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More Iraq. Fewer commercials. And 83 minute run luck smacks you between the years to get. She. And I are. Arise guys stuck with typical it guy asks hey bear witness out of the secret to share with the all but we got to be gossip mill. Rumor mill. Friday don't tell anybody that I'm just talking to you and you alone is minding your words. I'm in the ring you can roam the person right now listening well to the person that sexy that while plays I don't know how they identified the only one yeah I see what they look like. They're naked. On how American frustration many are now they're naked and they're standing in front and Amir in the bathroom. Just after they get out of the shower. If I went themselves. You need to show a little bit. If I can be honest with the good god. Yeah AG Dallek has 5 o'clock shadow grow on you hear somebody you now are very confident and in person in the Mair isn't sure about the bottom line of various lenders from him. It is Friday for rail it is Friday. February. Seventeenth. One and seventeen you know we're aiming and aiming sentencing sentencing they don't what are rough or worse everything's. What it's worth a shot her friend's birthdays and is that there haven't seen the Germans when he years Bristol murmurs his birthday posting time on the radio then the spotlight this Brian writes. Pat Robertson agents and I thought about even twenty years Bryant happy birthday. I mean that all the people like it in my adult life. You came across an hour workdays are obviously we were a lot closer to meet him. Alia. It's waves of people Wear light. Yeah are at each other's ass for like couple months and then a month lady can't remember their name. Adamant and. I remember a single one of my ex is birthdays. I don't listen good I know one of them was like sometime in June and I think little might have been somewhere in September dish made an albino. Haunts me because I always find cool ways to remember dates are entry so I do screw myself. Hey here that I face that every member's birthdays not feeling Tammy communicating with people. Well. Any gas FaceBook anymore but they always would send me an alert that it was so and so is Merck and I didn't remember face relative nobody remembers FaceBook LG I'm gonna start signing on my birthday cards FaceBook because that's a person deserves credit for now them as parents out. It's not gets credit now. Paglia had to sleep study LSI he snaps but I also saw you at I hop several hours ago outside Baghdad garrison town until those horns or when I hop and switch I help worry I have Paul Cox are aware I guess so I would throw out you know then I'll probably is Clancy joins him. Buzzards are the sort of street Rhodes is Aldo in come bugs fat boy too early. What time islets have what have you here today club 440. For forty doubtless came here before you can yeah so that me if I did that feel free pigeons and some. I. Like yours you're alone time them first thing in the morning here. Days resume Friday some don't. Now when we're done and a prepayment scared boy got a friend Diana is in studio why don't drink your coffee brewer forty yeah ignored troubled checked out. I'm sort of crash yes I'm not so what time did you actually. PG eat ever doubt. Are you just lower back now isn't ready to refreshing drink bag cheeseburger news is that cop making Deaver yeah I want to do this from their. I have more on the way here. Well decisions he's trying to. I'm near a knee is saying stuff. Yards. They're the managers usually usually any they got me strap. Eight billion wires in a bunch of bright straps are on the belly and a you strap down you know and I don't get extra bit about 915. And then I'm probably fell asleep about nine sixteenths. That's open to him. And I go back say and it was such redneck zen. Ever see every day for fifteen months she'd be pretty mad about it to tell you. Is I don't I can't sleep until 4 AM on a weekday. Yeah I can't sleep till 4 AM all I can work ever are always about 330 honestly going to six say I was a bit too in Anbar raiders had to go to the bathroom with. I had unplugged myself to go until this thing. And all the wires and try to unplug too many I'm trying to go ease. This horrid mean this is not conducive to sleep and she just did that. I can't now I can't physically kill him ordered a catheter yeah preferably new. As physically cannot be the bad patient. I tried. And a class action packing and that's why would be in the vehicle mammal MRI where a crap about before they hate us for this and erratic put a damper on. And then you try to go your way in there and MR I machines they can see how your insides function well I can't laying down I cannot land out I didn't doze staying in Almonte hit I. One happened one were to happen if I'm land now it's impossible. Thank god that have been I've never had. Any kind of in congress incontinence. And never had it and man I've been lucky in that regard enhanced and it cost four. Hmm yeah. And there's always something to hope for whoever did. Are are you all are close Guantanamo and Afghanistan that party and you decided they have played geno would wine corks and career in oh we're not well I'm as good who had attacked for two weeks I was really bad throw NGOs and must use that in Tito's wine corks posted at. Hello every week when you find what was just find out it's. PureAV if you breathing correctly while you sleep. Well this study table warning then that means they were say terrorist siege ever sleep that atom line. Okay real reason my doctor Jimmy hears is to see. If I'm sleeping deeply you're not at any point during the migration a little sleep well let Rem sleep so apparently my primary care physician who is great and the sleep study people who. I don't know if they're as good. I'm more on the same page when why I was even met. Really yeah. What they probably don't know what they probably just like run the task and then like when they send off Monty to. Laboratory Maine they may not even know what they're testing for their it is testament page. I don't fit to dig route that is in the bathrooms oh the things they put in your knows that the two things and you know I was one of them and come out so she was coming in the shoot me up to put that back Anderson DP gone and the nasal cavity don't. I Syria to go to the bathroom and she's so upset with me that had to go to the bathroom. She has to come unplug it is similar to go to the bathroom where all these wires and drug and you know I don't mess and a on an amendment violent. And the ball flight meant exactly sir be careful take anything asleep now. They don't want that now an actual slate if you think like a sleep until every night anyway don't you take it before you do you thing dead. But if you don't take one and they don't you take when them because when I. I went and I had to sleep my mom back and that's not naturally how I sleep I got to sleep with blight. Hump then Monday that are gonna sleep faced down but you know fix boring. Peasants are serving in the city are now all I know that's what started me silly little back. I guess I never did before and I'll always very you know howling people at it let's say you use your rock common you know that same pose that he always that's suppose I mean and when I'm asleep in the us like I'm trying to calm my bad moon man. Are closely for you in Rockland low G go and sleep is my favorite part of the day you know for real and just that part of this fallen asleep again it is. I I can't resides and sexy catching fish. Man number three things. I can't we just sound because the best kind of sleep I have is when you pass file save in the afternoon it is not for a long time and it's a hard sleep yet but I wake up either way that headache or around gist that I had something to do and now it's. And it seems club I kind of a light sleep at night in an email thing ruling Cuba a. I think that yesterday and it was well worth well worth it. Well worth it. Payment counties don't have an agent Jimmy I don't know man 10 AM today yeah up to the general public we going. Ali yes go into the general public generally well unfortunately it's Bly articulate man and a strategist. Tickets to to show us today. To change its. Now owner to concert solve Metallica they assembled involved beat in Atlanta now and then at noon there's pre sale. Four in Cubans in Charlotte on the fiancee his birthday that's a man that's her favorite bands from my high school and and so he had to or observed going and I -- her birthday all her birthday that each candidate did they do meet and greet package marrow program only not mark Hendricks about Donald. Ten and two didn't ask him fairly early this afternoon good news reminds. Is then you don't get married this year you know going to be a wedding gifts and how about this via. Island at the grand envoy to sit on your lap boys series. Some things. We swear here wishing Lou earlier. Her new leadership here and it'll last shouldn't this bring your arm is old school and you lose the Spanish American and getting back into the harness all they're mad again how how mad are they mad about they are mad again like they used to defend their man in last album himself. It's been it. Eight years is equivalent other's innocence and more on their anger. And now they're ready to fight back. Any man of the way better than the saudis are right here right here he's breathing hard. Listen. Yes they decide the most morally sound on the just sound Kobe's. Pardon me for very yeah I mean great win in Jerusalem. Punch brand aboard his mouth up. Not jealous did you. Mad at him right now. We're torn Burma or Sundays and I'll look visitors are. Manningham because yesterday evening I was and I had to take a shower before anonymously study out so much listed Todd they're on their own room. But. The year. To take a shower and I am thinking when I get into the shower that. I'm get out of the shower is Lisa negative stuff going on right connected Oprah you time it takes me shower. Years. Julia so with humans interferes with my activities have planned now if there isn't being real. The brand board all you've got C block by an email. Guy. As well and we also distanced does it. I mean you know imagine if your favorite band was playing on your birthday Lal and you could go but it wasn't like in Seattle or some all day Thursday that are coming in on her when I understand fears since I playground. I love nutria. Love the tree there and if if if the well that's fine else did you get tickets are you gonna get in today and today is there. We reserve. Arab pre sale thing priests and there's your big fan fan club email list and all that some sir that that she's different. She's an S announced he would. I wanna or I'm a big panel tomorrow nobody means he's yours years you're insecure that tickets. Hiroshima going to get them or you're kind of transform him home and I was nuts she's had a good core of our own hours or so AFC at the black and there are responsible. Steve Moore and boy Thompson's going to be here today and I got a question for him closer. First of all books aids H re coming to win and his very Harry Thompson L wondering if rain looks at me the wrong line. I got some for his ass. I brought the forger and here you don't. Go to blasted. It. And. No well. And each other kind of mid July. Yahoo! but the Thompson's an engine common good shot all the Thompson's ninja loans those to all the Thompson's an interest in. The what are view it. Bozo the Karate Kid grow faster and can ricochet except for the last strategy. I I just kicks it back edge I'll do a crack shot at it and there's. And it would bullets and sure he can do with Pharmacia and he'll kick back ashtanga peek yeah I have I have did the warrior mentality today. When I have a heart attack in America. Ultimate warrior no you don't get a load of four match start I still don't lot of dull boy John running through my day Eads. Tomorrow I go oh darn I got my hands what I'm told it's. Our enemies to have conversations with his hands in. I went on his shoulders they were in his hands how you feel good we went. To mr. matching field all I didn't I went home I took it did two and a half hour and a half. How good after yesterday you heard from beneficiaries are an officer territory and you know I know you we will you do you win oust the UN dead Taliban around 45 minutes after the shuttle Mir and I know accused Owen I don't see left. Thousand wasn't blink my head down and as a shield for a little bit you know I think and at. Hate to say this could he knew you clay at least I start clay baseball courts you collect stories of me saying now when you said that boy Europe are collect I told you says. Add another and you actually he Tom Allen and eat enough and I think Iraq salary or see you were just doing her. Vegetarian stuff yeah it's easy enough now feels like but I am not a wasn't nearly all my and you get a good bit yeah. Especially then let really low calorie sort of food I intimacy hardy guy you are. You're bigger hard industry breakfast loved the gravy biscuit but you're also a grown man. Thank you and the flow of what is the old phrase I'm grown ass man did you. Yeah I get a I'm gonna ask wonder boy that because he's. A world class. Harassment and you know he's grown also glassware and that rate to as well ray is a large individual some say what he thinks about that moved here because I got egg I have like today I guess Reich case installments. And sword dance. I think some elements but I have found rats say right once a year or are you very good eat I blinked and vegetables later yes okay given gifts as donated some nutrients Darren slide orders are the ones in the military ruling government right here. There is nothing in the rest hey guys just alum vulnerable cargo to Leo so imposed Allman daughter on yesterday Cox. And when I need to seriously pursue this more social and swims in Zetterberg. Yesterday brother yeah for real yeah who's in that is that still there's Kate Upton on the current. So what is. It's gonna hurt and Hannah Jeter who is going to purchase that. Like I realize you as is have a subscription nine free subscription free subscription get one of those things that allows people to have bomber getting mad like quarter and issued a deal nobody's paying and I. Is anybody going to. To this new stand purchasing that for seven dollars plus tax and taken home and reading it other than to. Make good pages stick together. Yeah I don't out. I don't know who's gonna buy it likes. Like hard core freaks. Weird though lose lonely middle aged men don't want to call an actual point yeah like you I think. Think you disappoint you have to brown bag BSI swimsuit issue it isn't mailbox with Blake Qaeda than big jobs like hell re exposed to discover that it is. If you're a dude your own mind I'm using your actually bind at PG version I've even seen a Nichols buried there and there. Does not list your stuff man you see right slept for how I wanna see yet to come by amid a dollar seven dollar magazine got the body paint section now the declared her regardless glad to rest there's already paid that shouldn't think at all. Did its image is it just depicts or backfire concerning articles and also judge MC's nightly swimsuit calls I had a really nice split. And you certainly were held across 700 dollars I'll wander. Right I wonder how my wife Carmen would look industry and assess who insist plus most of this this swimsuits they got their get these different straps on the thighs and and c'mon man unless your swimsuit Molly go look puds you're in that crap. I'd. Immediately I did some of the swimsuit models an apology if you don't know who is in the ban bull coming cutting their legs out like that. I think that hot button hit it not. I'm just could not circulate ST hey here's say it makes these really skinny and fit swimsuit models look pudge area soap and normal little you don't borrow yeah Omar got to look terrible luck or reprimand or any type sailor you can't miss is over nobody. Arnaud and is supposed to drink too much. I like the Al flight than that I'd like Alan Kerr followed meaning it's kind of embellish like Ret a well here. Jose submariner thank you Jess. That sir a main demand ahead and do not have. Today is a special day because it is the return of the SOS line yanks RI even got some overnight and tablets as we're full we have. Some gold in that mayor bit slower now now I would. I lit wonder boy sustained mortar boards Thompson's coming in studio today as well and allegedly would break you get some of this it talks crap. -- shot went through the word get out on the Internet clearly that's gonna go over there got trapped medals and Arnold and com has always easy work also the Mel sac today as well analysts think you want stuff and who's who grew up. How does. Asleep Stan I'll sleep well. I was there and clarify before I left the washing out of my beard yeah I managed to work on like that when you transmission and and yeah. And finally worked their way yeah. I don't remember now allows all he stood. Stop dog and I good tapes. Row are aware that varies throughout. I asked is big debate on the set not put some Vicks on my chest and I got let you know hair and the next morning and it kinda low light Ridnour had to think for missile borrow an amount so I had imported reminder of what happened. So it's Friday we'll have a hard time today he'd June text 7234. Months it's been sort of assurances before wonder if I'm gonna do the Libyan Mon 72341. Texas all the way text us all the way at two 10 AM. On you can call 18077. Forward to below 9318077. Affordable 093 taught Jeffrey and then get through. He gets sweet talk him to get through. Sweet talking on the regular. Last funding page on dismantled every day every day every day she's. Report in Sweden in his heart good morning near by this. The rise guys morning. Thought he ninety's during my freedom my. Right guys headlines with the age. And you're Beagle who are. Surprise guys reminds lunch and then you might have meant any state armory but after eighteen years monopoly fans have voted this symbol out of the game. I'm good yeah never Allan. There are more assembles. Made to be sold it truck stops and there are actually used in a day to day situation in America. We don't wanna get these things are though because. Why eventually some bad to have an important have to start learning to do this crap we forgot how to do I never knew Hal what all did you ever. I grew up for a woman so in man that's come you know why I picked up enough club it. Just from watching them can you know my pants. And some pets that it would be great they win superbly done it if I needed do react and sold him I don't have to am him anymore malpractice. I liked early 2000 we just cut the sons of bitches off what their parents that was it was Cole is Alex and our soft frayed at the bottom you know or you would just cut up the sides and let that. Look listen Matt. Where did James Earl tapered but even slots the side. And ninety's alone god renewal. If only I still didn't creepy crawl is all over me thinking about the airliner went. Showed up to your Thanksgiving or Christmas immigrant parents and some failing on black blue jeans yeah that they were way too long as I was right. 335 pounds and thirteen black blue jeans are the best deal my insane in reality it was about 24 inches but it. I had my pants less than thirty yeah so I cut him off that is cut more often than they were afraid on the bottom. Actual candidate. Fat ball. Joost may I can't imagine the things I would say if I saw myself looking like that though. Off I hate saw pictures from as little as a year ago that they do apologize to my grandma Margaret Apollo and you grammar grandma. And money hand over that and a but I want to what do then it is good immersive home from a stroke in the other two were dead on so I can't and a wow I was touching them. Two words Cumberland I did. Now timberlands and decides kinda you had Nikes were Belfour says is too big and it really fat short feet yeah Italian club foot long term investors are in my club. I don't know why we got into a fashion have been bad. Sorry I can tell you about monopoly fans and yes and bolts and half say they got to this whole thing while they had to vote on some things that they would want. As he is in the new game in town likes sunglasses a king when. Hash attack our energy faces well and get rid of something. Send a simple lines. You're a vigorous some tears your con panel think. Herman's I had hired in Sudan people's CEOs and our analysis and use religious often on you know what I want on the one and I felt. No mass followed a monopoly occasionally Americana with a though yeah so many Americans have like you know life. The prices haven't adjusted for inflation otherwise boardwalk would call wait more yeah. Rather they ever adjust the prices for inflation they mean here monopoly boxing's good money help a lot more money. We should have something that has like Americana and like you should put like. The cigar store Indians on the about take section mates. As well as Americana as you can gas bill or an appeals that would be very Americana appeal. Only appeal yeah if you really want to Mason jar aren't arrogance doesn't sound here. As an agreement that in and I the if you public monopoly and you didn't like they're the hash tag or the emerging face. I'll walk I'll I'll I'll own beliefs no plagues and what your whole camel will blink an elaborate any deed Jesus same piece or does it even do you even treat and care doesn't matter I I. I hate monopoly. And I am finishing day happily be the car of topic at that. But there are no male horse Arnold al-Qaeda minded almost good symbol was fine him the iron was colder over double headed doll out pay and struggles on the board and play we're there we're we're getting sick when monopoly AME. I can be holding the most money when your body gets matter board planes had I never completed a game of monopoly era that you want it right you just see if you had more money than them after they get mad leave yeah you tell their stack in yours no easy answer would somebody getting pissed off all the hotels and a main environmental fair's hold money sorry I invested some played games. There I play the game. We should start a game of monopoly 1 morning in here and we play one turn through commercials or whatever in the net and we see winds in game four hours can we weren't there isn't at their monopoly board passive. If you happen. I'm serious. A sewer and play cards keys humanity to win it did this is Earl filth and where not to weaken and easily can it kill about a bit then we sort of thing. Cards well. Soars when you lazy and I swear Jeffrey comes to that red zone salute some bad Asher brotherhood thank you panel are Tony. On the plane. Now it's six people have been arrested after her. More than a ton of pot was famine a man and a has come home. Well I think at times I got an end figuratively speaking. And a lot of hot. Nearly. It's funny 300 pounds and then van was found early. Tuesday he was no payload on that landlords don't primary this previous. Over her during her room and just begged her we can breaks yeah I'm up there own you don't need. Investigators say that the marijuana was worth three million dollars and how do you people get busted they were tipped off. Congratulations. National PT yard Torrey 300 pounds of pot off the streets of bashful and that means bring it about ten million pounds of pot left on the streets of rational normal. Congratulations job run as I want to achieve this target and Florian. Yeah. Law enforcement received a message sent a large shipment of marijuana is that is expected in the man asked for. Every day very ask is an art news and our music and it is dealer who probably 5600 Helms. Yelling at us. Allowances name and a great read it it it's it's huge it's huge amounts what are 300 rounds bit. Eight your show you your whole area know for had a lot of it. And post a good. Then. Well. While a few of the people and analysts are cash found confiscated as well and didn't say anything in cash or send you the people that are asked to live there. So there six people tunnel you know I do wanna be a cop so I can roll up on the person who had like a 100000 dollars in cash mountain. There's this real enlist all about that sort of thing you know the Phillies we're Aardsma but I that's. Trading day passing day I'm. And although none of them displayed at Texas will take your at salaries to civil forfeiture. Yeah where they they do have more than my top hundred dollars cash and need they can take it in and never have to explain why they never give back to this little guy down and Anderson business already know him as well I'll save her and them are pummel they'll say your Britney you know big guy who looks like he could be important here. It. Their heart and Bob I don't know Larry he was ever charged with any crime. I am never short of that sort crime though he wound up having to spend a couple of years fighting to gain some his vehicle's back. From the county because they took them you'll never short of any crime but he has spent a lot of money and go threat all the fights to get his property back it was his whole time. She's the only one happens all over America every day. It shouldn't but it didn't as a civil foreclosures are at a hand we don't think it. I think in the last fifteen years the civil foreclosures nationwide gone from my. 800 million dollars do like five billion dollars annually yeah I realized so much money there isn't taken people's stuff and now they just steal your stuff and they don't like even when my vein taken in insanity when it's against her evidence or whatever. It never has to be return you would no explanation needed that was evidence if they think it's a thousand dollars over college get an airport because he seems suspicious having this much money. Well he's just been way more than ever try to get my Macs it's not only did they know that that they don't often any evidence turned to get your thousand dollars back you're gonna have to spend three great candidate worth his CDs and lost 2000 dollars they stole from me that's the federal government should at least let's Iran and often taxes and sound yeah there are still friends whose taxes. While all six people that where there were charged with two felony counts of conspiracy to traffic marijuana. Found. I can bless and hopefully everybody was in on that. They drop on up a charlatan and start tax and heroin issue. There's things low more act. Little more needed at this foray drab Spartanburg like they did well let Allen attack in it is Charlotte I discern best hotbed where your enemy is you get down here Nina was here there there's a there's a problem. He's actually smoking a spoonful route again Kabul is Susan Anderson there Anderson house Spartanburg is probably able to. Mohawk. At a school in Crawford that there he's facing multiple charges for whites. He had when he that they shape Ecstasy pills on and that's one of that happening again and marijuana thing since. Winning the pay shaped Ecstasy yeah. And indeed is can you give whatever your favorite cartoon characters and different thousand dollars oh boy I don't not apparently Jesse you've kind of boring as far as. And this summer I. Drug people are standard. As you're grown don't make it look like ourselves vitamins don't I may have drugs look like some kids won't eight. I know anytime Ecstasy is mentioned I Harken back to the same thing that may have fab Boyer in ten would this remember when you've got to Myrtle Beach and by Ecstasy. Yeah you would go to waning weeks and by Ecstasy it was sold in this really. High end deckers box like of the book a butterfly or something. And then you would open it up and then there would leave it in they would salesman before they knew it was. And that should be outlawed. Back there you can go into wings are giants are waves or whatever the hell and by Ecstasy mom Israel Ecstasy it wasn't my real Nassau or whatever the other freaky stuff that they got me rolling whatever was I don't know if you listened straight up you know. Ecstasy for whatever was soon gamma hearted heroine and didn't I didn't read mr. the ingredients in nutrition and I he's no will was able lord. Ecstasy back in high school level or symbol won't mean a he had been oh my god had a teacher and I don't. Bar dismisses get. So I was nervous calm early Thursday morning around 3:30 AM at the end Smart. And I mean there's an art. Grace down boulevard. They often anonymous guy in a vehicle that he had the vehicle inside smelled like marijuana hot. Officers trying to search that guy he ran away and then he was content boy did they find instead they found hash time out. Marijuana. And nearly fifteen Multi Color Ecstasy pills shaped like winning that doing this as silly is this is that is that Molly. X is Ecstasy and it is in my it is in his mind of the purer crystallized form and it and yet. Well that's what I walked in my now is anybody moaning. Is charged with the Ecstasy possession with intent to distribute. And also and they hash oil possession marijuana possession resisting arrest well. Ash. I think he's just oil at mankind's. During you like people to have the oil 99% of the time image because it's medicinal why Betemit is if they don't. Not really high asked politely woods is no bargain don't give we give. Them the concentrated all souls and cleaner than purpose of smoke and hesitant and actually on fire in the same way it's a cleaner air. Is it better for the environment probably can music yeah I do is Olsen blacks is recreational and more soon dramatically probably do it. They had the thing yesterday where they were debate now medical marijuana in South Carolina. And now toward states haven't already we do number thirty. So on the back path oh my god there's no way. Well Burgundy in the forties the elder introducing your real conservative when really conservative now but not conservative enough because a lot of our elected officials just won't have it at all. That next time you go to these people who did. Little thing and I enjoy doing is gonna be out there it would affect us. I mean a warmer oceans and South Carolina yeah do you think you'll see which ones oppose it much pleasure in favor of a bit. Nick Theodore Pakistan and he will tell. He's gonna pass as it's written and if it's surely not conservative version of it doesn't pass it's only a few more years. But hey we put in my office when it ends our false ultimately. Americans are rummaging. Sharks are taught or runs for office. Lauren and Orlando into room. Don't like sides argue Iranian and that is needed and as tall. And filtered by non filtered in and is talk. McCarver and and asked talker this morning. Our way through all this if I were able to run and say actual. What would your platform be still enforced all these kids in line ask for it. See you would be coming for me it wouldn't be coming from a lion dance group calling other people line Scrooge yeah coming from me. I MIT shirt with a rash world. Yeah. Today days as serial killer out there alone is Jason welcome Sarah Palin an additional one day that's always Kent. On page in the Dresden is. Stewart here homes for the rest. Lynch 93 point three could play. Right guys Ford's with the apple. All souls or we can in the NBA so why ladies. You over Arenas former all star themselves got a message week if your head out to New Orleans don't bring a gun. They may have walked its mind this has told him. As your read the real Revis. Whose major trophy. What he had put the barrel on the remainder L. Well he was walking in Pittsburgh the evidence and some guys can move to and has been asked him to retrieve this is yet. So they together cell phone try to do your more canal on the street. And allegedly Regis told and stop grabbed the phone through in the road try to delete Nvidia. And then allegedly knocked both of the guys out for ten minutes. In the region say that he was attacked by five guys who lack of a hospital. I've got murdered in the press which one was the five guys on Cox. The good to console the video confirmed its. Released in most of the news aggressor Sunnis are going to be charged with a robbery terroristic threats conspiracy and aggravated assault. You know I can't spell and speak to it because I've never been followed around. A group of people lower view cameras and he's like that's. If they had they don't think the what. Not have before. Reduce a little too seriously Algeria. You have no Nigeria one time. I think now we are though they does that bureau wide gala big muscles while current. Or an American and your wrestler here automatically a celebrity's. And see how it is seriously. I'm not BS and yeah I think about how big deal was done Judy jays stopping greatly aided the ruby Tuesday's until Brabant arrest in peace. That's how reverend enthusiasm and they closed in order a friend so it was what shuttered up how big a deal is that. Imagine a Third World country where they got some entertainment come into town because. Chevy Chase eight did ruby Tuesday's in Lagos Nigeria. I don't have one that is one well there and there was that they did yeah okay suggests. When you went in Nigeria and room and there's cameras every are did they have cameras and an ever yeah OK yeah it's like I don't know I know that. So. Did you did you ever get angry. Now and I'm not really just a couple days I am just trying to get in the mindset of like. I think. Out ball don't member that did the early 2000 he would or maybe is a ninety's where he would just attacked paparazzi dance moves us in else tired Obama. I don't know if it's a bit or not. I don't know that I can ever like did that now I'm pissed off my girl and we're blog now and street were arguing and then there's always guys India. You know my youngest I could see his point because when you get there first and you're in the airport there's like. All the press throughout the Nigeria there you know like I'll tell you. You know you feel like a rock star and then after the third day of them following you around everywhere wearing your. Literally giving up out of your bed and eating breakfast and they're filming you eating breakfast and home having did he room that's a pain in the lead amend. To the people who tell you. They let they opened your hotel room and say yeah. And I would have found a different hotel economy well nor are we don't know. And no one ever knows that feeling with him in America or an engineer we know you'll go to like leave the court ordinary under the double tree downed not just here in the arm and a. A brother or anything that our system is tourists coming out through this in and just say had been in the news the need to I don't know. Passed away the age of 520. Or WWF superstar. Nicole glass top Linehan. And and and warming news. They can and they can do that hunt here restaurants was Muslim he's AW WE superstar Taylor it. Two or three run two or three months on the call America of course she's way Mortimer Howard Stern and you would under the their. This is so aware packer more than I think she was oddity owes her big debut won the judgment days. They wrestle mania. My wrestle. She did wrestle she made her debut wrestling. Trish stratus and I don't know us able. The golden years media NBA All Star Games this week in all the festivities always Kimmel. And Gilbert Arenas post it notes on his instant current. This. Is this continuation from their earlier off. Argument over during the story. Didn't signal ordering us earlier Japanese student there I'll I'll be old he teased on their own. Dollars thank you you forgot. You said attention old bitch is 34 and I don't bring your as is also a week in week seventeen but these don't pose enjoy life. You all pose had a chance was Shaq and Kobe were winning take your bitter astle Tom Joyner crews in leave MBA all star we did all. I'll go away from him. Wow. Padilla's both pouring a little. Which we console we went through of the football game. The kind of women the words being got access to the field to details competition that it'll all port AGU their mouth closed off. They were is literally page and a knee pads they were just ready Arad and now you know especially around Tom Brady and they were like circling like sharks. If you're 35 in union your pay to banks yeah better stay home. Aren't they nobody gonna give him well for. I didn't think when B 35 this year is an assistant in the last turn on merit taken turns on NBA players are references. This trend here's some reverse psychology here's what he's doing Lisa. Here you those things for himself insurer may commands a little bit I'll show you and put it only and Meghann and handle. Yeah woo prop. Wouldn't put it all matters and somebody nineteen would do is they don't they're okay of Diet Coke pays his last she's on her way out of here she's only gonna see over. Drugs as well thanks. Some states the right. Each. Just another extreme drought over the next week's rat. Many three point range. The planet.