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It's time for the Dragoff tomorrow, anybody ready?: Nine's Best Damn Audio: Headlines

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The radio I'm. The addition new home and on the rise guys morning show and you are all on. He three point we don't planted a favorite color Michael reversed you can. Lucky to the rally his guys you know maybe 3.3 double. Point. Great. It's always a year old now you believe them. Our news or theatrical features hell lists crazy match you were is time to rise guys morning show morning T it is 708. I settlement a second but first phones are doing. Now now on the it's a drag song in there okay. If you get our social media see the video fab would do and Campbell yesterday to a poll them arm and a lot of people recycle I can do a better. I'm not is it rotund as you are and I can do a better splashed floppy and try recruitment. No but they do it trust me. I didn't go and added this morning with people already rivers stupid stuff I have to just say god who cares and on the got to move on from the stupidity here are you wrote bush friends. Argue that bush ends any longer arms fair so anyway when you get home today or we can run this through you know. Through the weekend maybe then we wanna see a video of you doing Campbell. He got a hash tag hash tag rise guy splash dinners hash tag rise guys splash. When it gets pizza party with Campbell. Pool party gears. The principal parties these ample. We want Brothers out previous laws right. So I'll hash tag rise guys splash and he conceded video of fat boy cannon ball in at the rise guys. Now where we are in that bewitching hour. It's. Dragged pageant eve. Because tomorrow is the second annual rise guys tried patches. Yes tomorrow will be the second and Reiser has Denver's where. Matt man said boy injured who's Neil will be competing for the crown. Brighton. Scene that was saved me when the other things. There's like these eased its. It might be the same person. But there's these two people on Twitter. For some reason or commit some home if I don't know where any of that has drawn from what I expect to. I know widely maybe Leighton maybe if I was in middle school he might be honored I'll let them return to everybody that. But so anyway I didn't compete last year 'cause I was hosting the fact that it was nine vs. A family vs Jeff a bit since 91 last year. He will host and then also. Relinquishes crown to a new drag. Pageant winner yours. Shocked and so that's tomorrow. Tom Bradley said earlier you're going to pick up your outfit today yes duels shopping do it all was situated. You have anything in mind are we just get into the plus sized store and just look for today's trending fashions. Are gonna look in mind and I got an alternate look but I don't know if you want fear that some might go to third option yeah. Beckett but it is whose costume jewelry. Some other props and costumes jewelry Vietnamese new wig. It was a work combined yeah my second there are words are there and it's yeah he's in a market as well and that's the best thing now. Jesse get your outfit ready I think so they could get picked out radio. Oh. Should be should be doing do with a I stupidly revealed nice and Jimmy Rollins. We are doing on video. What I had turned it okay he can't and he's not competing here or compete watch is. Ru Paul knows all right that's where all the stands from the school is nine is happily married. Heterosexuals. But loves ru Paul drag race round. So our men entered court. So I I told Jamie just to a disease Medea theft. Does this thing of which you think it through and now also. The casinos that World Cup and how does say his eyes lit up. A very good in her sliding evade tanner something that they lit up Faisal. Are. Things Ruger. I think there's no problem disease Arizona's. So you probably tell what everyone excelled in school. Well topic and the winner. I kind of wanted to just see his reaction Smart but regardless I still sees reactions more and then. And you're right he's not a judge because we have. While I don't have anything nine you have lined up. The panel and it does. Possibility panels gears Irvine are part panel speakers from. Yes there that's for sure the triumphant return of engaging in a team the rise guys it is all of them hit at any period. Two years and that's it's been awhile we intend Meehan passes he's been on with this. Okay. The winner window what do you do when I get last year would you get nine. Yep bragging rights and now you don't have to do this year which I think you probably would love to compete this year. Yeah are you enjoy the competition do its foreign. So you're not competing I'm competing this year com. What do we look and what are we looking at the weight room. How will we be. Judged early being judged on name. The theme of his mind is a thing. You're being judged mainly on his new look and your your personality. I mean need you understand Matthew because we're. I'm sitting here right now I'm not and sometimes I'm doing yeah and when John Q loss of being here does not mean whom. This not me mr. that's our one last year because my opinion is the underdog was just wearing a dress asked us was that more address. It was not me. Yeah I deal that thing on Inkster Graham where we asked use of the ones who would win from there and skits. It's and I dead heat between traveling non. Lot of faith in February which. They must remember last year is a hole. Seizure and get to a lot of you know do this vision to the railroad me for a start all right I'm reading their comments. I kind of agree to things I was gonna do better this year than last year because last year his maker of the way. It was covered in whipped beat sand. Do we have that we share that actually. I I couldn't find it the picture that picture of you last year echinacea but I don't think glamour and apparently. I sent a letter Rob Zombie did a porn. Oh boy you would be one of the actually an actress as she kept this falling trying to become a woman yeah. Yeah. And spot and after top surgery. It was a weird look on how to cope with a visit you know. This tournament god thing. But Disco guy huh. Yeah. It's student film for a designer of scroll back and or your listeners this. Is a yeah yeah. It'd be Amy debt but it. The I. Yes so it needs. We're happy visitors you know maybe disobeyed the motive later for his death. Because you know. I geared. Oh boy I'll milling chips Jesse always is Jeff for probably take the went through the most seminal one at a much sorry just wrestling cannot. Sometimes it is can't become a butterfly near Ramallah and some problem. That was my. My first name on the radio on his fifth at Miramar marine prophecies had high. See here's the thing I'd I don't wanna I'm not gonna have to pass it I'm not gonna have facet I am going to go full on into. We're assuming. This means that I'm not just gonna put on a dress. Are you gonna prance around or is there was news for the day. I wasn't a judge last year and I can say this now as a competitor or hit it fat boy you're in your wig was again look like something that would be in a head shot to separate the glass from the incense. Since I'm hanky freely again gimmick. He just was is a bald woman and when I. Pat. Did we want to drag race last year I was a child was bulldozed. That's why I don't I'm not a judge it. I would look for the one you look the most eminent and I mean god as what it to me would be back out. So my as you do if fiscal Zulu Warner the other two year old woman enough. And they went out a little too much in the demand for years as a slap. I did last year well we're. You are now he he did he just he put himself until it yeah that's what you really get everything you gotta do if you under. So I don't page ever I'm wearing dress I'm not going to have fans were ever doing that goodness and some aren't wearing a dress makeup. I'm already that far and I'm going all in Cody Rhodes. I guess here's so here's the question. The winner last year his bragging rights and his Penske this year them. But I don't think in that it may get low and arresting what's the loser did. The person got the lead get at least him amount of dinner when they get what do they get what they have what happens to them. And this you know I've I'm obviously in his transparent policy mind though that they're semi decent angle some of that tomorrow. Because I don't agree a little bit or is it on the radio teens say they know there's a social media here and now he's different things. So we gotta have some kind of and this would you give Purdue and it kind of thing here we got to have a payoff for everybody gears. The initial idea was that you have to weigh your outfit for the entire next week or think that's any job. You know days a week goes on you're going to be coming in here looking like you do in the walking shame every morning in a one he'll hang off. Yeah he you sakes. Eyelashes are loaded down by your lips. Is it worse is Turner's I was like six showed a bit a soulful narratives. OK so announced. It's not a naked I'm cool whereas the six showed there's all warmth and download those are. Did you know that sure why and why do. Hello is not an event. In attitude. Made an honest tough and the money using the that's yo I know you're going to be wearing like pretty revealing outfit Archie. What got mine is okay what led what do you what about if you don't have to Wear the same outfit that you have to stay in the character her act. And hunt jedi some kind of payoff for the person that doesn't. Win this at least some third it'd be a great view address that you got to gruesome comeuppance tonight applying yourself right. And the definition of that please your phone what does that mean I don't know maybe a few hitch hikers had better be a model were falling carrier person here. Don't you have to. They lassie got us that they would judge Zimbabwe didn't do anything. The character I have the mind is not like that yeah it was a different type of woman. What you can have managed. To go over best thing you don't have to. Spent any albeit pretty woman or wasn't there certainly have some personality they're going to look like and how we want right. And you have to have personality and style became Cheryl bearded ladies and that's that's in. Well it. Florida trump card to make your clean shaven and his number. Night after I think if you came in here were no facial everybody vote for you just because you did that. Wow. Yeah now he should that never would happen. I just would not sure if he she. You don't you remember years ago I turned out very substantial. Charitable donations. To a big charity tonight. Embarrassed and don't just donate the money anyway. I'll donate this amount of money to this charity if you shave your beard what a jerk you are. Food and in hegemony Lincoln got extra points because occurs for Clinton right place special night. That's right you wars thanks girl I was younger girls media you know girl here now to that and yet did not. I don't know we're all boys at a gala tomorrow. You've got to come in geared for tomorrow yeah well like all into defending champ. This is an answer Mo yeah dragging the outside defending champion is passes off the crown and the conqueror. Yeah okay our Susan Rice will get all that did the details figured out but tomorrow. At 8 o'clock. The rise guys second annual. Dragged pageant. The unique process fat boy vs Jeff hosted by Jimmy lick it featuring guest appearances by gates and yes. We'll bring a preacher in here just to make it be okay to say it's already got a. I that sort of February upper arms and armaments to granderson I'll let you go and see that right now if you want to each seat. A new fan boy in new look jails and New York Mets here tomorrow morning. Right here that's right yes you'll not hear this any other radio show in town are in fact the State's. Eastern seaboard. They can go in and out. Steve and Jim any linkage Jimmy jag Jackie nine invest their money are right after this. Agent that doorway. He's 93 point three the planet dry. Oh I know you're didn't catch a plan that would grab somebody's opinion then let's coordinates. This narrowed to open as best they are importing old you know. It this red. Inside. Four. 321. Now ex sale. Ha ha hey yeah. This may not. Yeah it smells Nancy for staff parents. Aren't coming here try and hear. Send an email to engineering and Al that was mark reform stills on him he still does at least wasted out restore some complaints about this our callers are sent them an email to come fix it and -- and I should they just don't like sand in his voice could be on the marshals finally just things wrong with his way he's. Seniors not used to him. Yeah brown is definitely anywhere that's good testimony. Lackey which again underwear isn't in Florida and one of the craziest and things ever heard my entire life you Robertson crazy boy oh boy we're from the Mayo of course we have the we're gonna begin in Lawrence Kansas. You know what happened Lawrence Kansas Stacy and no happy endings and armed camps. Really am not good in the happy spot there as well this guy this guy this unnamed gentleman went to a City Council meeting to try to make their real thing Lawrence care or Lawrence Kansas. There have been there. So I propose this the city allows for a license that's sewers to get genital massages. And the masseur and the client with a victory today. We let someone get naked and have every other part of their body touched and read by a massage therapist. That would truly be a happy ending for everybody. Thank you hear here. Unbelievable. Made it take something so simplistic to lay it out there but it's something. Yeah certain random in Lawrence Kansas going to a City Council meeting to him as soon may be troll of a little bit. Sounds like he can win drag asked more. Like on salad council meeting for the up part for old people. And jokers yes and does anybody can go to the proposal for anything. Well yeah that's very exposed here Alter. But AME you know I think about them like you can go literally and give them a foe on the side there dude there's a place. I don't know what it is there's a place in Greenville where you don't get a foot massage and that's all they did was publicized letter from home a flicker across. Doesn't work black. There's a Camden. Alina. You heard anything it should be a thing people can and should be able to do if they are. I think that. That the fact that. Prostitution. Is not legal is ridiculous. I really did this person repairs that people can really normal seasonal workers. Yeah I mean I congress and the he's a ridiculous. Hair to grow on people can't make a business deal. Had I don't care what people do personally. I don't know why we are still also going to tell people what to do but it seems like we're trying to get more intelligent would do is it'll last. Because it tears down and I'm ere putting the American family in the American family is. Two people who lived together for ever. And have 2.5 kids and you know he keeps the whole capitalism paying no years. Mears that's why the American families so important that he industrialization. Of America gears and the military conflicts at all. And that is wingers were right there. Pete again. Both been in the going to solve a lot of problems spares him Lawrence Kansas and review that agreement illegal yeah. I'm not a hippie flipping out of cops. You know what let's hear what was he being. Busted four or being talked to a belt. Isn't exactly clear but it looks like they were trying to put in taken on his cars villas and Norah FaceBook. It's gone around because he says he yells at them the same thing over and over and over and over and over again. Okay. And we'll hear bad. K so terrible. It's. Getting there yeah. I think you're excellent. Dozens more good. Did you imagine handle it and the coverage right tickets and stuff but he does yellow flag over over what you edited once you know. Eight. Motto we wanna try is accused cop says whenever you know I might get to take a look if these don't. Oh gave it to us normal there yeah I'm not going to start spell Malkovich in time. What is it he's in the process of writing tickets are you really eat you still write whatever he wants to rest. So. And less he's already put it on there I'm going to be pretty nice see I can't work our way out of this before it happened. Mine and button topic to of these buttons here on this towels. There are as valuable to ever to mark going off more. Pro. My lord is very dear sir there's not something we can do to make you forget about this yeah so certainly the lags in a minute film to copy YouTube didian. You as one. Oh man. This got started very early in the expo or. Always say yeah here. The Steelers and the. And he's loved SCANA home team loves and scared so. Best or Mario this mormons it it's wacky as hell as you get when you're governor. Oh yeah Canada's announced. We got the guys that I screw it comes over and over again and zero or go home right now with Richard golden of Florida. Richard Goldberg mr. calling himself the beast because he confronted a man who had a gun inside his own home. As indymac dragon in certain guys you Richard golden golden big golden house with a gun. Not a big building is still here talking about what happened next he can assume this worked out OK for Dave Goldberg you last time I look at his medical shark American as it did and and our house or hockey to do it gun in his coalition or Richard golden brag about something that is absolutely Dan disturbing. The beast. A beast. He hit me in Hayward arrival and blame on this haven't you come over this right Don Stratton when you thriving. I made my mother's. I grabbed lauded gun drop the clip. Padilla had training and those are friends. And neither still wanted to chambers. And win golf I don't know what day and I know what shots. And then I'll just military giant tiger archeology. I thought those boring. I pass off that I'm in doubt in his fill the top guys. You're holding him like that oh yeah and speaking with own god that it don't go away from and he knew it. How much on the news. I am and all of the dirt about Matthew McConaughey hey I didn't. I'm moved to. Yeah yeah you're trying to embarrass him to kind of scared Tom and I didn't do my mom moose Allegheny for those leaders do the whole thing yeah I'm going to absorb this. The beast. A beast yeah. You hit an inhaler arrival and blame on this haven't you come over this right arm distracting when you distracting. My mom murdered. I grabbed a lot done is drop the clip. Padilla had training in those are friends. And realize they're still wanted to chambers. And win golf I don't know what day and Nolan shot. And then I'll just military giant logo are due out in his thought those boring. I have Thad Allen and Galifianakis. Until the top guy here you're holding him like that oh yeah and BP was owned got a new equipment and beam it. Elvis rode that is so happy you got the man's eyes out eight total brain. Art but I don't know the big as a veteran because he's he would say I moved to nurture it and say it was a bitter race that I had military trains them. I mean could be better I was as a national Chuck Norris there. It eking it did and that's what I did hung upside down on the burlap sack with a no rabbit at one among under the I'm home by threatened by Ratner in there military training we're really Andrew who don't mess would be older your heart looking for true. Then you got your arms around sit on a beach you don't rivaled the cost to the puck right there. A lot of the great man. Usually there Wesley from union. Yeah all. Tables and that's an artist. Says investor Mario and it's leaked that it's testimony and 93 criteria the planet suggest rock. Right guys headlines with a page and you're Beagle who god. How you want a little shocking story isn't tough offer headlines. In a tough and all that any time will come and woman. Trades sex for car repairs. Oh god yeah that that's kind of worsen and led to that wasn't there for her ribs there's much mechanics right here where should we. Do you all times. Well again I New Jersey got home on Monday and found his wife dead and their garage. With their mechanic course follow him now it turns out that she effort to pay that guy furnace repair work if you know and I mean with the amount sat next. And they did an in their garage with the car running says they both died of carbon and I Holler okay. Pol so it happened then. It turns out that down the Mets are investigating. And it looks like distant a giant tragic accident in and a guy found. When it was down went on there you know and my husband he found his wife did with the mechanics she was having sex with gas mayor and her character feel so bad thing. They're inside a running vehicle with a closed garage and their vote pronounced dead and says. And then that dude. Welcome mat. Right before 9 PM. And I. I'm more details. I YD inside he gonna do it years. So I don't ever to the Florida room or dare take you out back imports don't do in the car in this. The issue remains sure and run. You don't runner Carter closed garage. And I don't not everybody likes you dateline tonight. Don't watch alone. Pentax a bit that was best orgasm ever are you kidding me. And I'm concerned anybody got that far I don't know or. That's what I wanna know I wanna know like today laid the seeds down I can imagine just. Going to see if they're okay and looking in seemed like Hewitt fine we're like I wish you okay and men. Online. Where you are. At it you know well it's awful. In my world where prostitution is legal they would have had to hide the garage and it does being here today. But there are triggered tires aren't as Carmen I say good this year. He's got karma literacy. You know. They're in a Volkswagen is instinct Carl do you. Have to punishment in this case is fitting the crime now I'll know you're bringing out. This is one of them into it. 10% of and you got no way to argue your case when you get that is stare out the stairwell. I can't even bigger military action like he's glad it's phony and he's gonna say the surveillance camera and even in the car and he died. You just literally died cheating on your doesn't hurt our leader has not only the gates I got an iPhone apps. What is she didn't and she is unconscious and they are able to revive her but the man was on top primary and then there's nobody she told her husband started to save money honey maybe when he asks if she wanted to ride is gremlin. You don't talk about the car I. You guessed it I can learn to pass and I ain't so I guess he can yeah answer your question. I. Did they both pass out of the exact same time they've succumbed to it the same time. You know I don't know so weird story in this. It looks a certain way but it is it is not a possibility they have to look into that may mean. They were they near the door was it was close and they had car run and they just wanted to go out blanket you know I mean years saying that. Maybe that was part of like a pattern in order to go out doing their. Yeah just. You think you said she traded sex for cart and the united that our Halloween maybe text messages would do it big there are indicate that I don't know whom it may be some textures and got a correspondents to illustrate that portal and a. Am. She was 39. Her. Her lover was 56. Yeah so that's Blanca Clinton and is. There really is a name it in the camps after he found her eyes. Or I'm an analyst at says as source Sanmina as a news sources. You know saying that voice hit it up there reverend corner watching discovered. Congressman its slow turning. It off as well let's. If that I don't know. In all the same. And you know we brought up that I Dan maybe a third person is involved and can be found play if they respect him are like mr. Stand by and that was in the case and employees and that is what happened or murder suicide pact when when they're having sex and there was no let note. Left behind so that's not the case even sent. They had something that makes him. Drawl looking Clemens obviously something big to draw a conclusion that it was. Payment for the car repair in the form sex now there's something that les and I think that what you think. I think my home now amber. And a mound. Do you think that 65 years of age is too old to be an action star. William niece and he's and that you know when he announced that he was retiring he told the public he's 65. After years and ain't come our nominee wants to see that. But that's not the case because there's an older guy that's and they may become an out Stallone's bass sure bullet and then things like sending a Poodle. Well here's an example for yes Harrison Ford will be 179. Years of age when Indiana Jones five Israel released. Sarah Disney announced yesterday that. Indiana Jones five is going to be pushed back to just line 92021. Because they're gunnery right some of the Scripps. And says Chris back a year. And then by that time. Hairston for only 79 years arranged. By the times earnings now. It never too old he believed. I thought they were like do in the next generation and that will go old dude and then he like got real bad on drugs in the kind of old white that off. They still won't Shiloh bought that thing I don't. But did they leave it like now is it easy to India is and Harrison Ford is Indiana Jones and he's still got. I'd say aides said in his seventies. Rating agency explained this. As when he gets unbelievably you know James Bond they change them everywhere and so on it kept the franchise go them. He says not only that Disney also had some other big announcements if you loved doing our own Johnston yes juggle praises cameramen out. In October of 2019. It's going to be saving anybody or anything now we jungle cruises kind of about the crime the Disney ride. I only like Iraq movies worries saving the day here at. Has one leg. More reducing pain and gain this rocket lifting weights and doing Coke. Yeah this is an error rate not you know as far as I'm Israeli or something like that again you do that vehicle again. Big day rock was hilarious comedian rush her shots. There. Like upon anything I mean now it Jimmy made him good observation earlier I don't know how one can argue. The daisy do page you follow Dwayne Johnson on this program. The son of a bitch is huge. And master's in his arms and now look bigger than they did and like 99 when he was just much bigger not just a little much bigger so why is. Has to want I understand when you have the money. You have to act. Access to the trainers in the best supplements and all the stuff but and moment. Is hereditary doesn't hammer wrestling has announced this kind of thing like it and. And atlas rocky Johnson the song me and hear some Amy Grant Hollis height she Peter my idea is cousin Joseph prison. Can you just be the last. I may have seen it reminded. Now and does have that body that's expired there I mean Mamie he's cycle back but if you can trade OK right now Jim Barr. Here's how. Hypothetical here god comes uses Jimmy how many did there today you have you been talking about how you think the rock is you know pass on him Bobble by. Mangini an opportunity you can have the rocks body in keep your face. You get the rock face to keep your body. Don't put. It gently face on the rocks but. Yeah. You have to. Otherwise you just build rock he does it really letting yeah and rocks space on there. Rackspace and another night I imagine. If you. Plan that. Man I'd like a mess and I had a rock studies is. A huge. Personality and I I. Yeah. Wrangles tablet for eyebrows at them doing things on the large volume lower gold bulls clear in rooms in this. Yeah I'm right there county. Edgy and a heroin overdose. It was a bloated like Chris Farley made me that's it's not that counts it's com page I hate my face now I do. Here today I was full beards would come until much the kid. Me it's you cousin and I see Josh harbor with a long beard hanging down at liberty and well what you call did not. What do you call in the beard up and went up you think it's being nutrient. Insurance starts are worried sarcoma are now in the -- to meet some or not. Color and it. Let's call up an idea how much. Work past it doesn't it but who are some programs right. By the way I thought that the Karzai saying a lot of modular saying was it a Dodge Magnum or was that a Ford Probe and people are under. The young passionate. An oddity or a lot of things in your eyes and minds. Yeah right yeah see them that show us Gordon does everything. Better.