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Would Paige ever consider doing the P1 Dating Game?: Nine's Best Damn Audio: Somebody had fun with Nine's new printer... adult fun that is


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Android or iPhone just 7341. And we'll say to download links in the flat. Empowered by Quaker steak you lose your mind every morning and interact with the rest guys and 93 point dream than plan that. Hey yeah. Is it too late I had Trevor here in town to stay home Wednesday pick this day back earlier you know American patience saying at all I'm real guitar and play good. I allowing you delay replied why do you keep your elite. There's like a normal voice in the it was pretty good. Isn't very good listen. I would challenge it on Tanya yes it's great that I things out you better than whoever really saying that CNN's. Janis Joplin she's earlier governor gray and go and stop the cats are stuck screaming. Anheuser my song I love I love a triple a rise guys morning show good morning CAD is 808. Just a couple days what's your best Andre you muscle me and I'll play some more at all every song you never saying we're gonna turn him laying off Ascot blank. That an external hard drive out of all of up pages songs and I'm proud you all listen melt the. That's my cover band is called black death it's gold or we are you worried about new batteries for you here and it's. At the patriots in the Carrie Ann in your tooth I'm sorry for any other way got a radio doesn't have the computer to work or don't work. Kinda let it affect a man I had fun I'm sorry well look you gotta see and enjoy life that's what I'm saying I. Amassed petitioned the powers should be here at the radio station I have not and I sing at the in numerous cultural kind of as LA kind of thing the Minnesota Wild tremors going to be there and he sings a little bit better known did some things very well yes you know look a lot so what if I just slide in theirs are saying it would anyone know the difference. Dude I'm worried they knew we don't pay attention. I what is there. Go ahead what are your sister Abigail somatic and a leg nobody wants to return to get their hands of the way and just choose who they are but giraffe what do you that's. And really does little hours she masculinity the wives and I'll do my gosh I meanwhile have a video please. Page figure that then this semi Ed just didn't have time as any to talk about love Julia this exciting news come aboard. We're really expect. In June. Oh. My fair chance that play well today we better dates off because you know Valentine's Day is Wednesday. And the thought was that we're gonna do. Not too busy to do it this week now because we doing two shows on Wednesday Hamid Jimmy got a DDT data not. Will be on channel seven cent thirty on signal sent licking gang and try no fighting this time. I'm not I'm now don't put that out of nothing and you're slipped council will try to contract ever again cows just to follow well we did look up. Is that what happened. They had to get affordable a counterweight Maya who are don't know that's kind of flip forever and it wouldn't he would come. So we will but the UN dating game yeah you're in charge of. The ladies and Aaron and there in their willing again I've got three game candidate for the gonna. On the day yeah oh yeah. Some here forget about that if it's come here yeah Celtic knot no I'm not gonna send a mountain to the Molson telling prepare it and thank you so who. Lou elude the we have some. Well what do you look for with a skis you're in charge that we we've always said that did the best dating games that we don't show or wind it's a woman looking for love and not a guy. Because guys are always looking for love even turn a relationship that sometimes. When women know they send its annual more series. Yeah and it's harder when you're single mom and hasn't been to Canada has an iron that are really. And they are Dylan most symbolism or single moms. What we can't find any guys when they single moms and an apparel I have to think she has children. How could I have three candidates that really really wanna and yeah yeah. Jeff always say there was a deal breaker for him it. Right Jeff the I mean did well maybe you may be that Warren. Are we getting three potential dates for them naming anyone who says Dan my kids from Deepak what we would do is we would have one girl. Three days it's. And then we Linda and then however she picks will allow us in the news on the day and that's how you do it yeah. So. But it's a day when I'm marrying these people laugh so you know how to be to use the Nokia better captured fifty kids that we cannot be fifty mass wedding or fifty. I'll mass whether we can't get couples we we can't arranged marriages are here now we don't want and we don't want that straps there that we're in the country where you don't arranged marriage how that make you stay married for a year to get rid of no more just gonna build great friendship that's what were all about certain dates in British ships on offense and to something. That's their own deal so you get it down mid two or three girls who don't worry three girls two album have kids now. Why did tell us a little bit about this two girls and you want to say they're names. One and has been on the show many times and she's very attractive really yeah. And the other one as a single mom she's she's also very attacked and and she is dying to daring get out of the house and decent stuff and has some fun. If you were in the ladies would you have won that she would favor more than the other page. Time. I think they're different and both equally. Beautiful yes. Can't she's trinity concern. About great. Owners story outweigh any of the secret that I as I feel good that way. Yeah and I always think in alleviating it being in the bleeding heart person and saying well how about if we just let the wind pick between the three guys and let them. Runner up take the other two that she is boycott would. No that's a mess now. I'd see that's participation trophies not everybody you can't in turn that around here so yeah I mean this this is I don't wanna sway you one way they'll. I mean part of may I don't know who the one that's been on here before several times this but then the other one that you say and single mom and they'll have time today that's that's a tragic Timmy. Or you don't like in my situation you're just not finance the guys that you click quit sometimes okay are you dating did you go I am dating back and forth I'm dating fed and you know OK I asked you out. Tell you. I'm not at the point where I am. Over my husband's life course and get to the point where I'm taking authoring through whereas I can't have a serious relationships Jewish is going to be. Well hang out more have found nothing more heavy than our own a date date. And you were you wedding ring yes see I hit. Are wrong and everybody's like you can't do that that is so bad and yet section now okay. But. But I am not that I'm I'm shouldn't I ran like at that point. I wanna do with somebody Hugh wants to do with me and not just because the novelty of seeing you naked. Ask any guy you are with the ethics. I mean have you ever go out with anybody you don't want things I don't well I knew. I mean I don't think I'm I'm for me. As a man do you have then he Dagestan have you go and days of people who did you did more to you it damages you soon in Havana with a but you know. Way stuff when they ride and she wouldn't abandon their you can only ordered adequately describe you got to think over the course of the Google debate began raising your bears because you think about wanting enable that person always. Even the man's beautiful man that I've ever gone I went I didn't necessarily have any chemistry run ranged. I mean everything is always the most beautiful mania for data Dennis actually. I never did know was the case I have liked in this that Dennis Tankersley was married yeah and how to be a whole life. Your way in your wedding ring on dates well just I am going out to dinner having your mail doesn't mean you're going to go home went down mark. You know become a part of their family move banner down drug Dylan little our form I Kate may ask you this. Perez let's say you go Allen to Daniel Wayne your wedding ring and honestly things kill me they're the Elisa say that they mobile forward if it comes down. To getting dirty guarantee tapering off I would have to because I've broken the seal and my marriage at all. You know what it's how you do it whenever say that's fine. It's fun whatever you decide this sort of this city you know all these balls and things and stuff you learn on Sundays high. She you know I have to get past the thing back Christopher came down I better be against. It is how they mean that are looking up to skirt want. It makes sense to get past the year to get past you know are easier to get past the angering and all that you have to get past that before he can. If you try to move on one wave remove our normal way you put your card for the horse and as how much you know every many town right now here's I don't. Assure our own you can Wear it on a change that that's close your heart you're still wearing a part of him and that style party your marriage so you're not really ready seek to move on and commit to somebody else I mean. A domino waste someone's time and spend time at them under an enemy are going to it and they veer some kind of function. Then I'm gonna take the ring off and saying. I'm interested in me and that's ESCO foreign and maybe won't end up having sex. So if a guy's on a daily viewing he notices that the ring is off halfway through remains it the pennies will also removed probably on the damn I didn't care. That's just aren't ready to that you know me and I'm not at that point is all hacked my life if her wedding ring comes off. So we're richest. And it's just so it's now in May not ever happen because I know this woman that just never checked during the African men armed here's a dollar and. Maybe just maybe sometimes the answer is just under our nose maybe you should be on the. Only year old. You know British lab. Maurice and I now have to remember this is how you may all your husband. Was doing it did them for the love Gerri one last times are mammal life. You know I'm not saying and there's not great people that listened to in the shadow. Oh my when I take that opportunity at least these three wonderful women only in my heart how what are now diplomatic how about letting him get there I'm really. I shelling did you guys are around. I think I got in a radio I'm currently managed must follow the law does anybody think they just sell it as she does it is now everybody says now I mean Celsius. You know my god CC I'm okay we Q where in the ring and I've had people say I'd have sex with you entering on this great tech 7341. Carolina may have little background checks like my ex wives was thought sort of tapering off every time she genome about it. For it okay impressive during her. There's different totally different different obviously now is kiss. I just think that I don't wanna leave anybody harmed I mean I I be happy you got to instructed tenor but I'm not and must I feel something. Yeah I'm not gonna commit. And I can't change my life yes I must say it's in the table you Thomas feeling in your heart yeah I'm talking about you know waking nap and having breakfast she got. I don't really think that pages and sleep with somebody else and I she's in love led them like I really feel they're from burners he's not looking for casual bangs I thought. Less I thought I can just get out and meet some guy and in out is out Saturday night and so awesome I second Canada Barnett added election is over and should be easing area. I you know Iowa pass stamina you smile on an iPod is process server. Well it's really cute she gave gore beat tapes she's good. They don't God's. Yeah. But I just didn't and I don't know I'm not. What I didn't really can't say I love really rather I'd say excel that I get naked eye on the Alcan about my body now. It's my fan by an hour and a really can only use him for this you know. And we do get love did you. Yeah he he didn't lose we're gonna encourage each other and be really mean and again I think about the kids a chance he can have sex and I'll loses the hundred pounds per cent percent I played better area since. I don't tell your legs all happening now there. Chairs are now running in the car and the idea of never events. I do you not need some and she's gonna pay for this talented cannot feed this man sounds one. Effectiveness and that's not fair camp acute conditions on somebody else went my ideal. Well. You know. T want somebody else for mental baggage. And just Sunday's unhappy other days in San past yeah but dammit that's what life is. There's no depression they everybody has that everybody had ever been depressed. Yeah moist JF sure not access Matt could you help. Several tough snack I slash. How did big bad days today and let people wish they had. Tennis the whole they've Mac hello I'm wearing a. Just six to Jim for me no Mondays and they are so bad today were an oil may OK the sunshine LeBron eternal infamy on today's McLeod asked me is owned a team. I was yeah. And shredding hall has papers you know. And it just command that thing like wow this what this is my life. And so I'm getting to the point where I'm getting rid event and cleaning out the closets. Are not proud Mamas cleaning out my daddy's Claus and I Torres said. What is that mentally she's colossal compellent Himalayas or not these people out there can use of sweaters and stuff you know. These people out there won't TG sweaters works ticket or I swear she and her we all brands and Kmart botany 500 to whatever good. But yet you don't find so what do we decided he can we let me ask you don't you're more than younger I think America and Canada I I would do it uninhabited doing it. We'll do it but not now I'll tell America could press. Served for the spring season is going to be one of it pretty told the people that we are doing this dating game at these women so why disappoint. I'll be a martyr all the time. And sell a martyr and I don't want to be selfish and take somebody that can be for them okay when I'm not ready for work on this trip that you. Three days between the four women. Now there's plenty of days Rory don't have our house take out I'll take and one of the losers she's now looking for a relationship right now just sent a text in seventy Jennifer once you're asking well so. Women share it retired now I got our relationship or sex but she'll let you buy our food I thought you know. Like to know choices in January ballot mean even when those choices she's now I'm Jim is this expected. Kit which would you like more and that is to sex you know those two girls side the words are our top. It's that's a I'm limited. You know I think. I don't don't make me to tell he's on it makes me and Weiss suggests there's a cat like Mindy brown. Alexander's name I mean OK so that's our contested and you're you're deciding on lists are OK without a car all right so amended he'll introduce system Mandy soon and that will get on the you know James is really wanting to Jarrett she's cute she's so we get something new or you haven't heard from are ever so I think you pride yourself a drug mad at have you. You pinpoint there's years. A gorgeous yeah I'll let it be easy there barrier sometimes is just easy okay all right so we get that. Speaking of easy and always good then nine's best damn audience pay is truly a day. That was good Caribbean are more about bad about your sex life and all left. I'm there around but nine's best game audio that's next right after. Ask Tony you know recalling here. Oh I know you're. And that's what led grab somebody you'd spend as cold as. This narrowed to open its best they're importing the old yeah. It is read in 54321. Now like sale. Mac I'm Janice T and TM TM pin. I ever a selection of five and also good things this morning club that next worst five worst five funnel some things. Really our president's address a firm employee made their marriage you. We'll start. Where some Winter Olympics. But the fact in the south there is an arrow it's the Olympics when I left yeah I tried to watch it feels so born. Hours are you watching the wrong Yahoo! I go way male figure skating and a punishing then well we'll start worth. Right from the opening ceremony. I'm Katie Couric hosts some Olympic coverage apparently should learn alarms. And then. You know this maverick speed skating. And where they skate fast on the ice right. The Dutch are very good at the Netherlands now that they've been perennially year in year out Olympics and Olympics out big dominates and speed skating on lateral. Gig church and it's why why that is okay. Next is the Netherlands it's probably not in these last. Tell you that Dutch arm really really good its speed skating and all but five of the 110 medals they won. Have been on the speed skating oval now why are they so you may be asking yourself. Because eighteen is an important mode of transportation. In the city like Amsterdam which sits at sea level. As you all know it has lots of canals that can freeze in the winners though. For as long as those canals has existed that dust cascaded on. To get from place to place to bring embracing each other and all. Homer against the light let it sounds like uttered a horse crap nonsense. Because it's the same day she may use it to rate each other no race. A basic question where great Olympic style speed skating is just the way they get around and Amsterdam that's not true absolutely no I was my desire never seen anybody speak that I. Skating down canals never ever ever assists. Is she making it up with somebody right at him as well as she did did. They're Russians hacked Mattel approach. Her make her Ron Burgundy herself from ruling that what you sit there and say. I didn't realize that or soften the impact I would pulls it seems still proud of that's true all the did you. Read over my when people are reading on teleprompters on TV shows today breathe through it or they this. You walk coupled staged sit down and just starry. Lot of times that stuff for my experience payload TV sets they don't have a chance to look at it before they're doing it in real time oh boy I think about how fast that stuff works how they've helped. Oh how fast it doesn't work out or get everything together at the last minute. Don't you tell us under script for scene on seven and not a lot of prep sports aren't ready for Clinton and delegate hunter. Yourself Nelson the Olympics. Yes big the United States of America won gold already all good in what slow stop men's slope stopped snowboarding it was a seventeen year old red Girardi. Halt the allegedly won there he won gold in many immediately turn around and Cust on TV because he's also. Yeah. Willis says the letter wholly NFL well there. Just whenever you are going to send what do you want the gold medal knew he wasn't in on the great whore now our viewers Rosalyn gold he was surprised here. As you can there seem Bagram. This time mr. how many babies are going to be born named Jones saying I'm bitch is gonna happen time and that ten yes or yes there for us we'll keep John Zhang of there Russert here we're going to be about your baby's name I Kim don't own sister yeah while additional life allegedly experienced and she's she's on the charm offensive she's delightful him. As soon Prince Harry should marry if you don't yeah. If you're going to build an organ. I church target organ out how he has to say at least seventy tell if you don't TI has a child's toy to build a nice. Org and day out what child's toy would you build an organ out. Zoos and it. More moderate. Batteries not included did you spenders now how hatcheries required but not included. And a ninety's toll one of the most popular toys in the ninety's live there. Not slap bracelets either as a high school and college there where millions I'm speaking who you by the time this came from and you probably bought and sold Simonyi back ourselves all you're talking about you're talking about there was around the same time as tickle me Elmo give or take a year to come first. Yes I am I know our guys split seven years acquiring working Burmese and use them to build an organ. And when he plays his organ and the sound 44 birdies I Omar. A mole or snowing. So yeah. A seven year project to make this news. Love that. Please visit the opening ceremony. I had deflated because there. The order for seven years he'll get some attention he's brilliant snapped yeah I think your hands aria he steps and using your crazy listening to all. We do cinema Yahoo! would differ Riordan. And be some analysts say she visited these are last night I was at last silence yesterday was the final nail salon in town thousands amateur for the radio vision remains this. Yeah okay I wasn't quite. You wanna try some different though his display in a black guy and the back Alley placed in the bottle okay. Sounds like our own house. I was wearing chaps you're a couple weeks ago we had a story and headlines about a place in Scotland that has the hot pepper flavored ice cream that make they make you sign a waiver before he didn't. Yeah. Now there is audio people trying your screen. So we can see what it apparently sounds like when you try this. Come down its main I scurried out I had a pepper once I know what it feels fine. It would just let Johnny Sutton. Audio people waiting to pepper ice cream in Scotland there for us. Okay yeah. Yeah you know. You know we don't act. They still want. Okay. Couldn't OK and we'll. Yeah. Good lord Scottish getting a stand up. They talked him out of there. There's talk since. Filter and they also went home smokers. Yeah I'll let let. Whether choking member. Who might be in the home is gonna have. Offering if you sense of with Scottish people talk animal play and all of it Alia. As my favorite thing in the world as Scottish people talking to each other trying to understand any of it. And Obama is English but it won't. Won't move him. I'm. Finally. Finally a witness it them as forklifts are gross for a big current red burger or Carson. I'm dying. Organ made birdies. And the hot beverage credits I'll and that brings us to fifth and final. Young I don't say I had been you know mullah we'll all enjoy this what it will take a minute would this one because. You. We need to reach so I'm stomp on you demonstrated some don't concert yeah and when you reached her hey yeah. I name. You think you'll forget how old Jardine point president does its dominant ball had no all the laws. Julio Franco to know hold he was it I mean you think that when you get to be. Lag really old you might have to think about it a little bit to remember how old you are I. After sometimes I will just for a second or two but imagine. Another 5060 years old and think about. And you might just forget right right well imagine if your 98 years old and you still are foul mouthed as you are right now. And you have any idea how old's your. There's not indigo and assists and eight year old man finding out he's ninety years old already hear. How do you think you are often. Higher seed and I have an now he. Higher. Who won wire to. I have created. Higher or higher guy higher stakes are higher and higher paying said. Any. Here. Yeah BH truthful. Always. It's also. Applies and haven't. You're you're going to be any name this summer home and I read that. We're AT&T T. Edits that it certainly is the 2018. And they share of the. Very very mean 89 us wholly. And he yeah. Can you didn't need. The grass roots here and didn't ask it. Sure but that's how it is going to be years as element tomboy in Billings. Based on a bad chemistry in the. And man there's a big guys and any alien parents. I'm him I'm not and that's the best they are your job. So I don't want to walk of true moral of the rise guys morning show. His morning show him. Save fifty. Ice set your DVRs and I mean Jimmy and me on TV yeah a little 730 MW SPA's. CBS. Signals that beer seven. And as far away and just where. Much has program be on there to promote numerous nuptials backing finally won me broadway's guys twenty years 22 murdered her tall girl asked. Though at a gym there's Lane Bryant have a wedding. The winning the address department ultimately what you write them at all for one TVs posture I'm planning. I'm a fifty dollar Mac and only wardrobe thousands of dollars spent on wedding and I got a second hand store all crap but I still can't go it's 51 for a woman who is. At least about six foot tall yes and about a SaaS clearly the last 2% or ask their range can't let a broad shouldered woman. That's a yeah same ball anymore no offensive now arm wide bed us right now what we're all better. All load the avoided questions from our interim report pointed his employer that test question hour. The issue email address little my desk and sends him her. I don't think so sure about that other comes to luck comes tomorrow consumer icy any little distance and Sumter. Coliseum on grass I got a new printer last week. My new printer. I've never had when like this Mo was can't in the new and is an HP this new and it has an email address. If you send something to email address and prints. So I can be up here and I can email my creditors over there will be waiting on the critter trail when I get home you trenor kind of mingling a somehow you have cell. I don't his crowd and yes. They got married there right yeah election not Lugar I did it was made. Daria I think I knew about. As Al graph paper still planning out the united hang it up and have a little Iceland and Rosie had a 56 K modem Soriano home this is all it's very yeah and national united decisive. And eyeball ball not I I I I honestly I thought that was the no interest for the win here and and that was your home. Yeah did really work away how we actually works kind of or anywhere America. As scared residues into using the math lesson isn't bad when I. Is that it was yeah BC addition. Jennifer's OK I was in this picture usually go look at alienated true yeah I rarely use the pressure. She normally does press you one thing if that was you we get it just told settings element fingerprint is a strong words this track. On a scrapes yeah yeah yeah I just think you do this sooner it is the same thing. A great idea except that people like. I have this now and this is what happens while yeah. President having more and the Olympic how old are more closely than anything about what my my social and my printer email address I would say. Anybody would any email address can print stuff at my house even if I'm out there and sucks. And that it's it's convenient for me but it is inconvenient enabling a much are glued to store no longer are funny this. So there you talk about blues says NB in which you never hell okay this is great yeah his leader meeting the other day. In the in the comfort premiere in it was send Trevor the Buick is he's doing music for nom knot Sarah Palin right and it Pressly was there to there. And you Najaf since pictures of people near me we come that Friday he sends me my candid photos of people. I did that and I was gonna send it to everybody in the room and then I looked innocent air dropped to Presley you know Mike I don't even have his phone number. Are at an edit in automated. So I air drop it took me no good and his phonies like. How ahead did you send this to be a higher drop the. But he showed Obama getting a good match yeah I was so I'm telling Jimmie that and then listen to this about his Bluetooth at the house. Car and some orders oral listen to some particular music usually rests on things some. And how can they blew through tomorrow are. A bit off guard commander Bluetooth and Macquarie. Right now. Bluetooth is weird in that you don't always do what she wanted to do I guess. Is you know like sometimes you ever get engine blew Davids are playing a song never listened to and six months just went where now that come from or or yeah. Know your stuff yeah your little things wash and comes an obvious connection LB drab and on the road and also a middle Pena Y. You are connected to Bluetooth. Apparently from work out the left five most mornings are connected Bluetooth in my car to my phone it's funny Jeff please about five to say should I couldn't hit to get it to my follow. So I flip through among our series in my wife's phone. So I've disconnect Paris but. What do disconnect at her phone it was and her folk music in my car but when a disconnect her followed. From the Bluetooth in the car and that's about it started playing music inside the house and she saw my house was harder some normal Ramirez started playing music at random and how. Yeah and Bluetooth connected in the house. I started playing his music in the house he said in the in the driveway yeah hurt this strangest thing is it kicked her phone to mark Karr didn't start playing music and mark Karr. But we're disconnected her phone froze my car stereo per phone started playing music inside the house blue. Who Snooki. If you didn't figure out what it was used luckily I should art packing year now and he's now. There's aren't panning out just are getting even more strange penis and tourism Bluetooth it's his email address. It's on the lifetime how's it. You can address no that's totally out don't. You can now no I don't want to leave people are gonna cost me ink strange pain this is what Bob May do a press I came home to solve rain ending downs and have some problems are not bringing a lot and the range job islet like copyright auriemma and an invoice and you for paper needs as track that's an improvement. Yeah then there Bernard. Yeah I think estimate that win now there are insular where they have email address and I just as first when I bought a few years I didn't realize that had been thing now Elmo got to had that is never knew. Mean closing your supplies here. Yes writers and now we are here. Comedy and that's the things are bird whatever kind of jump ball what are brands are we use here NASA. I'm sure. Sure got a big dark lounge and com. As soon anyway to say all that we say this. Censured ADRs tonight at 730 sevens and watch us on WS PA channels that generals ever will be on there and we won't cause any problems in Millen on his back. Internet fear into it and he's been unit fuse that's right where we're we're like. By the Olympics at this point that. And the last two and a half years is not seen concept not a sat down enemy now this is a bigger remember when they did Monday night surely agreeable and Rick flair came out wearing a tuxedo with a horsemen and that is commonly known as well that's what desist and this is a bigger deal because we've been known and seen on certain way longer than he was don't know BZW that point homecoming here. And be in place in games and now that we're serious. The games tonight I'm not serious word we're promoting. Trying to welcome the men and we will open the Mets were stored or do you remember what the house sit. Well. That's built. Try you know that's not channel seven. And sanitary sentry DVRs and be prepared later on fast forward through an and then see us why are you rely. Love you better viewing party tonight patience. That's a sex for everyone will take a break we'll come back yeah. And so he's played great music my. Always there's an hour. You dream my dream.