Thursday, July 12th

If you work at a store and somebody gives you some "sweaty money", do you take it?, it happens more than you think: Headlines: Wrap-Up

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The radio got. He's the addition new home and on the rise guys morning chill run you're on the and he three point we don't planted a big red color Michael the first thing you. Lucky to the rest guys you know maybe 3.3 double. Taylor Jeff Lewis nailed please send you what's all night I. Can you ask me he tried to hang in the right guys tonight he had no will power. 'cause he left dot com bonding time for three hours. About three hours Shalit. And don't watch your. Own every game. Listen there is as well while our men and men factoid to. Now today. Congress now. I'm Morales. And how do yeah. Is web cam back on the left a it's acts alleged locals you know it's funny that they're tempting underwear. Yeah our trip this. Like. While the boys have mercy. How's how's that there are unloaded take it off though if you had time in jail and I think you leave it alone. Nine you really did and I thought I am not doing anything other than dishonestly busting balls I always really really really. Like you. You really get into this. Yeah I mean I enjoy did the drag race and you're. The amount of effort these do you put into it and why give it shocked the guys and or hurt you see him up for bird. They've put in Pennsylvania the new Milwaukee gear you're. Yeah. Everything here in the Super Bowl we're Berger do that I'll probably die. I am. I am it. I say if their boy is he doing in this market. Though he's do we know our judges voted for like I get to be one vote that said ton of different votes but. He did did are tired we didn't hear any kind of actual vote for mark just remembered her bleed it absolutely did. Mueller villain and I was and everybody voted for Jeff a crotch. I didn't. I think get vote. Well. So hard judges virtual crutch you know and then the yeah. Global has still got cigarettes back in the news outlets Ingram beer. There sir. We should one man it blocked. Pulled her inspector you when all else. On the engines won't need a well. Did indeed it's not so much. Who lives it's kind of the funny thing like Jeff was really heels and an Adidas flip. And he was wearing away mid February have worn on his cry all his stuff like. And it was clear he swore that as a way yes senator I have not resent paying them it was basketball where they had balls on their were bread basketball goals on him. So bad boys were a ladies don't mean obviously there's no room and crops for ramparts so I got and then blew away got to the opposite here stuff. This doubt inside the all put your stuff inside the wigs to keep fit and so it was just like rewarded and San this was exactly what I went and all called Barack. Well I don't. I think I had a I had a wonderful time there where do we got good video I'm Janet and and that's what that's what got Timmy is as a gay man can chemistry and really be that much into drag and not. I'd like I I tried to see how. Ginny is so it's Jimmy where pennies nobody near us and let it tell us a year where are there any trees should go all out zone plus you know she bear. That. It. Like materials to docs to the lines they gonna do indeed mean commitment. Well yes it is noon he wasn't even in the contest. Drastic hosted our best to do their part. At least that's a joke all the fun now of course it's. Of course I'm sure if I wore my AC ECT shirt actually credit to her address of the Woodward AC DC these are the government. But if two commercial mark would buy that shirt and oh yeah. But I mean like you address the best offering and yet and I didn't when you appreciate a if it ever get another dragged Asian hours after I won last year I care if I never worn that damn dress again thing here as lower level. Here's the thing I mean honestly I might. I don't have any probably dressed as a woman I did it for. To Halloween yes I did it for days that charity thing await Hamptons or in the poultry clean. In something else when other time. On I just don't get the care Richard Allen good. Like killer remained light. Families at hand character was just it was wonderful any breath and turn it like he was totally rison who like all that case. In any did not prepared all star game it just. Like that's as a guarantee your credit like you'll end here. Did not prepare at all is as far as you know big deep deep. You know the actual verbiage or any of them leave the lines are Q&A or any of that stuff I was just tell myself be every redneck woman you grew up Perot. It's a solid wrestler and his dragon yes you read this drag and progress rant that they have bad it's and grayer on Saturday. Good drivers and our grants programs. You know a method of their religious and everything you put into the maker of look. There's one well again I was yet about as secondly Tom. Ridge and I I think they're. It amazes howled. Good nine does it up and again don't read into this he's a 100% straight he's married I'm mad as wants meaning. Just it's it's incredible they always say to people who do it he just kind of how it for them to bomb. You know. I'm wrestling though does that mean has to be an extension of like some kind of character what every based oil and your shades and Barbara. They dragged down. You and Dana quarterback who likes Mears. It. They've tried. It and I guess seven years back not only have. Kept coming out there may need programs. We got a text abound where. Tammy editorial built around. All I knew everything about all the attacks were people are Thomas well it's one particular guy he says government let's show again because we're going to help that was today all okay well. I'm used to track cannot. Army is being intolerable they don't know Verlander threw this back and if I. He's when he was still in the days dressed as woman a Flip Wilson did every actor go through this sad look for the news told everybody to hate people who do it more. Yeah mr. speaker all the roles were always played by men exclusively all of them yeah mad death on every roll playback. There were what was that. And now rumors. I just. I just think that. Tabloid plays they're really good female character and and I I wouldn't have known of which on the spot but I would like to request. Aunt Pam decent phone scams. And I think about it yeah it is it's good like meant to be second deck can be a thing I can't pay them. Here. Refinement. Thaw hear from Roland. I'll still do it anyway so you really did have a real campaign do and is is and that was was loosely based Susan's car wreck. Literally trying to burn every bridge and every family members that he doesn't have all yours you're Christmas and Thanksgiving is off to the barrel last night and day. Teasing his. Sorry everybody and amber some similar belly butter white gay Jimmy what are we what are we have to leave 120 dollars in year cleavage does notice additive or there are Oriole I don't know takes so long that twenty dollars worked at a store they don't want editorialists saw a couple of text problem hundreds noted there's people just couldn't people who who handle money. I receive anybody in the urges. Say there is hot like this they hate hate hate hate hate getting Brahma audience out there Smart anyway I would sort of any soccer they're brought hot they are all wet nasty it is gross. And then well it's softer line on his mind that the women still pull it. Money and their brawls of them gold dollar post on this huge for change this usually is out so long cigarettes that state laws and lose some money and as massive dudes a warm. It's keeps done. And cleavage Clinton it's. Almost yeah. Yeah it. Must may brawls pockets which keeps money in the years pentagon and there are other stuff they make problems for men this season. In England right now in the UK. Stores are put signs in the windows it's hot again as sweaty blue money. Sorry no sweaty broad money rose Lenny foot so should we don't wash away money. It's now here at lowered. My god we no longer set sweaty sticky wet. Blakey bloody and Blakey mining. To each his money anymore personable. It is sale does what if it comes out of your butt crotch her bra area take that nasty Blake could restore lives one by one of my hopes it. You come home and there's an increase in senator Dorgan sending money carry your bra thanks management. Every word spelled correctly to their way smarter and England apparently scientists have taken out taken into the bathroom light and under the hand dryer. Don't carry cash money don't want the bends over from Houston one is is pay would you cancer in other way. It. Are you love me of the great breweries and pockets due to rising temperatures except sweaty sock or blowing you think it's disgusting. It. Stork brought blank he embryos and actually see it on the red arrow whose. I'll blog is not like he's butter and while it's. Arm. A lot of places these kinds they don't just they won't take your money that sledding right. Take your money if you're spending money. Even money in your Brock never because you can. You will if it's real money I'll take it yet I've never get money in my socks or a loss of two dollars a pound signs that brought me flowers whose all of our three that's how do baby delivered. Imani yeah they just let vigilant of the tunnel under the irons drew trucker there for a yeah I mean it's not completely sealed Steffi in the of the wire element. In new design money Smart way to hold your money. Nor for mature Monty does these new lark. Isn't at its inception in a same parties on bridges. And yeah. Sears question when a woman puts it gives. You know I haven't seen in years you know when I was a kid I'd see it all the time I mean. If you went to a yard sale and bought something per dollar and in the fob the woman pulled money out of her brush. She approached arms but it's. In my office. But like I still like it's not resting. On the boob I always thought it was under. I mean when we think it would world on underneath and again and go faster and apple. I don't. I totally get into the Persian at stores like her I can do in silicon people when they show you your bill is two dollars and 45 cents they're pulling it out of their their bra there's sought Bayer added. I guess what some tougher on the ground. May actually uphold it and it's all wet nasty still from people don't wet nasty hot wet slit and god. Yeah that Emmy and I can see that imagine working historic all Laurie is hated sweaty dollar bills I'd imagine with cash register smells like but we're we're now. Stripper who know how much. How much sway you money you didn't change. If you're the next iron the second and third irons to. Get a given it back to bid to get it back. Because you put some kind of blue lights it was on the money. In his unit to black lighted the hotel yet nobody it. Yeah well. Or Europe I guess it's latex and then maybe it's a man I don't know Brohm is seasonal thing winter and fall homered. Paper cuts. In. Would you go to all the data recorder to. The numbers are mil mall. Passwords been. Eminem has actually tax not a gas has caused him down with a girl one time she pulled the condom out of her bra and it's instantly turns me off and Elena. So first beat us in this front dispensary that was a new one. What column which I think she had it checked in the end and past all this summer there may sound and as your road Moffett believes it's it's not easy and summertime in this area so. Not an easy thing course record we will hear people opponents say it must Sox. Brought all the time and easel here there. One out now I mean nobody wants to be honest about it nobody ever is at stake yeah those young nasty. Or I have been many times you know ally that haven't hugged me and Daniel Orton like dance numbers and how important these. Your. Your work hit it well and something about it. Rise guys morning. He 93 point freedom plan. Right guys headlines with the aids. And you're Beagle who sorry have I got a story for you only got a bunch somewhere and I. And house confinement. And I at this. Homeless. Farmlands. South Beach artist. Stands as tourists. That's right. It pains with their arms. On the beach. Don't know if what you think. It pain swim. His feet obviously yeah. Send discount okay that's all I did read the order of you folks who I thought I lady trainer Pena whether Ralph did. Yeah it Joni. There is a tiny tear a guy named Cezanne art car not a from Chicago he was on vacation and Miami Beach last week. And on Tuesday night he had a confrontation. With a 46 year old homeless street artist by the name of Jonathan Crenshaw. Yes. They're Johnson says that things are sucker punched him and things are says that he was asking Jonathan for directions but either way. All John grabbed some scissors and he stats these are two times on my left arm. So. He obviously got these scissors with his feet somehow and stand up. I could see video that now there's video of everything I had not that hard. SA grabbed it with this tattoos and he had it scissors in his wingspan. His waist and that he's beaten him but it's only a lazy and is into your hiding something illegal where he never say anything like. Hey you we're glad dollar us here Marlins and as always remember contraband. I don't know about. The. So I'm imagining iron when he went back from the Chicago he has a good story to tell Lamar and an inch down my and a armor helmets artists and and the beach. Literally couldn do we Susan B of their in the bore through. The normal forty rather have a home our arms. He's almost harmless guy. Yeah I guess it sucks go home in the world. I had stayed in the airmen and by so mobile down in Florida I'll take one arm in a mobile home. I'm when he some Beers for this one. It looks good already. In the murder you're eager are you as would you do care. And hint on who you believe when the guy asking for directions aren't and the other guys sucker punched I'm Alaska. He's the pot to winning just came earlier well. You know. There may in May just be sucker punch homeless cactus. Over and over vacation there was one night that they were showing live PD it was all episodes but it was like. Eight hours were like Pete and I watched much to punishment monitors from and who knows it did this story was this one guy and he got. They called an hour of stopping disease walking all up attract views drunk I forget what town mayor and but then two hours later they get another call and they describe this saying duck. Well when they get there he's got. Hey man adil is going there and get a hamburger and then these two and a does beat me and they're like come validated by police stories they go ability to surveillance camera the there's this guy stumbling out of day all and I fast food place in the that in no way these two guys beat to hell I'd Evan. Leave bleeding light and win this food everywhere just for fun so yeah I think people duke beat up. People just for fun happens absolutely burger and I did get an excellent game isn't. I was I don't get it that is pure and maintenance. The end of the stories Crenshaw as a wreck arrest record includes. And the is. Trespassing disorderly conduct. Intoxication. Vandalism battery on police officers. He's handsome on their run in before. And is court date is July 18 of that happens and. Serious question though if you're copping you roll up on a guy who just stabbed a guy but he doesn't have arms. Do you put shackles is pretty. A little forgotten. Is that my irons now from our time and time push electronic net only gonna come courtroom in the coming days in the it what you gain our amateur scene inside acog coral and he's is got shackles Wilson and a well. Usually have Charlotte Reynolds and brown somewhere they can certainly gets out there are few minutes Israel as a moment. Lieberman some irons real almost oboe. By the clock Yeltsin's current. Well if you've ever done something had really good intentions can relate to the story the post teen teen. Miami but he. Is that Brad hits charity built and no Ireland's are now on rough shape and people are aliens that. He and his may get right cheered you promised to build a 150 affordable houses. And the Lower Ninth Ward islands affordable hotels and houses. And then Ninth Ward. And of course and they have flooding damage and keep more homeless. That it is not that there are built these homes quit but now they're falling apart leaking floorboards walls are following frying groups. And people are and have been out now because they can't afford the repairs. The Cynthia and and Brad has abandoned him incentive he Tierney. He's a hundred homes that were built up this is you should get some homes that are built around here so fast. Literally there's a subdivision that I passed on a way to my house I think went up in two weeks. It was bad air like a dust bowl now that green grass not fourteen ounces. Nobody can worst are. With a nor. It well start now Ali did you hundreds they're there. And obviously now have Hamas. Homeowners insurance her. Bailout goes I. Hundreds insurance or any kind of warranty with the roofing companies sort of in and everything that a Griffin last more than. 510 here's maybe. He did a good thing you think he's gonna move their stay in when you can have all their money liberated lives and be surrounded by a mountain. Pass. Will move to New Orleans and give all that up. I mean. If you depends on who he believes like you know when I remember when ash and future when times said. I am leaving Los Angeles has literally everywhere I go there's a camera must face a winner and like some of that is want to live in his beat in any move back to river valleys from. He's not yet nobody bothers me here I can totally see that. First Lady gotten out nothing riled a lot of new money. In the wrong. Of all the famous people have been moving to Idaho and Montana now. I heard as I think it got him a bonus payments they don't want that now. So I South Carolina don't fire. You know who do. Well there is an exciting is. If you love Tom Petty because their space is sixties are again no one Thursday sixty Sean box that that's gonna come out on September 28. It's called an American treasure. And and they've released a single called keep a little soul. And it lists that we have and released. Since 1982 and. I have every not a CRS old stuff. Hook. So you really say his wife. Somebody's life how. We you have written a win. We don't have it I got a beard and balances its own songs. I believe that things are and released by artists who work and release for reasons. Sarah there's a reason in the ground. 35 years before you die him. And I am doing karaoke. There's a debate. Debate. Under the motor molest period united magic. Minutes. As a filler song many was really higher even listening now. So other things on man box at alternative takes live versions and you know he can get some pictures say you've never seen from the band and things like map. Parents are very nostalgic or. Buyer group they're a dollar box Etsy and get the booklet of photos. There yesterday when I went to unnamed custom shop disease treatment for breast they they have kiss boots there for costumes. But they are like. True 300 dollars that they look like deep kiss and its. And asked whether girls lets you you know these populations that we sell these all year long like people buying these to collect them. They may be True Blue hair what some money and Anderson area makes his boots jeans boots while. And I don't think for literally hit a now and and they were box I mean it was it was made by the same people memo wanna wanna custom released. Some isn't proud of them Jane there probably openly is. Not a lover Mason is like a mom and pop up to show okay. Yeah moviemakers red cobbler round here so my Texan coming hills they called Obama's to lose named yeah yeah they're now. On T. I have problems with your mom and technology I know I do with my mom and things that she doesn't hundred understand like the phone on the computer and things like that. Well there's a tech writer for Forbes imposed a screen shots from his phone last week after his grandmother encountered her very first gift. Video. So there and it was in our group tax with a bunch are relatives and atlas with Steve Harvey clapping. And she was so upset with Madonna go gosh she didn't understand it says she immediately ticks are found to their Verizon store to see if they can fix it. Is very concerned that it wouldn't keep looping. I'm sure it's gonna group which I've ordered early Clinton's. Those fallen so they had to teller when it was and answered or their their found whereas war and so. Now washing hands. In I want entire Graham on next. Letter now in a text and I don't be armed. I didn't like I gotta get a phone philly's article about the challenge screens current. Settlement you know. Would be I'm nervous men in my game and over slightly control early and it's and a vessels lap and while a senate. While I mean we have owner. I mean this often bad news out all of fumes that slider a civil. You have it separate phone via an older iPhone or your efforts whose old America. You need your fix of American yet. And a but the only way to get your face to intervene if experiments are sci guy who else experienced. Node on the phone was definitely in a about him. By. As you. Yale has cellphone it's I don't need to inexpensive phone which you don't carry any insurance intends to drop at a break you know. As you know why don't you care the insurance you pay an extra ten or eleven bucks a month they still won't cover there's still something that is it. Won't cover but it. First investor and A there are colonies in your refer to replace you hearing interns anymore you ravaged by Antonia. An American home showed itself on. On the phones like violent power. As we begin when you take a picture balloons fly everywhere and yet you finance the one in first place. It is inexpensive and especially in always happens when you down one now and my opponent and the toilet and you lose everything again. I always happens when you put it has all. The browns in Canada and the are absent some thing. On Democrat. A player Mario runs. You can voting abroad for a little answer is that the balls to let him urged ago. It is. You're stressed that idea for you. Eat more vegetables. Morning cigarette and you study every portion and as a mosey with you and tear plane then eighteenth. Larry your stress levels by 5%. After eating fiber six servings a day he'll fill a lot better. You lower your stress level five servings of vegetables a day. Every vegetable you need to lower your stress lets me know I guess. They believe Tony vegetables I don't know they're not incredibly stressed. I I I just I cannot ever be a vegetarian nearly. I got. In very rare that I can come across meals. Where are. I feel like I had a complete meal whether more meat being involved Bryant. I know in the same light I went through a vigorous international ones not great Leo. Really good I was starts tomorrow if there are starting to our lord. Really. Ari her hours later it went through quicker start a game or two hours and hours and fifty bucks looks and if you wanna punish without meat she. Really get stuff like spin answer KLR. This you know anything dark ingrained is California. And the reason why is because I am whatever and then the vegetables. They are and they help with mood stabilizers and the brain was serotonin and opening. So it relaxes you and that's who felt better when it's a chemical process not going to get the benefits from inning span to helping yourself. They are anti oxidant. I have thoroughly vetted her talk her as her Jack purge good what does that. It's a decision. Anger and I swear to god I hear the news fruit or vegetable like every other week now and it's like never heard of why rule dragons hurt her whenever I saw that the pressure on this track and very thing I am on angles and Jack fruit is the thing that there are juicy fruit is flavored after. I don't not talk about my bicycle. It's. Coercing people. Try to push it on you like it's pork substitute you make it. Tucker was with a red meat substitute isn't that it's just good stood in DC don't try to tell yourself that. It's just like pork because obviously it isn't it's fruit so it isn't pork. But when you isn't talking or is it that I barbecue tacos it is delicious. I. That's what I can without me being in all of American enjoys different Jennifer Jennifer Jennifer easier. Soy. Half dragon that tis fill everything with Carol a chance to yeah. There are many death. On page and as your eyes as on nine. Barack written word 93 minute drive. Begins at 10 this morning now more of the rise guys morning show many things going through. Thank you are right he called FaceBook snap thanks to Graham tweedy is all those things. We appreciate that thank you gave Tammy for coming man and judging today. And also everyone who voted to Mars Friday I guess if there's lower and Rory to the end and Ethel flock 86424143188642414318. Also if you got something to plug the return free plug Friday tomorrow morning as well if you have a business yard sale bake sale conserved maker of sale. Pig pig can. Wild game supper. To get free radio air time to promote that tomorrow morning at ten seconds so out of print Grassley engine can be a great tag great program to mark the right now we have tickets street SE blush. Foul lies he has no more liberal but there are a year. What sale last name we associated. With potentially being trashy. Text one of those last names and the Carolina made real dot com to sign it 72341. That's averaging three point one of igniting the correct answer to go see bush lot of errors Cherokee casino. On my choice to our friends didn't. She's always had ideas and arguments carry leather jacket. A nice three minute not a robot gonna kick off next page Iraqi work flamboyance I am rises rely only allowed six thanks for listening in the west they take it as it is. And. And 83 minute run block his luck. In the loaded. 3.3 oh. Barack.