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Our original Truth and Consequences fell through so Logan called and wanted to do one, but he didn't get very far: Open Phones: Headlines


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Hello don't let me ask you vote on the set the alarm and wake up for the rise guys every morning this is the rise guys morning yeah. Three point freedom planning back. Bauer really troll saying in the air or or. Use our guitarist. Obama British loans breed anger here. What do to really was Garth honorary you know spasm and as Chris Gaines is dancing in that Tom. Rory it's truth and consequences Tom right now except. They're doesn't wanna do it apparently he's on the phone on answering yeah he's no answer and he's just not answering not raises money go to voiced her. Cole via just letting you know was known in the last summer calling sent straight to voicemail I don't care how things are getting going really. Sir where are underinsured congress is when bad guy now so we're gonna do you wanna open phones it's Friday I'm probably it's payday for semi. 18077400931807740093. They don't talk about this Friday people are being pretty good mood ever that even those rain and outside. You also along been times as we have someone do that suits why Baylor treating horses almost won't do well we'd. We were married not picking people we think will bail. Through the process is got a little more stringent yeah but still you're across. Or maybe he opened his mouth too soon about some somebody and it blew up already. I'll look forward to a mental when he was talking about all wasn't I don't know much about it. Cell phone saying now if we can do imputed Casey was come I don't OK he shouldn't there. The Wilson maybe you should well be burnt I'm a missile is a folk analysts are okay and our 1807740093. Sinks 1807740093. Jeff Lewis meal Sendai waiting to answer the phone waiting to take your calls right now. While he gets. Remind you that January 27. His MMA fight in 864 fighting championships debuts in the upstate at Spartanburg Mary god. And we will be there from a madman and myself why was farmer Mary 4864 fighting championships. Who were young you'll love find. No certified mail or just promoting fights are actual fighters are gonna fight ought to do real fight each other no I Brad there's your five were on standards. Well yet so cruel exhibition for a used to call the stuff. See you back to call it again. I'll doing that I did some who color yeah big color commentary on us amendment modifies. I sit Steelers earlier this week about doing play by play for grassland. Only because it's not now man and I think they got some money that. There all the all independent wrestler organizations in the state North Carolina. Lost their commentator last week. Trans ours are offered my services to my favorite one. And I guess they councilman dot com Mormon doesn't think the thing we're doing honestly senators firmer Mary on. So 864 fighting championships as their premiere finds Spartanburg Mary. Saturday January 27 doors open at 430 were careers are at 3:15 AM Mary got. The fights start at 530. And next week we're gonna give away tickets to go for the green and we take is on the rise guys morning show next week. Those are entertaining Zelman who are seeing people you know it's not lead out of each other. Did a lot of that that setting for it to like him a merry not ballroom for a prize fight. Maybe you a kid watching that Friday night fights when he is the into back in the day. Yeah. Muscle hotels until you any idea they can say is also may disagree it's a great city go watch up and coming prize fighters do different sounds good tools might say bounces all the math. I'm looking forward to it. There are bigger Jeff Schwartz sorrow and phones there are no need to get lied to with Kelly she needs advice is that I can hear her over here yet why you or talked or hands and I hear her just animated so Kelly ports up. I mean they initiate your own. I know that. I guess my ball not appear to me and I burn into the the same drop a near near. Ladies and try and have that conversation professionally. Oh cool that's a good third question that's a really good question has such a good question in fact that. I'm I'm going to think about it for a moment before I can they had a proper response is I don't want to give you the wrong advice on that can go either way. You meanwhile. Literally considered Google at this point I'm flat out of time machine that all I have no idea how to start the conversation. I have no idea what the site. Because they're they've also done this twenty how much can you not go back to that one. Yes her breasts are the DN especially. Not knowing the boss everything about your bosses personality it's really hard to say how you should proceed because the way I would proceed would be entirely based on that individual personality. Yet rated down and get the facts on a piece pandora. And then state your case. CNET how to answer it might happen in my you were thrown under the bath. Do you worry it straight to the point in there and not paid. Bob our conversation if you're that hyper person. And how do you approach I guess I'm still trying to figure howdy professionally. Take back. That's happening how how do you get Eric how would you say these pilots the army and the or. Functionally different than the top opinion only go where it really likely out how do you I don't mind on. You don't where I observe this happened is. You don't make accusations in that setting you seek clarification. Are kind of far there's no concerts like you know what's going on there are you in a group of people he's got a joke or. Very best people and probably. From my power struggle consider and that he's in nature of the division. Yeah he's. Coal burning in the process the learning and I need and to try to arrange and run with it initially happened. So there's some anarchy on Lori marks that are getting back. A soft mellow this whole office rumors to almost one of the situations like you know. It's like a nervous laughter runny kind of don't like the guy iron kind of alternate same thing about how to manually bond is back. He's got great birdie these things like very nice guy it's just. Alex sometimes that will be in play off the chatter. Sound too busy to do business. You don't relate to and broker. So he's not necessarily hot style T use its more his work ethic and the way he handles situations. That unprofessional. This stuff that you're hearing secondhand. Is there which is it all. Checked and yes OK. That does make a big dip yeah does that ever trust the people who come to at least a flicker. But juvenile. Court this size Brad is Campbell as desperate for the congresses and indeed it's also aren't fumbled you attack them look man words again around the desire to do was normal. Would you would you do it and they often in the garment or detect much. Talk to definitely talked did him individually away from everybody else and just. You know I don't think approach should all all Madge just say eight. I'm here and some things and only talk to you about it because I mean who knows. Maybe he's not maybe it isn't what is being made out to be. And just say look I concern. On this because this isn't wide op and my opinion happened. And I need some clarification. Little guy. Thank you and usually I hit traffic jam looked at ever listen thanks thanks yeah yeah the fact that. We realize good luck with that heart you know lost one hurt take amount shall then whose thoughts are primarily pro bowlers during his credit. Figure out what's going on there is a lot of times and stuff is getting back to somebody isn't what it's being made out to be right. And I worked in a situation and there is animosity between two people. And I north between the two people often and it's not in this round. But you have to get in together and say look this is what you're saying this is what you're saying I think maybe they need an like a mediator in. In between that fear or the source you said that. To say I heard this from so and so you're doing this you're doing that and it's counterproductive to what we're doing that mark. Mean it'll start out with a blank blank are you talk and asks yeah yeah there are not why are you doing this thing. I'm hearing some things and are telling me some things not that. And that way you're not like I'm accusing you of this now you're just trying to figure out what's going on get to the bottom monogram that's most important thing. It isn't a situation I was talking about somebody we sabotaging any other person. And then you don't want to be thrown an under the glass or not get credit for something army employee sabotage to New York. And all big it's it's a big bail definitely address it but. If it's sowell tiny insignificant thing ultimately no matter and is kind of bruise your ego urge you feel a little bit the aura from Doug burns plays. Jesse got you gotta kind of you know qualify prisoners choosing your battles saying yeah market Bernard term. Less blood on your hands you know the better just see his own phone just as the days go low Ginn next slogan good morning. They hurting our zone Logan a real quick just two segments 1807740093. If you call up now sorry love and we got four. Oh in the mud and I don't know what to do there should be consequent through the yes. So you wanna do it because the the other guy bailed on us. Basically got me yeah yeah I gotta get cleared up let's just Odyssey as of now. Parents don't all times is the sentences well no guarantees Graham it tell us a little bit about your situation and and may because we're planning to do want anyways to have it falls in our lap you know we won't complain. And vehicles rather appreciate it we'll. Get her start out her college can't. The girls that are real and I talked to. Let the situation kind of weird now. No my classes you know help around the town to town or work. Really talk about school who looked like that. And then later I'll became friends and he now like your life. She's really awesome. But it Hugo what she looks like she's she's really really really hot. And down this big bird. Actually chancellor Angela I kind of bus is coming back you know how many in his tool they have kind of you know kind of picture got a standoffish but I. You know she's really try and you release really cool all negatives doesn't. What's the problem here. And there are no problems so far as I do I don't know I don't know the problem is to and less like you think she's she's got your league high. No I you know what I like Gary that I had to have a hard time Eleanor you know Munich he can now. I've got me out of all the same. These kids are you'll you'll you'll be there in the east can't say the words you mouth won't move to spin out. That figure out there man I've been there and Gaza this. I'll have. Yeah I'm. So what it said. Any idea how you sir need you think you can tell her on truth and consequences like the added pressure might bridge over the top is being a voter has to say it. Oh you didn't exactly. That easy that you that simply let me and I got an act. I think a lot of screwed up. And pledged one. That award Manila and all of this one day after class you sir part of being a band that. A tall order that neither of the guerrilla held to meet women and enemy that you know hardly. Got to talk to learn will be any stated that even in the thing. You're not going live to wing woman. Exactly and reality and you know you found out probably the hard way. In the real world the wing man is just well know by going to the same target basically. Exactly and so he's he is the only create a friend I have you know woman out can't do. And like you know that you're about to help me and ask your Q O'Dell many. By this more centralized. You know since you go to war didn't we also learn a little daughter courthouse. And so. He says you're not time to go out they know me you know. And the women and sort of like taxes. Yeah yeah you have turned out so in order it offered here. Because about 200 dollars you've you know. So she can still go on the board in the word in you know somebody keep a daughter early in go out to get every meet your work then. And we went output is very different times or so I got a couple numbers these kind of went our Korean girl. But I never had put so those girls that I did Harry had to make I got to talk to her and I went out. So you have more fun going around with a third trying to meet women than you did when you went out with a women's she help you meet. That's exactly correct. Okay. Man this is you John Cusack an hour range got no chance I'll let you want to. You ordered to ask her outbreak eased. I understand that you probably kill you would be awkward to ask her out having. Paid her. 200 dollars to help you meet women besides her that the adds a wrinkle. Grew myself I look at this I got oh well you think I can get attacked her after class and anything for the company's current. Not a lot of fun again they're glad. If you were sitting here getting older you know actually actually do you know look like girls go to a street date you know so. And she knows you got Tuesday at the soldier and it from the beginning and well I rarely went through because when you Ghana. Approach serve and his wingman type situation. He automatically is like whoa shop this Castro assault means does not try and hook up. She community here April oh yeah needing it big over a group. That's why she's kind of normalcy you know casino losing your lung and a kind of morass serve slow winter costly and owner. Yeah and how he'd straight out of Logan I don't know that. I do grand gesture. Is going to do you any favors here I mean I know that. You know like the live on the radio in front of an audience and all that it it feels like again a grandiose sort of gesture but it. May not know of that does you any favors or fit just. Embarrasses her as well. Yeah and if you're staring manner she can't say you know anger. Yeah I think she in the way you look better. And discouraging you from telling her if you like her even tell her ladies and I sure don't know where am I gonna. Sure all the way down late like frat boy did its anything's possible but. I don't know it try to do truth and consequences is the best avenue to take if you wanna pursue various. Not Lagardere and you understand though why that is where and when we're together and we're we're cock into her hours cut chicken like. She looked at different you know they like. See how regard they're quiet I think I think she kind of has I think she can ask Felix woman did a Google look at their you know the main. I mean there's a way you can get out of this and come Foreman to worship. You know falls for your whenever with the same the way to do. Discover joy wave on the able. And up of the yes it is still make love ya I'll op ever ever article about our day. And I don't want you single one had another solid foundation utility pole each other and we are going garage I really can't do we'll go to girl go or look at the builder. Nobody could guard her in I think I'll order you not appreciate your help and got big and he beat this because you go. Toward any debt and the exact route from Rio. I think you do man of god I don't noted during cross which is the best judge he sits and I don't want for his advice for him yes in my from a slow but just in from Greenwood has advice for you very heard just senior vice reloading your own phone Logan. Hello to romance so what should do your article on predates the third and other women. A little more what you look at or and I would do is so buyer want more colonel you wanna go out again. When he gets there let her know literally did what the wanna do what we're a look at. You won't get there now you got to wait reportedly had just cleared house nice yeah. Thought about that now the governor look I. Frequent and. Thanks I just going to be able to stay and many snaps his fingers and this Kroll has won boom like that he's ready I'm played terrible that so big pieces of advice for you that you I don't know that I mean how would. I would advise you how do in regards as routed by you don't do it because I don't think it's going to do you any favors here at all. Larry will I not think about it that is. I think early it is never ever really that I really need. A girl and I really hurt I think he's a war and I think I think we can you know maintenance you know remain like that. I don't know I'd rather simply get out of my head I think back out. We tell her what you've told us this morning and you just alien doing on radio and witty a live news. Our role in her her yeah yeah he doesn't like you she was in years to begin with but if she does Raikkonen and that's also where you feel as a mean or her. Watch TV smooth like Johnston don't you know tirades allusions yeah. Isn't in this for you can't necessarily. Yeah. Confirming he's writing a sudden you got our person. There isn't here. I get them I don't know man it be great talent or no and Lou that I can't get to a state they had some assessment is that. If I didn't go beard in the United States. So tell Mosul so relentless journalist. Africa look out for his sometimes I'm ideologues been on the radio Nina yeah ideological bone especially not the united. Early in the morning surprised asked out by a guy they do you have been made that yeah I mean just. As she doesn't like user I don't know O'Donnell they'd from what you say is not the best decision man I mean Arnold. Is anybody and more to do that for drew the consequences I don't. Yeah yeah. I don't really yeah. Companies that helped him and if you do I really humble yourself Connolly all out their tour. Put yourself overload is kind of be in that some on the page you're alone or would you invite you organize and do this very. I personally and you know be in a woman I don't I would really be embarrassed if I was hurt and I didn't like him. Yeah area that's page telling you they're not did you kids tell her just not in this way so please please don't be embarrassed and don't. Like just give up on telling her just that's just not this way but still do it yet. They call us back an hour wind please this is don't don't do rely on the radio if you wanna have a chance attacked Clinton just because I said that doesn't mean now that it's not right for you I just and very siren thing I'm fat and. I mean now let me sway your decision. Trust in her art. OK you know he seems very momentous thermal. Won't talk to hand off here or turn our walk of Sorenson can we go point two I want them to unload and as well we're going to mean he really wants to do it arm well are right. I'm sure some people just think. Want me here's one if the man wants to crash and burn on the radio let them I think to be funny as hell faced the UNC big. I don't has got a boy and only Carolina they've real knock Comtex lined 72341. Similar calls are what he wants to call up until Logan. And tell us if you think we should do an angle and talents but if you think Logan shouldn't do that on the radio please tell him not hear on the radio fans are you feel. 18077400931807740093. We're back with more your. The rise guys morning show bad tornado on the radio that's why you gotta do reverend. The comfort victims. Agent. That doorway 93 pointer in Atlanta and dry. Welcome back right guys we're shipping company folds and rolls and we heard Kelly where there were problems we heard from Logan. They wanted to do truth and consequences to ask out a girl he goes to college where. She's in what his classes they became friends. And we advise him against doing truth and consequences because we did not think it would work out very well. But he wasn't very happy were bad decisions when he got lucky to near. I mean which. Usually you know the parent throws a kid watermelon swimming is here aren't we did get his number there's encouraged the ones want to do it but it. And once texting and on the Carolina paper mill tax line. 72341. They don't wanna do it. We must been a good mood to talk someone in that you know possible embarrassment. Yeah being in this sort of I have no idea Malia. We were saying relevant situation. Well armed I'd wanna say that a home. Step one might be right that the reason why you feel like she might be assumed that because she's kinda. Let her guard down. And Noam. I think they have got away that he can figure out whether or not she does. Is there talk tour and about like talk to talk to about one of them the girl's body one hours. And allowing that's great time at Goddard Condit gave her body language. See if she's been bushes didn't know what this and then there's two years then he can tell you that you have to. And then maybe he can you treat the consequent. Extreme honor that he feels good about cars or react the. As perfect. Because you know right or like I don't play games this is the kind of stuff you have to do. Well tiger jealous first out of games armored Jones. Another guard are trying to maker saw just trying to find out if she would get Joseph Louis ensure an zero for you your marriage he's a terrific just trying to gauge the water. Stick with it like for you jump them. And pretty like what you got nothing to lose but. I mean he kind of does that he's tried you know spring that are like to the cops want the tuition you don't lose a friend and Lehman I want to do that. Yeah events I mean. I'm I didn't mean that minor scarier getting Betty if she doesn't want to answer doesn't want to and so what's the loss. Mean all the losses the parts of the you can still be a different source sixty so they're good attempt but if if she is not a slumber and these charts that makes some. Out of what's not there then yeah you can you can lose our. It's two point males who happens. I think he does that he's silence on this in the glasses aug oh yeah that's that's one like this one way or face an idea. I'm really ever make children and it's so hard for men and women to communicate. And pass it to watch this or I don't know it's frustrating yeah. Why you saw walking tours and look this was hadn't thrown out there that are actually there anybody else ordered are relevant. I've solved my. Guys the he is that it already college street he's got a wet I'm here but you get tired. That your process British station he won't show it like out on him but I was you know. When able to global real Lance got a backbone not act weird weather outlook when her lecture the black belt apple has. You ask the court. And that's me you just described yeah oh well there's one that's the father and the real mental O'Meara OK or. Well a lot. I'm glad I'm here defeated a patient even. Because he's still bringing them into these guys here are they get tiger flashed across radio station chief she don't like out on March to support quite. Now you run on wall. Yes go into the they don't want on the drums his home I want you here at all learn and Al Sadr grandkids Taurus had a child and an. Served does that anyway anybody in some we got more from agreeable he needs advice. But his real dad yeah yeah I think we pretty much got the consensus on Logan remark will bring Boortz and mark. Yeah I got to do on. Here. That's also a sake I got a quick check and try again to work here so can't explain it chats Stahl salaam. In my mid thirties now also won the unfortunate ones and never really never thrilled that in me out a new name. Never seen a picture of not decide never had a will to want tetris on the story that I heard that apparently he didn't past. And I got a phone call about six months ago and killed him. And I candidates in fact checking spoke to my mom and sure enough there was some usher I got my number. But I'm now on the Luke out spoken to mono where he lives as a very quick conversation workforce. Obviously had the other quote come there and thought this guy again. How one medium but now I'd also point. And I'm kinda look into the fact obviously gratified that wonderful them just shake it and meet him and call quit. Why we will tell them we're gonna stuff retardant around the city there are the most glorious thing that's. I don't. Colonel that I. Well okay. Good beast says it is curious yeah lucky me up pretty much like domestic buyouts and trying to army executed. Janeiro to Houston in the air. Missile Lotta time the past you know he could of Ozzie changed that it is also mayors of those was in sailor and the Edward. I'm kind of a similar situation on Monday of the you know yours is little more stream them on. A kind deal with them to struggle with effective you know at target and situated along wanna continue relationship among. It's a we're resign him. Gated gonna wicket the elderly are careless not. Because he had ever Kim of them Parma buckle up. What did shake things I'd have never met and only looks like immediate this is listing is like a last act how want to do that that's important point I mean. I don't know at least it's across the country is not up five men grounded the other plot across country. Well Kerry made it. Man art can tell you is insert. It's. Do you neared to figure out. If it's just going do it it will save you the next fifty years and wondered what else. You gotta go do lament a whole venture out of and you know worst comes to worse you've got a part of your life over the story of why the road trip girl. Through Colorado road trip and got a little you got to curiosity peaking he goes to Europe and his thugs and how aside there would they mean is it all the oil Louis terrorists. Yes it's. Pretty much space far less if she can get out there and try again and Spokane Washington. We have this any state that borders the Pacific open ocean they are legal weed manner before. This country that have to. So obviously it's certainly unique situation as a I mean this week has close friend about a they had that like cave they know you very low on the cap are really had no clue where to get your tickets. I don't mean to those. The passive agreed to meet a man that would SS without situation. Era there you Blu-ray there would this go someplace you ever been before in the yeah I mean if you've never never met him I'd think family gave some good advice you got to meant. Or possibly an employee in the duke takes him if he's so fit all and it's terrible in and. Vacation doing something manner buried if he's terrible we'll know if he is it well he'll he'll earlier better. But I got analysts note to decide did Illinois have instead please us on this Martin they're good luck when that meant. They appreciate it got lucky get updated. There are things aren't I spend on May just take a number there here there are hitting the highest priority as it and I kind of assignment. There's departed Munich I don't want set over with. Is there but then he kind of joke it's what's weird about you feel guilty a little bit because only human level become wanna give some money chance. Especially with a father insolvency must own for so long for whatever reason you know as some point don't count elect while talking to everybody wanna open that door for. Mystery to. Me today is mostly you know appealed to like he's a mole nothing tiger's enclosure but he still calls us to. Sir yens or deodorant and. Yep we run guys and learn where your don't pay to get a little bit and I'll my guys do we have a story for you with me taser is still CM Lara. She act. Talked to some different South Carolina and what she said until there is completely funny and shocking in the same time I can't worry if she's as some money meant earlier first. Our president says that's government. Added to lists like the right guys if these little. Com slash 933 to play. Right guys headlines with the aids. And you're Beagle who. We already princess felt more night then. Strap yourself and be kissed Chelsea handler Aaron went off. I'm Republican senator Lindsey Graham on Twitter at yeah Lindsay not mind see basically accusing him of being a closeted gay man. The issue also attacked fish in barrels recently what what the blank Chelsea. Ari then it well season. As tactic Houston and a man and being closeted gay man use being blackmailed into supporting president trumps. And knowing that she's so obscene language internal tweet. She say Clara. Mine may have to tear up in the blanks and a KK she's got a foul mouth. Went holy aft after. I just all the video trounced bipartisan meeting yesterday. Hey Lindsay Graham what kind of blank blank video. To they have like you. Are you to be acting my best. And she's a millionaire comedian she's making the same she's saying the same exact stuff my grandma was saying when he won his office the first time. Yeah the last thing should we was. Win coming LB more on. It she's there ever any herb like old program however sorry in my family. Yeah I'm only heard of owner of the the also once were pretty millionaire. I'm only a one person defendants will be handed you know absolutely. No way possible that can be a positive. Clinton pregame show years ago during an interview me Lindsay Graham has since Hubert he really does he know he's like a jovial. On loans were guys seems like to me but they're ready jokes about him playing women's tennis at Clemson and he's older laughter that and the Serbs with the army and Gil are only they don't care. Yes I mean if he is I don't think I would you know doom again. If you lose his job and prayers I lost everything else. So here's what people are saying and you did mention the other part of this tweet where she says when you coming counting more on Arab ball on naturally wasn't long before the LG BT community denounced and here obviously. I gay conservative activist named Christopher Barron sag cloud just reported this explicitly. Anti gay tweak odds on Twitter doing something less than zero at the conservative said this. They'd be suspended. Immediately. All we're doing that Twitter or are they suspend anybody for any thing. How to do a lot digital era in order to suspend Vieira who really really. I. I mean in all fairness. And sent and let's just take sexuality. Out of everything. Though. Grew and I did tech alum I mean attacked me. I learned some things other then being where you are and if you're gay should be on the command of the closet and and just not have these low lives. Railway and if you take issue with Lindsey Graham take issue with some policy thing her honey don't need to take issue with the Q if you disagree with the army has. He's been in the senate since 2003 he's done plenty of things to take issue with iron in the last fifteen years plenty of things in fifteen years do. But. Now nobody listens if you take issue with. The work the senate actually does nobody. The problem is it wait no we don't care what they're up to serve you talk about what they're actually doing no one listens but if you say this kind of stuff. We're kind of stuff trump talks about yeah I think liberalism did you actually talk about. Domestic policy or foreign policy or. The actual issues they do it I know my parents all. Non issue non news and even if he came out and said that. If he was gay who cares because I don't care when trump doesn't ms. Bender and. The sounds like to trump sweet besides call annoy even call about the party is a trumps week you know from top to bottom there and you're right you know by congress. People know how to go well fine and out is there's so much. Delusion wouldn't you know legislation their nobody knows who's doing what. May name a lot of post offices. Early on it until May start my mind's eye and by the time against him. All meant. And men mints or whatever they're doing to change it it's not the same legislation. So we don't even know what they're really voting on. There are so I'm not remotely Byrd are I know are going used to sit and take any sort of moral issue with anything anybody says now I mean it's his. It's pointless to do. This is the same way and that's how it got an agent of this like any other corporation and where each is Steve Jobs shut up and go home. In an anti there. On the paper has not. Mayor where she treasures trying to 10 boy Cole countries Bert stern I'm going to have a moral objection to anything anybody says just go ahead and assume that. What ever she said it would ever charms and I say worst things in my private larva are probably had in fact and I understand why she's thinking. My season so my aim alliance Lindsey Graham a buddy buddy with trounced when humans. Attacking him Merling area and especially during the campaign are good. Don't they all have to work together. It's amazing how you can hide in the senate. Bernie Sanders was a virtual unknown for years easily if president or me there are so many congressmen in the house and Cindy scope there. Had a career doing whatever nobody knows were sold fixed the focus on the president know what ails. And the thing the forty just may page here all the time how can you now be on his team when you were supported Ted crews are the sixth grade I know our own people. We used to go around town years and years ago. But no bumper stickers is an assortment certain morning show sucks yes well. Time goes on the company may work for bought this radio station. We lower your gas and we get along pretty good. I know it's like even if he hit. Five year olds don't touch and don't say anything to make them cry disk behavior cells. There is enhancement. Childish. There as. He's he is dead and you said about names. Terrible. Luck this aside about self fees most of us take more than one self freed. Before we haven't had warned the post. And saw us take more than 25 I have the feeling can she can't get back and that green and a combat. Yeah my battery life means more mean in the person's self you railings are evicted after if I don't get it right on the second try I'm just proposed that would. Because. Yeah I don't wanna kill my battery Chandler purged and Stan I'm married as legal matter. It's our role praying. You and fat boy and Jeff Carroll footage and a well I mean I anyways take black but the pictures and I'm sure there's any the election. Think apple phone there that's why I'm over 300 pounds and I'm almost lute initially. You're not in any currently photogenic. I'm not a fan boy Friday and I got a case she now happen live there and I'll take over you know looking you always I think the cutest pictures a year you're not paying attention I love and I like Merlin. Adorable candid shots of fat boy every friend and then Robert De Niro faces priceless and you stop doing and a. Things me as I used to take one now. Castle burned areas employment and save. Point taken. Over 48% of women and 58% in men say they've taken between two to five before they get the one that's where they are posting. And 3% and both men and women take more than 25 to get again born but also. Ma'am what are you waiting for my goodness touch it up and have so many Alter your pictures like Kim Kardashian enhanced ME ST hat. Have been approved before she has anything bad is that living in the now as well living in the real world Maureen have to make sure that your pictures are. Are good enough for people to say. Really think Jim Carter Sheehan doesn't have to including Kanye a ranger after. But I mean in the people now do you see which you look fine I mean I did get I don't want to do we need I think the way she does it if she likes music I don't like it if she likes food I probably don't like you if you still want setup probably don't it's your choice or what ever Sheila writes probably honestly I probably don't like it whatever she wants. Our problem here and don't like her cash in it's even then I just think I'm so different from what Kim Kardashian in that. Whatever fruit she likes is probably true I hate I think your butt better than hers elitist or hard it's hit it isn't well. She's been a lot of my grandparents era you did yours naturally thought about yoga Lloyd's of London were not ensure mine at. Mullah. Well playing more EU minus spent Jesse. Exact same number I don't know how much her surgeries or bring your appearance wasn't cheap now Marlins CBO Lloyd's of London Milan ensure Marmol but. Murder and there's a pawnshop and see you we will. And a day to mesmerized as headlines. Whereas guys what are you love the craziness of this young man since descendants is funny as anything after. Guys guys morning show is funny and special on the radio. Songs 3.3.