Friday, August 11th

Some feedback off of yesterday's sexercise segment, plus how does a blind guy watch porn?: Headlines: Wrap-Up


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He's right guys like gas powered by so these kids. Can travel. And I. During early. You make sure this is the edited version I'll Yemen or do uprooted here. We'll find them an hour at a time now. Yeah. The best. And as a Hendrix such as. Now I think as always sounded on the edited version of of the song that he doesn't. Only got dirty colds. IG does it again. I don't know it. Well. That's right George smartly yesterday go and he was to get your world and it's funny aren't normally a month follow the leader. You waited in line all yemenite at pocono and move them to do a huge deal volume later came around you know Paul Bloom off now while. And Arizona mark Warner's own news on this album does this song. Which ones Eli Eli blind. It twist. One it's forty president's long yeah this is John of them. And. Just just I mean I think that's crazy is people think that. You know. Many ancient people might think he likes Stevie Wonder night Ray Charles I don't know mysterious it did did Yahoo!'s yet is the just Healy yeah yeah but today you don't care about that right. In there and Annapolis but it's not like you only listen the blind Nero people are so now I'm Melanie like them. I hate people that. Third Eye Blind rubio we take it to them next week. Are you serious the contest larger rear Rory did it's always wait on the rise as more insurer while serving well. Oh yesterday. Does the same exact time when that when we're talking about Pia. What I know what the conversation was but what led us there Jimmy. Man it inherited part of our very smooth things that I was something sexy about somebody owns you know and I don't remember exactly what spurred it. And there was some oil George Michael song and just sat there. Yeah that's what that is sort of of that incident where from the because George Michael was singing that song to make ads to you man known women were the recipients of that solid no way no way no and at times that close friends and family ridge leaning. An idea Andrew originally though you notice about it was a the other half away him. He has four guys started and then and we can all kind you know we get the most. Correspondence we did is we did the whole thing like. You know I don't sense is there's some sexy about everybody we try to see if we could prove that on the show yesterday and are. Family had the most things sandman about fining. Him sexy. Order by the most like. Not that you are the sexiest man that you had the most exceed. Comments I would say there cement. Always Mans their own when I was handsome we would have got some who pitched it. Has opened some ladies what it takes him. Who's I don't. Now but I couldn't. Yeah I mean dad dies he definitely had guys. And blue guys man now be able blue as I just in my am I'm wonderful green eyes go under unappreciated in the world yacht for a entered. And there really nice as tour or darker yours either it's all about. So about February jobs they got blue eyes I don't have blue eyes swim out of will be crap. I have not aside. This was lazy clear image as it is my eyes glazing is Miley did and lazy Alley what color that brown moon and yeah. Yeah try it at all matches buddy. What's wrong has carpets drapes the whole nine yards and don't anybody you have six guys is not really complement guy my size what about the face. You know what about that's. No expanding if there was the whole face they would have said Ellie is there really Q like you would never see Channing Tatum has nice size you'd say he's canonized body. Don't I don't let some southern women who would say about fat boy is a robbery case you have the kind of you know. It was always covered up fake snow out of my aerosol and it takes that I tell you what is it they say they would. President that they you know they get a lot grayer because of all the stress. The hell's going on your life right now but it was doom you to Jack legs enterprise has really turned almost all of our. Now he's your mustache that I the color that used to be black bloom a mom you know those robo caller on. Now our oceans is still black and even like wait this is the amount DJ it's still black everything this is great. You know all the color once on. And you guys are either too nice to say anything you really didn't notice of her masters. After a couple of years ago. Now and images from Indonesia the wrong color are gonna shade darker the most distinctive. So was jet black. They may do no lag. Here evil and look like it was briefing at all you know because I got to be disposed to coated with the pain. And as seen through the scans CC line going down here on the dot. We want to reiterate into the clip of fat voice and we might have been too nice to say anything America. Daria or how little lady just said yeah well GAAP archive that he's Sonoma laureate democratic she's never compliments paid yeah. Yeah it. Now. Good like you know what like. Him. And you it was mainly it was my Fam one page nothing and nine Jeff Arab at all. And I realize some things as go without being said my voices. Like silk sheets I realized that rare thing you sound sat me sad heroes are men where SA sale system. Guess tag and hear your voice says more big deeper richness to it which makes me think it's sad not silk and I. MA poor man's Morgan Freeman users. Also liked Audrey the boy is going to be good quality you'll freckles are at their viewers. While young meets or when do that's who you. Yeah. I don't it was a regular form as Patrick starfish so maybe I'll take you upon that we don't. But I did you know like he would Jaffe is like him mister workout guy and everything in yeah its kind of refreshing to know that when you ask. You know. You're listeners your fans or whatever like something sexy about. Us or whatever. Tis we even as we asked in each each person in the room yesterday leading in the go outside. Maintaining calls to end and I want. And it was nice to see that they mostly armed guy in a big girl when you know. Gigantic enormous brass there is not getting all the idea Koppel by the Serbs. And page tit yes or is not to think I'd I'd really and that's kind of refreshing and they took the guy who is. The heaviest on the show. Look I'm not a laughing that's I think SS and let you know point now affects not only. Then again if if society. She thinks is a bit if we're being judgmental society is ugly. That's why bill pretty people are rare mistake out you know so why wouldn't they complement that people like them. Mr. Kurtz a man falls on the same backhanded compliment always and backhanded grab ever heard and beautiful. Composite on the game Elmo you are gonna do him in a while not only are really in a dating shape. You know bomb threats did you back in the gym I'm technically obese. Right technically but on other work so foreign accounts and no matter what mas life. We're gonna begin a Josh you've never seen us before and yet here do you already jokes are OK yeah very he lost you 79 years ago. Yeah it was an only okay okay okay so quietly find these in the NBA definitely singers it was a win that personally you know you. He saw the billboard. And they just it was going right then and there we are all our star billboard around. Brady doesn't know by now Russert had no yeah. You didn't say you couldn't tell the before after pictures now Euro. Just humor or less times on yourself. Probably not easy drop yeah pretty much. Hahn sent him a minute I would have been getting ready that night whatever yeah. While Clinton drop in terms. Of course now. It was like I was then. Now man it was funny generated with a blind apologize. I was sick is sexy is is. You know it's either the hole. In new movie ray moved to Murray Charles and again. Or our Warner's. Banner here he would touch woman on the wrist and that's how he could tell she was good looking and I'm when he couldn't see him he would grab in my field their wrists and this what Ray Charles there. Yeah I have no idea like you wouldn't want to grab by the wrists and lead them to of course this no limits to serious air show yeah you've just got to feel there isn't the end okay you wanted to just big big show known to his arm while there. It is still for a wedding ring. He might eventually receive the diameter. Best chance after all bugs how big round it is yeah cinemedia wrists. Medianews. Just a potential match and visit especially Barry for breast. Yeah. Oh god. Josh you have any interest in doing the blind date again would you. Can be by asking you mentioned a while ago honest to god I forgot about it in our. Well like I said I did in Manley Fuller has just did it disturbs us for blank missing vehicles that are now a year year I've. If this and you wanna do commanders couple folks there were. She their information out there who when and if you're gonna discuss that would put your picture on the Internet. The lord says you are interest in Delores stuff well that make you money and and a house down. Now no comment she says no government but. You're saying that he needs yes he did well a team now. Someone in your life and where everybody needs friends and acquaintances American people always has some interest there multiple women who. When he was asked him. Houses saying your enemies that they you know I guess is they're multiple women our show he's a one woman man for a moment I just hazardous ride through a list of mourning and a true. Page scandal breaks there just are earmarked Sonia indecent headlines. He's essays and that was left to do Elaine just keep his microphone today is that a possibility she moved here and go home. Currently we do we get at all or that what is in the headlines. It's Friday it is good in will be back right after this. Rise guys morning you know. I thought he 93 play great the planet Iraq. Right guys headlines with the aids and you're Beagle who. Right guys MI is luck and many thanks Amanda stayed armory have might get a drunks. Driving story for you are rather serious. The we gonna talk about 39 year old David McGraw iron. What a horrible especially is his last day of the month month month our my entire life more. And it's Magruder. And hire. Only got art ever drunken driving near Bridgeport Connecticut on Tuesday when the cops on swerving all over the rim and that's not the end of the story after he got pulled over he jumped out of his car march straight at the cops won't yelling at him. And then he dropped a bunch of racial slurs that. That's not an and the story either. He also checked his phone and a police cruiser walked back to his car popped open the trunk. And they need to go bicycle off out of the trunk and rode off. For the cubs could talk time. Don't please. Please please put my hair out about drowning also video of this war ended between the dash cam and nobody can if there was one or edited. To show. Bag at least the did that again now narrowed the margin about drunken to throw in the phone. And then. Getting the bicycle out of the truck and riding away from the police always seal this go down. Because it's just like renting them by anchoring. Can I expect and then by humans ear and. Says here. May be George Ken Capps he's had turned but now I'm class is an anywhere maintenance. Early minus and that he's local news is taunt the police officer or maybe for a nano second he thought he can really get away. Best hopefully somebody and I he didn't get away now now who wanted to live there. You turnaround group back in while he was approach in the cops he wrecked the bike and Mon landed headfirst on the pavement. And was smiling in his mind shy he's OK he's facing charges for drunk driving disorderly conduct. Nursing with officer driving without a license and failure to keep right on a curve. When they've anything's possible ways that it also decision you'll background has never been in Bridgeport Connecticut target will destroy certain. You know this rough examining it may influx of Muslims snows is slightly better in Wellesley waste land. You know boarded up houses via a mail and pretty clearly there is no game and anything related. Revenue bicycle improve occurrence. Well I guess with on the rest of the charges I think he's going to be doing some time perhaps or some community service there. Reserves failing to stay there are running in my circle. You know you that if you get a breathalyzer on the dossier editing mission here. We are circles aren't hearing aren't as sound today pedal driving drunk enough to keep an internal for a while. Fool's day issue that golf courses. The golf course you have to he has to blow and is a kind of breath and the threat let's them and rationalize and specialized area now. In and they won't run if they're drop. A man to walk and you'll find out how much you don't give a damn about golf so insane if I as you'll find out real fast. Earlier reported that this data. Was able to walk around there was phone. Then go to the truck in his car and opened up the truck in his car and take something now when I'm in shock us and a guy was white. What it was wiped out there. Most likely. I am it's usually to open up the drug cars are pulling stuff out is like just yeah why don't you get shot you know. About his shotgun in her war. Oregon mountain. You know now because your copy just what I felt. Now I know what you're saying if you really gotten drunk fan boy you know of course not having time you open the door and get out you put yourself in jeopardy right you could get I don't ever been so do I have I ever driven lash and have absolutely and I end and that's been a long long time. What then no snickering and here's some and not since over there's their reasons it near but. Tom if they're ahead and there have been times when. A point is I feel like if I was ever drunk. And I see when I see that the lights or a cop I eventually it's like it just goes out of me and I pretty straight. Right up like are who you say what okay I'll do it. Gaga pulled over last week. Dissent there chemo Paul's wheels on seen it and everything and thought a bear was to our car. He made all hands again. Let me go to school just you know any dressed in drag he was asked clutch Elizabeth Nash at. What's there what a zoo this year as the electoral. Yeah the NR you can understand a news cougar. It's all office via the room they're nice hats to garner. A compliment him as a Muslim he pulled government. Well it here like everybody else you're trying to make a little extra money. And if you're looking for a side hustle and got a list for youth and keying out those little dogs they can do that's not going to be too serious and take away from your full time gig. I don't think you can do it this page. Cannot I'm not saying this to motivate you have so many side projects and and none of them ever come to fruition. I want that cupcakes to war Ariana torture ever cupcake very well that's not my from my partner. Has better ideas and donate a partner she's successful aren't teaching. Did add busy life nice having people work for him page of Obama if your owners detail she needs money well she doesn't want to do that because it seems like a lot of stress when you get orders then. And you can't keep up with them and that's the end don't do business university address that aren't neighbor's spirits learn to make cupcakes boot running businesses. Theft the term suck some firm into the US side projects apple. And our route now. You know on the finger just as we wrestling. Because I think Jeff has a lot of side projects come together for once sourcing and and now on the capitol to you know break golf and venture at this point. Fishing anyway if you have too many hands go and and too many calls to fire. At my not being a good thing you should focus on one thing that makes. You earn your money. And your excel on that extent instead of having on his at all times in my she needs them. Because there's a lot of people that have families and they have to feed and that's kind of the thing that people are doing to get by. Well here's your list with several large don't read their new home now. That time and you need money you can do like one of whom probably not all of them. Among hip pocket that's what I do it as that's my thing little extra money and do grifter in the afternoons. Addressed here they're grifter SM business and her car's Bernal from word for now. Like damn word nobody knows what it means to bring about I would under severe day trader and it takes dynamic money. Now. Do you like penny stocks rock you know build little was ago noises about announcements I plan penny slot so when you when you won sixty dollars can be stuck with. These. And unity and that's why do you get mad get what you put in at. And a nickel eagle went much in Nichols. I read is that webpage render to date trading if you don't say that you're doing the very formalized taking requests are you are self help out yeah. Bob and I didn't have. And here's our shares of Microsoft I hormones the winner on the. Diagonally Wal-Mart found to have there it is like to do and as such I love apple don't you guys who have apple Apple's words that are gonna buy more apple isn't if you don't like kind of gambling and it can be an addiction now. Yeah that's a start date change that's he's gambling it's a slippery slope we're saying here remember with a guy who won thirteen 1350. Dollars from betting online on sports and moon host. And lose or gain it back at well they wouldn't let him it's all for like three months away of course your clients money anyway what this is a way. And I would have went to the Caribbean wherever that place is an a when he held a mop them up about how we're out. Many have the money I had one in order to get down there now that's true. All of its list of things you can do that wealthy you know little bit of money extra money pouring for example partitioning. That might be fun if you I guess around hearing hat the end of McCain I be sorry if you don't have a temper like me an area that's a lot of work. Is drugs delayed Somalia. I asked the bad part is they're working for say that point here is a bargain you're working for these drug people. And they ooh man they remained very. India and that term cuts money off that you give you a great tip or awful ten there's really no in between. You know now. I do too drunk and they give you late to my chart and nodded off. I was one of these mere feet let's say you're not they're not holding your debit card they're just too new individual drinks Nyerere it's three dollar beer. He chipped in on a car. Zoom and blow dollar against. And that had had five do you like to Bucs. Do though is is it worth two dollars for her to pop the top when the whole beer is only three dollars. Yeah I think it's very very serious class center of excellence and we are sent every Mozilla is good word to over a drink remain in a couple bucks if they do it like a lot of mixing it a general thing if you order anything comes at a martini glass he's brought them to books and a physical a lot of work and there. And they just popping the top of dunes and ginger and Berman you hear me and. And I. You wanna be in teaching. And club person my room now them. That is lending and I want a job it happens at 4 AM. He says. He's not saying don't. And house sitting ever want to be a professional house that are abdomen or I don't want to go hang out of the people's houses while they're not there. Tell my house no I don't wanna be your house or your home now focuses on goes wrong it's my fault. Does this is usually like a single person who has an apartment in its like there is showing off comes to my house to house and credit in my house and watching your doll or not how sick of watching your doll that's true because when I did house and and I watched and horse and a all right and all I had a lot of Fiona videos on hand to. She only ever house sip of people have pets never anyone else answer I don't have passed the house itself. Their horses did you go and watch it did you go to models. Educate me into black. There are at their name and they even name names and then it. He claimed horses guns and able and there is lower as mercy as fun. One horse and blogging isn't trying to make my yeah. Are sure I'll have originally and my little boy are there isn't bloggers that are considered knew these people now lets you can again how many people make money off the block let's be real here by how many. Viennese I was somebody ahead there's a website that you can ride for me and you get in exchange for writing you get a portion of the ads that are on your page. I mean that you spend a couple hours you may like eleven cents a share well. The treatment may as bending standing here he's in the removes videos you know let's start Bender people Mario block their reality here. Little Rock yeah open do you. They'll they'll work. Out an urgent radio that's sports bloggers or whatever. But a lot of times you. What they'll do like business as well higher bloggers slightly if let's say Jeff was a male stripper yes in available for bachelor party. He gets hired people to write stories about mass wrap parties and Natalie and had a plan them and also here's a link to a guy recommend. And it looks like you're reading content and all it is is linking alcohol asses they get money off we share racquet content bloggers ago. About walking the dog she can be a professional stop locker none have been on the south to care at you hard yeah Daren especially a few yeah. And you won't mind all cars let him loose or let alone remember the. Somebody don't walk him really grown leash sometimes went behavior problems that would be hard to out. And her New York is Bill Walker and any big city and not not most of the south I'll listen. Mean I don't get drug down the road I've heard some dogs doing some damage to people longer armor. From people make money on cooking or baking and made some money but not enough to survive on and but he's old. So bread has placed an iconic brand like and sourdough bread and it's a lesson that you brought Brandon. Can't remember music and the longer I'm not an and it Brennan before and yours she's robberies have been all eyes don't. I don't Keenan now that I don't have anybody defeated teams not me feed me. I grapes. For a ceremony just realize. I have no issue with people aiming to moonshine or be bacon stuff in their kitchen and sell wanted to flee marker whatever I have no issue would that at all I think it's a great thing to do. For some reason we treat people may dementia like criminals bush and the exact same thing as a woman bacon stuff for her own kitchen and then celebrated the flea market yet but that's the people come down on that mountain best realize certain amount of America would be selling baked goods now. Now as the world come into. And the problem I Sox and is there. Cracking down on that where you have to have it. His hands girls during our massive pay taxes and taxes there they just used he had to two. Strong arm you and paying taxes on my zucchini bridge may aren't and the high. Amer has good and they would do his do his name is sweet manhood is a member. Where you can also make money babysitting if he can channel bunch of Rembrandts. Art Harris. There remains an option and in any of them. I'm data and at one you know when you're younger as a female I. I did it when I was like thirteen 1415 employees to be heard high school girls on her tears and I guess there are people are doing a DUK today. And and feel like when they had that child is now grown up the use low back and so on his. In on main idea we just watching them or were you sitting them you know I'm saying we've play and when he announced all that stuff never really involving. Crafts and stuff that was on him but sedans and taken and displaying and what was available as a young Ronnie Reagan like who don't FL. There has found a box of fuselage blesses on me I had luncheon said no Gerri one day you're going to be governor of California get a. I said because I'm Arnold. Well how about just taking paid surveys fined heavy and then OK everybody that illicit. Yeah people are making money doing and then happy Friday give my information. With. Meaning non Serb. And I'll make money. As soon as he'll tell humans islamists are human dilemma there on the next and he's tried a I wouldn't you know when Amazon was given away all that stuff Leno to prime the and it never won any thing you know there. Boss hardly anything from him since I didn't win anything from them preferring get her attorney general. I don't really sharpen them ever since they didn't give me this surface protein tablet for free. I don't remember adverse Obama 60 is that I'm an evil with astronomy when their day may troop. Again they got a glove. That when it touches human skin did it shock she it's like love is adamant against you think glove it's cool man to wanna get one today tomorrow by the mouth. Did you Maualuga. Not to be a problem. He's upper hand holder on today some at a level. Yeah well there's a movie out this weekend that is to say creek well and this image that critics are saying might actually do better than sync well. Well and that is. Ed is conjuring too. Is to seek parliamentary is and a bill creation. Kind of say added that any movies are about that dollar amount more than jockey on the the story behind Nadal and they're saying the critics love it is Alex 67%. Front man's and they're saying you can bring in. About thirty million dollars over this weekend. And it's the last scary movie and something. We're. It was her. When it was there are a scary movie in theaters for a few months I think they've wanted to or maybe they're purge movies some camera look clown who becomes a couple went balls maybe there is it. Is out clan and what does it come out. Couple weeks away and I think it is here soul search a Wal-Mart and then and then I was close. EU and OS coming out walk in a Wal-Mart C which toys in and dvds and everything they're sitting right out in the middle of four. That's common sense even lead to big thing. Annandale that's based loosely on historical events and this movie's. All it can't dreams of huge rupee ones they love him. Does that what does that about just it is like a different take on him but there's a lot of movies about seance is this stuff now. Yeah as a week she was real big there was that Charlie you remember Charlie Charlie would spin your pencil or some. Our state and that kind of stuff ladies Darden did not even in this seance type stuff not because possession movies were big like 1012 years ago and there's much zombie movies again for that some slasher movies and movies like the rain had their phase were there all the movies like the rain came out and cowering in this that thing where it's just this unseen evil because. I in my opinion all the unseen evil movies is it worth our creative anymore we can't dream up a cool monster so it's just this unseen evil force it's killing people. It was some of those are good I can't call the name of the movie bent Kate Hudson was and it it was in and the law once did that was skeleton key skills and here and alloy grade movie I relay final math plays hierarchy recommend that recommend and recommend because it's it's it's a good scary movie and it's about. You know which doctors and Buddhist chants and honest I'm as good. It was pretty good movie but I am not the ones coming up an hour here are good does that one guys is the same. Damn movie governor milk and make it seems like. They're almost there but they're not scary inning mark may be where he says condition teen certain things that are and how does my sadness and sense way scared at like this really rank my TDs on one of winning assurances some fake mr. all rated PG entertaining game you can't make bigger horror route we will grow nudity in the foul language is required to have a horror movie and a ample creation Canada creation is rated car and minimizing. I might again. Magazine did all topless yeah. Now. On page and as your eyes as hammer and. Free free to play. Yeah. Maybe it's Bubba yup we do and I don't Monday. We stand fueled nuclear aligned and you hated where. He has literally hate it yeah. All right so what we know if that was doing this weekend on the early show Monday will probably the cousins uh oh yeah. As it was Saturday he don't wait to resist the that we kids to do that yeah. Also we're gonna have as we said earlier. Now that was not. The joke. For Josh where have there and I'm buying tickets and actually then they will be where. And here's part of empathy and true. More than us in the December show cinema spectrum and theater cared for him. So we'll have those on Monday we have some for you right now the. Lives he has no life or not but there are a year. How did he won blind luck loses sight. We'll make it about Josh this morning if you want one month loses sight to actually answer the question is 72341. That's the Carolina Faber mil dot Comtex line at 72341. Pick in 93 correct answer wins. Joshua joins say hello organ buyer anything's got to get some coffee chance to someone what you and it is. Yeah I'll Seau was up two totally can netting is on. Of the eight. Great day Amanda vapors there. 3421. Owned springs road. But that's that's blonde look so official they bring home the million man. Through gas or get commercial endorsements. And those who thinks he felt awful thank you Josh is it is a pleasure avenue and seriously again. Is good and bad Delores thanks here. The website you on having an iPad. Married three minute nonstop rabbis from kickoff next page Iraqi war bill last of the view and pay off today for page at 11 AM. Worst of the rise guys tomorrow. From six until ten this week. Hosted by this Shawn Watson. Relations thanks for listening have a great weekend to go again as it's. Untouched as. You're just a new wow. On Wednesday. Maybe 3.3. Don't play better. Ball.