Monday, October 16th

Trump is in town tonight and we gotta get Jeff Lewis Neal into the event: The Thirty Secspert for Third Eye Blind tickets: Is it crick or crink?


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He's right guys like gas powered by so these kids. Can travel. Nice guys doing. Joining us. 3.3. Where tunes. So war. At times. I love that so much as funnyman. I'm glad to. Lipton green who fled when you pull into port. The creek that shouldn't. Some sounds a place where you say electro did you or your you get role was arms don't I can't. Great hero. I'd say how you really sort order for a reason and felt unwelcome Drury can open and throughout the week. Rise guys morning show morning in his native six trump is in town today. And he will be at the can I say we are enemies of public not just some in. Its. Well Greenspan would say it wrong indices were okay as once they Radisson in for some reason. Embassy suites in his whole lot of eighty fives can be shut down there and on this and that valves per day will be shut down. Here you know it's and it's going to be there. But time is safe driver will be shut down. Percent from 4 o'clock all gone now you should avoid it and say everybody's going beyond my. Mainly weight given boulevard I guess to see your service wins they would rather be in use I know they're out. You know yeah we got a million. How insane I don't know where he's going to be when and where an anti he's not just going there and a source eagle. I think that's common knowledge to it but regardless of competes. With I. I am I would love to death know what I would love to go probably two or fifty dollars to damp but if I've like had a you know it's for sale. We're trying to gauge Afghan. Not bias. Is breaking in not sneaking in these negative put on a caterers uniform and you know anything like that but like for instance. What is this Delta's chief how ally that. So like in our building you know we're like what seven radio stations now maybe one problem is Debbie or. Tearing TU. When is somebody from there will allow. Will be in attendance really have to but why is that just because in the news station I mean page doesn't is only here. We play audio of when folks come to town and stuff before out and about. Nearby. These Kazuo trump so much. Actually global got voted for him. Take your brutal cold flipping off like cancers that could happen to get this down by into and a as I have that's what everybody wants what I Walters after this her favorite thing about her visit. The media will get to see trump from the back of the flatbed truck parked my airport tarmac yeah. This I am not a flat bed and look at her up and take pictures of drove from there. That's always here and that's funny and well for that yet but we do. We can get better than that we have to be able to the good lord why not. The best bet deserves this to be along per day out near the embassy suites. And took to Lima highway open to catch a glimpse of. Don't car. There's. There's 12345678910111213. Groups that will be protesting air tonight. No this is inching its chief okay under the read this as I'm reading it so don't read into it okay. Greeneville black lives matter and Planned Parenthood south Atlantic will be protesting. In falls park. Yeah there's nowhere nearly Donnie there's a little area of the embassy sleaze who hundreds near the fountain out front other protest area here that's all yet. I'll answers is they've Bernard improved thirteen protests are fairly well I mean it may they've announced plans to protest. And falls park here in downtown Greenville and then. The so coney county Pickens County Anderson county Democratic Party members will be protesting at the airport through her. I just will not concede the Jeff you into this. I think I can you know that I can't he's not Jim backstage here that role before yes I did. I have two a did that was Sinatra that I was booked. Well now but other times you yet you about their daily SEC and friends are in town I didn't snuck in there you would be able to sneak in this. Though he. You know what you do cook EU bulky guy whatever you know bid. Put an earpiece in just put your finger in the year and got out and glad I guess maybe gators are gonna suit to be okay we'll dress the part and just walk around the finger in years the whole time and just keep looking around. Trying to get yeah. Are you kill Los any impersonating any thing that he's not stealing any kind of valor he's just walking around is it's hard hearing. But if they decide he's impersonating somebody will barred he was. What has decided by anybody there. Signing new academic brilliance they're not all as I think cities' and that I aliens are they are doing today was great win any sort of service say that he is a man in black. A lot of majors in black. It is okay what's it is OK perfect perfect budget batboy and advance. Saw. You bless and merry in advance or reported on sneeze and amnesties if her. Yeah it's still there solar gas why didn't always make sure you guys dropping out. It's terrible Perry gave important. I sit you know how Saddam love trumps voice and I and I just. Not necessarily say and I agree with a everything's coming out of his mouth and I love the way he talks here love that rich. Full sync you thank you man in so I said Jeff overs some various who lines from famous literature and then I want to see if you all can guess. What it's from. So it'd be Jan Brady asked trump this really pleasing to me and I follow how. How can involve everyone we are trying to guess what he's ridden person least soothing and Tony I think was serving for me at least have fun for ya. Musharraf and act all excited off the subject all beaten track it. Really it's real. Foolish and seven years ago. I first broke put upon this continent a new nation. Conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. You earn your gas while he got Tallahassee aria yeah. Jeff don't do the whole second one just part of it I was William Wallace's monologue and very horror incorrect I'll. It was a great code in April and the clerks who stretch entertained. Was some say in his chin nosedived whose breast. It and. Photographers energy Camry for Dick constant sales staff and read that and again president Johnson Smith and Winston Smith are. They just smoke Smith's. It's. And and I've never seriously wedeman Lawrence Joel veterans memorial coliseum in Winston-Salem who are bigger fall brawls. Yeah. That you can take two I know you know what it was Jen and Jamie tell my victory mentions and all of a generator jittery Japan. There's better scenario say Winston Smith Maria wiley didn't our alma as well here's what's. It's a huge no yeah. I think I said. Patient. Came in Baghdad Najaf trump did I think you should get him a prerecorded movies and has acknowledged he did I don't fly you can. It isn't it. If you want every industry huge river gorge bridge you want to bid league Jeff Blake and breathe this stuff and that's what border area. I different. Yeah China's our Lindsay yeah. The call was is squeezing of the skill. I clearly one thing you can't just in using primarily. Been asked to knuckles. Of this thing you did that apply in five different points oppression. I Surma have a nice day now that was from pro wrestling for dummies. Here it's. Deadly all of math or is again out of evil and Demi. I don't know where you can play this defense you don't political law goes to watch wrestling you know dummy. Now. And employers. I try the next Andrea Bonior erupt. German Austrian must return to the great Jim another country and net because of any economic considerations. No and again no. Even if such a union were unemployed and put an economic point of view. Yes even if to a harmful and must it must nevertheless take place one below demands one ranked. None none of that so my country. So yeah yeah I didn't have put in German. All Martin Holmes yeah I was an ocean Hitler. Let grieving shop they read the fact that ordinarily it. I think it's gifts don't are deep and well here's another. Rule out screaming names you know our current. We should soon. Winston-Salem. PA who she's been just get one job you Demi can. But that's weird bird last corn for Miller's book indiscriminate and and I just thought when he gets in the end he would say you read her right chair and the night that I knew that good stuff like that they don't know Winston-Salem Burleson Smith that wearing his red hammer and sickle T shirt over I'm. All it murmur or the easier disease progression your Fave comic soul it was blue moons blends so it'll. Now I'm am concerned that this is same as a cinema over 200 they should do so Roy Reagan and from kinda. Anaheim did not mean he's a buzz and I'm. This can all have and I'll have. Well Reagan visited truck President Clinton mellow but also. There are no grass from death right there about are now take a deep breath and dot. Bill glad no. It's. George W you know they all do that like to do and they'll have slow burn on the voice is not the winds are called. And I girls adult life that is currently winding down really losing power the Al vocal for a local Frye did it's it. I'm gonna try NL yeah. Lament how like it but boy you come to my battery life had to go do this. According to. Eke. Man I'm loving did being a good and they are not. I felt like halo stressed every part runners are you gonna and then it happens you're busy boy if you do them boy. That things have changed your mantra like jail. And I go have your regular thank you Max that a lot of us. Yeah I have to do my and I feel real wall all the time about it that's great that the event is that a nickname his thank you Ryan when you and thank you match. Love that we always a risk we'll really no longer really an elected this time when you got biblical land. And it matters so campaign for Israel is the new version of a joke Tom Roberts is in the boycott half mile last night. Hey Mack got a mess there is somebody or camera surging three floors are a lot of liberal about Tom's excellent. Now they say yes sounds like cant get it from Connecticut. The lower. I'm wrong and bad. I'm sure are not life or. For. Instance they. Winston with his name. Winston Smith. All of whom he can. That's when we learn numerous problems are actually coming and I imagine ask you about era that hash tag. Aren't worried take a break wearing come back come. Lineup card out black tickets thanks John. Let's get figure does not play this one because the last time. It was jet and page who played. So they should be so my different this time. Judges got all the Sharon here as Asia right now no more limelight people out here tonight what a 10774. To below 93180774. Bit below my three different yeah. They're not buying tickets. For Sunday's incidents. When a 1077 afford them below ninety I'll only come around noon. You messes them one thing I know you get in the match. Lay to rest next morning you know Mike is recalling during. Morning show good morning it is at 830 straight free enough. We get tickets four tickets and plane tickets to use C. Third Eye Blind Sunday night. Its charter. I expect your amphitheater parents who want. Texas Sunday incense and outfits are cute name and expect to live through and since bill at heritage park. Don plays to get down and since bill Sizemore Hendrickson Bender there. Not enough students to whom do you know where I'm saying it up there and on zealot really. 180774. Down below 93. It is time to find out who's an expert on this show. We played a 32 expert to its. When average usually last comment plated a run these last time great game it was paging gets jazz are paid one page one. Of course I mean they'd the administrator on the gamers should should win that stores congratulation on and now. We have. Seen new contestants let's meet the folks on the phone first and we'll say hello to them as they descend back and lessen its. Good morning Harry got doing well I think you know what I guess will going to let you pitch. The right Jenny. Would you like to be paired with tabloid. Alt. Or their reigning champion pay much. Doubling the armed film I had I mean indicates. Gonna go with page. Practice. And that means that Richard from Graeme bell is is with frat boy congratulations. Or. He didn't do we love for page. All that mattered may have multiple winners. There aren't a cent match and that words don't really care do you think something they don't try and today on trial it's guys. Assays fat boy and Richard in an island stuff is hey why you saw out. I was I usually keep talking I'll keep talents and your plan. It's birth you'll remember beginning to do than them or clock yes this did I have it I don't affinia the phones have this but it's a stopwatch I do honeymoon yeah. I'll phone my phone has auditors my site. I won't eyeball. Yeah I had to time we'll begin of course. Those two run through how we played a game Jimmie how you get subject you need to DNA expert talk about the 32 I'll make your example so undergoes Amerada. Yes she's okay 90 yes for thirty seconds speak as an expert on. The watered down horror movies of Hollywood these days. I can definitely talk for about thirty seconds I don't know where you buy me begin. I take great this year we're New Line Cinema what they did we're both Freddy Krueger and Jason. When they rereleased nightmare on street would Jackie your alien and Jason movie Friday the thirteenth would have sued nobody and it. The latest now just so they're brick all these movies really shoestring budgets now days they try to. It's always alternate dimension but really it's just a way to film. Tennis that I saw same room and on top of that growth to me I think data that I need your ten minutes on the death. Yeah easily I'd say that was a once high so ISO yeah page do you want big categories for May 31 I'm from nine. And nine are nice to travel. Page yes your first category. Speak for thirty seconds is an expert on the are true. Thomas are petty is a very accomplished person he was. Not so well educated but well known in the community and he was known for what he did best. And he is a person meant an. But every day and he was a founding father. Of what he was gonna happen. Any spent his life and all is dreams was considering this one saying that Thomas Patti did and everybody in the town knew. On Tom's caddy all right. You and me I have I would rebound revisit these at the end and here are yeah. Always hear your first look at page one all thirty seconds on now she took it stood on February and ingenuity at 832. Spurred on. Just political correctness in America. And you time begins. You know political correctness and America's some people would say is you know too much. Is too overly stressed. I don't be stressed enough. You kind of have to you have to. Don't fear in people we have to do I your way to be politically correct. You know I mean ally gives people some options. He took some analysts say something this way how about we evolve as society and try to learn new terms or new ways say things. Send the same old crap and so what if it comes off his posse. I don't know you're really only their exit. Not do we wanna score these now by say who won individual around sir Erekat there the man at first round was little shout out. I'm in Florida man. When you bring Torre is a good I don't know if page news she's told she had no right yeah yeah yeah you Santa's name. Who he's talking about Thomas Danny okay. And amity is really at center. Why insurers and on the social media when he passed away a couple of big guy in October said. 1017 in my heart attack in San Marco is more honest paddy I don't know is this. And there was brought here and in LA topple ball well. Thomas girl penny gave his former are exciting is homicide and I'm gonna say that was dropped the ball out. Thomas petting lions this really did well when you listen and then are solving. Really well the last twelve seconds. His wheelchair seat given that and is that Boyer page he had rarely call a draw it in third point's current syndrome all right here we get round to the 32 ads Burton finally after page. There and say there markers from panic come page speak is an expert for thirty seconds. On the V threat. To the United States presented by North Korea's nuclear weapons program. Well there is vague threats to US and many experts think that we may not be going in the right direction as far as this country and the leader of the free world. President ounce from as far as negotiations. This should be open ended and many of the people. And president trumps cabinet wished that he went negotiate with North Korea that there is nobody there or to negotiate with. Because this has been. And argument on Twitter rather than in the boardroom they're not sitting on and talking. Okay. Are there we yeah fat boys on year round two of the thirty cigarettes are. She was sad she lost so much weight now she got pregnant please BF 32 expert on the unfortunate life of Khloe Kardashian. So all you know what she's doing a good thing this is got a show now sources help people lose weight. She's changed her life around jewelry the fact cart bashing anymore. She got a business course got the jeans company don't. Blog going on for solar she was fat you know what she's still mother hottest once she's the third hottest that's always was going to be an onus is gonna have some tornados and bring to the table right. I was ever sickle Lagarde rations hot. I give you every NBA players she dated today's one else. I saw she likes today's MBA players LC got and the news about it than you got all she's ugly Kardashian I know god. Hi there we go pull. Few SMS hi this. Well I knew yea you know I had no bad and I'm going back and forth between Fox News and Deon I. More people play Novak or Nash in and they know about North Korea these days sadly there are your I mean I was there right. Okay what you give us who won that round. Was it page and North Korea with that fat boy. And Khloe Kardashian. After all fret board presented more information on Khloe Kardashian. Like presented more facts more factual information on tidbits on chord progression. Asked to agree although part of that was not correct but I don't want him well I don't think she's been an NBA player and Tristan Thompson. Alison OK well ECU all the experts are and given minus fat boy amendments Emmys family leads one not. We have this that we can have a sweep here how we can and they had Ty. And I pray for you we do not have attacked. Are here again last and final hour. Got a quarter for your report card yet. Well. I go it quarter avoid looking great food business so therefore if say they saw us there. I'm patient your final subject. It's big for an expert for thirty seconds on Michael Myers relationship with his family. Go. Michael Myers had a strained relationship with his family and it's well known that he had a a mother and that was kind of lascivious there in answers kind of loose and then that's why he became and the serial killer because of his mother. And it's only it's very sad that dad started. And his childhood at the very beginning meant to carry through on through his entire life. And you know it to every movie you can hear the pain and by watching Michael Myers in and just feel it buys time. All right. Always got that don't you know that when I was doing about comedian okay that Mike Myers half. Revert right points at Christopher took notes for Joseph murder fat boy. Today is October 16 2017. Its world food day. Too we do to help those hungry around the world with all this all these sell this food we throw away in an America and him waste what can we do to help. A world food day. I don't think is so much is what we can do as a country or the world committed. The story the IMF. About we want bell on national debt to these countries who never be able to pay it back. When they don't do with the resources in the GDP's. They're all going to try to get ahead didn't pay all the world that's nobody eats the economy suck those are what they had four countries in the world can actually survive. Somehow I really love him still ignore economies wrecked to rush is one to lift the rules are worth anything. So when you start with a though why not country's top. What do it by one doesn't I'll get posted to our millions everything's gonna IMF stands for I have known parents and yeah. Are as it could keep Almon titles we were talking about world food day in its IMF video we're going to share your view of the IMF CBO. If I'm legally talk about world food day here. And then Michael Myers strained relationship with mr. nine to use golf to one page started talking about Michael Myers and his family. Well I scoffed at the boilers she saved gamers serial killer murders his mom was loose. In that case. I don't forget just. And nobody or group with ogle bill's serial killer Gordon page they all should be and murder. Hey it's only ailment known but the tone of the reasons I regard but I'm. Gonna hurt you are. You might imagine. And then it was right. And attract broad because it was the story from rob zombies Halloween yeah that's the main problem isn't rob zombies version model modern nation is why. Then after. I think that look. Fat boy on. Even though that well I I ice golf on yourself because if he's off that it then I know must not media and Korea is Rob Zombie okay. I can't as a musician fat boy must've read my mind is as exactly what I think in the name is so much about lack of food is the lack of Vietnamese Suez had in Puerto Rico can get through until now these small countries are you waste water the government's taken although the monetary donations and I'll have for themselves the food thing didn't have the people. Political. Donations are messing around the other day and I think that started saying that a regular person to run for office. But now it's billionaires don't they millions of dollars to millionaires who should be able to finance their own campaign if they are for home. So would that said let me bring got my screen and say congratulations. Two green bulls very own children yeah. Yeah looking for a winner didn't care that was pages that we just wanted to winner and guess what you got one. I knew we were gonna win. As if she was there logo always knows in the box. How can oh yeah yeah. Official stage and with a babbling let's make let's make a winner Miguel investment a moment. Congratulations Richard Woolsey is this Sunday air. Part everything airstrike demand they're paired bargains and built for the third out. You're very welcome Richard hold on so thank you well yeah he did say thank. I know what does this politically correct thank you might spare her. He enjoyed being the voice on the same phone calls. The manager I'm so I'm a Mac right it is among the rap written word 93 minute drive. Begins at 10 this morning now more of the rise guys morning show. Good morning show good morning. I don't not yet not chipped. Felt like through our. Felt like. Rise guys morning show good morning it is 850. Apparently nobody in the building at any kind of clearance to go out. To either this thing tonight for Chris ever buy just its airport clearance or if you're media time. At the fortieth at. Regis he paid. You know. Jeff if he got there tonight to the appearance for trop and they say sorry can't accept this media badge order would you pay that to fifteen again held knowing about it. Still pretty good for us. The idea here in Montauk and I can't lose no work at all play. Makes Jeff global all the paint all malware and all tag also are no idea as what it is that's what it is there gusher. Why don't we send Jeff because Jeff is a better at these things in any of us I can't get a Mac anyway I'm busy that things going on. You'll go remarked upon is there any sympathy. Is that stuff that I used to put on my temples. Carter brown powerball group one need some bags I got a crick in my neck error occurred in the gap grew to weigh I. I think is 'cause I sat up in bed. And watched a movie beaten so I set like on the set up right this. Blue led again I can't Kim Newton. Where it only happens at recess for a very loud crack of the neck like we did for that. Do you dissent here and his role your neck all day I'm I'm not come and speak in facetiously I'm not really going to the doctor Ford bloody killing have creaking in red. Things there loser you did you sit up like this. And you just a little over like this oh. And you just put your head hey thank you joined Goodyear on his shoulder and stress and Dallas and in the other I think year old around perhaps you do that sure. What he called that when he call what I dissent. Is human experience. OK but I mean as well you don't say creaking neck and a I have before several Giricek has got to crank in your neck knowing how to crank is cricket unit as a critic. Here to anywhere and never in my in my last two creeks roared and he would strategies is getting the kinks out. In our kinks out there arguing from those are now. As Kurt it's occurred pressure is that crank SeniorNet is not crying or create instant. When you're the current is a great friend and I recommend that elusive animal block Cameron do it. Tom Morgan call the guys to block is not a crank or cream is a critic. Not a minus ballad I think it's like rape with a seal on the front as it's critical old old southern Babel would about it. A small stream and as you're big gold creek and a gap that's wrong too. It's critic. See our eyes CK Couric ideas put that in Google it's cook crick in my neck Sarah. There's no cranks are cranks or Dave Landis got Elaine Evelyn my hand like yes or any good birds that are. You roll ribeiro. Did comfortable really that's what was wrong with that Jason the other night a mad world he cant do in his eyes that when he would look at me and Jason and Michael Myers and all of a dull stretch in the Nextel I'll always do that but I always look legend shares and Edward who gave you. Madison you know that your talk into a northerner if they caught a crane all yankees calling Allah prices northern and yankees all northerners call it a creek so I never in my life heard that I. I don't think all Thursday that prepares its big Google's or critic of Google calls are doing a Yankee for sure so yeah. It's ever do you lose like you know the Yankee for sure earlier. Yeah probably creek or creek amendment. So was Syria on your phones is loss of Euro exit the British went off this guy come on our true innocent girl. She should build customized game able Reynolds are somewhat. Where you revered Gergen our town our dad is that I had mr. Jay O'Connell the founder and I don't mean. I I did Mr. T voice and upgraded to the monster truck plaza monster truck now in Iraq. The Dallas right placed just to get it could get in the car and just take off anyway thank you almost a work. You missed it you mr. dark blue. True than us so good Ernst Burress is so good Sosa creek and this is stricken and it's a creek. At a creek now does that happen where people say words differ is it just the dialect the accent they just somebody misheard it one time. That's our start (%expletive) just violent ex senator it's is that the same words wool. Or rather there's words and most languages that are derived from the same Latin word naming the same thing in the similar words yeah. But they're not the same words as they went to different places when the Latin or whatever may be out so the words evolve differently in certain languages less weird here. A lot of people are not a lot of people being illiterate and stuff there probably because there's a lot of promise serious like room. Like it Jimmy's always told me that I'm probably really Harrison. When it came time to census. You know who'd taken down names as tough as hell names have changed since through history. Well he could have been ellenberger. Might drop that her own. No we need to do for rules that TV and it's this I said I want that for Christmas. I don't know how much how much does that cost the DNA testing with the one through. It's warm. Tune the wanna do indeed. Page under the Romans is my daughter buys Italian turns out I'm part Asian am Canadian and I'm from Russia. By any got a budget fight AJ comes back and I'm not a twentieth I ain't changed my taxes or. I don't know how to her expert they keep your DNA database that are. Oh okay Colonia down the road or room you hurt yourself if you get royalties of cloned. Well get royalties off nothing but monster of a good Taka. I have had I walked does that creek imminent. Cranes are crank these are our administration our story all you yankees messed it up nobody ever said crane to start with the Arab. Creek it's critic Mary yankees Texas and they don't they don't they color critical good do we rubbed off on you know they're deserved as BS born and raised in New England nobody ever said Craig in the neck he wants hawks for industry average team in like akin to changing that's what Jimmy said Barak never. Brink. Well everybody's strong blue ride finally Blair ride and their message I would take a break and come back ration is more and everybody. Radio station as there is no helps radio stations Wannstedt. The rise guys morning shoot around and maybe 3.3 you don't plan.