Thursday, June 21st

An OPP from a 21 year old who got propositioned for a threesome: What do you call men's underwear actually?

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3.3 the planet and oh. The rise guys morning. I got gas class map for dollar by Danish and fortunately though I was at Taco Bell. Now don't you quote me say this would never Sweeney seems like a pretty good dude you're probably really great path. I hit my my husband because he was a fireman and I like to make me feel really cared about animals and people. Questions. Are they still athletic short supply Wear them royal accounts. So is real here's a dead in business idea a shoeshine stand at the beach. Nice mornings by jilted. Maybe 3.3 eight up planet Barack. Action is is is deed going anonymous yeah okay I thought so I would cover him let's go and bring him along anonymous good morning. To order a things are stand back through all that stuff for each error in order to get a situation quite situation. Your 21 years old first of all correct. You're a parent now. What is the the situation that you wanna get everybody's advice out of this situation that you have dealt with here recently. On. Are on the call cars this. Weird. Our goal couldn't do it I would open competitive and noted Cohen who don't. Carlo and apparently you know maybe your karma going their new color is blue crown the current order but the woman tackled the moon quotas. Cookies. Each semester due north. I don't I dare I don't let your phone is I a failure something really bad at it let's let's hang up on you call you right back okay. Are held off the right years and then a Daily Mail or days are here. This is non not get worried about if this is only something I don't know rumors and suggestion is totally different tone that. So bad is this where he probably gonna Wear a ribbon does is only easy on the phone yeah and then it sounds even worse score radio on terms. Well go and tell you that and I remember this criminal FaceBook he did sometimes he contacted on the would messages from people you're not friends with. And you said if you profile where people can't do that or like what minor remember on their people would send me messages that are wet and friends went and I Whitney didn't get notification to I'd be screwed around when they NCO you have. 31 unread messages and click on there'd be some people right now who's considering. I'm changing their way. 00. We're gonna call me back. And are there are 1990 followed Al Gore. There were important motel literally let the other day when into the picture desk chair when he was late. Everybody was not making fun of Jeff being late but the phone that we use everybody unanswered are made fun of our phone mirror it's funny thoughts crow right. There. Off foot additional less demise Adam. Or. Jack contacted by a woman on FaceBook. He sees this thing apparently her photos in. Somewhat attractive so they clicked on it started looking through there she is a little bit older than him I think he's an early twenties. This lady is like. I now. 4050 years old that we are we aren't. So anonymous so far said he got a message from a woman needed no who has probably like you he said what 40s50s. Our current reporter. Okay all right and and what this clan tell us what that what the conversation led to. I took some mechanism is selected there Blu-ray Graham in this event. Haven't caught doing Golan become our Carter and I am. Article I am I. See you in that it to move almost like well I'll see you legal onslaught cocoa Logan and then all the crime. Our super I want aren't good note no I'm like what move is great let you know. This command you know to see I don't remember exactly who was able to do is there was really quickly that are coming respect. Could I would not come up with their. Own. And you know after the thing goes consider a person who terrorized my. Seems to him to Herndon on this Matt Katula. Carter. So don't worry at all that it was fake like it's a money sent me a message said hey. And senior allowed issue whatever and you know especially if it's the opposite sex I'm just the cement this is bought or this is some kind of scam right yeah werder under immense. That's how I try to. I doubt Larry that sort this gruesome pictures she was with some people that are new and like do we Lee we were in the same town sort saw something American accolade okay I'll go out you've got. Now. So sorry you start talking to her because I imagine your single guy and you're doing a low flirting level you know what I go look for them maybe they're coming to Maine now. Yeah exactly I'm playing you know a really great you know little or no cool. Nobody wants though he. Yeah they tactic. Some harming everybody is if you're. Early twenties and single he's certainly more obvious signs are here we're we're we are sipping your. I'm on the specimen. So you're like your messaging back and forth whether did did they did talk escalate into like sexy talker what. Oh yeah oh yeah do they would send like ours we were talking like guys who who's. Who's news goodies that state. You know aren't so. You get to over the blue is glad to look I know part of this tabloid and here pre interview he shares some of the notes with us I know load them in the display and say what happened. So basically he you know fast forward couple weeks Christian right. Hey guess what I have to tell you some of my blood to like I'm married I'm I didn't like. And then when you went everywhere photos did you not CDC not have her earned I know. No none no none of the Pope while pictures have brutalized and it's only her and her girlfriend there you know Kern duplication backup back. Yes how did you find that she told he sees them rarely. So you've played Lafayette after a few issues like hey you are not imagine America like he's serious. And see at this point she had already semi nude they Helio we are already know gotten together called condor number no. Crap like you warm there now dominant guy very. Certain. Larry you and I go EDE still thought something doesn't add up here why is she you know. She you know you're out here and then the husband will kill me years on it. None of that so I thought regulate dead you have a marriage probably wouldn't go to some books so that I could do so married guy could probably gauge our country our. Future. And then you know who might what do you tell leader who you are you there are okay and our burger. It could it not there and it's not a problem normally out of not a problem and that she she just got to tell me we want your decrease some. I'm like OK okay what. Do you Gerri here right. Her new husband when have a threesome windy. And right around just under so apple would require Gregory. Where that income coming into written more downloaded OK note to look up. So. Are. Did you ever did you OK so have you seen or did you ever see a photo of us then. Now he's not that the Kremlin could not remove. But I don't America welcomed here. All this mean. Maybe it is for dummy account for them to used it to go out mean now survey that I am playing here. Yes federalized that would got exactly what they've got a bigger. No way call go to go to Mubarak return or not marrying and then you know. A company. Oh yeah so when you heard that. What what did you instantly think we're used in all you said you were still have kind of intrigued by Logan. Yeah I was I was burned through browser also very cautious canal on the spirit. Well let's make sure that it. You know your husband okay within answered well you know problem and all the time he had come to them to our American to attack. And then this hard as they look like the nicest guy in the. All winter. Well. What he saw yeah like it looks like your photos and how does he did what has he being so nice what's he do. Top McNamee like he's very call Marriott just the way he speaks is they went coal and right. The very late or he's just been going near Detroit they're very until the court and I don't know. You do this sort of you know it could be doing that and apparently now. He called militant group called health and homeland. Well or you are now hey have you spoke to her have you heard her voice. These are you not done the threesome at this point correct her you know you are not I don't know and he spoke to her on the boys alone phone a voice or is it just been texting and and. Turn persecution comical to console are not like a real. Current because I'm senator thinking and it sounds like it's really a dude who pretends to be a woman and then once you start talking he interject himself into an Israeli just. And I'm not enough and I visited our current token could. Of course people. Him and her and oh yeah I don't know like a credit and are I don't know like how come our favorite passages yeah. Yeah here yeah he's our existing. In honor our own. Or who brought on American responded in garner now. So well is there date is there any plans smell and on nightmare because there are no and you're out there are already decided this was like. We are committed under the carpet. And who he says she's in her 40s50s maybe it was a celebrity she resembles just to help paint the picture for. Until it. There could get published just not and the target. Yeah. Who and what about him has he looked at. Averaged you know I was so no I'm not Knott are green not great Logan. Yeah movement and I'm not. It is testament plans manga art so the air you this morning to the you know that you're not gonna Angela. You just looking for what advice here or just to have you taught the need your buddies about it her I don't know where you are. Here at age slowly yet because though my buddies say yes it definitely do well are you okay at oak. Ha. While tea I am personally in if I was in your issues. I mean I wouldn't. I wouldn't I wouldn't do it as I know how would I just couldn't I I've I got in a situation where top one time I'll keep this very radio frame house in a situation where tiger. Travel less this story to mean no girls going at it in my friend walks in the room drunk is a small. Half okay so I should just join rowdy and android you do left the room. And that happened then and I'm always bugged brought home but regardless this I was like I can't do this. No injuries partially he's a good position not only very. I have faced fellas I am Kampala ever taller than me now. Aziz or was it even if you knew you couldn't do are more likely to do this if you don't go we will likely notice I didn't. Now I've been elevated to help but grab you think you need to know him a little bit but it would be assuming you've known for ten years drank it because I didn't know there aren't me. Many no it just didn't get the dome against drilling he would he has been doing it would make it less weird maybe but it. I still would have any interest in it personally and I hit the wrong way it is -- thing. Now word for the printing company for organ in a radio there was this girl and the guy they both work and printing company and they loved to party maybe it was the first couple ever told me we're not having kids because we like cart or we're not we're just going to be selfish in this notion New Orleans. This is Angela first divorced and I. I was just look at that hang out whatever and we started running around the other three Elvis and in the back in my hand has some cool happened one night I doubt is where drink it in August up. It never did that I was I was kind of thinking okay. Is it guys ever came down to. You need to have an answer prayer you don't need to dubbed. Oh yeah dad so darn I thought about it long and hard and again there was never any kind of inclination is was never gonna happen but I thought about it if it did as casino Cowell liked hanging with the all in that would Maceda. I'm not do drew you to guys hey yeah I was here. Good I was I was like this mess it up but you don't know your EC NN so taking home afterwards showing an apple the you don't know these people so what would it melts you know you you're young you wanna go Latin live wild and crazy and measles using protection. Yeah I mean I'm gonna make sure that it'll probably no dispute. Hello where have I mean you can't just trust them. Was so good to see our. Are you he had a war that's why don't decide they haven't decided to eat you know then until then the unborn. Jeanine do you hold off for a minute with your horrible owner a OK hold on your shirt and I holed out a there's more there's much much more to dissect here that. A heroin. Or. We. I say is these situations I would get this guy Alan hall he's anonymous 21 years old. And approached by a woman all FaceBook older lady said The Hague she immediately started flirting with him. And he can come to find out if you tell them to refer few weeks. That she's married she tells him that she's married now also would be interested in some kind of sexual intercourse with him and her husband. All four of them together and he as you can expect you know first time he's gotten this kind of advancement and he's. Well unsure about it can weeded out by eight but at same time now seems like his mindset. I just I hit they have villas like an older woman and like her cousin era since third the second or third of them. You know what I'm saying I would be it'd be a different situation ridden for me person TM usein. I would not be in this is it any situation SSM not MMS. So certainly that's still more work yeah worst start your. Too much work to our anger and I agreed to merge where now I thing is she's dedicating much attention to one person trying to battle I get that award let's try. The win this thing here hold relating or worry about you know can you imagine if she got pregnant. You know she's married but she's pregnant when did they haven't had. The not incredibly awful but how many know everything that's happened a lot people couldn't walk he couldn't innocent and I have a cemeteries almost maybe get pregnant. Dream I don't know how do you hear a lot of surrogate mother you don't hear much about surrogate father and Gagne were surrogate mothers yeah we don't you know us and you'll learn that you ever hear about surrogate fathers because it's just too easy to find right. She has yet yeah. Yeah so I was. You grow maybe one you know it to youngest surgery you've been down there right attract. I donate. Organs and blood at this is our renewed. Oh stop it right there are so. Our guys still on hold them. Yeah I still hear that your leg volatile yes anonymous. You there. Did I tell you just looking at the text and Twitter specially. A lot of folks are saying go for a shot by that I thought there are more apprehension from people. You know what are you know they're not do it in you seem like you want to end their tour. Now we've got a guy here he says he absolutely would not be that would you like to hear from him and see why. Yes sure I'll pay me to Sam and Lancaster good morning. And Florida says yes and advice for anonymous here. Yeah mandate that was spent eight years an arm and back in the day out with that have been based so a lot of situations like that there's a lot of diversity in the army. And I gave her all the experiences that went thorough wouldn't do it but there's there's some crazy situation you do you yourself then do. Listen I don't Tucker you give us an example will the of radio friendly terms. Well there let them murdered going to take this do that. And murder. Mir did data and it hidden under the Gillis after the fact then yeah. Some questionable thing to remember there yeah below below them forever. Yeah as she should. Yeah yeah I would and there are MA and being denied this thing that he is best ground bullet there may have a burden. Know when you say that there's a lot of diversity in the military what do you mean by do you mean like yeah. Other than me obviously male female sexual. Race what are you talking about it. There there's a lot of there's a lot of people from all Lugar and a lot of co. Sure. Mangalore and then there's just so I mean yeah. Well yeah I think if you don't put together in close quarters there's going to make it's simple. It's like yeah should tackle him put. Remember you wouldn't believe how many people's army pregnancies would have been while we're deployed vs how many didn't. Go for the bush yeah. Yeah decent and good morning sir thank you for your service. Room but I all the services and this why you do lose in police parking laws to be protected through streets Butler has designated places they have for bird. Brian Sutter Craig's list transaction very very similar yeah this transaction has waiter there I tell that it. Let's talk another anonymous is another anonymous from Clemson good morning. What are we had some of the audio anonymous to say you have against them information fern first and I'm sure mr. Grassley staff. Yeah well he's listened. Undertow or coming. He's got pop up every night. It's forty doesn't love don't bitter back and supported. And another woman who act. He's speaking yeah. Speaking from any kind of you know we have experienced here anything like that. Yeah I think he's had a good morning. I'm 010 or via the other part of you never know what's gonna happen with these situations my situation. I would I would do isn't a public place for sure. How outdoors Arnoldo like hello hello our our mutual round you know what I'm in my hang up when you watch an ash. I don't see there's issues like anything's in this drill. The dudes who will most likely to go forward to our budget does not never got themselves. But they would get him yeah you'll actually have jets and they might not. And half I mean you got to trust the people further word and how many times does a guy Dennis say well I have my wife gone along with it because I'm seem to dude. Saved you don't know if I mean I don't think they're gonna happen is. If so hey is this change your mind any R&D is it made you realize yes you wanna do a nerve you have. In inclination anyway. It notebook come I mean they're on the army guy. There are greater now or go the guns. And then cut him yeah wherever they're you know until they did you know so. RR. Do we really can we you are gonna do it. There there's no I didn't think I mean not much luck Donna understandably are. Among the tour doing it. Do we call you next week seeking things hadn't taken many. We're February and I do this disaster his workload that we need to keep output in the final is going around. Are you ever Obama. Okay all right I hope we have is a vote. Where he had never talked earlier this track the idea I will he become as we have you weekend effect. Where record or the team has found that netted more eco. Show your mother hates. You Q school. Test morning. 83 point 30. Taylor had run into is that again. That's Toyota forerunner what Elijah I wanna Collins shrunk my kids writes no time you attract anymore why did. Is out there and as you do. Stick it semantics or can you call marchers. Spoke there or you can call boxes if your boxers you know Marsha from boxes. Or you're warming and missile resume Palmer Iran must have boxer briefs and you Kong what I'm literally inside Sylvester Stallone. Why can't you all want us what do you call. There's boxes are small boxes I'd. Times are currently is what I'm wearing now. As my compression shorts because that is accurate because there's a lot of stuff being compressor is wet. Experience after it. They're not a lot of stuff look a lot of conversion Broward residents while iron and you talk about in the lab area. All over yes but nobody in the armed guards in the lab area. All I lose skill my bars jazz where guys were into the trunk and Wendy's. Mostly Indians Malone. Wants in Monday's the only way compression shorts. I am I have few prayer. Of I guess CB boxer briefs against but they're not really is tight is regular boxers suck. I didn't. Boxers but their moral advanced kind of solved breezy material but they're not tightly briefs. Do you change attempt. Underwear you're fat boy those are becoming more active in your the goal of losing the hundred pounds well like our compression shorts all Larkin. Owns a learned there's no fly yet again when they can just begin and a there's a lot of fly most of ago era. Coming. They're like ten or twelve books appear. The author Carl moved maybe the mid tier this come to fly. The kind of hurt them. Why don't those is kind of like you said everything's got to compact. No they eat you know some might do every day what does there's talk like I. Yeah do you put most visited U arranged or divert them and move the ball. You think you read it and he'd have to say dean. Viewers are mad FT Guatemala you have to manually adjust the situation they always go back and you're right I sent a myself all the time yeah lets you may look at you manually adjust you pretty good to go open her bra. We are doing sit around got a comment or your France a little. Thanks for your your personnel you know. Yeah as I miss southern man the first thing Heller as when he said that you pulled by the navy's mobile look you have a young boy I don't know if he's right outside the diploma and bug out are out there that you're. So it's taken yesterday with the now that was Colin BS solid but with your way your will lose your weight loss thing. It's amazing the main date in your image conspiracy theory I give it a bit. It's amazing we need evolves exactly one pound each Monday or each week the last two weeks down to the point six. All right it's all sitting there thinking how is he doing there. And Billy's idea imaging the did the scale is a moment. I'm not no I'm not either I was home I was not a CD think he's summoned and here was like. Semis and fish whites you know for like deep sea fishing they weigh a pound each that's why he wants Florida's compression shorts or he can take a crowd let out. But then again he's also are able genius because he figured out how to maintain the exact same way not even flush were well ha ha ha ha ha you all the Florida they're comes up announcer. Now it's kind of hot. What you're doing did you take you one goal lead led ball out of your pocket each week you're trolls can't summon your mergers and yup we'll bass. That's how you that's how you scheme in us now. He aren't exactly one pound per week it's not really have a feed of nature that is hopeful yeah the list it's one point. Counts exactly. Exactly. Uncles are different scales or boxers just your minerals awful. Some are probably warm again ladies and give states say he should get naked to two way. We heard things did she know you're still hold the mayors of rodeo they do you have seen fighter holed a towel or the negative guy trying to make way because his underwear what do we just thought to budge. But found or not only can be comfortable where you weren't you won't you'll you won't tell you why he's. They're already you are some number on my steal our home movies now are embarks Taiwanese in the compression bought me here's the strange question roker. Isn't any man attractive. In tiny why these worries even a hot guy unattractive entirely white race. Hi guys are attractive and anything. And manner when they have on you see on the and you urge you get laid. No I'm serious it is their body. You might have a there's so you title. The timely warnings yeah. And that's what she had been in good shape words anyway even be an athlete into our worries on billboards. Warning is still he's the little kid to me. If you don't know where I'm playing colored socks as I. You if you're in good shape when you're attorney why he's yield any kid. Or if you're not in good shape they're complaining I know as my name does observed last night how. Have a prison risky business and it just happy my knees and our place. I ask the man to man to man underwear you are also extra pairs of socks and value our. I'm not the end either you look like he can't if you're going to build a dragon or if you're. You know a regular Dillard. Erred in how to shape under any candidate that isn't that really fit then you just give people lose the image of. He doesn't why air it doesn't Democrat Walter why didn't dirty daddy why he's so here's the thing that Arafat they never lied either there. Kind of like as Astro while you can ever hope we can also has mustache yeah chat. I think. Try to get this I had to be honest here and best I could. Boxer briefs. Generally what I Wear and the pledge in hand banana panics and say I am not looking that I nice Democrat tactic can be. But you know you can have been my neck and accuse you all's well all right. Against some moves the island budget analysts say any want to anyway. It'll potter you'll be trial will be a powerful unions in the horrible bosses are up and Gary okay regularly aged daughters yeah. I was supplies from gold bar and overworked and you'll splash with these is put a little little power zone now. We'll start snowboarding on intro craft beer road course or are made ours are in a longer course are and ask us everyone goes home remedies run. Storage is going to be yet always in the near the end of the day Hibbert or my shorts and honest and cornbread. And you know I don't know I. I get your eyes and every every day and I asked if let's say there is word they is that everybody hey get ready for a today theorized it. Great question. I don't understand all this talk I. I am aware underwear I've worn on too he should say I'm the worn underwear in eight years ago also want while claim pants and a year man I'm sorry I. I just yeah there's players who are Tomlin linen pants action. Act Catan. Ace aced his board in in my brain at this point that I got to Wear underwear not how to act certain blue jeans due course and other pants or feel like your like nice dress pants. Sure it feels good to Wear with no underwear do you also think if you paid for those pets you'll feel good do it now I had to rescue. Man you didn't learn and nowhere on earth and use this command and working at a restaurant. I had a brain and underwear and pants safest if forget Olympia snow you rip the network and our oh you're OK now we get in the bottomless yes. Larry I understand how did you get a lot of them can't just an hour now and I. Can't. Those foods that are around it was my brother anywhere from roundtable pizza some sort of stuck in a sickly American mr. the Boston here. The big Richmond Virginia on the way to getting. Days of colored briefs when you tell you IDs can be red or blue raiders opened aria are. Our listeners today so that they that they and they still haven't I don't see America have been around naked did so Jesus under. A lot of volume art designs in euros. Like when I got to move our cars and girls who want hard homo or call the leaders and yeah Michael Redd is April the delay or dislike playing Bloomberg. I'll guy and say banners and William and John Hagee shirt. Gray ones like this man and great and I was like DNX amount or is this game. McClellan the oil on the front. What's the key thing is and where does the men's international. Arizona import other judges should write a little bit the pattern of mine and observer here whose parents often go ahead subsite film if I never cattlemen's cross blue crystals like solar. I. Yeah is that bad luck at a season. That is what the Democrats and that is should not naive to carry you I have been playing out indefinitely. But did right. Well personality and everything that's in the days where everything was why do we war under arm is strong why this plane why does your kid to get where you know thunderous I descend otherwise as I don't. Obama gonna resort 44 points though they make some caught an extra large OK Neal an essay called an extra large. Okay that's what I'll say they they call an extra eyeballs. Are turning union sued maasai are numbered via special harsh. All I civil war rearm still rising and they make you Wear uniforms ever in union yeah. No no great you know I don't like is so yeah. Like Loretta underwear but the buttons on the mud flap right where you weren't wild. Allele of the track nor did you try any category he wants to mean I did think we may know his last hundred years and earnings above and any army surplus store. Yeah I mean good lord is cold coming back to carry it in him and ideas when long Johns at that point there are what I just showed just called hyper straits we'll cut brief. In this inside guys look like little tiny like ladies pennies from then you should you can speak electorate in this message at this some kind of thin nylon news on that. Currency and are comfortable though. And are always. These guys wanna college stated we. Get ahead keep dedicated work Sharon is or yeah Al lol I do that they think Dell Dell every day every morning. We.