Thursday, July 12th

Do you know people with a "trashy" last name?: Facebook Fussin: TBT

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The radio on. These pediatrician new home and on the rise guys morning kill you are shown. And he three point we don't planted a favorite color Michael reversed you can. Lucky to the rally his guys you know what maybe 3.3 up. Yeah. John. Yeah. Math and isn't run you were on. While they may be true leads over reigning champion. Point that out for. For now while you I mean yes you are the reigning champion for now until. Second annual rise guys drag pageant. Begins in less than one hour yes yes less powerful and when Jimmie was on the whole looking for his foundation founded in this year. And go on foundation Shannon almost. Thank god job Jim thank you better be going down 8 o'clock hour and also family has several people on. Twitter and snapper senior microphone still sucks. Did his sons and this was gonna happen this. Borden better. Oh so who's gonna have to do a wonderful way though it is we have to be nice about it. I became an into the box stuff put it in six career can go. A bulletin on fixed rally in fixer you figured out arena not beaten me that's just that's what they do and they'd be happy to do. Limitations man out of accepted theirs. Out. Miles nice balance. That their board changed the court press that not being nicer Sar brown. William Perry is that we have to we have just to address that is more so it is not where to push on the already some on him on the neck Michael bald. Kerry amendment. So you were moments. All now. It is to be your voice there and nothing else that doesn't crackle. And is arguably doesn't crackle illicit like page when you're doing your show yesterday was. People are people saying that. Well yesterday they resent the process there and McCain and into there. And them they are testing my microphone when I was speaking on the air and I didn't have any sort of issues so that's what is your whole school. How might make him a crack. Are as poppy. Well yesterday. There was a problem and the only person who wasn't cracking someone's page because she. As that day softer more feminine voice. I if they're going to say that they might need more of our our booming masculine fat boy or dirge aftermath type. Voice yes. Yes my two retirement modeling collagen. If you are finished the morning attitude was my Q did when I got to have a backup plan industry are not talking. Work just you know we did we can. God this is when I act I can't like. Now we're if you deal would this bull or anything I've done I mean we come in and we'd put together stop and then. It's 2018 and equipment doesn't work and how radio they don't panel radio itself is I don't want this time. We are actually. All time man and I'll look at people's park has videos in the semis equipment marks and all the stuff. There's some new things. This Eric we can't do anything about the the tabloid Smartphone now authors are managed to remain the current Cherokee for him courage on and a conversation last week with my wife about people's last night elation and happy birthday guess everybody just as you are very happy birthday Suzanne it tremendously good parent you'd eat raw fish and recorded those shinji and there. Pokey. Prohibition ball was also. But we had a conversation about. We urge our somebody we don't know who has a last name. And I say you're. This is a really good person but everybody else I've ever known would bat last name. Was really trashy or trouble or bad bad news. And turns out she's X and thing she grew up in the states she grew up across state lines. But we can't say inclusion of people would this particular last name. Generally speaking can be bad news aside from one shining example who's a great person rebounds and so ticket and say you name. It. Will be removed and Riviera. Interest and a good. You know you'll. Is registered and I'm really hurt and no oil at and it's hurt him the gap. You pull the mama her foot off an arms. Not good at that Twitter is good all it was it was literally on the fourth of July at 6:54 AM is this what I was thinking about. Out. At us good response includes that kind of agreed with. I think everybody has has even mine they associate would you trash or trouble. Room. Yeah Alia Deanna I less pleased. Stop it permanent government it's an avalanche of white trash last name and so peoples in this town is McDonald for good reason. Yeah black and none of the miners and mine mine is. The name thing have has met at the beginning are my. But he knew one of attitude is really there. It. Both you and do it on three. Spoke. One and two of three meg. I had how. They absolutely are all out just you know why just because the first half the first time I am I asking is going to towns but first I'm gonna ask it it was by my dad at mail it in and he would bet that boom right there yeah yeah. That's nothing number when I thought of them and I guess I think right now if I can say that one that I think enough. I have no good people would that names certainly because there are good people would all names is just. Are there and they don't know what I was getting let me borrow all the friends or movies on VHS and that was very kind and gracious of them and I appreciate that in this day stirred up and Jason. Yeah I'm so I asked if I had portable version of that. Let's they. There's a Keiwan. Cheney again had his very sweet. Very kind. I just I am I'm I'm really not sure wanna say that when I'm thinking is not at all. It is when you I guess it's like me is fast rowand you know some kind of net over all every. Right. I know you don't forget this is there. Isner make people mad at me I'm sure somebody. Associated with the Harris scored kneel or Alan berg. Or certainly minor in their opinion heard stories about my family is a lot of people on man imprisoned establishing a ellenberger Lebanon. Last one isn't a lot of you all and things can. Yes and ask him formerly tools LaMont. A lot Ellen yeah and certainly my you would even there at any current. When I lose both players are here. It'll have tablet. Gorillas can't. Our Bruce Allen to prevent same last name we just mentioned and does August of the couple Brothers with the same last name in there they're the ones. A starter smoke and first in school that was weird to me are toward fewer. A moderate right went down and get Jimmy's opinion on how she felt comfortable saner now skies is name you call memorial ball AG and grime and anything. I know that she's still the rules but then again people haven't us weird things I always. So Dana just I would say go forward. If not for the people that we big we're the last early and it appears they came out and then name just to see us yeah now. Okay America's leaders say that name on the radio. Is this first name local. His last name something cracker. See I don't as a family member two. It's a mind numbing their Lotto numbers are gonna Jill that I assume heroes website. Hello all rolling and basically it was what are we what are you basing that trashing this song that's a great question. I don't I'm not pronounce that I think you missed a syllable. I think it would just help your personal experiences New Zealand guys did mean it. If Hewitt sewer it's. If you went to college with people with that name and you might have a different opinion on them and if you thought limited dirt track every Friday night for tenure as you know it's different in Bahrain. It's kind of like the last thing Clinton is kind of you think politics you think the town Clinton moon. They believe are registered to vote and Clinton clemens' Iraq. I don't Clinton. You can't sage I mean he can you say Jones but Jones is this jones' so well wide open these. Arm is or call for a citizen journalist tobacco so balls are sort of Canon camera where Ager. Obviously there are more key jury. News. It says so I kid you not when I'm sixty years old enough to go to all our public order and ever right. And it didn't know the neighborhood and also around. We're trying to did it and streak in the blood got pot call the police on that because we look. Bishop. And then I go to school the next day and she's not reckon substitutes. Net. Addressing hash it out man did IE you've announced it mug golf hall. And in a guy Medea is the way I would say when I was a kid her note via. Out entries thanks for the the back of sir have a great morning be careful or share your well some. Yeah I solo is I got smeared over our arm. Very Wesley said Honeycutt. His grandma always told government Honeycutt we don't move put them Honeycutt space trash. And commonly known to us aware of this canceled may sorry if he's warns of years. Not Slattery. Yeah. And one won't hurt the physical as a little as it all man. This is this is so good but it's so wide open. You can't rumor well I mean I just say it is it's just I know two different people they're not even related last name Reese vague chest. View here. You know it is witted asked not to see earlier there when we see your world class year people are. OK okay but for other records are bigger Brigham and the name that started this a lot of Ohio it is is that. If you grew up in the neighborhood Matt and I grew up in you have different opinion of this particular last name. There was improve. And I don't have a kind of opinion on that I was my damned daddy's Manama damn daddy that was my grandma's maiden or maybe it was more often don't roof from hormonal have to know that they're favored that was that the last harris' there. Bad bad impression came to be your body and David the conversation started why are related to agent. Maybe eagerly digesting just so that's what covers are missing Missouri don't scare. And net. I think just what does it was our guys are so that's why you aren't. He's great but also people would bad name who were Jews trouble and she's like yeah me too. Any sigh oh that's my lesson there and Dansby has one now yours ago and he's going to be attached to it can better not get mad professor of rendering. I don't know relaxed and good people wanna moves gates didn't really yeah. Too deep roots in my grandma. And mortgage. Her sombrero and poncho. I we have to take a break because of several reasons one we do have the drag patch them up a clock tower of common. Next a little bit Esiason Facebook's how right after this phase of. Page then door I. He's 93 point three the planet dry. Here it's real. FaceBook arguments. Screen shot screen cap value that he wants. CNN anonymously of course names changed to protect the innocent. The guilty. And a stupid this is. Based on trust and. It's back. It's back Jimmie there is back it's wonderful. Can always send these to us. At TR EG. At 933. The planet rock star cop. Yes the energy and ninth through through the planet rock star com are a lot of consider all different forums all the time. There's she's worsened when they're behind the right. Thank you. There's no circumstance are we can't say more are always lose them. They are our own lawyer Donald FaceBook to right that is correct FaceBook dot com slash or Eisner's. All right it's here again it's just everybody get their alliance can. Not among blue chip on our script note I never mind Seymour. Play in the role. Of Carly. Will be nine. I had in Ireland jelly. Will be fat boy. Clay in Roland Brett freaking me. Playing the role of Kelsey free campaign. And action. Carly no subject of a wrecked mustang. It's obviously sitting armed kings highway Myrtle Beach as there is they Wayne's store in the background. RO NG rock bottom line against her and the blinking day Bates concern body and day is time okay. One girl you okay. Where TF has Travis eight into jail. I'm sick or what time did you get him in his car down I'm glad nothing got done. Hello well okay okay and. My key is if you answer on your leg and get my. Yes oh well. I don't run off on vacation every other way good today I'm not your tired and lets you need some think that's why he's been stuck at the beach three other times as you run around with some debt blink lose yours. You try and be my daddy some dude mag couldn't get so. I can't tell you Christ. A new strive mold me a while you do is use keys and bring home. It's drivable. Do you see half the radio is busted auto blank as a broke aged ten. Can. You or solar radio right I'm right you are. You don't the whole axle the radiator is busted all to Blake and as a broke actual. Oh yeah UConn is a willingness art. Donald W Reynolds and we just got here right or all the way. It's all his name don't any damn money. Called the Amazon accident I think you can armies and audience of girl I don't know you and I anybody explain that blame my wife tomorrow. Thanks for your help may I ask why isn't sure aren't allowed to make a decision rolls eyes imagine. You come to do it's I guess so are you just a different kind. During the messes you get yourself into so what air. Oh yeah Karl. Well. Girl and a land again stick my intent is in the water right click thing I can work in the morn and wall blew it should not true. No I'm sorry Colleen your parent. So this post picked a Greyhound bus Lugo. Finger pointing apt analogy. It's better than that. This know why and let's relax they're probably just be the driver and I. A brand. You cola coal before all these litigious people on FaceBook got going we can have posted that picture. On our FaceBook you're out of the wrecked car when the wings in the bag can do now an hour. Can't do it better apparently here from mountain air quotes train down from. Or his her quotes loan all year. Lazar Lazar. We'll wait you mean you you hinder it. Time she wasn't going to enjoy sharp and short have a laser beam on her. Albert. Seems as. If it plays the role of Billy will be Jimmy Jack Jackie. And amateurs play in the Roland is Gina Jones. Gene will be page. Yeah in the role of king. Will be fat they can. Playing the role of David Blaine will be freaking me out of line. And the role of Tom and a narrow rader will be both played by Jeff Lewis yeah. And and actually. Attention turned. If you have a map to mount any thing that do us all a favor and don't smile. Well I can't stand trust me either candidate. It turns amounts to a specially when women do think in the hot at all. Wow. That's pretty shallow. Key is learning. There's more to people and your parents. Yeah but they get dentures Smith now these days just dead. But what if they can't and who cares it's not your mouth why should you orders. On the amount she knew how to blind golf not crazier so you can tall blue lake that you can't handle the truth. All right whatever and would like Alice I realized how much is not blanket FaceBook page. The boy can mail. Fees for a tree if so is free speech so I can say what they. I won't say he's dragged down its mess that add rantisi ugly better than here placed. And were the only male friend of response. I'm not any mar oh goodbye and ratings and they keep. You said it would trouble blocking tax it's not play easier to reinvent and hate for my play it's. Are you rid yourself don't pay Carlo oil. Lesson so how are you struck an error or it is approached. All of David must have meth mouth LO outlasted hell no don't blink I don't do damn mess. I have bad acid reflux. And it eight delighting demise cease all right I don't know how the general insurance and they need is an advantage is with a dinner is what's now known as little soil like every money saved up replace my top seed it's like smile he should take a lot of people where you close semite is someone else's parents. I'm sad man pants. Era eighty TV. HI. Agents. Jeremy Dalembert has himself says I want to thank you all that is great post much obliged we defaced and sing yeah yeah. Frat boy literally swoop in and snipe this may himself a part of the FaceBook fuss and insanity himself that's. Applause out of Joplin stumbled across this area Albert asks himself that was from Pickens County it was maybe. It's. Last and final scene scenery. Play general economy. Will be nine. Yeah. Mayoral Cole will be scrabble. General Don will be page. Playing the role of Dick will be just. Implant a road Ramona 3-D and DT pat. And action Connie posts on the blink Mao bullying neighborhoods Facebook group wall. Hey guys quick question has occurred here on fireworks tomorrow night the reason I ask is because so does that via per day currently has sagged as confirmed brand and AdAware and again I have a curfew and yeah is Ella Ella now smiley face in marriage I right now if there was any thing in the continent about it. I don't know benefits in the covenant I supported him all the amendments hash tag we'd of people. That's the heritage shouldn't I know I was has been smartest Connie I don't think we have rules meant human. I am we did back in December dates and because our friends grocery wish you don't until AM. Is bothersome selfish but yeah welcome aboriginal war. I can see that to be seriously hope we do have a neighbor a covenant I'd never seen it. As far as I know the actually FISA for the pool in are pretty landscaping and sign near the front entry. What do way to introduce yourself to others with. And and continued. I don't know no attitude I. Is our neighborhoods people we've Matt yeah I love America but. It would be nice if she were considered other neighbors do work right where it was I'd be heard Dick. All packed packed. House they were to get their act or. Are you know people have different opinions on the subject every year. First off. Happy fourth everyone especially the meat and women who died to make America who we are sick and all bitch. We do work yes this is the motor cross street. You know he'd turn your hand when I walk outside we need new Jaric yeah okay which shut off fireworks light. That's caused most people were off today to cut do you have to fort Marcie yeah. We asked him blankly have to shoot off to not but it won't be late and lastly you eager flags line in the rain so we know how patriotic you all are. Allows the largest fireworks until all hours that I organized the don't fridge our share of the blame and maybe share include similar farmer papers in various stick sort of hard to Miss America at all beyond. Hit it pitch you messed up now to backpacks. How much she messed up now I about it. Cheated and you know why. Then I started his face but group in your back and calm me crooked Hillary's support. Inch inning. Hillary. Domestic what was that was made eye glass different categories like al-Qaeda eyebrow or wherever and ensure what Nate there. It's our opponents are very used isn't necessarily listening to persons resident Greg garnered her chart the guests did. Robin earlier I bet she's there were a hundred and different firework arguments own FaceBook. Groups about neighborhood some. And some things it can have FaceBook anymore but I do know that mine. Neighborhood as FaceBook page he knew. Like. Be invited to join the FaceBook group how well. So that's enough yet to be invited to jewel like you can't ask to join yet to be invited but invited to his FaceBook groups. Barnard's original. Well I don't Lockett personal tone of that might make a last name again I have probably hear that we have to be invited to the group's early news older car seats. There's always classy or donate it for. What producer Israel broke FaceBook arguments screen shot screen capped by UP ones names changed to protect the innocent. The guilty. And stupid that was another edition. Of she's hooked. Don't you know. Well you got to race like they're right guys FaceBook dot com slash retrieves the flat. And now. Field do your kids need. Patricia up yet. You do mean do you yeah but I doubt it. Looked I was I was calling me today is my sister actually told me about your you mean selection she says that he does some good quality meats so one and a few slam Tuesday what kind of what did you meet lift coming to put in orders that pos. He really did an eight. I don't know element or report kind of meet you guys and you got big meet little meter. Who really got we got steaks from data for a job I mean it's really been the justice let you know you need and now particular. Organisms produce. What about the sausage get a big sausage in the. Yeah we got big cut it little thought to whatever the whatever you need. Okay well. We'll look you sit your produce MM maybe some time to decide so what can give you buzz banker a little bit. The world body has signed. Yemen a college a little earlier panel to know if you remember your Robin I was asking you about your meat. Yeah did you. A reminder yeah I think so lock out women is a big day Q bosses want something that's I don't wanna too big battles something's gonna through in my mouth comfortably you gotta gotta be factional bosses at that moment. Yeah I get you what you like of that quarter pound. I actually you know let's yes probably perfect and I was gonna go to big salts is about Amin is at the best big meet acting yet. I yakking get decay united it's. Quote round it is going to be except to spot. There's not a bad price. Now. About a 100% insurer warned that they can ride is very well become that sample like maybe you can you can slide in my mouth as a plus. Does this S envoy come down sample to meet you noted to perform vital to make sure like it and if you can you know put in my mouth and. Look at night and if I'm not beat duke. Our if you if you want if you wanna buy anything yet you can come by you can get a sample that's fine I can have not beaten you. And you know I mean I didn't know what you guys still like for example to your sister come and Elwood dislike the mean Herman. But he would you rate market you know I'm just I'm decides who wanted to look well. I'll be down there that little bit older may Sharpton for mortal with a guy got here and I'll call you back shortly connect. Whatever. Shot Yemen called jewel earlier. Look. They edit it and you know it's notable item or give me the guys are gonna come down. There's only one problem my search in the laundries maybe a topples went down there but all the biggest and is meet you got it does appear look. Look I don't know what this is out of that capita I myself did that again. I'm on a bit here at all Whitney. You gotta you gotta if you sauce is right this while trying to get. All our that you what you want and then we would've been easy although on the TV show on Bravo all right you're out of Macon jokes how. Well look I don't know my sexuality is gonna be questioned but put this beside the point a you're butcher. You got to meet shop all the combat their get a fat piece of meat. All that wrote that rope line did such rookie and you are right. That broke Q are you making jokes what seven years old are right I got kids that make bad jokes to you are right. Dude I'm serious man will do as I gotta party almost incumbent I got a bunch of guys come and over. I need to dig this I cited a few big pieces of meat these guys and he saw I don't. About what at a party you get. Parties you can come and get whenever I also. Had a Piaf but not because I don't want this pulled down caught may Macon dot phone calls. All right I gotta let me and sounds bad part is serious order I'm hosting the sausage party and I got to get to biggest media confined Sochi and I'll be off the opinion illegal to do. And yet I'm trying to pitch that hit a line of people right here waiting let them meet our right. Yeah I get it dumped on the. Always bothered me. Are you tell me you got a lot of people waiting for your sausage that's. Right all right that's right look at. I've been I've been rendered visit to what I've hit the good outlook from my father and he took it over his grandfather and it it it and apparently okay. We can in Brooklyn but 25 years. Pretending that your dad handed he's meet down you. I. Look you know one maybe Jessica also morals some more model were actually be taken trying to hostess losses party European. Now I'll I'll. Try to be polite. I. Don't I don't want to beat me about that how you got. The arrest. Anything that's forever yeah they talk about some crazy stuff. That planted.