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Open Phones brings us a call from a guy who doesn't know how to tell his hot girlfriend she needs to eat better foods, because she smells like onions: Open Phones: Headlines


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ALC gears and steamy morning radio where I am I strange sound. If your going through the. Baby's mama mama us. All that Mary momma momma momma mock rise guys morning show mourn and say if it's Valentine's Day. We do an open phones now for lovers only. 180774. Double low 93. 180774. Double 093 anything you wanna talk about questions comments she made advice about stuff. Any of that in fact I would encourage some of our numerous nuptials. Couples. To call in please do we'd like to get to know yeah a little bit for we go and if she married off today I'd love to hear from lovers by the way. Out what that I do the number yet. 180774. Double owed 93. I I gather as snapped yesterday from my account that Susan avert Thompson taxi. Easily tabloids follow in and she she snapped video and she is would this dude is she said. If she's real country she is. I'm merely ask for you his name I mean it would sound so he's getting married on your show tomorrow. Hope he didn't he says they're throwing up the trees swayed in a dislike Gannett chairman assay and work. There's a lot of mas my clothes look naked. And then and a little while its citizen is. So news. Susan and then it was is Alyssa decision and read about. Big fans and media fifty shades of gray series I understand about it and they get a reboot. I never even a brain injury the results. Palm 10774. To below 93 Lance goes to. Family and missing the mood not really all right good let's go to brown and Anderson on line to sub prime. Martin I had Valentine's Day. I'm not that Robert Baer well I mean that the lane a UN a relationship. I hear I'll allow so do you get like as a big old super huge present today Ayers suck. I don't. Golf lightning. Oh yeah holy Molly will want to generate some dark side the last one to start with. Well we care how you race tickets but we gave me this year happy birthday to you Brian this is rap from tabloids go. Plan B and Pat Buchanan good game. Game. News that. Create that had a birthday brunch where does that thank god mourned. Ever heard anybody enjoy a Lionel I loved it's just about a bizarre. I thank you let's go to Ryan from parts unknown if they run. Hey how are you mourning news. Morning glory and I guys or wells are totally deforested. Yeah a lot of veteran issue of my girlfriend. I've been here for about for a month now and I've noticed. Pretty troubling issue to be honest with the bomb troubling. What has nothing to do it her fighting her parting or anything like today you know I think that most people have being brought about. Problems away. It's actually she eats. And I mean it sounds very stupid but it actually means a lot to me she really really hot leg she eats what she wants would. Honestly that's where the problem it's. By woody waiting it out how much we need but what should eat well okay. When she. There are racing against the golden raspberry sauce sea. He has solitude is that their favorite. That. Oh no say that the right way they're called binders. Byters spiders the miners again they did it. My opinion I try when times are you trying to save by your. Right now are you can't do it are buying here anyway and Icrc says she eats do gross stuff what issue puppies she is Stoner perhaps. No I mean she's not she doesn't even party here or anything like that usually doesn't do drugs she doesn't injuring. Nonsense like that she just needs the most disgusting. Back to include those yeah. Samad a disgrace she added he's given bad breath there yeah I anniversary issue of good stuff. Let me put it this way we went to Asia up fair not too long ago and her love for chili cheese burgers just. The breast that is beyond anything yet I mean see. Q like onions you could I mean sergeant James onions all over this. Started inches dreads are it is disgusting and the whole spanning. It. Politician based slipper the tic tac or something in out. Meaning it then it's onions I mean onions you know I hate it myself but I hang on turn down a sugar is a problem are roaming the room. What do you think that's a bad deal if it wasn't factored it changed your. Slow start because each of all the time. Well call this onions. That's all for. Yeah like it does subsidy air pours man had I don't know its weird. She's climbed Arabic she smells like onions because sheets and I'm able to detox or some sums up would that I don't now. It can be or is she kitty Frito eyes and by inner sausages and it's not that before my husband's breath and it's not pleasant yeah red light either way you. The way he's telling him like he's she sweat and onions. There aren't. You know he's really hot machine had an hourglass figures everything I just don't understand how she can do is eat all that stuff and still maintain that. Sheikh Rashid bin means she has checked stopped in her cabinet like you wouldn't believe hitting the ball sort of chips. What it did she. Then she's one of those people nobody can she can read anything she wants to and to stay in good shape. I'm a little while her. Our area well I have failed in alzheimer's that's they have their mind that they all will eventually their metabolism and catch up to a mean it does it's is it happens. And as you do things. Yes need to be concerned about his energy is eating have is that when her metabolism kids deserve jerseys go I'm bailing 350 pound he had concern there. And then when you're probably you know we you don't sit there and smashing it up and stuff I mean you do best to worst thing you did it there's sweat there's body you know there's said the perspiration and she smell like onions some. Have lowered McNamara's vinegar red dress and can be beautiful work now. I mean I love her no I just wasn't. Beat Spain just so far close from the food this year beating assists I don't know. Missing Marion America and that is all about now we're talking about some different that is she what she's is one thing she grows she's got Spain's informed that it owner. Now all of primary anything I mean people get stings in their shares but I think this is so lonely I mean honestly. Well my newspaper. I don't now a new artist strange when I don't know a newly released this agree. It's not from there I mean to salvage some display that she's never mind that I mean it all fired I guess. It's things on the shirts is and I used to America. Com. Page. I just wanna get hurt leg eat. Normal foods is that not all this junk. And I thought she always eaten that way though since they jump I mean ever since you've been whether. I can't say that she did all the time I think it was just something that progressively happened. He hasn't moved on merit dating maybe she just feels a lot more comfortable now amount she feels the need to. A mortgage yelling nobody out honor whatever else let's pretend that this was you and you didn't realize that you had this. Odor from eating onions and then Griese threw Melissa how would how can he come to you and tell you this. I appreciated if I stained. I think he should tell it would still be awkward the media have to ask don't tell my feelings if someone said to hang your breath and think onions and then. In it would hurt your feelings which you appreciated in the end yeah I mean you don't want time had not won. Tissue and turn away when you go to Kingston adkins a news. At least you wanna let your guy who always tell you have something off your face or between you I appreciate that I would wish others would do that for me. True don't often involved there there is on CNN now play out. I eat you know I'd abruptly Flores in my beard the entire lunch yesterday nine Intel want our revenue drop reminded him up. The thing is it if you tell her like hey. Your breaths things like onions are you guys like salad barker is there do you start veteran grant pardon Marc Yahoo! I'm also. Then then you have to say it can allegedly still might not go over the best but the alternatives you don't say it. And then you avoid kissing her ever and then after so much time these little Caesar resentment begin to sprout yeah. Instead of the and 1:1 bad evening because you're honest. You deal would like no more relationship three years from now because they don't bull over snowballed downhill. Have you ever tried. Eating the same thing she Dan and then you when matter so much a few best case he got. I mean I like some of the food that she. Either all the time and that's policy eats or maybe Jimmy Kimble he's vowed to appeal to assist. Chili dog thing. You automotive removing your census mail that's an option now. You know look here's the thing you got to beyond yeah got to be very very cautious with that does that mean at bats. That's to I don't know what Teddy cameras sometimes feelings if you said to hang these things all the time I don't like now I'm a lot of Levi cleaners did they have thank handles when he's a lot of beavers next year hey you know slip you know I asked image of music and -- -- people aren't stupid if somebody you love starts handing you -- yeah around the high and didn't get an Afghan I do like amendment you know we're always. Oh yeah. Sure does David I wanna check don't realize they're resting right now I don't take you to antagonistic agitated because that's always true when someone. Offers you a stick of gum are meant is that 'cause your breath stinks or they're just being nice course there's your red states but it could be all wrong guy. And I are going on Ryan. Don't do it today first of I don't do it the day Friday all hearts. But just you know it may be you know what maybe just maybe mentioned. You know somebody else since palm and you know a couple of years thing though she's not conscious I didn't realize it even if he said Alia says so and so worst among his girl and cheat. You know Salisbury steak makes a breast think for a matter whatever. It started maybe pick up on men. I don't know what to do. Drizzle like you know you give her restraining. That I it's. If you're so candidate I think that you like a really nice restaurant or something that doesn't have been acting himself and for every maybe sell out I changed things around. Thank her for his penis in my compressed starter and I care about our. A lot of good LA are monitor anything as far as you know that there are a lot of other things that our relationship that I really do enjoy agencies. You really really how this could smell like come out addition there assist the food you know I look I don't know. They're just being too sensitive about this. Like I know we always like to think there's some anomalies some person New Guinea hot dogs and Julie cheeseburgers and stayed home. You know it is not possible eventually rank your scandal started and knowing you obviously you'll start Karlsson waited this would you eat all the time. Let's just a fact event that. It's impossible to work all that all of you can't you put into alleged bad ordered all back now. I think he's cool with a now just four months. All of us enough time to start cracker ransom from each other always she stars doing meth these sorts Putin and his breaking point. I don't know Ryan I am down or Italian. I mean maybe some people listening in college some advice for you to listen a year radio but other mad dude I don't know his. Pick your words and and and don't keep it on the forefront in your mind because if you get into an argument at some point. She's gonna say something that digs in the EU in minutes all gonna come out even say. Who did he used yeah pretty X and it's a new shirt knuckle radio show about it you know so don't go. Keep it on the forefront your thoughts especially. You know you get them one of those good passionate argument sessions in on insane if there that you wish you all the luck in the world a man that's tough. I appreciate it guys so much any Valentine's experts reverse of our record our listener line. Covered under covered interpreter a true there turner it's and it's a horrible idea right you're listening to take you run out and mark. I zebra. Say yeah you feel about them mad you should have now had a part time so only took one Miller who haven't Astride has shown progress a slap. Paul Harden leaning also on com news shrimp and grits and how Lowry both individually and you don't like them together. It is why do you or even wanna be paid. We're gonna do some we'll continue to phones maybe you got some advice ladies help us out here has. What he's gonna tell her what should accelerating. You tell your girlfriend her breasts thanks 180774. And a below 93 your calls are answered try to finesse. Agents that doorway 93 pointer in Atlanta and Rodriguez and I didn't do. I really feel like he imagined premiere ratings also via. Commercial breaks really capitalize. We've killed. We retire. Well we don't see a dribble with the FTC. Would do an open phone track and help for lovers only warning 10774. Double 09310774. To below 93. Free and anything you wanna talk about whatever it is Saddam we had a guy who call who called and said that his girlfriend. She. She eats a lot of and is a lot of real spicy food greasy food whatever he can't save she's hot hot hot hot but she sweats and states like onions all the time to work out. We Ellis everything sheets like you know just the worst flu in the world it is still that very address it was tragic. So my little light on invasive and leave a lot of onions it was a female oh called female that eats a lot of crazy we're gonna be a let's go to Jeff is it. Injury or on Andrea on Rio on injury good morning. I'm always trying. The governor perfect. US and advise for Ryan the guy that has the girlfriend who eats onions all the time. I'll honestly he needs you look. Healthy baby and without a rethinking and it just. And down and Alex so maybe at that are. I'd much rather someone I care about me I think than someone else I don't care out. Committed some brain implant only and I found out my boyfriend not the same I do matter told. But how you bet if I appreciate your honesty. Andrea but how I have. How did he's saying it without you know you gotta pick your words very very you can use this with kid gloves I mean this is this is tough. And I carry expert people can't be sensitive about half say aren't just. I have to this point if he really cares I'm in. Can't be kept telling war on everything especially our teacher Leonard act. Dot com right how are of course and there wouldn't. Didn't by him like hey I know that you've got more comfortable are already leaving that up only need to act after it happened just plain. I'm all right well that is great advice Andrea thank you and a welcome to our country. I think yeah good morning. Who comes out on an unknown. Good pilot flew from say why isn't so hard to say something to someone. And being afraid you're gonna hurt them. Why is it sending despite walking around this swing in the big stake in pissing everybody else I mean to you what you've got to be careful when this stuff I'm down in Anderson what's in this for guys isn't the wrong way. It's gonna turn out bad keys taken on OK you know what that's a great text how come my wife kids. Can't. I'll limit how come mile wide does not have any problems telling me in my feet stink why do we have to tiptoe around web. True. Insists the thing that meets has been conditioned into us I don't. Don't think it has to be that way either way you know if you hardware like any street dogs stink. You're lucky last Manny Harris yeah are they're not men who get offended if there's if he's if he told that there were medals on their feet saying you know even to get offended by that I'm not I cannot sit here and say that. Calendars they got stinky breath and better stinky breath and stinky feet you know going to the fair standards just. Like you would some women but not all women not all men not all were but some there's probably heard that doctor scholl's would be pissed and then Shane who announced until like about me. Yeah now an open up and we're all just sang I'll tell you what I don't like about you lose some you know I go on his better argue about it and. Who aren't as good as Simpson bill Jeff we're gonna talk to. And Harry you know I'm hearing you can't tell you what is the way I can warrior what does that give him the Bagram. Oh OK we'll come. Under the town WA CC. KE and is in and then most not to give Germany and it happens to be tracked biggest let particularly about extra Max. Yes. Is if there Latin opening air national. Do you fraught worries worry worries that German Germany jettisoned message her she's a very thick accent. I'll meet with the if you listen you are. So why are so what was what was that what we re talking about the good bad breath finger walks. And finish I'm not not really my and I know they would the kind went out and told me that I have of that press column but I would actually my uncle being on her right. Maybe he has never come on you know unless you have been cut you know telling under radio interpret common template that. Maybe it act on but he has to show comes about and and if he really trim. And she'll understand. So true that such an EZE instead got a pig said the words which unlike any. Karachi to jar oh what brought you to America was at BMW. Now it could carry and really carry it all went and eventually take loud come out here towards anarchy land like you. Right in front Armon or. It hasn't. Well listen thanks for the if all the their morning shows in the world ridiculously let's not say thank you whack him where. Do you really are all. Most like to cause well cap on who you talk about. Steve Gutenberg really have a good morning. Not us. Is it bad that I say or brushing your BMW have just looking for around on yeah Rangel did meet friends and we'll get him a person's missile yeah. For some donors. Yeah errors folks who is real I got more I exe doused Edelman actually really made Debbie here in Rock Hill that's that's tough I got it. Let's get into Kerry. In Greenville Carrie good morning. I hate he gets an advisor Ryan says. Yeah I guess maybe it appetite that likes acting make it into debt Eric eating healthy. I love you know I like it I'll be happy thank you get that Whitney he could be contract. A couple of week we are now. Another key topic I onions and a mart. Not as you can and I don't like it never art again. You know what maybe that's the way to do the do you wanna be in a relationship though Kerry where you have to play a game played with you know our relation are two games ever lived. Like chipping and I don't quite get her way down. Oh come all melt they were again a mommy having a body of Iraq carry. I'd try to have a good morning I'm thinking yuck I'm not from Germany has been woman ever intelligent that your breast thanks. Com. Yeah you're right words down. I don't remember ever being told that in direct words but I certainly men given the message that my breath Barbara staying true to narrow down. And we do appreciate it if she did is that it Lichen is. Well look in the reason she thought I started about it was a sour belch a different context of a crackdown. And yeah listen I get it we gotta do it either or for you must go to anonymous and roster. Rob us. Radford grad anonymous essentially. Yeah occasion here's an either or go ahead and lay it on everybody. What I mean I'm only going to have a new air you know what everybody's like in the mid cap. Wanna be without her but she can do not think camera also aren't they won't be would have bagged lettuce salad every meal. IMAX has a question earlier there there's she's exile. Ireland is that a real there but. I think what I tell our own anonymous is so true he pricey at 67 times and short call but she's not. But she's not there acquisition of double land issues Leanne had bad break the US navy about the current TV are trapped there. There you Aardsma her energies like Hartnell yeah numbers are but to answer your question hot girl that breath. So in what is yes thank you sir have a good morning that they may agree. I don't arraf there's. What can and breath and how mad because this bad breath like an old dog breath fire at Atlanta also highly were solar hot. Hot garbage you that you get ulcers from it yeah yeah he did it live on discuss the dragon accuser has. And it doesn't matter. Which you and me like when you can't worry kids stink so bad it's true. I know well actually don't know really yet. I actually know we've been married almost twelve years I'm here who lately only in the war. Let it eat it seemed like he ignoring him and show how. He legally dead. Look at the week you're always. Like I can be in the living here I am gonna be called out actually and I can hear it that apple outed. Well even at one point oh my god how excited I keep hearing and triple toe. So it didn't go anywhere on the court go on and then in the bed with me. Every contract intrigue like India. And like economy much. Is there a sound like he's gasping for breath sometimes when he's asleep. What. About your weight that yet because he does Canada why he gets really really hard and played it might be underlying problem like we've gotten hurt so much. No I'm. Big guy. Do you know we can be only am. I mean you pretty yeah I really do you gotta gotta be don't know. Yeah. You don't need to say. I am humbled. And I told them we can do you can't morehead and just carry an analyst you're gonna. The current tax nostrils mourned yeah. And what we've tried every little strip we tried everything and it kind of like an art go to court we wanna be together. But I think we're just glad that many good and then not right here on the dot I do like Lee Petty or can't in my. I can't void might be very beneficial these gas didn't like eight EU also knows we embrace. Here's what's sad is probably another as mustache gradually five cents a litre I arrest that's sort of. She was working at it doctor's office and she told me it. Her boyfriend or husband snort real real bad but it turned down it was he had some kind of food allergy and it happened when he ate the wrong food I thought that's what let me IE was gluten would visitors arms and we need like a lot too much gluten during the course of the day now they go to bed at night she know he bingeing on his magazine beast nor rollout. Yeah well the last outlook is still that very entertaining about it wouldn't look at my husband and breaking out lunch bucket when you need a little bit grating and Eric thank you nine. That were very information on educational and got that tidbit came through the smoke cloud and out of my mouth to you that's true if they don't. Cam you're happy Valentine's Day. I'm your average cannot count on you guys feel like hey I love. Here OK here are my three sides actually just wished me get a sound like I. I'm Eric Idle in the same thing. I live with someone like that in and sound hard work these north about all we have Guzman. We don't know student always come through heard some it panels really a man and why can't sleep I mean in The Hague has selling amnesia thing you know who's remain that's oxygen causing headaches that's what that is my brother was so about that a Stanley immensely in the basement of the time skis he kept the whole. House away. Well they're lazy don't they need to dying is a mass terrorism. Is. Our I wanna get a line one but I know we don't have time here can we can we you're doing your push thing we can't OK perfect he won habitual mayhem in Berlin Wall. Lenore good morning. Not knowing what I'll do it all live on you and you'll Max and I somehow managed right. So loudly your husband he's had bad breath. Oh god yes bombing has started beating army rare and yet we get paid the hit it at a brick. 0800. That you get the kind of feeling it adds as that Donald what they can feel it. I. What is what and what did you say anything or do anything tend to make it marriage does he stood. Went there every day. They looked. Good areas so that our legal guys 08 days. It'd be like that cut. The do you get yeah. Did the script well it look like a good recruiting year in Newton. No I'm not given AD BD get an all sixteen everything's working on the mound right. And that area and. Are you don't think it. Are you intimately he intimate more than three times a week. OK perfect listen listen as ES. Iron did. Have a good morning welcome everybody. I got at present. Are you married no it's Stadler pretty prestigious grant hello hello I got a sales are you can do you do relative few laps or arrow blanket. Okay. Yeah it's. My husband swears in magic comes in im more weeks in my melt every night because my morning breath this so bad how bad is it. It's automatic thanks a midget who's around. Why is it. I'm trying to convey that blame can be a big name. A lot of checks and tables say. How are my girlfriend where's your bloods bed every night or how are your bloods bed every night because he's Norris bad. Keep the bad breath and all the bad Bristol probably absorb people snore loudly and Lotta people sleeping with a ear plugs and. I'm glad I didn't realize that bad breath is such a boy who bad problem for everybody ten. This is your mom and Arthur James creatures fresh right now 1077. Affordable and I three will be back right after. Know the rest guys until. Three freedom it's leaks at this is the rise guys morning show 93 point three the planet just rocks. Guys headlines with the age and you're beatle who. They're resting guy he's traveled down laying to leave Miley Cyrus is. Imaginary boyfriend. They arrested a man you came from Milwaukee to view it smiling in addition and that he was professing his love for her on face that can also talked about. Having to complete the most her wrist they act. In order to create a new world. So. Good thing that they found the sky. Should date to work. My William now okay what's his neck. Our Chris known economical menus Leo Blair is the brother of what's this is store patrons don't know so he is sort. She days the war now new doors for other polls untouchable these appear below what is his character named as GM a major role I would Miller from those. There are three three Kim's words like Manning's which was then the did did did vacation movie with the or. L store you think there was real them. Who I think it is. There were little Hemsworth in the third brother is here there's a little GeMS workers' freedom worked god bless you like Manning's. Okay sir please remember her source is Hunger Games. Hall then again I can't sell it just really get back to my refer to them from down as the war. And or Hunger Games helps X 400 games and Luke I still remember what noble trail name is almost all what is notebook trail name. Our rounds and I'm Gaza hurricanes netbook will it. Hello this guy was from love Milwaukee area and a couple weeks ago he read these post. And reference had taken a trip to see Miley any claims that he knows her address. And he said that there are finally get together once he makes his health permits. Well they're lucky than they found them because you know in the same some pretty out or fell off banks you know there are. You see the thing about the YouTube stars got a guy in their house with a gun men were hiding in a closet or someone called the cops know the guy. I want to get their shoot out with the traps and the cops in Austin, Texas shot and killed him outside her house but he was inside their house. He drove from New Mexico Alston because that this girl meg turning. Is a gamer girl on you two billion hives redhead really popular dog but he drove there to try and NB would permit he's walking around their house toting guns looking for a mother and it also don't told the cops. Can't lower crazy stuff man stories anything. He now though that it is this is more social media might help us because you know. John Hinckley if he'd been tweeting back in the day shortly Harvey Oswald have been tweeting then we wouldn't made that would you know. Dividend of it long can't look there have been but can't go below that you can imagine a magnet for search or death toll that. Let's ask her second and a song I'll let. I would then if you look over your two months. Making the guys ram on Facebook caught the attention have found a resonant and now locking and contacted the police and here's an example of some of the stuff that he had a there. Accra I got your address like you've insisted. I know which way to answer and at thank you for getting rid of pulling him. For those of you are not free masons you'll never understand. This is how we fond laugh. I don't mean medication. She Syria also talked about and the most horrific act. In order to create a new world. So. The Milwaukee PD contacted de LAPD in the sheriff's department. They had that had sent. They were actually able to track this guy down. And they energy item on Monday and attempt to doctor to have a psychological evaluation says they can count them up to 72 hours and it's unclear Miley according to U. TM CF. If she was aware of pan but they did reach out to her legal team since he has no comment about the matter at this point. She says she quits another week. Yeah one of those years ago now what years. Here we are you within a year or two at most. She's it was around the same time Pete Davidson from SNL say he'd. Now really rerun the same time period. Preston picked dearly and time traveling. Yeah now now now 88 days time travel existed. I mean if time travel existed. Then right now would be a big cluster yes. You don't say like everybody would have went back changed everything you know I think and I could have been a girl. You could I kidded Jeff could have been born when eight non elongated skull. Fat boy did not have a full gray beard. And what nine didn't listen to it counts down what if you went back and changed in any hits 200 pounds that's what I would it help you recognize I would I would come hockey B. Look my girl doesn't even know early were they normal. While a guy claims that he traveled here from just when he thirty. And he passed a lie detector test to prove he's got from Minnesota did this image snow. Any travel back from that a year or two when he thirty I don't know why he picked that Saddam asked me. This does this where you came from page mummers and why you kind of random. This is these that's when they got time travelling is to come back it was in 2030 it happened so I have time travel in twelve years he's finally he's making crap up. Well. Is ER is he not I can't say he's says according to the feature. President chapel be reelected and 20/20 W us some forms of cancer are cured and believe that artificial intelligence indicators huge in 20/20 one that's easy and a designer obvious guess and it looks like there's Google glasses become popular. And big scoring. Is not gonna take a crash like some people protect by the according to this man Noah bitcoin is a much more common. Crash in every day it is. So electric cars skin cancer 600 miles on why charge. Bonds keeps getting bigger which I think it's this guy's a full. Men's traveled to cars and 20/20 eight. And finally. Time travel becomes possible and when he 28 which is always able to come back. At 20/20. No it wouldn't work even if it was possible it wouldn't be allowed to do would screw up everything. Mean none of it wouldn't exist anymore you've all seen that in future to now and we also are disappearing or take pictures of their siblings. Let's Leyland must also do little marks. Yeah now. Early you'll boom for their I have I have a whole list of his predictions now yeah. Why he claims he's fifty some years old but he took an aide Jim rejuvenation drugs so he looks like he's 25%. OK that is Asian half. Paid the child thing Tom. Phones are going to start getting bigger in size towards your towards third. Other not because I got one that's smaller. You're human indefinite future I it's plus is twelve years and other going to change in twelve years twelve years ago we just got an iPhone well he passed a lie detector test but there's people that can condition themselves to pass a lie detector test and Millen fire and I got home court. Yeah and they they shouldn't maker isn't science mission be termed as should be lumped them sign consensus and our reading about just squiggly allowance era. Big deal what does that work for earthquake zone. I'll man he's installation cars can travel 600 miles per hour in six semifinal and I was cars he says are gonna 600 miles on one charge never says 600 miles per hour but they. Well you're our yeah I player on one side. I just as we we should separate things and don't try to. Him yeah I was just so I don't know what I say I'm arguing you leave them alone yeah yeah. Actually it's six or amount of charge us all 600 in one hour. As different. I just miss teacher knew about and you aren't gonna. He fit if you do know the women. May go back to pass and on and ordered Domino's your house every had staked out for lunch and I did as well fish that's. I Clinton's employees said. And liberal hate. I was hoping her down and he says there's not a nice partner and I do believe for a guy we can't 600 miles in one hour on one charge in twelve years world fight now guys well whenever you win this time Fineman. Arguing regarding time for a leader now. I don't know. He is yet another artist I can do that aren't I thought our families I don't know and aids and as a right guys that mind.