Thursday, October 12th

Wait til you hear about this vacation rental story and the secret cameras ol dude found in em: Faux Fighters for Foo Fighters tickets: TBT Candid Halloween Strawberry Shortcake Scam.


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He's right guys like gas powered by so these kids. Can travel. Stewart year old knows the risks when each. 93 point three point play and then. Ladies love cool Jimmy Jack Jackie Carly MI LL cool JJ JJ. We're going to be played a brand new game. Here shortly we gotta get some of the some of the they infrastructure put together for this game that this is going to be called fellow fighters standards in honor of the flu fighters are coming to Columbia next week we're gonna think it's for you through. In the meantime. You know nowadays. When you when he tiny vacation is no longer just going to one website or a one website that. Not true bogged you know when you look in it'll find it like 1012 different options for years city hotel whatever the and then. There's think god they're being de where you hear is it. Easy here's a thing Ambien be is not brand new nor is the thought brand new there's been a thing that I abuse first. May not really this is religiously for six or eight years that. DR BO vacation rental by owner here. Just where you have place that you wanna rent out to a you know people do it down in Savannah Georgia the week of the masters a real housewife 40000 dollars 200 crazy price that's. And down. There may be Abby is there be Indy before is just where PM place available that you ran out especially if it's in. Destinations Sadie your big cities do quite well here you do a lot embed. Just as I stayed in a house they are being gay before and I don't know why that I never thought about this and say NASA thing you never think about things until things happen. Listen to this. Couple from Indiana stand in a Florida condominium they ran it on the air being the last month. We're shocked. Trying to camera no microphone had knew what appeared to be a smoke detector in the master bedroom and another and in the living room. Murmur. Yeah prowl man looking at people mag did. Cops came and they seized computer storage data devices hard drives computers laptops SD cards anything restored data at the owner they orders conduct. Weighing that. In HT TRG. Charged with the video for your resolute. And I don't know what kind of we're kind of charge or that is the charge I don't know what the punishment would be for that this happens a lot I term. I block it's it's crazy to think about that. How would you know. How would you know police say net net claims he rents the Condo when it or he lives in a Condo and is not being rented and the cameras. Just for personal needs. He claimed they civil what do you mean personally news why is that I don't from myself. Why why would you hide it in a smoke alarm and he goes on to tell them that he knows sex parties. He has cameras are still guilty the exact same things. Cops look at the SD card from a camera discovering it as it is filmed. Oh wow they got. When he pulled out LK so the guy who discovered the guy reigning big conduct. Finds the camera takes the SD card output sedan and saw himself negative in the bathroom I don't know yeah no danger aren't bedroom. I said they're gonna suited obviously. Air being the David released to comment what the stories from. Overnight that there are. I'm sure they're really in need they can't be you know they don't know. Here is is gone a bit. Don't know within that such an easy thing disabled and how hard they're being mean no that's where. It's a business model where they have absolutely no liability if anything bad happens to any part they didn't know. Hello Lugar like this year driver showed up on math and crash a car now the burden and our main worry in a position where we're not required to do. Check these things our drug testing barrier you know make sure of anything really island much people are tasty and Jimmy told me that. Guber black is what you order when you want a luxury vehicle yes Marty told me that arms never forget who are nervous I'd seen it I think in Charlotte when I was getting them one time yeah. So you're gonna fancy or for more money. So what do you do I mean like is the concept isn't dead it is still work is is obviously we'll still work we can rent out anything. In your house or Condo or beach that's whatever it may be lake Austin but. How what would you do like how would he don't even have looked at the fire alarm. In the smoke detector when there was some made him think something's going wrong that somehow and can see I've often wondered what Alabama's himself to frame again. And Ole but I where he Weinstein would have wished he had this I wish there was some kind of happened may be there is where. You can put up your phone and skip the runner or whatever and it would take up. Recording devices. There is sort of like Dexter effort for some that was read some of that stuff about that the diplomats in Cuba. I yellows greens are about that in their son got app you can get bid is supposed to be negligent iPhone app that now apparently helps you with some of that starts yeah. FDA be great because like you know nowadays you can be recorded in any time. Indeed we knew that he is not even just air being beat. Not the hotel chains are odd dismissed from this but you don't know what the hotel managers stuck in a room. Or are trying to scare you to death and I'm just saying boy that's some I had never really thought about that much. Mama's. So stupid. Obama's privacy you do and somebody else else. And his second when you do if you lose your house. I see I wouldn't put it in the bedroom or the bathroom but I think that. I think it is it's a common area like hell living room I think that's totally fine but I think he'd tell them that on the renders agreement era I think each other hey. Gesture. That I am I have a camera on the inside my house I look at a phony double to. A CNN but the dogfight PLO replace your but you know I hadn't been on the doorbell too there's a there's a camera there as well but. Is not to go and prior on the you know my kid or anything like that. Should never hand a little remain electrical wanted to make her miss it but it's it's. For that reason it's okay but you've got to tell them you have to let them know that hey we're under surveillance while you're on camera. If you're renting out of place I believe this then. I mean it's. Pretty reasonable to assume they can't lawfully foot recording devices in the LA they can't and bathrooms etc. I hotels can't do it in the rooms. And neither can you if you're in the on your placed in there Mimi I guess now where it should be a state law in every state and Oscar I have to behave because. We just keep doing every wrong thing we can find to do until there's a law for everything you know. OK so here's a question you have to be verified from air air BM BP and may have say it's pretty clear electronic surveillance policy. So when that happens. I guess is guys can be charged for it with thirty charges of criminal charges of video of lawyers and but there you go after he go after air BNP and the guy annually collector damages. If you're signing off that. You know what I'm saying. Oh yeah I got I don't know I don't feel as though you can sue them but I mean I. And who knows I just think that like I'm thinking now on what is. There was a hotel lobby honestly the until in Charleston has been at one time it was a kind of a one and spontaneous hair be asked and treasure Antara. There it was a it was a mom and pop in it was a it was a nice hotel almost like the bed and breakfast ask but hotel now and what is so mom and pop is sadly east saint woman has much to lose may be you never know we just never know the much or where does in this world. There are everything's on camera there. Everything is I got bat here. On the android it's just it's hidden camera detector you can put them in a bunch proper America when news. Four point four starters and what happens put it here America I don't. It picks they're recording artists has orange and then ran if I put it near the microphones visual I would look to your ass and students are allow him he's crazy. The males. If if if I look I didn't my cellphone under a piece of paper here on my desk periods in the you know scan and tell me which piece paper must cellphones and I think the camera has to be activated in order to refer to him. Well don't look. I'm gonna turn the camera here and now that called out yeah sort of thing okay I'm Ella who are here. But the way you look away look away now I now find myself. Mr. that are wildly as small screen as straight coal that is pretty cool what is it called again. An NC when I downloaded users hidden camera detector prior rainbow apps development a thought here that Morgan golf markets it yeah. Yeah cabinet then I could be increased cancer earlier does some kind of camps land as a really good raffle limited cost iboxx well I'll pay for apps. As you survey every. Bathroom Gansu and never has town you never know who might be filming you or even the tanning meant yeah look at it. Easily and as surveillance camera and a corner of the room and it's going haywire when nine has its own awesome now. You know I lady liberally liberty there sir are you find out if your being served surveil or failed. Right you get an app on your phone and it will find out for you if you just walk around the place and holding on to everything yeah. Why would you guys care if you walk around naked at a look in a living room and I hope it's okay first solid living room and hotel you nastiest in his suite. Why would you go outside your room naked. The house I mean the tough walk around my house that you know the landlord cameras in the auction that would apply that would that would be somehow stretch there but the immediate. He never think about that. I'd never think about that. He's gonna start and where pixelated underwear where it looks like it's being I craft underwear has pixelated you can't see anything. This is nuts. You know I'm gonna download the app tell me again tomorrow right down the stop. This isn't a commercial for this happened never heard in my life and I ever ready to manage his first one I happened to pick or two lists that are hidden camera detector are rained down. Oz Gail don't want. The advice for girls in bold steps. Can hidden camera detector. And Greg takes cares did you get reported what you don't know won't hurt you damn well. It's just trying to mess you know why don't worry about it or weren't happening your. It's like when. Someone in the news. Actually here because I ask this question we know revenues sperm here's station yes and that. You know and it's all about obesity in America and they only show a sidewalk of fat people walking down but only from the neck down. You know they did dish from the neck down and is well that's okay because I mean if they don't know then why would they care. And that's kind of fell behind that would that tax if you don't know then why do you care so my watch and they're jolly saw how money for okay are you aria thing and release it for free. You have to. And he would you want someone taking pleasure of you changing every day you know there and a country made ourselves yeah we want and may not know. Hey aren't they awful if it now but yeah it's. It's it's just as you is you're not aware that it hadn't and but. What they understand is like. They can blackmail me to keep that off the market went insane war yeah. I read video you walk around naked and helicopter yeah exactly you mean they have video that than you'll pay American honesty you also understands. Actually what you can not a first or would you say okay go and I guess it's out there now. Are you may not be into the ponds like Kevin ardent are mr. figure are losing money in the paper here. Oh yeah I'm I'm here at. 101000. Mack Matt Laporte and hotel management for a dozen years now this would never in a million years happen only. For at a town places what does that mean at a Greenville we have so much morality in Greenville yes men that are true at all panel places what does it. Don't know loans have been phones and now we noticed. This may sound like you know it doesn't happen here you know every where else LA don't go anywhere happens everywhere I've never had heated. Protests. Air being being. Bamboo give that now I I've often wondered that. They need to make it though were you get a notification. If you get near one there's you know I don't I have to pull out my Hague a good evening guys RD thanks for inviting me here and ask. And for you know they says they met behind stubby find recording devices they easily with a map yeah but I isn't. There's a good thanks what about a nanny cam or if your guest at someone's house. Well again I'm not gonna have any gas in my house just don't have spiral and stands I don't trust generally spend the night but I. You have no rights is guess it's my house. Only records do will you wouldn't have gasket you hate everybody in Georgia back. Yeah Hogan's sex tape or he Rosie was them mother's house and it Bubba video edit whole Hogan that nobody was his house he still got. Yeah yeah you can't videotape people Wear their consent and private. We almost all these flight training modules for the company about this stuff we are now. We're supposed to org yeah edged out. I owner Tom university I. Is awfully have to fight is taking next if you want him 180774. And a below 93180774. Double 093 fellow fired for foreign fighters in this. This morning you know recalling here. Just fascinating question do we ever get a hold of the girls that she shaved her head now being you know however he still won't force them. He Cleveland and I did and I'm glad. I got some new clippers. And I'll I'll bring a man who didn't notice he's seeing and a loss here. I'm gonna let honeycomb they'll bring in check it out. We have tickets yeah all tickets to receive the Foo Fighters they will be at the colonial life arena. Center. What is it in rain they're senator the colonial librarian in Colombia Tuesday got Foo Fighters and they need it going to be okay. The building is veterans who President Bush a sore assault Pearl Jam there assault chili peppers into the room and did what they hasn't that shows them. Always America Monday Tuesday Wednesday and let's Colombia anyway they were doing build men 120000 seat arena right off the interstate between Charlotte and lisle and Hahn. Then there's security checkpoints and alana muted as ruin 18077. Affordable 093 we need to people to play to improve. Mean 1077. Portland 931 August 2 tickets to the flow of fighters loser gets Nath saying I'm a damn thing do you Toews is a nothing nowhere. This is going to be called the game is called the so far. In owner sues marks. Analysts say a name that you have to decide is that a real fighter. In MA boxing things like that no wrestlers now wrestlers real fire does he was a lot of folks thought this. I. Had a little elementary. Not just in a mayor boxers or for instance. A moment. On poke fun and said the name yet powerful anymore malls won't buy it. I if I said. Hey guys here's the first one. Kim masters nine you know play announcer. Louis Jeff some folks fodder Jimmy. Did yeah and they expressed from nature dating Kim from street are being. On those last thing American masters and masters three you have a last name as your brother with masters but I laughed I guess that it was our receptionist. Can only apple can Polly here like ice. Not all. So messy divorce a movie film don't be rude he's good. What 80774. Double on 93 sleds neat who wants to play we need just to. You all is this unless this is the one from snack shack he won ginger snap proud are you us that chat. About half utterance or veto. Doing well that we shave your head for these tickets and you don't let them. And then yeah I mean Sakhalin and I love it. Atlanta got it now Lebanon and eccentric and try. Judy you've pulled. I didn't it's. Enough. To each year on banned women those taught us Chad Chad in Charlotte so bad. Around I eased her own room I underwear are you more matches and I've always wanted basket as the head is short for anything. He's short is dip that is ideas. Yeah I'm actually pretty one bite and it went by McCain moment all members of the change it on the screen will so. I ideas why is it bad week. Chad. Wait it out and Carl Long were and a man. Per cent Max advanced look at how ha. Things will happen in June was the values doesn't matter. If I was like Chad Ochocinco I would be chatty it's that's chemical and not meet Chadwick. Tablet is loud and whoever my mother gave you an idea this year and that let them move ahead with yep. I. So here's Phil actually right. I would say just like you we didn't hear I will say the name a person you'll have to screen their name is you know is it a real fighter in the main box or kind of person or is it a south five. Made up name or a fictional character okay that makes slurs are kept you ease of their gender you are you doing choke yourself that would your hair. I want to know why it's coming out there where you Weinstein neutralize I'll talk about her hair pulling them from the mid major love. I didn't say yeah. Yeah. And I asked. I it's so people engenders now converse is he one button again here we get her right mind I'll. Sir Brandon James and the first name as we placed both fighters. Hurricane Carter. James is snapped real fighters outsider. Yeah. Often these are tired. And Denzel played in the movie it was a route would murder caper gap means that gas row wrongly charged and has served twenty years ending got out they realize the end you know Moses thing names they're running certain. Perjury in a Berkett. All right so and that's in Athens as we go on. Two rounds. Round two fellow fighters. The name. Bond Kaiser. Bond the card has. Our metro or barter. I needed as say your name first. Was set her name them first I said all of the rules judge Jimmy. Eight it would be arduous AG DC if you rain if you didn't ring the button on jeopardy just said. What is the mechanics the lead in the Al when Nancy you are larger. Yeah yeah I understand that this I mean this is this a bit you know rules is rules rules aren't admirals you know we are so. Judge Jimmy. Against visually and she could still we are. OK ginger snaps that you knew you stole one there in a way may be buying Kaiser real fighter fell fighter. That that and say that's a south sider. You and Iraq. I had off. At that blue in the original punch out on any answer yes not my time since that the original plans. Violent character on Kaiser premier. Reviews of piston Honda. Sure right all right so I really don't want people remember that's so right now ginger sang about ginger snap easily glass for the question. And and. And it was there they're real on. Who are here we got. You're days of war. Why didn't I think ginger snap in the lead as we go until round birdied. Real fighter or folks fire. Fernando area Lola. He won by an apparent he won by mechanics. I've been a real fighter. Don't really Larry Arial fighting fairways are Christen when he he is Latinos fire from California. Fernando area Ellis I don't know Larry the aerial is for years. And I. They're good people know and good people and human species table and I am on ours and I remind me of the score. Right now it is time ward or. More and want necessary oh god here again south sides. Reynolds well. I know it was in the week when. The war. Johnny cage. You know why can't he went by mechanics. That is very real fighter. Say drags their environment tabloid T remember the video game. Yeah but yes yeah well as video game whose moral common Mortal Kombat. I think Jay was prevalent. I don't. I get to meet them as a rule character the death we are human fighters listen. The rules were real fired so fire will be the name of real boxer MMA guy or a name that I made or fictional cared. Yeah they'll listen good restaurant. Are real fired jacks are. So score the steel. Is one to want one to one helpful. This is best for you and same here we're gonna decide a winner right here Bogart who. Real firewall it's a fun game was read more of those fighters take precedence we will we'll show tomorrow well tomorrow is incendiary the last game. I'm married apple Apple's approval for. I honestly cannot win the cup is done and I listened. Do you in my mechanics when tinged zoning and take time to think about it go with your gut okay you ready or. Well fat fat. Real fighter or those fire. Dick tiger. Why can't bike mechanic. Did this and if they don't. Now this is or it will have you know tiebreaker he gets it wrong write the children Amylin need one of them. Ideally yeah they did tiger real fighter folks fired. Fighter. And Nigerian born concerning the world middleweight world life. Heavyweight middle championships. Dating tiger jam up. Jet is here is throw it right there you know that. Current did tiger and was it's a real guy so now we're where we're at a tiebreaker situation to come and we are all right. Man I got I got one in Manila that want it I mean really easy I think. The real easy for the library that is super super super simple to a lot of people you tell me about it. Do that we are again it's all right Julia. Say it fast. Real fighter folks fired. Tiebreaker ran out. Sun blade. Why can't be that bad mechanics are the what the metro fire. I went yourself yeah I arrived in. Sun blade of course from the great video game series also Mortal Kombat and mortal combat yes Madeleine. When they had first and last names that's trial with the well we need we say goodbye and fortunately he went in just can't always sweetheart she does but. You invite me can't you didn't listen Everest they mark does stink please mark congratulations for like five. On the Colombian institute. You Xena who drives are. A couple of key you congratulations sir hold on what you get your information and grants. All foot militarily music blues has fun again. Is concerned that's good time right there yeah that was of fellow fighters and we're gonna take a break and come back we'll holiday cheer for you how we stop right. Rash red word 93 minute grab. Begins at 10 this morning now more of the rise guys morning show okay my. And now on TV GO DOG and. Jim what house full. I just wanted to call you out by you and then last week came here for strawberry shortcake godsend. Yeah you were supposed to pick up the next day or Sarah. Com you real stain on that we have to have them cleaned away. And unfortunately that was damaged during cleaning I'm sorry we do not have replacement for ensor well. Yeah it's been damaged we don't have anything to replace them sorry. You guys soon he's done since this occurred was damaged their own dry cleaning. Yeah written now in this. Kayla they had another and strawberry shortcake outfit and aren't now since we know. You don't know. Do you have. Well I think any Irish cricket very dramatic three months that I need and I asked him and that's without that I wanna Wear so. Who so I don't understand I paid for it so he needs to get me shattering shortcake. Can't stand. I guess I'm sorry it's unfortunate I mean I wish I could fly but that doesn't work out so well either. I'm sorry we don't have it. Try to not NN. The other anyhow that for Halloween and said. Get me a job right I didn't Manning made like very much I don't I'm I want it to kids sorry trick it out and light. How can you can't get anything similar or give any other thing blacks there that her me me. No I mean that was there was agree costume I understand wage job burnout moments. I mean I don't know what's funny stuff stage I'm sorry you have can't I was. It's not what is bloody had little effect me seeing get any and we don't like halo affect me like contacting me. And nurtured laughs like clean you have challenge Turkey Atlantic program out there and he won't. Now I'm sorry I think everything can green movement during the last two we're back down towards Kurds in revealing tops. We know we'd probably have a good dude German beer or allowances for a largely if you want that. They don't I'm. Not what's inside. Don't let anyone named the zoom. Jam a peanut Jen can't even here on store manager for me it. Yeah I guess well yeah. This is your hands as Australians are. Okay. I don't know. And I think we thought this is call millions junior. I'm still manager or do we became secretary Hank Aaron Jensen. I Brent hit eight chat right Eric K pat down. Cash it out we'll thank you very good birdie anyway. And so we'll. Yes I had to land a job intricate how bad. I came for about a week and a half ago that the cream could understand on that and I had to take an up. Yeah no I how can I know this girl that last sounds. Didn't do well this guy I think slowly. Slowly come. Let you. I I need and I mean I I mean do you replace that al-Qaeda or you paid for your I have to go. But I another run the mile and try to come up with another Al could remain aware. I'm an hour and you know I actually don't you look on my money because I really don't I know and I want content from your historic. Owens came in this show you probably saw the sun has said no refunds no exemptions pillow. They did say hello on the houses and hello. So. Limit really find the magnetic magnet than Clinton and Romney and he would come and I. Good story here running there have been good I think I don't think I can contribute your enemy when you won't miss them and got the hay on it and that one that I went. It was even better and flawlessly with the body bag part that I'm not sure yet I didn't smell. Yeah we got we got a few things slip Jumbo loans and what size you where. And I got Arab kids can't drink. Correction mom. He did she murder fellow Manila here. This what I can offer you. Let's see. You can beat Belmont from Scooby Doo. And don't. Exist that in the girl was losing a glance this. Yeah I don't care. We got and and Angela Lansbury murder she broke Max he wanted to go then go their ground. Let's see. We Miss Piggy costume this in the nose. On the offense works and then I got a pair of that's an overall I don't know if you knew then they do do you think. Yeah. And I'm going to need to have my money that funded. And I don't know what cheer them straight in power they end up paying sir I need to have that. Is this your real voice yeah. I. Listen you know reason to cry and blame the custom layout any other night she. And you only know very. Sure you kid I did last year. Isn't as actually my optimum moment Cuba. All all. You're listening to the rest next morning she. Get set for another 93 minute rest well. Over in 83 minutes to run. 83 point three. The planet for.