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How do you have the same nightmare every night for over a decade? It must be hell, we hear from a P1 going through that same thing: Open Phones: Headlines

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Now it's. And I'm thinking three point dreams of playing. And. This mean you will never. You were. Maybe in the mix. Use his own. Okay. To bring into. So you go. He early days. Eats. Your begin them a long way and your friends are saying you. So they're saying it's gently as there. Yeah. It's. Day. We celebrate 93 jointly. Didn't hear on the rise guys good morning it is 710. It is Wednesday June 13 2018. Parents truly is Burnett fresh take its current and open phones foundation of India as 1077. Ford double 093. Pounded. Several close calling and saying you know or warmer day than what we're or given them away yet it's just open phones time that's when you call when. You know if you've ever wanted to get through on the show and Clinton are maybe we're talking about this the other name you couldn't. Or you have some problems in your lights and advice again like Jimmie said if we can help you somebody listening can't. So I mean thank you might at our disposal we have. We have a attorney that is always listen we have a say two outs we have this always so it's a real estate guru who real estate guru we have a app plastic surgeon then we have a manager of a baseball team we have we have many silly with a safe nest that they does that produces the show for. Pagan priest of the national who listens to resolve yes the pagan wage. Yeah yeah your own paper is bigger more lotteries do during. Yes. What is a warlord. Between a warlock is that like what she'd do enough. It spells and stuff we get to be 00. Lord I think the highest title award vs the world law. May go to warlord is or don't care USA and Diana the medal wrestler and I don't I don't know I don't know stuff there that ties into warlords were locks or not I don't know enough about that realm. Warlock was Ji Yoon science there was no how can. When their nominees I think it would've resort when. When it's good forecast track when 80774. Double 93180774. Double low nine victory. Dolly bomb where to begin where to begin. I would say. Am. Mean just seconds am reading text as well office something that though was real real quick I did have an update on that. Yesterday and headlines painted their pay soda said John Snyder was since 23 days for back child support there. Anyway an end yesterday here in daylight amount in five hours yeah I can't. Is overgrown and sentenced ended three days or none paled should not payable child support. The let him out in five hours but. The judge says he's got 240 hours community service. Well we're fortunate and even kiss characters trade that Purdue and her record jailed for three days have its unity service you know look. I want I had community service my daddy was the one who signed off on its own domain. Some. Her new let's go to. OJ angles good morning sir. Good morning so I don't well your sells. Interact. I had some major questions about parity that I got last week you solely art in North Charleston has grandmothers are you got seven grand or yes. To me I agreed to use of Borland despicable but question I had watched how did he get rid of the art. Like community know that he had some low 7000 dollar rip the bark how quickly did he sell it. And how long can be catty and looked up at 7000 and I wondered how much of that went to lead in the seventh. Did you have any questions about that. Well you know is that that's a very did I have so many questions you know hindsight Tony Tony after a lot of hey remember where bad. I meant I know there are services in their specifically wind up older people die and there's may be no shame layer anybody to you know do anything with all the stuff. You see there's these companies have come in and know they'll buy everything they'll buy everything in the house. Around but when it comes to fine art and stuff like that Vienna. I know that OJ didn't open instead of what that question to him say he got exactly seven green and didn't you can gather he's spent at least a thousand if not more on just we'd expect by itself. That was the other day when we said would you spend all the money on he says well I. I bought a lot of lead not survived so yeah you're probably right at us. This is you know it's the funds that what what the Stanley in this little where. Runner command that and we bring charges against him for some kind of asked if they wanna meet credited that you cross a line there and remember. But just like wait a minute not to notice not just another 7000. What we want and yes especially that one try and get the mother would've won that or the plate now. So could they brought charges against him. You know why do rob price delisting until tax that I guarantee they could to schedule living somewhere doesn't mean you retain ownership of all of a dual core. They can file an important very good news. What how that would go through that would have really have whether well probably eventually bring a civil suit against him but he notably an internal paraphernalia. Yeah exactly and let let love the show guys and that was a very industry and whatever laws. Which judge you later. I value judgments and well he loses his confidence at the end of the calls disease like. I'll say something and then nobody hardly get off to easily take in Georgetown on the other people think he's finished it Manny got started this now you're dead are here. Let's go into a family on line line hey Emily. K I. Yeah actually I got real loud and. While the guys you've been on the Dow hole here for awhile as Lewis was is screening through the other calls and we're glad to have you what do we quote what's that what's gonna would you. Aaron okay well I heard just how cannot. During lean against Cheney and I never got to the nerve to Colin and I really wanted to hit currently I happened to meet. And so there's this lady on the earnings should be talking about her recurring nightmares and how she's stealing the show entitled to kind of earn. At a time in her life she'd give us she's she not now maybe at a certain time in our lives yes she felt. Berry's suicide over her recurring nightmares for sure. Yeah well I dislike her really well for her and it just made me want to college early on my story isn't. Currently this is about a recurring dream or nightmare something. It is it is an apex about OK so a couple of Larry King Aaron at about my god I'm hitting doctor. What it was pastor should iron and I had an incredibly she your adult and make parent company at a okay when are just very little like I can't even remember getting him he's always there and my past I went. Iron annually to and is currently Ali that I would that be playing at terminal can. But I think when I was glad account he would sleep in my aunt went. Like whenever I got home legally tactic it seemed he could play you can't really get all we tried to carry that. ABS yeah. Awesome socks are results Omnia. Yes and you use the less than. Any satellite when I was marrying her and buster got hit by a car. Learning com I was outside playing the pan. And there's. Cat across the street and he just started he did okay and just took off after the pat. And I'm just calling and calling for head and then I'm like I got attention. And turned and looked at me and that's exactly land a cart guy and hit a children's. Police stopped him look bad did you and then his. I hit our car. Yes next Saturday and you know we try to eight pandering to go to the emergency ahead and arm but he's pretty much stat. Right away at a rate when that happens. I'm years old it's his right yeah exactly addict and a dislocated and it just totally. Totally crushed me and I you know I did not play. Like I had it can't hand that he wouldn't look back at me and then he would have drowning in the me he would that I aid and I'm. Mainly here like every contract. I think a I think having me dream recurring dreams over number. And it just like playing matching him I had again in Chile campaign could mean having Mitch you know. Experiencing it looking guy that and the other candidate like. And somebody out there are blocking act like I wanna crawl out here a little Karl Eric and I hope I'm calling him. You know how he had this jury like how do you now. Now okay who can admit that wasn't so you've had this dream like. Owner and also like 101213. Years. Yeah I have pretty much every night Kelli for that on yeah every single night all he act I think you just like when I was up at Tulane liners the first time that I can remember like that I went bad and look at electric alike have. It's. Have you at hello I'm into an I am not look anytime you say this to somebody they can take it one way they have admitted he was any kind of therapy about this and getting counseling. I have yeah act I have I'm. Yeah I can't let their pets like you know I'm still having the dream can. Turn out I think in the daytime. I'm okay bye I like a canyon area and doesn't bother me but then as soon and I really laid out to go to sleep I dream comes back and then I just wake up. You know in a panic. It's just like it just happens well. And you don't take anything in this sleep like you know any anything that's to make yelled. Tweet all walkie crazy thing Ambien during. Oh I have man I'd actually try to you know I try to relax and I like PDA and he and in round I had. They say you don't dream on Ambien and I did I shared it. I don't which is maybe is not that you don't dream that you don't know you know you're so asleep you don't even root retain the thoughts when you wake up for whatever about it. Aren't asked to happen from time time sounds to me for ten years like every not in your life. Wow. Act pretty Mac and it's this it's really like taking a toll when I was in school I actually college 'cause I just. Being you know being away from home and just got really it got worse and I couldn't sleep and I couldn't concentrate even had getting back grade and. Vienna another dog since then another pet of any kind wow I had can't kick where. You too scared it will luckily keep the money change at all times people manifesting yard I mean whatever is that that would I think that might help you with the healing process. Possibly mean. When you get the dog on the phone right now OK it's OK. He's in a better place now he says he's. Our numbers were weighing on your corner thinner. Yeah you know he went to heaven spelled it here right. Man that sucks that really really sucks and do you have like these. Me dizzy when you you wake up crying area I guess a lot of times there. Yeah Kelly yeah we like it has happened guys are really trash and yes I am. Now Karen and I and ballot it's like an economic beat anybody. You know it's like it is really nobody should have to deal look back at me waking up to the 207000. Chiming. In a panic great I think you know my dog just died like that minute Aaron. Man oh man Hoover's term is. It is something for that yeah help Hewitt there's people who help you with things like that I would really be about getting getting another dog. I really would I think that led that would help TV need some friendship or whatever and then you know suddenly. You know how they say all he broke out with me and then head down the road to sign another when you liking forget about the old boyfriend not should not forget about the old dog bit like it'll help you Phil hill the process a little bit. Did especially because you. It happened along the way after my dad died as they reached a point where reasonably speaking he would have been dead by now anyway. Because he was not a very good health and he would have turned eighty this these numbers you want it started before now anyway and we need is what burned him so worst happens it better or easier for me. Mean I don't imagine bluster earlier been ranked. Forty years old well. Has served all. You know have been a 140 indulge yeah need be going well anyways if you had that thought the mean there there is that do it hey what. July and you know what should let me humane to bring the humane society and check out there isn't good dogs that are there real real real real friendly animals I've made came minute Thomas creek and the other night had some animals and it was great to do good worker there were very airport I rest he needs a a buddy. You know my dog now my. Suit my. What is my own the airwaves when you go there mad men might not shoot this vision vision your big don't underwear and yeah we won't we big doll for around bring Roman rains there ever. I'm not I what we need to Latin break for a moment come a week yet with her I mean do we don't I didn't let her way through debris Christ our presser. Tom you call us unless till everything's going in especially if you get a new dog I think that would be very beneficial for your tank. Colonel I don't think he can. All right thank you have good morning. A sweet little voice yeah thank. She she does I think that test and assembly Tuesday and does that thing where she since he's saying he's. I would come home and in the everywhere we waiting for me and I would know what to do well in the running a lot and and beat him by karma has ruined his dream I'm not. I really continue with the calls 180774. Double 093 is. See you then door I. 93 point three the planet dry. Rise guys morning show good morning team is 735. We're doing. He won open phones 180774. Double 093. We Brit I think she was anonymous but we just talked to a girl who for the last. Ten years. It's only there was very. Thirteen fourteen years now would you marry and she's torn through their. Her she's already dog oh inches minors only hit my car and then she's had the same or recurring dream of that. I'm every night sent some every single night awful and down. So I got an ID you know hi daddy get away from 'cause we did that story yesterday there was say in that nightmares can give you. High blood pressure it can cause you become. It you developed anxiety disorders which I think she has for short. Lot of times good the mayors to Blair like today extended because of some traumatic or something that we have some men lead lives to their anxiety. Now let's go to. Anonymous mashal hold on but first anonymous and easily has some advice for Emily good morning. You're eat well yourself. What would you loads and Emily about these they're recurring dreams about her dog and hit by the car. Our attention and that issue is speaking any planning psychology in college. Kid on the same bike. When she keeps talking about an ever and ever and ever think he'd bring about even out of high keywords it almost like she hadn't given up hope. That something different is gonna change achieve cabinetry occurring during. And our spiritual side saying. We called a strain on. Select redolent. Lets me win is she having is re excited aren't like that there's something important to her why she didn't think. It kept going back to the dot Abbott thanks a lot stop the dog hit it I had that I called album artwork and as you know I'd at a car. There's somebody. That she's missing something in her life and that's why she had to rate curry turning. Are you dream interpreter. You are and I did it. Kenya BR an attitude like when we had a little it. Perfect hold on hold around throw her on the road I need to get her phone number yes because we need her now once a month we need a dream interpreter and there's one lady that's. She sends emails from time to time trying to come on and these seem worth crap. Iraqis are ever shot it was. Very good warrior award agreement or burn center and I was Davis elementary and sales are. Every time like the other major day we have six different dreams digital everybody they were day you know. Yeah that's every job and me that Schroeder right Oprah forum. Not all its second call and I. Let's go to anonymous Nashville on line to the morning. Morning area well sir you need some advice about some think. Yes sir users are looking at a long time person of color bet Anke they're he my. My oldest. Eat I adopted him when he was. At a ten month old or so. He's very young very young. Never knew that biological father. They tried do you bring the biological father and two T. You know to the relationship been repeated didn't want any part it. So now he's seven years old great kid you know dirtier baseball haven't laughed. And on his mother and media in not debating on whether we should be telling him. About his biological other knock. I'm so we're kind of on that and one way or the other. I had to think situation might still. You know what not my biological father and and be adopted young main thing. Comment you know that that you and I called dad. Even as my father and I'm biological father. You know and then trying to be kind of the up again with it. He's I'm. Did you sign telling your kids. Well aren't attracting good acute legal like battle custody battle my biological father in or anything to be with meat but his parent. Won a grand Trent Cole writes. I'm sitting at a big battle that didn't see didn't you there. I can talk with a counselor and a little kids so they eat it talks for me in court. You know I knew about it from the beginning. Armed. Little bit of a different situation. Does your site manager adopted. Obama. You know I don't know that it really ever came up. Yeah I mean as far as he knows when I go away you know when I talk about my editor you know ever not you know it is what it is though I don't think you really ever looked yeah and they know. So yeah I think that's where you started. I'm so you don't know this I was adopted me kind of maybe go through that kind of thing because. Do one thing I Harken back to his I was in third grade. And a lady came into some kind of speaker whatever is talking about adoption rumors I think one of the students in the class have been adopted and she kept saying that adopted kids are not. Kids it semi didn't want these are special kids these are a big kicks in special kids special kids are special half so much home magnate and told Angel said we needed tell everybody we're dot. It's his head why there has been a special friend and you get enough I guess I really really dead that was the craziest thing that I would I would start would the story of your life. In May be let him grow from match but then again. I'm no child psychologist. This common ground that's a good place to come from a common ground with the MCU. I mean you. You know how that feels better than most people what is the big it's a situation you can't yourself and then if I would assume given that you are well equipped to handle it beyond what most people are. And what shall I say about this she. What she did tell him also lower it. Nash yeah machine on the other Saturday then you're likely to thank the great you know the mound. And Atlanta CEO. She let you ought to think like he which hit the op. It will build her biological father Lloyd column would. You know not exactly the picture all the time cash and those other that she had a look really supportive of the step child. So she had the opposite effect she had are on the UConn debate headed step child syndrome where the other each year that were truly is. Where maybe maybe not exactly put up on a pedestal but to tell that they work. And it stinks this year the opposite checked what an acute situation her this you know one side of the event and I'm on the it that it that spent. I can step in the middle there except. Her I would act at any age age your son I would tell I would start the conversation about you being adopted indices were does everything to us as far as take into the grave. They got to know at some point is because there's potential medical issues and useful information in there yeah and ancestry DNA stuff here you don't feel like nineteen in 223 may only. Yeah not my dad because that's gonna start. We are delighted find out you said he police force drawn. Yet just that little if coach still. Our I don't know. Then they have filled some sort of similar isn't okay yeah. I would go until it didn't serve and be cynical about the program. Our thoughts are encouraged. I don't know why isn't that the I think that's the way to go and if you would once you get that ball rolling if you do that calls back and let us know how are things going. What are you got appreciate it is truly a great show really really appreciate I appreciate that I can hear enough. Greinke couldn't he was not to. Yeah so he would know better than anybody want to tell a cute little else to do it yet but it's different adoption situations you know like she said you know like. His or he said it is his wife didn't know. Her adopted father says she's got kind of she's got kind of actually ran against adoption because the way she found that says she's just negative degrade them like they're like you're saints any senator whoever is like. Oh man UK this is a life you can't just eat he did you can lie until there eighteen okay sorry about sick. Years ago there was this medical information in my not a matters much but now days we've we've mapped the human genome we have these DNA test people can do now so really if you don't tell all they might find out accidentally like that led Beecher are dramatic. Turns out my great great grandfather was Winston Churchill evidently some or see you believe that. And my cousins aren't often and it it always came up they always noon so if anything went wrong and they'd say well I'm never gonna get back has thousands since. You is that shows aren't. My house like they heard all the time and you're about to hit the army's third they were reminded of that ring. Menu they've. And sound and then I'm not gonna. If that disease not gonna get that because I'm not as you that's when I mean are not going to be crazy like the rest of you because I was adopted. A scary John anger rarely get the last call here page on. Oh god oh my word out about the third. I think what well. And you know how old ball hole is why I was adopted. Are we about birdie. All of that out all of the other. And there are a bit more research on I'm not a logical all award. And hope that was great detail. Who has yeah I was it uses someone famous or something. Now okay. What women fake foods and everything else I got like we have. Got burned half brother and a half sister. We will women take boot and at the littlest they don't want them live spirit. And have the state. Wow and I must say that they're crazy if you like to thank other Leavitt 8:0 my god I am so glad I'm moderate period. Good can these greens you didn't send Agile as yes plus a coming up tomorrow they had in order the same car now let's go to Jack thank you say oh tomorrow. I have a good more remained appreciate you listening. You appreciate everybody listening to this right now we do. If you ever miss a minute just remember you can text podcast is 72341. We'll link you right back to. Archives were the last 500 shows are with the no music no commercial map. You sound like using mostly on new computers Lance Thomas and theaters. Here the strange they got a 38 and a semi president is then the other day said that hey my name is so and so among longtime. But he said don't mr. Graham on its phones that way yet you do kind of same thing analysts that kind of the same thing. Are it will get into some headlines and much much more rise guys plus birthday bash tickets and pop eagle take it still on the way for halt all. Iraq is just take. This means three point line you're listening to the rise guys morning she 93 point three. Right guys headlines with the age. And you're Beagle who. Well are people getting dumber. There's a study out that finds in fact they aren't. Researchers found the average IQ of every generation is dropping about seven points lower than the previous generation. The reason. Education. And nutrition. And of course the exposure to media. And problems may be the way people are testing and and retaining things in here if you're using Google and nine ease your mind you're not retaining all that stuff. You're meg who fingers and I don't know I'm curious to know why people are getting dumber you know. I don't know how does she take on Yahoo! Tennessee here about the staff from the midwest know what I'm knows what the status I want this last. He's he's body's holding balls yes with a did he sees it sees it he can't watch his on the idea that never Jerry Taylor her heroes are your based fast. At. This hysteria is based on a study that was done with nor region men. Between 1962. In 1965. At that time it it would it there are accused we're gaining points but since then. Scientists have seen a steady decline in the IQ. I did so last week that she really say dogs are our educations are where these two B. But we're we're retaining information nurturing them and alarming and is coming junior officers in the navy. Are qualified to drive the ship. I actually drive the thing actually command of the ship and drive it around the ocean they don't have to do that. Oh and he really hard imagine it's real hard to do things are huge but still mean we got people and do our police our docs are noticing it. Did you have to be a little bit that people have a learning how to drive them are irresistible. To drive a boat now as violent shredding was not in the navy yeah it's at or programmatic in overnight brother. And I was reading a study on. Dementia and alzheimer's. And how I think you can work your brain so. You can train yourself to not lose your mind when you get older and be healthy and exercise. Exercise is a key and other things are liking it doing crossword puzzles. And memory test so maybe that has something is doing studying. Here's a nutritional component threat to workers a lot of by we don't see the reckoning of alzheimer's and dementia because of the generation of people who went on these low fat no fat diets their brains are screwed I wish. Praying like in the next ten years is going to be yet men. All the baby boomers Aaron Aaron some sort of facility is going to be hard and people are gonna have to look at Madison help these people. Yes they're reminded that there isn't Rendell anything forward there's going to be a lot more of them because of all as Lozano had knives. Hey hey hey okay. Is riding an offense. Aren't. There at tomorrow's paper. But deep they give Kim card dashing and as a goodwill ambassador. No now now I don't see her. Shopping there her big break. Well you know I was near myrtle hill lawyers now. She is instrumental owns you. And its new president trump then had sentence commuted far Alice very Johnson she's been great grandmother who. What is given a life sentence for a drug offense. 1996. And then she was given clemency by the president. Sinn yeah she's got another mission. She says that she's working with Twitter and she's talked to CEO Jack Dorsey. About getting an edit button button for our. Or Twitter. She is really changing the world yes she's. I. Just the only one that doesn't have one now Twitter is if you. You can't go out if you link his masterpiece and out or whatever. You have to delete it in a semis are you reads we needed it or light dinner anything that it's this offer not. Yeah this so please please have further word what everybody is pleased with theirs is one type or some in there was acquired right and you start all over break you. There's a couple of hours just lost my hand moves leave it looks stupid the whole world. Or at least a couple hundred people who might seemed quarters. She said that Jack Dorsey really hurt her outlets and Dorsey joked about the conversation with cam and hasn't and whether or not it's happening cents to eighteen fanatics here. And that one thing they like. You know trump was tweeting that he will lie he's looking in the pardoning folks and they you know so we. He was looking for an issue that pardon and a lot of I think you went to this for some reason NBA players I guess it was Mandela yeah I was chasm. What was he was pissed off about the NBA I know the NFL stuff. But it was something specifically where he went. To NBA players and said give me some ideas on who questioned pardon if you know of anybody. I must Emerson Mohammed Ali which he's dead and then eight you know that kind of eaves and one Kennedy Center honors I think this partisan. But this is some NBA player camera was tweeting out this guy from this town. It is. End he's in for liked when he five years for selling weed. 25 years or selling marijuana and he's entering his seventeenth year. And Purcell and we. I mean did I could. Why slot Alice Johnston is in the air for selling cocaine and money laundering. Britain that was her only sentence but it was a lot of kept the cocaine use conflict and she was the leader of the group. Yeah I'm Adele is our first offense and you know after years of being in prison. They saw that she can have clemency and can attitude and but there's a lot of people on there isn't an a look at it follow you know marijuana can sleep conference and marijuana legal in prison I mean an end to that I am Wednesday overturning you know in those people that are imprisonment marijuana charges. Pro Bowl word there is an attorney general almost and one the Republican primary in South Carolina yesterday and landslides were gonna have any carries her anytime soon for any capacity for anybody in this state. Burger Jabrel. Well how okay yet it's and change Cheryl have they bridges after you fairly bright. Affect them. Well Jamie Lee Curtis enjoyed working on the new film the Halloween movie. She thinks is fantastic it was car phones old school finance terrify and she saying Jake Gyllenhaal. For getting her to do the new Halloween movie. Analyst doing an end and he is a family friend and and Jamie and he had previously worked at with a director so he told Jamie that she went critics fear is he had and that she should do it. Says she didn't and she worked with director David Gordon Green and and lumped her experience and Jake worked with him on the may be stronger. Had an amazing. Experience as well some. People are looking forward to say my cheated and I knew Halloween movie she's coming back as a grandmother to face. Her villain. Her villain now initiatives and her brother. Same place from each and Kyle and Michael. Miners. Yeah it's. Very big on that rare look great RS AN CR Garrett Graham. Now. The thing about that and that's what she's been endured for forty years is just. She and stuff and target practice being a bad ass woman waiting. I am saying it it's not out yet. In the Israeli Scalia. There are trailers they're they're your movie will be broken is Danny McBride is always a revolver good pairings made downtrend most of them. Certain rules unpaid and as your eyes as her mind. So. Do you pages so the way you're listening to Iraq. 93 pointer in the.