Thursday, April 20th

Headlines: Stoner Jeopardy returns for 2017 with the deepest field ever


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He's right guys buy gas powered by so these kids can travel. ALC gears and steep morning radio and their eyes enjoying San 93 point three. Guys headlines with the aids. And you're Beagle who. I hate him. I'm glad to name that's come and it stayed armory. Well it is the official high holiday and if you decide to get baked or not that's totally into you though we had our staff compile lists deadbeat. Most popular snacks to eat on 420 feet on many great real quick question them. Who is our staff. I mean there's team in the flack now. The and other new features that again he Saturday and trying to think what spurred the question high holiday. But there's a tire blows I now get a bail. Have blond hair day mansion. National labs I don't gig they don't more money we don't have the bottom upside down OK in the studio right now because you can making it. Just like Amman on this poor. A mile to make a bad if I thought it was truly dead issue in the noon. This man it's two dozen national half five. As steeply terrorism national high 95%. Ocean life there are golf course. Mean. Well we've got a list of the top ten yes sitting at number ten is one of my favorites. Have to say you have to savor the flavor of kit Kat. Send it in the you know I can't cash this is small. Turned ought to members as measured bird revenue there Robin chocolate. Why don't remind me motives they say about the letters on the presidency is Kay Cabot is an invention in the chocolate and their grueling event that his chocolate. Each day care at Trenton it's like silver coins or 99.9 percent pierce yeah where's that other point 1%. Government stole them tang sitting at number nine Ben and Jerry's tonight dough ice cream. Kinda yeah I have to say that like any kind of cookie dough or any dad passed down any kind of gross added stuff. That would be awful and the ice cream. And. You had Jerry's too busy for me and Atlanta call me old man or an old woman and her oldest sister friend and all the individual as people say nowadays. Big Ben and Jerry's is too busy there's too much stuff and Arnold yeah. It just it's not it takes out her refrigerator time is unity the key down in and you Winamp is great. He did have an MRI and it's perfect admin and all animal society people. My mom afforded me a stupid series of names the other day and it was all lies packs most of might seem to form a lot of them were fake you know. Those who think like tax and another you know I was told by how EB. One of whom is gonna end up talking in but he cellphone in the Marco and I stop everything you're FaceBook is fake people shall share from the like this. C two and you're not recipes well listen one album was I think been injured his word as per this fault. You take down my screen it there in that a cell under type thing. If you go to eat it all at once you lay it on its side and new Condit. And then you get these perfect. Circles of ice cream that you just place in the ball he never asked Jesus scoop. That's it's ingenious. How people are brilliant yeah. Some genius is a Smart. Three years we never used yeah I mean how would you describe it and that she. And it takes a spin on the first day aren't and you think I agree with a murder if you cannot add number eighths. Reese's peanut butter cups and Larry yeah just a number I don't care how you eat them you know a few wow I'm hall I tried to just slight. Favorite and not just biting and tearing just get the flavors and it's into the sleeve yeah but I left in about her there again Jimmy Eric. Or you don't wait till they end to reveal yours is I think everybody is clamoring to know what is your. Hi my cheek. Fade hands. What are the whole 9 o'clock hour and commit. Number seven teed it is not regular tedious claimant hot tea there. Design that I can I think it's on your fingers in the strangest thing. A socialist. Did it. Mason is I think some candy made an unlisted number six nerds wrote. Yeah now that's something I'll bet. It all depends on my cute aren't meant far. Sometimes too much candy I'm afraid you level and well art from me. Gummy bears and their vote gummy bears always and there is anything against him there now. What are the best to horror being cold or an hour and a aren't solved AIG now night lord of class and yummy dinner at an idea how do you like your you're want to cry at least put in the bottom of the bottle and the seem. Was that same here it's. Fair. Bristol candy Italian actress Diane I didn't cheated to number four no matter what does is it changes. She's it's he's tried that Tabasco cheeses a thing as a fantastic. You know and number 32 pounds is. Swedish. Office Christmas yeah. Now you can handle one teen ace like against our own food to eat especially if you Kot mountain on an island strange fish terror gay led I got highly birthday. Number two. He hasn't yet here's a sour patch kids. Once again this hour of my neck and if you have cotton mouth by opinion please give us a sour patch kids down. Obsessed I guess I got a lot for him at Easter is that's our kind of candies to our jelly beans why would you like that he constant. Whenever any number any answer for hi today hitters no advantage. Vinny series half baked ice cream oh yeah I screaming get the brownies any get. Down all in mind only has made it paved. Story. It's half an hour I have chocolate with parents beg fudge brownies and half chocolate chip cookie come. It's just cannot that you don't and I have high screen there something yummy and everybody is this is today. He did this poll we we do you know yes that is national. While it's been able to their home they paid red they've told employees have been injuries you don't go in and hole a bunch of pot heads and they all say that. No not I don't know I kind of think their cookie dance stuff or even chocolate chip is screaming out. That's to particular brand know what I mean they miss a particular brand yeah he wins all right as criticism that specific way. Ben and Jerry's half baked polled better than say fudge Royale. Ice cream which is available from 28 different manufacturers in every store brand new world or free agent. Dictatorships in general or god is saying in general do you go to have to go get ice cream has a pot reference book Arab. You don't. Remember I see this is perjury because they used to do like. News I'm very used to make some measures 400 browns Stoner one point are trying to make peanut butter and jelly for you tell sandwiches. I want to comment made it can't have learned jelly bacon cheeseburger. We'll lay in and it was damn good math I think otherwise it's a few percentage Elian afterward it's not baked and it has little but you know he Jolie on a sausage biscuit is challenging right here Larry there's an. Yeah. Out of the clever idea you know what I did last night I ate I can you Heston. You were asleep he didn't yeah. And hey everybody wears an agenda when it and I had an audio yeah. The dog fat core mall popcorn. Wonderful really popular things to the bar courtroom very rehab and I went into Tyler monotonous and I am and yeah and I. I'm Hanson has your has guys and I think years. Just saw the ice guys running shelves Nike street point three the planet of rocks. Killer Cadillac. Wherever you Cypress Hill. I really do our. Mean liked to. Do it he really they don't have music anymore. Some shows around some to Arizona. There what they did there's much much program. I love B reels voice as I was saying yesterday went down. Certain you know musicians wrap things like that that the voices that stick out. Although after awhile that it be like a hero as he pressed there weren't there or you are OK just your regular voice blue rail. There's either it works early June believes burial if you don't quit talking like that they're really aggressive music in 2012 hours and they didn't think you are a music center. Where do it our favorite. Ours and you start going master page wanted to go to break bread I'm so evil. Man it. Give me above all else it's all right John lottery were this agreement. Are they wide sharply just imagine they mean cookies oh no above all else so simple. It is now in particular I had to be brand specific or do it takes to make sure railing there wouldn't go in though was spot Meyer now mango or taste great job. Wedge average American they mean or could use the end cute tails or had a pretty damn I have to agree we Yonhap. Yes says there's nothing better in this some some some nice warm spots in your mouth Jeff you say trade yesterday. Curtis for her notice I don't say cohesion and all go national and said some things. Jim you remind me of the day after a misplaced my calendar is a source it is for twenty. Or two when he do we have some ceremony this pop music in the background. Sure. Who have some of that for you. It is now time to play. Are you ready Jimmy camera does waiting to figure out we get all them around when Michael oh that's great I know Jeff. As it would probably use agency she didn't mind. Voters rerouting and there's your brain positions on it take to drum up. I don't land positions I get in there are 69 usually have made is Graham ankle. Barry how do you use item item on the power bombing map. Did you are. Yeah yeah we're getting. Before we go into the game lessen the air contestants will start ladies first starting out serie a member of the call yesterday because she is the first woman I've never known named Jack. I definitely think I shorten Jacqueline at Michigan and a JC. And you are a Stoner yesterday. I. And clutch and how you celebrate today eighty that are not a few years you went highlands North Carolina. When I know won't of this mountain in the you know. Things like a lot I'm actually is coming here with you guys for a little while we hear about how might your day ambush only want Amman Jordan after the. He's got some good purpose and good detective met today that we're gonna see about it essentially. Review where I needed to you're way the senate terror murders threw it. To get weird before his Europe tour warily love to Italy Italian debt to show them a picture of what they're gonna win this man have things I don't know it's. I would DN ABA. Highs and learning some analysts say yeah. This is even nicer in the war and you're in Hollywood got last year for Warner yeah. Yeah it's beautiful it's it's all glass and I I believe I wouldn't want to mess it up. I don't know it won a massive awareness and ordered me out. Lake Wylie and what what don't say where you were little would you mind saying what you do. I convince people to bang stuff they don't need to impress people don't like. Courier credit. I like them your doctor Gina has any access to ankle faxes servers but not really. Pretty much tell people diamond rings and medicine urges a good thing. Well. Diversified global view now yeah I'm not I'm not a big fan of it before. Really you know Mary gasoline do when they say it all which ring do you have the expert of wedding rings glamour. I think it physical team and you're like decision you should choose what you. Now you say have a special piercing intensity. I mean I didn't we'll have a point in the world is. I've never seen what is that called off without a doubt all are all inside the other side of my arm is. Among down. Now he dual I was saying what she's like she's just get a out above the elbow on Barack a lot of these just a lot of people is this woman who were dorm buddies who are you going to piercings especially trainers who I don't know what he. DG news. SP area between the only through Beirut should. Yeah yeah AM yeah. Now Bob. And just demand observing animals are describing things and I see four of those that are not here you have large breasts are they pierced. And now. Not allowed the don't look now why. And you just know. I was concerned about having children and Russell had no that would you don't way to go off like a sprinkler I generally don't Bahrain is full blast down. Oh that's true. Veteran her opponent be done when it humorous go sour. When these are the three contestants realize they need nearly as much interviewed. Yeah. I. Don't have lives prisoners in his talent. OK we'll move on that's fun you'll. They're as we got so much to you could. Contestant number two you're named her Josh Josh howry. And our wounded medical test number three yeah. Yeah. You just not auspices of the maker paper maker what does that amount I mean I know what the only purpose hotels. Gently and really and what he do you like to do what when he did he put Michael is that chemistry so basically really is not real Trace. What is it comes and roll hall there aren't very mature fruit trees well it was a warm yeah. No wow that's crazy and that is that some new I don't believe he really did and give regulate he had that you Jeffrey told liberal term wish in my. To be picked up there you can take you straight to the bathroom off the machine now know that I have yeah it goes from the Michelle and I. Hollywood the taller odd man. On and did you view indulge. How long's who is what have you been into this extra curricular activity. Got fifteen years experience plus yeah there's I don't alliger now Audrey 36 OK so Jeff what is that. It would join twenty or is that how you celebrated 21. Team is ten. Christine what you know fifteen amassed on yet humans rewrote here 3636. Is asking you if you started when he wants mountain. Oh. Yeah thank you family knows and talking a different language. Call 800. Point I was born and you know what I was saying yeah I may not still lawless land your eyes will now. A contestant number three or anybody. Oil field tomorrow and test number three. Looks like. Did Jolly Green Giant if hero white guy am I wrong and Ahmed is the all solar shaggy. Yeah and reggae star you guys this comedians lately have been here in little big key. Who girlfriends milk I. Times I don't know restaurants what am I missing my bet pulled the keys new wrapper. How what an awful may be should redo them yeah and I. Don't know the course and why does and played how I ate garlic. Yeah. Well. You heard man you're a lot of people who are asked me and I I got Napoleon Dynamite a few times I don't see that lit. You know high collision because your flagrant I don't know about six foot eleven and a half whatever you look like perhaps the white guys in the NBA to me. Oh god I omitted junk email wall no wall like a little bit and certain things being embraced live. The press hold on how much are you Bill Walton and you will be that you know bill one man's I didn't know all of us are worried us on an older almighty god okay. Oil that's not the greatest again and again if I shoot man who Mobutu's achieve it she wrecked their Milwaukee true. That's very I. Told you a nineteen. Both residents and and you wait your question yes it's. Assumed that I. You think about it using us as did that yesterday photos and really vulnerable little porn stars among. Well your your familiarize the Houston 500 shed some 500 men and one movie mechanism in fifty group. Will. It take to make me in one move mean. These two issues. The less she still in a wheelchair. It's sorry. 4550750. People volunteer for the Austin I am rehearsal president hey I'm. Alpine. There's a lottery to get hurt. Yeah. So nice tame this is the and you haven't been doing this song then I'm probably many years though for a thoughtful mind god. I would have been where aren't as pregnant if our. I really would then it would be banned under the hombre DD name your gimmick can be named year. And may include me in no low Muslim that I had was named Hercules. And a mine is electable blanket. For the lead very fast or come calls. It was just so these are yeah there is a big water Pug with a big chamber of the volusia emergency Killian. I'll I'll all kind kind heart very or Tom we got to quickly move onto contestant number for your name share my name's Tyler Tyler. And worry from. I'm from removed you know what he did. Normal business in the last onus now analysts say. Dinosaurs I was like yeah well I visit did you church on Sunday and tell us okay is very very different it's different. How do you Tony and how long you've been in the game or Virginia if you need do you work today duty take the whole day off. You do but from home. Yes I guess maybe a lot of childhood deaths of live be short. Now I beg you to test number two. Probably could have been burned so fast car and I say. Sorry that this plot right back in in my head I began in these coming out here emphasizing on the contestants trying to figure things are wins has been OJ big consistent for four years in a relationship. I am married to her girlfriend engage both I think come. Does she. Not in it there's no issues and that. She's known for a counters what about you groups traders know I don't know god and relationship out. She asked to correct. Employees don't know necessarily imagine that would be the big deal breaker poster she now feels like money pastor of the engine to December 2 you are married thought about that if she does yes and I would much eject. I have a boyfriend and he is pretty. Yeah it's. Probably more so way more so than I was you and in the conference trim you know we can't do it in the air yeah. I'm not inclined. Our ice ready to play Sam you are viewing guy. It's. We don't know there's. Okay. Wow. I. Okay. It says. Oh okay. Okay well. Story like. I host it it sustain itself I starter jeopardy round one AKA the one here. Well there in the categories two months she movies I will give you a care turf remained very famous pot themed movie would name the movie. Number two. Name that strain. No matter. To announce our that's a seller to achieve motorcycle come about her. What I'm that it. The description of that is I made some categories and I made others. You're going to give them a brazenly clue. Another another way of saying. Uncommon strain. Common strain employee we are good example how to category will work shirt okay. What stray Abby talking about it the clue is aloha from Hawaii. Now allow. Very eager talent that account ahead. I don't think I used that ones who should be your category number three. Mountain could shoot more. Yes it's not rockers are okay. That's just iconic style owners Canucks to owners there. Number two. Reaffirmed music. Read all about ways songs are no way we give you the title of a song about well wanna tell you name the artists. Her last final I category dude man famous and amp. Most people would man in their name. Game and is in the name. So I must say ladies first return she was the first or hear mr. Jack which category let's start with a course. Went 234500. And I'm seeing movies for two months she movies Ford 200. Dead. The answer and by the way are we good form of a question that we nine in the dark if he doesn't. Ravens they're not so say your name thank you for that. OK so. Me my my my peace time. It whenever fat boy says the last time the rounds ever. Okay I'm going to say the name of the movie character her famous pot movie you have to you scream your name if you know the movie. Squirrel master. And his senate screened. Josh Josh half baked. It is our Josh on the board with 209. 200 Josh he had control board Stoner Jersey in round one presently are accusing category toppled same category for one on 100 munchies. Movies. Randall graves. Rental grades. As client. Jimmie you're right. Manage and every hoses and has been the easiest and the chairman of colonies. Yeah we're looking for Randal from clerks one into the final grades. All right Erica. Still remain in control the board think network and say category must she movies for 300 round one of Stoner jeopardy. Rod pharma. Josh Josh super troopers edition I'm sorry I can't name heparin and every guy lives landfills there what is video what does the score right now Jimmy Jack. I Josh has 500 Turks Josh also. Remaining in control the board with 500 toast is gonna work. I love her 400. And that might she movies. So all silver. Saul. Silver. Tyler Tyler. Pineapple Express it is financially stressed the great James Franco. Now Europe controlled the boards. Or do you July video we still have name that strain it string name mentally draining. 300 Brendan. Food that strain. To clue. Aurora Borealis. Are you Houston northern lights that is right. Now I control the board. Origin ideally at mount Kush for a guy reach for music dude man. And one less than much he movie's villain named the string or we're gonna go and go to I'm have for 500 in Maine that strain are sinners comedy here. The clues into the opposite of a red nightmare. Josh Josh who dream blue dream may hold on board or we don't score wise Jimmy Jack. NC has hired count. Josh are the thousands of notes and hugs and at 300 toast Tyler at 400 terror to ten current check he currently has no jokes aren't loyal guy. And it finishing not munching the knees. Mr. cheese all. Estrogen easel. You know that want to hack this dude she's a young age yourself and now and a. LA yardage will earn great move she's a I can't. She is made by camp I played by Kevin mainland. Tyler Tyler. That carnivals resident. Is not. I'm is that we were looking for mister cheese okay a mile from grandma's boy the monsters they do it and sailor movie pirates. Part what were we going to show how. Aren't worth go to reach the music to read her music for what 100 yet. For 110 thanks. And definitely got it doesn't do drugs is not everything I ever. And re for music. I give you the song title you give me the artist sweetly. Josh Josh Ozzie. Judges you know judges. Looks okay. All right guys here and not under control same category reefer music. Refer to music. Ha ha ironic hits from the long. Josh Josh pursue it is Cypress Hill lord who are heroes don't know any. Those who have them 20200 troops in and gonna go to the 300 tell jokes on reefer music. We placed ownership pretty on this for each morning. Stay high as they fly. AI state line well. All you know it. Bad boy knows it is by only one that would never throw his favorite targets of his favorite rappers and then group Tyler. Tyler. And the remixes it's not Jerry Reynolds injury because you do that is and Ka race. Journeys and averaged. Less again and Everest as yeah. I'm gonna go live prisoners around the idea is grown as Josh Josh but winning. Must go bird you'll want to tonight Liz could leave as it is also. We were looking for anybody in the room crowd nor babble. I don't know for a brilliant Fidelity's number six oh my god yeah she's yeah she's pretty. Is there now running on seven pass play that final weeks. We don't know are moving on down Biscayne reefer music from a forget when miss win that fat boy says time is up this round is over. The Joker. Posh. Answer John I share. It is Steve Taylor incomes and you just deal with it considers every for music yet arguing the last and final for 500 hoax. Mary Jane. Jack. Josh. O line judges please check you are battling illness in dogs. Missing array. Tom then and is and who ran. And I'm not last there's email his marriage and now. In addition Jeff this is rich rich. Now the I'm your advertisements. All right. Josh you guys think it's also John's. Josh Josh here are Johnson did a man for 110. Books remember new word man will be in the answered. This high school angry bulls home of the patriots. Cheated Tyler Tyler. It got boring or lonely or do love lessening their stranger for name that strain 400 test yet here we get rule. The clue is then meant its Houston Houston girls coach could always go the board. Thank god. Yeah industries for the vote. In the bottom when that would be what is 30310. Votes for a name that strain include. A Russian rifle. Tyler Tyler a cave where he says I yes sir thanks Charl aboard. Stoner jeopardy unfortunately couldn't name a strain. Famous strains Perez's run for two hunger has earned her the clue. Not sweet. And not and I said. Our first sour diesel and used car wreck. All right this man and mount Kush more wind limited that I was good dude man for 50. Smart Smart move. Remember a man will be in the answer. This effect is a phenomenon repeat Johnny Johnson and all of that as try something I try. That quickly and quickly and won the same one going to go with 400 jokes in dude man and heels Papa Johns has a huge forehand Krakow restraining order to Esmat man hey man that's right on the board again here Melrose mortified I found push more clues we'll learn how dare you -- more could 500 he wrote directed. And good Stoner movies before he started smoking hasn't made good use cnet's. He's determined and in current. And a vacant top Democrat. Is also incorrect. I examine and is also. I'm as an achievement points guards. It's. A puts away oh what does James Frank Newman should Kevin Smith. Didn't catch it's I. Yeah. Her I don't know I. Okay here's what we need him to do we need begins a can you do a score right now or do you need a moment on him or Danica while they do is read a command or give you score and then we'll announce. The final. Stoner jeopardy question AKA. You might get one more round question. Isn't what they always say thirty manual more. He might you one more than you might be normal in my you one more reminder from our final Stoner jeopardy to win this huge gargantuan. Anime water tired from our friends say get weird smoke shop. Find out what you wagers are going to be and does everybody make it to final stone Jack pretty. But all you gotta do this like the right guys if these little dot com slash 933 to play. Try. In Moline. You realize there are ways taken and they also today. Your mate two very warm. I don't claim moral vacuum the scores reporter there's no way our contestants come back again yeah our various contestants are making their way back in here. Let's find out what the. But the current standings are here and Stoner jeopardy before we go into. The final round AKA you might get one more. Well jacks or Flores murder and one correct it's. Tyler and it has 14100 Terex wow Houston has 700 Terex. And Josh in the lead at Torrey 210. And gracious is a lot of Terex Josh and I know entering this new. Said Tony only hundred inventories 200 shirts this 1200 jokes for him. So in real jeopardy Jack wind you would be like you disappear now an embassy in general and well because we've December gonna finish out the board. In addition there's changing he would in this thing. We find out about on an island that you've got all six right now. 06 when you say that you know on the doing he going to say you are and try not. You don't get one at least right wing is a fresh start. And returner losing control more remind me. Is Joshua. Luke problems there was John Henson's Narnia has Sandra and I try and control board where news. Mount Rushmore mount Kush more or nine stars are case like an arm and a whole war. You know yes things are from the top of mount Kush more for 200 tow looks. He smoked reefer on the roof of the White House. He smoked weed. On the roof of the White House. I'm shocked Josh from Johnson and Willie Nelson well I didn't throw it out there and well. And guesses are right I know but but but my god. Period. Mount Rushmore. This former NFL player once got caught wind pot and they fake water bottle. Things that we'll all players. NFL player. Kamal Josh my loan to the bathroom percent of all dad on the and I. Think. And no justice no guesses. There's Ford's going to guess here is Ricky Williams but also they drag community can do through Ronald Mexico. The most news we're now what is it pissed yeah answers engineer or well now. What is a great answer. My both my niggardly that are workers in the bag Americans for an hour bomb on him originally and also consumers and it's like he regulates now how can our government established big mountain man shy of his laboratory yes you can't tell you yeah. And control. Gonna go with mount Kush more for 400 jokes. He's an actor he's an activist. He just quit smoking pot recently. Jack Jack Russell Brand. I don't hold on now. Cheers. Houston east to quit. Houston and now she. Your I'm glad I just a gay guy all got if you. Generally used in an area Euro rose against it and as I say you should there's. Strong crypto. Oh what are your house wouldn't have it. After all it and you don't think about calling in aren't around you or break you're finish amount is more. Part you're an accomplished liriano for 500 coaxing answer he may grassland. And we'd synonymous. In the late 1990 eight's. Synonymous I'll look into Portland me though. Now. Nobody nobody and I don't know if there ever go to wrestling federation. Although all of them will not yes I did a little. Sure if you ask. You're right into our viewers. What about this would this even aware there's an. I'm Josh all big by British buff Bagwell. Do you like that and yeah. The eyes. And we were looking for rob van van. RDD 420 I didn't end and then we're gonna run throw the last two before we go. C'mon check the don't have it in check long drive okay. Our dude man remember the answers will have man in the time and the answer this X man remains Bobby Drake. Fixing a figure comic books in Sweden they have come a comment on this. Hard man Clinton and he doesn't respect on the net and I'm birdie man. And nobody knows nobody knows iceman ice last. Iceman I'm cash and finishing out the dude man category for 300 toasted their right Jim Ayers are part of their man. She. Started. The underground railroad. Tie pet. Tyler. Periods. Tubman and try and carry out management industry is trying to you know what I mean this is fun and president. Yeah it designation as a bigger demand man will be in the in the agency and attract a beautiful board. Yes OK now we're going into. A final. Stoner jeopardy finals the owner Jim Everett to want to give Jack Black a hundred. Votes on the on. Take hide tanks and yeah yeah yeah it says he had the shot Dennis back. If the scores we have heard Tyler at seventeen hundreds hugs and its 700. Josh add 2400. And Jack gave hundred. Anaheim for okay. This final hole pretty category it is. Teaching Jerome. She changed all changed and chip and chip on your agent Jerrold all right Jack when he would wager yet a hundred. All all all away. All him. OK Josh all of it all and it wasn't done on Torrey 400. Our guys knew or just don't mature for that you Josh all of it even though. You probably would win the overs he gets you is tart or don't worry about a man. And over again the week you and your percent before right I want the rock general jeopardy you know what oh yeah you can't get that yeah. If so what it looks familiar he's been here before in my dreams one who knows. I forgot your name a colony group what are we going Webster but Huddleston 20200. Ever possible and I'm certain aren't. And finally Tyler who's really just came all America and then released or kill the you know what it again no bill at all all NN was there much is that certainly aren't. 17100. Theaters there's very calm down guitar or Josh ultimately winning spirit OK. Listen but it. There was no furor in Houston is there a rat out their answers here yes. But I SS or we didn't have made itself Arnold every they're they got to write down their answers. That's papers needed here we have the he's taking music reading them payment revealed. The final store owners Jeffrey. And choose where your pens won't. And certainly won't pair stairwell and it earlier preserved. Here's here's another pan. Is and that it can then that it can move my favorite pan and that it all right here we guess he. In what. Country. Was Chichi born. In what country is G. Final. Category. This 2017. A Stoner in jeopardy and. 2017 addition that's ASD's been our best feel. Tests they service got a very strong field. Eight field of contestants then they all have something offer you know. Jack. They're breast milk groove when his hair right Tyler. All right here we go into that that met him yeah. Here we yeah. We start first we've Jack who we and it is very sweetly and gave a hundred points. Yes so I had three answers and I know you. The steadily across the all out and I'm gonna go with Cuba. You gonna do leave Cuba okay. We're gonna write that down we now move to Josh Josh had 2400. Points who went all in on the act what kind. Country it was a cheap to Marion born in Mexico Mexico. All right hugs and when it was Puerto Rico poor daughter. Call. I have finally Tyler with miss those a world with Mexico and teach Marion. Oh change and strong in our show and great national bridge to show our mining related. Well. I can leave early this really happen if this really happened. It is well. In what country I tell you what you would use when you say it's all I looked huge feeling right. Well how have ended the way that he can be as big swerve. And what we asked him what country was cheat more clearly is the remind us quickly and Jackie said. Cuba. Tyler. I dizziness and a Tyler said nice Carol statement. You all said Mexico except for Cuba misery we're in order to. On now go to who I consider. The. Prince of pot. Jimmy Jack and Jackie. What country. This cheat to mayor and born. This morning United Center Bonnie. Denies any solid and I was Barney I don't say it's never boring news LA in my goodness gracious. Look Jack shows me that one of the things she mark that was US AUS was the. First off let's. So what if I'd just stuck with the event as to when you fear now now. Mom good evening they'll go to guy who yeah they wagered on the airport well he's still would have had burgers here's. Is he wants cities of 500. It's been themselves. I had job well. Before we. For a dog to who loses. Well nine will you give ghosting mark Dell and get him to officially award constantly wondering your general. Yes our gonna punish that there are here. Her graduation. He's used and you just wanted to giant water but Garcia get weird yeah. One day and night cherry Al downing Greenbelt annually going Marc Cherry Hill after you leave here and did the shot. Perfect and oh. Ringer contestants. I'll buy you some insight machines about that as well within the it was fun at man's suit normally when it's over contestants at this point as one to go out I thought we got there with a whole lot of fun. There are hundreds it was really good heavy for tween doll of me but especially. To you you certainly if you sincerely and you have got all night he also. And our other are you feeling their own best friends now would be better radical tests you're listening to the rest its morning show tickets. It's for another 93 minute rest latched over an 83 minutes dragged. An extreme point we have planet.