. A haircut and you easily so boy yeah and I'm not the end owns this video. I Jeff if you wanna hand needs that to you if you wanna do get couple number two Jimmy to come out number two yeah that's right we're gonna have another couple that who has coming iron to get haircuts fishy both parents. Crowds are all bigger than the beautiful. Heritage. Or. You re. Right. There are. Gonna have couple member to step up to the mine adversity in a bucket hat. I know America I believe swear I saw him in the hallway and I could just tell this is going to be a whole lot of fun. As a mob Isaac something's. Yeah she's. Gonna have some fun and I'd tell everyone out there listening or your name's. That is then yeah Travis and Daniel. Daniel I heard something on her. I it is it nerves or what is I heard you were over there the ward weeping was seized. We all wrong and what happened breeder in terms. Life and they think well. At a particular book I'll Travis. Come flooding and one of the options on the well Erica this is the editor law. Earlier in the U maybe psychological I feel all they've made it just. Of that business hiding and you don't even know that it will land on news is pro Orlando hit his either. There's yeah yeah okay so do love Danielle this is hard for me Carmelo. How hard you're ever there were just talking cousins in. Yeah they get more nervous. Well let let let's talk about this but first let's change the subject for me and we look forward scenic Caroline or millions of man that's on me about an F fourteen division. Drop rather than flee the home Greta Van Susteren will not be there and our on our economy there cancer. A little listing last night furs Saturday when I go go down and today you know little boy but going to be there Saturday and Sunday in outages so meaning that. And lazy man you know. But how insane is going to be available boy unit itself on what about you Daniel I still haven't heard you talk yet. She's Israel does it go in that fives are very close and Diana. Danielle I can't do this TT kind. I mean I'm serious I feel like you're under duress or something and are your immediate assuming you're gonna give you think it's forward and I'm going to be an offer you already have been any good. And getting dressed and the he and his airline management guys got a Mohawk and then here and figure out now. I I. Let's look at the Willis haircuts. And EU you know look at all the different possibilities there. After this any which one bothers you the most Danielle I want to ask you this question which one bothers you the most. All of them. Are very near ground. It's. How now's she's trying to end. I am not comfortable this at all. Yeah I did proposed putting and it. There are just carver has to cut the pyramid imagine that he'd feel do net heard Josh you do or cut anybody's hair while they're crying. And adults. I loud pandas or New York Jets got sermon that hey I'll die okay if you. I got some sleep. Yeah yes or an island there. Oh my god to just a word today from a starter hit our. At all when you reservist or yours and where will send anyone there did you merger to give you big fat tips yes. You want to say they are now aged totally empty until. Not to comment. Love each other. All this is nominated easier and I see behind her she done her back. And I thank thank you so there is what it's. Like an hour I don't know cocaine. Your server. It's. Like I celebrated yeah. There you have would you let's required else we can see how long it is. She's cried so much of the visas to guy who worked with him. I don't have to work today Travis Knight now and a Monday plans. Nice among that's pretty handy it's better. Over. Yeah I don't know guy. How do you still do and what they are good for the girl please. I. What happens yeah gore went out you better. Give us an answer and everybody in this round. Where's everybody term credit Jim Johnson surely there yeah strip. Once Davis standing for the will of haircuts and because. It's now. It is all whenever I don't you know you've got to the worsening heart Kiffin did this look at this 40 yeah. Look at her dad I. I'm not so its appeal is housed in you must. See the initial blame it on me forever. And what was I Josh I'm sorry can you lose you know what do you want it once it's. Spill will like the last couple that I'm finally that we got something here pretty quick right who spent. The haircut wield the welfare cuts tournaments thing are it will be Travis Travis is going to stand. Art world FaceBook. Dot com slash rise guys. I'm. OK here we get it is your father politics I have to ask now. It's not Arnold restaurant and bar retired farmer is a farmer in the he sees as the reason he suffered enough. Oh god you know you don't measure their hardest holes there. Okay. You know why did you ever heard she motorboat and all bets are usually good bond and nothing else. How about if you can't. And Michael wanted that with a oh my god. Really I mean yeah don't throw your books are excellent. I do pedestrians are LC calls for our armor and I'll I'll put it on the screen 88. We are just Randy ready for that to you last time this out brother. We get I. Right so getting a picture of what this whole life there are charged her like good car broke from the back when it sort of ties just released martial arts movies where they just sit here. Here on the crown of the head and maybe a pony tail it out of there yeah. So I assume I assume are just a bit further back. Amen god. Fell to fail over. All I need go to make animal. We have to take a break and we have to take a break and what we come back we'll find out who I'm kidding and I wouldn't do that are you ready are you were down. To find out who has to get the tong po which is to shave all everything except the crown earlier Gregor. Are you young America hair nets are you need to keep our. Here we get really good or. We'll still that was televised live she's on the road and probably lower. Income. Okay. I know. Julio. Now now. You know looking. I can't. Say I'm so happy this landowner and I know I. There's still tears horizon they're tears of joy now because it landed on him. Parents and landed on Travis how long you know been married. Boy are you. OK from my goodness. Any kids yet. See I was gonna say maturity crass like you imagine if you had to do this in new and get a pickup he sounds like worst mama. News of those loans and that's why he can't take. They about it well and that's it knows karate now. Are there to come into our it is time referred track yeah. These are raped her the reaper is Josh carver from the liberty liberty find cuts in shades. He is I'm going tell you that's I swear I get my hair cuts where ninety is his haircut moods where I wanted to back changed its and they really full service I really do at all. It. So again. Let's let's try and now even the little. What do you call that like lawyers and a haircut poncho when we called. Quite answer is well you can't help punch ups American flag. And we can now let's call it does Johnny. I so he's going to get now let's remind everybody what dean tong po haircut is. Jim yeah now. It's bad for American kid rock's okay the movie kick boxer and basically it's just yell like you said he yum account Shea DN essentially is what they should be. They're very beam breaks their Brothers back and cripples young man then learns how to kick boxing is asked today and would do that that that death match thing where they get that. The glass on the hands and stumbles like Vegas street fighter had this bigger country birds. I JGB not RV yes I applaud not wrong arguing that you would go let's begin with the Congo Pau haircut from. Our starter. Kip bond he's right here again we're back off. We're back live. This he's he's going would besides first. And for those either one of Google what this is gonna look like Hong. TO NG space Tokyo share phone for a long time. There alongside her. It is true here's your stories making seventy blocks thrown. What does that tell us well well. How hard can surely he's certainly ms. Murray's naturally fit into the court some good in the seventies movie you mean by New York review Schroeder and motherhood. We right you'll remember my worst haircut who basically if you drummer was. Or heard did you ever watch Alice the TV show how hard you must like guy analysis on how many how many heads coming in Tarrant. He's given that there besides your foot so much time you had a shaved head Travis law. United flight order. Your grandma normally can't share a nice who cares or fire emergency air haircut wow. It was close. He is getting at all shaved off V tong po which is everything but economists had you it's cool about this especially. Along the way it was or he's gonna get dumb and dumber you're route that told her yeah. Al-Qaeda. Kinda. Danielle what I said. You could go and interview the bands at Carolina rebellion if you spend the welfare cuts right now. What would you say. We're de gras. We had again. Is not a real often. Currency Jennifer do the right thing and you view his presence. He'll know he remarked I do I take up similar G yeah I. I do then yeah. They're ready. I don't wow I guess all of god yeah I can't go back to watch this film and just watched the relief come across Daniel's face when it landed on him I mean that was like. So that therefore the best news that you heard a long long time I would I would imagine. Failure well I although. And why I was up everybody man's got a list go to it and he's got a great thing weren't now do you want you gotta be a few one man yeah America. We're gonna go yeah. I'm excited man like yeah I'll listen you guys every day mail I really lose religiously yard in my years good holiday long Palmolive outside work and I didn't listen all four hours all himself it's a good night and we aren't that's different right. I was hey how. Hey bill how much it figured insincere dad or mother or else it's why you better be. Hey Sharon is. This report. Right guys headlines with the H. And you're Beagle who. So hard kidney and other big weekend well avengers infinity ward tops 300 million domestic and the box office they have their milk. Million globally so if you decided to wait to see it this weekend. And I think in and wouldn't be packed in my wanna thinking can wait another week because expert thinking man they think is going to make at least another 115 million this weekend. Are there. So well. My went away Manny a couple of weeks and I what do you think. These people little good this weekend or like the tabloids while he went solid as I say to people who just don't like crowds in their yeah. I'll go the next week and my parents are missing crew was shown to win now. Order or he can be a while is packed crazy. Oz is the movie man who toppled lesbians Lothian is that a person I know now. Our kidney in how you get your thinking and that if you wanna take your kids to be better take your kids on the next week as yeah. Now Armenia has the same idea and then doesn't. Repeat visitors than Agassi was somebody in and take somebody else next weekend. This is why and and a biggest lumber and many people aren't just talking about that I guess is sent and so. Now it's up from one person I know put a once a black panther that was spent some people's Sonoma walls. Rueful Wellesley show on Sunday to real through that blame if I would pay thirteen dollars and set on a wall ginger and there was good burger was it was also a smashing minute test and I pretended to be a wall while lay senate among its Tibetans and still. You're swinging K little man was also. Kilmer blockers blockers ruled duke was the Asia Tanya Shannon you know there's nick who want this on the he had to limit. I have to see that now did they single and you look I can just say here you oh here only because there's not a mega rocket. You see grafting new medium walkers is one of the rock would have already been nudity at this point it was negative fat suit their owner of Italy Arlington. As fat suit and I diligent mayor Communist. I. I don't like that it's aired earlier in the nerves or underneath there and I'm like. Hello your career heart. May hinder it depends on the person yeah you know now. And if you can't get naked parts if you don't then just don't do it any need a body double which most people probably use anyway. An intense and that kind of stuff for you think you hear guiding usable in double. Now now I mean no need for stunts and things like that now. Well I mean I did ask a lot of I must face the agreement a lot of the parts in films aren't from and they. You know people don't do leg shots or I'm back shots against. Head shots this is what matters this square and. Is yeah I have to protect this spring market you know that's why don't shave anymore because I can't get the blade sneer and so what are. We're still learning. Wonder boys working on get me on and expressed it Ariane say I was a duck and admiral is cares here he's on another. What to say okay yeah. There are eager early go to Canada. Because it doesn't matter isn't that it would not. Clinton does get our community and at the body mass Missouri you can still not okay this is good Tim deliver those. And labor shortages and also would be launch changing with marijuana had created a different dynamic in the business situation across this country more businesses. Are mellowing out over hiring marijuana smokers so when you have to take that drug test. And you may test positive people are just kinda and lowering the level of bounds of what they're testing for mainly. IPO and probably now I'll states because it's legal or not testing or marijuana but what if you have IE. Prescription. Well you should disclose that because there's something political I have the. And so I'm well I'm not Hogan Nelson story and just I'm so confused well. I'm Sam as a medications. Fee it we'll test positive for other things yeah that's why fear on any kind of medication you have a drug test or accused its list. What you're taking. Its shares are you just there's trophy yours did you have did you read surgery or settlements okay now okay. I don't know I mean like today. You know like even. Played at your work if you get personal days. Like when you go and put in for the personal days there you must first ever ask you why your taking the day off. Hospice they would ask personal bank are sort of so you're asked if you've flushed. What you want is already. Yeah I had married and I definitely enhance our. Are you I'm a fireman if you are shot at it you. Hotel. Sales for our critic Anthony already in California and I like New Hampshire and they need workers there's. Places they need to fill at hotels. And their you know manufacturing companies down so if your test staying. And you have a positive and they rescind the offer and some places they have and it. The employee has sued and taken a person of course are now. They have justification to get your job back if they're re doing a loss went hiring and firing. Obsessed says that's a tricky situation. There's areas they lose weaving and jobs are against this little. Without question I personally opposite I thought that's what was being said dissent they're getting stricter on the rim they're being very lax about it. He noted this is now the people that are in control of corporations McQuay is is what's happening is not that we're getting more lax is the decision makers. Aren't coming into power hmm I really felt that way I don't think there's in how many times have you heard drinking glass so why NATO air and won't you be a heart attack or help you are to whatever it all these different things here but what happens is. Yeah the old the old timers earn retiring getting Kennedy get these new thinkers out there and Connie get that they don't just accept. What the news puts out maybe he'll load more of their own homework. Perceives other states are acting out our short I think it is I don't think it's that we're being lax every generation changes a little bit every generation thinks they had part of in the last generation. Insist that this doesn't. Culturally so far behind the times oh sure oh yeah they're being. As fallen so far behind him on the progress has been starting for. Or century are we really don't know much right now remain politically. This is just think this tweet I just got trauma says I think the Damien says I was getting it. I was on medication for bipolar disorder that test positive for PCP. That was fun to explain a potential employers. Our that's our. Yeah. So it Ronnie king working for your re your I was teenager he views you're viewed yeah no word. Viewer potted teenager I. Get a job anywhere right now no no lawyer no where all instances I think it seems like it's changed a good bit to me. Yeah yeah you do you hope to have an alkaline you know dude carpet of taller. As the contractors and dual side moniker you knew what we'll do anything. I know yeah. Specimen they do hair testing but not think he should say now this question ahead. In the early. Stages the shift is mainly you know and that and the states where it's legal on that would make complete sense. So now we're looking at Michigan could become the tenth state to make it legal in November. And then Missouri. And then there's some other states sent me trickle down I don't have any idea of when it's gonna happen here in south and. I sure who employing the late nineties maybe around 2000 plan for job at a record store and also which won't even their own business now I needed drugs or money. I think you maybe cope really really they are and I thought you were supposed to do the work bear. We'll be happy to explain what kind of drugs because if you like you're cranking at you might steal stuff there. Slide in us is we have all hot dog eat my vinyl or you must have shifted me I'll be back out. I am not agent is your dad and my. I wanna cultivated. Good. Get ahead keep dedicated work Sharon is or. Al lol I do that Griffin Dell Dell every day happy board. Free to.