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FOF: Wild pregnancy myths will crack you up: Nine shares a pretty cool old local story that Fat Boy had never heard before


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Stewart dear girls. The rest. When each 93 point three point play and then. It is not windows and nine days and went into power watching but I was watching Lee and the sales staff arrived to work so we did hear earlier just watching Paula. Is when Crittenton. They're more nerve. They're like look up when masseuse moderates and that's very kind of you know we're gonna research or not want this brutal losses we had one right outside here. I'm kind of car fire they Yahoo! yeah. It's also alone is as we didn't see the fire trucks out the window on 300 national what do you know once they get. No just a bit about a year are increasing there. Bear in any case it's almost time for the FO offline but. Before we dispense with the hatred the venom. The name activity. We want to remind you that numerous nuptials is coming back in 2000 maintained. Who haven't done has been a long long time it is a chance for couples to come together get married for the first time renewed their wedding vows. And there you do it all at once and the only thing you need to participate. Is your marriage license. And the the other person and you have to and that first getting marriage license and spouse. Both those things up a guy drawings to rough and rings if you if brings her as applicable you have to get the ring is marriage license and some want to marry. General. Yes it's going to be my first want this at least a voice first one he's been on the show for. Over ten years now has a long it's been as the main has been twelve or thirteen years since we've done it numerous nuptials but it. It's it's coming back and you'll be able to sign up starting Monday. Numerous commercials. Analysts into law expects enough. Other than a party well once people Mendoza I talk to to a new renowned local musician amount playing some tunes for all the folks the recession numerous social or escort out at Rocky River plantation and we guerra. So help from Scott tells Spartanburg also and the means I'm would you firmly green bottle opener with numerous not shall this year. It yet talked to it Trevor Hewitt he played my wedding I got married last September he played my wedding in play Norway until you scandal is great and a he loves to play weddings that is EP out now so. I'm or have him there it's going to on Valentine's Day February 14 Rocky River plantation. And banish. As Roma spoilers it is you know your wedding can be officiated. Pro Bono by Matthew himself. Release it to you tomorrow same time. Spirit in the past I only wore tuxedos with that in the same thing this time. That's been discussed I imagine there'll be some tuxedos warrant. Are you are what you ought meaning if you wanna dress up you dress so if you wanted to get you a nice to tour down the beach in the last two tours down I'm unaware taxed again house I'm I got married him zeroing tuxedo I understand you won't look good there certainly are yeah go ahead and do it. But hey man are you aware of swimming trunks and flip flops were asked Wal-Mart right now to man has a nice selection of silk Valentine's Day novelty boxer shorts. I'd marry and those what are your disk that chair. This role useless until I got a shiny red ones in the sentinel and there but for your time there. Just went home last time just hang now yeah and we encourage that's Erving if you wanna get married there you had the opportunity to bring some gasoline. And if you just wanna if you're in the electric city your ride down and see it for yourself real last place rock river plantation is beautiful going Google that if you want to. But did you have the opportunity to come down. Only a little bit the venue itself men's argued in there some incidents yet is always booked it is zones right down your Alley. Basically furry hair. Or a moment ever so many people so many people who. Maryland awarded nice wedding ever plays like rock your plan treasures on a hard to do it on a finger. Or it's not my speed I'm not good at planning things for a year and a half. What ever the reason may be if you just want to expedite the process or you won't renew your vows in the ninth setting with the rise guys we got she. And from mine and after parties asked after the landing you here are my time here is this going to be a fun time in Valentine's Day. You build a sign up for that starting Monday. No I can't wait for a man's the real fun time. Party in you know watch a few million manners I knew we were find more information throughout at 933. The planet rocks dot com. Sir just go there to check in on numerous nuptials now for employee food of school Ers. A fat boy. He'll. We go from love. And the venomous venomous hatred. Our why you wanna Switzerland man I cannot change in the nation sailing Vince McMahon would. Ahead. This whole new few million man this week. President there's a lot of you know. Like I said earlier there's a lot of straight up I'm angry. Because do you have six we 66. Guys CFO applying its always open 44 hours a day seven days a week 8642414328. That's 2414328. It's a voicemail you call it fat boy and will greet you instructs you to leave a message. If you're mad at somebody one of us somebody else whoever it is mad about something whatever. Call that number and leave the message 864241. 4328. But be aware of the best ones will be on the radio every Friday morning and went on Obama's time million letters that. Was six day how yeah kinda why are you ready. What he's done you know little ball and how war. Nike give an accurate read about a guy that Smart buy. It I got he's feeling tomorrow I know. In that game I end and yet to be appealed the leg about Amanda what do you know about. He's beyond that this guy. And at one point I can understand it no matter how your fast I got no word of it I don't know. If you start Obama and his girlfriend her sister was Norma I think that they're gonna want the harm caller competition in Cleveland county fair racquet all twelve he's several days d.s are regularly and if you map. In her mouth as big as the Grand Canyon wow wow wow sang it well a compliment wall and there. Well we're big servers are more or woman who makes me think of Christine Taylor own friends. Yes there is as good look at bowl hopefuls longtime Clinton anyway. Thousands album a mild foot yeah I'll sling yeah aren't in our interview yet come home. Yeah I'm a big news about its print forever if it had picked an Apple Stock. Annika quit I now present in our normal despite. Are you are better. An indirect equity may have gone a Democrat out there are offered auto market. I have. Oh yeah. America invited this golf industry only gives instruments we managed to grow beards they did he channeled. My very favorite drag queen in the world Alaska thunder blank 5000. I a you're just I how Dave Barry playing desert birds a lot of them they all do that even the rule won't address it right now it's launched its own power. All told. Mayor he was big news sources. If drinking beer and push this golf you big six and a half foot rolls governor. I lose in the world women hate Sumner. Yeah are the leaves us for the cause blood to the war on women can't stand an eight hour and who's come back against. Assault on the shirt. Have played almost I mean we're halfway right now there are isn't cut number three and it gets worse off Dodd and carry banners. I make you mad man for talking about forged empire. I'll make an arms Cisco Lucent now and you sound like I am market share so you Versailles and yourself and sound like you're damn Yankee when you think. A grocery store. Got you dude it's a little bronze this week pick it. And like always a grocery store I thought that before that he's the first guy ever tell me that that sometimes I catch myself parliament merger. Right yeah I mean if you don't sound southern your real country because I can hear from anywhere other than the stakes are servers so it's. Yeah complaints ranging onion. An affinity and is not force and you don't. Just me talking norm SL so southern that. If we ever get fired and I have to go to the part of the country to work I mean after practice. So it's just me being me could translate to other parts of the United States I have to start talking like this volume on the board global demand job do. There are going to I don't want to know NCA. I argue that went to make it a try this out through some ammonia around other people that are similar in any cash. A solid the first guy all grow faster ruby Linux and people of north understand there are mounds are lazy. So tired from Jew it is so fast track and pour out there aren't anymore I just. It's sun's gone. Done it wasn't the cute little. Don't know I never mind is kick at the end of lord gave a lot of us were ruthlessly funny you know museum measuring lose my place here majors not the same one read it there. Yellow would be netcams got Lindsey Graham treat reality the road and our Internet. It's almost up big Telecom 450000. Dollar Dario a bit too damn that he was. So there's not that you root and our Internet. Oh. As a net neutrality is here's something else does and then you show the issue Manila when you hear net neutrality. Don't you hear it. Net neutrality net usually don't hear in that new voice you'll hear in merit all martyred you'll hear it and they have a good old boys southern Greg working man's out and voice like bats or are really happy to hear Baghdad's say that you know someone Nashua found that a lot of people god you know educational pretty quick yet they should. Chilly they didn't get educated on it fast enough in that they should have known about it a forehand. Soaring dinner new bills. Don't get an education they should have had years again. I mean are fully confident that. Large. Publicly traded telecommunications companies. Won't work with the best interest of the consumer in mind even in places where there's only one Internet service provider available. How do you hope so perfect timing out no monopoly all see that Karl Arianna you know. I didn't Elise she can result you know. Under the terms of the fact there's nothing anybody can be done. It was a party split and she buys a trouble point the so is gonna do 32 you don't necessarily there there. But you know and your deceased is still there are asked how one believe you know what you're saying people latch onto its and it will surgically order books more for hermit. Are being facetious shortly ability to OK if you have a better place and you want a new by the Internet from say thank Comcast. And then you want to buy like DirecTV now and stream that service career Comcast Internet should be fine today. Yeah there's always be for any faster or slow lanes just because you have to pay more for certain services. I hear you reserved for writer Jeanne if you buy TV from want and Internet from another they should be able to slow that Dahlia measure stuff for a blank bad when we forget about stuff. And the way the government does to maybe the Golan admiration for kids and just forget we did it already mean we can we get less people are rumored that the volleys better you than Charlie yeah did you can't eucharist soy every animated if you're it is real bad start earlier before Christmas of two little realize that our Easter. Now. He's just come and wait for the Meg Ryan. All man we got so we'll Arafat again and found safe for dinners are moralists down. I want so you. Eighties secure in the classroom doors and don't know what he won't spend fifteen minutes. Their main you'd never men have little income parents 615. People behind you know they won't. Oh. Outlook and that the IRA can make in my mind. Same thing anywhere. Anywhere you stand in line and if armored car certain. Wait to buy a T shirt you won't stand in line to thirty minutes you can pick one out in the thirty minutes you missed it there look. Am not kidding when I got perhaps our loser too busy. On the phone talking need to yeah it takes people so wrong to just pick something. I can't believe you have a guy all for you money to buy certain format it now ordering a review that. Insurance for forty yards it was worth way more than forty dollars for me it's island boy called a standard line. I could be that much who did prompt NASA among I you know listen our form do you want. Yes exactly I think being being being mean to be able to do to artful hides his total sacrifice. It offered you just offered me forty dollars he said he would give me. Forty dollars on top of buying my shirt if I would give him a shirt sleeves are handy 120 dollars per teacher. And I should know you don't stand in line to scampi so I and I. All designers are still at large well it was Metallica in Atlanta this press arrived instead of the line. Since the second song or bald beat. And it was now aren't the end of the bench seven fall and I'm just get to the front of the lottery now do you still on high end this shirt bloody kid back there. All star mom why do you keep George just make you know wait. What does waiting in line it bothered him given a 140 dollars for one T shirt he was cool would that but he didn't wanna wait in line so our make your way. In line to slow down a lot of so evil. I'm sure somebody five people back to these moaning about the shirt and a are ready to raise money and didn't get assured her that's what happened if they're gonna live there you couldn't get his monitors laughter 50000 people there is easy to get lost a lot of people going mega own tax. Buddies he would he would face a daily occurrence and it is my. I don't mean you come home let's go I'll yell out leaves some close look at the and none more so while. I don't have perhaps objective or sometimes enough. Milieu with the menu and you just may be reading an anti you make up your mind calf problem and sent to young Smart as older option and if there. Only wanted to science and didn't think the soup Nazi was a bad guy. Yeah. Nobody thought it was two months I was finally they're good news is that Waylon yes please for the sake of everyone do it that way. Make him this sorry if not they wait forever. Numerous ghosts that pretty well. Up up up up at. All of us want it and this is this is lengthy. In this we talk about anything aren't I think this is a take on the music scene in general. I don't know what else it could be about earlier this this is grand finale this reason I mean yeah there are some are I don't see this woman. Many kind of band apparel. So I Adrian says is org or. I don't we wait. All year to go to your bet we save money. Here we first talked. Again and then we can pay just. And what you do to lay it out there are good at it why not. Do you why did you want to announce some new equal. National hero corps aren't actually my ex K I can't get up. Crimea a teeny bit controversial media and voice my opinion about your lineup without any great. Yuppie and so cloudy area. Attack somebody about it can't happen and it can't wait any concern about how much money that. That's why that would be capped so congratulation. You've now got out a lineup. And back UK and Matlock. Or. How. Little while. Well I mean look you literacy corps and there will be in Melbourne Australia. Melbourne than. Our man Goya Japan Osaka Japan and Tokyo Japan next march other than on any dates translators and home tour source. She was telling you can do things early you can only do you know what I'm doing hands. She moves into me and yes that's. That's a total was she says an all those long version that. Apparently it was frustrating because that announcement was released and then they take it back. And it was frustrating for me because I'm like okay what media outlet had an honest and opposed it told think and they aren't. Clear day and then it came out at 5 o'clock or something ridiculous. WG immigrant woman happy. Did you go to the hardest concert where is he dog war from hail their only win in the most people see them does your dad so there to help. The worst. First of all I don't but with with the president of the that ever does so much as an angry Vuitton to come down just gets worse I'll just say this and called the if here and that's. V use save yourself a hundred dollars. Yes. There's always learn how it's where the fun and that anyway. I enjoy yourself when you're in there aren't you spend too much money that you think you spent too much money for an 800 athletes man. Like all marriage should walk personal reward is gases expand Amazon calls on spell. Yeah it's a safety hat that's why you stay online retire ranks yeah. Got to you can't outsourced the farmer in that order pizza export to forewarned. Or three. Too late as the FOF line that number 8642414328. It is open 24 hours a day seven days a week. For all your bit observe your Matt hurt. Or anybody else you call her any of us or anybody or any thing. You call you leave a message will play next Friday for. Got more shall be right back. Just morning you know 93 pointer. This morning sheriff. Us. Airports. He had some very own phone or you seem happier than they had no idea I don't know if that loss to make sure was but. Those are girl's home foam. That she was asking us if eating McDonald's french fries. That would help get her pregnant faster. What are you I guess turner rare trying to your frame it's so I don't know if. But he made the attempt in the and yet even McDonald's Fries after you have to ask you do it via okay have heard that I've heard that before. I totally know my guess a bird that you know it doesn't work obviously. Yeah its too bad she's a it could have been funny. I'm that's a never heard them all inherited it into dolls for tourism is a thing however that it must be us. I don't of the must be a thing perverted and she's or not you're. I've never heard of that I don't England where it's only a few too many of utility of where I ate lots are not surprised I'm never effort. And he never did like to try and either. Oh yeah that did. I think White House for joining can't pregnancy scandal around. Let's talk a little little drunken Karen I got us sometimes usually makes babies all. Have you ever heard any of those things page I've heard those weird things you did you can do to try to encourage pregnancy. Yeah. Our ovulation is probably when she when he went on behind China here adults. Under her letter word when he what you heard in that way you remember and. Aaron like eating things that have lining estrogen and a night. On a cot hands her. Tonight bad thing I've never heard French Fries your pressure doctors not just that somebody at the flea market EMC are looking for flea market advice on our hands. Soybeans yeah it makes sense. That's it or McDonald's Fries I've ever read that I'm I'm Fred bad spicy fear able may keep going no labor them. I have also heard that I that this is stupid that you sing and anti there. Down there can keep you from getting pregnant that is not true that burns that is not share. I look at it is not chassis that's what I'm looking forward looking for like the hands sanitized. Do not share I'm looking for a Republican flag wearing socks during the actor then you get pregnant more likely because you see where warm. Or a look at some of those ridiculous things like that serve and I am. 1807740093. Gunmen again 1807740093. I'm sure people listing ever heard these things about McDonald's french fries or if you Wear socks during then you're more likely to get pregnant if the woman Wear socks having. And if she hasn't orgasm me have a better chance of getting frank and. Who knows to look into electrical there I mean I turn on I kind of Zetterberg you have a better chance of getting to try again that he. The number of right and if he'd ever scientific aspect in the car. Not a home like you know allies includes a tobacco grown of these things up like that. Yeah all of those things I guess I good. Grandma telling my momma when used teenagers in the best birth control is to hold an aspirin between Younis. Yeah I'm arts. He's not these days greater alternative revision to. And still if you never got out on the grass or anything they are dead and about their right afterward seemed to have a last chance that is not true if if they can land. And you haven't Hank. That's willing to be fertilized there you know make a baby. Yeah only in the Fries there won't surprise. I'm sure learned some of those and probably. Originated in Anderson county in the fifties your face and more pastels consideration as well as her phones ring and just got people go and several. Would im gonna Mona and I'm trying to think anymore I've heard of in my life I'm never had that. Honestly have never literate too many people were trying to to have children. So. I never grown a lot about these are just heard about the McDonald's french fries and saw. So I never heard about how this is taxed about. But it is an issue let's let's play. There orders she does like the bar simple thing like the bicycle kick would legs in the air shafts are if you eat McDonald's Fries why you layer on your back bicycle picking your legs talks on. You're still not anymore likely to get pregnant. Well and somehow now whereas orders bird not horrible that's reversed a few if you stick your legs a mayor he won it for you out there are studies leave the stock crew commander of the register you just as likely to get Britain. And you got a better chance farmland Allen did. And this or Britney and Hodges soft machine hasn't come Brittany Umar in please help us. It aren't how how do well do well also work. If you have any homespun nonsense it's mostly elderly pregnant. Why can't. Really need of the hour I would try. Would look relaxed. No I am yeah. So it actually hired an. Errant. You who know your belt conduct but you know the area it that way while out of he had if you do then your chances are I. It's why I didn't know what I. Actually. Every third eat as RSS CN. I mean every current thought is that it didn't walk a little they. Okay. In civilian burglary and I'm here. It these are OK so where it's a gift wrapped. One. Both safer is gonna share in there you have good somebody said. Full moon night series and the harvest manner and Brian man and all that. Well. They I. Rescission river water cooler global television station. Omar and the whole Marcus immigrant into Asia might be the path. It's troops a lot of things come in almost loser national proven. Yes. A lot about full moons we've heard from yeah. Observe me in these herbs fireman we've heard from emergency rooms personnel. We heard from people who work at hospitals you've heard from people who work inside hospital lever from. Old guys people who deal people. But every time I ever heard of it how bad it is almost all of them. I've heard nauseous now denied getting worse on a full moon and it is on any random Tuesday was no mood. Now I've had oysters and all that kind of staff and and and knew anything from me well this is a big hit at 10 C at eastern sources. Larry that I don't like about it. You Borger is I don't think he made yet is their only thing the funniest thing ever in the history of friends is TV show is when that. Joey fell down somewhere NEA's slipped and oyster but he thought it was when he. If Jolie do always is are you mum Abby to Posey so Mel's looks along whatever action there and get a roasted though that's good. Arnold Arnold and. Are you are throwing my parents dared to eat those aphrodisiac. I anime and determined to see if it did had and had no effect on me whatsoever well. There's is like chocolate is that they want and president for days here where what he's saying he gets me and yet joined from Duncan and he has a theory Bryant and Duncan plays like this are. I don't imagine he imagined okay well I effort here to lower your grocers now. But you know it is now located oh yeah they keep you treat water on the over the Colorado. With dramatic arc of protests which some might ask. Or are so it adds insult. Most desirable in a metro worth of insults. Every fiber OK okay thank you got all aren't good how are OK you know. Yeah. Plus. I. Hope I don't I can't sit out the fact that MR incredible you know all. But it. At some (%expletive) get pregnant a lot of culled there arsenal of books as they hair I talk to him. Entirely empty mile boards were driven new death. At a congress Election Day again. I don't know man it's. Almost you newsroom top U McDonald's I know I mean how Herbert people and I haven't heard anything about pineapple juice in pregnancy no never ever plenty of pile up would you do not related to pregnancy are at. Now America I don't know lesser. I mean I heard I don't know if this room and I'd end. It is some movie that demands for us to where frozen underwear. I don't know and make no big if you're the man and your you all are trying to get pregnant and a prince also across dress that you know not like that I did not all under short onslaught on the review and take you're right your boxer shorts fab more you're compression shorts whatever you where Chester drawers and at night you would do if you go to where the next morning you would fold them up neatly and placed them in the freezer. And then if you take a shower when you get dressed you get the fresh out of the freezer and put frozen under wears on. And go about your day like that serves she's rescued her feet or meters or keep your stuff Kohl apparently now. You'll you'll look like he's smuggling a couple of reasons. For that I'm getting an IP PM up NN day and it moves slower. Oh now it's a sense I think is all the nonsense. Now that I don't see really Yahoo! is committed to really covered all the pregnancy myths in the world from the bowels French Fries to. Eating chocolate to bicycle kick in your legs were sock solved love movement meant to be a little journal. Well. You gotta cover. And I think that's a peak fitness stepped out. One thing that bit is most likely to result of pregnancy is not knowing the other person's name yes that's heavy drinking. There were also there you have it now you know all those things are good it will not help you conceived child. Thanks to your friends here at the rise guys Rory share will be right back. Iraq is just so. This means 341 day you're listening to the rise guys morning should know right 3.3. I'd rather guys Georgia happy Friday to. Yeah how's the sun came out but it's finally got dark outside anymore and I've always mining them. But it's Friday is payday for a lot of you also congratulations on that and the so we don't have a three day weekend coming up so congratulations on matters well. Or linking the fat boy wanna ask you questions. A whole column field questions right now online they don't wanna relax. I don't know what it doomed. South Carolina. Prisons. And Major League Baseball stadiums have in common. Besides Willie Mays Akins. I don't know man you saw me he got me right page or cedar for Europe. I'm passionate Aaron now why you're here is the grandma. Got into adult plus an amount drugs are we paying for. Well yeah. Nadia. Easier parolees net snarled prisons. This is funny it to me it's fighter but not nets like like the ones. Behind home plate and now down the entire first and third baseline as a baseball stadiums because we are really an issue that can't pay attention to things we go there. I'm lucky again drilled the Yankees game as a the thing and that woods yet here it is very using the netting goes all the way down his way do it because if everybody paid attention it would be cool I think like it was for a hundred years but in any case. The same kind of adding that you see NHL games and baseball games. Is going up around all the prisons lenses with the medium and high security or medium and maximum security prisons and a whole state. Areas that he spreads and it's a 113 thousand dollars worth of netting break enormous better. Hewlett because it seems once every six months when watching the news he season share for some warden on their sail well. Or these does somehow jump blues bar mar fans crawl Peru for made a hole and others scary it. To remain birdies kick in minutes and I won editing don't permit anybody from going through it over or whatever and you could you can bite through it and you know our permitted. This is that this is funny. When you to sell on the yard for once you buy a little here there in the telmex more I mean it is. It has no no no no aim towards stopping any people from going through it not at all sort of point it. Porn on your man is to stop people from Turin drugs and cell phones into the prison. Which is phony exhibit most of the drugs and cell phones all right through security checkpoints through the front damn door of the prison that's the funny thing about it then it doesn't protect that job and they're right there from smokeless OK and ago Lorillard pundits is still home you know like those smells you continues yeah. Sex with all these nets and they still got cell phones and drugs and weapons itself. It must be walking in front door called. And his Connerly feed and saying their patent highs are higher after based often helps to keep it popped up a just in offenses I. You know the close of an access to a prison a huge just chuck stuff over the fence barrier road Perry is a maximum security prison right. Thanks so yeah my dad used to have a friend who was at Perry. As the guy and he murdered his roommate. And it turns out they weren't just roommates there really were couple but I didn't program for many years later but now we still visit the guy but it. My daddy used to beat me is an old ex con hit more dough in the front door of the president of you know do the prison visitation thing. So we do we would go visit the guy Perry. We would go up there and park when you be out on the yard and we just walk into the fence and talk to him like ten minutes and then leave. You do that and back then they did. And I believe that was after the whole helicopter deal in Perry did. Where is roll out don't they ever if you miss them I don't want more there than a con air time situation. Odd man it was it was a big deal in the late eighties right there and page you know I think about it the helicopters came from Perry. Let me Google have a camera improved player brought down and save the death. Yeah I saw this in just earnest of our fans. Really care now mode. Mean I never heard of that and how close and yet now here we go here's the New York Times story from. December 20 1985. I was a year old. A young woman is at issue is chartering a helicopter to go sightseeing drew a gun on the pilot and forced him to land in the yard of state prison. Three and they scramble border were flown with freedom comes an. Now. How a man but it happened right down the road and tells her everything happen in Perry and 85. Nation up Jarrius stood chartered helicopter for a sightseeing Torre flew down the inner border somewhere in. May go land on the yard period gunpoint pick up against her boyfriend or couple buddies as your next diehard neuter are there new elements that. As perfectly I was all Soledad happen. I mean with a great story into. That's how Nicole. I was so nobody that this is hit the dark and the pricks. Were fired pistols and shotguns. At the helicopter is offered up. Omar god please stop I want. And yes the work you. Are trying to kill me don't usually applied and gotten. How what is your displeasure blizzard but prison guards in the eighties and about my real redneck meant a yeah bill yeah it won't. They just start she looked under the days hostage in their man. I'll blog I'll try to run away if you're a pilot in whole or untrue but then again. What do you duke is here at gunpoint at a helicopter urban regards issued marriage what he did. Wanna not have very high now trying to. Find out how foolish you are. I can't believe that being from here born raised and never of this story there. Oh how was more coastal we're gonna happen now. Don't just want people getting out of prison. They do now I don't ever do I don't know I don't know egg. You know like you guys who just skill offense there I mean had a harder time Ginn Allah Alcatraz. Well yeah that is walker hit the water in the sharks on killing. Mansi elements and structures here it'd the guys are skate by the way James Rodney Leonard he was twentieth time in 1985. So he'd be way. 53 now he was serving a life term for 1983 murder of high school teacher in Greenville Jesse Glenn Smith he was 36 at the time. And now William Douglas balloon he was 42 and 1985 they were serving long sentences for armed robbery. And the warrant was this is does this story in a very next play. The woman was described as their mid thirties where bullet or Janes or red satin cattle and cowboy better. He thought. To add yeah. Texting and there was a TV movie and it was a want to know. In 1989. Okay did fatigue you have but please give all the fun movies that didn't come back to bigger and more about any isn't Estonia Robin armored car insurance well do what about these cities are here. This is con air to main camera pose kids imprisoned. You know it's a Muslim Borg amounts turned red camera pose got to commend kills all kids. I'll kind of stuff do you do it and if you want to New York Times update on the story just real quick note of reality and it. After swearing Sunday they would never be taken alive three escaped convicts in the woman believed to have plucked him from prison yard by helicopter last week were found asleep in a stolen car this morning at a rest area in Georgia three days later. Serve Mazar I ended red down there in their home and rest area. I 95 above the Florida line. In their though the lady was George Bailey Max as a love story. And I imagine how that big a feature I mean you'll have to be yelling do that's just you know. Ashley sic help a friend that did army shouldn't it regular visitor to or one of the inmates while he was imprisoned. For armed robber sir wow they apparently hasn't got a relationship dorm. Yeah full good stories are very you have imprisoned vetting led read that story that nobody knows about anymore because he's never talked about around here all. Kevin Garnett won't wrestle parking lot only a year about prisons now is that they can do to juice for lethal injections yeah but remember object that they ask it has something to tell and there's something elect foreign campgrounds guys orange order a maverick. And so he's played great music. Always there's an hour. 3.3. Oh.