Friday, February 17th

The Mail Sack: Open Phones


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The rise guys morning. Beltran. The end. So yeah. I cannot. Know Zach. I'm women Inouye now. They're gone. I can't have this morning that was. I let him an asset that we're under way. And I never found them around me first say. Big should it happen. Aren't having any minute they're picked out of a job proud right now mind and then we'll we'll take it died out years they don't give. Time now for days chip terrific pitch I mean and they are just profile picture grinder if it's. The rise guys and AOL dot com or is he preferred TR EG 933 the planet rocks dot com. Either one of them will get straight to us. Fat boy well print them out and now. Like a mountain everything we call. An awful long armed and assured his wrist it's just. Stupid aren't you. You've got to win win and we're green company you know no more printed out of whom are planning what I have everything. Just get like one sheet per week initiative for sound effect for our audience an idea. Enterprise data sentence that's why let you know that I love you guys just are listening to TR GM 2012 when I was not obtain a first started college amendments check all man hell was that that person in the show began. 10 PM yeah he had ten years ago. Made me laugh like hell enjoyed the hour long drive to school every day that I used to hate before discovering that show. I transferred to midlands to USC Buford in 2013 graduates when he sixteen. You all Shirley tell me every step of the way continues to how many you make me laughter and times and it seems like nothing else is going racked god this is such as circle jerk. I listen podcast all the time and tell everyone I know about to show I can live without TV movies comic books brand or can't live without he'll. He could look forward to your G is very important to me. I need you help and support go any way that I can because jump ball helped me out. They have always been there for main teams always. No wind that you got the gift I say aegis made my day in. I hope BM and also gave few Madden on February Jeff Everett coordinating include page and that obviously was saying yeah I miss. It's. A home. Let me know your friend he went as head. What I was is is this the used. A month. I'll nurtured from North Carolina somewhere. Cowell finally gotten there yet. James seems like the middle to lower part of the story now which is not yet it gets harder and you're from North Carolina your creditors are in North Carolina. Yeah then namely that just an address past. So I don't know that's nice if you really wanna help program. In most accounts for the gift was and we'll see he took it let's little leery of our guests cheer him you. Yeah he maximized to. Ball thirty in the foreground and the bands like nose for drugs goes sock in it and they're now a sudden in the mailbox and cynicism romantic removed. So yeah yeah a lot of it's also loved it. Riser as I wanted to know who they ask is Tina hang preteen angry. What is she lived and why does she hate the show semis yet to be the dating game for her Brandon beach. It liberal. And I don't remember grit. However I do was agree here this obsession as yard sales every week yeah is based owner neighbor said stop the signs stay out and she just pulls them. Covers also missed out this class. So ordering the thin end of state there isn't the North Carolina or Georgia somewhere in this wanna say it is Anderson contact their own community. Well I don't you prevalent regardless. And I did this somebody they wouldn't. I mean I don't know why did you dating game for anybody any girl guys that we do we don't do today in game four because you don't it's it's a girl situation. But MR raw insane go out. What does that say and I am just these little explaining from time to time it isn't that we don't want us not just sexual hook up where we don't business I love it's just it. You probably. A little more than half our audience is Vince yeah integrated digital that's a forty yeah so it's more of our audience is dudes then. Well there's a bunch of dudes wanna play the dating game all the terms are and not his. Many basically need the cigarette and then it just works better that cigarette cigarettes addressed and we have to win the bachelorette. Cigarettes and then we need dad dudes trying to. Good to blink her. Basically I have plenty of news at any given time now things are fighting the female contestants is a horrible. Since I'm sorry than you get a phone call it from our felony where she does live and blow it. What would kind of right Andy for anybody you wanted to do it doesn't really matter. I mean. Angry Teaneck came. Easily Dina. The problem with Tina do this for is that this is to bridge Tex coming in from did you say yeah I'll brush Flickr are we okay well I processors are. And I'm so easy injures them. That's dear sabres morning radio this show has been gold so far this week I'm 33 in a ball we have always been clean shaved and but my girls told me she wants me to think about grown a beard. How many and every day shaver for fifteen years easily how long this is not taking it also. Matt Mandy wash it every day. What I very Dalai and is good. Grow facial hair is a very individualized. Thing yeah right mile roommate now lagged. If it. Mean if you shaved in the more important to work and then when I'm drinking that night and have a full beard he would have full beard Danny came back home to go Jihad or somebody is on the block some kind of wearable yeah yeah by the time night fell he is faced just or grow hair. But it's. Then there's me kinda camera flash game I'll hold him back for about. Two or three months down in yours is like you know sometimes you get a yard to play aggressive eleven yard there's always that one squad won't grow in the palm you need dealt with after some time I don't have many years and a wall sway my hair follicles. Tightened up we don't have as much ice now cover your mouth follicles got closer together so now here's how there is no basis smaller. I don't wash my beard every day I wash and every edited it and and I use conditioner on tape my kid estimated at these conditioner on. The VA now says dies every other day. Man when you say and it's like it has a life from it down he'd take it off and put it in his seminal keep. There's real test hope. Well now an injury nobody had the we don't make it in dealing I amount upon me don't let him out of beard robbed and I bought him. Be everybody's different like I I say mark completely off and I grew it back to my three day some class Fortis you're. And jester growing about six horse thing. These will include. Guys I've called a dozen tries to say yesterday guys I've caught a dozen times today jail and he's hanging up on the web. The black guy is Aron who would you go ahead just explain that I was not it's about enough Tina and Amy miles an hour shows the warm or older text or email all the snaps FaceBook messages tweets may have. RI equality all there listening out there that try to call in for game. We have four lines open I don't think it's gonna allow 600000 people call in at once and get through one line rich and giving our eyes they're yours sums it why should have a problem so I'm not hanging up born you. He goes to immediately a busy signal or it immediately hangs you up I don't know why but it does that. I asked a little bit about why does that talk to our engineering department and have an email from them on the subject how further we have all the complaints I emailed him yesterday lowered his. It is important complaints will be ones were real people know and try to rectify the situation try to fix it so you alcohol and if he's busy busy but he won't think just hanging out one. Well actually Nelson and your on the tire in the air but they are just give a quick engineers and this is probably an issue are telephone carriers. Where they reach a saturation point on that line committed only need to get one that can handle a lot of phone calls I know most radio shows in this building not to do that yeah it's. The lines of full coming in the studio than. They can't control the busy signal we're dropping if it happens people who call and then. The phone company does that I don't know who provides the phones here it's I mean unless somebody does that and I. And they kind of roll over so maybe she get to the fourth planning catch you off. I hear you call this your shaft. And the reason it was so bad yesterday's does your getaway it's a Metallica then go on sale yet and Carolina rebellion. And and word insane insane apartment we had thousands upon thousands of people calling it the same time so it just Texas homeless camp. It's all voice over IP customize networking and Alter African company. They're the podcast Sox now and then music I work second shift and some of veggies to get me motivated to go in there and put up with these. Blank holes are work quit now I just starts Clemente talking mid sentence there's got to be selling do about this. I hate change. He won letters every. His motorized all the music and give it to us that's what it bulls down to plea it's it's it's the podcast itself. It can be we don't have VD publishing rights to put music on it anymore unless we get the rights. To put it on the air. There was we have some was expressed written consent to use their maturity after that her I still save there. Here's the thing I don't won't a song about us as the show opener I don't want to be like is there rats cats in the morning and taking you calls saying listen then you listen these she's like how. I don't want that crap I want a good songs a good balls in your face own good so I always had some of the days before that we had. I guess he's not gonna go out rounding them we had a pair of terror we had the Ramones now. It's so it's the ice and really fueled a local bands get an original song the or local artist or whoever they and it's hard to get balls he wake up song. Moved them a hand but ultimate warrior and I talked. Isn't saying yeah before he starts to make your banner ash rock and roll songs. We're gonna have to decide this on the show one day serve you ought to submit some realizes. We are gonna get your consent player on the radio yeah and we are playing on the radio and sued he once think of it and we would do elect booming on the style so if you get my stuck realize that we are going to secure it some on the right here. And they'll release it did talk about if we also think it's price and may be also said the outline that was commences phase acidity slovo. I guess you think these guys sure of himself so all of this is a good segment were we got definitive answers old sock deal with a Clark has changed deal with but that window about it if there is is sort. Others against tags you should use you see me the Jeff Lewis new song that you now owns. I don't know I didn't kick ass Morningstar song busy everybody is described him. And that's a love song a little bit this time or metals long ways that no. Guys do me a little help here just some friendly advice please I'll wash as a mini van she uses a driver three kids around and welcome back and there's a recall on it. Because the hood latch Mott break or something and he could not fly open while she's traveling down the road. It's free to get it fixed who has has recalled and I can't get her good taken and it makes time your damn car fixed teased you jam our kids in car and have faulty hood lacks a man band. Is it best if I just take it in myself on my day off and deal with. How pissed off she's going to be when I do it is there's some way I can make her understand how dangerous is can be without. The hood fly and also own 85 South Hadley in our family. I does one do what's best is got to get fixed but I wanted to get figs flew little bull blank as possible. I don't wanna get yelled out trying to keep my family sage advice would you guys do deal with the horse blank. Or just hope for the best and anonymous. Only because I don't want her to cut it off in my sleep. I honestly scared is why I. It is it is you steered his wants is a thing. Jane do that I don't Eric take out of her hands because later ran. Criteria oil yeah it will be changed it probably. Social few days ago about older car recalls in America you. It's there's 34%. More this year than last year and repaired recalls things turn out like. You have some so like all of the nearly half the cars rolled around in America. Have and six recalls won't tell him nobody ever did gangs have time and I got time for that don't have time for that but it's a free repair that you. You might save your life one day I now. I know there's if there's a great believer in your check out this very tired your friend out. Yeah Don yeah others. Especially to get kids enemy in gulf I mean die each scene and he seemed Pineapple Express lane change Franco's foot got stuck in those days the windshield. All when I recall them saying how could fly as obvious from the ten times Orson. The thing that that I saw about Corey calls is that there's way more recalls on cars down now because there's way more problems manufacturing and now. And then there's no way blessed people taking him to get fixed when it does happen kinds of Siemens Canada and the way higher in May cars there's more problem. Is making the cars and then people who does she get it fixed is the used to sue Edwards were a mess there everybody knew in high school in the now build confidence build. Answer we all know where they are the mighty. Are there they're there they're building but little cheap cars they're now they're built right expensive stuff high end stuff yeah and you know they are donors they think yeah. Handing them glove compartment and the truck and passages that are let's break mayor then. Armed well it is an open phone jacks anything you wanna talk about you wanna respond to any of that crap you've got something going on you need some advice for this weekend dirt. Dealing would be they old lady or the balls manner whatever it is really charges Friday. Well you know while that's some say yes and say yeah it's argues very handsome Satan if you got some us to make us jealous about your weekend I want to hear about that -- Montana to me low key but that's who don't seem PW premier so last Sunday Sunday I mean the power hours of Friday or Saturday in order of murder Breslin goes on me well regardless 1800. Write it down 180774. Double 93. 180774. Down below 93 if you want Colin you don't come rescue with Fargo and. You check the idea right guys running shell 93 point freedom plan it. Rise guys morning show good morning GM. It is 738 Jimmy daughter's second round and I'll vote not drivers for America. And currently tickled to have went he's going to go we don't need homes. About it if you would open phones if you haven't got any yet one. 8077400983807740093. LB tell me I hang out on yet. Can always count on you Jimmy thank you always thank you let's go to two. I'm too and go to clubs and talk to Katie Katie good morning. The money I use. Them without being eight yeah yeah. Though I is Smart you'd that it. Banking apps released said that I. And indeed it on the carpet that I loved dearly. And he had it. He has cute kids from a previous marriage they're eleven. To operate. Diet. Well it. Problem is that I get home umpire. Have about one hour cleanup. Cook got earth do laundry everything that needed to like why eat eat eat and he gets home at 7 o'clock and eat at 8 o'clock 830 I'm done I I want gonna enter a lottery MacBook. I'll I'll watch what I wanna watch on TV. And that's like I kind of wind down. And eat it. K fat tell her authority and he looked at a I don't want it and it added I don't wanna thank the elite. 8. O'clock. And you know let Mel I'm sorry like we have cash and I need Katie. Right. He did she doesn't understand that concept they keep it very. Very. Any idea act like I should be hot and that it did. Patent application. Well let me ask you Schumer who reads from I'm I'm curious despite the accident. From the asked if not then yeah. There isn't and that's what's so when you talk about it all you want some personal time you why you know you wanna go to your bedroom do you want him to come in there would view and and and watch TV and maybe you know did intimate things like that or. Welcome to but he doesn't he played a little about any end and that goal. Let your game dude I have no problem at that but I think it needs like I need our. Read whatever book I want I read watched ever like movie he does not. Want to block and not have that same. Hate it is. Time. Understand that at this point but is AC you know you keep saying he says this is family time. But he's in their plan Xbox is he play in with the kittens are the kids there would there headphones on and like top. Exactly what it is yeah. And it's not family would the only time because that Stanley is then want to get air bag Baghdad then it. All the kids aren't little slices yeah yeah. What's this year didn't feel that way in and think in that way I don't know. How's that I was shivering when his parents at all. Aggie now like ever get court. I don't hear anybody says dictate it hate it. It. He's got back. And it hit exactly why it attracts eat bread she would get more you eat Hugo. Write to her background and she read you know our eye off and they are like Birmingham City aren't that you're beyond and out. Prep and I. Janet thank god Jerry yeah. Can. I think that it. Think to eat what we did that drove her crazy do you bank. Its air and tried Xbox she's good she's like doing the same thing to be your doing and he's blamed it don't hurt them. That may be. Maybe in you eat together right he had that time with the family. Some aren't so why not plan an activity or your not in on your games are reading and you're doing something altogether. And you don't have to do it every and I think the least is one night a week you can ask. I don't. You know and I forget that that I have I have really rejected that earlier Florida meet in half by the attic gain all right you know. We have Nintendo that he had dipped well they're outraged are. Hour or pass when he its. Actress yeah it. Little success until. I wanna. So so and and you know. Dirtier I don't feel like you're doing anything. We're here and certainly cooler side his story that you needed towns like man. What would would not. Need this not family activity you're doing your deal they're doing their deal I don't think we're doing together is having dinner so if you want sanctions don't want this to turn into her roommate relationship like you have of the previous situation but in the in the back room and let's talk. And let's watch in the together and it's a letter fingers do the walking and see what happens that they now. Yes a lot of kick out I was going to say. OK okay. In my knees and you know you you're on time tomorrow down instantly seasonal. You would be I mean that's going to be sentenced I'm not committing adultery I'm watching right. Criminal mind. Hot. I'd be no room to. I'm like this I'm about lattice that Teddy you know our you like you'd just you know. Next time he's and then you in the bedroom to keep this phone in his handers pocket Imus be able. Does he keep his own way of him like in the how. A so down the bedroom he's in their place Xbox has taken yourself and you get in the top bargain now and then if you don't come in there they end. And we did she didn't. Eric Carter thought yeah. Aren't you could look. At our listening. All right have a good morning. Austin fast and awesome catch aged man alone that the catalyst in my knee. You know I love that accent I imagine what it would be like if we called a Boston radio station. Urged people not from their via Israel and people in America you do radio where were from western. Could you run. I'm going there. Jeffrey a major arteries line three is. And all of a lot of his departure what you don't hear you some trouble in her room who is that is that this is it the boy in the backseat. Loan. Are any are. Click hot or your kids or minute's thought to a on the radio. Sorry you would not start okay can act and really try to compete illegal killing until the election. What's your column out we know what are yours if you are here again in I. Hey you are a little bit lower. Costs are much less. Plus did what I wanna come out in the EU and boy can't act and yesterday. Morning long out of Iraq. Imagine what you think about it a machine and you don't have to Tuesday. When you let. Us aliens are here they'll. We like yesterday and need to anybody there. Where you were all all I ordered McCartney to Arlington tonight controversial. Chad has spoken actual. Hobby lobby Snickers all. Yeah I don't know him watching commercials number OK regardless of what what's. You know what are sorry about that date with the general. We are not without aiming area actually lights. 1% of the people and I got all our. Lives and senator lynch little fat to boycott. Nate kicked. Try to learn that I can alert an inch. Replica anywhere. That plane tires and light how god tried very narrowly hamper his and it showed teleport. A little alleys. Did they get a pass what what is your major employers say if you're a little Latino even had the day off what are they gonna have a job that. I always. Home I mean old and meet you totally that in the play again illegal Lauren out hired truck and now yeah old. So here's my thing I I was not aware it was even going on to Lysol. A web site when I got back home last night you know I saw that it was evident Thursday in the best look at and a that's why I didn't I didn't and wouldn't really noticeable to me but you know. You know immigrant we work with his stone. Rack and he doesn't work. Here yesterday that's I am. And didn't immediately and Mickey ending thanks so either. Can't play I want you. And a whole. New rule. I. They're there for you kid. Am I being why there wasn't a Latina is some talk and to go ahead. And Andrew I'm not I don't I'm. Not and that's what I am I don't know. Yet. Yeah eight irons on the kids not going to school better. Idea of kids at school overall cancer Australia. And you don't have to be affordable now either. They. My opinion is here's the thing is I get a lot of things here's the deal I'm a white guy it's kind of hard for meets at like really. My opinion is it didn't affect me Maine has not seen it did affect a lot of people you know but for me personally I don't. I don't know that I even have an opinion on it because I don't good. Not that I consider gloating I'm just being it's really I mean I don't ask too experiences I don't know. Yeah that's the true realist it's our India. Here as an immigrant. And then natives here we're a lot nicer guys suburbia and now it's the only thing I can say about it yeah it is right or wrong or not seen any username. Because you know what happened to them they were nice and let all those white people in need. Tell them all out yeah and with her calling and then that they did make a statement. People are aware and I am not there move much there there intense. Question. Created an S and they succeed. Now. Yes I agree I don't I mean and what are not treat it. And how light there our great big hole and I are. But I stayed. Relaxed and it may now we understand the statement that aren't trying to distract and may yeah. Ammonium. And then there are needed more than it did not want to miss. Impairment. It out but forward the only thing I say that is eight aids. I knows someone who has been trying now for better part of two years and get that done and it's not it's thousands of dollars an attorney fees. And a lot of Greg Mariah I guess is the best way to what is it easier process. You know I shouldn't be that easy but it should be a little easy error is unleashing a throw the checks at all you know. Adam yeah. Now. So I'm acting at fifteen year old kid and the upper middle aged. They're going to be here in relation to certain class French chain. We better accommodate more. There are a lot of the first person who's deported to Mexico where this week last week. It was some woman had been living in Arizona for like 44 years music player and she's never had never start any trouble or anything she she was illegally machine minute recording five years. As she'd been working on family here this G gets shipped back into Mexico and how she's not when your kids your husband or anything. It is what it is I'm not saying it's you know that. Did she did not come out wrong because she was here illegally but she looks like five years ever did nothing wrong carting I think you asked her. There's people here. We should get rid there's baited should be grandfathered in at a certain point I don't I don't know man it's it's tough I know we're late and I earlier today at 84 lumber and okay. She must have been a Mexican gangs to Nestle toll rose disaster there going after first. Yeah the minute I said that a thousand text message before number I'm. Richards either and I figured you know a member of a cartel. She was just so many things with a couple kids there with them everywhere. And he immediately cannot really didn't I mean I was out about retail ended up yesterday and various shall places in the I don't know. I didn't see I didn't I wasn't aware enough I mean maybe that's bad I don't out. Is that when net that talk of racism comes up act it's it's. It's hardest incident while it's Howard's latest second year in and what are my thoughts on it when my thoughts are I don't have to deal with it as that match not like I'm sitting there saying I don't care. I'm saying I can't fire the way other people came and. Nor comes Baird. Words come out the wrong way but here's the thing I will say. Immigrant. America and black white gay. Clubs and Carolina. Hold flutes. Ingles I don't give a damn don't matter of everybody. Here is all got that common install process go one of we just wanna have fun we wanna be happy we wanna have a family may do we know whenever frame rate we live in apartment mourned by house. Hey don't let the (%expletive) Crap. Dubbed by everybody will on the same side every day there's this organization of this. This boycott or this or that from what is the ultimate what are you doing with the U centenary in your divide and everybody don't boycott should happen is when we all come together and say I. Are you know we're the shareholders in this day and common things should change. You know the black lab and our sorrows of the protests and organization there now there's organization or the other direction of that of course is now the night and you head. The the left setting up their protests now it looks like you got the right set now protesting for publicity. Like against themselves these people are setting up protests against themselves yeah. Just for the publicity of the start trouble and I don't plan to it. Let me ask so I'll say. Aren't them aren't armed will break there right in my home war eminent on the same page here we'll bring their we Heston okay it will break your being that right after this morning. Maybe three points freedoms. 3 PM when it runs. I'm your flow. Listen on the planet that made especially for the V ones or did you win that series next retreat to plan and you'll find dozens excuse you can listen and any questions. To wrap.