Wednesday, January 11th

Headlines: A brand new game called "Fake News or News News?": Matt has an idea about how Jeff can win his Wrestlemania ticket.


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Dale does he fears about steep morning radio paradise enjoying San. If you're going through. Right guys headlines with the age. And you're Beagle who. Right guys headline a lot and then it's back on medicine armory. Well President Obama was in Chicago last night. And he had a forceful fifty minute farewell speech before. A huge audience cogs in it as an arrested by cheers and calls for four more years. As President Obama reviewed his legacy in his final address. Well one of his highlights was normalizing their relationship with Cuba. Another one miss expanding health coverage for Americans. Also that. As Osama bin Laden. And marriage equality. Obama touched on many achievements his administration. Made since he took office in January of 09. Yet he continues to take all the glory and all the credit his administration did it EE according mayhem he went and it shot bin Laden. He is the one Houston I've heard gay marriage when he reality was Joseph Biden speaking out of turn and then Obama had to agree with his veep week. It's history. On the subject Andrew good to bin Laden may in particular. Every president gets some degree credit and some degree of blame for things that happened when they're sitting in that offer is not doing nothing right this is how it goes yes this is part of being taken no undue credit that any other president would not. Gifts and he's ever phrases like he did. You never saw George W. Bush landing on AA air area has some kind of the bow down to meld the C is saying mission accomplished there cause a war is still in over. You don't see Bill Clinton knocked it on the car have been on this right USS Cole swisher. And I drama called on Americans to be proactive and mapping in the country's way forward. And expressed a solid optimism. Saying America is a better stronger place than it was when he start and the bull crap. What I see that's a very yesterday afternoon in silence in many guys are buys all manner I'm gonna miss. Debbie Reynolds I'm gonna miss Debbie Reynolds well I'm Terry in in this all Obama well we're gonna -- he built from what it. Then as the unfurled what what A name name his legacy. Police anyone. Areas there's been some stuff done has been some stuff non I'm here remained but tell me they'd tell me the good outweighs the bad. And I'm not saying he did. I did last war yeah he can do it all on T want to admit that when Obama well they end we're sixteen years in the congressional inaction has grown women him the same way or limited bush. Again. And I know you're not and and Obama got Jimmy Miller. What what's his what's his legacy. Now global that would boost almost all my if nothing weird nothing weapons of mass destruction. The thing out here. Health care things that I live to an extent that they keep is. Some of the money and other pain down for people that needed and pre existing conditions that. If people with children had some preexisting condition like cancer they can still get insurance and I hope they keep that in that. You'd best be prepared to bend over free insurance company that's try to get whatever they've given us they're about to take an act real hard and and what they're doing when Obama care is sound. Essentially what Wal-Mart dented. Mom and pops you know yeah you sit around this town a lot too weary. Your ear your friendly neighborhood doctor's office that was owned by the doctors. Was sold out to a conglomerate that's not even based that in this town there and alana. It's our congress has done with things health care berg came exactly like No Child Left Behind. It starts out designated pretty decent fought and then not even that bad an idea at a time we get done with it oh boy. You're may not all of Ramadan we get done and gotten it of all the good and important and billions and billions ensuring that are worth a bad that's what we do it. This helps lack of you know not amending obamacare. And sure a lot of our future terms for senators stayed in national. Then so he has done a bi racial tension in this country. And he says we need to uphold laws against discrimination. Laws alone. Won't be enough to change hearts. And that's true because look at with his administration you've seen Marmara. Since NN. Read Monday's vote and always along I want him they must accusing you can't sit there and say Europe for diversity when you yourself are one of the obstacles in the wore a number and diversity he can't sit there and pick and choose news stories to do press congress is about because the guy had the same gang colors you did. An ignore all the other ones. That's not diversity. That's all as best put your own Ford has a black supremacy. Slowing down more for diversity in the last eight years in order you're going forward it seems like precious troops and their mission is true hitter. Referring July referring to it did did that did not become an administration that seems like he's going to be more divisive in that way in a lot of ways well I'd like I'm not I'm an optimist or not remains an old racist the attorney general meant. Plus are you know what our conversion therapy screens diversity. Nothing. Are you know what that means what you may what does that mean Mike Pence is conversion therapy theory. You know I don't you'll homosexuality and agree that that's adverse gee you know it's huge. 100% of the things don't. But I believe we all can say that the economy is. Something that. Needs are direct attention very soon. And who better. And the Donald is a huge damage. Those are the mcsame money's worth whatever. ME weight lately we like today a lawyer and basically I mean that's what they you know need is a lawyer he's community planner. We know legacy be yet or my celebrate he had me guessing that a Great Lakes cash for clunkers as your legacy. Reporters here for a minor Novell's obamas are doing it for him I mean I hate Obama as you made Obama I don't. You do things to play out they're cash for clunkers mixed with the Clinton phones. Or don't publish out there and Senator Clinton. And medical Obama room so mom Fontana and turnarounds are wary of where they've been around since the ninety's got Els and even a presidential initiative and everybody catches. Dallas I totally agree islanders American Red Cross got a push there. Pay it always goes on to you know led that the president owns its. It's funny how Obama cares called out. Physical. One more terrible and and Kerry there. That's cool what. Grades might hear you guys here's the framework of some damage can be great and good faith and nobody worked on it as a boss or Republicans aren't and we can win reelection for. Cycles and Paul cycles which is leading the way it is and don't touch. You know he did encourage the people to support the new president stops from that you'll hear ya. And watch. All of these are all man I just went away mails they just Oregon Brian. We're all noisy gyms. Nominated. And I didn't mean they have won ten races. The world will witness a hallmark of our democracy. The peace Mosul. Transfer of power. From one night. Freely elected president of the next. Electronic in my administration would ensure the smoothest possible transition. Just as President Bush. Good for me. It's up to all of us to make sure our government. Can help us meet the many challenges we still thinks. It. Yeah I'm for example you have to work together. And to. Hold up legislation that needs to be path because this country needs to get back to war. I'm open minded to Zambia is gonna happen I am open minded as well is ultimately trump in a Republican. Congress to listen to what page is served. When did you say earlier about how they agreed order because they don't know. Now political. As the true problem in this country is congress rewrite is not a Republican drums and a Republican. Members in Russia. Ironically enough insulin is our. Congress and all the power is yet. Yup. Yeah. Yeah and we put the same ones back. Expressed or should we same ones back in congress. Now all you have there was you know certain states is Ronald certain platform to keep the job. Newser imported into certain person you adopt a lot. Did he do it. Did once you get in the senate here. You just don't be that senator for the next fifty years until you dire retire whatever you want David. Yes you're from here you start talking a lot fog horn my whole. War. Last label that. What may take a flag down all our every your muscles of her cabinet position. You know I'm on the government and preserved in all partner fuel and Eliot text texting and mad man smoking crack in response to the economy trump is inheriting an economy. And spread exponentially better than what Obama did. Do you won it he's he's trying to say the economy now is that it was one of bombings of office. I don't believe any of the stats that our own government puts out about their own numbers that's like just tell you what our ratings are wind if we came the ratings of course we're always gonna win throwers reward right. We are legitimate we are. We're ratings people senator I was pretty solid about it as I. This is pissed or mighty authors and angry and credit window and unknown when there's a new Aaron starting since and we should be optimistic. All have a dozen agents might do if trump impression we have not tolerate outrageous and I tell you that okay. Now it's fine I ballot count me saying. But we just thought about trough in our strong guy didn't do and try. In short you tell him and that's visitor is try and what from 630 owners wanted to not make funny Jeff O'Neill this year I was challenged my view mormons and you know when I can use any excuse me. While excuse us. Talked about 85 year old guy named Lynn Del Mar but. It's a hero now are but Maher but it's. We know more about it like that switch colors used Marlboro red healer and near Dallas and a 22 year old woman and her friend who are trying to pass this house on Sunday when they take it turned to fashion flip their car. Atlanta is in his driveway burst into flames. And they are both trapped inside. While lend or else caretaker Randy called 91. He got to their car. Driver via her hands somehow managed to pull her out of the car. In. Packers safety. Once the caretaker came down she'll diploma passenger out to. Both women in the car were seriously injured but survived. One of the firefighters who showed up afterward. It said that they probably wouldn't have made it if he didn't. At the amount a car in time. Says yeah okay here at this. 85 that's awesome car merit. Up stop that well I bought some Barack Bert. And I won they'd bring out of high school to get kids not drink and drive there and prom it is rulers. Senator. Over evildoers. Oh I there's there's still important that yeah I like I might there is great tales of you know. Strength when their the united the end testosterone is follow through your body and I did I guess that twin subway jarred train the other no wire. Yes stock. Between there there there that subway train and they're the dock or not the Dartmouth the blues landing there were not supposed into closely as he fell through but there's people who mine but I AM I was 1520 people maybe more than that. Pushed the subway car also under his legs are you get out there. It was easy AM incredible strong and I was like I was shocked that people kinda got together and say you know what it was people of. It was women and blacks why everybody was it it was like you know what are people is I have a hard to be there. But invariably it's Iraq through here and what we are man woman racers that are. And reboot the people nobody has ever said it. Hey hurry there's got stuck between a subway car more dollars and he's why is Gary. I I am Mary Culver is Bobby from subway car music what religion is. About as much. Mosul. Oh and laughing. My pleasure yourself that work you know when I'm talking about you probably could get fired for that. And will are where you work with the position of your sperm bank and he gets angry are simply by each time it's just science scientists. Have found. The T need the pleasure yourself that work in CA Thomas is only about a meg eighteen cent. Aren't sergeant and they psychology lecturer. At Nottingham. Trent university in England. And he says that self love and brakes are closed and very effective network because there are great way to really tanked. And stressed. He can't love your self continue right. On okay so we had stress balls. Here and twenties and paying cash out. And then it's taken me break which has now. Been. With me. Perrier would be kinda awkward watching some ladies and I'm wondering when other people are doing and Marion have been blowing you up okay porn news if you want in the women's front page and you saw one of my legs up on top of one stall and the other land on top the other sold easing was going on. And diarrhea. And inflexible. Is a semi coming in ask Dorian thank you really good friends current and none of rob and everything are split across the top backers they'll. This you do that man and his flip Syria. Arguments I was curious is this why did you and you just now I know OK but OnStar in my yoga some good things and. He's going to have been mayor. Here and in cheers this would. Damage your associations when things right yeah it's my Demi about it. Don't issue isn't negative psychological effect if you start doing this map where you certain. Measuring yourself. To take a break it work could you bore you won't rule if it's just as stressed tension reliever this mess with your associations when it comes to light. Sexual pleasure and plus I mean you nap after the coolest SN. Should they are aren't well another psychologist named doctor cliff are now agrees even thinks company should encourage their employees to do it takes. Taking any masturbation breaks for border around Warren escaped when increased work or folk or goes on as regards your important targets. Fat or another is not clear if the hat if you have to spend time getting prepared again. Did indeed in the California wasting company time. Very good start as part he's look at this from my business psychology standpoint. Where it's going they're there'd result in more focus less aggression higher productivity and more smiling at work. He doesn't care what negative effect it has on your personal life. Right but boy kind of association it changes in your mind because he's a psychologist for the people you work for. I don't listen to him that's the kind of crap that isolates. People less than ten is Montana's back in it being K. Men are how creepy would be like why you look at 15 am I female co workers song mail saying are you academy and they need to go break. That might be class problem constantly people would be saying that was just door. Yeah. What is this thing I tell you I thought I open the door open monitor what are you guys him. Now senate just. Agent. That delay 93 point three the planet dry. Rise guys morning show morning team. It is 833. We have malware of some folks to play no less explain the game before we get into it. This is called the fake news or news news. As the big story already today. On the trans RD tweet about it pay news is announced a whole thing about. What what started the whole. Fake news attack was it Pete today so it was. It's growing through over a decade ever since. The wallowing in Charleston with its military that was a lie there are pets and experience hag the American flag office. Isn't broad referral. While and a it's been growing and growing and growing and now. Did manage about new president is saying it. FBI and UK intelligence reports are straight news. Right Sarah who knows what's real anymore. Oh. Yeah. We're gonna find. And out next web a brand new game called. Take losing is no news. So matter. No limits. Eyewitness News aliens tie. I'm an employee stuffs and we space news news news. We've geared to co anchor it's. Here's rob struggling I told my six Melanie honey newscaster named for the game. And now here I am myself and I've got to down to three but some major help you can be blender Carlson. Of the yeah well. I do. I should skip ahead now on our. Number two was going to be timber Wolf Blitzer tell us are human breast they humanistic remember three. With a local touch thru it I'm Marco Michael and sort of marked as part of I am Michael caught Gilda. You. Should follow him on my using remote part of our regular mountains and your life will my car maker whose name is. Merrill is Julie Miller my own Bill O'Reilly our dear lord Goldsmith lose an engine room here it's not. A right pushing him again I am Marco Island Michael Cardoza and connect digital Libya Dan rather be doing some announcement this. Let's hear it's just and so are you ready for this bill OUSA is Michael. Good lie more and told you fewer and tutored grade girl born with a yeah you don't. I. Yeah yeah yeah I think nanny and Annie. Cowboys. The pairings wonderful I think nothing goes better with children and Jeff Lewis Neil Young to. Act alone. It's tutoring death nine yeah I mean bill Kearns Jeff model yes. Those lines three and talked to few words jelly from troubles dressing jelly. Dweller user. Are you ready inflation news news news. But yes there but a right to go to a dealer sales hold. I can't do that he really toss them lockout mean like real life refuses. However that damage to your order doesn't look the big double trade places. Windy residual shape yeah are going to do. I don't alone alone crowds grabbed his son who is afternoon fortunate. And then our by the way I should point out that your plane for tickets to pop evil tonight and meet and greet passes. The loser. You get to to grow your own Michael Crabtree. The I'm gonna backyard. Is so grab still a nasty and Marco and her tail cramps. In his football. Ingraham on work days grad Jerry Michael. President Tom Crabtree. You can use if you aren't Souter and giving Gordon don't know if you want to even you could use that don't well I had that one that people would know and recognize the jump he. All right don't. What are you start us off a bill O highly OK when the weather news story there may be breaking news or news news you'll read the news headlines. Page you'll write down as she thinks it's a fake news story. Jeff or write down. If he thinks is taking these stories they are now is whose names you write and you answer. Then the amber and reveal who got best of five. Corretja since you re yep number wonders right now you do in your news show extra moisture irregardless of there. Bill I know. Right now real news or news news or what triggers one of these news news now shaking news news news no bought. Blair shot over hurled a rare Marie makes sure everyone is Spanish village millionaire and his well. Billionaire founder of a Corona beer brewer may journal and its Spanish village millionaire and his well. Is there Greg this. Present news news and that's the news. Our idea of your answers L. Oreo was good story and a return. Teams and a stolen car robbed at gunpoint by a man. In another stolen car. Big news. News news. Teens solar car robbed at gunpoint by a man and another stolen car. Why am I turned into your zone that it was a million barrels Lulu Tony L corny like bill. Those were. I get that data to connect a view bill. I understand the Huey Lewis and The News reference not your number two group. Francis shocks Catholics endorses Donald Trump for president. Francis sharks Catholics endorses Donald Trump for breast. Trance was damp. ES. It. Story number. Three burden. Of those for the street this while securing our. A judge. Signs McDonald 171500. Dollars for obese employees. Martyrdom for. A whole different and the court has ordered McDonald's braves' former franchise managers 70500. Dollars. Because he gained 65 pounds while working their twelve years. The news news news data. The real bill. Is there I don't like your enthusiasm for dismissed well. Lottery you know it one more yes. Hoon. There's this break is or is this new uses. Ryan Gosling seems to rob Rossi in full body red carpet camouflage. Just heart attack. Bulls question girl's news for you. Ryan Gosling street fast pub Rossi of full body red carpet cameras watch. Notebook. Ryan Gosling are brats. The news. And that's. I know. Rosen sorts has now mark tolerate Marmol Cardona. Yes. There was Omar Ruiz inside of the room few years ago we all your letter to schools normal game and a lot. My serve is through you just legitimately scared all right let's review and seen you knows the most wouldn't be our. News directors the lovely and talented page or will it be. My new best friend just a listening. All right that was good story number one homered you built soaring more Ohio and bear for her mother Aurora arbor age everywhere in this British village millionaire in his will. Pages said thank you can't use and I send news news. Yeah. Pages on the board would mourn then what's the back story. It's big news story he did a series nine years old lived in Mexico says he was 32 million currently money do his Spanish home village. But he he did out. He is there anyone inner pages of one militants are consistent laughter via that he might win point I don't and I hit the mining must have been yeah. And story number two teams in solar car robbed at gunpoint by a man and another stolen car. Page years. It can I said maybe news names. Well there's some may be easier nowadays there's no this isn't saying is it dot com Jeff mobius says he says I sit news news. I guess why it's. You both get a big yeah. After real happened in Canada. Intent Qaeda media at Texas tracks tax us more outside of GameStop. Who aren't here we get story number three that the story number three pro Francis shocks Catholics endorses but I'm sure for president. And press murders. Pages and fake names. Jeff news news. Parish. And Jerry Jones. Carl Lewis. Okay an enormous dog leg. That a look at the world zone and access. And now we're at the real number four. Nicole pup paid me on Tuesday and it hello Friday Celtic moment our pages up to G jets nothing just. You know zero pal. You were yet. Story. Meriden. You may resort America's locked on him. And as perfect. On story number four Bill O'Reilly I guess we're restaurant IMAX. The news. Story number four. The court has ordered McDonald's to pay former franchise managers 171500. Dollars Bertuzzi gains 65 rounds. For work in the air twelve years. Pays you say Ed thank means. When you need both wind. Don't sell how well we're still off 32 your answer was forced to sample food products each day to insure that McDonald's quality standards remained. Hi yeah. Are. And I think that's the most narrow angle to the right. Yes in my mind I don't know Owens and I don't know who's gonna lose her her dirty ones they really happened and even city limits he worked there any effect. Aren't. Man blah what went on loan and new year last that he shares comedy is your time built. Why don't news story he'll serve their claim pocket pull enough minutes into the duke guards. I'm own triggers or news news Ryan Gosling and expressed paparazzi in full body red carpet camels large. Page you'd say I don't know it full body red carpet camouflage is. So I sent fake news there be some wearing red pin speaking with him. That's why if you wanna be camouflage in the woods you dress like the woods looked and he rolled in the comic he's a carpet. Jeff you show us straight news you said fake news just said fake page said bank fake. There are all right Daryn number nine in which means. They clean sweep of the inaugural edition. And mood may be last addition we're sure want for a one of the big news news news to earn it and let the no line for the guy they got kicked off he's well very adrenaline winners and I think. Just lost. The F doing that Ali G right. Just lost to just lost. It is. And I'm sticking in my resolution for the day active citizen mayor Rudy could have and I just want. We'll go ahead and don't really have to let's bring on the. Pages what are my. Yeah but all of the I don't know what despite you know yeah it's that you would get an idea you know. And it's not or whatever age and. Not and one shoe firm ground we Monte congratulations. Oh billionaire Warren yeah oh yeah you literally just on the easiest game ever. I didn't make this quick you gonna Bobby and I. Now hold its. Yeah definitely. Aren't formal or now in my reasoning and mortar newscasters mentioned and that is an awful thing to say about Carol how they're used. The rise guys morning shelves anytime anywhere. Download a free ad is bad enough agents apple. Three points freedom plan as well. Rise guys morning show and morning GA it is 851. Yeah. Is it tweet what you know is nine billing BP over. I'm now though the about truth. Now. Our pentagon indeed here you only does Yahoo! TV Sarah Garland and he gave Vieira good ignited in the area. Not be paid EDT February to zero BV removed. Oh yeah and then he just. Sat down when Don Jeremy is large breasts here I'll. Now here are your big universe is dead DP OK big UCLA ID China India there was madame sun it's hard to our core FFO. The earliest reply every time I get down on organize yoga or you don't forget and I was one not you never take a picture of Sasha is always bingo sessions and the other that. Is read here how amused are stronger track promoters and our feet. Oh yeah. And that's good news by the way there's gonna read this. Tweet from AG said Benton. Mean being I should they Jeff has made for a much better show today so maybe less than you think urgency that we. Went to my Twitter. Did a screen genitalia as well there's proof the president. So I have an idea. I got an idea that won't that was showed jab that I'm on his side and folks had one to believe otherwise are just foolish at this point. What was that you said yesterday that you you wanted to major enough well all year not off the year in the back of your wrestle mania ticket. And then say no luck and how nice he is I said I can't wrestle mania say his term my sister and brother off Christmas period. Nothing great seats. But. Tell me complain about safe now I said that her I see she's entered as good message you know what it. There's there's not really did see at rest Khamenei and what she's setting for our ringside and he best be right up there yeah so. You know us and always said we're gonna take and they just says I've got to get. Senate they will come out with some way free day give that a ticket but now he's like tickets. But he's thirty Rooney added the trip. Mr. law's not necessarily a huge estates not necessarily all formats coming. Yes I do very don't be a sudden. He just wants no writes I just hope he. Caused me into the show no writing to tell you that he hugged Annika went there you want the tickets then he'll let you go with him. Now I am going with him he's gonna come with me yes you're not running this hearing rooms and say OK art editor of Dallas now now you had a drug Orlando magnate LNR Bryan carmody for non I'm sorry anyway. You got to be in Myanmar tell. I am so here's the deal dirty Thursday its mark you dirty Thursday EU us successfully. Did this begin the extra ticket broker to mania. And I and I think that would be a the buildup to it would be fine the after effects would be fine then the videos and and stuff going on in Orlando would be fun. When I come back edited disliking Jeff. Of course perhaps very good note cornered me here every yesterday according year. Here's the mission to accomplish if you decide you want to try. To win mam is Debbie M 33 ticks. He ran. Unless of. Our pleasure. Could you ever dirty they mission tomorrow and here's the mission bunker five rounds. Of the brand new game. I am invented cod expired dollars on mobile five rounds. X we will put a close pin on your nose will blindfold you you will in five rounds. Pay sample. Two items. Ten total items vibrant and he would tasty item and then you'll tell us after tasting the item. Which one of those items has expired. Well let's go wrong while alcohol all people are lying or he won't be able to sing yeah it's he would love smell it you only tasted them. That's good inspired. Expired you have to guess which one is the expired when and which ones via the fresh still be OK to eat. How many years have you right into where the rest later. I would say a perfect ground I mean this is right this is this the best interest it said. It's a big ticket I think I'll five Bryce pretty big ticket and everything. So the a year you downed power lines for the good of the coma he download that they'll listen to Tony nice TV nice back I am. This wrestle mania ticket Louis area Brad Anderson Cooper. It reminds you that of the other game that we played. What is it care members consoles kisses imam Al know yeah. Close them forces find your own. How is too late. The reflects on me like that and that's just mailed these media guys like that went in in your mouth eyes and then. Com you can slip party in five rounds you gotta get him all right present anything Jeff. Lotion. Yeah I'll do it all Zach I'll do arsenal have a mobile won't won't do hold a live video tomorrow them. He's got to get five of found a file of the out of Iraq can at least no items are first. We know I mean that would give away from the women in I'll give it away or is it the truth and now. When I and it won't be anything like outdated rocky mountain oysters in my that. This has never got to paint pigs can only one line in Finland Internet half Amazon hasn't trail didn't. All right so tomorrow. Perfect five out of five he get it right you get my extra. Wrestle mania ticket well I'd Peters U Chris your third term part. He had nine thinks that's going to be is in his last match I'm so if I think it will maintain its shape and I'm man I was already thinking there and they put their time alone Monday night when he's never had before you know. There's only demagogue the other rural mobile for a draft. The a's number one ones we never want to roll rumble till this year 11 it's only. Thinks it isn't he thinks I'm leads her heart and what he does what will you be successful fat boy would he be successful. That's a law menace two rounds I answers Marlins beat but it still makes me wonder. If this is still another screw job. But I met. The bullet holes some sort of grill balmy. We've had one girl and Bruce Boudreau doesn't all the time. So it makes me wonder if this is part of it. It is a nine using those tickets yeah that's him there this is legitimate yeah. DC think that would come on and and then making do in this is gaining do you have a real good idea from a man of my word. Really silly but that's that's I like junior high school that's I think. That the this and takes it to the only my mother would never love and sort of hand they've made it all right so. Smart dirty Thursday expired. I've for stock became miss a single one you gotta tell us if it's expired here's a question how old he sings gonna be a variance variance is great news musician you can see note six resemble Clarkson on. Yes well you know fast tomorrow morning we are worried about it doesn't. My parents all the it was as Culpepper you have always poignant things I'm very Dugard to Ahmadinejad that be fun for years. I'll learn how are you know you're gasoline aren't you got to know her the tickets. And I want to expired food and I'm now view the worst thing this role as I noticed your blood. Now. You haven't done in awhile he agreement that no highly. Yes I do my Honda. This is gonna happen tomorrow then duke what do you think and then it testes you down. The pacers play yeah. Well so it is it's a done deal then why they went a little easier than I thought it went on budget and more time for this and I thought we were gonna made some good its done Smart dirty Thursday expired. Mean jets are going to wrestle mania may all right if you would have changed earlier who's gonna win when I believe he's got Mike Thomas is inject errors. Searchers on Palestine whoops. JHU Iraq gas.