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Truth and Consequences Re-Premiere: Headlines: Wrap-Up


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He's right guys like gas powered by so these kids. Can travel. So you won't have to wake up the rise guys every morning this is the rise guys morning show I've net three point cleanup plan. Right now he's real premier. Once we if you know he's making a great revealed the annual come on and let her know that. You're on an emboldened and will let her know about the whole thing okay. I can now away and it'll give him a bit I mean when I'm nervous now. And I am mirror. And it's a feeling good he's got honestly this is incumbent a lot of temporary sonic that a priority I would it would government. Am illness from all of the answers from dorm now signs on. I'm joined now even if I do that then it'll come off I don't wondered to know that. Assume room farms are murders and that one's own notes in that to this chase. There were in their grandmother and they don't miss a bad then. Doing. Well I missing. Well. I it's it's it's Jason from mobile power yet. More removed. And because England and they meet her. I told jazz don't call. Then mineral and you get what it takes so brilliant. And well it's it's said early on my watch I yeah. They blew. Up a and I'm building and yeah I tell you what we dream about. Cool you know who dreamed about and they. And he's. So little moon you land run. It's okay. Lumix. Not trivial and you know when I'm in England and even this area surrounding islands to LA and drew. Pearl may June community and as a player and an underwater oil well slick. It's important historical. Pattern we see mister Truman moment. Went from room to move here if you don't ever tell me rock. I ask certain pitchers you don't ever Sam Nunn. EDC in the men's Imus well let. I don't conglomerate AD I'm not going to be. And the men do not you got a buyer could feel worse ego work or that he won't really can't mean yeah. Well. Some on the line. That list. Is somebody. Didn't say near you. Missing though or. Oh man and a white man I recognize that that Obama sound effect as soon as I am somebody and says I'm a buddy Alexis you're stepped out all other Arab. Hello going on. Casey were on the ready air right now this on the rise dazzled many 3.3 to planet. Straight staggering. An Israeli man or I'm not Italian room I'm definitely. What do I know is going on. OK so that the whole thing is. Your stepdaughter that we've been talking to you now sense well after 7 o'clock told us that you are using her photos on the bumble the dating at. All of those are you Dylan what do you get what do you mean I don't feel or what and how do you deal with status what do you do it. Really lacked. Well see our city's police Juli is our preparedness for this week she's Jason. Why. What are you talking about she's. Tim did she found that you were using her picture says she pretended to be Jason the Dow is just gonna debate says she can bust here. The Brazilian invasion that birds you know and got. He has a row and you rings are lower US are less well are you missing and he didn't even know does he coach I'll maybe any darn right now eight. The lucky I don't conveying whatever you want okay. Our rat moment staying in union little radio but he's OK the only person not cocky with you in the one quickly ended the Viet guy who appeared out you know I always knew that made you you know what it's doing that right okay right you're talking about cabinet all in all. I don't know how a lot of owners and explain your public airwaves okay first time I can't aren't right. Let me let me reasons to violate my privacy. They do good. 888. I'm the only got that you popular mayor did you forget god on the Mac enacted the one that I know of. That's right. Diamond mine for a bathroom I like him. Amen my best thing that's how she found out the goddamn in my came up tour and and color Jeanette here. I go to the big hang up. Not an. I'm not guilty of nothing here I never cheated on your daddy and I never worked okay that we know. Okay you've always been a little yellen bitch always called probably all that you've actually political outlook you wanna. Let a couple of that ball like you think your daddy want to get the war began at 52 year would be kill it needs people who argue ugly as Cadillac. Yeah I have heard it. All our absolute garbage. Not only at the chair there's and added you demo I'm numb I was and the Cubans who. Missy. This young up and that's grown turner legend as long as well here's what I did again who I ran down on the paper I said missy is Jeanette. And Alexis is Jason Terry lets us in today's settlement phones are right. Unless god. Are there okay CN security domain little displaying the radio but he's a radio buddies that's your new morning show us. OK ma'am we. Your guys are. I'm needs. I. I think Jeremy well and there are huge don't want my daddy years that he is Bellman and throw her hat how mystery. He would give garbage in garbage like she said I'm. Well yeah but look here's something to remember when though that is that. You were for ten and Vijay says. Yeah there well I would do not all the nomad that is out of care about pretend to be nobody is gonna that was unit to protect gone Battie. Well I maverick is this going to be weird we have frank from Sicily on the phone who's mad that you stole his pictures is Jason Jason you there are understood and opt to endear you. They re very original and they now. Now all our. Only this is I just some woman's nets must homeowner Hanson he would look first lien on the she's cheated I mean you look at some people would say sexting is cheating pages educating. OK so it's cheating. Yeah especially these cheating and. And again the aggregate then she was how burners are harmed she donor daddy must sexting was Erstad murmur of the dozen being Jason. Our quiz in facts. OK well why aren't. I'm on your satellites as. You're your ears Stan mama's weird semi final is anchored that that was is that that's a little weird that she's using your photos here OK see you and we don't have any kind of dissent gab that she was using your pictures and that's that's that's this week she's wearable phone. Arnold Barnett. You married her on the phone this morning and get that out I mean he cheated he dared someone or talk like that is. Dylan from physical change now in the real world audience and this. I am I'm Iraq. I am part of the journey hero's probably would data manager and it. Yeah while actually and Jeff on the field today he's actually gonna test her legacy she will take in my book I usually say they always do we'll let you know doubt. I would going call you daddy in gives him the don't let him just hear this on the podcast and a couple of hours are doing that enough. I'd probably get ready IDs there was an earlier here yeah. Good luck and hold your family somehow has a Merry Christmas curveball Anke so much. Okay and good morning sir and ma'am I'm operation currently there are usually I. Jason is married woman you leave her alone I know we lose and have name tags is a TV show a minimum of Cuba and Jason hang out. And yeah there are Alex levels since you know hearing your daddy. You're gonna have that kind of attitude are you just Canada's. You know on the same here brighter days are removed Mexican. I guess she's darn good from this worry you are probably leave town for real well I got a much he never found 13 person heard it doesn't roll ran. May end. This. Is the rise guys morning. Thought he 93 players freedom. Right guys headlines with the aid. And you're big blue. And are exaggerating. When I say crazy things happen now wal marts and run airlines. Really Alan here's the latest ad in and night down North Carolina night dale Rihanna meanwhile is nine Gentiva wrestled there. No never have night de L North Carolina living here in hand with McCain is an enclosed saint. Our doors lizard lick how far. There's Arabs towards a land that reality shows are kind of listen Glenn can shot well. Well authorities say and North Carolina man is accused of trying to kiss him Ike. A woman's shoes sent consent and Wal-Mart. Isn't it telling who's unsure what the hell and god knows abolished and say great I'm here all man by the name and. The Sean believed their homes. He's charged with misdemeanor sexual battery and I don't know exactly where it happened in the Wal-Mart that town. This woman says she was talking and another person and she noticed a man on his back who is trying to slide. To get close to learn and at that point she was trying to change this and maker shoes. So hot hot. She was standing ends Hogan's tonight and some money starts to slide on his back yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. I mean yeah it's like hey I don't know are. He's like yeah. Easy to get here around. There are. With mechanics crew. Out of creeping roller or he's trying to chase and all. Check. Us all a little bit and. Yeah just because you are worlds but I am I mean it. Carlson I was really gonna write them can't every CDC. Journalist going in the middle I honestly don't now him. Actually you know I think she laughs are gonna tell in this matter how far away and Andy and I don't want and now of course it is yeah. Because this is something that would be heard in my mind Reggie or Matt or me after it and hit now with a fastball yes. Our world around agreed on the floor Wal-Mart journalism she saw him again time you just. Then at night down North Carolina and Google. It's the only story that talks I didn't like literally nothing else is gone off orange after it was her night mail giving us literally need duel might dale it shows is beautiful mansion home. Why did good night bill North Carolina look at that beautiful house and then when you start clicking through and everything it's like. Hello I'm Ali that must be the mayor earlier this at the. Don't you show us some right now. Arm in the mirror and her. Go to Google image search on anti bin. Any city followed by houses they give this city that just isn't light trash. And should work to run down like what do orgy dry after all the way in Myrtle Beach can run. Which we're leader Boehner but I know hey I'm real pain hurt and sing airline houses houses here not for sale just houses in the north Bob vulnerable. Oh well it is not an accurate depiction of not not Charlotte trillion hitter anywhere. Anywhere in it is doesn't mind the play shoot good million bottles and responsive and a lot of us now. Well yes kind of does start owns Bloomberg union marks aren't even if he's not crap. Well I'm not this is what happens when you type in. But they're not right no they're not there are trying to wait too nice they're not accurate depiction of the area. You know difficult how personal remark. And then as CEO on nice houses and isn't a way alert since you've been nicer homes does show often image results more. That's well that's the other realtors showcase an international locations and sperm from Shaq crappy is down in the SA travel. Oh god. There's no rundown place trashy is as rundown ugly is the biggest eye sore trial on how much I Salem South Carolina. How many million dollar homes and Salem now okay that's an anywhere towards kiwi maybe Jimmy have you seen the courthouse are calling Kerry as a nice odd time. I just think it is as he. Clinton says he says name. A lunar prodigy yeah same thing and there's a couple there and that the top three rows that are you know there are filling your house I'm sorry. Imagine ever is go go ahead Alison. How. It's faster but also says they do they got the gases and view dribble flight and on the road I am so you think that's best at Jimmy edit them format. Olympia learn how to. Well finally ade pig movie starring. Isn't getting his star Emmy Hollywood Walk of Fame on December 13 and he says this quotes. It's a true honor Patricia O'Connor won a full circle journey so grateful so many people to thank. So everywhere and there tequila on me. You know tequila sunrise Geoff McDermott. Healer the mountain is doing in Iraq Johnson. All lots and they are finally finally. Yeah only a decade after of them heard Brian Seacrest started years. Yeah. I'm as witnessed on. Needling ailment that so I got from Wal-Mart had like everything I don't know how or why are. You know legitimacy Dunham was documentary about his star power because again tonight he can get it couldn't get it I think geared to before he died he finally got it. Slash they will give one. Well. And zinc I mayor and what. This is here today getting the star can be complicated process thermal Serb campaign for looking at. People Tony and I. 4450. Chamber approves the application the nominating party or the celebrity must pay 40000 dollars. And that it's even harder to get one posthumously because people only give up 40000 dollars in your money for us Arnaud him but it. A lot of people in my response back quick creek. I a lot of people have turned him down. Turn down that they were turned out to restaurants there there by someone has offered and turned it down. I think council is of little rug Denzel Washington George Clooney on the shooter Bruce Springsteen never set dates for ceremonies to do it so then they changed the rules to Springsteen wouldn't show up so now they got a promised to show up or they won't be considered. It's called the Springsteen policy and then I'll Springsteen Julia Roberts Clint Eastwood they'd any warm. And now are who well a bunch of people have never been interest did basically here's a list Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie Leonardo DiCaprio Robert De Niro. And everyone who is nominated for a leading role at this year's Oscars whose land Oscar you don't care now Meryl Streep Denzel has stars but other than that most any blisters have no interest in a star player to cable that they leave it for wrestlers and Ryan's seat. Check it and I. And I was like Larry the players can catch. Yeah I think he does have was for real I Leonardo DiCaprio does a star on the sidewalk under for you to break. Now in your bigger than normal for brain matter. He preacher your hands and the cement and sign paragraph they named one of the one of the milestones elements to me today. And are you. And Dolly directly gully there. I'm glad they're rainy river are all better your crystal walker star. That they're there there's George Lucas are. Well under dammit. He's excited I am excited far and honest and so and time magazine I don't know if you care but all the controversy went Donald Trump's and here is the person of the year immediately get a colleague Catherine well. They made their announcement this morning. And they should also the rock Johnson now though in Miami Crain yeah delegate than Obama well. They've chosen a silence breakers. Not a person people the victims of sexual harassment hit courageously came forward and mind speech has tagged me to movement. As each when he seventeen person. Of the year and Ellis yeah. And now she should be on the cover issue. Insurance. Remains recovered. But no home movement of people that are involved and the Yemeni injured thousands of minutes when his picture on the cover. I don't reckon I don't they missiles monetize and those more like cash advantage is actually. Now it's not harm and that is obviously maybe they're just sensational women that they drilled well the people matter and not home movement. Assistant editors and it is actually just and failures put Taylor swift's. You know nowadays there's on the far right that it is it's. Listener who usually does not involved in this stuff. What what ever I promise you that's not to wish you had a big thing when debris are gonna Colorado it was part of our fault. It's Susan Fowler Ashley Judd Taylor Swift and incident in. Obama you would broke her you know she's a one and France but that was nothing like her always. You say that's too swift action scrolling you'll and it's really cigarette. All this tell our. Solutions are until. RA brown. McCurry. You're not if you wanna get a lot of tweet and you may think it's a great idea. But Kelsey home may regret which she didn't she say it's forty year old woman. And this is she's a student at the University of Alabama she treated picture herself an ugly Christmas tree cost him on Saturday and she said she's a thousand rich waste. She's wearing two dollar classes more arrests in the semester. Well needless to say. It went viral. And see gotten well over a thousand reach ways so now she has to fulfill her man she's wherein a Christmas straight. Out and around campus. Usually version of the election. Now now. Now I'm not unless you Boehner and this order as things that you shouldn't want you shouldn't try to do because man. Lower in the Bambang consumer people to Wear it for the rest of time well tell it literally disintegrating he couldn't put nor any more mean gas has viera and everybody else. I mean it's usually the finest out of reach way similar Christmas tree custom to the next three months you'll get a 1003 weeks. Just remember the thing I did that town when I first got Twitter apps. I put up a picture of Jeff and I said if this gets I think goes a 103 tweets a slap Jeff when he comes in here John. His media onslaught until and pocketed Al man I thought that was great and is not funny how. I'll concede aren't. Vote where 23000. Read tweets and 37000. Written likes on the tab while pitching and seek out when she was asking foreign and sons. We know when Jim was it's we know Obama needs. Got those millions of re tweets you know who's who wanted to be melons reach we've built. This people would participate in whatever. Nobody has made it sounds just pointed out make fun yourself. But she's a she's garnering as she did they too. Minister Sergio today will be day three years he's been at the pictures sent. My fair pars to start just cut and my hand. I'm correct and it's a stake in it straight. Well MySpace. Had the opportunity in fact based back for 75. Million dollars back in 2005. That. Course we know. MA and the improper decision and passed on that deal. Do you know that if you bought a hundred dollars a bitcoin. In 2005. Page would be worth over a hundred million dollars now in a nose publicly traded. It seems like shady currencies and only Lucy tells turns the Fed's gonna make their own. And here are. Now digital. Currency. There whereas. According. Isn't bad minds are right there not been anything really nothing actually is back mining they know they're going isn't it so. What happens when the the man in the mirror and how the individuals what are we don't call him brush out there what happens when you may. Get their hands around it to deploy it where they decide no this ain't worth nothing and that it just isn't worth anything. Right because it just in this the snap a somebody's fingers be worthless by Lee Al yes just like every other currency by Guinea saying I am I and currency. De Beers can wake up and open up all the mines in vain to die in Adonis to be a penny apace there they got that it does apply there's not let him out yeah. There so anything they can decide a bit like this seems to me there's probably more people actively working to devalue bitcoin that a lot of these other thing I the only bitcoin started as a joke him icing date really Michael knows four Chan website I think they started as a joke because they said let's make additional currency that we. Put this pun. And till turned kind of foundation underneath account what we do with the dollar. But you know the dollar hasn't been back since nineteen semi to buy gold mixing things up the gold standard here. So our dollars as well as we all agree there were set there were some. You can't take it to the bank in exchange for Vick. Or anything on my. Nobody can. Yeah you know a site they go a bit the gold standard gone away is Tom said he just premised look at dollars next time you look Emmys. Your numbers are on an out bloody mind one big corners like thousand books or acts as though I'm here on the terrorist arsenal more. Would you get a vehicle when alarm is doing is like menial tasks you know but it takes a long time to get to one big call me let's see how is worth. These really intricate mining operations for big corn belt and why did you did you set up the server room and an anti religion house and be a millionaire for not doing anything. And our sustainable economic model I don't think you can just setup a server room and make millions of dollars is having these computers run themselves. Kid that cannot create sustainable economic. Now passed. Another one has to start to cede that yes you know it's like him are hard currency wouldn't do it was like the stock market or or oil. And how real the dollar when you it is too. People get bitcoin it ruins it Caroline Cody. We asked the LA and I missed his word because too many table too many to many people too much greed and then they donors to help reduce. If you could just. You know set up a server room and start work and people have we've worked with some of the best. And just start like skim and fractions of pennies like people have done and scans you've seen in movies and people you know in the past have done. All if everybody started doing that eventually everything we're important right in the same thing in theory would probably happen to bitcoin if too many people mining index cards. Right it's anything it's. The old they have set about my my neighbor that time Halloween they invaded they were at a town they left all the lawyer individual bags on mayor yeah of candy. Said take one may in my frame until Kamal. It's like utopia you know somebody in utopia is gonna get jealous or something and they're gonna start taken more and then it oldest falls apart cure that is a huge. Create some other kind of thing people can believe in and it'll sustain itself but. You know our economy. Will work as long these people will go to work and working jobs. They did they would go to work and China earned that dollar they're believed in and that's when the system falls apart not would not at the marketplace but at the workplace is because. The move on parts are moved truck drivers that people littered cook an egg track now the people their box and the stuff of FedEx. Izzo is a feeble believe in their paychecks they will go to work the system Speedo has sustained us here sort of problem. Problem is that the guys in the top of the line top of that change are exchangeable only half percent the week wall yeah but. Got the top of the change do you make these twenty million a year. If all of a sudden people all it could eggs for five dollars an hour for him anymore you're really you don't call edging a drive all the tracks nothing is going to happen. If the didn't make it twenty million a year is left there by himself there's twenty million dollar a year salary. KJ weighty Jimmy narrow one big corn in the commercial rate here is almost thirteen hundred votes. Never been a part of that. Sure Kyra we got to. Harrison has really got to they and he takes it that it 121800. Dollars per coin today. There saying well worth waiting Goldman can't be worth its weight any thing has no weight is nothing has not secured. You'll get paid. If you paid number there's no there's no way things have nor near memos tennis is what they when people. We know that may wish our right. They are and how much cash is flooding around the world. Those three years ago and then yeah but I S three hour version or anything peopled thank out of this country for national lending. Yes every dollar is an outlet thirteen fourteen times zero. So imagine when everybody besides what mine bag and. Now lump it's all gone there are no. No word taken steps to cherry hit her large corporations to move some of their money back to America buckle your daily here because you know they're gonna pay all their taxes for. Jeanette shot I can't. He can't claim that future fortune 500 companies to move their money back to America and I'll just take us chances are myself do yeah. Drizzle stuff. Well his son a son in Italy that red heads may have some super genetic powers. I'll read on ahead on and wished her good rep has. Visited victims for way too long in this society of ours this information can be found a new -- on the big red handbook. I feel sorry more sorry for. Ginger males and females. Were jerked his. Rid what are generally referred to review are viewed as heart. Yeah and there are as many women get the redheaded men know there are there are women who overran it man just not as many staff there. Well residents. Are better producing vitamin. When they're on the sun and other people down there pigments me out Mamie. And now asset circles I'm. Low vitamin. And some aspects they can be healthier and meant the Marist and serious strata mundane. An ounce redhead sperm faster. They did ask I can't itself I had redheaded witch she would burn faster and son I just say that getting sunburned faster is an advantage be ready and and Caroline. Pretty much a big step away from me now by Anna. I'm not mean Ambien I'm asking real questions. Might be my expert opinion was is GD yeah there's as much from slightly genetically different now through. So Randy Hendricks and also have a higher pain tolerance. Really this is according to study that was done an entry and they found that men and women can't tolerate up to. 245%. More pain. And blondes governance and as a child that was Kathy Griffin. Are treated when they're Griffin. Asked if so that with sound Diana and McGill University also in university Emory down bound meant 20% more in general anesthesia and now. He won a college degree you come to McGill university and I imagine you would agree man and woman creates Vincent yeah. We got Elliot cheerleading we got American football only the low round it is my own doing a bit too early there. Species do whatever level you know I don't know if I go home people. So and read they color Rand is the hardest hair color to faint and dying. Because there's faint easily lift. It reindeer are bitter river route. It was the size and knock molecules in the dying. And the colors that are stripped easily there appears to order a bunch blue color their hair rated good fade quick a couple weeks later he's dissolve on the hill did you doubt your news. Until then we did someone say we doubt I'd color it with a marker when they're especially ordered black sort of this little little little hint two read in my hair trigger another serious questions please. You think you're also riff. A visuals as strange that a. I'm not certain places you president Ellen yeah any red. And all of us and. Belly airman Ahmad manner and belly and my chest and most of my body hair is like black. And then all my arms and legs is very blonde is rent and then on my face is red and on top of my head is brownish little bit redness in the coming year. Alan brand a manager that. Well. You had a better chance of making an as a commercial actors your rent and. And I found that they did anything. And they you know and and the commercial center and at least one person has red hair. An ailing make got 2% of the population so an attractive or redhead and it's. Maybe let dad because this is a rarity in and is different and the physiology and redheaded man needs. Hairy arm. Operas are and a parcel wins make a mall. Is that Simply Red and Karen and her and had I think and Mamie rough count rounds and Amy and look thinner I just Google's famous red and actors is right Christina Hendricks obviously Emma Stone Angie Everhart Brigham. There's a bunch in this budget Dillard's to take care of Danny could see if singer's many master soon blindness to be an actor who up until yesterday Pollyanna Barrymore I turn turn right distributed it come from. Legend has already admitted they come on Matt Chad Doctor Strange Jessica Rabbit. Yeah. Favorite actors and you know how does given the Lucille Ball back in the day she beautiful yeah issues frustrated or the and the residents there how did they my religion and her own room drew crews are yes Ron Howard. Yeah I get LP. Famous reds and then there are like regular you know what I mean is there in the 2% of people who read a famous words can name a single wrestle them. I'll Seamus. Actually that it Arlene writes holy Molly they'll go into real term through up and then lead Israel air. Mature. Or. Well aren't changed there's a ball into mind. Yeah every morning. Rise guys morning show. Are far more. It's nice guys morning show this morning Syria is. And I'm 55 tennis all main remaining chaplain last minute visit pictures in many boring. Popcorn into a bowl before his pops and and it was born being good and forward. That is said. Salt. Pork corn. Pardon for a corn pasta. And this is really handling this it is hard for hard hard for gore restaurant has weird. I think there might be called an instant and it snapped and tweed didn't tax dollars that anybody had any kind of interaction with the with us thank thank thank you. Give today's podcast at the rise guys dot com iTunes Google playing or tanks podcast is 7234. Winds. Tomorrow. Christmas hotter not honest and that little hasn't. Even more tickets to Carolina about a rebellion 2018. No hero in the end of the last gen I which we have a pair of TDs to. Our super duper private room premiere right now. Now he's tonight dear tell us why don't put the they claim. Hale gas started early this warranty driven myself right now we've put it Christmas had made his earlier. I was victorious suited for trailer included I've portrayed flu had a bad news. Text that answer to Carolina vapor real dot com text line that number is 72341. And 72341. Will take the 93 correct answer. To win those tickets and in private screening in the last Jana pages on Iraqi worked fabulous. Campbell go out to six thank you for list and have a blessed day take on guys it's blew it. I'm lucky is locked and loaded. 3.3 oh. Around.