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Of course it's subjective but picking the top 5 songs of all time is no easy task: Headlines: Wrap-Up


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He's right guys I guess is powered by so these kids who traveled to wake up the rise guys every morning this is the rise guys morning show. Three point freedom planning back. Can it. Turns. The it's. Okay. I. If you send manage yourself or your dislike of this dusty would yourself I'm not a moment after a shower I'm talking about just life. He has managed to sell and once they are sort of another. Four years wow man myself. Where there are great email last week in the sack and I was asking us what earth are they wanted to know our favorite top ten songs of all time. You are specifically new engine and and I thought wealth. Can't do ten I would take forever especially play a little bit down you comment on analyze stuff makes fun of each other whatever. So Lisa what do sob each employee didn't. We'll do it for everybody one day each day this week this is how you know we're here through Friday we're gonna do each day semi nude if their top five list music and so I Jimmie and our talk must not myself I'll start off you do Tuesday as you heard earlier Jeff does Wednesday. Pages doing Thursday and travel for a tell. So why I came in here this morning I did memo lists together. And I said well come on my top five songs and we'll talk beer at a sit near their commercial breaks are discussed through much. History on the phone to sluggish stuff. I can't I can't I tried to put it into a shame I got try to say okay let's do. You know is that the sabres tried very redneck songs or your five favorite five. I even thought about Christmas songs and that stupid us. Is partly I mean if they do it there's are couple of Christmas songs are really really like a lot. Love being Christmas all just us residents aren't Jack Frost division arms and then come tell us I love Madeleine and her wherever. And there. Hauser really jingle bell rock. Love that show ran Izard cashiers are good. And it's just a Christmas she'll listen to for a couple weeks a few times. Is it really doesn't love us always I. And I can't put together like if I just don't put it seems so I can't tell you five favorite songs written. A ball is how hard it is because then and when you when you put it together a vineyard like okay what about the song. Or is that one better than this one as good as you know Hasbro workers here or shoes. I've been singing her own perfect but. Yeah decades before. You look at Sam and admin so like aids is the mining juniors tomorrow I have a blue route down a list yet. But. How are you in your mind how are you trying to. He's trying to get to this I executed anybody think right now we have top five songs of all I'm actually whom it would murder your brain to think about that. The world is this thing top five of all time more power or even make a list of five artists they're my top fire from all time. Average N is I have a list of songs are started on I could try to narrow down somewhat. But now there's a lot of really great artists are really like a lot then Palmer represented and hall. But if I said tell me. Bands that you wanted to see if he does he anytime mantra and that would take forever it'll remain dedicated down the songs. You better put some air and double their. I know what you would put all matter is when your request law when you do our region when songs amber oh the Abbott safe. I wouldn't be a Whitney's free bird what's simply because. It's almost every Skinner song so does she can't be on the it's not my favorite Skinner so it's going to be an omen that's a nanny of the month how fast their songs I. I don't come home grown in Frankfurt and or sewer and commanded a smile and then gimme three steps him. What you want your smarts but I doubt it. I am man I it's such a hard thing to do TSA is. I didn't give me as onerous I'll listen all kinds of music except gospel. I think you run I Timmy subjects that. He tender ribs you can do anybody was in denial. That's the thing is going to be some Angel is going to be there's got to be. Do you think until it at some times you get gimme some years. You only into only wide artists only black artists you want me to do dead people. I am am Tony I need that's why there's no such thing is just a playlist anymore yeah. He can't just say these are my favorite five songs because if you ask me that tomorrow would be different from today guessing that Wednesday it be different still. And driving playlist that I have that I used yeah songs allied to drop to bring you golf balls. When I had no I don't at all out car is still to calm down. Share your. Hours brash metal all I know this isn't it pamphlet LeRoy drier. Is upon frank here where it's only angry right. Let's let's let's look and see what they what's on the as the driving playlist you've got. Byron black keys a lot of My Morning Jacket Smashing Pumpkins includes fires. Is very old student alliance materials or is it. So they are Edward Sharpe and the magnetic zeroes if you're trying to that's not I guess. And cage down a tunnel man certainly no wrist all. And earned that. This I mean admit that but that's just my travel list imposed more in the losers are not a draft list and then I mean then I've got like this. I I need some direction I'm not being hard to deal with your does need some direction. Can be seen. On whose minutes Alvaro okay fine art and music is the zoom north from me. Why did okay plot I'm not a huge news again aren't so the stuff I'm gonna pick is probably going to be before 1991. To. OK that's fine taste bud. Yeah calling your top five songs of all time Ashton. A southerner so he'll have great chili peppers covering the event a fair by the Ramones for them you'll never U2 song or three or four of them and from Poland stones song that Mumia and because you don't know that we're winners again here's the thing and a killer so I gotta you gotta pick popular ones are people who call craft a new list. Yeah knoller and our power to belt and a few. Some people mostly agree on what I can't say you know mr. broad sudden that's why I am I don't. Everybody angry really is no yeah I wouldn't be fair to say. Maybe not your top five but brings five songs that you're embarrassed and Eli are split okay in Maine is that fair. I can do that I want easy. Sounds I does mention one that man I mean. I love that song and I couldn't Hamlin mountaineers light blast that would wind is down on this American wind I think it bears are all right. Our decision that OK what if I just geez I think any ideas and we is Janet one aegis she's at Simi wanted it. Somebody songs by drinking end. You know I thought about doing my five fuel songs but there's will be sent out not to be hard to pick up here it is tough to narrow down the far. Ultimately it's all environment may be able gonna drive hours to get their own in my party here. Yeah don't lose. I wish I had more shame on the bears' plane crash Burleson through. OK I love at all so. So tomorrow I can do. Top five songs I'm embarrassed to admit ala. SA Canada Italy and it's a maybe we can double its Mars we keep the week. Cult. Complete. Yeah we can do to market. So I'll be able to brings top five songs I'm embarrassed to admit that I look there are a look at this long list of soldiers Turco with a save lives is far off. This could find that might mean for you may be like one send. What about ones that add to the high. Enough to certain songs and maybe good and a Arnie do if she wanted him here. Or to bring in the theme that you do it girl fresh. Saying I. Everything now downtown salt or Steve or this edited they'll really work is as sids. There's too many songs are got to go with a baby then five more salt. Marsh and go to school. Yeah. Are we have so much homework. Well would school there's there's real answers to this hour now answers are Russian or until a news is we won't have home we were dubious goal again I mean you know it's one I'm really afford to the most Jeffs. And I sanctions against everything you know about jazz music wise has always been like club music. Fortune fame going to be just know here's a Christmas parade float. Wrestled now known on this so that only one has to do the rest them but it's not say actual wrestling song I'll. Has to do is just something that's always played for me personally yeah. They usually have clobbering an ever every patrol had to play yours that's. Andre and I am. I make sure everybody's faith segment barriers the bar mount. And as we find the thanks so it'll be fun and I just I want it didn't mean it means something that and make cents in the you know did they just can't Bob's own as an ally. There is that the most trouble finding and once you would like like. Off the top of my head I know one I was on the on the air was going to be Allman Brothers. Immelman now Lou. I'd just rejoin when it last week the Carew and it was now that regardless okay tomorrow would just shut anybody down with a Nestle didn't do I. Tomorrow the front page shameful song concerns. The sign whatever you won't whatever you wanna play is what would it meant that router. An entrepreneur zones are real fairness or. I sent them. Mean Jimmie both in Jimmy of those on the campaign where every won't dear all I would do some headlines thanks page when you want to or not. Oh yeah. There's. The rise guys morning show with a man. And 93 playing freedom. Right guys headlines with the lead. And you're Beagle who. Some controversy. Head Ryan shall we think creates cached page yeah does not act. Certain Charlie Sheen is suing. National enquirer. And it's parent company American Media incorporated for defamation of character and after they claim. That's. He sodomized a thirteen yard scoring hand. Decades ago and they're winning so. According to The National Enquirer they're saying well we look forward to litigating against Charlie Sheen and he can't wait to expose is to train cities in court. Boy used doubled home yeah I absolutely doubled down on that response my answer him I think. And he's really really do it right here I don't really can't say that it's best to make sure I will say it again response to you say it's defamation. Well meanwhile Charlie is saying and has Lyle sandy says that the enquirer story was actually retaliation because they are angry that they didn't get to break the news that Charlie was HIV positive so he's leaning towards. And this is personal. Right and not go to where they say he did not and it. A season and vehemently denying that he did anything. To Corey came. When he was thirteen years of age. Man. I dislike you know what they they guy that owns national inquirer David Packard. He owns. National enquirer star son we flew worldnews globe in the muscle fitness there. I'm really it was a monopoly all sales although I papers. All leader Raza is I don't know. Hi Dave Ball until later though I love that expression but what imam says lined paper or sought payments and then. You wasn't there book Kerkorian says in the book or some elusive he told them in the book. In the Croatian descent there was a documentary they did they ever mentioning guy by name. Aren't you remember the Matt Lauer interview with Corey Feldman. And this was kind and let us specifically. I don't need to iron out exactly where it went in because it Corey Feldman never answered Matt flowers questions. With two coup attempt predators to work. So this kind of has been surfacing rumors about sound Charlie Sheen and some on there. Famous. Producers directors should. Charlie Sheen bees suing Corey Feldman who said these allegations Emerson that's okay said that there are famous people from. And then this is coming down there aren't. Out all the ruins are yet Charlie Sheen did this to court. Asked Corey Feldman and why does he wanted to see you on fund that movie and in hand telling his story. But that never happened and then with the whole amount aren't saying he never gave any name users sources or anything kissed. You know he wanted to crowd Fineman and have lawyers to back them up. He didn't want this lawsuit against him now. A news it's a million bucks. I wore when she said it was for you know lawyers in protection now. Dating more than ten million dollars worth lawyers term you lose a couple reason people like Charlie Sheen and don't ever known coming. In escort and there. All of this. Stuff have student loans that no member then now I'm sorry I still don't man went for free. There's not a federal ethics law thank you lottery only to make you sick it's always there. While there is a study done and they found. That. There's scary out of college grants that would rather have student loans and went and star Graham. So would you give up out of whole social media. Or your hair to completely wiped out student loans if you hand them this is Todd say none of us have that. Any stories they're people who would bolt if it did not have still laurels. I don't it's true there's an old ball anyway things are gonna get it right. Yeah I suspect that staff says only six places and Leno won't head. Sure that's the worst part of it all speakers where you don't wanna you don't pick them up. Well only 72% of the people say they'd give us social media to have my honor student loans swipe down. You're damn yeah I don't hit and I also found that 60% wind shape there then. To have their debt wiped out absolutely ignorant for you never mini mob bills now now. Shave my head every day for the next decade I was in hospital bill jab call adjacency cigarettes adolescent business today some concept that we are gonna credit union you call Marc Carlos. I Shasta for a portrait for pair her up from. I'm from body are kidney particular person would never drink alcohol again. I am. And I wouldn't try to sneak a break and get the loans backed. So that would be great I hit a good reality show I'm a budget and recent college graduates. Is OK if you go a year without drinking but then we get to follow you around yes or did some freshman who grew slowly at first and they're going to cause a group and hate. Give you a free ride free ride and burn it you can't drink and we're gonna following her around and make sure you're all four years may 05. And it was a big stories and do what Clint sold more periphery that are Ph.D.s. And master's degrees. But now with the tax. Tax change and lose all her. On death panicked. We don't need that problem that no we don't need to discourage people from didn't Ph.D.s in. Yeah degrees and graduate degree I did all right that put this thing and tax bill are there some kind of problem if they had a six. Because there's something worm so lucrative businesses will be taxed over a 100% of their earnings. Serbs they make a hundred dollars they're gonna go over a hundred dollars in taxes on the 800 dollars. The guys again. Congress wrote this thing and pushed it or real fast because they just wanted to see when they were US open but it. I really had time to read it obviously zero several hours debated it and argued about it did anybody actually read it. No he will let them ms. McConnell. They rewrite legislation fashion they read it. I have Mustapha people re writing at least you know even knows what is this and more Dina you're right nobody read it to read sustenance so you wind up we're a business might make a hundred dollars and 440 and actions. So combative forty teller if you'll watch C span sometimes it's a no sounds weird but if you flick through and watching debates the eggs all hate each other. Does the way they show him bowed to those shall open political finger and leave. We hear how does say like athletes you know two different feuding team they really don't hate each other's way I think. Lawmakers Democrat or Republican really hates it why they hate. Like they. AT used to be that way they wish death on the other side of the road that's crazy it seems I get it times exert her oldest you know handshakes and greased palms and softball teams to Garrard is seen this kind of childish and there they're adults acted like that it. And it plays employment mart you know you rather take out the demon. Or fourth them. So the premium tax bill was low it was special deals and neither should be no special deals Greer don't cut interest. The deals are pretty relaxed man and a everybody here what is really disheartening as are all working for the same common goal they're serving the public. And their stay at their representing. So and let this person B yeah. Went on national and dressed or who got ship there that he shouldn't paved the way and then pay them back when you're doing your job back. That's true like five years ago at Blair I'm I'm reading the information that was given me some don't jump my pastor and I remember years ago they're being that whole Monsanto's thing where there is this some thing that they put in there is actually Kelly in the ground in F and up the water and everything. It was all this. Information that was put forth to congress and all these lawmakers about how they. And all Monsanto did this is donating money did this and that and that nobody knows what any more men crap I mean. I realize it once you might present and her even. You know your long career congressman what are your set for money what are the key east you've got to live on this land have you put all this crap Bennett. So you get more money let me ask but now you're Kingston constituency. And it when you get there. Don't think back on how I think what the reform needs to do is campaign contributions. Because you shouldn't be worried about. Make and the guy happy that since you like at nine dollar Shaq you should be that worried about the American people. Now that there are now I got all our is like in a phone means to be millionaires club and yeah just for kicks error. If I got money to buy votes. I am here. You know this it's an initial really original designers there's several really users. On both sides is that they are on both sides. One more. And when you know you yeah yeah yeah senator tomorrow and scary is that awful nine when nine women I guess got together and beside her little life. It's like you can't believe any. Can't believe the fake news can't believe politicians. They use people are my heroes to aides say bta. And you know his bearings. But the topic here now like man man we're gonna talk about. How many people actually believe an alien he said that lucky Yankee woman I am. And rarely Amy it can't hang tune in southern Spain. And the amateur and things are running our I don't know how to say it brat and my. My my in my in my hand. And check this what you're really alive and I am I am pretty madman and millions like you normally do why why why hurt my sponsor is okay do you. Don't want to ask is a religion or my commodore of people around you say that I get like news Wrigley some Illinois nicer things that's riots. Well how about this there's a study done and they aren't that 60% of people worldwide and believe in aliens. Kick the can they counted earns welding ever attack earth can imagine that actually happens that. Aliens. Come to this. Planet and take Cooper all the major cities and troubles of our enemy because they got here mainly we'd be in trouble is based on the fact they could get stuff here. As we hear this stuff where there are. Remember the Reagan's speech at the UN. And he's like. Alex you're on this trimming a sales people feuding I think what it would what would happen if an alien race came to earth how we would all come together as one yeah Woodward. The cribs and how close did during the LE a rise of them in the eye and I just trailer and that's strict accounting periods are holding hands era. There's a lot of crescent let's say that never happened. Also in the dark gray drew threw it in slow motion slot while Ryan's I don't know there four and got out looked at in the driveway here in the eight million drown his is under arm around him. Tom I'll blow your mind right now I doubt I no longer believe in aliens you know why are no. As quiet as I've studied it. OK well how much does this study asked over 26000. People want to point four different countries. Whether they think aliens are out there in the universe. And of course a 61%. Said yes another 22% say they aren't served. And only 17%. Say they definitely think that day. That were allowed that that's not a fact that there's no aliens out there that don't exist another planet. Agree. I agree I I. I no longer believe in ghosts or aliens I think they're all cookies for the same thing. There isn't room earlier. Until bombings periods don't serve very very easy explanation in monitoring it very easy to export yup does Taylor same thing gross and slow. So all the same stuff the swamp lights people see the same things aims to. If if humans. Can transport. Themselves up seated the space station. Re okay yeah I mean I did say ask for it we did that well and there's got to be an otherwise yeah editing how we never. Have any Indian dance satellites crashing into each other there are fallen to the earth or you ever hear about charter haven't go to space and fixed satellite. Or any satellite yeah. Really and reliance. I don't know I expect as I mean look maybe I'm wrong ideas to me. If all these satellites are there any enemy doesn't work and perfectly in order is garbage don't AST. Huh. Stereo satellites currently in order 2002 is there anyone satellites in orbit. I've 1344. Of those are Russian 658. Of them are American the rest of the world has like twelve. Didn't hit out and it's a whole is all I as a rush all the satellites barely present Russian. We see the cars now leaking give you an aerial view of the talk your car. Or alleys and of course some in Ford's appointment what do you view of the camera view of its popular core owners any bird crap on the restless look out of well somewhat onerous let's look at the camera and say. But at some point in that. So here's a breakdown ration some Mexicans and Chinese people are more likely to believe in the existence of intelligent alien civilizations. On other planets. Now more than Americans. We believe anything anymore here or birds when we don't believe nothing we can see something happen and not believe it happened. F are very skeptical right if somebody tells something what are our first his seat is that you know you're a liar to figure out why lie to me. I think a lot of that is by design I think that a lot of specially with the Internet I think that a lot of it is just thrown out they're just confuse everybody man why don't talk about people losing Meno and I think they look at some questions that are that are asked him you know I don't. We don't just comfortable would you say and well. Ordered it isn't signs has figured out Obama go because I got and I know the history books were written by people who had money. Well and that's their opinion. So the debts they Indonesians. And Turkish citizens are the least likely citizens to believe and banks this existence. Extra stress counselor saying breaking news after this one. This story here air troops. Take us and then him in the nation don't care okay and adapts. OK that's the Turks in the Indonesians and I don't believe any time and certainly good portal which centers reform Carolina Gabriel dot Comtex lined. Then add on the satellite crash any shirt ripped. There's more planes flying around in less area. And they don't crash in the general term. Mean it makes it makes sense. Their MySpace case. I guess because bush airplanes they really didn't you kind. Remain there have been a lot of aliens hawking got a system do you believe that that was. Evil spirits. Is just fun for people. I think he's always just been fun for people it's fun bigfoot funny told us out Loch Ness Monster to its current. It because we're grown people. We can't just have things we think you'll find my nothing is supposed to be on everything has to be serious so we have to make. Thank preparing for a zombie apocalypse and I'm gonna happen into a serious thing even though it's just stupid fun. Every we're still is playing pretend it's said that we're out of the woods with 20000 dollar for the gear looking for bigfoot we know going into woods. Across all wet though then then the common thought is initially is Romania and yes it's not gonna go on forever you know everybody agrees in the PMI falls on heaven and hell are different than they were probably five years ago through I don't believe that it's a I know but I. I think I know it's a very very figurative yes it's not. It's not the fantasy world that our church is taught us I mean it's just not. Marino scientists. Based seemed to think that the sun is about halfway burnt out yeah. So that means it in about five billion more you who's the son will be done mail there'll then turn into order red giant. Little bit and they aren't bad first returns in Europe. Iran giants and it it it gets cooler but it expands right around where worsen right now. Samsung would reached here but it wouldn't be as hot obviously Europe would then be uninhabitable according to sign. Just some I totally don't believe deserve them saunas as far away as they say I totally do not believe that. I just don't believe that four hours. I don't know I don't think he's that far away I've seen bird Wesley hurts what with the evidence that is not need three million miles away that it is. Where is it that it is. Well that's a lot of man I know you can do that but again I. I don't know a lot of people with some information seem to think it is about that far away but you're working and not be injured and I know you're working with no information as I did the rest. Where's your but is it ain't. Why my points use IE if I see a video is on one word that clouds or behind the sun that doesn't make any damn sense to me from. But I but I know it's also perspective of war and on earth looking at February light messy out why aren't very permanently anybody else notice here let me see the moon all day long. Is set a year like this every year you see a lot heated yeah I did this morning about four and the moon was where you expected to be at midnight. But it is right Bud Light and straight up in the skylight for you so many under is getting older and income. Being more observer. I never really thought about this on but our demand would be in different spots of the day I get the way ahead. I get delayed that it rotates in this and that but I don't I don't care and 93 million miles away clean you know back hallways and it was a four. It's huge spear he married and drove it and who timed the puck. Certainly as a big arson. Darrell I don't know forward it is weekend sir I Aaron can you say is. It's I like to live life like that where you know instead of this. Yeah I I realize that 99.9 percent of the stuff and science is based in reality and there's been all those. And are just tired scientist who go into say an element river and then they say now they arrived it. I'm quite looking at it like this does that. Mean if he's just. Generations of just cult stuff and we really never went back and I don't have the brainpower to figure it out either ideas tend to. Just except what you're told how I tend not to know I mean history changes their time yeah. Now imagine sciences. In half is just amazing it's become just an amazing just to think about all that stuff. And we are there earlier in our arts. Our earth is just in a circle and it's careening through space but also led amended and the sun is stay right there with. So maybe it's real but got money that's amazing it's just amazing. And I tend to take I don't they would get the spectrum may forever. Yeah and how when the planet has gravity and Anders now soundly gravity kick. This conference for drugs into just how good Federer and I don't own stuff. Apparent is that why don't clouds and gravity is uncertain that. The bigger factor right on the subject of moon estimates extend moon rise today at 2 AM cet at one point. All the incredible rise to 2 AM sets a 1:40 PM he then they sit right now I don't come in we'll. Balance it with your telescope. Well it anybody guessing any of the man these. Over the weekend and nothing really is exciting until Friday when Star Wars hits the last yet I'm married Coca looks amazing looks beautiful film well this intense third week though it's not a new movie. Well there's a new movie around and it's been out for awhile see any minute now I have mentally. And examining. The top five door or Iraq Barack still doing well the disaster artist. That's sound at 28 million in its second week. Certified for us now looks good looks for a period wonder which I understand that looks like an elegant and that's eight point 59 just over the weekend at 200. Point 39 dollars and its fourth week. Now let's sort I'm curious about worded make a hundred million. Spike just snuck up on a hundred million I think that it's I think it's against stories and the kids are reading in the Bakken scrawl. So I'm a true story and yeah four cute in second place and Justin lane just displayed. Just simply. Yeah I just displayed at nine point six million dollars or certain mortar is gonna say this. Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson didn't. Yeah totally killed in newsman regime he's got to do well coming up but he's in it they don't they both killed it might be good without arms and it's being Huntsman. Yeah. It's still the stories get on my district the front and the number one movie in the country can't count the Pixar. Disney cartoon. Only Washington have actually cute. So over the weekend eighteen point three million dollars and 235. Point five million dollars. And is there weeks so they say you sooner they really made them who are. Take off worries us. I know that my age as her I don't receive. OK if we see our make sure their real easy trailer for dead pull tapes where he's Barbara also there's arizonans. Aren't. That's an asset needs semi watch him twice to really like it I liked it first don't Wear any. Iverson in the marvel wants new singer will house an idea you love you man isn't dirty stuff. You can wash does is lead doubles and Italian prime. You did see them as our neighbors are rumored as a grown person excited eager to see Coco the cartoon for real. I had a doozy but then I got this he's been terribly close. Exiled keep shooting and I had occasion to get Lou I've been doing things and in person three birthday. It was sunny there. I that's why you need Canada and since I. I am I don't know I don't you don't like Noah used to theory isn't the word really an Alley. For the party sums it did yeah it's my ass in the dark for two hours is sanitary one from new and is not. There's a lot of what I'm not about to grow this Spartanburg years and our downtown broccoli okay so we here at the nearly for a party. Under current law firm for lower sperm are usually grammar yeah profits that it is all right I'm paying to Nazareth has done much. The rise guys morning shelves anytime anywhere. Download a free ad is bad enough H fastball. 3.3 don't plan as. Mornings. Thank you everybody that called FaceBook and it's a grand and tweed is snapped and all those things the draft function very good time. Is also academic stuff on which day of madness it is because I was on the weekends and I think probably yes I think he's day six. This has to mar seventh game. I don't know what it is yeah we're gonna do it through through Christmas. So two days twelve days in May it was very tough plus kinda. I see one person stole the show today. So I'd like to say page congratulations. You win today's twelve days of madness. Larry in mind this Friday looks Latin I pointless. And Dave Magnus I'll take it. You know well not all and all banging. Jesse went today is what they are not don't want two thirds. Lord we're forced literate and I when I'm new in today's twelve days of madness. Islam is six I mean eight. Sugar I'll take it. Planning a Bianca Porsche car yesterday night and maybe diapers nothing I don't feel bad so I'll take it if somebody has steered. Pagelet none saw what a gay and she says she won't now subways has been enter the answer is pretty much rewards. We can. That's that's that's that's when I open it up there. This free loans only backed. Dollars and. I'm violent. And that's an area the Bay Area. No it isn't a laurel and they even have a reasoning. I I I sort them out for a month numbers come in every dissipate all rock what is that it's stainless steel and did some middle isn't and I would draw pictures of him on it. Like you can see all the language on my ninth set in the dark for two years and I'm he's on the air happy nines on the end. Really fat nines on the and they're all there I drew all of us. And you lose your life. But innocent could exist everywhere else. I'm proud of you look at the bottom it says forge morning outside says those nicknames and it's obviously as I balls it's them. Thank you know I enjoy that story I told include. They knew their turn it down because that was your. Alliger birth thank these people turn now of course. I don't remember the river and join us this is president of about it. It's the real bad and it was strung. Yeah. Just gonna rocky Blair weren't meant to add but not before nine does is TS no question of the day home. No ideas no more. No but there are a year. This morning. Is there still Mario we heard a lady who has hooked up sexually would how many ghosts. How many ghosts. Text that I answered to the Carolina paper mill dot com slash the number is 7234 want. Then seven series 341 of either Greg is it would. There are way more mental home. Tabloid I know I began filing and all of you obviously ceaseless and must think to ask. And loaded. 3.3 oh.