Thursday, August 10th

The TRG Sexercise Activity: Headlines: Wrap-Up


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He's right guys like gas powered by so these kids can travel. Faster lose its rise guys morning you know. Maybe three point lead Atlantic route. It's a blast from the past it is. Blast somewhere else. Trim. They're late George mark all had just forgot he died on impact. He still imagine I think so still bad I think he has the news is still there rising as morning show morning is not a sex. When I heard the song it was. My mom would change the channel they came on the radio. We didn't have MTV exit pay for it so didn't have to worry about that I remember he was on the solid gold performing this one night earlier that was killed music show tomorrow Saturday nights there in my mama's we have a remote control lawyer. I mean they're out yet. Said in my powerfully and areas move in should get and change channeled into no of course is also in Beverly Hills cop. Yeah I sure was she just have to change the channel around when he sings the chorus and mineral oil balkanized. This is kind of trance national internal well here's the thing in this it hit me until. Yesterday when I was saying about my rejoined songs businessman and read jointly. And I was like never I never realized before a bit he was singing to me. There's women in the video there's girls and you would assume all this guy he's high. He lied he wants girls sex. He won in my sex. I think him Boy George are passing around drummer beckoned to her now. Now for a really like it when you when this song came out. They show girls are marked by highs and lingerie in all as you know there. Yeah we're on the same page the same page George using a different notebook but you quoted my sex we were like I was seminary. What year did it come out. Oh did in mormons I don't know but yeah it was it was one of those it was one of the first six songs that was on the radio and stuff that. That my momma would it would make sure I can hear it she wouldn't tell me about it I didn't know what he was talking about at that time boy now on their way and gold club came degree. And Bowen about nineteen. Men's night and early 1990. Yes any early nighttime. And then they they stopped through dish I would be in the auditorium. And in and they went to eat antenna. And red lobster no I don't own inevitable Baja. I was backward was then he's only had no idea Danny was my eighty problem Klezmer remember when I hop on where it happened near that that really attractive hotel yes Baghdad it was beautiful closer to the media goes they are Torre considered. But I dare. We're board George George Collins and hey we've made jelly. Richards emerging now all I'm jealous until 1989 are okay as Owens story last night and day out. That's why do I really awesome bill. They don't want you to expose them. He's a great player as we've Boy George and it wasn't releasing the so called the limelight eyes 1987 by the way I want your sex. Six and become a thing sexy there were completely. Six thanks symbols and I don't know that people will agree. In the thirties were all EA six and now she's six he was going on in the thirties and forties Elvis maybe but just tell us. I think it comes from the sect semi G which was probably are in the fifties because. That's where they would start to my inside the first sex symbol in America was not even a woman I have you know it was a man. Sure once was more Errol Flynn oh yeah as the first one ever said. These two words sex with the in print. Let's say it was like that Manning had to be the sixties and seventies I think before sexy really became a thing sexy yes. Remember big man right should they even sleep in the same bad and I'll start until 1960 ones that was it wasn't about German lesbian Xavier international was in the 1960s. And they didn't sleep in the same bed let alone say the word sex on television in 1960 wanna. Any girl who's on amid the same sex on TV back then sex she wasn't common. First each. That featured a man and woman in the bad same time man do I merit I know I know that but I don't know I think and I think is to Brady bonds. Boris is ready to spirit mind and Carolyn Berry. Tireless healing agent may do you with a laugh and learn something like that where there are a little rest day for the time. When I tell you abortion O'Malley in American culture you know I Wear sexy way he used the word sexy. OK so there wasn't wasn't that wasn't the range there it was a show called Mary Kay and Johnny you know. Well. They were did people are not ready for that that's why the show only lasted one season when mayor Kay and Johnny. Huge John and yeah he's in mailman cash in times Salamanca. There is weird good people in the south wants I Love Lucy considering. Did in the fifties the way people here are about in her anything's related to anything related to anything their racial. Oh yeah but people really are Cuban. Yes you guys who do believe you're never a problem that's every year I borrow. RO you can. Yeah. Hour after hour and can't act. Oh man my mom love that loveless. A bit ship anchored as he earnest I don't anger this year I really don't know holes on the aisle please this man. As yeah I enjoy my. Any damage and every choice side did shall. 83 general kid I mean there was if that was on it was either that gun smoke or you know on the small. Says some there is a dumb yes as summertime afternoon Sierra Gilligan's Island that kind of crap. Rory sexy first appeared in the in 1905 coupon. That's the first time ever appeared he had this depression kind of sexy in and everybody before that. There was a word. The same sense called sex four sacks full was a war sensible here and that was around 1998 now maybe I don't take time before but never six poll sixty began. And it took a long long time to spread and obviously was it agro cheese sandwich somewhere between 67 years for was right. Commonly used slang stuff you hear on television especially and then my ten years ago you know Justin Bieber Justin Timberlake went right back you know you know wants a little Lucille aren't too. Now. A pilot program and I don't in there now. The only thing about this on that again is when he says I want your sex. That launcher room Wu. Org I mean is that that was his way of saying. I Russia wants to who. Always a little more if we're right. What you get there Matthew bent and man. Oh yes let's let's go downtown guys you some drinks look for some there there there as leverage players he's not going to lose like an exclamation he's on the yes this isn't. It I. Can't PageSix. Talking about the Melanie Kelly sex Maginnis in the conversational style welcome led to this and you thank you thank you it's pretty pages the ultimate sex symbol of the show. Absolutely you're here are saint Pauli girl don't look right thing. I am an aunt Jemima of this all right go I don't know limited Phyllis sugar and wide hips like funny sexy is is subjective. You know all these things are subjective right it's what you think what you see our for instance to recent era serve grandma. Our call me handsome sexy handsome. It's only about the fourth or fifth person ever to call me handsome in the third when I felt like I meant it. Mom is that mom. My mom yeah grandma mom and Serra insert grandma that's only three women have air quality sexy handsome handsome handsome and minutes and meant yeah. I'm getting going RP's last partisan or far sexier sir no sir thanks inserts. And are probably her Arab terror. Sensation always is to be about what you say is she dates you know like eat you can't see a sports car assemble that sexy or he can't say. I'll man this very presentation I'm making this proposals sexiest and is sexy deal for everybody I hate to. Yeah he's a beautiful pure bred animal and beautiful for regular just housing man that is as sexy jurors heard people that I don't and a. That's right to reach you rather be called beautiful or sexy. As a man now sexy of course we. Yeah but then again if someone would say that to me out civil what's sexy about what's sexy about me page when things get about one thing sexy back there. Without malvo case yes I agree you are his points well that's the first thing and doing these boards Obama humility do you appreciate it. Remember that well on the rare occasion and it's good. Okay. And I'm ring. Your own shot right. They're rare occasion I fight it clips that you and alma and play the same thing I don't know man. What's sexy about me about paying towards one and sixty breaking heat can't beat it awards and they're ordered all of it Apollo they get a lot of at. Which I'm serious. With the I'm like. I might be yet I like pages in essence I think it's kind of sexy. And good answer and I think it's really like out. I think Israel's sexy now you know you'll say something orange and is looking to yeah. I'm even did his shoulders stronger throw our hands of Ayers is an elephant and. I had occasion yeah what about that story. Is. And I think like that that that do you need to reload or battery or sub par yeah I think that's a sexy our town hall. I'll just decide your innocence is very sexy. Very very sick I don't good poker face singer. Polls say about the I don't know I don't think you're sexy is now OK so has it all now now pages back on you say some sexy about Jimmy. Really no ball busting your goal I kiss wit is sexy. He. Something I. The talk about above and beyond their win it. We're asking folks and their regular conversation. That I think kids that drives me and him listening to him now. Agree that to have often said that I would love to have sex with his brain Nomar where it usually manifests itself undercuts somebody's legs the blank hole. Or at least the blank out from under. Graduate humility as well you know I'll tell police what you would expect that it's something different because as he puts his arm twist on things that's different and the norm Jimmy was. My first a psychiatrist for sure. Emmy nominee kidney. By that I remain in their younger on him too and I were I remember telling him my parents they gave me a lot of experience in the first in years Mahler. We qualified yet will I sit now it Jimmy entities have about travel. All you know I'll always say anything about page you are into page editor what you wrote saying OSS Dan all right I mean and imagine MFN if I wouldn't be dresses made of isn't. Are you don't show. Did this sexy about pages it. Pay is fine yeah MB you aren't as sexy big fun is it me or hot chick I don't mean you know I. He's sort of thing about. Like. Would it be fun if yes. If it seemed more than that's Seawright. Did you talk about something Maine that's not know him. So that pages spontaneity. His sexy info on. No ugly ounces I was I was hot out. Like any other citizen I'm got us. Is here in the same direction as the assessment is that the divine maybe commission like Brian innocence and bubbly. Changed like it like it now tablet. Focused on elections sales. This exercise you know I'm not I don't think the obvious one was February. Ominous layouts and has spent like years whereas now he's got on the other guys I don't know. Unified in my office that are here remark gorgeous green cars. Rumor from. I'd shot. Neighboring now our Monaco now on. I'm boring you know what allying there I'm done I'm not joking about this you will think it is a compliment but it is led to what does nine lie. A light frat boy reserve. Pick. Let bad of salt pepper suggest there what that time it was not on the radio yesterday saying don't until late on top image taken out. The yes I remember that reason. Island weird saying yes sexy Magnum PI chance I kept that place in Iraq but an amendment BI he's you have each. Are there. Only this chairman melons with anybody in the downlink class way to repay satellite that he's well I was really don't it will stand in the banking and. And lean on them. If you won't. I'm proud of my brash. Listen enough out of you aren't yeah authority. Or is that you and very calendar home with my sexuality my body in my face. Surprise announcement that aren't now Camara pretty easy up and down. Are gonna you are gonna give some money given to JF KF is in the chair and thank you and Nigel. Cholera. I'm. You know. Are deleted Jeff was smells wise got a Cologne for a call preach different day. I don't like this Walters who wears his game fend elbow like school its newest fragrance from uncertain future. I actually have dropped fifteen pounds wants to be trailing it lets you drop in arteries meg. Did you guys yeah. I don't know on the left than just that and I'm w.s are important. Oh yeah the kids come back two cents. I don't I. Right now yeah underserved in all adolescents and rich fueled mainly lane and downs. It was Jimmy moon well images that was suggested is a Gemini slick it's funny netted a little bit actually we're and that Cingular was. That we were in the market merger vote just remembered the outfit you're wearing when you pay to amend nice conference has the highest. The strange. Norman not commercial real time you go through three elected you work for the peace and current era under a sweater to fly back. Can't remember it was general but blanket negative credit it's okay are wrestling shirt and analyst Jeff now pay check page. Pages. Genuinely a sweet sweet person. And that's what makes her sexy pose today to each other you can you gotta tell you the brand salt battered. JK pays off until I paid just has computer screen only so he can flip you off page you can say yeah and under our hitting less they like and so. Well that air believe it was an affair. With a thought yeah matter of and I must sort of bull run and excerpts. I voter mall but she's genuinely sweet persons are damaged or search engine only sweet what do mammy with sex you don't. And you don't. Hearings past. Can't think. I like Jess aura I do I like his aura about him. And aids is a rectangle or horns hot outside I go near him axes that's the so shady is placing them or radio arena held up for the moment as it gets dress thing some sexy about match I. I don't have troubled singer's own safety about any man's just say some insights on the male generic everything it erases them he said yeah go ahead and begin doing. In the Big Dig connotation. He can't Danny he sure can't. Yes I can't ice and any other that anything about. Office. Matt's got his leg or. I is okay and I had done in our community and about Montero nearly in my mind there's toenails all. Kamal one thing we're eradicate its its its. Carol at the same thing as fat boy fan not a catcher brought signs are your Africa. And the phone number and a tabloid fat boy throws up the one liners that are that are hilarious. And Matt Light mat that rolls out. The joke I realized I had my brain about the wears the very end of it is very funny since so both are very funny. This or did they. Yeah yeah. The kids they just cannot do this big either he cannot his brain won't process through the woods being demanded here the media now. And he's really need to do you or you can now I agree with what he said I don't monitor sex and an okay yeah Normandy Jeff group. Yeah okay I did I'd sorry Al 31 Jeff. All right. You know what you got there is real nice what's that Aaron you hear developer women talk about politics. Busy holiday that evidence and you got them mostly ask manly ads play zone. You've got to sell flags on your brother. My car say legs tired. Very big muscle man anyway eggs and the reason I say that is because I've heard women free blank out about him when he's been ransom for these flags yeah to about jest legs and big must play assignment sexy. Kim. It's hard for me if I'm some sexy about Jeff but I can freely admit but backwards from the sound board is sexy to a group of people. Yet they're out there are very sexy to me like you know frat boys song Barbara just airline. And that's mainly I want to it just means Zynga and I'm Bret somehow shoot mama always drinks arm. Semis here. With nine there's several things why oh they're so concerned her work. Our current maker or from aren't the the knowledge of grassland because that's how long now and I don't know. At least sexton on the right now the knowledge of grassland plus is that discipline. Because he's lost 200 pounds. So I mean his discipline and that yeah is discipline to do that. And just a fact he is over all and all around good guy. When you look at what do you like overall it's just a great guy who's talking up singer is very Smart they're intelligent yes you thank you. When you are gonna bang action. Really just complementing we ought to try currently learning it. Jeff he's got legs look what happens to you I'm telling. Us and we asked a girl on the server 1000. Now pays did Matt and it was I wanted to did Jeff and outline Casey. And a bunch of and it's not sack co and real quick hitter Jeff is a hopeless romantic and I loved that about him yet part of their and that plane. His loyalty with his friends. Please call you lit. And how okay is a great guy named one of his friends. And guys McConnell. And surround them. But he is a great guy came around us. Right now is any day there are horrible as a buddy named Dave and Dave told media that frat boy single handedly put his daughter Wendy Kopp. Thomas Dave Thomas. There. A backhand his lovable guy don't it don't believe in tunis meanness it's not true. Embodiment remiss to. I mean same as sexy about fat boy I'll jump romances his his loyalty to his family very very vague loyalty has been an analyst. I mean seriously. So there was an openly right now. Here tall. Yeah that I tell people there by an IV and I'd thank god for my high because this much down on the foot would be a mess well big big terrorist forces. This year. I'll say so. That's right I'm a Superman in jail I heard you guys you know work are good that you know him. Working with the would you guys. In Busan you know to the busier you. Had sex organ. Our C Newton. When I usually what you got bush and I was different level. Well I'm just glad I mean I'm anything else to choose from the last person great martyr it is yeah. And I played I. There mountain Everest restoration and here we get a photograph and rebel prophylactic. Things you're right. So yeah I don't mind I'll fall in the Belmont these measures can't ever version. Analyst part of it Rogers area who don't like you dom did the. RT student. This is the rise guys morning show. Boy 93 point three the planet rock. Right guys headlines with the aids. And you're beatle. Right guys headlines plus detonated by palmetto state armory or marketing it to the new social media. Challenge at first or some other things that we need to talk about. Before Lincoln Park was planning on going out on tour. Chester Bennington commended sent suicide a week before that with this to happen so we get a lot of pressures right. And people are wondering if he want whenever beyond not carpal karaoke beat James cordoned. You do anything else on my show let's do it because I found an episode. With Chester Bennington and all your all your what is that you put all in one basket Jeff all your eggs and a. Well as James scored as you do Smart for me indefinitely. According to an eight pieces says. They were let the family decide is that segment won't ever air. On the show I mean yeah they just like. Brief interview weathermen and they go and saying. I am wonders why in the interview he talked about Cornell or something because other. Why would you wanna keep that Rama you know the public and loses. Its last big moment caught on okay. Am well according to James he says we will approach (%expletive) And whichever manner his family or the people that were involved in that episode and he's Jack OJ Gordon yeah yes so power and they would like it to be handled which is probably the best way to handle lent and sisters widow to Linda to Twitter to thank James for the decision and not exploiting. Tester. In half they aired it right after that might have been considered import dates. So while there I mean this is already scheduled I don't think that's important is an ally and biggest certainly and I sent him to ask Matt I hope they release it. Would wait and everybody in our people who are obviously just James Courtney man given that I think he can get another bit. I think this can be show just don't just him run around saying and others people notes that. On they Athlon music streaming service. You can check it out with different people like the latest one was with Will Smith on on the state. And showed. I mean that's his TV show. The late late late late in assume them. After oracle. It was evident always watched Tom higher price I'm sorry it's awful kid I mean you sit there smoking interview you know there. And you long for the days we need to get on a fly and smoke a pair me. Friendly airs friendly skies elective hard news wall for a like Charlie Rose wants from it or not is due to them. You are so old that does he wants all two hours of the news and what Charlie Rose as well you know that's where more than two hours in the long form interview me and scoot. Is everything and it. My joints inside the actor's studio is like two I've lived I. How I welfare undone in matters. Well pharaohs impression during Clinton's great earnings are. Well. Did you hear the big news Disney shocked the entertainment industry this week by announcing it would pull its contact from Netflix is started sometimes streaming service and 2019. When they find out Netflix is owned by the Jews. Now our. AO wanted to create a new source of income for the company itself. And there is squashing rumors of Netflix users struggle and taken his neighbor Disney film that was going on. So what happened Wednesday in Paris. 'cause that Disney stock and Netflix to kind of go down yesterday but is gonna rally back after. And so Netflix of course will go on without Disney and Disney have their and streaming service. So well. Every brand is going to launch its own streaming service and time WWE Major League Baseball NFL eventually will rise guys on in his in his. Every channel won't be available in a streaming format except a lot of channels will obviously go away. Viet vet now there are many things Disney is one that can offer streaming service is it has enough stuff and its own stuff to offer one. Enough like weird militant cult like fans who will pay anything for anything with the mouse on it yeah. As Sarah impairment. As this is totally about that as well so air 400 dollars now please let me. So they acquired a majority stake and bam tell. And to parent company. Disney cable networks such as ESP and you make and a majority of the company's earnings and they plan on monopolizing on their own profit as a strange sense remember. When your watching ABC and ESPN they're owned by Disney and when you see those little product placement things in there it's all. It is true as a kid Bob sag it would be dew and AMD the 101000 dollar. Grand give away a lot from this little. Well. How must one go to Disney now great product placement or. It is still TG IF line up whenever there was like a special thing and I don't have to sort of step by step. This Georgia was so much did it big we're going to Orlando and stuff on TV shows he's come on that channel Alia. It's as great in space was meant as these pins are going to be included with the disease strain. Some are saying restoring some severance and please stop that cable subscription once dampened Ramel you broke him. Brocail is is the way have heard people using the streaming services without a cable box for you can also get. We get you get charter with brokers you don't have to use that charter box you get roku ready to. Did they ever did that that. Special offers straining package now reignited torn some channels supplemented don't cost much mr. roker emissions of the roku and stuff traditionally male yeah. I live cable box and be cheaper to do a sort we'll now move through group. Yeah land grant. However but by the way and new Netflix recommendation for you may have already seen this movie OS TSA called the big short. Hustle on. Earl Long and it is released at two hours fifty minutes a URG ministry is little demand Steve Corel. Notebook isn't it Ryan Gosling and a very old looking Brad Pitt and I do you know Bret Taylor is and it. It's a great movie about the 2008. House crisis. An Adam McKay who is welfare or writing partner wrote and directed the movie. I add on those great picture a little bit short tough. Not about your underwear and I'm not stored. As well as singular big shore and a history is on Netflix. Well are you on top of things with social media know if you're not I can tell you and the nearest thing out of China they started this. As squeezing your live into shape of a heart to smear thing there Jelena. Neutral from women handful launch US men. Lob Angeles Suzanne and America safe. Doing this guy and his eyes a bit making it. Hey and letting her heart with your hand and and squeeze in the premiere and I know her do that there's tennis sadly he apple have to. To guarantee that man nesting ample part he's had. Squeezed appropriate parents Mac chat and a letter. And yeah not on orange ware is that man I guy I know it's. What's her name was the Lilly at least delay united Chelsea handler I don't like her but she did a whole movement when come about freed an apple you're our age it is like. My French word for the month is absurd some of these again it is absurd that. A woman can covered the nipple and and buys us and be okay. Let the nipple when she's. Is the word is is usually not the most attractive thing in the world so Sarah I'm a fan of the puffy ones but sometimes it is quite a bit that covered up is okay yeah there are. I Brando is Angela design out of the psychology behind the nipple and stays or okay where praised Jesus fine. Or is that just that's a sexy part of what is is it's ease to nurse at it's like Carla no windshield it. Whenever. Whenever her buzz around I don't know what the analogy is that he understood him to weird. Where are against people by and I just posted news on what are. Arkansan is acceptable like the whole big BG but hanging out signed it tells you come back crack that would defend decency act pretty. And it's a strand of dental floss and the. Get technical here I see everything but there's a basis string they are so let's go it's acceptable socially yeah. Or thrown backward to a time in imminent Taylor yeah. Sustained they read your part you know lamb to dangle anything out and public in the internal control muschamp. Well if you think he'd do better in your more creative and do so well. You're not alone. Scientists think you're right whose taxes he. They did a study and bombing. They studied. So many young and dealt adults between the ages of nineteen and 32 AM and they began this experience meant by testing them on certain things. For instance say you had to. There are present every three unrelated words cut its live it and Kate. And they're asked to come up with a fourth one. And the people that had a little bit of boos they're more creative enough points and had a placebo or nothing at all. So woman in a word that would match those words are. First porn becomes too Massa say the words demo tape first where it comes to mind. Cut it split you and Kate she's of course no kidding. It's a big the first Ford sets the motion and you don't even really like. I remember cottage and cake it was third I say Ortiz. Blue or blue are rather challenging diseases Brady's tailored blue cheese don't. And I have this sec tests and then two and a half minutes to come up with creative uses for common objects such as an umbrella or issue policies. This pilgrims shoe telephone. And a sent out. And they concluded then that folks that have been enthused than them always say gets mark there are more training in Madison didn't have many thing you know not as for Helen. So cock and typically it really how serious every relax and focus on what you're doing right. Unfortunately. Arm. The dissidents this tabloid like one gear roughly probably and a they weren't shocker on like three balls tequila trying to do algebra ranked furniture in OK because that's how we do things here. I that we we hear this news story. And we think no I'm Andre hold all of that while Turkey and then have a model makers and somebody build a car from scratch. I mean yeah. They gone too far as to where we're stupid. With a moderate amount knock on May reduce. Stick save ship new facts by eliciting the focus of attention says say you know. Here you're just thinking and the task at hand of your aunt lived cake or whatever your view and saying teeth balls. Investors are focusing on an hour in about external stuff. Last resort for a meal and let's. The chiefs and try out the chiefs last resort. And for popular arts and that's all listen there have been some big formulas penalty. I'm pace in this your -- tent. Brad written word I 93 minute drive. Begins at 10 this morning now. More of the rise guys morning show many things going through. Hot. Are you doing well are you. It is good that you. Tomorrow is Friday Friday Friday yes sir. Tomorrow's going to be a big big program. And brainy treating consequences tomorrow. Also making his triumphant return of the show a rare in studio appearance by. He won blanked Josh you on line a lot Josh yes it is and it is ironic on blind trust a Christian one blind luck AK Josh. As soon will be here tomorrow morning. How the is in southern Iraq once again. Oh sure there are many and Jeff you got Richie gets their Lou you know wish they would Josh tomorrow while I don't say announced he listens and I don't and do his homework. That tablet narratives written on a good idea. Would be interesting ended bro we air that'd be fun. I thought whatever what is sexy so blind guy and he is and so you know remember earlier. We we see what their eyes. We see their eyes who isn't about Ray Charles was he would feel woman's wrist. He can just night. Basically don't let a handshake within rubble of the wrist a little bit need to tell everything you need an you know I wasn't my wrist done now so. He's never seen this happen. Again drawing on the angels and all this track and shot. Thank you finish. There's injuries ever since I'm on his own event. Oh yeah wasn't sure if he's literally never seen this in nine present area. He had correcting the problems there it led to him was an assignment Sanofi days he never sauce and in the room. But we'll find out they they answer those questions many many more tomorrow when he went blind luck when Josh and plus the yeah. Lions he has no more good golf but there are a year. What does Matt think is sexy about page what did map thing was a sexy thing about page. You're paying attention you member text that edge of the Carolina bed mil dot com text line. Sing about are now 72341. That's 72341. Not if they're great fans when. Send their breath page to. The swap. Bank three minute nonstop rob what's gonna kick off next page is going to be M phone sex lady. It's anything that you would like during there free form once they fat boy you know I'm am rising as free while ago last. Thank you Miller has been have a blessed day take a Gaza's Lou. Don't touch that stuff. How amazed it can. He's free points radio play bad and.