Wednesday, January 11th

A couple of OPP's from a guy who slept with his girlfriend's best friend to a guy who's wife isn't treating their kids equally: Open Phones.


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Yeah. The rise guys morning. 3.3 eight. Beltran and okay. Malice. Left filling it thousand dollars Nelson. Miles south elect will own throat dry mouth old restaurant. Challenging debuted stands in the cage. Gives you a I didn't I don't know if they're gay or not I guess they were I didn't go up and say yeah here at the end just to. The mayor who is sent an inventor and the new you know that was good. My next to see. Since I never saw Arabs have always heard the rumors are back on on the Astra and and members can do what I'm too early. Indeed an occasional it was 2:30 AM idea and that was you don't have Thursday night and had class the next morning. Good olden and never survive now quite literally going in my truck after 220 an hour Alan Light or may have. Can imagine he sees me command and Astro like 3:30 in the morning. Samuel didn't dive sprawling. Morning drone Border Collie actual blanks do you know it's just the existence of milk. I'm missing girl commence exiting home a boyfriend beat me what Celtic you don't chip this man certainly in business are out there whose huge us tonight taking you. You go back and do with him if he didn't a smaller guy who has taken home. Probably not Els Morgan 170 pounds spectrum I was gonna hurt anyway. Go him we both Indian below previous times Stephen Townsend he's in turnaround could Owens feels. What ages this. Since he's 830. Senate recorded selected Gilliam was close to giving them more. Wow and we're going to unite these moves come down it was a bad they would have a yes it was it was like. It was like IE you know how restaurants and time running low on a one million put the water and iron chicken out and just waiting now to meet now we would probably night and maybe we saw each other in their YouTube in the corner different we driver arraigned. Who came owner won't hear. Every night going home victory. At home. I think is to that time in my life for I don't remember nothing. Like there is a 23 year period in my life where there is no major milestones no major event. Can't sit here you can think at least every year realizing oh yeah so I remember the trauma here. We are members mayors say a year. O'Grady dad Ali airman a year that's the year when you know I lost my. Anal virginity and and hot air balloon you know things my neck out on three years in my life. No name game are much warnings. He believes in me. Loyally and what does that mean Zulu name mean that was so boring that there is nothing of note or that I was drugged and drunk old time. I mean it was white and I don't know you should know the answer that shouting you party so emotional remember my youth if you. Remember if you were to Drudge probably won't exempt. I always turns an excellent all kinds of things just they're threatening the worst best comment or anybody you don't remember your laundry for work is under. As we stand shoulder and the new era now tells ask you first Allan never do again. Arms. Okay it's open phone 180774. To below 93180774. Double in my Treo phones is where. You know if you had a question or comment about something recently on the show or you that your own problems going on now we try to help gala that. 18077. Affordable 093 let's go to. You do well you sir. Their brand and is it good what's going on says he needs some advise what about. Yes sir. Oil. Broke for a trial. I am. Sorry didn't show that sort of on the road eventually come look in my house. She'd only been out that long or support log in particular remark housing Cheadle usually initially put here. Well are usually able to carry out a way that debated. But tournament full ownership and leadership comes in about it very well connected. To go to. Can you boil it doesn't lack. Thank you she was literally not a not at threat of close on the woman. Not even any current. Was she completely shaved. Yeah. Wish it did and so are reasonable doubt stallion. Pummeled in all really a store hours arrests are challenging author Gerald or workers who are. Aware of our naked and the dead in the bedroom out. Too bad boys sexy music please. Help Al the double outline around in the work trucks in the eighteen wheelers and the ambulances big struggles learns all this things aren't so she walks in but as naked in your your bedroom. You know nondescript. There host purposely sort of plot home. There obviously are totally megabytes that would just. Now I don't know honesty transparency here in the late in the menu Gailey said he. Yeah and doesn't. Come. Crawl motor blew the front of the motives were lured so rude aboard news. They're cute silly but I could prove more bait and hooks. Nor are the rules of the globe but I can't. Who do you do you wait wait hold on server and she's crawling across the part of the bed I imagine it's like semi and a range. Okay and in the in this starts. Shea and back and forth to their Hezbollah around. We know local board got a big the post on the notice right here yeah this category two and turned around also a bit better. And then out there who have artist who go reload melody stroll with. And it's less harm so I. The need Wednesday night so could she do for a bond and yes. Well that's why are. Girlfriend slurry and and she lost a teller I'm destroyed furniture wanted to hear so emotional news to tell you it. Contrary to what happened to go play notion. And voters this. Yes a lot of whole new. Must find an American ball why is your friend wanna do is she is wants to mess up the relationship or Judas put an honor to strong come up with. Her she's. Asia has no end and it. Yeah but aids aids and big leads. We do you morneau. I don't now. Hey wait a minute MI did the naked woman you know when there. You'll also bourse where it now when he says she's at a town what does that mean he shed its final words she join a town. Did she lose more than you are moral voice she heard Ramallah in the burden on cruise juice too long though. And they're so young ladies she summoned back. Yes you're sorry Derrick that you have to like going to go. The only millions of yeah. I had you know lay rescuers say I don't believe that. Her being out of town. Would justify it. She didn't. But I also don't know. You're you're the girl you did did a lady you know but has made during an era there'd been an four aboard. I don't know the cheat. What her intentions are we telling your girlfriend other then. She wanted to date give one up on your girlfriend. Or. She won't she's the house for herself and her and her along. So what do you mania and that is what is her reason for John your girlfriend. Population that we won't Paulo under our we could do it and I'm sure McCain tomorrow that she didn't do it. Well I would deny them. The car. Yeah I don't feel I have solved anyway and oh yeah if you I can't solve now additionally it's all come around this all wrote in badly it might not in medley today. It might take couple years but it's good in madly in a business. For instance she. Now and and you have to consider the other person you know her feelings are going to be her when she finds out about this Cindy thinks she's gonna want you back. I Darren dissidents she does that Italian it and keep it in your pants he. Did you just for vacation spot in the Virgin Islands you better or rock and roll that thing. They're remote six cutest picture book home. Never okay her boyfriend's dog and things for their friend I'm in the critique dinner for every now. And put 00 clearly there yeah that's never an excuse for that it. And strut your stuff that she Havel have bombing your just gonna be sleeping with anything you have no. No control of earn your thoughts minor whenever us. You're where oh. I just want you number I did just enough. Of you want to do it. This is the note and she do the union completely offend you probably very Catholic daughters have a fair army how Intel and its inconsistency. Other people wrong because obviously you're not committed to this relationship. You don't know you do what I struggled and can't make excuses you the mall. And then yeah more business is it possible you were so drunk dude in her brother. And some other guys to blunt some. You might have been one eyed Jack who is our man may have looked old and he went UEU and a train when I Jack thank you. He anonymous here is our skis may Brunswick with the enclosing. Yeah it and they and closing. No prisoners. Nope. Actually we're. William. Stone yeah accurate Stephanie Allen asked the FTC. Are out Welch he's having their Slaton would some version and they Alan Ingram and that's why she let there's grandma went public for virgin. Watch out there's a mean Muslims always in place bridge and we mustered thank you. I certainly keep he's saying this that don't look now front and I knew you couldn't fit his eye and Ashley. She's young and an assist football. Sect into the X. People like. Him more obvious and more in his best form or. I was is food and Anaheim's little boy if you have a more down there as flip morgue I don't have one on my friend who's calling it entertainment it's our president put the bad. I got the bench this Madoff. Chevy truck Calle de measurement Mitch yeah I hear from handy there's who's book American aren't an anonymous god what if this is the girl I just wanted to see you guys thought about this I session a drunken Meyer best friends are. More than good it was OK can I. Well usually the doors I fell on the penis Thailand. Trip. Isn't true so it's. These older right page he didn't hear that Falmouth he needed and I'm Zion being advanced by you know what I feel bad for other girlfriends I had to take her side because if you or me and sending dynamic training like that. I forgive my B and I look went on vacation or just a small amount of time. And you had to harm you what you normally do weight should be fine. Everybody I knew it trial. He needs to wait till she comes back to tell her because she's not she is back and he's. He says he Duma is she's is turner who you don't. Here and I have backed. Anonymous. It is on line for anonymous to order. Moral thing in order prayer ST boy you got a bat cleanup now I stuff. There. Was totally view by that and not a messiah imagine you you've you've got something known you want advice about or what. Yeah I mean you get a look see like in that ineffective but you know I just don't wanna make mind. Like my wife mad. Lino. Yeah I mean they're we have. I'm seeing really not a town and units are so one of her friends. But yeah. There are plans in broom sweeping the yeah. He's you don't lose. I'm not that has no arms turn. There wolf. I have out of thirteen year old daughter and an eleven year old son. And I've been married for fifteen years and and we're good I mean we we get along. Just fine except. Except for when it comes to discipline in the kids and other source. I'm so. Like superbly mile. Some alliance really our our daughter Kirk. An and I try to get it to she's older. Actually girl's soul like my wife can identify what are so I just try to understand like. But. But that is really the two bigger problem because her arm. My wife doesn't make him do anything. Like no chores not that. You just get so they would whatever he wants and I just don't think it's fair or daughter because. Like. It's. Like a all that it is him either decides it. Yeah I mean so like the one thing and admitted that I didn't like he had. Bike wrecks like green and half years ago bum ever since she's got so much worse. About like how to protect them and so what I don't know what to do because. I'll orient like command and you know and not wind up send them like this weird kid in the world like. You know like so many parents do you know. And down. OK so. You know your kids together and I cracked. The senate and a campus here are going. Yes so it's just weird because like on one hand. There's one kid is doing all the chores and then another kid who probably two years younger. Like can do whatever he wants it like for example like. My daughter was inside doing this is the acting means cleanup house. Like right after the snow and so I'll outside the tickling the bill I cup cars. And so my eleven year old boy would like. Come out and help so he comes out and start to help clear the so what I. Dialect it was great that was a nice opportunity to teach. Him how to kind of figure out some reaganesque figure out of their own and keep you from being one lead dummies drive around Clyde hill and that's a little. You earn my rant yesterday I. I look juniors to more than what a mess can't go I did. It's crazy you know I know I've I've been trying to set the collective good example of how to take care of the nice things to do they have like these card in the driveway. When you know. My wife comes out on the pork and tells the kid go play. I use. Still loved oak go build a snowman throws snowball you know you shouldn't be work again you know you always like what he's physical evidence so he just needs to be kid and pumping again. Okay or thirteen year old sister. Was born and now. To cook and clean as soon as she was old enough. And that didn't try to learn how to go in bit. Then you know what I'm a loan limit you know he's but it. This model just like Pampers and so much the key critical of baseball particularly the palm would blow out. You know him hurts. The finale I was stone until. You know what I. I tell you something and if you're open to obviously advice in your column and Elena sat there are paid him also knew instantly said. Said we've been married for fifteen years. And you know we get along. Are you've been married for fifteen years and the only way you know attribute. So we get along is there good. We're good and I don't think courage and it and they. They too rigid in a library is huge areas that at least some awkward bad there is a major struggle all wrapped power struggle is what this is. Due in part because there are reports on to get your priorities health and Eric in a lot of views are he and she's putting on the pants and aid get everything in. Our adult lives every single thing is better childhood so that's what what was hers like like was hit. You know daddy would come home from work in mama better have him a beer ready in the remote and a neat to know just she was served that kind of thing. Oh yeah yeah definitely. Yes I mean that's that's still out here would like we build it over for like holidays or whatever like. He's eating maps and he's up there and whatever he needs. Ben has learned behavior for sure you say dude the boy had a bar cracked. They have really crazy get hurt somehow or another and that. Yeah I mean he broke his leg and within the cast her first few weeks the womb you know I mean it was it was traumatic but it was like. You know being I broke my leg another kid I mean that I feel like every little boy kind of breaks for the breaks and armor or something like when they're little kids you know. While armed guerrilla asked 3400. Asset and it's current things. It's rare it's more so nowadays than. Before that parents can have issues and stuff like bare leg kids. Suffers an injury like that. Now all of a sudden. Mom or dad don't have a war let him play baseball or football or ride a bike or skate boarder or walk downstairs on assisted ever again yeah and they can't let go. I that sometimes for years. It's a matter remember as me stranded since he's gray sat around a bike yeah you're right when she started wobbly and running grabs them I would not let her fall did do it. Yes that's exactly a year you have the same thing go on to them to that exists imagine. Imagine issued broke a leg. Trying to learn how to run by night and then you know how much harder I would bet on you down the road. Yeah it financially but Scalia wrote that as well. And someone is senate tech and by the way if you text and 7341. Carolina are not tax on trying to sign it unless she does obviously wanna be anonymous arm. Like error or for end here. Com they said. At that point when she came out and told the sign to quit helping you with that should have been the point where you stopped her and said no. We're doing a father son thing. Here's a promise that. She sounds like she's a very domineering kind of person may be the way you're describing yourself. If you had stopped her right then and there and trying to kid. An argument where the incident. You need it next time it happens. Actually he says he's had a lot so wait for the next era since you need to address it but would just her and not in front of the kids but don't. Wait two or three days is that you know the other day when best known. And she realizes said that that you've been certain aired this ball and over body this next time happens in the moment give her the example. Didn't do it is just that to have it together don't do inferno kits. And it's easier in your co parenting. Together well. Yeah I mean. Argued trash he just. It's just it's hard to that occur like almost feel like calm like it's so bad though like maybe she needs like they're career something I don't know. Maybe it's possible. And you know little. It's fair I think the kids to engage your network. To cancel a different sets of issues related to that unequal treatment for mom yup. Hey if you want to be fair and balanced with the kids that who has where you need to be right there in the middle Malcolm BS fox can't exactly exactly ground meant that then if she's not doing that yeah let's get it negatively affected them psychologically as they continue to melt. Yeah it is. All right good let's go the other thing tabbed as weird about it display. She'd ever or the little boy to do everything but like I got a lot of stuff to do you know I mean I see give me a lot of stuff to do. Now the journey here you're hurt. Or her and hear her eagle and a sense but is sounds like she's your manager. She she don't get me there are always there and get your defense today. Here at. Mad a you got. You've you've gotta you gotta address this he's Jimmy made a good point you got one extreme to the next with the same two kids and down to win win when I got divorced and was it was a single dad and that they every other weekend kind of think I was mourning two. I was one that at the moment that we did that I did have a my kid I wanted them to. Excellent moment I don't want us to be heard to be on an iPad me ever here I want us to do things and I was saying yes a lot to a lot of things anything she wanted to do I say yes. And my therapist thome said you know what most kids want to hear them they won't see your narrow they won't structure. They want to say no they hear their parents aren't dissenters saying yes yes yes trying to buy everything Foreman doing this and that they wanna hear no they won't structure. And they know to mandate if mom is being overprotective like that that boy knows that senses that and it's. Gone eventually make him to start for LA he can't do now. L. Well I don't exams I mean it's it's it's. Yeah only bit of it it all makes sense club but like one thing it did they even if that was my therapist says it looked like. Did you goal. We're in which you're wide autumn and if you did like how did you bring that up. I'm Jason no that was post divorce and I just. You know when you know if they're all right all right here here and there do you get that underlying thing that they always talked about but then they talk about other stuff to habitat they end Antonio. I don't sorted of people in no way did he gave. I don't know. I don't I'm not a fan of mayors therapy I don't think that you bring in a stranger and has been six mess like that I think if those people wanna do it they cancel each other council must cancel. Council honored. Tivoli is effective for a lot of finishes there are many marriage counseling there yeah I did well if it's good therapy it's good. And arming and a it's Singh played candy anyway. I don't think the real love needs and inspire an outsider coming in tranda I don't discourage somebody might work for them then why isn't it might work in our strategy from work and added if that's what you ordered eviction. Why do I want to discourage you from and save your money. Anonymous. I hope this all works out and and hopefully everything. The marriage days is stay stable bit. Eat in a marriage you can't have one person B and the manager in the end the person be an employee or vice Versa you gotta be equal. Aren't I appreciated thank you so much gas. Our answer and good morning sounds a defeated. Well he just he realizes the problem is with the controlled it. It's kind of been enabled moved her Zito are more acute as one home three. She's both parents. Problem. I don't know when you ask you met in Harlem. Song I if he does something of the sun downtown moms that are doing that yeah. They had heard earlier today MA sounds are heard. Mash you don't tell you mama mama didn't. Well meanwhile on what days of the kids you know maybe she's lending can be kids. At eleven maybe you shouldn't worry about too. All that bad near the designs may inevitably kid Vienna the daughters being able to be mama Jane. Junior junior you don't there's let him be a kid to a certain point and also they're not just you got easily and all right you can't just. Are you fist thing I know how to do all this stuff ever taught you how to do that regime stupid. That aids night. Are it will break here would continue with phones he can react to that may be were wrong in your ride or you got your own deals going on 180774. To below 93 that's 180774. Dell below 93 more review and dust together right after the. Each and centralize the rise guys morning Michelle 93 point freedom planted the. Am I got an opinion that's fine. That's what it's about. MRI can I get a man you're very. And I get ahead a new luge. Fun delusion. From parents EB 180774. Double low 93 EU we're going to go first. As always. This isn't a part of a lot of. You are. It. A lot to do that thank out of college and in earlier I think it'd Indonesia. And I'm sure they know how to raise signed into an. And that's really the problem there and have Parse. Alt pop that's survey the ability we understand there are a good in the eight B and Palma boy and international keep it that way. You know what I wish I'd ask. Was did mom had any Brothers or was it just does sisters were she knowledge out the same chick was braves. But really it nines made this point for a decade now girls or not so much now bit. You know previous year's race to be housewives here here. Fisher Price of Lindsay in your Fisher Price vacuums and I'll act crap that's all borrowers geared that way dad always surprise nobody is sure yeah. So oh. Yeah. Let's see there's no dear all. There's a book to buy I mean day you know it's like saying how bad diet works for you it is surely it'll work for me everything subjective and different for everybody Brett. I I agree there's some. Some parenting issues there they need to beat. Have figured out they did because it nobody's gonna eventually lead to a bad situation you can hear and got a voice through him. Right up to try to so I don't like that it would be Maynard. And I bet it did because you don't look how well desolate hole. It's that it is ever have a couple. Now you enough and I don't have kids to save their relationship that's amendments. Barack save a few Abbie when the trigger pull it like they keep. Well written and now a good. Cherub and aggregate the rest picked try to collect. Aren't. Prepared. Let's not be tomorrow's Archie Bunker and have some enthusiasm and their line. I had that you doesn't you have the cadence here just like me you can't just lose confidence in it as you say it ages are all news. Then you never let me down within this sunglasses and that he didn't say good flying here right in the blank jerseys is one bug in this book ever heard anybody say. Bob Boone Bob Boone the error of boot code team Marc here's here's another Oscar and is. Some teeth do you find that Jeff is it my from my two main he has much to me but to me and Charlie good morning. Or more innings he's. She ain't seen here when he came back at her children and every email and mail out there are very big server. I'm forty years old I was drinking a very southern Christian home where mom weigh in on daddy Bimantoro. This guy must bother you seven near a mall. Cannot make his own cup of coffee. No. Do you take into movies then if you see me more nervous whenever you shake it got no you cannot. And then how much sugar to putt and it emomali its oil Daschle have them up America. Well yeah yeah I can I find my mom you grateful when I'm always. Well not always been hot all my answer my younger sister had to stay with my father. Magazine that he's got all Lorie did not know how to do for himself on being so suspicious about it. How are you Carl. Never had a barber I have two boys and I'm a single mother. Of my children have been waste money. Q do everything they can warm weather or their female or male I'm nineteen year old kid can't do blasts the whole. Can you don't laundry you can afford to not do your laundry clean and try to cut Marcum. Our eyes and now your dad's an hour or do both since I urged. Cause and our sixth I'm just what you know what year you're an inspiration to all of us today and I am I let me be. No one has to walk and she's raped and shot this girl. Cute and they issued no more nothing more than being gored and a housekeeper and a current. I'm waiting on people in the side and her signing is going to enter the world clue what. My nineteen year older than the army whenever he went blank check said momma Dean Boyd can't even O stamps. You want to see them out how old I'm stuck for minors this. NS and not so yeah. Well also you know when you're picking up a bit what you have to burial. Yes it well listen first of all tell you Sunday for his service and and thank you for listening to this uranium program and we appreciate it. Every morning suggests OPEC to get themselves out of chef Alan will follow them clubs. Yeah I understand it's you want every human being to be a functional human being where they can take care of themselves and wipe down by the strength. It at least at this same time I kind now what is the one you love to spoil my success Samar. Chris land and you know to toughen up there you still. One idea thinks farm and want them to be young and enjoy their child and price growth it's got to be happy meaning am wearing you know you're not. Making him did two nights but then again they're responsible for taking care of themselves and they can't understand is even themselves high you know you sound a happy medium. You don't have to Tom under brush their teeth their Bay's. Sakic is violent. All right Dan was it was a ones. And I love playing solitaire when myself when someone else was there must shoulder exchange. Regards farming for you last Emmy Awards and artist and album a little comedy works geez I I don't know Matt how he needs help but never at Ellis said here's how you tailed nine. If you psychic. He's just smoked blood. October oh yeah to remark at a good. I'm offered the character. It smells and thank you for real and mini academy draw on the same page. Enough. I even after I got the mouth we're gonna take a break I'm really I'm right after this whole time. Clemson tight games.