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What car would you bring back into existence?: Headlines: Wrap-Up.


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You're listening to the rise guys morning you know. Maybe three point freed up. Atlantic route. How. The red is. His sex Liberia and a toolbox. Kessler morning did you. Hi there. You know I don't know what I wanna read it because he wrote a letter to some lady when he was in jail and now it's one dollar auction block and you know it's pretty graphic and dirty and everything. I can rather than not he can write a sentence like. House warm side. And he's not been relinquished when it comes to that accidentally would transport thought saint tabloid to do you say USG. Block everybody. Good luck Jim Clark. We cannot know that there's prostitution urination stories are veteran hobbies pregnant. If it is true routers simply make them. Condit did daddy blankets MSU won't it how do you bonus yeah. How easy you grow up guys avoiding getting ahead excuse. That's laying down for me to come home page in other words I'm Ramona singer and I am. Do you feel there's growing up. In the casket. That thing. They're merely cool place they're gonna come and talk to my baby boom well. Physical blows like Iraq and a lot of cousins almost iconic names Switzerland had. The big. Corners and is the personality has shown this year and it's yeah all frozen pond you can move the global argued that when you guys don't look. Yeah I don't think you. Bob what it brings back memories of senior year it brings back memories of the first week will probably speak with my friend Travis wall had this. Who was he had he had embargo. We have this coming back get a Ford Bronco that he'd submit them back and all he'd cut off that you in the back of it so it was a convertible bit and I just remember. In 1993. Traveling down. Is rarely caveat death last year. There are families that bring him back really through the bunker then. Wearing Bourquin. Is to do is coming year maybe the year after they just announced whenever it cardinals coming year is 28 taking every records for each morning. One point here what is Tulsa money you know would you then it's all been. It's well. Sorry I got your legs out AMP treasurer or. I'm sorry did that I don't buy you dinner I'm sorry you know how he uses the Internet now like most people use in their collection informational tool like. I didn't know that this could do no not use the Internet as a damn weapon like his disposal to kill people with. It's funny yeah. And pyramid would know he thinks the wrestling for the elusive bush is going to be a big and then kind of legs off for now I don't like. Us. Portable news I don't Waco is taken golf to read every Internet site all the way up before you don't want. If you didn't if you think if he reads it many takes down in there and has a different. So that Ford is gonna bring back the bronco whoever makes. It's cold there was. Now Obama's to lose now that's a big difference broader retorted when he hit it there another dramatic Brooke knows I'm there also bring him back. The end of four Rangers they took a little break unloading the real threat or that there's some additional pilot for the fall. Now you know there are no idea they've had pierced. They're bringing back the white and either. I had Glenn pioneer and a Cadillac and here. I had 8484. Jeep grand wagon here had the wood grain finish. Had shag carpet. Swayze died ahead shag carpet did you drop some in the floorboards that was don't stagnant our thing yeah that's her idea. Shagged not shag carpet now I'm Natalie Sandler comes over root for him over he always talk burnt orange that's the Carville yeah. As cream colored on the outside student. With a wood grain which the wood grain was a sticker. Yeah hey you know elated and Gail via US nearly you nearly as America. The bringing them back to what exactly is saying here I mean essentially political ones that's exactly what I'm there as you're sorry am I am told us that he can't see you right now but the fact that this really goes. This makes things it. Cars nowadays you know nobody. What did you learn and they don't make it Altima as an embryo back ten years later do get excited about it. Yeah that's who best. That's society as fashion you know skinny jeans OB bell bottoms again and then they'll be skinny jeans again and now you know all that. Don't know of they've they've they still have a personality says is going to be continuously bringing back the same ones right now like Beatles band wagon ears and and different times trucks and an SUV type vehicles Broncos are set or stuff like yeah and they quit making jeeps for like ten years and in. Braugher bad. Man. Arizona mushroom people would flip the Blake gal pad there. So here's the they've. Morning Knight now. I had to take exception when nine zug information blog are you little other is this the bronco has a release date between nineteen BitTorrent toward in my earlier. Johnson didn't have regardless look at it that's like a good event that NASA. Not a bad looking vehicle restaurant that asked will zoos come under the rim Smart first choice everything I had two months 2019. Release date is what. Deer heads dot org said this on to maintain that their problems and probably. Bit that the second SJ the pitching is the funny little like an old just do like the NSA agent. That's remember slightly old style but he's got that. Art Deco bubble wrap for kinda look to it. Guess I don't think deli there's exactly what it's gonna look like some similar ones are busy and he's the one in the end. Worst around when the storm around soon there's this little rounder. I must look like that we're but this alone this picture go around this is just yeah I don't look at me like yours and explorers soon. Brandeis international scout that I was always. An analyst Allan man that was frail small bag bring back chaos. I want to Suzuki sidekick back oh yeah direct line what did you yeah it's every car you drive. Why did GO match for a dumb strategy mantra yeah and I want a and so low of one is as you true. Who don't ask girl that went to wade Hampton had more in this instantly reminded me this her name was. That are so you know thanks I don't. Care. A member of running a mirror hanging man Helms members sister. A home in. Ever announced yes yes just announced drove a white Isuzu Trooper Kim last windows god bless you I did. I don't know what harm or hurt the car. The good sportsman they came out in mid ninety's were zoos are troopers were behind me it's for real their American that was the popular fingered. Still that stuff was I don't know Baghdad. Start bikini top. But for Iran a pass it works well on the Jesus Monty she can take the top softening and that's final time. The summer fun kinda rag top. Yeah yes you should. There was also another car backing them. Late eighties early ninety's. That liked Jimmy spirit. I'm imagine as the June and his comment any call on the policy would be they're coming back with a brand new forced a Stephen they're gonna drive to the beach remember a tiny that karma you know. It was it was a Jesse member Kevin Howard this. Aluminum he had yeah. Had you only see what was it was a hatchback in there is yet his lowered. And it was kind of like the bubble. This is why when when lowered and you know neon art Kraft was in. Cut what is it with the pacer. We'll pay sure that have the bubble went down and about now you're gonna wind swirled what was said who is that Ford Escort. Would've been the it was popular. Are your wars have cowboys on the mile high school fans aren't out. Chick and almost enormous what was that thing called it was it was I don't know messenger of this. What they're off. It would have been like 88. Early ninety's. It was it was a hatchback I must say it was a Ford Escort but the head that it doesn't look like me on Google delicate and model Ford. It's Bagram. Pretty good and ready the other news in this hour for spreading happiness or. A statement is that animal. We'll find out how true your fact source or a sense person messaging area. United had made been made me and it is a look right. And he was. Almost cars made in the wasn't when you said you did is is a trooper went about it did it loses her passport was this is major distributor. She is an aero compromise that the Ford Taurus and the Mercury sable were the same exact car there. What was it there was another ones that would same exact vehicle just different badges on the from Tbilisi errors in my favor warns the the Monte Carlo the grand national and the Buick regal was named the exact same thing. Ruined by you right here and they're always building GM cars and they how much the same the Monte Carlo was my personal picks. You're like yeah yeah cousins have one round little kid when I had to be black you know. Yes she had a great windows girl she had a great one just the money list on what about it was good it was like the black widows they SS engraved with the red and black aren't. They all changed Dale's and a now I don't see German undergraduate then all the black and scream they don't little louder than I won't derail him. Yeah. Yeah. Tablet should you bring back into what was your even dream. Well maybe not you dream ride that was that was. When it's when my Iran and easily was your dream members of yourself Ford Focus I was manager class of improvement. I think through my car order. I read Monte Carlo Mandy and the only original comic correlate barrels but I wasn't an Oldsmobile mind your own story. It's explosive belt I took. What do they bring these things don't act like they bought regularly Carlos for a while there remember that yeah now early 2000 is yeah I hear him I'll Google that for none of the cars there ever like you remember on the like you they said you know I wanted it to eighty ZX and I was a kid if they brought that back now it would look like a you know let them. Prius is something there there. I'll pull money Carlo. You'll beat if you bring it back well he's tired there's still quite valid as any shot or the money Carolina is a is got to look like he'd cut rule wall like it's a very sharp looking car we weren't exactly like you did before. Yeah that's what people want from my racquet. There Broncos hundred thunderbird they redid it let me exactly is where there are those the little. Roberta or dad 159 they redid it I think in 999 here around fortieth anniversary. 2000. Missouri got you know I mean you're grim polished dress up like your grandma on the weekends. Obama and he got more than thunderbirds in the ninth. And say he's a producer this year radiation finesse. It's. Management has a house not. If so what what was your seed did you sense that won't know I mean the heels of Harlem it's got to lose something you can't bring all these tours back. The markets to crowd the yeah well win means a wouldn't wouldn't wouldn't commodity trades. Totally different cars to bring America Rebecca ranger to relatives. The only. If that was a good truck yeah I think rightly so much about that about six months and now you did not even mention that they didn't lose her liver were given his cart and he did you want to do actually listen to her I was nutritionally there. My personal or promises. I don't the fact that they're bringing back the small forward contracts to anchor yes I was in their viewers all four wheel drive turn right I June and I can't. Is kiss mark good as he has lived and now all I actually think it's practical for someone that doesn't have to haul lie and you just needed every once in awhile yet. You know. We are here have been damaged gas into it or blanket to figure in your backyard. So he need a home. I think prince. In all very unique and can be easier diseases like could the coolers and stuff in the back in through the dogs in the truck and then on up there yeah. Newsroom but my son guy and Iraq backed fair I'd be I'd be ready to yearning honorary. Under editing yeah. Yeah well I was gonna Cameron brings long lines for paid him. A moot the I creep into your own thank him. I and the city. It would the Mercury Capri to have the mobile back when they're similar to like the mustang. Need to do and board of cute concrete shoes it's completely yeah. My mama benevolent and AB due a boy you're absolutely right well okay. God. I guess I had not cheated who had Angus told the idea that they didn't somebody to sell a car designed about the company's. Where former Zairean. I already this morning. Ford Mercury are citing company just like BM is Chevrolet Buick probable. Yeah old mills in there on the ground they get a nurtured him are easily takes a Carolina Taurus and sable. There are Crown Victoria in the grand marquis were the same also. Our chief. Market I hit literacy is high in NCAA CF can never figure out who. GM and who has could not afford to file Carol thanks for the information sir have a good morning are brought all that and I'm not much rock and brought her own party on and we yeah rock would also GM owns Chevy. Will there is GM is sharing Ford owned the Mercury here. Alan Jackson's crazy about it look. If I had a Mercury at Taylor I didn't pass out and play it indoors if you're ruins your run into lawlessness and I'd go and then a drive down the town about a Mercury or ten. Crazy that Mercury or hard money. I have heard me ask you what that did you go wanna go downtown about murdering your JD is crazy better Mercury and Mercury and get your work and millions is played a ton of money before the slowly started he has told me. If I had money until you an idea yeah I'm Robert Greer Terri. My networker Lanka Fahad Mercury a taillight aliens and I don't give me some big money or too crazy about money. God made you kill you just gotta do you do it right you got an earlier this all. The I mean you look country might it seems she is right Mercury and Mercury blues violence accident. Mallon and sold so. Yeah I ever had to say what I value around. Alan Jackson and his little countrymen eagle Abbas meet our. And give it to the Mercury dealership. Did you end if we hadn't you also might take him or his countrymen and publish his journey and eating out orders are signed Ronald. Horse and then let's go in Chela. So the big man here that he's not always try. Or whose big wrong. They dementia all right then I'm short not a threat. I nearly five saves for the worst film on earth normally logs and have Simone and men YouTube brand. That's okay. We retribution what we'll call this page and I have other. Lauren. Hey you yeah. Color view and greatest amount carrying. Hey I'm Mercury news and I'm all about me ever enter into. Little. Hell I can. If I'm wrong that I'm proud saint. They had some wrong I was wrong not wrong now what struck me how I know that he went on him some money and how to play Sunday. Mercury data makes more sad and then he injured his second personally drove into the Chattahoochee it is inserted the girl had had sex with a great article limo there. As trite as singing our song hey Aaron in the street it was midnight and number he said he dropped her off her obvious sign of a mountain at the end right here's a total treasonous there's always moves of telling him reminder of the time should we do many whom to at a gas and strident maybe you don't care just killing of a pound box it was. They don't re embarrassed bully was about her chest feels Jeff. He did these things yeah. Hi guys see evidence that we had a mall we dollars and it's got to mimic. So where are you February. Where you are I was dealing clearly as the engine blew balls and gently to the and I am god. Butterworth Erica. I X. What was he doing on good. Plus it was a partial who is there I was still unsolved peculiar. When those who would come home I'm sure you know. It was studios record oddly enough 99 and a different kind of programming that's what it was the exact title. I'm flying to rest next morning you know nine is recalling during. Right guys headlines with the age and you're beatle who. Nice guys headlining slots and they recommended state armory and. You can't hitting three minutes. Instantly puts you inning. Better mood. And there's research to back that up and GA. So. Your real fun woman pays when you bet that they and a and its story. While they Williams girls they found and this research projects. In the journal of personality and social psychology David and Chester NC named Cindy moll tested the idea and that slow sorry objection. By making us feel wounded in a more and then and 110 triggers a need to repair moods. By whatever means it available. So if you get re mince it won't correct your mood. But but but karma. But then there's the Dell long the universe but but but this is symbolic Madison yeah it is symbolic seismic system bombed out stuff British psychological study honor society in a while. If you take your aggression anger on someone else and then make you happier even if it's not the person who wronged yes. Does anybody so if you just go be an a hole somebody after you've been hurt your feelings hurt you will. Feel better in the very short term. But in the long term you're going to feel much much worse because you're gonna remember that you were gonna complete jerk to somebody for no reason have you got your feelings are you big baby. Asked two wrongs people watch it. A wrong. I try. Yeah. Down my goodness definitely suggest it last and it's. Not easy JS JS realized that. Well I mean everybody down and he does so even point must aggressions say he had a bad thing he's taken out on someone that you live when. It's making me feel better about yourself because you're really cementing her. Right but there's a lot of occupations in this country you're allowed to do that Brett. Many yen pound sand it's a pattern and aggression. And you may need anger man this man because you're not. Dealing reach your feelings properly and you're taking down everybody else around you Alberto and I know that. Prisoners if you are basic thing how they are your aggression your anger home. It makes you feel better. But he sooner if you don't matter because it makes the people you live with the worst yes that's gonna make you ultimately feel worse after you're done feeling better for what a minute all the steam blows any ears that you're going to feel much worse later. It's called an ample sense I mean the ripple say yes where if you you know OK you feel better but she just screwed somebody else's day out. Vincent is not say at the lower not shorts not think you really think if you're getting revenge if you ever got revenge did you really feel better about the situation and if you're really Rondo heard and you are humans. Probably not. It's not as bad as a staying have getting hurt yourself and then say some one punching punching back you're not gonna feel better the only thing I'll disagree with the areas that I preferred. I prefer my revenge. But about thirty seconds and are away. Erratic in the fridge and call everybody shares at his best when it's color control panel I call Simon had a code IQ below but he'd owned wells. Screaming got in Britain Margaret refuse that is where you get this through and get it out down through here's to larger. I'm hearing this chair I mean they do you mean you can see we're saying right yeah see and it that Casey gonna feel better about yourself but. You know if you get into an occupation or a job because you were bullied as a as a kid or teenager. And now this is how you reach a power trip back. When she does go jump off a cliff somewhat clear on the your honor on any straight to hate. You're the type of person that build yourself up by putting other people down you're not a happy person yourself from people they see it. So are you still myself than them do you fear that person and you need to correct your behavior problems because. You're taking your problems. Out on every one around you at a home at work everywhere. They're healthy way to DL or express news when it comes around to take it out on. Other people especially once you didn't do any thing that's clearly not a healthy thing they're right. Yep and Nene and I read seven years ago I'm paraphrasing it but it's the whole thought about. Yeah it's somebody that you really don't like or they don't like cute and you sit there and you think about it all day in that whole thing about. Don't let it. What is. Don't let some day can't have free rent you brain what is that verifies that school is out. What is true is like it's it's somebody doesn't matter to you why you don't let them be that little pieces sand they're crying. Screaming in her flip and someone off in traffic. It's gonna relieve the pressure a little bit yeah. Played Tijuana and do it and access everywhere ego yes. Are as a bad example to business phone on this is far is a study. That's okay. There's a key there that think you were saying man about melanoma are you browse spacing you bring yet it's. It didn't. Wonder why they've yet to figure out why they do because you can sit there thinking that well they shouldn't it shouldn't be in their. But you actually figure out why it is why it is bothering you so that when you figure that out that it won't bother you anymore. But if you don't figure it out you just keep saving yourself I don't care. Don't care that keeps coming back in your mind like you're there you didn't hear your line is I've got to figure out why you care if you don't feel that you should care. You but there's there's you know let this on my daddy went through. Yet and close friend got mad at him about something and just quit. Returning his calls and then in the mud anyone ever does house and not on the door and that guy would come within two or you know hide in his own house knee on my daddy my daddy never heard of flock. Leo you're my knowledge. And they emit that really tore my daddy in you know Bob Moammar Gadhafi believed hears it's me I'm ready Goodyear they did yeah busy vault dot something and I did. Calls this the best friend so called the mind to lean. High draft he was smarter man than not sit there there. Oh boy give I don't care. Because he knew he didn't hear Sony didn't just say I'll Blake and I don't care than pretend it doesn't care while it still bugs in the back of his mind and you get snappy when his family at home because that's on his mind. Well send you this Marbury and press the Ford model. Well there's. Well yesterday it was the EY anniversary and David though he's death than an all star story was circulating around story done Dana Boeing getting a lolly pop pop. Second is not. A lot of the lowly colonel. A lollipop was the second is I had the music festival on our way back you know for someone threw an NN launched. And he lagged I delays this right through the crowd asking. And he's since I had beat you grieve. Yeah I guess it's easier to get glossed in the craggy bastard sent anyways joking team member I've I've gotten one anyways foursome playing. The other one is the one that works all find you soon he did lose his eyesight and the other right. Is that things haven't had a lot earlier heard when he knew that Cheney's parents. Kind of filed with the friend named George under landfill run girl. And that is that more so you can hear his hysterical belly laugh that's great I gave her owner remember your level is now walking over to check out the picture of David Bell aluminum. And I don't like to what did you hear all fifty years of that story it has should have been credited for ailing justice. There isn't the anniversary of his death and their mannerisms. You know reminiscing about things that happen with their own Boeing now well it's all Matt's been gone ten years today murmured Tammy crap just massive voting goes on to nine antennas somewhere else. About alma stories in a sense. Well let's ask he lost sight and the other guy when he's a teenager that he and his friend George under way and got into a fight over a girl. And they remain friends after the fights. And George even in the artwork on his earliest albums. Oh yeah. Really hammer out. You better and give the guy. Does bring. All challenges and the greens and. The sixth but literally look at my skin crawling right Abkhazia. Or when I'm playing until. Of being it's a little I don't know what management at its finest grapes obviously is great memory stick pro remind everybody else had this dance. Sullivan from a different instances in the east. He's been protests. It'd make him. Forget best word to. Maybe make you free I'd rather us and Russian hooker stimulus is on the president saying hey you got. And I know that just made them a big fan of Russian prime. Continue to do gold shout orders what state of the union speech you'll get to see him live from the Kremlin mr. strikes at. RN and any. Well we've got a list of the hottest female MMA stars topping the list and East Asia young coma. And number for. I am okay hold on agony Google I can't do it Jim Amylin leveraging their house so my guess for our vision is always easier on the program. Well yeah it. Our maxim and FA general maxim still around kind noble but yeah I'll let someone out of business by staff. Yeah geared not sensation on magazines unit say you know there are so like this journal Linux. Is it is it. And is that sexist. She didn't like Joseph to each other and pledge each other and face her Furlan. I mean they're sex continue they gave their fighters are Britain. It just seems to me it made it if you order. I make a list of I hires women won't. Once it may have been showing off her ass and Seagram broad audience no one or zero you know black. Go out fighting each other and. Higher level. So you're saying aren't the only girls vicious size and the ugly it is now my own. I'm what's it it Danielle on that and make ridiculous the last open themselves up to be on ridiculously SUGSE. This person dealing in a while about. So number four Michelle Waterston. Number three needs detain or tune G Negron out Larson is different as she does brand yourself for karate hot product content as her element and I got a wonder boys should suit Bailey. It's his as his moniker these are currently one more number one is page Van Sant. We have heard I showed four or your show works and pretty blonde girls that are Chile Indonesia arsenal he had on the shouldn't be running around being made in tune number nine. And now and calling home finish at 39 and manage unions there's 39 female fighters 146. Events. Yeah I can maintain the flow of Bob total. One Xena grows you'll find more you know we're Cris Cyborg. Oh wait list somewhere humorless eye on aids and as your instead. Do you. Gotta do this like the right guys if these little. And and thank you today's all the songs I had a Gary and really had a great time. I don't think you would as a dermatologist. See I know that in the and I did it challenging economic what did you call this what it continues through tomorrow up until Indy dirty Thursday morning just to have. This chance to win my other wrestle mania 33 ticket. It's marred dirty Jersey just four plays a brand new game from the mind of Matthew caught expired we'll blindfold animal clinic closed in on his nose. He'll be five rounds of tasting to suit items in the I have to tell us which one of those items is expire odds lot of folks are asking. How far back these things got. Way back. We don't play but eager member who's. The supply and the props for this means Jimmy. Having been in business and how hard times and absolutely in quite some time. Also tomorrow we will have the males categorized as an AOL dot com and more tickets to hell's bells the AC/DC. Should be banned. Friday night at rocket raveling guess what. Transparent and and are scared so watch golf but a year. Anonymous resolved earlier and opened phones. What can girl when she got drunk dame graduate just what does she bend over. He's she bent over why before Heathrow these sheets of resembled a moment. Small family consider indeed the UV a breakthrough moment at today's show here's what what did federal bureau didn't I didn't bend over. Tax as a Carolina her real sex line number 7341. Against 734193. Greg is who wins and if you didn't hear you don't get it right. Measurement and OnStar rob was gonna kick off next page gadget thousand dollars and a little over an hour with a view and pay off. Slow low millions more mornings I glamorized as we while they'll have about six appreciate you listen how blessed they take a look at. Music you're you're you're it's next three minutes. Next on many free one. Fast.