Thursday, June 14th

The P1 from a couple of weeks ago who was afraid of his woman's sexual desires was suppose to update us but he stiffed us: Headlines: Wrap-Up

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The radio I'm. He's the addition new home on the rise guys morning chill on you or phone. You're lucky to the rise guys morning you know maybe 3.3 number. I rise guys morning show more NCA it is 908. We. Exhausted our birthday bash tickets for today they do not fret for we will have more tomorrow. Ninety S so question of the day today will be good for. Poppy evil tickets anatomy. July 1 and not. Yes firmament affirmative router Earl would prefer this permanent. Also. Loud jet is getting error or. If he won on the phone listen to this you know how like Jad. You know when you leave you on Twitter need you know you follow certain people on this and that. There was a study done on like who called political figures follow. And there was one point out put out yesterday's our former governor Nikki Haley who is now the US ambassador the US ambassador to the UN room. According to this it says. You have fewer US ambassador to the UN Mickey Haley lights on Twitter. Journey. Benjamin Netanyahu. And the rise guys. Who owl yeah Benjamin Yahoo! and I'm true I'm Netanyahu and us. But it colored the group that made them as badly hurt us again and Yahoo! yeah. And another as Benjamin and you do need to be the talkers aren't in the community chocolate drink or reviews for a quick BC yeah. You ignore what the little brown soldier remember him and a does it alert doorway no sane through. I thought that was great that. I thought it was won. Their fault that. Somehow someway she at least follow this and has been privy to is the stuff we put out there don't ever remember re tweet. Here. Anyway I thought that was chemical ever there was thought that was chemical and no more no more better than I feel a fire here. Ballmer analysts and a blank blank and blank you for years and now listen you I love that it. I love that you break your retain you disrupted a little bit I love that it's fun this was a problem. Autumn cold just mid call or mid call. We get the guy Allen who is indeed. Remember he caught in open phones and he's like hey yesterday and this girl. And she's very ID she likes. What's the way to put it can show us her hair pulled she likes to be spraying you know sexually speaking and all this stuff a site and never. And then when they woman who is really. In a sexually aggressive or whatever and I don't know how to how to handle this you know what should I do is is is too much for me through. You're. Now I'm called five times he's not picking up. Keeps the Russian I have been tied to bad news is known. I don't try one more time your Kamal mistress Amy egg Elaine what are Melissa Hagan SS Oklahoma. I had. Oh man did the suckers at like seventeen DMZ back and forth about who and today after 9 o'clock and I just semi straight to voicemail like wandering in the mangoes are to being president lemmings with can't talk about it moon here. Well that could well is okay. Flight. Your reward you heard it was he was just like a star in Dayton this brawl like there are a lot we finally you know. Who went to. We had sex com and then I found out that she. Is. You know what was there that word he used there is some kind of Trace the user kind of laughed at a time. You aggressive more adventurous. At the sick were sexually adventurous leadership he said she was she was very sexually adventurous. And you know he gave specifics about. Being spank on the but she lacks call mark since unfair and man crawl exists. But he's like I don't know how to handle it should I just could take baby steps or is this just too much for me in any you'll come on give us an update and I guess she's got him down the gag somewhere. Apparently. Well we still talk about in my game here we're waiting to see okay here's the answer than. If you check in now about talking about it today after you scheduled it. Then yeah you can't be would that girly. Right. And going all that well forum is discussing it. It seem like a good fit for him. And they are served her shares where they fit me just don't like the winning field yes for him well I can't Wear heels where. You know it was a it was a Jordan's with the heels on their very cute Davis Easter is appropriate. And sanded them. But NBA Jersey dresses in my hair out minor car. Since her this is simple it is not like it's a dress and they made out of there. Some. Here's a good question can you guys please give the definition of sexually adventurous I've been told I am before but I felt kind of bad when he said that to me you'll sassy girl maybe. See that's what is that. I think it's my opinion it's actually measures means different things to our men or women. Yeah I don't feel so good when that girl would say oh I'll try anything once yeah yeah and now you want. I think in the mind of the man. Sexually adventurous is more. More along the lines of doing stuff going down the road her right. Messing around our affairs we're allowing him messing around in public record yeah you know don't stuff where there's people around and no they don't see you're doing and where they can't see what's going on really don't think. That I had to stuff his. Typically a man's opinion of being adventurous. Oh and end on a chase lounge down in the meeting area at work yeah it did register part of garage that somebody has done before. Oh right that's a man's opinion I think to nuclear sexually adventurous but it's changed some paying. Then order a law says it. She doesn't mean by. On the Ferris we were going down the road she may resume innovative Rollins Carl went down just soar like that now that I'm she she means more leg. Whips and chains and hot wax in Thailand people tires out I. I Sega today I think when I was I hear that a woman is sexually adventurous I'm just being transparent Tonya that I think the sexually adventurous for old to me a woman wouldn't mind being with two or three or four Gaza want. Unlike idol where a lot of pressure that I measures as yeah I mean that's the red flag next level promiscuity yeah we did think was. As this version I took on the she's thinking one thing this pretty dang adventure is yeah like she's thinking we're climbing Everest and he's they. Don't know about I would write so. Nine things that he is in the toys and and trying things you know with our partner and then on the mammogram messages being promiscuous and trying every different people. If you're in different people probably would have turned to one person lives in Jay's that's what him. Let me like it's okay so let's say you bingo and Elena girl whatever and then you say hey you know when it contestant three I like does now while we're going to edit a if you were to do this to make memo. And then she's like all that's cool cause some very. Sexually adventurous. That tells me that she's done a lot of that port like she had she doesn't have dreams and goals and being sexually adventurous but she's been there done that she's like. She's crotch Cousteau. They are before she seen it off I that would scare me that would be very intimidating and you're being quite honestly you she told me that I would be very intimidated. You want to say who you want to be one more experience in the situation not necessarily bad not lie in it you know I don't want it to you know and looking like a Bill Gates income vs mind you know I wanted to be somewhat I am I afraid. Oh yeah now want to address what he does one time but maybe she read mart watch some movies instead of these flooding. See that's the thing women a lot of women are sexually aggressive and because of that movie. And the books and all of that stuff but I guarantee you 90% I mean they had seen. What is oh great bush was similarly. The most merger ginger should strengths. He's shown that movie missy calling you read all the books and everything I had I bet you 90% of the game never in Trotter thought about trying to any of that stuff possible it's just sitting today -- it's good to the mind it's creative to mind it's kind of being a different person for loud and guaranteeing mess in Manama why isn't whips right. His son ages having your fantasy began to. That you're not necessarily gonna want that to happen to you. But do you ever pay Jim essentials and see that if it were all of two just they'll all come the play that you would be like I don't enough. The act kind of like that I wouldn't you Johnny things where you think have. That somebody's just gonna come in Tokyo and have sex and you know and I. Nobody really minds that happen and not be with a stirring journey right you're not comfortable went down. Possibly kidnapped no but I mean I'm Zain descendants and sort this week after feeling her effects on the beads or something crazy on kind of fantasize about that that is the same is not a prop it is steering. If it really happened Jimmy consent is a problem with what really happens is we brought in various ways it is a problem. Where Arab repressed people logs because. Durst stores open the celebrants who whips and chains and toys and accessories and things. Yeah they sell a lot of these things to a lot of people yeah but it. You don't know people are into that stuff place. At UK people you didn't know people were into that stuff you're mint. Lot of people all over the boys are in that stuff but they're not acting on record might fulfilling those fantasies do anything like that maybe they. They are doing what they look to do and there's nothing wrong with what they want to be prudent here on and I can't see somebody. As a Gerrard and sex toys as opposed to like a strong that they were allowed her whole sex for him outlets numerous nuptials to banks will stuff. Yeah I it's if they want them mind you know it was true or the couple's room was for me I would have annual external haven't served my hybrid on the right up. Since you wanna be kidnapped. That is picture Paisley mineral supplements is ever particulars that mosquitoes. And an intention has done and that may have had a and they. Insensitive yeah yeah I fountain I don't know if it's anybody like. Has there ever been a deal breaker with you like let's say you're dating a girl and she says hey I can wanna try this in your like no never gonna happen on this is effortless. And guarantee it guarantee it. You know. And and also not society that probably more so. As you know I mean look. FSA and the verses in MF. And I. Village one time did someone but I did. Okay I'm not saying what but I will say they did tonight is something that I would have not ensued but it. There have been stories about our current president the senator from Sugar Ray and. I myself have not achieved in any. Time. You talk about it across is a lot in time. Yeah I mean look if you do. Too much stuff that's about the point you did suit. Like of them and all the we're we're doing now. And let's what's the deal breaker because that kind of thing. In a normally used to oneness choke somebody here and they're linking our spank them all the time really aren't. Do not insist. Shall says my wife and I are very sexually aggressive we try to see who can outdo the other way and overhaul. That's when you talk like pit stops and stuff. Knobs and liked Lou whiskey barrels yeah you seen that video hook shot. Put a whole mouth around. Watcher did or did they say dislocated urge all snake it's crazy most insane people do some weird stuff that are now. I just. I don't know. I'm really bad that he didn't answer lives owner. When he called then but. Her Waller and his repression in half if you're listening just walk away from her because if if you only wanna talk about it now like you're embarrassed to whatever she's too much too much actually and that's okay. I think it's fine deceased too much woman for me more back and handle. I mean I might be behind ago have a couple trips when they're here and there as far as like you know Stallone GF news. Unless we get in the real DOD tells. All at a better and they had seen a mile and a girl and headlines and stick your head up a that exalt popped. Out there. Are these is sure that we get a text is immediately. You and shares at her all caps I. Love not play well gosh hushed CNN I don't even though it remains I was the other end of flu like well yeah. And if you look if you hearing you this and is making mean I'm just telling you meet personally in ninth and how he feels and this is not sane that is wrong Iraq is nothing wrong with a lot of things reported days they don't talk mariners path tell people about her. It did the things that people even keep secret from people they date is there's nothing wrong with a water. Yeah at all it's what you like is what's your opinion or be able to find some parting is downloaded because they're around to assist her apartment and either. Here's Greg -- late disagree question at what point in a relationship do you tell her about your weird sexual ideas. Mean he just go. It's like that when you notice far trawler it's just there is no particular clock that goes off as just that feeling yet. You know. That's just a feeling again where. And then hopefully that opens up the door for her to talk about. Her weird sexual fetish is and then maybe she can also fared. You know. Yeah it does your fat this natural putt putt I'm eager eager dude your fervor has maybe that's maybe she likes that'll cost. Sure it could be her thing. Maybe you did it blamed it on the dollar and she's like no that was neat and she took quite content per barrel not taught us only wish you may have been was that normal because. I think out of here until Glock the only way apparently. And our we're gonna break from that we're gonna come back listen to this pages got the headlines every hour for you and then nine TS so question of the day. For pop evil tickets hold your horses this. The rise guys morning you know with the men. He just employ 93 point freedom clinic Iraq. Right guys headlines with the age. And you're beatle who. Have we got a story for you ill. Jamie Foxx was turning yesterday and he is now denying all allegations that he closed slapped a woman with his side genitalia. I'm glad I'm starring issued a neck brace. As well. He says that. This this incident happened sixteen years ago and he's clear and that's when this story broke that he did not do this a woman filed a police report with. The Las Vegas PD last week claiming that fox hit her in the face but this Duncan and T you. After she refused to perform oral sex on him. Have they are peace imminently denying the accusation and vowing to pursue legal action against this woman. Sound. You know I guess I mean how do you feel about the page I ask you how do you feel about. They're being any good any kind of should there be a statute of limitations on the. I think if it was rape. No never none and a pledge well. But I think it says hey Jamie Foxx and whoever he's written these things keep coming out on that something happen and it's always that he said she said. You know why are you ready to file in as. A police report X sixteen years later. Now so let us unless you still this social climate is better now as far as people coming forward. Yeah or you know that's biz social stigma right now and AK Dag. Forty some dollars if you don't talk about it. But now asserting that talked about so no money Ernster. Well he denies day and he says the story is quote absurd and he held. Since the lawyers after her and he's also filing a false he's gonna go after our first falling off a false police report them. Sound arm. According to him he says it's clear that the statute of limitations has run out on this case if it did happen. He could have been accidental to me religion. In. He can't turn around real quick so I'll man who argues. But then again. If something happens then and maybe you're gonna have sex and then she says no when it was a misunderstanding. Now. If you're in the same room in your mechanic getting to Aladdin somebody doesn't want and that's where there's kind of a gray area there. Re just talk about the you know and I mean to sound. No no socks given if you don't wanna you know wanna end up in a situation where somebody thinks your having sex don't go to his ground don't go to his hotel around Delano drop his pants to sign away because then you don't have these situations where you might. Have to know this might happen but if you're raped by Al means got to the point. These lawyers earlier very Dugard is something about that certainly there's only when fox I'd give back to hotel win and I'll tell you that right now Samantha. Where these phone. Now we can me laughing on at all. Don't via. The thing is regarded as he just confesses to doing his Bihar has. Prove this happened there I am especially sixteen years later be hard to prevent they happen but you know what you do get out of this is it. Measurements you beyond ragweed convicted in the court of public opinion is might cost them millions of dollars in acting work. I mean really if it happened or not a big big important public opinion and we might not see him for a couple years. He just today the court of public opinion like here's the thing a singing about this yesterday Kevin Spacey I don't remember what the allegation was but I remember it was like. That was the reaction but I don't permit is he going through the court system needed every bit click. Every day Internet every day bait. Once a week there's this new claim and there's everybody it's always a subtle bid teaser rate is much but then the story goes away but forever in our minds. That person is that no matter what the outcome ever notice via. Yeah all the stuff came out you know about him after the fact Pugh on just recently worked with a Kevin Spacey idea Scalia. Had a ball once the doors open lot of people. Coming out a lot of stories earned an embargo on up. And you know like the situation with Weinstein where he says Al ruling Yoshi town I can understand why people are coming form is with things like that if there are sexually assaulting and and they are afraid to come forward because it's a powerful man that will keep them from ever working in Hollywood and she. What though if you just go and I would Weinstein immediate if that it did. Ever does against Jews is way over the top like cost these was OK you don't have a social media presence but I think it's somewhat that's going on and you just. High end don't speaking and don't tweet like no way you normally would. This kinda lose sight well maybe his guilty of this you know I mean I realize it's PR and press and don't we don't tweet but there. Then again they're gonna get a million response is all about that no matter what you say and then people are gonna get measured the other ran for weeks or even taken seriously ever talk permanent job and stuff in excess exchanging you'd like YouTube will not win there is no winning that situation there's no way to win once that's been done I. Alito must face the one time and I really really regret it I really do because sit down. It was it was mainly Iraqi said Jamison one I don't want it I don't want this and I don't want that so I just deleted all that then looking back now a slight well then it kinda you know so. I think no matter what. He got to leave it up in Uganda. Not continue on with your life that don't just go in and shelty yourself if you do your really in this room. Don't listen to walk down the way and trump does it could come all the time they got his phone from him Irish. Yeah right yeah that's what he's Eddie does not just on every morning at this time I go find my iPhone and it. Milan in unity and I can see it coming but there is up he is not nearly converse and he better not yet behind the Obama portrait of the president cruising making this kind of hurt anybody militant. Unlike many of us plus them well in Utah last sixty seconds or less trouble and that's a good transition. Cole we dubbed strolling sort of and how hard it is being famous on social media man man I did not know why I guess it is hard it is hard for it I was saying that I was famous sending troll on Twitter yeah. Literally any of us would know what it's like to have the rocks Twitter account. Now and you know what. I opened it up the other day on. They resented her platform where you can it to show you notifications. All this new you know tweet deck here. In yesterday I put it in one of the columns but at the rock just to set your watch the interaction. Jesus Christ. Like I don't think anybody on the face of this earth it's more tweaks than Dwayne Johnson I'm not kidding I'm talking about trump. Netanyahu. Expect at Angela Merkel on the big could be president one day. Know what. It would save the world knew me you take what it. They're really would then everybody would love them off a things around everybody what he's so charismatic. He's a good dad did you actually do like Teddy Roosevelt and the Iraq Friday he could go beat front line that settlement with the movies are real here and really it. He can fight a thirty foot tall Gonzalez swinging good they're wolf two and a wolf. And doesn't he have a good work ethic so people say nice things about him and that that Debbie Debbie he's doing and if you ever heard any Debbie Debbie guys say anything poorly about that's Kevin Nash did ya what he says. We've has struggled on torment Ambien secretly gay and also stuff really like. This is bitterly crap talk everybody in the business and outside the business I mean you really hands and he really gave him millions of dollars economy stupid years later and it's like a man there he is bitterly trash talk all kind of people who works circles around term hostility into that. You're still a little barrier there wouldn't wanna be on his bad side but I did you bring a guy who is a wrestler who is trash talk everybody he ever lighter didn't like Hamels AJ the stakes the duke. God bless if you could've heard the also the air comments Wednesday to stay Roberts truly good and here we would have lost SEC lessons for sure you know. Well hill kick around any of the actors from the show stranger things are kids right. Now there's adults on there. Well I'm in the kids from stranger things that you got mad at old hard because he wasn't stopping to take pictures blu hotel in Hollywood last year. Which what's his care to name is the man I am I outrage against them. We want from it. It's no fourteen year old Millie and Bobby Brown she quit Twitter after being controlled by people. Yeah yeah well what happened is people where. Sending out little homophobic. Messages with her picture on a thousand people using hash tags the hash tag take down Millie Bobby Brown why. There are posting fake names and stories about it. What a horrible home phone Millie is she's a homicide now she's not that they were just making stuff happen all started then and 2017 when someone tweeted that Millie yanked her he jabbed. And stunted on the airport and just taken off there and it seems like people are making stuff up and then even doing some homophobic thing in posting her picture on different means. People army learned how old is that little girl she says fourteen. And it obviously have Sadr and she's super tolerant and active in the fight for our algae. BTQ rights and she's that it really wasn't Colmes says she ticked down our Twitter account because she is tired about that they captions and pictures and just timing thing and amp. She's fourteen years old worth thirteen million dollars now and it says here that most of the money she makes remodeling work. A must doesn't work these does want to miss scroll down and staying. F two clickthrough you know they do the season I think are more cards only worth two million paid as a model. Wheels worth a million and I Dustin asked when you said two million dollars on us want his name is in Dayton matter Raza. I may have pronouncement is Mazar. Lucas is only worth 700 Graham Rahal son train fare it's an area that's as Bustamante gets screwed and Ailes made Betty assembly in Lion King to McCain doing his entry through Velika distances some of this community. I hooked on does consume. As you so much to me because I did. Speech problems and has kid had to get a speech therapist. Yeah I told you about. The cult like snake and particularly as Baghdad would be free and and about my dad and I got a speech class man. On the right to extend about the rock you premieres somebody who don't like drugs throughout okay well there. It's me diatribe about understood judge signed sit Vin Diesel and the rock can be made yet but never believed it was real brief I always thought it was like wrestling angle. We just like guys who was the other guy and that movie minute the black and a series yet before them to. About not wanting to do the other movie I guess I hated Saddam I'll take it let's do this bill. Here but but the thing for the rock with vin diesels he just stood up for the rest of the crew McCain is vin was a way to show on hand to the sat. And the rock called mount on that. So he is a good guy he. No I was so let's say hey you know we didn't do on the rise guys an onside nom. Ryan Seacrest joins the rise guys are okay yeah in this Sunnyvale is Ryan Seacrest and the rise guys and all this stuff much the way they were with Paul Walker and then finally Paul Walker goes in dies and then he's like I finally. It's baggage is made Vin Diesel and that all well. Ari gather my rock he is jealous AS got to be happy so puck you're looking rock. And a foot shorter though yeah and for sure is he's at tiny feet to. Likely Vin Diesel wears a size nine anything. Yeah that's and that's why is it for an entire world yeah ideas don't. I think and nine is small it is for you know he's seen big guy like Kimberly did you think he's by. Thirteen four and like at thirteen two or something into Maine and our sixteenth trip can think Edwards takes CY. There are trying every she's ours is for people and tell you what the average user is our. I you know what it didn't take cover Google fingers I'll see you very clear first term. People are big city there you'll see some funny follow Shaq on mr. Graham he was getting their news out of that in jury yesterday. Ended his feet or worm to Harden and a fifteen maintain the Shaq. I think that's I think I'm really has been he had 23 and I mean this whispered backward mama I don't know. They are given rigor says the American revolution army records show the average shoe size one mile Mel recruit has increased from. Size six. To bottom now in half since the revolution between the revolution and 2002. Yeah or spend 3000 years we were up three should three have she's. While why don't seem to big issue size and live. Is that a man or woman women have been treatment or not 123 now she sent us in the world I got a fourteen. A woman. The man hills gets moral McGregor for the large street the world wears size twenty sic. Some that's right. He's feed her one foot four inches long. Yet what engine environment fix it is that age isn't Venezuela and it's your closet anything bad she's there you know. Alma I've seen as those is they show port people in other countries they say gee you would your dirty guy he's a connection has some guy where in light cardboard box and it's you leave the happy yeah. Outlook this guy YUYC is a kind of game three million pounds a watered background might all of Venezuela was something you go into the soccer in the. Where it is almost a ha I. And Kyra you're are walking library isn't he was assessed 37 double A a new 37 and he's dead yeah I mean that's probably the big issue ever multi armed is that there was almost nine feet tall. I used by the biggest person ever as ways to get his instead issue a beach. Went on during. Send home. And I just I don't know if you we get more of the closet and if he had them my shoes or four. Not only reds' most likely be fluid as an adult and it is among Jimmy Dickens. Us grand Ole opry thanks James surges where a teeny little feet as yeah fifth will be paid to allow. While while while Obama's way over here aren't something new every day my credit score may she sounds less sound and I hit. Well if you didn't Diana and any thing fear and and don't feel bad began is according to some research almost half of us 44% of consumers will pick up their dad's gift though weak. And give this to 42% of the people my Father's Day against northern dad. And tell Father's Day yep so usually what they do and I Hank you know. My outlet store they get as a drug stores and kind of story can get the card and then what every now and again with the card and the same store. If you want to transcend many your screen. We can put as many stop the drugstore just because you don't then your mama knows. What the drugstore sales seasonally for gifts so she's dead because that's where he does your mom mr. He has to go there against his description as soon as he really is 28 album as well. What is in the drugstore they know just came from the drugstore five minutes ago and they know it but I thought and that's just don't waste your money where their card. And may then have then I think liking something they know you just gotta drugstore. You'll I want these bath beads these are very nice thank you yeah hold her own needs. Owner of glove you know I have may have been as seen on TV section simply adds anything you've Lee's horse you and dad and troubled Gordon inside a Wal-Mart picks them out at least that much yeah yeah section you're really gonna run organizations. You think Danny award this Billy big mouth bass thing again the want for Christmas but this summer edition he's wearing a maids. And again I'm and his favorite team. You women Taco Bell who helps him. Ala. Well James Caron has a new book that's coming out it's called historian of science fiction and it yeah he'll learn something that you may want. And not know about George Lucas and you might be grateful that Disney book I thought all paying. Big is George Lucas was planning some does a heart stopped. Yeah and he had some sequels that would've been about a micro bio on a creature called the wills. Which would rate it controls the universe and feed off the faux. He residents are murmur yeah hit. So that that was taken him more of a energy kinda way yeah I'm not spiritual but more of a clandestine kind of ambiguous enemy matter if adjectives. Yeah I'm saying now it's one of those like when asked Mary had what does god look like she's like he looks like nothing but is the most beautiful thing you've ever seen. Silliness Brad James Cameron you what I find out the story of science fiction so he interviewed on these a famous filmmakers to see you know what their stories were about an if if you know Lucas would continued on into Disney didn't take over and that's what would've happened. The modern day sense fishing guide they brought in the forefront Ron mayor. Gene Ron Mary Star Trek thing. We know we're science fiction writing was very popular before television entity. War of the worlds and I'll let. Yeah I mean so it's fiction books have been big. I won't say dating back to turn of the century they median of eighteen hundred's a lot of us and prevalent science fiction writing has taken place but some of the greatest golfers real quick. They drawl that problem because like you know there's that famous. Footage you can see online at some guy who's out hiking. Back in that. I don't have forties or fifties or something had a camera with a mini east's all these. Paying store across the sky and he said they look like. Little flying coffee salts for him any reported that the news and satellites flying saucers with him things I yeah I know where that comes from but. If no one had ever seen a spaceship. How was it even fall to. Write fiction based on the AZ aren't sick imagination yeah pretty much it did it just kind of came to. Maybe all big key appearance imagination because its so much actual valid science and science and Sean and these are very very brilliant minded men they no science to just write stories so yeah but GE makes loving her disarming he was born 1890s it has been well. If he did there's a website they it says but Star Trek there. And it shows you different things they would use during Star Trek the TV show and it was okay like 67 seasons long but. They would show things that they would have in the future that we have now like there walk irrelevant iPad no Star Trek through their dared touch screen. Nobody had any thought of that then the cell phones that are being me up Scotty on that kind of started all these riders get together with all these chemists and doctors and scientists at some gross somewhere and just exchange ideas. That's how it all happen. Aaron Orwell who knows so much what was gonna happen as far as. I and then again how much of that was dubbed the writing influencing culture I reflect the writing time is how did they know so much and I mean they know. They understand the technology available to meant to tie this to 1930s and 1920s and what they do as a result that is they. That's what they do need to think about where it came Garland Y times they're smarter than men understand American girl because they're these laws are just finish right is really weird and I admire greatly because there. They know science they also can write and not many people are engineers are good also write fiction that's a weird double brain. So how would you write science fiction now where we have drive and the scars I pads elects all these things the way they do it now they still do it all the time. They came flying car like in invisible cars. Was delighted taken minority report with Tucker is we didn't freak out slogan pulls when he stopping crime before it happens it's. They're driving cars up vertical roads and stuff I'm USS won't wash. In May be tired personal story and then that happened in someone's life until the character from that in his courage and hero that's why don't write anymore. Non case this year I that I semi. I didn't do you like the right guys if these little guy. Com slash 933 to play. I thank you for listening have a great day we'll see back tomorrow morning Pat White IBM right. Meanwhile Miguel lab six we say thank you your. Fewer Jermareo this next three minutes. Between the years next thing he 3.3 and a plan in Iraq and back.