Friday, February 17th

Stephen Wonderboy Thompson stops by to talk about his upcoming title fight and to play a little game with TRG


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ALC. Here's a steep morning radio there I am I strange sound. If your going through. Let you bet it is. Wonder twins activate it is wonder dad it is wonder boys the top since we won here has gone and do good how is obviously Travis oh my god I and look forward to it made it makes our first things has said. Played there as a what's on the show today. Thirty dollars LA they're fresh. Taste oh years Lou sounds yeah we're really yeah. I've heard it didn't with Thompson's are here isn't. Stephen here. Probably are at this stage you arrived easily the most high profile guy in the upstate. He had a I am I think I can't think anybody can be more high profile and Stephen Warner board Thompson. From this area right now except. It's weird to lead the the most high profile guy in the up state is the only one we can get to come here and sing us. I strip or they wouldn't gunning for years now and do it for you guys the guys are awesome you can also you guys yelling hey aren't high profile I know now. Well yeah but we did nobody outside this region here. We can't go to. Bangkok or wherever love or is he does nobody ever pay sixty dollars on paper your watch his kick do you think should play. We're super successful and giving something away. If labor charge and I don't know if we've had 600000 people feel great and I'm sure you sell tickets and rave reviews and. Insurance and everything him and but yes we did you know he people in their forty. Did you know remain so it makes it easy for me closure agent like you have eight an eight and no lacks is that your eight Ono and I don't know you have. Karma Gregor. Most other saying yeah has been yep what you guys yamana said there are all phenomenal phenomenal I do pro football and pro soccer yeah. All kind of sports all of sport and so this is in place tigers and then. It is he's in the same agency with a O'Connor McGregor yes yeah alternate and all are good. Nursing tires as the agency I had and I'm not I'm actually not been there yet I really didn't win and in Tuesday adolescent days and LA I think yeah. I wore what do you like authorized I'll be your turtle melodies and then we'll go in these sure are I thought Iraq. And we'll go in there and ball live in this big house out in California somewhere and then to slice women and drink and I'll ask. Leila I know yeah but is he said because the guy that plays the agent in that news the pretty much owns the USC right now. Yeah the most is the way it was based off on his face up to god who owns was a company that. I NG million gee I'm so is our Rama manuals were over. Yeah yeah they're real Barack yeah aren't yet he knows are always a huge part of you USC. The Williams sisters Venus and Serena yeah I always do business and things. Going great Peru is only about the d.s has just because he tried to hit that on any literally have to entire and in. Tariffs had his I don't know if he's nice he didn't want. No he set out both club Bolton said not I post on Twitter. Does he was talk about it it's funny everybody else ask Charles. I had signed a contract and Cinemax as a way to new blood in his downwind almost I'm like you know on them into in this as high as we can just yeah kept me. And hey say only you have saved above Brothers over brother and that's what Imus. Those for the USC 209. Million in power and that's you you now have they. And what do they call it a sequel this is now yeah. Would Lea Thompson to tune to what's gonna call it I hear a rumble in the jungle Condit and and what I tell. What say you in Vegas is in Vegas it will be NTT mobile arena and Indy is CWC two and on March 4. Round and round two both of us we got to come up with some kind of surname cannot allow some kind of line item that kind of line and I know what type thing. Jeff for a comment for us is that possible. You know I'm tired do they Vegas gambling. Sin city what happens stays. We'll come out with something that was as an okay how are you gonna him. March 4 this today so it has a couple weeks to wait two to two we're still looking more and yes he'll be obscene really am and I'm not to think it this year already the fact that into mid February. Why would it go crazy. Crowds are not a former morale looking for 2000 normal around tell ya hey how. In the gals are still. He's going to regret so when what you do when we go to Vegas is two weeks from tomorrow so when will you go to Vegas. Is to you know to stay entail. Tuesday so I don't ministers are beautiful okay well I do their prior life I saw early Monday for LA for big media scrum we had there. So more interviews a tyrant. And now leads banana to Vegas on Tuesday yeah. So I saw a clip that you posted on Twitter I think a view an entire in a way this is a couple weeks ago there were plenty of the game yes Dan. Indeed it was a small sampling but what was it like when the cameras one on is he into like if you don't wanna say you don't have to but like. Is he doing a little bit of showmanship on social media or is he like looking to achieve the same way when he CG off the camera not figure out while the camera is actually nice okay is that she Rana is the single idealism it was showmanship were seen out you guys are as nice ones whereas like you know I'll be nice to you but really you know what I'm saying on. When two when you know cameras the cameras are wrong and that I really don't like you and that's good but I know I I've I don't want to see two guys that I think. Like each like your friends Kelly gave there was these two guys that train together they respect each other then I don't feel like they'll do but my main classes there and just got a little deal of anger right through and it costs Firefox itself then took putts this stringer straight in the face over and over again. I mean I. I would have to I would have to pretend that it was semi Ed in the eyes on this table dinner first or the well that is hearing a manager for perjury racecar he could. You guys are motivated or Shirley boy you have people posting more like that they they have to be that they had to be angry as she they have. Getting your head in order to punch him in the head down the sound if you've never done that now he's going to be big guy who's gonna go all the way and never do that there. Many of the shows and it eventually somebody starts. Talking and he all are talking RF or whatever it for myself in a fight with a guy who wasn't mad I'd be terrified. And yeah hey Larry does is it different cats I. I like Jeff I might do in the past where there is for less than 90% of face is facing your dislike calm you know and he smiled and actually look totally out of all eyes are. Expressionless. And Republicans are glassy eyes and audience tunes they don't react I don't clap for anything gets there would be difficult to performance is any kind of you know perform just your wrestling Japan. Our China is solid business is gap why they appreciate the our users via the art took us. Cause we artist it is that is equal in then you're. Wow my number is way back off mana marker here I was plenty plenty. Come Steven wonder boy Thompson ray Thompson here that suggests a second guess yourself operation iron didn't USC to a nine is march 4 armed. Not knowing what you do what we're gonna ask Ray Brown when asked the general quick Stephen I have vowed. Have changed kind of what and who I am in a sense in the in this calendar year so for. I about for the last seventeen days and not eaten meat. While oh and for 30 I will evening okay. I'm lost 26 pounds in six and early eighties yeah. And at NASA's don't eat enough selloff might gain some of that. A month and I'm meditating and I'm riding down and damage are all. Us I mean a diary is a journal articles are dire need is telling the person man purse thing ranked. Our list. Alan this guy is in touch with his man well you look I think it is I. How Israel ever since I talk about any of that stuff I've been that ridiculed by dude it's mainly you know just the ball busting of course different but you just like your guys coming in tune I feel like you're getting do you meditate Steven wonder boy Thompson. Tom I do from probably 11 o'clock and 9 to about 7 o'clock in the morning asleep though it's. It's about us that is famously does not. I we didn't look like pro meditations thrown well no well so channel but just why legalizing what you gonna be doing throughout the day of the year or. What your practices it has got to be some time were you gotta sit down you got to think about you know where you're at and which your goals are and which you know which you doing man you know on what your happy place mud of the Christ who meant to be so I mean in your my my hey tell you to go to your happy place pretty death if there's only one place that I insist he is the cage man. So I think about. I slept an occasion or not I have. I did an coffin one time. What's our churches our house and I are friends dared me and I did ask Clinton and all of I'm delighted that occurs when a real winners when some beacon made for the church because you don't you literally haven't had any meat. And Tony what are you what are you doing for protein well Tom Barrett. And I figured out I'm guessing you're yeah. It reassessed. Assassin because I'm feeling like yesterday I had no energy at all none. At all and I usually I mean this was right after the show I had zero energy charter to reassess it. Well who I went to a restaurant the other day that I found out afterwards after I had a vegetable plate and their basis for the food it's fat back so essentially have beaten me. Unless we're married. But that's close and what are you drink I don't every continued up until you talk about not eating much at the more you leave throughout the day trip or take your metabolism and the more you lose what. Right well yeah I can't be likes cheeseburgers who grew and now. And that now that I think what I'm about to meet dominate a man who do what do what do you once we don't read me Jimmy. Dearly and Mary sometimes couples are Torrey and her hands until the red meat I think chicken and fish I think you're fine you're pretty much a much better right now down there in an hour. I had. I would love today I had this explicitly like he left the right what do you what do you eat for breakfast. I had a rector said do you honestly. No did and this I usually do like an omelet eggs like pharmacies exam maybe some making maybe eluded cars like some potatoes and that's about it the State's smaller smaller portions throughout the day especially this time crucify Tom. You know losing the body fat but. You know. They are especially when I don't want the the only enemy has bred for all ahead and -- agent shot bred out dude I I think you would live at ten years longer feed is quickly areas is the youngest but it's. Who substantively about for the every restaurant brings it to everybody and won every one does give or is given over an hour. Stevie Wonder boy Thompson studio where this out of course. Ray Thompson mr. upstate karate and with us as well USC 20 and I'm Woodley vs Thompson do a sequel will be on paper view march 4. Live from Vegas here's a little excuse me a paradise Nevada. Ours are so scared as the buzz out they had mobile arena is not invade assists in paradise. Time. Carey had a press record Henderson got here at predators same county. Now. Questions terrain and Stephen as well the whole Thompson's family who. Does the ballpark. I only kids don't talk karate to remove the yourself a stern of state game we had three generations. Of martial artist and today we have graying kids of of grandparents until Troy on the wall took from him. Our target kids who had views we've had kids now. So you remember a ballpark estimate road gas bound I mean tens of thousands thousands he. I stood at six foot present its impact and legacy right there we did and we've been in Simpson though for. September will be 34 years. Just in terms of alone well in the same spot to Iraq since the world yet pretty much downtown. We're we're in this we're in the same shopping center we moved the shopping center in. 87. Newton eighties that we've been to shop sinister things that can slow could have owned by now everything. Or loves me yeah I think they are anchors storage is change the name of the town of Thompson and Bill Clinton and Johnson I was yeah and I powerless. It's how soccer now. On this no place like it and imperialism. Who also owns something about essentially lived mean. A mile from here. I'm from Charleston I know that monk's corner and long story where I grew up wow monkeys call refuted and a down low country whose first person default. Rates constant the first fought like a real like a real after school fight or more goodness. I hate to be that yeah. And it will room initially did you win ball. Probably top. Don't know how they are become New York's that saw Arnold say that both shall live from now on saint budget address. OK and that noted few homes are dreaming here today relatives after a source like sell more books it's eldest Nestle bus will be made immediate motivation for iron and it did Jimmy tell Aggie energy say that before Elvis Presley Alfonso my motivation for start well when I was a kid my mom was. Oh Elvis fan again gentlemen Elvis came on TV. Both nationally kids are watching it you didn't tell me that you if you told me that doughnuts to Graham when I posted my get the ticket stub from the last concert anywhere tell me on the air how big Elvis thing you know amateur as a singer and picker take credit for him for so long so that's that's where the united what Joseph this is a kid sing and dance and all the cool stuff he did now donated performance somewhat every they're renowned you do from a cool Friday stuff right so who uses said if you like wal celebrity like well camera. I can't picture man I'm. How much does give T is it is not signed she's missed the sign everything is sixteen by twenty of Elvis and Ali. Ali's wearing elvis' jumpsuits. An Elvis is where in a big G and there are drawn up on each other I'm ready to fight drugs that are red wine was an American flag. Like I destroyed I imagine so yes it got the ice opponents. Yeah I did Manny hit that every tool to come on give it to you or just good fisherman system as I don't want to offend no one look who we be the real thing I'm down cut. In his I don't know you'll notice aren't and also outside the whole crew now know Jeff Foley deeds. We'll just had a I know our dressing snaps. Because this finger side do you side did you people people love it via a columnist for more I'm doing. Ray ray wants Jack to sign everywhere or otherwise whatever right won't trade yen on it and I can take. I was over through all the times he looks to me the wrong way I had some protection here today all the hard guy. And the I seminars removed from not hidden Hamas has that he's on the grounds here either now I don't so weapons. You don't do what will be will certainly come here probably never heard as far as I'm weapons here's the company might have issue with Stephen and Arabian group. Yeah next time you're gonna have to like where the bound and gag you before you come in the building. Right now our studio is the most secure location in the entire state is really the military. And trust in Charleston that's true is successful. A little aid that he had you don't have missed him more today don't loose in China that. I mean trauma is gone and can be yeah I'll I'll I'll. We got any more over with a little luck he yelled when it allows you always enjoy playing games in the off. Followed on the on the show and out not invented a game I invented it benign and it kind of made it again name. Yeah I even do it for awhile and that kind of stirred anger can be a game on the air and oppressive. I tell you about guy he's got the glasses and the mustache and he's always on my hands are these in these you know sit com almost all god Zogby is al-Qaeda it is though that the diabetes guy however yeah there. Yeah we're definitely going to be horrible the. What are you remember just remember we spend. It's good primetime TV hours on the map so listen our TV they like Iraq Domi fat boy right on eight to ten that constantly on me. The man to have this kind of a black outfit isn't I don't watch TV anymore either. I don't know what has happened not on that I'm just kind of got. Not. I don't use the word in light because it sounds like had become snot go ahead saying man I just aren't lines cost cutting off the bull crap. I've cut out the BS room. I pats that how you feel about yesterday fell asleep on my desk. Financially strong I act so mentally strong. But I gotta let it can't get over. Seles win it I guess side too many things I'm gonna do it wants 'cause they're gonna go by the wayside if I do it I'm won an attack you'll lose in the shuffle there. Should ease pretty easy to pull off would you stop watch Derek IP TV and going to be ample TV I've got all the channels and I'd I'd. I know NASA explaining things like no who. I watched. Like Alabama and the other night illegally I'll say it I don't care Mandell admits it. Snuck in the back revered Australia now he's not on some and download and move. I feel better about it I I don't know what it is I don't know if it's negativity coming through an energy in the TV or what it is but I. I cannot sports do crab I don't I am I gonna want to single football game this year. In its entirety only football again I'll watch was zero dollars and the only sporting an out watches wrestling in and honest to god when you fight I don't even catch on the USC paper he's a good though don't you. I well I did man yeah I mean it's a work in progress say this and say this. A walked. So the beer in the gurkha. Different but there's been awesome beard. Is cleaner look and you ask me out are you right Thomson. The air when Americans stars there and nobody has enough for now no now we it was kiss that counts and I know how close I was just assume central. Yeah so what we'll do is we have tickets to what Carolina rebellion for all three days when that's how many hundreds of dollars sample. Thinks it's a gimmick. How much is amateur they think it's covered rocks and so you aren't 400 dollars worth tickets. You have to decide if you wanna play with would Stephen or array as we've played a mad man match game next best out of five and went against Carolina rebellion me. And then. Mean ray you're gonna have a standoff yeah. Agent that delay 93 point three the planet dry. Rise guys morning show morning TM 838 it's Friday it's our Friday is now wonder boys Friday is right Thompson's party. Thereby spurring her marriage to sir and gosh it's not fair you don't hear it they don't ever writes it's Monday France. And it. Ready to play semis game here Jimmy you're our hosts this game yes I know you're the inventor of the game. Yeah this that we get some people that wanna win some tickets to Carolina rebellion for all three days to come through. Page gives me the five this five bands of them forging domestic airline rebellion. Your personal opinions and. I don't garden harm and in seven fall pretty reckless. And because she's in when. Only four events. So for Amazon alligators there's tons I so many and I can't remember I'm beyond that can't remember these Three Days Grace and a we got the thing logic yeah I mean look at calacanis. I say. Sound aren't perfect circle of death flavored corn Tesla Alter Bridge should veil all all springs skill at cedar Papa Roach I mean crap. Ozzie Chris Jericho and on the that your. Visual as Kelly you know. How many years old wrestle mania thinkers Jerker go on tour and up housing analysts. They're aren't sure contestants I just did are these folks already paired up birdies or it is already there aren't going head February at my screening function narco sir Graham or senator from him. You know and can you see a guy you can see I guess it earlier this sort street once super grumpy. These ten. And wait times. It's a good morning right yeah. Lebanon might believe it was I don't know I didn't dad please please please yeah. Would remind you gonna do yeah. It's a little. It's superb yeah yeah it is right there are new vehicle I love it we've gotten better thank you went to tight that's. I don't think there's nothing free democratic mandate beyond homes alone and there is Stephen's team may. From senate guarantee one really rocket taken more was had an and let me let's let's do this man have you are men I've ever played a game would they USC superstar. Now. Well first amber everything I see Guerin. I nine explained the game to the Thompson's and let's try to win some Carolina rebellion tickets via the Mac man match games are listening to the man at a Mets game on a daily basis almost as such it'll come out the man to be trying to remember. The name of something in the name of some abnormal memory word could be anything right Ryan Gosling I call him notebook yeah so does anybody ever hears me say he had no book was and then on among rank us catching these exams only the be mad and you're talking about. These guys on the show. Always wears ball cabin big gray beard wears plain T shirts every day can't remember his name can't members and babble. That's a win. So these will be categories federal help them out a little bit more yes it was my teammates nine. Again we want super grumpy monkey just focus Colin monkey let's go super rub him and carried out there. All right Paris train a screen their name when they know why it is that I'm talking about yes there. It's a make sense to an agreement you strain are you ready when your audience okay you'll say. Spin hey guess yeah. And golf page told him all cue card I was artificially so generally it's just black or great merger that would have fared compared. All right here we go. Ground war first category madman match game round one historic events. Sort of historic season. It's okay. Yeah Fuhrman I think they have I was and a elementary school either ray I don't know how old viewers Stephen I don't know if you're born into does that thing where it felt like I was in school and they Yahoo!. They turn on the TV you know like you are counted down and then all of sudden you know there's a school teacher on it and everything and it easy get my eyes watching Nelson exploded outside all I man. They were supposed to go to space and also and it just exploded out no matter iron. Great explore. Rocket launch show. Oh. I wasn't born. You were not born I was born wasn't very easy going young human really don't Zetterberg they London charity and literally counting it down and as you know there are all these awful jokes afterwards. Like you know what is NASA stands for a need her seven astronauts at magic it was in the early eighties I think eighty 40384. There was a school teacher aren't there was a black eye there was no white man outside the thing does blow up mayor and then there are males dad challenger. Judges that's dressed. Challenger explosion yeah Paris boo great reverence like I'm always in our kids to place the I just heard right now here ray take your for an indication native yeah. I've received and has won when his fly unless she was over illness Brazil one nothing even after one round yeah category number two category number two. This NBA comedian's comedian comedian it's okay. All right. This guy out of my daddy always said this guy he was always he's an older guy even when he got really popular had a beard kind of balding in my daddy Elie said that any word this guy said was funny in the end. He did that bit about how god was maybe get that bit where it was like here's the seven words you can't say and he was always like to listen political but he was using his age she's always available now and he did then how what's the Carnegie Hall was a real popular standup special item on it and golf brain droppings yeah brain droppings it's great to have had a beard and how many he's he's he's sister Curry's daughter just aren't all these un released comedy and she's donating it to the comedy hall of fame and all these things I read about there's political ad dollars are you little Shining Time Station music conductor I was hood. We weren't my team made he was out there where he was Amanda and Jane is that Bob strike back Arlen all of it just me. Oh well. I'm already is Carly OK it's clear on jeopardy. I would had I. I give that the KG didn't say your name. I Reagan did raise. George kindly that is. Oh yeah Charlotte hard yeah Paris dot when he really. He did not stay newsman though in my you kicked in the face and now and is host rice even nominate him coming actually staff are realizing your employer ran. And slowly I can see him against the browns three this'll be around three classic cartoons as your category last carts full. Seeing trouble tank all the classic cartoons have. Tom. They're brought anything after reasons. It's to me is can be pretty simple I think so be ready com. Are you never really saw who on the house seat assault likely dead legs damn but it was about this cat as mouse and are always chase and experience ray then. Steve and it was the bird was I am ours. Oh my gosh man hello he is going well I did you may like. Parade on. I'll do got to leave and it's not judge you demo in the times our borders John. Got two seconds Juan can. Off we now know parade saying come in June talk. I NGL I H. What John it was a sorry I keep saying did you think kind of price since they've been booming out the window I was my favorite cartoon I. I love cars that was also love Tom and Gerri this next what is important for good is ray Johnson can win the game show I'd get tied into all you saw this is you always win. Beth thank you. I finally yeah. And we hear it might be tricky I don't have the ground or browse for Izzy UFC fighter. Spoon UN cease fire you met people who know him. He's that you dad will win this one's easy everybody parent there aren't. All right here we go favorite every super pretty mainstream that it would have to be exact right ones fighting. Now or did he hired is a need to be a current roster iron off its current climate unless I come. This guy is known for dogs in fights all the time ray ray and. On Taiwan do it and it's. The. Automated. News gold medals gold. Well I don't know where you shot and then knowing her doesn't have a size and yeah. Of course I'm listening right now saying that's not my name for half. Beth how grown it's now I think Tyrone Tyrone Tyrone so you'll find him reminding you what super rub. And congratulations and I. Congratulations. Are we gonna do officials think Martin del please let him know when a new one. Well. Regulation they want the grubby mom you're going to Charlotte I don't I. Yeah. And hey congratulations sir. I did yes I appreciate your you're Simon opponent. You know he's an amateur there we did not want to. I doesn't take kids to now the playing better assessment let's play it as we go to break let's say yeah. The C if I can as as we say goodbye to the Thompson's follow us Steven met him wonder boy MMA on mr. Graham and Twitter guilin snapped. I enough Mountain. View our DL the issue. Running your telling people may Stephen it is an excuse me ray is at upstate karate SE. SE and net state currently SE your snatch and now. I am I am a mash few outlays made FS EW you know Jimmy was lets us play his way this is just for bragging rights interfere we got. American heroes category American heroes. And icons heroes American icons and heroes are com. Here we. Go. I this guy he's really taught me head I'd like to eat he always wore like he's always dress rule formal with tales are good cop bad knees aren't always Holden is. Besides Brett always honest. Abraham and yeah. Can you not do in an age I'm sorry I don't personally. The US air contests all these things can always easy legendary family and the Thompson's. Check my hand right now right Tom chocolate jarring I just work on my. However another once you get sick shape that was the Thompson don't forget. USC 209 Woodley vs Thompson to live. From T-Mobile arena in paradise Nevada. Some say negative sounds awful considerations. On March 4 told Chauncey before then yeah yeah it's fun and look at how can we get UN tyra known together my phone. It shouldn't we may I have I don't know because it's hard to do that right now I don't think he despite being on. Be around make him play you know we tried that before I don't know I don't like their run me that I. My ticket and I can't save it as why my naturally renting out. I told him look twitters is bill take bad drive your pill or volume normally golf already has. After you beat him he should just scrape paint from right in spring and the elements like stuck your name right tyrant. They're Tyrone I Jason Dobson so we'll be back right after this whole. We based on their own line. All amounts to look down on an apology and in and around again. Bottom line. I didn't. At the station they rocks while you work through.