Tuesday, September 18th

Headlines: Our head engineer just retired after 45 years and it got us to thinking, how would you retire? would you tell somebody off?: Fat Boy has a revelation about his weight loss journey

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The radio on. These pediatrician new home and on the rise guys morning chill out you or phone. And he 3.3 the planet. And Howard Michael reversed you can move your lucky to the rise guys morning you know what may be 3.3 up. Right guys headlines with the aids. And you're beatle who. 12 PM may also be your real human coop can end and I got a story for you don't yell out all right. There's a Kentucky woman who used to balanced or resist arrest. I'll and the house are out waste on his face to story plays on his face he sent suspect Adams went to U. 246 year old Amanda Peters Allison lending sting can tacking on Saturday and I have to tell you what she looks like she kind of looks like. Point one cousin on the. Courtney love's cousin romance yeah yet the mug shot available. Yeah Auburn's. Oh how bad is home. It looks like who is assigned cornea let's cousin Roman I am not he's corny corny let's thousand yards I don't know turn out bad. I don't wanna be judgment on that feeling ranking described her dissent that the nude for the story is also looks like she's wearing brown likens him. But it. It's aka mad Amanda speeders. She did this have on Saturday. So Hugh is gonna be arrested for an outstanding mourn for identity theft and car theft but she was think and go down easy match she wasn't. She ran into the bath and hop on to the tournament. And then according to the police report she quote intentionally released rebels and upward motion from Pratt. Kirk crystal directs and a bad word emotion yes I don't. In out. And which she lied on her back or is she in the though. Four point stance. That you do have backed technology and all continents. She and a peace force and times and yell about all she hot iron to the toilet. Segment into it and score maybe please pull down their underpants. It's a narrow. I'm thinking in some Kart track and path. Says she intentionally released or bows and a promotion with a purposeful direction that landed on the cubs face arms and legs. I could almost lower taxes argument Smith. That's the talents sure it's a vehement in my in my mind is is like the spider man's web coming out of his wrist. Might want to look at one of us and you'll lowers commander. I think that's our case. Here you want to have some errors. That's judge symbolic nod and lately as I got here. It's a Laguna. And it was she says that he's in an upward motion on his arms and his face. I don't now and the need can try to recreate this editor for your part of shrimp and I think it's hit a slight minimum work when they opened the locker Alia and exclude all over and. Yeah. Would you quit would you find in the zone man is an ass soulful and immigrant to. Not enough showers in the world when humidity is low junior rid your whole career to. You're always a guy who got approved on some standardized Darryl how guys in six weeks. That's McLaughlin answered down. Are it well I don't walk around the browns struggled and as he would a made. Make up. Law. School he's probably got a beard too you know about all the things he did think about coming to class actions. Go with the most. Now well we should think what happened once it started getting really just ran out of the house and she gets away with everything. I don't eat what you mean she did this happen. In her home. Without having at least. I'm glad you have time to you know give one owned American. Bureaucratic and a friend in high school. His names scale out and cal could fart on command I mean really could stop him in the holy cal far. When an old car do you just do it that this lady right here means she's. I think geyser. So more specifically she turned her back to a cop Procter pants and I. The feces like you can and it is all farfel I don't really know how she was clear. Your friend not developed any kind of like condition because I'm sure you guys but the more command to keep doing it. Yes I am not at its way into. So on top of other chargers she's already facing she also was hit with resisting arrest and third degree assault where. He had it is awful I'm sorry I'm sure this particular. No jail time for your. I mean thumping an officer yes there is. This assaulting an officer whether he'd used a weapon or enough. Have a life you'll get spitting. Is spitting on an officer is spitting at and officers the same thing I've learned that from my Phoebe also if you spit at an officer UMass what hit him. Now you're out because I I think he'd be in some places may be ingrained count. It's. It's a salt if you spin on an officer or at an officer Pinkus Mueller now. Well one person has a strictly Saturday may be meaningful to them Saturday may be meaningful yes Arby's. Is paying tribute to the fans by giving away. Free actual San winds tattoos. So few lines and race a legend that is our priests and located on your arm every day. And feel the passion. And pouring could be for you. Fat boy and his Paris based on your arm forever. Q do that they got the sandwich and we believe he can chatter as my favorite it cannot get the judges that they do or visa. All gallon that they have not Arby's and hollering cost him in fact for years rather have them going to be rose before my. Can pick Montana deactivated on your arm. Where he'd get to rest based that it I think CNN Larry when you why and I need it says. Your body stand against this at TI mean I don't think they do my money Tatis. Out. What about for the next to expect punishment you have to get the logo of your favorite fast food restaurant that is a hallmark card. And this is the deal people can choose from fifteen different Arby's designs including things like an eagle meantime in a pack of curly Fries no template. Are we saw us. And a dagger going terrorist speech there aren't with the slogan. We have that meets the fact that someone again. I try. I don't know and ambulances like you know the present what's. Some mozzarella sticks can't I can't hash tag horse he solves is actually on my. What is horse he solves that nobody there or strategies aren't there it is yeah ought to since Holtz has let me have the that your turner. We've got the millions beaten and beaten. Did you grow your fridge did you want every year and all tattooed on my back. Place those laws you wanna grave you belong Cuba wars technologies is an American company died June. Well page what is that metric for with great meeting news you can use the really and we've got beyond June and we'll brute drew let me go to Mexico since. And yes I meat juice music here. But. These days. This is an up or do you think you what I'm thinking right the idea that got taken armed except the U means that we got. And I think thanks him. You I Jews. I what did you do I she's doing she has name on London. If it means it. Think maybe she's absolutely right aren't you as the French culinary determining who wins the chiefs and sizzling meat and you guys do. I did it mean in their for entertainment purposes I want some are aged he. But the. It it's because our June defined that way Death Valley to get that are all losers so it. This is dead is being held an attack to show up in California Saturday receive at a trauma. To Long Beach counties eBay on the obesity. Now it's worth the trip half. Right at it get the dagger that you yeah I'm talking amount right. Go by and have some guys you all you why don't we watch that is it because we don't want to say O had this prime rib sandwich with Jews. It sounds more off guard if it's the prime rib sandwich with IG billion charged that don't charge when your footprints in the and I died less fun. I'm June. And something near every day I not in this is a very educational show sir I'm learning with the listeners think you are words mean less snap kiddies I. Easy pitch there is new service alleged parents hire intimidating quotes. Articles. To help protect their kids from bullies but it's gonna cost a little bit a money thing anti bullying campaign in South Korea. I wouldn't fly here now now it's coming uncle service so they're hiring these people. You keep. The kids away from. Their kids so what do they go and what pigs to kids after school and just stand there like I just rubbing their system in the palm of their hand looking at the bullies. Money in Q line and destiny quote. Uncles program because you came did and the evidence package where fake uncle. Secretly film as a kid getting bullied and turns over the tapes to the school and tell them. Decent thing about it or a down go to the school board and that. The evidence package costs 350 dollars a day. Says and then the nickel package where the guy who walks a kid to and from school and gives a quote stern warning to the guy. That cost 140 bucks today. As crazy yeah I did they have any Maine and certain girls that are being I now. Says here's the third one. The snapper around package. Where that they all our best fresh toward two page ha that means that means. You tell who wish that parents. Now what does that mean. We Jews can't there is that it holy Jesus where the fake uncle goes to wherever the bullies parents work confronts famine protest in front and their building yelling at. Parrot and a bully works here. And pricey here yeah cost 1770. Dollars for four visits are these are locals and Italians entry exit no new South Koreans and the house so you can take like Uncle Fester to be. You know I think going to be awesome if you feast and they are. A light bulb in his mouth and it's coming on had to be pretty and intimidating that you signs sent him a thank uncle bastard got there and voluble and so there's South Korea and the problem we don't speaking listens aren't working I want matter because they speaks South Korean. I don't understand what is fits uncle fail from a fresh prince of Delaware Aniston who's he's dead as a mom. Our didn't give me a local luck. Was one my kids are Rhodes aren't in the Kearney who has been trying to. Isaiah and would he be available. But the right now that's all of. RA about a guy. Does the end thinkable as a toddler climbing until an arcade prize machine to steal a bunch of toys and I just talked inning priced machine that you pissed off about isn't crane. Kind of like that sort of thing or is it a little different. So the fleas and Salem New Hampshire are looking for this guy he used his toddler to steal a bunch prizes for this. NS RK machine at the mall Friday night. And the game is called the barber cut lights. It's kind of like the claw machine only instead of dropping Amanda Claude is trying to grab the stuffed animals he pressed the buttons. To try to make two pairs of scissors cut through a string. Holding the problem is some pause in that area holds like iphones and stuff guys I'm really high dollar stuff and the blades and uneven lie and a good news is gonna roads and around. Them. Is the reason why does America's prizes are always to Beijing and they don't make eat they don't usually. Ever Qaeda in Tim said this guy had his young daughter crawl through the hall on. Pass some bunch of the toys electronics and gift cards and then they took off so people looking for and I'm just saying I chairs. Hang in light Mission Impossible and bigger budgets strains she's trying to grab all of iPad is and they knew they hit the so fast. Like because there were looking for around the country Robin the arrival of the apples to worsen these go win Grand Slam Toms came boom boom slap them run. And nobody knows there none the wiser they don't pay attention. This kind of the same thing with here we had akin high school who could fill his arm up and to be a snack machine in his role tall trek you really pitching anything you want. And what are they little scam aren't the man is described as a bearded Hispanic twenty to thirty year old guy well okay worry has lacked the baseball cap and amply teacher black shorts and a under our belts oh please learn grant's shoes or sneakers. If you are Smart and street change clothes on now. Brown shoes or sneakers but definitely an under armour bail and it's that anything you haven't Arby's debt to narrow he showed an incident that. You think you be offended if they're like who's in starter shorts and a champion. Tank top champions get an artist and he's been resurrected yet he got a through these are currently and into. It's that that's appeared to be 57 years aids. A younger man. It out of my mind. Starring. Our arrow get out of that machine yeah Iannetta harmless scissors and stuff kicking get panicked and I guess they're gonna be a little small to begin a commitment to a big game and it was a tropical island and always wasted so much money only it was at spin then we'll of quarters and you would drop other quarters on and on to the plate and try to make other quarters full. I remember that sheets this frustrating. Yeah wound I mean like if I hadn't gotten so pissed I probably could have just ended up being some kind of gambling addict. He could I used to spend enormous string game. But does that get close a couple of times in the U amok Omar God's gonna cut it and it just goes in and roads and we channel window what was that you remember what the prize is a fifty dollar gift card and our place I was a Wal-Mart. It's a long marred give kind of bending like yeah. Dear because I know I'm their cruise ship. Now that they had to cut its interest was tried my husband was trying to win and the iPad. And he kept putting money and putting money in and then some lady just came upper right after him she'd won the whole thing Alia if everything up and. Sara this is like you know. Slot machines are all on a sequence he gonna catch him on the right sequence that's why these people the working you know back in the day. Worked in the convenience store wants them all they knew when there about the do you now. So algorithms him quietly in their psychic. Friends for Elliot yes I'm pays and as your eyes as they meditate ever played a nice. But all you can imagine me or is. And they keep pace that was an award winning headlines right there. We'll take a break. We still have a birthday bash take its two two win and free to purchase and I 33 the planet rocks dot com tickets start at just 3950 plus phase beta or Friday night. Agent that delay. He 93 point three the planet dry. If I was a server I did serve to this. This earlier or Walsh. The deaths in this soldier where. Be there Friday night's agent who. I'm intrigued mr. very constrict anytime you want Matthew thanks page yeah and in this Ina. If fat man if I was a woman. Newton a good looking woman I don't know why I think 2000 woman I'd be like hot. But if I was I. I would do win all the amateur contests around it at all I'd take a summer off from my job. Even in an RV and drive around and went all the amateur contest Oreo now wouldn't sleep than anybody. Our Kamal you know have fun I wanna get married Monday. May area man with a good job and two kids. My kids knives preakness is now the effort arguments when your jobs is six probably. Of that line center and fans act and there with me as a woman. You feel like I was a woman win via elected didn't woman's body be like Omar got okay illegal things -- Olympics I can't wait to use it in the opposite. I would be a really attractive woman and I would win every amateur contest and and you ringgit messed up on drugs or anything yeah it'll make your money in the paint a career woman you indeed bank guys and a 101 day. You know. Sleek the president or something horrible at Alexandria named on celebrity Big Brother. Commit mail if you needed. Unbelievable that you haven't Matthew and there's all I think Rainsy had the last. Com. By the way two things one to have somebody was asking him a moment the name of their bills player that quit at halftime ponson Davis on tape I was sad I guess alassane dumb and they are missing women guest house and Dovonte. Does sponsors insist Vontae is a Vontae for short. He retired and after his name spontaneous. Some people like the bills are so event that was from his Mormon alike big guy it's a first Emmy we keep hearing you know. Oh there's no new ideas. Ball I mean. Who was in the got in the NFL hall of fame and and show Ochocinco. TO TO and Ochocinco TO. He didn't show up for that now this guy who retired pathway at at at halftime retired. And then. When the good old days where a two week notice he needed Seles teammates who is walk gulf. They found out after the game. Oh really. So at. Halftime egos and they did not think anything when he was changing into a street clothes or did he walk out where and his patents Selma this all in Omaha for a W who's done. Philip Rivers because they're playing the chargers he said he didn't notice until after the game either. While you are about fifty kids around until service as a guy does not practice birth control. Just left man up and quit but you know what if you're gonna be a distraction scored you know. Like our I don't know we talk about this on the air or not or. I'm pretty sure we didn't like our head engineer Terry Massey retired last week. You know being here. 45 years 45 and in years at me as an effort at one place one job 45 years he retires and he. Always say he announced his retirement like a couple months prior to actually be his last day I was I was pretty sudden. In other in AD. He's great guy I mean he's not a man of many words. Perhaps in fat boy now what buys office Friday when Weaver leaving just as you know wish him well on his retirement all this stuff needs some Al east. Place is even travel to and everything that. Like cities Amanda a few more he does it talk a whole lot but when he does he's like you know and at once he was in service to is so like he's a guy's got a zillion stories. You know we never talk to much but boy Friday when it was his last down you're down the words vanden. I mean he was. And it is ask. Now and Linus yeah. Heavily lawsuit says. Belief and didn't have brought one week and in Algeria in Jerry lesbians as I don't know what they're free bonuses. And I. Under Cole's site is the last day he just said screw it I am. Go to I'm gonna have some find it and all this stuff earlier drew fire written on the I don't walk canal like it was the most we've heard Epson does longest conversation I've ever had women's and abroad has been it was cold but none of it would have been terrible on the radio. At least 45 years and it in this thing right. Once it was a couple months because of his position you know there's a lot of moving parts to it in the head engineer of seventy radius. But he he worked out his his. He totally was gonna retire any retired and my hand and he'd like worked the whole thing he can lead at lunch. Not a from a party tonight but is that always is at them the the level yet to be you know forty plus years ago polian because it respect. Al I mean if there's women that were there they'll throw a going away party. I mean you can. Right when women throw parties work has we want cake. I like to be used to have a lot of around here you know browsing skews to drink against if somebody was Quinton mayors you know Somalia fired this talk of party. Now but I mean like the guy who just walked off that's poor sportsmanship. And then if if say the engineer and said I'm not a lack. That's. I'm professionalism. Right. My last job before coming here too many 3.3 plant crops some sixteen years ago I put into it notices well. And you know it kind of kick sand like he's okay get worked Matsui noticing to meet with site and get nabbed in what like it was a hell hole Joba that was important and printing factory you know as where it went what I do what are our work. I work that into maze like my dreams come true has been hired full time in radio and getting out of this warehouse situation and everything. And that day is like this is my last day like since my last day what do what am I gonna do. And it went to an award that led to weakness in the very last day. At lunch time. Just laughed. It is literally at lunchtime I knew I made sure that I dropped off any keys that I had any kind of credentials which was obviously not much. But a way and has stuck it on my manager's box. An analysis of what that. Aforementioned paperwork there shall. And I and I left lodged because I remember seeing you know it's my last day. I'm just gonna. When you when you finds like it's home want to ask the analysts reveal it when you find your just mortal enemy and just you know divot tool on the way I had any there. I do that here analyst at that could still manages the fabric. My my last day here I'm going to leave at 830 cannot tell you guys and go to the bathroom at 830 is walker out. My last day. This stuff I went awry then. The movies everybody only way out there are gonna all be right back. It's. A good and every single again. Well you'd have to reviewed at the way insulate her because nobody feels a beard tell off well is. I another time prior to that. I'm putting a two week notice at a place. And they tell me now we're gonna. Eagle and leave now so or not imply. Well I was inside the gym in the two week notice an inmate told me you can go and leave now. In India that Thomas yeah yeah. I think you have on now. Eight it can't go as well crap until the other travel is gonna start for two weeks and not have money for two weeks right this is pretty grace premium at that everything that. So and I'd get it now because. What I just said when you put in a two week notice or even a one week notice. Truly don't give a crap and in your boss realizes he's paying you the part time for two weeks ago. If if I didn't necessarily need you and it worked was gonna go on everything I might tell people you know what we're good. It's hard to him you know when did move that I. Aching and I left my TV down I gave my months' notice and I was moving here to my environment is that. Transvestite is that would you talk about hello sound as though there are to be a man and it worked out that you were young California so I knew that I was leaving but it is kind of hard to see the people that are moving in behind you when your seats and Paul to. Alexander and yet and I isn't in now I was it was kindness and again when I was happy for him but I see you're saying you just wanna caddick and because like during. When you can doing here that pull you all. If you tell me your redundant to weasel instrument or. As what you might do now of course to. Pennsylvania. You may be unlawfully accessing. Other people through. Yeah and I can understand. How they pay a Ameen endless endless I had reasonably accurate go on the air but nobody does that anymore like in radio like. You know. Like there there there last to know wash which is bits yeah yeah you know this is my last today and I just wanna go off on this person this person has never. That's good. Yeah I mean other drugs mr. Evans law that lets you look completed two week notice opposed and corporal was a white collar didn't like didn't. I would usually do at least 38 jobs and what's happening in the 38 jobs did you ever just walk out. Yeah I came home early on the younger Florence goblet those Gaza down on the coast to finish of the job. Scott started doing in the left. Most whether it is Charleston area here now more consumer home he goes and finished Ian tell me about he did tell him. Did on the way out marquee moment we've. Via a post office job Washington street and left after a period on Thursday night. Why what was the reason for that was got tired doing him in dobbs looks at Iran is it really sucks. On the Carla and our work up here. Well postal uniform pocket ma'am are you working the U separate mail from three to eleven. So the trucks can mean you just you know you peace amount you can Wear whatever the Fed's job sucks. And you know work fit so Wal-Mart all supposed to little Black Friday. I was eighteen at this point his finger. I got so hammered the night before in Waco meaning Thanksgiving Day yeah there was more than one Black Friday first order when those first and I think it. The day before Black Friday does that and ocean floor are so hammered manicure and a via more Coppola. When I try to go back and worked I was called their melatonin and that that Turkey I try to go back to work later they gonna win that puts them but they do man. Did they notice there Ole Wal-Mart amok well you know I'll still work eight hours before work it later maybe that'll you know yelling Noonan. Only two until the relief and mark file Walter room to another job in a. Just anybody ever walk out here in a wrestling match yeah really several Iowa so I'm not talking about those in attendance and talked about well I know me yeah. Really has been some people that won't vote some guys that wall now because they only in no. They'd wanna do the favor for the other guy yeah. Social hike I'll eat one or lose to you after the wind. As it began I feel he should win in the and he and that leaving just I put you over and in the process put mice over yeah. That's money falling. But the whole idea numbered. It's and don't agree Quinn's story. And he won blazing guns memorial now elderly. Now. I do remember. Removing buildings when we moved buildings every year we were quite pissed about that and I know someone formally on our staff put fish in the sealant. I. Over the receptionist asks was this. The fish yeah. India are being now. I think they they caught wind of that. Proud of them have been in exactly and it's abundant as the softness ride with the intent of art we we still have birthday bash tickets coming up. Foot it's already almost 9 o'clock are we have poured 10 AM birthday bash tickets hash tag 933 birthday bash. We're a 93 minute drive. Begins at 10 this morning now more of the rise guys morning show many things going through. Or like get idea but I don't think it's the bond's cool wellness arena would appreciate that I was. Call we took off fear there would be idea that. Do weight loss if you lose or whatever deal that person should have to appear onstage birthday Daschle that assured. OK and I don't know that they gonna allow map. Monologue isn't allowed at wrestling in a bailout guys running around that scantily clad them tops mystery. Ladies night and I. Were my good assault and Mike is some of them if you want pills and are thrown in the consumer amounts as might say it ain't about I don't and that stuff and answer. There could be something that time that I still contend that there was no winners what day yesterday. This is double double punishment. As sucks but you know with some are doing Obama so. Split. OK so it was who could lose fifteen pounds. That we gained eight point six Jeff Fuller lost 3.2 Jeff guaranteed. It's fifteen counts of this mountain can do that you can time and I guarantee you famous that I can beat him. Mike I can beat you and I guarantee you see this were. Sort of like you. Can ask you serious question on shall. Do you do you want acutely is it something that we should you know we've only got three months left in the year why all. The while now. But three months left in the year. So there's only three months left in your year to lose a hundred pounds you know and at this point you weigh more than you did before it started so do do we what do we do it. Because I don't want it to turn into peoples' and oh boy here we go again to me it's I look forward to it. It's such a focused and I think is you know if I lose it it's gonna have to be some serious comment concerted. I guess private type of things on the leukemia all. I get publicly you know shame the weathermen target. You see down. You thought and it has to gig yesterday that look on your face when you look at the scale and saw that you gained almost nine pounds to look at his face was semite literally. Punch in the gut. We whatever RYTSE. People look and Xena. You get recognized the might want god there's and you get pictures to I still pictures on snapped at every time neo Nazi. And it and that's an anti fat wife and six our pants you've gained when he should've lost. This will be in peace with a defied doing you know hasn't gained 94 pounds. If somebody says yeah it's it's Amy is aimed. Some occasions as you know defending him and tried again in January. Well you have in there if I do it to be more private thing and yes yeah. I just listen. Question now is that. Your wife in your signers so thin and fit. And I know that your wife is a great cook desire that you brought in all these great food obviously Christmas she base you bring in food and all these different things like. What do you go anyplace else. Like you know and we definitely fear in her home all sorts you know. Jackson's arms. It's like to eat would you put your life in complete control of your die like she would help plan out all your meals should drive. But you know London politics up here as she could. On the way home I would cheat and do so the fourth mail out your breakfast and heard there. But you know after that all the way home for loans Regina I must often gets it's when he no eggs and you know I made a big hit when using get a junior bacon. Video on the dash and pretty they get this all out and nuggets balls and he finally puts a stroll through it he'll take abided chicken nugget in the insular and provoked. I used to be inventors had in mind when they invented that that play exactly for the addiction. 500 pound guys even chicken nuggets in drinking that it sells its trials that it's tough business. And. He is at the point I gotta go. Two a medical expert and researcher Alec and lose the way. Yeah I would like need to do when when you the lat and your sleeve that's the question should share in the rinse and the former football player but he did was he was it was like over 500 pounds and he lost a hundred pounds. But he was like he had all hormone imbalances and a thyroid issues yet again Chicago. He would get that checked out and then find a plan that worked for him was what I must say and have that problem. Aaron here there and I was a kid when. It's a little higher and everything just thyroid. Omar ready answers in the refrigerator door open and it's always stuffed full of Kool Aid and sugar again this. We're a drive through the something's got to Rihanna balance to get the feel like yeah when I'm gonna eat the food SLA to me yesterday like Q do you hear the way that was set after he'd say Neil how it stays within like the feeling of not being folded dislike. Almost a very 88 it abate or gas. You feel when you needed a good. Good meal. It's like you know and the movie limitless we watched yeah when then when that pill over the of his brain when I put those food in my mouth as slight American taste every piece of every. Adam in the clues like completely down the TV's meet you remember where that cal was when his life let's take it. That he's primed for helping these at a way our taste all of it away and they got fired it at readers anonymous palace what if I lose what might be the same way. Seat in my get a manipulated for a certain amount of time lose weight to go back to now a million now. To stay dead. Guy. I don't like when other people's lives calls pressure in mind. In this tossed now pressure. That fired us that five straight years while you're working a lot subs in ending don't women. Every day EE multiple food there really ruin something else. I gear rule in my ability it's it's a knock without this stuff and lose weight. It was fast through three times date every day will you be taking a plus one birthday bash or will you be using the interim travel I have to take us for me that dang it. You know he's like that with yadier dieting he's like Kirstie Alley. It was when an awful thing is and I. I mean you really need to Q really think about what your goals are fat boy yes sky news got internalize it from now thank you hurt his feelings I was trying to. Birthday bash we have a pair of tickets that go and get on the horn tolerant is 180774. Down below 93 we're gonna go and fat boy's hole mex can get it all figured out right. I guess they ever worked as a human just like myself mornings which is better with the rescue. Rex get away. Hey he's not many 3.3 okay. I'm.