Monday, April 16th

Stephen Thompson has a fight coming up so he stops by to talk a little fighting and to play a game with us: Jeff wrestled Stephan Bonnar over the weekend.


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Cynthia alarm and wake up for the rise guys every morning this is the rise guys morning show I've net three point cleanup plan. Say yeah. I was brings out more. Whatever. It sooner did song. And I. There is. There is the most fighting this man and a half we. I say that way as straight Granger. In morning Stephen good you know let yeah I get a flu. Hair man. His hair there is JC route. And says he is right right and I hearing. Your doorman of the modeling contract and is. Hi guys man. How are you sir I. I'm doing this just great man to be on city I'm film amazing right now well you should this song do you ever Ryder analysts until it does that Boston College you know John CNET Pastor Wright around listening to John CS how I would have thought goes on top of the world I used to do before I actually walked out of the song now and I'll listen to it. It puts me in a motive I think I'm getting made a fight turn all fat boy Jesus I know I'm scared now. This does not like hearing your rocky Ford there's no easy way out there now are cruising around send a Ferrari blast in the health. So allow him well I guess first thoughts USC fight night when thirty. That's not the one we had another month or so right yes we know we have six weeks now six weeks OK so I and an aria and doing great demand I'm in shape and it's been you've been been training since after my last final moments you don't even though I had. To mess up arms I was still active instill. You know helping our guys get ready for their five song I'm in shape mentally and now this this thing that was read yesterday is that down. Well first of all the fights in Liverpool yet and England. It near her I'd never fault USC also. There the United States territory outfielder John in Canada have been never never over the pond it. Well now I'm a sweaty. Armed no I mean it's only five hour difference to me I'll Sanofi with the same time it only five hour difference between the thing that's crazy is that. The Liverpool fans are pretty passionate about the UC and they're in there they're fighters man -- he had an issue Jiabao about soccer yeah. And I hear the crowd can get pretty rowdy. Really oh yeah it's really interesting like it because of her and like Japan for instance there very. Quiet folks like they they golf clap wrestling the only hiding ever there's really made this such reverence even while he's in did you can't seem. There have been less in my life Meehan I have no I have to admit is a wonderful. I've never been out you have primarily I take longer than I've flown Indy Japan and flown out I've never actually had to be out of his delight. You had a layover in Japan let everything go anywhere though too easily answerable. You're you're one of fighting in Canada. It was a six Canadian. Yes and you beat him per year you know I was gone I was and I really don't I ended and I thought Chris Coleman's in his hometown Toronto okay Aaron. So you have some some are performing as the experience or any scenario from their merger oh yeah okay if it's gonna be another level of dust in the middle class but I was reading yesterday that they have big guy daring tale pitcher signing USC fine I went thirty you were saying that he's going to be easier than even Johnny Hendricks was four well I don't know who said that I actually didn't see. And said so that's so yeah I'm proud you put us even water boy Thompson and then put in Google news as the first Aurilia. I had mentioned I mean they were talking about. Some of the with fives and I had brought a Johnny and his friend ever said he is it be easier than Johnny Hendricks. I don't know people people that day and then you know they doing they do the the breakdown is as fast they add some stuff in there here is MMA mania dot com. Wonder boy says beating daring tail will be as easy is beating Johnny and expects to quote on the website. I and then there's another NASA lead to get it'll hold on for that. Commoner. What do what do crazy and a lot here's another court for me is said that you slammed him for his disrespectful attitude. Dude is saying this that was designed which I think. On anyway yeah well ever read and again I don't yes slander but I did tell everybody you know he's an idiot. Purdue rules. That say inning outing for obvious the EU the most of power guy in the world. He's immune most popular around the world and yes you got some money buddies can you just made a hundred million dollars and indeed Goran do you want to write these kind of hard so my you do it. Exactly what he had thirty guys do them. Who should donate but he was only one doing anything how did you hear about that IE you phone just blow up from they're fighters and whose dad and everybody there on the way to Brooklyn for the press conference and has an ass oh jeez you're like in the mix I was in the we've who are critics out and what happened was convened. He rules with like. 3040 mafia guys every telling Russian mafia Khatami as a way you know everything's connection democracy in Russia even and there when O'Connor McGregor is buddies pardon was talking crap about being social media to believe confronts her about it starts don't do that tourist. Can be anybody else pays a lot all right you confront people live on the Internet I'm not in any snacks can be down and I hear her dyke who the rise to Russian beat opponents. Arms friends so you heard about it prior to Connor McGregor reacting seniority news itself was Bubba rank Brooke I thought was fake at first soda not you know because he's picking up this stuff and always somebody there to take it away from you know it is it is and actually lead his hand tries so it takes a look at trash canceling grads and impose again. The tees up like a big metal railing. I'm gonna go to the windows and I was there any grad right and then I saw the hand to hand truck he threw it to the windows and smashed it yeah. So Connor hears about that. Thirty of those guys that are prime playing on these you know obviously implies there but he's got thirty these guys in the I don't really doing things is can't her path. And now want it now one of those thirty guys like you know it. Maybe this isn't a good idea to have their pay to protect him not to like say hey buddy don't wanna do that there's not a I guess. There is Brazil car always has emergence periods of drought and seems like anybody Russia always has a quiet why. Is European. And you're not from I guess the UK why you have to have fifty people travel with the everywhere your I don't know idea I want I don't know I didn't boxer is mixed martial large fires have entourage Asian arms around you and I got to get a whole airplane remotely. Yeah I don't get them yeah I heard I heard on the floor and actually was staying and it was like all of on Monty guys there. God science cite the source awards now US Seacrest I guess this is insane. Come. So while we get that we got that look forward to the big side which you know you may or may not say it will be easy. According to Cindy read and when you won't be the hardest fight you fall correct. Say what I what I'm going to into apart I assume like I'm I'm thinking is going to be in an artist Obama you know every time does it matter who it is he has even if you think even if you think you know people I'll pretentious guy just because you train number seven. Anybody in the U of C has potential but you weigh him is amenity just got there or there in the top ten. They need to get happened you know you get that the puncher do you really lovely very is that they do they think you're supposed to say yeah. Number ray player when times said no matter who I was fighting I wanted people to sell like. If I did beat them it was a big deal yet another what's gonna wanna call crack now they saw Obama by known unbeatable what does it matter yet but. Do you really feel like this is going to be a hard fall slot I I think so I mean he's got a lot to prove. In line he's calling me out yet and he's got it. And it's going to be in his hometown mile mile an hour ago I want to go there and beat him up in his hometown. Do you should get if I am back incessant bill and I exactly and there's a makes says that may have first whoever's got. They came to me ask you for this files I you know I mean who do until I was has come to uniform of an email or phone call phone call phone call phone gaga. And they were actually talking about a before mild pull for the moms and I'll finally day. You know again to just be gone surround him he used it until you know how. Nice guy yes Allah that this grand they're would you want you for a time in Liverpool might get off fighting and I am a fighter a lot. And then of course I turned down because my thumbs and there was two instantly know we was so rejecting Google. There was talk a little solution you before I was asked that's why I did some research biologists are running knows about it up there I he's just lead is not just are in the first round but. I just beat the guy who knocked him on the first run two miles it by proxies should be a little easier well I'm I said we are they on the guy's awesome if you know if I just got they're not run first round right but I'm won't be ready for 55. You know war so. Eight he built the huge reputation he really don't know so Roni fight in the mean it's. Board decision decision decision one of rumors are fine and I guess are better draw all of it. Mail right. Where's the resume go the height yet you he is a talk what I think is happening and is a busy things on his way out these are retired from the middle. Have a whole lot of. You know popular guys coming out of Europe that they can promote. In this guy and is it you don't. Good looking kid just you he's a good fighter you strike here. And he can talking he's got to get again so spirit and now that your model and did they tell you to protect the face a power they don't don't say anything else they'll say not that I think that's part of it. You know they they do they want that kind of you know somebody dangerous out there you know still do in the modeling paying yeah but the big studio visual modeling contract went ING I. Jesus Harris stay silent on the bigger ones holly area they're one of the top guys in the higher in the industry but they're the only using. I NG NW mean erroneously am at the company's bottom. Now. God bless America. Hey how you mentioned in there until good looking kid. It's nice looking young man certainly and you as a model any concern for did you say that there but it isn't about you bid to say there. Now our currency Stephen Thompson the last week Jeff Lewis neo governor told that I privy to and you think hey I'm not bring himself to say Stephen won aboard Thompson is handsome man. Now the rest of us freely admitted. As kids and I and any man okay well first thought you know if this is another competitor here. You know from SanDisk is another competitor. And NA NA in a different dead in a different sport. You know that require that more of that Mannelly but I you know she's not grid yet not yet so that you. Welcome they understand the jiji news they just good looking back I think he's handsome guy I am an American citizen you know I mean that's all born actor is the alien eyes hey what I call just now does it seem not cause they still have. I was is that your first or center right. Now when you go into the modeling stuff so I sing the pictures if you like it the animals they're set up pictures or not but the agency and not clubs would like what looks to be models there when he does that. Have you had any other models or or each play even the most famous woman who's the most famous woman that's kind of reset the in the last three months I always say reached out to me but I I just. The other day had talked to IJA general Lima. Broker. A jelling we're just aren't there are easy to model this used to data famous and other famous athlete yeah. Earlier we were there hey Alina. I remember his life so Adriana Lima would she say this is really tortured himself prison sentence are praying and earnings are so I say this there aren't there aren't ya she dated a yeah so I think he's I think he's gay kids right by him call god knows him well source hormel really helped pass on the when she says my us we can't. She's she's reaching out here about how did you hear about this or whatever well while I first tossed her after the laws and I'll fight in her she was a big fan after she was there. Greenside Keizai last fought on tire for the first time now you know that big war that we had now. And the ladies that I work with you do my weight cut also works with her as well for her mom and make cuts instead of cede day they literally go to wage cuts home and so is she said it was he's channel's that on days into The Who can we can be moving up whenever. Any receipts. Like dating somebody so they're all dating somebody but I'm I am so enemy action laws and I'll fight she's a big fan of Tijuana and JJ yeah. And listen. On she's she's pretty cool. But around I get immunity in and then we've kind of gone back and forth and social media she you know had a comedians and and added that French male. Oh yeah I respect Charlie Armey science so are you dating I'm you know I'm not. I'm trying to have it. Can't ever tell my ASCII that you say no and I believe you but I like what are we gonna take some time for use in I mean he had. Friends you know remained and his own I would benefit seeing. Trenton twice fruits. First half I have an air you know I'm trying to find that that now line man you know 35 for a now 35 IS nothing no kids. You know what that my Brothers both my Brothers just had one and grow at a had a baby girl brother Tony had a baby boy. So you know you get a little Kim but then I'm sorry cart bashing Nancy you know she's I think the recently singled she reached out do you intentions known nasty and there automatically mosser Reno's my life that now has yet to be a model. No I don't think nationalism BM model who she'd be you know for South Carolina and nobody knew she is. Right when she's did you see that's what you wanna go for is you don't wanna compete with her career Hillary humans aren't competing to ascertain the good old ring I was in New York with was it GG. Indeed. She's. Incidents come on diet like I don't know if you are you remember you're right here that she is actually super cool in very high taxes and more to me. Let's see so you both a news came out with a 20 yes so arousal Delgado has a nice person yeah see that's all I really like our life rather she was a main. Follow us one rule and all the time so how did you let go way that would them well we were they have these parties that you get into pretty much is site. Breakfast cereal every morning and afternoon and timing cardinals since spring game yeah. Parties that we do our reader via it's cool because they they do you know a year's Indy dress you dig a big companies like. You know you know cause my last it was Tommy if you before that it was who has it. From one of the parties moss enough. How is it early narco. Are you CNET Jeff Google voicemail is due north. But then I had Jessica Hardy is and you go and you literally just hang on chat with people and I'm looking over there is Gigi in. You know there is you know all these easily see two models and he cannot not say hey hey today where the wings when they're on public so that they don't now I. Nurses said they were like fifty pounds of things that it is an exhausting way out worst thing in the slower Zain only Zion. Once America you can say that I would mention they'd be ex boyfriend I'm not there Herbie beauty or anything like that. They are happy was the he wants. The good stuff so you're telling me that there are. Friends out that yes France Arabia and you know but. I'm trying to analyze it in with my with my job again you know you're hanging out with a girls here hang an you know. You're taking pictures we'll million. Yeah it's not go after we see now and half after Drake guard are training and the like him to the fans you know where you go and in and he's got to be understanding about that and understand Unionist party job yet does anybody ever asked you and pictures to act like you're knocking them out hurt Kiki all elite eight I've had people ask me kicks in ninth and kick in the they had another round. I mean hey I think girls. These guys wanna go out cash presenter Els victory. Goes yeah yeah. On cellphones already there. Did you end data I've never seen a fire right. On yeah there's a few hot is out there remain chilly cloudy hot yet things hot here. She's like she's stage though today offered to their own me I told you that should be your nickname Crying Game and Jeff agrees with them with the I had a schoolteacher she's coming out on housing once Friday caddie all in as well Iran. Now. She's here she is. She worked as founder and now issuers have Bell's crossing in icing that are class in my tartar clauses are. And oh and acceptable to the color and I are doing an acceptable. Shoes colossal sear. Pretty cool with you man of major Olympic Roy Nelson for our reality. Mistakes like RG Roy Nelson out I desk after I know I'm Johnny run thousands of very spiritual guy. And I know that you know a big key to that is gratitude. You have to do is give so much every morning though she's a unit you're doing what you wanted to do when your little kit audiences it I mean you know. My dad's in the first UC UC 23 in Charlotte console and then I was gonna do this Monday. And the last thanks Judy C issue our son not me you know usually miss the NC you know army you know but that's kind of tough it is him. Is again and for my nation and for some mention dad I thought he was going to literally just like punch in the face doesn't seriously courtesy encounters this not only does some Anderson fight do you we're on aren't you guys were putting on her ray was involved in in in and let him down or. Are you guys are these armory area of Karachi yeah he gives everybody a main measure live with a man. Jezebel watermelon revamp when your Q in the race like LeMieux and mark to sky Ralph yeah. I did you ever see your dad's fight and like KA you know a kind of the public fight wears out and I never had announced he can get pretty upset with some people it actually go to their car like Sarah and their economy he said. In the past known pro road rage but you know he's come down notion that he imagines the. Modem or my apartment if ray comes numbers let go out and not sold out so big she had. A little Herman MacArthur yeah they're good girls when it does is I get out or my socks and I. Oh man you're live in the last congratulation ace that I'm I'm I'm happy for you mean look you should you fight like hell your great fighter but you could look I Roy Nelson but you don't. I don't let us double any data mom not an hour. It did our our our features our looks are what keep our work given us from getting to the next level what are we supposed to do. Cut her hips alt and a exactly I don't know. Dye your hair dryer blonde I guess said that's what it is they have many out there that Merrill is where Armenians here you don't NASCAR's form of interim I if you don't modeling work you know and I got you entry bluntness what I can do. You know. I did before pitchers and stuff some might. Have gone South Carolina is easily couldn't salsa knew it OK magazine has just done a whole thing we're senator I'll ask senator bill. I got you by a pitcher clay you know that the he had time to hang out what is Larry there's an end coroner a while we're gonna play game next somebody's gonna win some tickets to see the Foo Fighters. With a brand new game called follow fighters. It'll be wonder boy vs Jeff Lewis no not made battles fisticuffs. But in a battle of finding knowledge who and you can win take trying to after this whole matter anymore. Rest mornings it's cleaner. Morning it is 833. We have Stephen wonder boy Thompson in studio win this we're talking about USC fight night when 30 eastern and on bearing tale. The gorilla first of all again at amateur body here in the Komondor. I don't know why they call my dad who calls him the go red become all about himself I guess the guerrilla. They do I go because NBC is a big welterweight which really the same size. He may walk around heavier than me but we're you know same eyes same. I think along a recent him it must like Nomar Garciaparra in the face over there really does hurt. Com all right so loud and did tickets and everybody's been what are known we got him talking about the Foo Fighters the so fighters will be end. Atlanta. Low alama. At Georgia State stadium. On April 28. The old spayed and tried. And though this is our first shot at tickets on the radio course would be into and who weekend giveaways in and website give aways with the of course April through this month. Glad that wonder boy like you April foods and the food and those fires tonight let's clear contestants is going to be Klain was we are got every right paired up. Let's go first to. Water do you love a good deal of the Foo Fighters. Yes well everybody does you're gonna be paired up with Jeff Lewis Neil as we played south siders are okay. Our hold on and then Logan is in Lancaster good morning Logan. Well are you Amish. No okay Kuroda and women this I don't know Amish policy is non Amish yeah you're paired a whiz Stephen wonder boy toss one out of mystery team that's got Gary let's try our Logan hold on him and these guys and do all the work forty hour. All right here's the way we played so fires you both have pen and paper we got the the other contestants are perfect so. What I would do is I or read a famous name but he did to view. Both wonder boy in jazz have to decide if that person is a real fighter meaning boxer MMA or karate and Bora folks fire remaining. Not a real. Thus flew fighters fellow fighters April. It is owner. Okay how does that make sense got to fight a guy DV one for example just so you can kind of see how we're gonna do how we gonna do so if I said Dowd. Write down your answered in this real fighter slow fire if I said. McKinsey Darren. The kids in Darren. McKinsey darkness names cuss word a month when my opinions outward and really good pass Cambodia. Brought you by the person who put the dead battery in the scale our leader all right so everybody's head Jeff your enemy and what did you say foreign McKinsey dirt for some reason I said it was a real fighter when you say wonder says fellow fighter. Well but his hat McKinsey Dern is they wanna know fighter in the US are. I used to show how much allies the US what do you guys. Do you watch what I would think like. Just being honest here I can't listen to a whole lot of different radio shows and podcast this and like I picked up again on stuff they do and I don't wanna hear that I do that all accounts he liked watching the today fights as fast we get a watches him because that would do is close to fight time it makes me nervous you know the clothes smell yet. The cut our panel watch to see what happens the next you know socially usually are they're starter tomorrow little boy is sound and you gotta guess reported. As far nerd is quick thought as solid easy when I. Insurance there are wardrobes and first in the Danziger drew first term not lie. I Saturday and that was it so popular girl was good McGee's they've all yeah. Yeah all right who's ready to play may 05 was do they are here we go. Ward number or name number one. Name number one and I think frank ducks. Frank ducks. Playing folks fired these dukes. We're trying to figure back. I take the fall for Alan I. Well I say it is. Quiet quiet or is it like dukes and he says I think it's like the first once that's why I said ducks. Yeah could be frank date X is an enormous name and neither her grizzlies. Since both under the new greatest answer ever I wonder boy you are are her. Gas today so what do you say for these first one that we just threw out their T of course that was frank Duke's. Frank Duke's this trash same real. You say real fighters and room Jeff I serial fighter. The correct answer. It was Sean callebs then they're out Eric your name and blood sport the but it was well it was based on in a row guys. It was based on a real guy yeah personally it was say some do say that. He actually fought in the blood sports yes yeah arena who's a real saying. But some who they say it was a real so we both get a point for that and now the scoreboard as. Wind to wind down BB vs jailing him in the right here we have to plant firefighters are Rita name yet to decide real fighter or so fire. Number true. All top seed in the ol' boy. Tough a salient top seed in the tough human we're playing south siders. Is that a real fighter remaining from the world of MMA karate or even boxing or is it as it sounds like a fighter name on it. Does that's. Rudy is stern she's got a big Joe's I don't know harder fight with now that's. There's actually a nickname here Chris would you say when your top this. The but yeah. So jealous she's not. She's McKinsey. Judeo centrum with regard to ask you let your answer I do I have both. Are in you say fellow fighter for top seed amendment I say foe as well he's safe. Well guess what. Tough Lieberman. Was there rodeo cowboys seem. And marriage student too tough unit. That was I think lead character a bid eight seconds was based on played by Luke Perry. Blueberry is an ace against these tough human medicine here is Tim McGraw I was saying about him in there they're able to implement Jews all right Tom loves you I am. This is John's my injuries today beyond really accident and put us into this area aren't there yet. I hit him. Right now instituted soon as we continue on with both fighters the next name on the list Stanley Burrell. Stanley Burrell. Can be a MMA fighter a boxer. Some kind of MMA guy even a US city kind of forever. Steve is really good Christmas parties or tomatoes grow up I ask is there is sure you see Christmas party are I guess holiday party. There is a summit today is up otherwise it is a party it is part of us and it's now where every year in Vegas they have all 500 fighters and yeah and I do young men of your plus one this year I mean I saw cyborg punched the crap out of his girl. At the party after party she's currently I try to bring you know Chris why didn't she about killed him so wow yeah. If I tell you keep cellphones in your pocket at that point. You know on any of that out an additional requirement for part of the name was Stanley Burrell I was asking you real fighter or slow fire we'll start back with Jeff just real fire south fire assets of both fighters CFO fire what do you say wonder boy says phone as well he save -- he's saying they're both not real and guess what Stanley Burrell. Is actually the birth name of the MC hammer yet. S and a CYC is actually Stanley Stanley hammer when they're really who would move this mountain is. Clearly everybody else has my manager I. If C hammer AJ hammer you want me out of my very first fight is because the use that we met him I. Now where error Kevin Willis for ten chances will listen but also his siblings and we were only young Ellen yeah. That was an eye when iPhone OIGSP is gonna kill me near its all really just use and Brad movements like this my only moment I'm go ask for a pitcher that I. And in the picture he's like this. Like I mean not able not in the UMO bulk up for that picture of facing it was more like you dig why you thought well more of an era did you is fear Hoover conversation with drugs hobby and Greg Jackson in San. Or owns. Well you know important maybe I ran for myself I was glad I just didn't know you lose Simon an important who's the guy with a from glass Booth are. We're back at it now what's the current score weird all tied at 33 grants these guys are racing always you know they really are. Are here we get the next one on the list as we play slow fighters is. Aspin lad. Aspin led. And then when there's big Torre secret angels and wonder boy was for turnaround with the New York sounds like. As I can laugh at your murder murder. Video game frightened game Kirkuk hello my young man that hangs out Suisse analyst Simon and street ironing passed in the last. All right so remain locked in locked in I wonder boy aspirin glad real fighters both fire he and I think in fighter. It's a real fight I think it's a fighter jets Lewis Neil Summers something his phone fighter jets says slow Stevens says real. Aspin glad. It is a one and a fighter in the US. Odd coin slot and elite. Call me now per hour down. To the wire Merrill places. Are this will decide the winner and commend and that we haven't. The last and final foe fighter's name right down your answer. Lincoln hall. Lincoln hall. Lincoln hall sounds like an airplane may buy link. Lincoln Continental. Lincoln ultimately can or will purse and true. Is this person is a drill far her fellow fighter I go right now. To the person. Who's trying to come from behind. I'm not just in this game and it requires. Ilya most situations just. Lincoln halt growth fighter are folks fire he's both fighters received so fighter and in Steven wonder boy Thompson as a fellow fighters CFO fighters well. Lincoln hawk. Was the name is Sylvester Stallone's character and over the top. You may use it's tie game Bryant isn't a tie game Miller. All the AI I would get a final score. That. Bill winner. Of both fighters. The stage and why are. Which aids. Compared with slogans and the dream team more threes came all the facts. Logan you did it. Small man. They're also young adults out there America let's make it official stink mark Dell's he would tell a reminder Logan what he just one courtesy of Stephen Koch Brothers. Even doctors aren't you are only days ago Ozzie I was lodged I. Installation I have to understand that I'm got that I take it. All right well that was a that was fun that was a whole lot of find their way inside here in the game all the way through there are you all we used every single 10 Stephen. Much continued success thank you sir USC 130 we'll catch you but back before you head over to Liverpool is doing. We go across the mid drift and we'll talk more crap about whoever that guy and gentleman who is idealism often. He finally let's go easy and I swear. Follow wonder boy of course if you don't already at Warner void MMA. And tell raid led us in Iowa he Lewis wanted to make it today good he since and I know it's time now. These two men are always listening right now he's always trying to help the younger peers abroad aimed at integrating he's more towards the end you can check out rate of state pride as well on social media wonder boys thank you. And keep Killen you've got to Maya and live in the lives publicly this guy's head that you guys spirit animal. Do you think you appreciate that you welcome your thinking that there. Are we think we'll break we'll be back right after this wonderful. It's. Free trade talks. Tweaked at this rise guys morning. 93 criteria the planet Chester rocks. China had to wonder boy on snap Chad and somebody's hijack this man to death. Yeah for the my name Daniel Daniel when you could end his. Twitter stagger whatever early there. I think there's only very news. Magazines unless snap and Jimmy you are not a moment and I tried that and. I don't know are urging prayers. Mine is a wonder boy exec sale if you look at from day. Well then I think it's no wonder they bear. No wonder. Aren't. Thanks Jim you're talking to heads up on math error on tap so let Stevie Wonder boy Thompson and afforded the big USC. Finite. I'm when he takes on guarantee of Gillian it's also about or mentioned to him maybe you did Jeff when you were bring in a manner taking amount. You mentioned that you filed Stephan Bonner. I did and just a little bit to him. What is Stephenson can Stephan Bonner is a UNC all Famer and you just fought him what yesterday or sort of Saturday Saturday Saturday night in Canada Obama. It was whose brutal what happened. I'm still in pain Julio Lotta brain yeah a lot of Astoria like a massive not read every year he murdered about kind of slow it's not back Euro lower back concerns. Mayor mark on my left leg from the case he was thrown. And was pretty brutal in the White House. Athens site what what was the obviously need each other out did what happened cultural harassment they have we did you know where it goes. So missionary who just isn't time. Wrestler faults. Stephan Bonner. And yes Sony on Saturday night yeah it was a wrestling match so is hit his first. Now he's had yeah he's had matches before light won his first match is a thing was on impact Russell Crowe. Boehner already seems absolutely nuts to me. But you have. Mary manic panic yeah. Yeah that's the reason I don't America's Arab. Really really really nice guy. He dog chew on his program year we're going to be laying in a puddle beyond blood could affect the a pool of young but how does that a nice guy who putted off well. We lane in a puddle booze or sweat you know I'm brutally hot in the regular room afterwards and feel a to brutally hot in the building AM and then we went about. Maybe twenty minutes I think yeah Brookner about the madness of so and so who want. I did white I didn't do enough Stephan Bonner I did who's in her version tabloid. This if I thought I saw that it. Fat boy stop Troy because it was running what is window behind scene stuff going on with the show why didn't win we said on Friday Jeff was going to be five and Stephan Bonner guest Tony why you say you're going to be willing fat boy didn't he didn't. There have been here the OneCare is it nobody gives blank that's why they're there their war I mean I say stuff all the times is nobody listens big EU authorities say it there but it is. I was not a an almost almost. They go yeah I went into the doesn't like to follow into the ring or whatever. I was Louis and disposed to like sprayed blood we'd be going in the match before hook up they are happy Connecticut oh what happened. My tag or was it a tag match you know against two of Stephanie monitors. Guys the other AMP and what Sam Boyer remained. Now travelling what within into the ring and then I don't know what happened in that yes sprayed with what wall look you know law. We came in Connecticut. And a couple of girls out there was human. She try to use ugly be gone spring give it to moments ago that we're in. Sent to the mansion America's enemies in the boy is one I got in the celebrate but I don't want air cannons you spray with the ugly Beagle sauce and away your eyes and a generous friend like that he's almost like area that's come Olympic crowd that he faces ugly pretty modest not assigned to move men women desperate. Amaro sold it to our goal is really. Might have been through color your water but I guess early alienated us. Clothes smell like coming mentally I'm glad you sold at some did you delegates here are more. Like I'll man stole all call a win on the man I snapple among their way to our. Says Jerry George I George south still has a vaporized back yet that that's that. Who. Or self yet still work them very hard to yourself how it works what are your from Marion around now. Now those funds are saying get and Jeff went over narrative. She's heard some of those stuff alone pull the curtains back two months ahead to the some stuff just plan from the match marks no way. Possibly given some color possibly back body drop the mountaineers got. I did do the second part the back body drop on cheers at home that's when I got some legs here. Boy I have I was I was I was going up for it and we were both play really really sweaty killers and it was really hot gym. And as soon as I came up toward my knees and I am sick when I had a close and I expect my left hand slipped and growing up in the air and I'm immediately. Going right down on the dopamine is and don't conflict and you're the eyes swollen today thank you bills and it was supposed to happen. All supposed to twirling the girls around in the when that was brought up the local officials like gonna happen. I just you ever Hampstead so what. Is there a adds that about a Beno rubber match and this will you be backing Estonian fat boy Jeff does that staffing get there room there will be hearing masses don't know where. Who owns a little closer. That was fun but get in easily and an up and you saw him somewhere else. Well yeah yeah yeah he was talking and where he lives in Vegas now. Well here's hoping for Syria. Cup record I'm hoping that we consider for three hours and no damn phone scam or a lawyer for this little bit closer Jeremy Shelley are doing living and they didn't end in any way and I didn't hear what you said is exactly. And I. I'm very damn our candy boy it took three Camelot it's no ice dam power it's a break and we wait three months or three hours right now. All right well congratulations on. And your appearances in your fights and all that stuff thank you and all the merge money. Nor in that we'll take a break we come by a brand new four months in the making Jeff Lewis nil. Can follow scamming view Iran as to yes. To rise guys morning Jill had wanted to go and radio that's why you gotta do revenue the company did do your own. Street calling me it's I.