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A call from Mayreee on Valentine's Day: Headlines: Sports


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Arise guys suck you. The good guys. Well as guys more. Morning show good. Twain seemed. Fourteenth 2000 maintain its Valentine's Day. Well that. I'm brown says today he a year out. Would you snuck up on me this year then computer. Side now because somebody that earlier Jimmie and guys like. We aid we not we but like. Stores and everything bad on Valentine's Day isn't trying to after Christmas and now it's kind of like nearby is our return. They canceled the wedding for later oh you know. I'm getting paid somebody I'm. A result of the news we get in here mourn and not good Valentine's Day stuff on ground have very bridges are flood of Maryland has they tit bits and trivia. Isn't Madison odds and air is invalid because post parade like the last two weeks now about conveying a glove. Beltran and there was recuperate. And yeah mr. reagents are starting airing them. The whole thing's done. That now. I'm beginning to sell only beginning it's a new beginning. I tried weather wise today's can be cloudy no rain no don't look like high 64 right now partly cloudy 39 MP mind. SO. It's Valentine's Day we get to. Will be doing two shows today that's we will do billion to two inches and you know we had a Deion Sanders. There. Radio today. Romania over him. Tony Stewart river here let's try it when he did Indy. Indian cocoa sixers try several people have done it he's probably one armored and then you re never again. Yeah where I was this Triple Crown winner and I'll be doing about running ever got ripped a Triple Crown yeah. Oh that's all that's true pages dimensional color client. That Luke. Long today could you only hear tilt so they don't Tyrrell and pretty straight career and he's heard the gun controls around us. In in my draft thing down now. Need help getting out of Ireland. Yes did I hope that funny ads and after a nice thirteen hour day at work. Yeah you know I. So gonna sound a little more confident right now I think flip in the bed truck yes it's Alan origin slip and something a little more but they too. Grind and now I'm an option. Well good and negative asleep connected. As a way to do it and if I'm really is. Are you tired yeah. Well so there today is as good as we said to two shows on numerous nuptials this afternoon five to seven so when you get off work in India new vehicle to go home will be on again. Yes there's we will be doing a wed and oh he does fifty plus couples and that turns and a hundred plus people here and they'd all be going down. This evening and starting at 5 o'clock on your radio and down. I like the big you reap the press release yesterday we live. I liked what I said it's bean seed this right here in this sounds good to their press release is enough for numerous nuptials and says. Members of the press are invited to attend the ceremony otherwise due to the tremendous response the guest list is full the venues it capacity crowds iron past. But we just like you know how to party down here you get comes version got an on camera then come already and take pictures career. I mean like I say you know what I appreciate press release you know. But it's like. You know you it's like getting an announcement in our let's say an email. Extremist that's us a huge amount of party later that. You know what I try to do it I didn't and his Latino and his hat is sex passe now why why bother. What I know why bother hurt I think I'm now old Donald EU we Europe you're able Khatami listening to you. Well you get a column at your party you'll be there you're in I wait for an mutant. Well shut you. And let's let SF and yes so I'd big day and that the tuxedo is dumb. Provided by Gregory's formal Wear the prairie I was a frequent customer of all through high school and college early as that was where I every single time restaurant Augusta roadway and got fitted or Greenville mall Gregory it was it was always the spot and always the spark. Mittal is this far from members though many had disappointed sorority dances I want to Wear and their tuxedo home. They were like Dell do you need this side claimed afterwards selling now I bring in now they did stay domain the whole time yeah I never was tried to be pulled off of me never suspect not on now. But that you know look I welcome this morning and I psych I'm Josh. They had to figure shows today. I don't as you know is the mail a lot of fun and I'm not even the same ever trying to talk myself into my hair really think that that this whole thing dubious spectacle of this afternoon man. And you got a hundred plus people get married most of for the first impact here most from the vast majority for the first term. And ended you know they're going to be doing this whole thing in unison and Trevor Hugh it's going to be down they're performing and we gather. Special surprise. Performance had to be going down today by an unnamed artist you know it's it's can be a whole lot of fun. Penalty Venus in the paper and is on the news last night they'd we have to party came come to. It's getting all man it's going to be fun down there man in the week. Rocky River plantation has Harrison and minster tells Spartanburg helped amount and the need helmet a distillery. That's a thing as when we sit there and said hey we're gonna do this thing again so far we have a venue men and this could tells a Spartanburg was on board and then we're like okay. So we need. We need a KK you know and Polly's case came through on mad at them. We needed photography. And out of state itself he's going to be there you are the apple. All these coming god so here man I mean does that Spencer stand starter for engine or car in photography of states LC an honor yeah yeah all these different makeup artists that will be down there and who smoke now have not heard anything about makeup Polly's Kate Moss and. But I your make up the world you know are you know Alley Waller is big. Maybe put mascara on the other I don't think attention from the droopy lazy ass genre some amateur grand got to be some sort of match. If it. But the heart ailment this doomsday English yes so you really notice if you pay attention of people as how many people got lopsided faces like one eyeball noticeably higher of the in the other one. Paglia but a good mate and you never know you're right now way I feel about you very. Studies did I ever told you like hey you know I hate this about me and then you never noticed him forbidden now every time you see and you notice it. So here in the building pointed out to me a mole they have and I've ever noticed that mobile for up until they pointed out in an ivory how messy my look around at anger Ramona anonymous and that's. Rabbis or ministers are tough felt bad for how women are easily the ones in the most self conscious about. You're. Gonna say or he earned our small town has wondered if it some I've noticed while we would be in its very guests will but I right is eager visible place. Yeah. Agents to get scratched okay ran out there. Oh yeah I did I don't know make. From thank about it we'll go seasons staircase you know I pollution normalcy Nadal kept. Aren't good as personable hides the most urgent she's in the staircase or between her upstairs in her rather W a RD stairs now remains now. I'll tell you. I was asked our quote further press release chance so here's my quads they went out all those in the media yesterday. I've begged each of the participants having long and hard about this a barrel punch drunk in love whatever. Whenever we don't you only have to buy one Valentine's Day anniversary day gift now so maybe there's more and I thought. Asthma caught. Rear you beg him to think about it her. I call to meet personally our Arab world verification I yeah I mean like maybe they are smarter now they just got about one but now secede produce for gift is it went from just roses and chocolates to roses and chocolates and hot tub and amber yeah they deserve the president got a leg if it's birthday was on Christmas you don't want one for. There there you just won't birthday present and a Christmas is right these are my two guess it is and thought about that here giving usually when I guess some good for my birthday they tell me as part of my Christmas there. As I at a senate Hossa. America or Canada with him I think. I did good dismal wires birthdays in July. Going out as far removed from anybody else's birthday or any other holidays or I got to spend money on stuff perfect hair perfect. Plus if you have a summer party or some birthday Yemen last summer party in your minds always Halloween mask there's always a big you have seen your error under birds that are aria as you are five. Evidently it. I'm we're good news now callers today in honor of Valentine's Day ads come to terms with snap chat some more you yeah I love it. Mayor experience I'd get used to it there hated and that's where it is just getting used to the change. I mean is still sucks. How I get better the way it was. But the I'm sure there's a petition online to get change back going to be seen. I didn't started it assigned. I'll rent people can't handle change you have hair it's. Well it is it's a bear that did my piece about that yesterday there. Com you can follow meals that chat at a man phew that's OH EM a FF VW OH EM a FF TW. Follow me on there I'll snappy back perhaps I can guarantee that it will I just can't. I can't but I you know if it is it to grab my attention. Hands free and honest I cannot I booked I can't respond everyone around. You wouldn't I know. You know those are lawyers for an interest in what usually that usually not media's chairman as president videos Iraq between six and 10 AM. Yeah it's really hard Bristol wants errors and then after 10 o'clock we watch these videos. Have no idea what you're talking about a bad point now here's your responding usually does something happen in real time. So it's like you're talking to us live on video at 705 win not watch it 1130 mile act. Now this I know I did this person isn't saying in how people can see that. It didn't make snap calling easier something desirable he's missed Matt calls and they made it easier actually good people can they may have people would get embarrassed they apologize. All over themselves little Scott wills just accidentally video news called me in her personal guard your follow me on nine from TR GM INE from TO RG. I'll probably look that you saw from my standard American ally you've grown. Sweetie on valentines and choreographer looked stark was such a crapshoot procedure requests. My gives some interaction. Would you probably will I'm being honest and solid is a series besides the speedometer in your car. Sorry my lord let's go to his celebrity hotline real click. Hey mama. And then we will. It down to our success. Happy Valentine's Day do you momma has used. Good you are able gee he'd turn that radio Dan just there. Yeah. Hey hey pencil and we hit Europe early or not. Brisinger emerge. Event. Policy got a radios and until his sees all the international. They are laughing Valentine's Day mama's sweet era Burley home. And gambling have you been to bend imam. Tiger are good things will play well we have an hassle losing yesterday namely. Yes. And let them and the busy man mother. Didn't feel as you believe you now I tell you she told me yesterday she said I've been listening to Asia and I was like mama. It's like no I really had just heard quote not all these things are taught about fat boy getting way all these different things and and I said what did you should call some time and look there yeah. Well good mama. I'm glad to hear from him. Unfortunately everybody ran out of time in this particular segment but some. I love you very much and I and please call me off guard motto is a very special day is that I have loved this and got him. All right well I love you very much and I appreciate you calling me. Reaching very healthy have a good day and laid out a lot took days. Each initially laid out how do you like it. Armada. Of it. And threw me off guard fasteners that are Paramount. My event so. That was the only excuse why I can't never Aaron on the show in the days and the old days yeah a dilemma cool mom stays up and listen sometimes especially. Yeah lose she should call and as well. She she shouldn't call the singer to my pleasure to have him he should he should he should step video and things are what you look and ask me anything and engaging and then Jimmy do you realize that we have promised things today. Yeah we have to primus tickets today they're going to be higher routed Charlotte. Am constructive Sarah we're gonna have to just giveaways for that also a bit and try to do this today opens phone for lovers only Boller will be fine open phones for lovers only lovers only opened home yet. So I'd better become the 7 o'clock how we gonna announce they're really levers are non you know and willing partner partner is Stephen Thompson a lover five. Wrote doctor com also page happy Ash Wednesday he was well you and your people. Thank you against people appreciate that you get a double gifts because this Ash Wednesday and Valentine's Day. Now another machine guest on Ashton and now many. After rumors are usually do and you gonna go to church and messing everything are your wrist or are there. And after BR later on iron in your hand across from afar he was really smoking and a recession slash K. Well. You have a full day pay it and she's Christmas alms what what have a whole lot of fun and it would not gonna get too heavy on the Valentine's Day are we. No look is like being an old girl about it why people are very angry about it today. What they did they single people there are Harry. And there is enough to lovers look I I understand Rico and drove in their planting until I met my wife I was single every Valentine's Day in my entire life yeah. This trust 29 a mineral. I shrank. I've still freedom call us at any point during the show 180774. And below 93180774. To blow 93 specially through one of our mothers are infiltrated college days. Are you can Texas 72341. That's the Carolina paper mill about Comtex I'm. Age what is over the smile can name the dog could run for governor. Got everything else trying to underdog. How many. Audio lot like C try. There have been offers a Karen Torre may demand nearly deaf low diminish all efforts I don't want little all conscious that the anti mosque why. And and his bruises. Thank you ma'am okay over its bids is. Atlanta LA the dog in America perhaps and perhaps we'll find out all about it next in your rise guys headlines more of them. Each and centralize your rise guys morning show 93 point three the planet from rotten. Right guys headlines with the aids. Entered Beagle who. Good morning Joseph. Topping our news this morning is exciting and it is disappointing news for Republican candidate by the name has Ang is. Well Angus be the next governor. For Kansas will you be elder raid Brennaman race. Now more because his dog almost Austin runs and no dial cannot run process. Morning June. Who who that Kansas election officials are putting the brakes on Angus is a campaign for governor you know. This is there. Funny during the hours did you see other thing that was going Kansas before the ball reserve governor positive tornados are a bunch of kids or run for governor her brush and high schools there are changing but teenagers entered the race tomorrow. As of right now everybody started trolling the Kansas selection process because they didn't have an age limit or. Say you have to be human being to be governor how can they didn't think we needed to write those laws like 150 years ago yeah but I. We're all trolls now you need those law you have to specify the mark petty wanna cannot run this state well here's the backstop is not a citizen you're gonna. Well Ben did determine that with a golf first. Amy is is the type of honing die keys. A wire haired Vizsla. And his owner and Karen woo east. Hutchinson Kansas decided to file paperwork. To let Angus has three year old huge run for office because he believes. That Angus. Is a caring and nurturing individual who cares about. Managing. Just is very gas and everything here yeah of course. Wires sparking ever there our Mission Impossible. Vista it was a supreme choice. And the result cannot the same food or can't write up my. That's it. Don't think it's any of these thirty years old I was and that anybody can be governor or you live here okay. But thing doctor you have to be an American citizen knows. Hey here's our our whole our whole Indian or shouting you want for your act. We work on the nine Huntsman governor. South term I knew Randy governor why do you wanted to be mayor last. South Carolina you're rigorous now when he announced the city of green notably the comptroller. About that nothing can touch pro Hillary governor good thing is the comptroller. What a big controlling. Some money and get it from finance us zero the only man that are rumored. How. Right and I don't think yeah I think that report gonna get all those meaning you know. All right well they are talking about as cute little story than others ridiculed on to the now. And had a dot Indians are comptroller's. It may really count him out kids some financial officer. Qualities they supervise the quality of accounting and financial reporting for an organization I'll just make it sound nicer there make it's for the ducks are. When he should be crawl new books are best server roles budget short for judgment on the penis here he isn't and I don't mind. Well we're talking about snap Chad how around your lack smacking it sucks and. Yeah a lot of pit full of energy if you didn't see. He's really done it I think people listen there you can hear you moving wind it's Gonzales did I hate I mean I am getting used to mount market now. Some people describe it as a blank you Morrison that black plague. I was I seriously doubt that and it says severe then to think it. The visit changed dot org petition out there like you that you I saw back in and out. So my sentiments and look at what the changer making use it now. They can figure out how to do it arts. And link data snatch admitted opened up in the some kind of spam something. Max says that Jeddah once you set that petition. So as of last time there as and a whopping. 725000. Items. That people were signing that thing rapidly. Outing saying. Worry about than study food stamps food boxes where bust net chat trump. The united did a mile OK so what they got good claim raw food now but what is for entertainment. Snack check. Dino any. Social media and platform and if they've never gone back to the other. How else are they updating can they do and I don't I've never known to go back now now Earl Brent Carter back on the. Is either this is a step forward for our club funny little things that I like how like hell when your snaps her body expires shows a wall clock taken down eaten like that as an acute. And also I did like Hal listen that Manson and I always easier when you text options for no delays on that like that I like how I can read their text I don't man I want to take a picture does one have a fall I want to put Alex tweaked their home immediately lock the main now on the same consideration million signatures really well not real certain presumably any actual signatures and will be an actual petition that show you the first one that I made last night I didn't I didn't put it out but I was messing around whether there is much. But I've had a wonderful night for America. Unite America. If you're my quotas while I'm Blake again it fancy AS flagged AS. And then I'm doing the peace symbol in the town between the uniform I don't know he would be at Dayton. I'm from DRG loves it you get heat with the office in any from there he would all pavilion where there have been man yep. Text so I don't measure. Up and edgy internship. Is opposite of our house it's true. Well what it's president of like chemistry is now on the epitome and misogyny in fascism. While the new leader and that the trump gives up the balance between their rather than Belle isle now you know president parents and make it about that's what people are. Is you don't it seem he has so there is saying do not. Teach. President trump card salute these people will be far worse than anything because of one person's religious views. Aaron Kessler to those nerves for Howard and Norm Coleman yeah yeah dismantled before. OK. Hunter Pence in the White House. Eight red ball player must know mine has done drugs and passed. Our presidents you know he. He did that whole little video saying quote and grabbing women and then angina which is just pretty popular before he was elected right. Well let's sit in the Philippines. He. Boast about how ordered issue women and the vagina. I was turns it's not just any women female soldiers. Malice. Soldiers announced rebels and he gave the order. They gonna kill you we want to shoot two in the vagina. Because. The women would be useless without Regina is a Chinese and I. I'm glad he's finally go to catch some global headlines because this will get him in trouble. All the people he's been murdering out of thousands we don't really care about Batman did you say so might this and we don't pay attention now. There are thousands of release is being killing in the streets clearly handler. And this and that Japan often frustrating is that thousands of dead bodies. He was saying that he shouldn't have been the first to a solid beautiful rape victim once as. He told soldiers you protect them if they brave women. I got the Arab this bad news. We're about what's his name again do we then Neeson new lead Zhang then. Are reviewed to deter detect and I forget it we need to humans co nickname because I can't say that was. And is such a pain and has to be a woman in Guatemala. He's trying to get to do with every day if yes are you on top would make sure you alluded. Here is you got to Wear makeup and go or bras and all this in the net Newser. And that's the thing that the mean argue salted move among. Miller president claimed and remember have a great relationship would this guy who's been killing thousands of people and bill Bates. This man many. You change you always control what your friends say and do narrow way this should mirror for if you know anything about who are in the Philippines the last couple years Montel he's not a sprint. We need our base and our contact with the Philippines and part of the people that come here and an affiliate. You know yeah there's some stuff we like and who wouldn't like people like him or power or we knew that I really think that human rights. To try and not are. And it territory and has sent close to us that really care about the atrocities that we're doing other people. The mean these are all the stuff that we make excuses about we go hard blows a month for some all. Yeah he he do all the stuff we sailor we've we've used this word here because you're doing this for me nor all that stuff. Bad news. I went the meat huge movement and mean this is to is pretty much saying let's. He's signing it murder. Ring Ali's like Jimmie said oh but because he's gonna issued a rotten to the JJ and then all of a sudden we need to go. Declare war now on a stop on that's not what we should do when we're saying is or outing people that are actors. Business leaders. And then bent schools that don't goal feeling of politicians. That. I'm so shaking you know real stuff although you know domestic violence is kind of a different story that. As far as the atrocities against women and we nobody cared until this year really. This'll be this has made people pay attention to what's going on there and pay attention to him the out by the stuff he's two already has it really garner headlines now we got some headlines. And people will start to pick up on all the other things he's been doing well again I don't care what what happened the other guy that we are hated do. Losses things didn't mean Cooley. -- Tony Tony Blair you know what affiliated Tony and we're gonna get him for domestic easy raped and kidnapped women yeah. Moreover I mean in person are terrible problem the president that in joined in the hash tag movement win all that there was just gone. Sadly enough to really exist there I mean they're. I guarantee. You they're people we could talk to most of earlier scoring free who couldn't tell you arm which was Tony and which ones are Rombach. It. Just call Coney Island right now and get some information. Yeah well our co really. But she had this happen and other countries that wasn't anything related to the US leads the all over great oh my lord maybe now it depends on what they're natural resources are. I mean it just does yeah. Get that because it's okay we go all the way to go to war in Indy this. Get out of its what's the what's the end only one. To come home with some the sum or portion gold herself yeah what are pirates did he. There's good point well that's quite coney. Parent. It's an easier guys guys and minds. Text android or iPhone just simply to free 41 and most say to a download link in the flesh. Powered by Quaker steak you lose your mind every morning and interact with the rats gags 93 point three of them plan that. And now rise guy's sports with a backbone. Bill McVeigh you may have. Some sports stories. We're a woman who was. Bludgeoned dame Olympics I watched them again last night got a newness was called them. The dam went just three Brandon you know I take some old finds made he's old now but boy how stills don't accounts paying all these 31. Well eight Olympic is you know talk Arizona I'm Olympia. Radio wise he's today very north alone. I mean it's it's a beta shortly. Obama attends here in the name of running a lot of work. Dawes. President nova formally community. To California for Dalton was involved in the deadly accident this morning he's OK expected to lift a finger on. Driver via other car in the accident on the news also an actor Luke Wilson. Hey Dylan. So long Dylan is still in my mirrors looper and a new rules in those mile yeah I'll miss the management browser. Oddly enough though is noses for at least right now we're gonna have a party and has. Through noon. It into anything anymore. Against their favor every guy he got his AT&T commercials and the threat and then you're trying to kill himself for something in the vote. OK okay and I honestly I don't answer I'm Tina you Wilson's McKinney managed the Kansas City Royals are generally well that's part those sales as openly and make a movie about Phil Mickelson story can play him now. You have the wrong again. Yeah he does so he's OK it is very young Colin Montgomery and copy on its feet. Yeah fly tomatoes. He won the gold medal with a a freak in hell above and Ron maiden. He does tricks and people can't even dream to do now. It's crazy is that burden skateboards are like I still think I'm happy early snow or not skateboard snowboarding. What I the one time I went snowboarding was on a burden in that was like twenty years again math and you're still like this thing. And an it was incredible because the Japanese I was number one and then you know someone I was second place amendment Japanese guy in. It and have a very can run and then tied scientist was stellar this snow and you can't hear. Are you move around a page speaking of also get out of favor Scotty James from Australia. Do Shaun white's goal was the the country's 100 all time Winter Olympic gold medal on. Did you see you little interview piece before and some of the showed video of your own suffering a bit a couple of years. As I saw the one or at a gas and therefore there was. He was training a couple of years ago when. The only lawsuit that half fighter like out of they not hit that list. What he hit the lip. Plus his face all button should the video. Sosa scoreless and now this big seeded women when a metal at all in the last games. Messing. And I don't know why I'm asking you fab four that allies will when somebody goes up on a snowball our case it's connected to their feet. When ya know I don't skateboard it's not so they grabbed the board when they go into a twist why they grabbed the board when they're snowboarding. After. So your points woman did touch the board to got a touch I silly they're just an idiot feet and white hands Iraq in the air and these silly when you go up. Instead it's questionable. Health care benefits through the spending problem obviously she grabbed the board your patient programs spend better I'll. Or you'll be able to position your body better do you know I'll hold more he's you wanna get as high eight. Thomas Basinger in physics or to I guess in your your term interest Gary sixty or whatever you're doing and and you land you land. Spot on this is leaking at the height and speed bill. If snowboard ducks and open air and I rib in the board room. What are you call Mark James Andrews before ally and play up again Riddell has played Alabama there I just think both knees did. The site YouTube go up the sink in you don't I would fly out the mayor and just keep going like you literally would seem to dislodge the mayor and to sail off the side of that mound I. I don't how they do I go back part I think and then I'd go look. And come straight right manhandled my head and you just see my snowboard sticking about a snow bank you know AdSense. That had to write cards and other Japanese grand to Bordeaux it's okay they knew that there is a reaction yes. To a Japanese border I don't know what what else happened sort. But it's he was down face plan for a long time. It's a hard surface and free yet idea a hundred bucks for it would texture that Sean wise thing were zero or four months sooner or investors for how to. I NC not a browser role don't burst is they're saying I'm arguing they are. You story target speed skating we're real bid in I'll watch part of that yesterday us on yeah Johnny Davis an bargain anymore. Well I know now look. We know what happens among famous celebrity men here lately. Some unseemly goal list. Sexual harasser she area. Well restore the camera offline cement. According to a girl used to be it is a rock band. In Iraq man yeah. She says he's in her explicit images and videos read your buttocks. Referred to who referred to her is a bitch. May controlling demands regarding her appearance. In a lawsuit she filed and police sixteen. Making the rounds now because of course he's back in the news. Is he related Alfonse D'Amato. No. Easing the mono I say tomato can put up a campus. You say it's not so you say tomato I say it's made rumor mill wood told you. It's. If you use the term shards are kanell. I think you apply this thing you know mostly supports our radio hosts really is that's where is going now when you were told about the fine. The Super Bowl ring zero Aaliyah doing sports hopes. This man everybody has served for a sitting him on the sort of everybody in sports media loves to talk crap about Stephen A Smith. You know but mentally they let him dictate how they do their jobs all border around top to bottom the entire industry. It changed because of the way he yells and hollers at people. This full quote unquote high Tay select call Mel there the other grab some headlines. Well this. This radio hosts only sports talk show. On satellite radios talking about the the gold medal was snowboard we got Khloe Kim the seventeen year old Diana yeah. The caller a little hot piece that's. Only showed them to seventeen. He kept saying this. That's when you need a Smart for tourists from fifth over and over. Only. On sale on the radio channel is popular for. Sherron a lot of videos we see you disagree and yeah and already deteriorating. Europe. A visceral shoulder channel via. Let's. Come home and this is more of the same of you know trying to grab attention now and little professionalism. Music is always talk about sports. That's the thing though is like they have of sports guys an even political talk as you build an audience I mean big and the Dave people who. But like we don't. Knew how to build an audience and we got to make an audience they have people who. I know what you're gonna talk about this is the big day last not only are they don't know what it does come by here. There are enough it got in troubles Patrick Carter I I might get the transcript man. His mother Sarah costs now arm a friend of similar comments are meant. Pressure Carter's no doubt inside his keyboard on that Jim Brady birthdays they enjoy third job that is already people. And that's part of the Israel but they don't all look very good guys Stephens Palo that he can't. He can't I'm not. Armored division from K and you dumb ass and back to move. As it has been early in the show we'll Olson twins birthday coming up. I spoke. This is different time and all Americans a different time. Leo fifteen years ago when hunter. LeBron James has production company if you watch the wall and NBC Nancy's show. In the review he produces definitely that's I think a lot of athletes do now Kenny Lofton has poured all your money into production company can. Earlier Christian movies too odd view them when I mixed economy. LeBron James bring him back with some help from Donald Glover & Associates. Pals party. Can play yeah those are going to be and its parent. I'm wide network. Little Ross is quote this is definitely not a reboot it's an entirely new look for classic movie are always the class act that was my favorite hidden place I don't love class act. Well he's reading exam at Tulsa at shows and did. And reviewing it Tuesday. What is that was his new commercial or he's a baseball player on sprite a sprite commercial leasing LeBron is a baseball pitcher. No outs real weird disease like that obviously eighty colonies had the when that they and it and when they say. Sprite they say. Strikes. Why they rolled the timing and her right well it seemed that remark. Reliant on a got a Google. Project sounds fun and leave you this. There's a Chicago news station. Middle folk talk recently. They progressed to go talking about the kill Chang Olympics come pathetic Colin don't change when he thing oh the graphics is PF Chang's when he thinks. A I don't know how I was just down the road here. So I guess from under the table money and just when it correspondent I mean I can't thanks so that's a monitor take money from a year of change America. Now better is an explanation Elmo Dubai. Spokesperson for the stations say that that was inserted in the wrong spot because that was for different satirical piece. What was that satirical paper must pay you for the math tests they may Cynthia Che I send the other day that I benefited during her. We gotta you gotta go really heavy on the don't quit saying zero you know it'd yo championship. No apparent in my opinion was it perfectly they pay at how many years it did they blaming foreign under the table I guess some pot stickers OK okay its investment we do want Allopod NN that Jimmy or spoke to her passport. Mornings with the rise. I'd get up every morning live from those who still live remote wake up tomorrow I'm with them on my door and next three minute drought flood zone. 93 point three. Brought.