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WAR: What made you love TRG?: A blind P1 has never seen TRG before

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3.3 the planet. Oh okay rise guys morning. Hisham I think about is methadone is free to addicts because they can't afford it then why are they do the same thing for cancer patients who came out. We interviewed Gene Hackman is two Oscars Jerry Rice we go to Bill Clinton juries I've felt. Manning nobody too big for DRG four hour trip to Iraq. And I knew celebrities crashing the guy who played they'd be in my shop on her side he's the ultimate battling. Okay I'll complete the real reason only he's underground salt not suspect number one with someone he's lost who's missing at the bridge. Lewis we'll be careful music friends and eventually they will last you for something. Nice mornings like jewels today. Maybe 3.3 double planet Barack. We are having problems shabbily Madonna there via truck from here all right we're gonna dial it up from over there. See this is what happens. Alexander Graham Bell and that was it 200 years ago he was in the next room you know what was and he called instead. You remember what he said on first phone call I have no idea. You'll hear me now hello can hear me now okay there anybody the I don't know what he's at an illicit. You know that a multi podium now zone. See this poor thing she's already frazzled. Worried to death. And then this happens with the new system we're all parties please this is the best this is. This isn't currently have two left arm all right we're gonna get it figured out. I promise she. I know you're all set their cell boy here we go again. Now this war this is gonna work is gonna work. Oh. I guess we knew trained police. Station cherry had you know I. Aren't good about my name is blamed defamed them caller from the bank which you call you yet about his reservation would contest. Where your own from where my name's Dwayne de seine I'm calling from the bank did they may call you about when in the drawing. Now are CDs that teach your daily everything around here for me to do it every day I get sick and tired of this I apologize for that. Here's our. I encourage more familiar. Well I do. Yeah. Do I sound like I get you James Earl Earl Jones a lot. If you listen and let us know come to Iowa for reasons they can't even fathom. The sound like James. But. You know I'm always really want to. But yeah I hear we heard them I guess. Now. What is early in his radio show. I have they just they're so old man they are it is funny how that aren't sitting well. That's good let's get ready this deal though so. Anyway are confident they GA and and I thought sort of called you about his that you won the Saint Patrick's Day contest so congrats on Matt. It's his size is the saint Pat's. Boy I cannot believe no one's called G geez Louise let me pull up all the paperwork for the so okay you want you and against of your choice one. The bank saint Patrick's. I should never again and again and again the new year baby customer contest so congratulations on that I've just got to get all these details that have. And in this okay. Evil chef warrior but tolley he's a sugar tit native he was of course traveled to the countryside to Seneca and returned when they claimed it culinary sorcerer. Elevation this guy takes the local seasonal ingredients in the southeast with a combination of SaaS. Giggling and firm Manning and turns an intro four course meal they you'll never forget steak lobster chicken and Dublin's Brooks and Dunn he can do it all. So you got that your registered plus. You're going to be. I'll give tech economy and I apologize I gotta get had a date and I also got a good address. Plus Judy you registered for their their Myrtle Beach thing too of course you don't know McNamee ecology. But yet you know it is so Learjet I don't liberation referring to him but you know what I'm Simon. Yeah seemed more at all Shula Mike I'm pretty lucky guy sent only. Such a it's it's. I walked. Yeah me. I'd sure hate. Right. Yeah. Miller earlier when you say you sound like somebody. You dare. Use rat it's a rise guys are 3.3 planets. You know. Shouldn't that worry my front mission and laughing. Yeah disaster girlfriend Whitney and weight and you wouldn't I didn't tell him about everything and what you found in the whole nine yards I. You know I'd I'd I'm sorry I just couldn't hold back you know I know how would closely enough ballots are just couldn't. But so yeah how about being happy that. Pat that you guys played. Is right and the raw power generation I know she's gone she's gonna have a hard time getting this out she frowned. And she found a brawl that did not belong to her. You know that this Wal-Mart bags the laundry gave me that was sent Sweeney to do but Gagnon opt dammit. I've done is brought purple forty triple Danes Frederick's of how it would prop. Bet not. What would do it and now won an eight under and until that thing out. Don't have broccoli red mail. It's OK I don't know I don't know where else out. You don't go around to help them out you know it hit somebody. In your on cows. And the war on. That they've got purple Frederick's of Hollywood. What did you will be you know that not me I couldn't get an eyebrow at Malibu and Utah actually are thugs come talk about it and I narrowed. On Sunday night. About this they. Don't know how I'm sorry I am only view. Yeah there yeah it really didn't ask. Only the commentator here is that that it might demolish can no religion laundry here you know are actually dead and then they bring you lawyer's eyes you got him in hot. Now. Now that that that's really good that the Mitchell Lama. Which are gonna came out about Joseph mama. A bit edgy as likely as straight you know you went and that bat bat Somalis. They get my strength and willing to stand up for the great Brandon Frederick's of Hollywood. Now now know what kind of son knows his mom Brandi tiny like. Let's get points if I don't know that it was important. I am and I know my Obama went on how have I can't trap and nor I ever thought about it where Wal-Mart has heard from him. Trait. For a new domains. On. A train. Eddie hanging yeah he's going. For the noticed how he's aren't going to be vulnerability was there are New Orleans. Born. In some lower level. A world. Eating give anything to have Neeson and Amanda was she hadn't I mean I understand you're all I'd worked double minor Alicia hadn't like jumpin on it as we can we got a name out of the hole I. And I'm sorry I'm now I know you just right I just. I you know you just can't believe it sometimes it does seem. More than a monster's ball park. Now I'm never met. I can't have the other. Did he sixty stepping battle against. Why didn't I think. Just curious out see I did she says she's a 348. They viewed through that we're talking to now I I I used to can do lead paint where I can hear a woman's voicing guess I would have been way off what that's what Odierno this glory and honor. And you know what they here's your fame Whitney a lot of people mean when you jump the gun you. TB test thing. I own you know Iraq which you know Letterman gave. Please America get it done numbers get it done and then I'm gonna Billy's answer and it seemed destined mainly upbeat than does that with a ball that. OK okay all right so it's not merge they'll be obese in restitution of some kind. Absolutely it not such as target much satisfaction. Bless you go girl all right let. Elusive hole on hold on forests. We we're gonna take a break well we have your phone number actually there were good yeah. OK look when he would check you would you like here down the road or whatever and does see how everything's all okay. Okay thanks for your help operation you welcome I do to clap and I do declare have a good morning. You do you're saying hi. Boy used by the dumb Aslan. Why do you do see New York Obama. Well are you trying to put together their gymnasts are geared to whales return. Say Merrill what is going on there is risk is like. San near eighty Disney probably are problems she's younger woman she's probably still be in the realms our own tech can't I hadn't. Admitted I came to tell how old she was that we just spoke Quinn and her fight just aren't usually do. Now and then you gotta you know it may be a may December thing I can tell his age at all Merrill Missouri didn't obviously he's out of that he could have been. Maybe younger than her maybe not Digisette isn't she says she does sound young and rightly real young. Also a lot of women standing up for purple bras I didn't know that was a thing you about they're all why. Yeah I have enough right it's the thing I can be weird enough I saw a woman wearing a tiny whopper. You don't see how and where really claim watt went on until wires all over the back of late afternoon and it's usually in Newburgh are very flesh tone it's never why Edwards need why it was just go get to hear. Sweaty guys kinda went and this that this is certain color broad kind of like in other words if you wore a black broad does that say you're looking for you know. Now now okay when every minivans what is purple brought me. Means that makes you contesting. Al Abrams Diallo purple that's my favorite color there's a brawl that's right guys that end and trying to. Sharon is out. Three point. As actually this talkative whenever salespeople. Out in the hallway. Listen to this. It's OK US nice to know is when some of terror cells associates account executives whatever were column this week. When they come up and say you know what I listened to the show before I even came here. And he know David down in. What is that what is the end traffic I guess is what his phone division is calling sir. You know the first thing they ever heard on our shows before even came working here you know what the first bit that he heard on the show that he said when he heard it. He listened the rest of the show through and went home and got the podcast. What did was it that made him fall in love the show. Who was the dating game into. Now with a total Jerry it was not for the love of the general. Elicited tabloid it hasn't been doing that it was the old phone scam with the delta. RA. And as a lot of what we have Matt announced scamming any way to let people sit please played a fat boy dog poop. Phone scam. Three or four hours the show travel days of waiting press thing we ever did was 37 seconds long does that all this knowledge might actually shortly so shorts we shouldn't feature it as what one of the scam mania things because a sat up would go longer than the actual bit dead there and younger did anybody say China detained because. I'm. Only you. And I'm. Everybody loves a little bit early and high we'd do it. That the other dumping somewhere fewer people than people here he's in the end yet it's 37 seconds I'll just play twice. I'm just wants this fight of his own oil and control it all farming if it does. All. This is a classic them. I I sound like a dog bits cigar MacLeish my heart broke all the time. And the yeah. I am I don't know I don't know about oh I'd. Smith doing. A bad read and I got my head out don't you you can't. And that. It yeah. Best part is the only man I know I'm not. His best the best day amendment is 37 seconds long. That's why it's a good and actually asked me team ever on these people back and apologize. At Atlanta alligator relating back and we combine. Our member. From our number somewhere else think Jay is legal is listening yes she did ask the same thing isn't Fuzzy on the details of the general practice really isn't the answer always column back pain physical we do that. Yeah all islands along his bin Laden's camp there are some grass you if you did and just assume that she did because it's general practice of job. Why is if you are out via C. If you are a long time listener of the show or even I mean you have to be a long time you total time and the like. That would be interesting to know what it was like he may be returning through the stations or may be what every you're listening to losing commercial. You flip it through to us what was it like. Is this a decent ged. It's in statistic information for a new deleting users start managed. I what was the the was it a phone scam was that a war with an eighteen C was an headlines. What was play and then kind of grabs your attention and made you hang around. I'd love to know that there is a good question I'm very curious what GAAP people I if you wanna jump in on that 180774. Double 93180774. Down below 93. But what was it they just. Grabs your attention. OS. More. My theory Larry just haven't answered I was just thinking that we met you at an appearance we did the dairy queen you never left literally came to work when's the next day and literally never left. Ended up getting a real job Adam I do your remember this sometimes you can't think Matt. I ask me what like when I was. Delivering porn and I was listening to stern I can't tell you what the bill was there there is known that as like well. Interviewing porn stars on the radios and that's what got my attention yet that's what it was those four gotten I was delivering it and listening to I was in a massive unemployment line. You know who say people just have an answer their question or wondering people really know what got you out as it all the things how I made me like Grassley I don't know. I don't know the first thing I was there really loved about it wrestler was 'cause my my grandma and grandpa is grew up where. TBS on Saturday night here hot dogs and grassland my daddy hey listen. But daddy I love you daddy rest in peace forever but. As Estonia this the other day Jimmy's like when I would watch wrestling I wrestling back in the eighties you didn't. Casually just talk about it and there wasn't the availability of teachers and stuff so people they know Eli did he do the talk about it. This. At that point. You know there was rumors and it was not real but every time I get upset watching that like. I'm never forget Jimmy bogey would you man valiant page he was brilliant black guy with pistol has wobbly. I had this Jimmy value he manages long blond hair and pistol has gotten mad at him for some reason had a pair of scissors in his pocket. Hit boogie boogie man cuts his hair off and I say they're going to follow my gosh in my days is Maggio and re real because again ASEAN monus air while he was uncle Otis air off its real TU damn it how was it the idea that they kept Senegal single flight three more years. Marleau partly grassland and neither he didn't mind or no not at all he was very anti most of the things I like he called Michael Jackson a slur. Enough to when you're assuming it it was IRO I was Michael Jackson for Halloween when we imagine the bells around weird childhood I had the com let's go to through some of these phones pork fat boy Israelis working his butt off today. He really is can answer familiar sullied and I asked him somebody's going. Yeah they did America did from your memory or thinking of America. What she tried what we put them on every year feeling just a tall people who are your target we don't UN we dog the handling content payless up. Well good I'll ask you a senior the other day. Our Lola outbreak that was wonderful thank you sir. Timing could be a general idea Al Al Thani and about the origami turned around there are other guys in the first place in a little Nicholas. It was open broad base you know unwritten that tumble in any glaring needs the united came relate to come out married man yes and hadn't. I turned it around gathered on the water pipe. You sound golf competition 0428. And mosquitoes and not early date. In the old and I were swimming in the long golf Tom. Actually that whales have great debt could. Coming up. Four Tonys went a couple weeks and this donor in jeopardy will return for that so laden perhaps we dog EU would does like to participate in that. I asked our intimate in this sap. OK we have this information out OK number and phone warranty and security contestant for Stoner jeopardy a couple weeks ago Nancy. Senator particularly take what guys are at appreciate the loyalty I don't anger upon him our catcher in here and do that in the north and west of argun about. Page you don't hear myself. Ha I have the health of people passing. Let's go to more extreme greens all online for sub mark. I do well Atlanta Art Shell fair to Midland who you remember what you're listening to the meiji and listen a little more to show. I just generally where it's kind of the kitchen every tech it's it's like. If I'm pumped crooner blog and then I hear it I can tell a lie coming up at two people. And then the tolerance starch they act. I am appalled by the galaxy got a all the time here at least dirtier your conference the right guys and I. Anyway I thought I had a pretty good idea that man you got just a moment Liz. Well I look I'll show called it practical Joker volatile are the biggest prank eleven. Joke out of people and I always wondered. You know what they had to go back and apologize to identify themselves. You know you know what what the reaction has I think a lot of your viewers usage you. You know he'd probably need to undo bit. To replace the late show which follows strict and often that one of my favorite things. Yeah yeah. Every action while Owen into the on the Israeli. Yeah well I just I don't be called a left that your listeners know you know. And that I don't know you would be able encapsulated better than me. Orange juice and life friends as a one with frat boy Colin met lady about the dog poop how funny you need to hear him call back and say that was all a joke body off. Exactly right on Libya it that way those people's blood pressure can no doubt that. Yeah and that's good that's not a match I. I've often wondered that too like numb and I know those guys are coming a practical jokers are coming to as Charlotte I think your soon and we're gonna have Jolie Mer on and as one thing I wanted to I remembered asking. Is there it's like I've seen episodes were loose like some guys might step Tillman not not there that's a great site and probably a bad yes good point stance. I appreciate you guys keep it well. Mark Taylor got senator. Yeah and then alive they'll be on here against and they're coming through death income ovens of it you know it's fun. So we have another call him. Yeah it would do one more I UK travel if we get to. You talk if you won dormant dogma and end the Greenwood good morning. I guess I guess was well. Take it to the diseases. In the by the main road map out tablet and every occasion base for years. Toward he's had a bit. Nor eroded yeah. Skirted what is it in what do you support what we're talking about earlier of you know there would be times where we try to do war on Tuesday and crucial win the war wouldn't really really popular on our show we were finding more more people knew that bit and it was already do but. We're thinking about Tuesday's be in the day where it's either going to be a wartime call our truth and consequences I call. We just call it true because questions. That's flowed really well ladylike yet. Amazing you definitely write it happened people are starting to call and planning on doing the bit Mayan air. Is a guy. It got tricky I loved it she got cut off a lot I would start coming back I had to admit that when it was gone yeah. Or is always swing is still get people of problems will still doing what we're gonna try to do everything we are thought. Every Tuesday thank you Delmon haven't. Lot of air off brother Florian he's sword tennis or 800 bird in my parking lot this morning and then. Has now went out there I didn't take. Let it. That you're not what you do in Europe are probably Mecca of the united yeah. Love 6424143. When they would love to hear I don't. Thank you sir I bless America and good morning. That's right now I'm just didn't. Yeah there's fearful that he didn't take all Tuesday I'll. Just try and when he showed your mother aids. You'll see drops you at school match this morning. 83 point 30. Let's go to. Anonymous online line. Anonymous good morning. And I hate. I'm glad it was good yeah on the radio what's. That's that's great I wanted to call and and you know how much I love I love you guys. See. I was well I can't tell the born. And and he really never really did anything to resolve a bold and just told radio listener. And I was in the U guys every day. Are you guys are just really good Larry. Describing to me what's going on and everything and I really appreciate their. Wow. I want to first of all thank you for Madison says in the know written and makes us we've heard describe things as we can't see your moderator wow. Pair so you first of IEA outlook ninety no one has to stop myself I'll Hamas gonna say you know. Felt bad but there's no like disdain in your voice a body like that I don't miss it I didn't know their parents can't miss Harris struck a or that I'd never do so while. So like in your ma oh well you've probably heard people describe like there is saying let's say. I can have a million questions in this. Like ask ask us something to describe two years and see how they like each week you were early deep that. I don't really know what you guys look like you never really went into detail or anything about that so watched someone you gotta look like. So you don't know what crap looks like a lot harder even subscribe. These days. Well I mean I don't I feel like I'm some kind of let the public parks I can cut W gab like got. Like a basic idea I guess my diet I kind of a no. With a dog looks like an 010. Pete I know look like a desk looks like our. Like colored and everything that's what I don't really know but. Physical attributes I guess yeah. Pretty easy is figure out if it donors are. Here's stand covers the flop over Tel four and a long Taylor attorney and let your hair short hair for softer exactly how I wrote code yeah care. I think there there I'm black hooligans well as archery. And rose zero alum. So I don't really know Denver looked like beer I don't know islands though. So I'm. Like if I'd tried to tell you what the color red looks like there's and there's really nothing Mac and now we're in our. Like. When we knew when I know there are Urquhart a spirit but that generally ran oh no I mean OK so like when you think anger. Like is near what what is left when you think about anger and pain like you know under pressure and maybe even. A look at anxiety you know what what is what is what do you see when you think about those words. All I don't I don't really get. A visual oriented more will feel and I guess yeah I don't really there's not really and it's saying I'm a visual reference. Here. CD I means like what is it. What does a dream seething and is it is it just you huge I mean I'm not making fun and all you lead EDT just here drinks or art or do you dream. They're more. I trouble like. My entry immoral. It's hard to describe. Now Christian I mean your blind you blind and dreamed he'd be walking around and drink some wherever you mean you still yourself. Yeah taken it's it's more alert. Bowl some like. I don't. Pilgrim I mean I've actually looked in the list. Because I mean I don't have any kind of reference to put in my dream so I don't really know wow it's I get sound. Yeah. Dream and ask your arsenal bastions are kind of like sure are you a relationship. We are not run out there are bear a you have who cares if so it would would it be how he is no mommy asking. Or. Forty feet 24 point 4424. OK. Oracle and do you lay did begin with a woman sexually. And just as I said describe to us when I mean what he was told he was. Hello my guy that I I carcinoma. Martin and I got like who you know aren't our easy there's no way. Or me. It felt good I just felt there. Yeah and you later. You are there was on the scarlet letter and are. I would the last show CS many times and I'm blown but blindfolded yes there are condemned man as well I learn a different. I'm done I'm black but no I doubt I can balance this thing and I didn't sexually active when blindfolded yeah. Give but I knew what she look like get before that you know I had to write the check and well. I'm in. Our motion I usually look like Dubai I've I've seen him blush looked lower. Yeah. Yeah there you can feel Leah. I mean you can feel the shape of the body. Where I get a share insult yes I did nothing you can close your eyes and you write your hands down if this guy and again it's the shape of the figures that's hot right there. Did you ever like this let's touch them not not you essentially speak India great touch on a girl and think well maybe she's old bigger than our lack. Forward. Now are not really yeah. I guess what this would prudential go with anything at this point there we go to UN dating game that is a great text if you do you have any Byron now that would be the ultimate blind date. The word and that's a little lunch at the most legitimate blind date ever yeah. Well regressive inland. This case to the dating game I assume that we are bird there what do you look like. As far as yeah. Our. God love than lose a guy attaches to. I like to. Wondering you can't wait last I checked our Taylor won eighty. Or now. Housing asks. I'm I there's no in the west palm. Yeah I don't let me give joining in to do ask combined act and a we've done it before with that. Com and you get I get your job is a land surveyor but we'd love to get you back on. They're down the road do that they do it's it's the just to do little Q&A brands or or even maybe leading up to to the that's that's all you got a story to tell us incredible. All order out yeah I don't get your information. All right hold off yeah. I love this legit or not this this this one takes him blind people cannot dream. Do you know. I imagine learning injuring anybody with a brain the brain processes things this is not going to a different you know. You know it's going to additional shelter or do you tell me can't dreamed that he is gonna be the home plate umpire and the nationals play the Braves today at 1210. What is that out yet I can't say there. That was very interesting to me. Aryan girl whereas we're. I have no idea how to describe something too so this is nick. Their rent when I don't know under army goes like anger and enlarged heart what you look like zone a gives me yeah. Each side is more like our stated we. Get ahead keep dedicated worker Sharon is thought yeah Al lol I do that mr. Dell Dell every day every morning. Re doing.