Tuesday, January 10th

Does Matt really hate Jeff? the rest of the room seems to think so: Headlines: Wrap-Up.


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Stewart dear old news there. And each 93 point three for CNN. Yeah why are you know the truth. And now I'm I'm. I'm the man who asked him. I am. This. Kind of food and why don't know man that's a good when you. I am. You know I learned to. Her job return. Paul Hogan's coming back uranium rather leave it. Just to welcome him back into the fold and the leader has seen only. That raises video that he put out here. Calls and a break up business ties essentially enough. There's sand it this year you gonna have undertaker will be there. Hulk Hogan through and not turn the whole how homecoming and arrests. Religion but just a thank you see him there is is going to be great and yeah her death and and Jesse says Rhonda arousing to be there by then yeah it's gonna be disastrous to many answer. Maybe maybe maybe checks Grossman. Yeah same though is Ernie Andrews did that I'm here. There is he's gonna wrestle big show pictures and get it really shaped deep financially and tweeting about it to be children. But he sent. The scenes get ready for Shaq and he's lost a lot of weight. Cotton up to DA did did the Mike Tyson thing is. Now addressing them within the whole boxing thing by Mike Tyson went in recorded a rap song yesterday who just says. The CDS. So this track you know. You have to hand it barely talked about it earlier would primarily from us. Mike Tyson ranting about. He's training Chris Brown correct Lee soon. In the end is celebrity boxing match against. Sole job boy from. You know bust Chris Brown I say give me some might know my level. Sole job boy vs Chris Brown Rory is busy guessing and everybody's so he's ready fall her arm I'm talking about you know he should that be locking Agusta Bruno Mars time someone on his level Chris Brown. Yeah leveled the ailment little QA Chris room. Chris Browning you know Bruno Mars lautner politics. I think in terms of sales are crisper on our hottest urge to want to. Let's say I'm assuming he's worth a leaderless all you do to came out and Chris Brown is an insult my man. It was probably that when wary. Let's say Chris Brown is worth 49 million dollars. In sole job boy. His were youth more than you or me 23 million many seamen right to me. He must get paid ten times what everybody has got paid. It's crazy I got a bowl upon dog legs this record in the here's a Mike Tyson rap song. Israel is usual. He's not then not go ahead. Yeah. His spirit. Picker from our eye on the trash or yeah a little he's chasing him at a knock your ass out this revision as the balance where there's brown. Chris Kelly he's gonna. Mike Tyson's each Chris brown and Knox soldier boy out that's what's normal you know here's a context he won baloney ball says a man man ought to give 98 Sara his wrestle mania tickets her wedding guest. All why we restaurant when he don't fall. Yeah I was sure this is this is an April is universally eighteenth. Mania is in. Her and eighteen in next year's C will do whatever may. What this year is 34. Or. 33 finisher or because it's there really dramatic New Orleans next year yeah mania is her. Basically the first it was in in April after our board yeah so brass agreed to is the era turned to. OK so wrestled Reid 33 is the hero turned 33. So the one that I gat. A less interesting as a way to remember you know passed away I always remember how monetary policy as well fifty years older than Iowa this wherever they weren't so maybe it isn't being old I am you know you want. Yeah OK so April 2 two and now or blinded or lender slurred there throwing him. It may be too early to give and wedding dress and knowing that why not angering engagement present. Every day for beer batter gave him a lesson on giving units on any year I've always heard you don't have to -- -- I heard the first when I read it well let's not get ahead of ourselves what does Matt did tell me that I can possibly win them here on the should I said that that would be of how some then that would lead some weekend tinker around with champion Bayern. I play it's all depend on who's actually gonna be there if I even. Decide this vessel has the best I mean I got the tickets but the investment of the transportation and end because of it and in the thought of all the anxiety that I'm gonna have with the I don't do well with Krause 6000 people gap there but what I don't like a lot of people all it wants my face I try to just hang out like twisted tied appearances in and to see how low key kind of decent. I don't know man and I get Jesse David can be so fun to be head would it but. And Jeff. Bakken well you know when and then we can do actually I don't believe. Okay oil and me and I don't know how welcome Alex is always it turns and two fought her and there's hasn't had a value until then yeah I would I would do a thing for you when to bear with me. I think it's possible for just went was who you're you're you're not a winner since no I think it's fingers. I think there's a conspiracy is. I'm only gonna buy you by John beyond. No and I didn't start the conspiracy. Who really did life. In 2004510. AM. You have good was spotted easily South Carolina could easily done 11 was flooded with. One calls mommy the one guy who saw it. At least fifteen minutes from week to look outside of what the media reports. To read between the lines. That is huge push you viewed with a true location of very of 51. It's snow tonight we'll match match conspiracy. Mystery how have. There who are sick conspiracy since we're probably give me no conspiracy mistreatment. Assuming when it's a conspiracy. Well last year none of us got regularly get against. Free of charge courtesy of Kevin Sullivan and her instead it is women Kevin Nash is. Wrestle mania party yeah I'll be home. Now the reason he can't possibly. And what some are in the room workers and Americans and British or you just can't possibly win them. Isn't easy it is only an anything can Ziggy just won't be blunt no matter what happens he won't win. Now this is the thing I know you're saying Jeff is a guy who who make a list of goals and I've never really achieve any of them and I think would just say this is his. Let's accomplished this business cash and he's so passionate about wrestling that if if he puts. His mind to it he will be able to I don't know what the winning. Angle would be but. Look I got enough and then I got a Christmas present I mean you know I was so. If I can turn it into her ratings which oil initially turning into dollars in May yes he. The same will happen to prevent your from winning numbers I don't know what lab permissible have tournament you're from winning hamburgers. So if you are aware of this. Match even but. We sure. That's what I'm thinking I hate Jeff. Lima oh yeah. There is a powerful everybody theories that it really isn't yeah. And well Stafford to ask well I yeah I'll always go. Oh my gosh it is an intervention unintentional. But is there I see where there aren't. He's saying I don't but like I hate him I hate is a very strong work or are reserved for only about four people in this were really nice you only. The spot is. It low blow Vieira all the Hitler why Iowa well. That's a new I don't know well why do you still that I did you know everybody there and feel why do you feel. I can just get that feeling now don't know lie. Yeah you're deliberately get the deal that somebody hates you and you don't know lying has questions every day they tell you ought to know why but I don't. Don't don't hate you. And my sense of the pain that I did I I don't that that really surprised me a job thinking that I really hate Jeff. Well I just echo that should. The way they're. No matter what it is big Jim does yeah you always America's aborted his and what he's done. At times you should pay. They beat the what are. You still are hurt this morning yeah Lotta down dinner. Outlast swings don't get it was a good example. Suppose scam of all time certainly it was kind of funny I don't enjoy it. Yeah I get one bit ago. I give it to less I highly engaged in a murderer she did a good thing we demand this subject didn't price at the you know individually again. But it seems you're just does some you don't you're not pleased with the Woodward Jeb guards. And I. Nine out of money Dallas. Who all but I had no idea that there was such. All put into that that these guys I hate him. It all hated it but my thing is if I acknowledge here that means and how IQ even if it's in a bad way if I'm acknowledging you I don't. Mention your name then you were. There are. I'll. I'll there's people out there right now say get their head up and and you have been two months we aren't saying what that. Yeah. I mean even even and a well who. Wow that. Are just harder on TV and we can't tabloid mess in my head for certain how well these don't amount to about 600 don't fret more letters are now. Even now I'm. Sure they're very great are you love. The company. Yeah you can't just does you hate. Because this is Jeff but it just grant also you might like. But any I can't think of a single other one just has done it didn't have a ground bonus that you really like. Messed numb because Toni Jeffs is like him talk more than you. It's nice that his tags over the holidays a listener the replays and every one of the bits Matt was blank him on just ideas and dreams nine finally called into his dreams for this isn't. I hate your more Matt Howard talking about is how it's not a pleasant content not rat or not target ever faced just. And I think yeah well I. Concept yeah. Hey maybe disappointed in you know this is a situation where I I like Jeffrey now. I will tell you that I think sometimes I wish that. There would be a little more. Input from him when it comes to a lot of things. You know why he's a no hitter but you got to give him at the dough geared just instructions are sure to tell you wouldn't know Guillen and had again and I'll tell you why don't. There's a reason for that I have any creativity. And sing. No matter what it is no matter what it is that's about greater conspiracy ever reason why is because if I give some creativity. It's always shot down. No matter what it is. And that's why don't put any input in that I'm sitting back and I'm like okay is no race you. Do you say absolutely it is always good so I have bats the way I react to every one is or just Jeff. That really got everybody from no good god now you've painted like I I. I can be en masse sometimes but really doesn't know. An amendment nine and the rest of us were kind of found. On the outside. A liberal. Like real honest and just. Are you in general and every now but I wanna Rivera and buy right now. Trump is a married president Jeff I feel as though does a good try blanket and I take more issue with his trump any guard. They did issue the issue that I think we did try is that. There's not there's not any ever any like prepared lines or any kind of like is just you know Eugene angina and all this stuff. I've been trying to do better with that everybody here's Robin didn't and then not come into this is the idea I think you expect too much energy if a dig into realizes he. Though he says you're not worth expecting much I'll say is that I'm selling your capacity is now it sounds like you can't expect. Well you can't expect as much from Jeff visit as someone else I'm more relish I am here. I think you'll one liners from Jeff like boom boom led the rise is ain't gonna happen. Just like you say it is so far for the scale like new scam but you never like him. I don't knows who everybody else did what does it matter if I didn't I gave it to add a five day at least I gave it's often it's your water. The only good just like that Lori and Josh and you don't have to like everything is well I that's true about it everything about it and I was trying to think of and it. Best short term memory. That's been you know we know that but I have a thing about trying to figure out I just scare her or some that did Jeff did it and I got to the thing about his granddaughter and a phone scam Jeff did not featuring his Graham Bob you really liked. And it seems like there was one unlike the first time he called out trying to get wrestling ring somewhere. Yeah it was turned really gay but Rita Ricky Morgan Bobby and Lincoln each other's I guess the first of that genre library out usually if Jeff does arm. Them. You don't line. Fish oil that is not that is I mean it's not not the case yeah that's what new things an ally in the path quite busy. And I found out right now I'll I can. Good that I gave them a Christmas gift you did he did and I really liked it and I really liked what you gave me. I've that's what demos that assures RA and Kia really had a screw. Kids love the one with the due to eyeballs on and they really did. I'm glad you like and I'm glad they like him as well again. We get him for a moment there's there's no there's no I don't I don't hate anybody in this threatened. As a matter as I elbow step further when this show you that. But when Jimmy had a spine surgery I am the one that wet and have my own time to speak win the vice president and operations manager about getting you back. Did you do that's shoot a really it is Societe allowed a launch that's and they bring you back. I have no and in health until we achieve faster it to make you feel better about himself you know grab yeah. Tatum and move forward beyond my you know you don't really see you hate me. Now I'm does that mean I've heard from people that you call me an a hole behind my back Jeff yeah that's true though. Okay I appreciate be an honest with everybody sort of thing that. Now but I I really. And I don't I don't expect the world and a I just. I think he's fine guys I mean this is is certainly not be determined hatred toward. Does he ever and legitimate shot at winning euros maintenance. Yeah I mean really I guess it's it it would be fine and I think the stories after we come back now we will get separate hotel Lawrence. As you women like I don't wanna win them but I would compete keep informed in the it's gonna slate cheer contest then a few or no I always had a. I don't there's younger women are assigned to do now is that's why. Just look what. Joy they demand right out and make your average not fun. This comes from range I did not. I don't know major had bureau there eagle gentlemen thank god in your mind this didn't dog do you now and his legends and on pay as Little League and ad seems to me mad is happy as you'd figure Clemson win that championship what makes bad boy you know a. Finally after out ask. Myself fans are burned at cal chairs is a silver emotionally success your body in Chesney on line mourned by about a good buddy. Thanks. So I'm glad we do it. Me and and named told dad I hate someone that I secretly greatly respect. Yeah. Say we. CEO nigam now dormant ground incredibly serious. And absorb. I am a group of brand better and I I consider them Brothers. And we give each other crap arm problem out orders from which you got in eco mode it would you come open an elementary compared to what we do here's a lesson salsa or the blunt and certainly didn't he. Knows there's no what no bull yes I had split the ladies and that the other couldn't take gulf. What I hear about these Malaysia to know Oregon about the Dallas last penises so I can't say much the gloves. Now I yeah. Like our match. Viewed that script did you like that they're and he got him back shared ride right where there's a story. And everybody there is more like them to leave it up. Don't enjoy it here and Pat Williams who did enjoy it always. NASA. Jeff is tolerable for most or color born and I was thing to say he's okay were outlook by negative. That was a negative now the and when their match. It's give him credit I give my best friend Greg may be all bets forensic really maybe you're amused. He brought him back out there and basically buried deep in. Being well I'm glad somebody down why there's there's only real fun anybody whatever happens Jeff don't want to get wrestle ninety days. Lou I got to the ball grabbed one along dumb to go to the room. Smart I you let it back when you know Spain game minute policy center a little homes are. Where baseball bat back in the wc WD. Loves things. There's like at the world turned from intimate. Story. Let's let's let's go to our they're a big thanks Vikram the most important thing and and they right here here's yet. Go to tiger's how. And I thank you sir Italy yes. The tigers. Had stated the lesson for all that. And all your take on I'm so excited where we're happy 200 reserved Norma remembers managers prefer a more of them wouldn't. My diet alone mama want you to meet together on what. I am totally not against it now again and if there is an overnight stay you have to get your own room wants find guys bowling buddies now. Oh wait that's how they share a world. Asia. Now what happened the last time. If I share that rumored to be that week unkind I hate you any you know you met Brandon and yeah yeah. Yeah. We no longer want to be in good. Some clothes wearing PRI and I promised a memoir and yeah. You share that you. Matters that are needed DNA tests to find out if I. It was really it was just also seen you know I got a guy Adam laughed. And I thought I was. All you ramblings and because that's money that's. Can't imagine there are right I know what a lot meg inherent in the neck is over in general anyway no it's not a he's clearly this thank Tanzania the bus. It's still the wildest yeah it is. Do oh now there are being a ladies man then we're doing the show I think you should have been like these and I am multiple ladies man becomes all the time. Are you scared a listener totally legitimate Bambi nearly got brought back in two Beers one is going as well who was got to wait we're all eaten for you demise not says and a Buick Open he'd been told blizzard did you damn beer from a guy can not eighteen yet the guy like Duncan aids Jeff you said not. Hot kiss my asking me a beer and got. Well let Bruins the strike a strike really scared boy you can tell Jesse as aids volume of beer. Jeff just Jim and I did the game has progressed is that whole weekend was payback for myself met Sudan and Syria has what it was sold. General welcome Ernie Wright and sales and Elena who eluded him women's yeah Hawaiian. I don't call number and pass this. Aside you whined captain Americas in union boy unions on fire and turn us today and what's up. Unemployment. No more so more players yeah. I'm doing good man it's a great day integrate their fat boy Greg giving a lot of crap for. Not millions ecstatic amid very anybody at the content tiger's big dance that they are happy that their. I don't get that. He's okay. Now logo or you have my vs two your dealer Geoff has his eye on them they all rounds. The no. Yeah I'll give GS so much crap and that you know yelled you yell mesh so well only show like you guys make this the best morning show. In the south states. Yeah I'll mesh so well it's hard for us the blade that. All of you all are like best friends outside at the media and that chemistry to make Shelby the best mortgage or. Well I appreciate that here and there's nothing really to save and I agree with the a 100% thank you. Data on Red Robin. Large percent thank you. Yeah he's got Michelle Robinson and life for Clinton and really count and I'm glad for that and in a battle of everyone's. Hall yeah. Seduce Jerry Lewis Narnia prince Haiti each other manager. Asia and yeah I just thirty minutes while they sit down for a previous segment. Well let me say then that mirrors and hate from you toward me. Does not. Goalie you know there is the only pain I had toward use when you hate me or someone nature right about that. Mac and say hey hey Jeff and Jeff didn't say he hates Matt. I say don't hate each other. Some on you yeah. I didn't run between dorms when it. How does that feel consumption physical. Well I don't do it on purpose to (%expletive) them off I still has announced it. Is it don't want to celebrate content with me and I'm upset about house. Hey now you're I hate all of you know this is why more and Jay Solomon now glad to Mac yeah. That's why you rescue has morning you know nice is recalling during. Right guys headlines with the aids. And you're Beagle who. Right guys and minds lots and made that comment instant armory. A guy gets into a three hour armed police standoff. What can distorted it. Baby mama drama. They did mama joke that's what I'll say really notice you offered that they wouldn't be the answer next can be semi cassis oh. Someone to come by an off his growth he's challenges what happened is my second he. Tell ever did that. A 55 year old named Dana all Blackwell Marilyn got into a huge argument with his wife and daughter on Sunday night after he made himself a grilled cheese down points in one of them. Tetra byte. You know if he can make grilled T standpoint that the talent. There's always that one person in your family that says that the best he always wanna Bynum they're soundscan it looks and. I'd tell you but tell me Sarah knew that I I'll make some aid those beer cheese and bread together and initially the same thing Britain. Coasted in from Idaho. Or email I got the exact same thing like ten times better than what I just went out and the person that takes it every handers is I'm not that Smart. I'm just you sat in Hungary and then she's thing about what's still issues there is is secret. Gradient walk to the perfect girl she salad disarmament spreads on about cheat. The man he should count all hit. Now the butter there ads about the Bonner that's all what it's about as the butter and bread and cheese to. My real muttering yeah. You select to flatten and how whenever why you flattening or perhaps he's parents I have cap flat because I want it like almost like a band and Amy really hit some pretty real special yeah I want elections tomorrow. I don't know achieves Trimble I guess now. And you know what there is. Grill cheese sandwich. I mean c'mon look in my toaster oven then and some brands and cheese in tent city can make those things put. I was out of out of a fire early may grow again but there isn't in place that sales grilled cheese challenges passive place is going ample sass who places they there'll known for chicken. This place sales grilled cheese sandwich or call plus four dollars and I'll buy it cousin San can have can't. I can't make it that we're in a YKK and I can't help it. I can't make you may matter I can't measure grilled cheese sandwich like they can. And have not kept up an organization to a talk about our party boy it is so those good old Danielle wasn't really a. Set about this he was so upset he grabbed his gun and fired a shot in the house. It wasn't at his wife or daughter he just now went into that show when he was doing in. I cops got there they call the cops. And Daniel must still was still furious and everybody he barricaded himself and signed. For a three hour standoff after that but the police have the courage finally surrendered. He's been charged with attempted first and second degree murder. First and second degree assault and reckless endangerment. Soto flattered and I think if he'll ever get his faculties and mentioned prison night. Get a sandwich in prison be terrified to cop who say it was the cops busted in an arson sales. And didn't Clinton and the parliament's App Store hit a lot of sharks got a fresh ROC get tagged a couple times during the race and I am now let me shaved his head to partially here whoever wasn't right hand and puts imply asked in the act and how he's going bald so I'll care. Steve. Why Iran sexy little story. To sock at a section letter to a woman while he was imprisoned in 1995. Who is the woman that was. It didn't saint Obama moves have been decent thing now Jack a hair was an interesting panorama say hey hey. At the beginning. And it says. Instant response to a passionate liner elements and hand. Says there's no word on who she is he's responding to her. But it was their commodity. A letter it and the reason minuses coming out is because a letters can auction off this month. The bidding starts at 4000 dollars but it's expected to go for at least 25000. And begin a good OK good you're just gonna every parish or give it fat or keep telling you aren't you read or do they are in which you talked. OK so here's what I want to ask you need to gee we need to face the trust and really act act you can ask for any parent care to and you deliver every time sir give me. A sexy tone to your voice. But as to pop I can't treat cancer curing illness from. In body that you know I think thug life yet sexy. Ari it begins. Ever been anti NAFTA and blindfolded and stripped and wash from head detail in a bubble left. And here and an oil down and size to the sound says slow sensual music he. Some jealousy. Or face or persons are and also talks about twelve positions of lovemaking. Something involving cucumber which I wanna disclose all the baby oil on a full pack of condoms yeah he's good he's not thought he was a rough rider and sending us the money. A trail of ice and some honey moments. Yeah Wednesday. But his main camera sour they're today's marketers are rising now let's try Abbas and honey I have to push. Any this sticky gig Jimmy likes elements that he ever involve food page it's actually speak. Sir can now and dinner and then sacks when men and Annette island mess that surcharge on pages designers are. There are. She is a a dessert and dessert she came out on the window now asylum never have so I don't keep saying yeah talk about sex even my. My deceased have banana and chocolate NN on the example that's not easily page honey. I am asking you not just about firemen here recently and that's ask. I was just asked you will not disclose other relationship parlors and you never tribute to Chris now I think that's fair. Now hurtful now aren't even ask me. Have you ever played with anything for having your mind. Well now you tell essentially I think everybody has right area there and say yes now. Oh yes yeah activity has staff. On a outlawing. Can you incorporated assumes six yeah whip cream bikini. When Elmira with a unintended we are in the backseat there were some fresh trust that they are near who showed in the evil. Okay yeah. Tried terribly new here that we don't strawberries are never gonna make your mentality great in his mountain yeah I covered myself and honey but I tripped and fell on the carpet in a starter for two days soon and it got hit campus are. And what is that market again and again that's what those things for no apparent I'm not this summer sausage I don't know men always give them for Christmas and I auditor. You sound. And him. You know warming get those for Christmas. Why because people want to get on things and don't know what they're from he has. Is viewed there's denial at Wal-Mart Darren Christmas. In is like it's a gift sets and stupid toys for kids and adults and everything's when he Boggs. I lost. He has more Ed. How big that is when my kids and get all these has been rose had a grow crystals. And that current braves players there's kids you know you make bracelets and stuff act that I'll give them twenty dollars I don't buy them. A bank that they get the paint. I you know all these stupid twenty dollar gifts are part of bathing your bank may campaigns are similar to pray oh god bless them Mary. You ever agree to me about any. Would like to remark some amount of pain that bank sky is blue Jimmy sky's blue ridge says there isn't room. Carol we friends I don't just disagree with everything that I disagree. So the exact. These are short Q most of paint over in money. So my best that's a little boy who you don't have kids see don't have an argument NAS thrown in jail. I think their way bill. Those New York you. Smiling going on as they are just. This right after my earliest order strike I digress I'm Cain has your high gas prices went well I'm Janet can I write. Asian central LA so I guess. I know 3.3 double play. Thanks a lot hates my god did why now. Really. Really yeah. Really eat real I can't really shouldn't I'm not too. I won't no mountains we should not you can endure her. Aren't. Thinking there might policies that we needed and grand snaps and all that good stuff we should appreciate it. Which continues to give you right now but you better you better go if you don't really give actual number we're sure will. Everybody here male had your number if you don't show to win and win win why when miss. Lies fear if so why. No but there are a year. What did bad boy do when the game ended last night what it's bad boy did it celebrated the end of Clinton's national championship victory last night. Dark sinister Carolina bit brutal sex line the number is 72341. Again 73. Don't want to. They've been our current choice act. Yeah yeah she did celebrate your dragnet cast had a very engineer's office and burning outside. Dollar and then I got any. He has they'd come here all hours of the night and thank you never know what to burn council salaries you know. Yeah Desmond more estrogen like your couch my human and OnStar rob was gonna kick off next a lovely and talent in pain too late my mother is going to Iraq you weren't chablis and five cameras as rewire the lab at six. Thanks for listening and go tigers yes. Players are finding tigers are tired congratulations for rail started good. Dog parents celebrate today proposing but hang on dangling orange knew every one a day you have. Find goes under what facts she wraps yeah.