Sully Erna of Godsmack

Wednesday, June 13th

Paige chats with Sully Erna from Godsmack about headlining the Planet's Birthday Bash with Shinedown and Asking Alexandria on September 21st at Bon Secours Wellness Arena as well as the band's new album When Legends Rise which is about their personal transitions and the rebirth of the band. Listen and find out what kind of superhero Sully would like to play if Marvel offered him a movie role.   

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I don't you right now when my favorite Sully Aaron that the front man from guns Mack how the hell idea. Are doing great thank you we go way back is this station started right when you guys formed as a band and a late ninety. And then eat at least ID add ons and she came to all are different shows and now into when he eighteen you're celebrating your twenty year anniversary is a ban cell how is god smacked today. It's great you know it's actually better than it's ever abandon the bandit in a much better place you know individually collectively. Help flies you know it was just a lot and she's English. And we just very motivated to work and get out there and anxious to perform this you know the album for the people because we really. Really love this record a lot it's it's an important market structure and we don't we're not so focused on the twentieth here saying you know because we don't want out. Dilute. The important for the structured and anyways so you know where are celebrating that internally and you know behind closed doors glad. I'm this really is you know is a vote look a really good body or actually put out in and you know looking toward our record signing an honor. I used the word rebirth that ice on the press when it came out in April but. It was a day and you have to write mormons your music became is that you you know you're not going to be angry and young men. And hungry for the rest our life has been a growing process so tell us what it's different on the new CD when legends rise. Well you can certainly be hungry I'm never heard of the passionate and driven what you do but he did exactly what. This record represents metaphorically because it. You know we've we've Baldwin do a lot of growth a lot evolution over the years as songwriters. Individual has you know there's a band. And down and for me personally you know going through some pretty intense transitional period a couple of years ago and beating out all the trial and the negativity and the people that you just help our key down and don't don't know why you couldn't afford discreetly if you need Q and then we'll know once you kind of Clinton though you'd find that there's a lot more room in your life. Creative it is to be with people would you care about love and and this record is a ball that's what we are you know it really is about. I'm just kind of earning. One thing down on the ground and keep building it even better and why it. But he can make key areas guitar riffs and as nasty drums silence because that's what we love about god smacked what do you say to the folks that are critical about this new record. Care yeah you know it's again it's just all the revolution you know we're growing pool of people that have been then warmed only want to look into the future let us. It's not for everybody when we honor them for the years they've given us but you know the Internet is going to help them record of the year yet because. You can't you know you make sure you move on and there's a whole new generation a candidate growing up. Discovering god smacked and and we need to be able to. You know I cater to them as well as the core audience. So this record I really believe has all of that and I think it has some use sound texture is valid he cook you know and also have a lot of edgy. More core I on the dot Shaq has built a career out. I know you played the concert started at three play the piano and play as a guitar. See you're talking about different things are you are you learning new instant men's sweat and what other genres to you wanna get into you. I don't know if that's so much about genres it's just a ball eat. Being a songwriter and writing what I when you. Anymore in what I've really enjoyed playing and so some of those songs and we'll let you know our acoustic. Then you know on of course to identify which one critical talks told us that are gonna be first solo record and what's gonna do you forgot our. I know again it's all just music in the I don't. Really categorize music anymore haven't for a long term notes you hit the guitar that's final can't coach urban pop pop rock. Country doesn't matter buckets unlimited song you can't deny that so I destroyed because who. It's a bulletproof and I love the video that's funny Salvador Pasquale is my favorite I mean. Yeah really bad Diet Coke I don't know I just think Odom dissing Canada guarded in what is bulletproof file about. Well again you know the whole seem different to distract just below we present some strong may be more specific shoot you know events that happen are all just kind of been disappointed OP trade door wide chewed things like south by. Com you'll eventually get to the other side of that and you learn how to build a wall in a good way not just shut out everybody but just to kind of to draw the line and and become all the crew most kind of on the energy and that's really what are trying out. And and the last few minutes that I have with you you know I I adore you and we can't wait to let you coming to us. Bonds court wellness arena. Friday September 21 with another band that you know very well shined down and asking Alexandria. So you're gonna have the fire hopefully and the drums sound as right. We bring everything all the time the change your audience. And I didn't make it an advantage in the experience of people that they can live bullets and remember for the rest of that can always count on us to bring you know big interactive art show. Are you going to be starring in any movies any time soon. And had that he did one. Don't know I hope so yeah now and right now I think this does things that I have been working on but you know such. I don't shut the passion to timely opportunity crossbar past budget again journalistic shield right. Com and maybe one day that's so do you know like right now focuses on the bandit epic records it. And we're really excited about it and we really want to encourage people spend some time that because can be bring a lot of fire. San Luis de Marmol money came knocking on your door what I care to which he liked playing too that's a good line I don't know I'd wanna be the villain of the superhero really like either Dylan even. I think so it's like hello why I always root for the underdog notre. He's still live in Massachusetts you still about that Wayne I'm in the New England area and then as summer on Massachusetts. And I loved it's community where everybody kind of hangs out knows each other. Yeah this is in the very strong sense of pride here in the Boston area Ollie has hit sports and everything and you know even though people could be a little harder edged here it's because they work really hard and you know there in these weather conditions that. You know in Europe our nation or turn your you know working in eighteen just know it. Unique you can get a little crime be communal and take any crap from people at the same time. That's some of the most loyal people on the world that I know and went in my new kinds of trouble everybody kind of really rallied together. Us thick accents are really cool it's a pleasure talking he found in anti semites and court we are to sit there and thank you thank you and I liked.