Wednesday, August 23rd

Who will Fat Boy give his shot to for Powerball Paintball? It's time to do the bit with Jeff Lewis Neal to pick our winning powerball numbers, hopefully


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He's right guys like gas powered by so these kids can trend. Hello there whenever you. Set the alarm and wake up the rise guys every morning this is the rise guys morning show I'm like three point freedom planet back. Rise guys morning show good morning it is 812. Aids Jeff Lewis no rejoin week. And I'd love to ask him why isolated this particular one. It's a good day or as an owner Vera four of the best wrestlers. In the world today. It didn't Bobby rude JD's when smack down on mill. You get elevated Mary do him. That's for yet allied campaign and he's talent. When it. You know I've never been one to be super fast doing things who would you just talk the slowest person you now by you last year. That last commercial when we went to break. To go put on a single led to get ready for paint ball powerball there. He has not returned its bend over ten minutes and twelve minutes you had to slip off pair pants here under where's. Shares and then slot on the single earlier. I guess you don't mind racers I mean isn't offers these particular way you know I don't know why the need to go to the the bathroom to change. Then it and oh yeah. I always check. Just as a shot. Our innocence on stage ever Horvath. Just not good you know it is like do you make of a much different people guzzle tell gimmick. Now he's quite modest well here's what we're gonna do today or all gonna try to win. Are are apportioned at 700 million dollars is common in cash and nobody here OK did I time. Powerball is two and by tonight or he Shea year seventy ST I can't I don't know how old. Alston may go up new Beverly exceed seven under armor how hard Guerrero says current. Estimated jackpot 700 million bucks with a 443. Million dollar payouts. On so that'd be you know. What is sad is that what does that make use pain and out there's saying hey. We're gonna save 267. 57. Million dollars and is given LT now. Into where does that come out the coffers what is it comes from what I don't Maldonado NATO again. How arms is as Lester and somebody won powerball tremor. Has been building since June something Lleyton many. Early June smiley wants if this sort of boring to honor tickets and indeed payers are part yet now since June Syria they claim. Playing monies and then pay it put him visit FDIC insured I don't know about so. 700 million dollars in the past we've done the laundromat lottery where we would take golf balls were numbers written on them and Jeff -- randomly select the mount Cadillac bingo kind of deal alleged or real power ball spins around. Let the last time we did that a couple years ago just damaged AS. Commercial grade Trier and it cost. Call somebody 18100 bucks and I don't remember who paid that bill and her as a young man by the name David Field that owns this company yes. Route so. Together subway and I came out with paint ball powerball powerball paint ball either one. Bebo Bebo. Jim is now. He's changed into his wrestling single from his high school year with Seattle's it'll metals. May still Oscar also didn't. And it was a protection error that has just say yeah I was going to be aware cup dizzy pace he's going to be covered in numbers we're gonna take shots at him. But the paintball gun whoever numbers we shoot we will play. Five numbers one call farther to be six shots and competence and her team Santa. Thank you Hun hope it does and you're really is amazing okay Jeff let's hope that it would hurt her. It is down day there is some kind that I can't figure out if it's a centralized surface just dissension that there's some went into that. You're only had that paint ball game and I was just hit so bad and her I had wealth among Bonnie yes you forget. I feel free agents I'm giving you some sympathy here and they. Yeah oh well I. It's. Taking my badge you know I am trust me okay but com. Fat boy is the wild card to Sears and things are six shots right and then there is 1234. Of us are kind. So four of the last six shots or their way to divided equally. Family says he doesn't want issues he said he did when he would Jeff. But I think again he just didn't wanna wall Mount Vernon is there a track that's when you walk downstairs. You know walk back upstairs from him. Are done a couple of times the American cinema limits if you drop out entirely weak news page you shooting. Can. The want to OK so let's that would be two shots seats. If we just absorb your shot that you want to decide someone gets shot. Yeah. All manners are used and armaments that person like that would be. A better shot or someone that you say you would be satisfying to you to see that person nail jacked. More the latter policies some some to build toward future some feature needs some back and forth yeah. You know it would be funny with page two you'll ruin our great of a shot she is. While she goes to them mountains all the time shooting Janet market under center earlier some. Why the however give the shot markers him. Yeah lol not deterred Amare definitely because I have because I was fired anything in here. The seamless and unless we have issued him and his account. Jeff is a pretty sure Laura student page missed. I don't think you secure and he was there for a little more time to congressional if you don't just give the shot so we have to get the six numbers so it's shots will be taken us right. After going to among non line gets you shot you know or army bill due to lower you know. CB continue between YouTube. You think right now I'd teetering as far as some kind of explosion. And anger and then maybe previous animosity that will come out if nine is to hit judge Anthony. Jobs. Off in a bad place. I think so I think is put it over and really bring the anger and Jeff. Animosity him. Alan thinks there are now I am I but at the same time. Maybe he's on this really this year and every a pretty good shot. Latin on this and I it's always and I rarely limited source Smartphone I was on the rest guys and saying my phone I'm auto correction if I dare I say well I'm a pretty good shot yeah yeah auto corrects shocked Alia because I have a filthy filthy but I don't know where my phone things I say dog all the time when it's quite the opposite you should know by now Paterson and new year I was on the edge ended December engage shy and yeah a pretty good blind. Are you get about I think I am. OK so that so that is that were then so. Page. And I will get. Two shots now how does that work. Let me show us Jimmy hit it. Three shots. Beauty. Yeah he is now as we would have taken for a business. Simple math and we may find Jeff our campus your shine you thank you okay so there were six shots between four people it was not gonna be anyway. Wait it was going to be you may have family and that we put pages and our trying to get eight Jasper had been sick that's well. Your original way it would be you may wish you'd now would do for you would do to that's fine. Would you get a shot the page get at least when Sharon you may give her when you're 41. Yeah. They said it paid you have four shots page now has to Polyone. Don't know she gets warm I bet I'll take one you got to get three and she won't. Tipped immigrants MacKey jettison I. Actually all deserve from a masters in May with you my lord. Think I think kids are in school we can't hear a sensitive point in the last fanatics are so. Well we come back paintball powerball will be outside yes he'll be on video we're really faced a lot. I there on the planet so look if I can give a damn connection. OK can have win probably near the other day and people curse them out a Rea. Straps I was lives too so just diminish our next. Subway not participating giving his extra shot to nine amble all she all right after this. And that this morning you know recalling. And they do look at. Guess who took over some fab we shall hereby myself. Everyday in my these outside I'm tournament just outside. Nines outside. Matt's page everybody is don't give a shot everybody's outside effort powerball payable and Mozilla look toward to hold on let's go lie deny Iran announced who's going home gym. I would it's Arafat but I hear me I'm here doom and look at them to. Where were working in word weird. Herpes or equipment. That we brought gas why would we didn't make it work today but we're still here it is. We can't post a list bit look at the powerball drawing history might we had to pick ever by praised him. Lucky number. Now the powerball drawings it 10:59. PM. So while only two of these numbers Columbia. We're gonna make off could hit like 93010 o'clock right there yeah the coolest thing to do it. Do they come up Andre a Tug bar employee assault in the past season at least into the things. And I might note that are important right now got to stay up all its. They're just is covered in and are. You or your script and the British library FaceBook dot com slash 933 to planet. And inched Graham at garage status marvel there are well right now this broadcast to pop all over the place. You can watch this as well listen total radio. So long when you always start and you want to do an umbrella term. And our source behind your video and we haven't seen him near. It here in. About our. OR. Pearl Harbor. Just a bit you know it and that's certainly 700 million in the past we've done laundromat lottery where we would put the ball all numbers on them area no laundromat. And that last a year a year Apatow. We did a row and eighteen dollar drier. So we've had showed not a did it this year. This year powerball paint ball and bulk are all regardless every college we have yet covered in numbers do the same jam. You're not quite sure. So we have a light in numbers might want to have a beat doubled yeah. Garrett you need it you're you're 169. Powerball group quarter were one we had so there's some numbers on the head and pretty hot need. Jeb but regardless as hero and thanks for a lot of help. In absolute. Life com slash accurately the planet rock era law about outlook. Or despite all. That. Only a mask. So what you wind and I hope people are mask but we have the generation the hockey. Yeah yeah not much protection for the great all our plane partially approved that so we're going to be good or bad. Now page you will be shooting it's well any particular number clutch spot. And I are why. I'm liking or on is that happy trail and then seven is right here under his arrest. And ray had to do yeah. Family and how do we have to do that we get it through four time they the numerical number here in America numbers just numerical number right. So our FaceBook dot com live tonight retreated one and it's live it's also ensure Graham dot com slash. The rise guys live and I don't let you know my order can't get admitted that Ryder Cup will be on video as well played I would enjoy that change your own and match here all however remind me again Jim shot lies in its lack are pretty sure are you guys do a great guy or I'm. So where are you ordinary matter are you what do you want to do all your resume once he wants him out how are wearing him out okay. And it would vet said at the ladies first lady's first page now and hate you and even itself on. Or and you did your heart cheek train more makes it Kmart or vice Versa. Our our our game order degree murder where my old Margo real Iraqi all angered Iraqi whole grill did you. Iraq you know it is great YouTube page had been pulled the trigger and kill your ready to cap ET awards. Shot. All right. I mean from the net Kennedy. Ordered what got them our dear. Aren't they are all. I don't quite. O all or are they hated taking her first shot. Oh rushing interest are aging and it. Okay you keep on Egypt shot. It really get it up originally and went shut it. All in all the number to go. Public. Want to put it got. Lucky when number I haven't sat back and Belichick. You want to have a Michigan yeah. Aren't you aren't. What they think they are shocked or current. Project. Simply weren't whopper electronic departure and no regard this whopper about. A I'd. I'm gonna take awful large art at a bar where the candidate wow about it and a tall. Aren't you are really cute and speak. Eric how. Are durable. And he brought me. You. I think it's my shot do. Turn it off well. Carly got a little more operation or I mean so much is based look large. Outpaced car can't slash and I retreat acquired. Or that he's cue up you have lined out. I'll read on the so I know. You're 100 have been. And very written. How can be carried a purse aren't you look at sixteen and our political eat it up a bit. Can't be true in the first two numbers are not comfortable bed I'm not a good amount. I enter an in depth at. Our record what are national Bernard. At my feet. He asked black armor idea. 800. Can't Barack Obama. Why aren't we can't get senator we have 63 and we catch well. Oh. Oh. I. Are you. Earn her. Our area. It. Who. Or or. Or. Oh. Yeah. Arbor. All right number 24. When he said number powerball number 24 okay. Are you forget this you don't multiply I'm near her audition powerball game. Uighur. My argument edit it who. Oh. AJ is he added I don't understand I am if not comfortable a bit so. I understand. I don't believe it either. One shot I have an overnight shoulder injected in the background everywhere is paintball powerball everybody we know. Every. All we know we got another shot when number. It legacy when number. For those limping heavily via brought about the nipple area members. Say tabloid in your rate during the numbers already. We got a 750. Buried haven't. We got pretty pause we have 53%. We got totally can't we got seven we got theory that never are we got Kerry we got twelve. Why don't we for 24 and it. Yeah I know. How we did a multiplier. Okay. Yeah. And I guess they're ready to local bar we. Herbal. I mean number we gave chick chat board bonds. It's fine numbers about there was six. Do you sure we got checked numbers land where the what are and act read it first. Great arms. Ports. Are quite important. We fly this little. Let her. We. All. Our life and her current. Or the like that. I. It. Actually Izzo might go play you know once worked at OG 1700 million dollars. Per hour it yeah. It cholera or Opie do I don't need it yeah. The greater return artery. What every there are. Bulk power bolt we we're now gonna help but when he billion dollar. Millions of aren't you want you to get some peace be lucky number I don't play any convert their power and I'm giving up our. Hour. Yet. DOE mobile app I had some point later on Iraq guide dot com. Heated and I ordered an ailing apple is the weighted against it paintball. We got sub Peggy downstairs into play here than. They are already in our. All right everyone here at the inner calm paintball can't just ride guys in. While it may borrow powerball. Man this. And just the rest guys and you. This saviors of upstate morning radio a good match. Engage in central play the rise jags and 83 point three double play. Let me tell you cowboy and you're. Smart idea of free pass a few shots they say. It's hot. Lead. I legit felt bad either my hand got a mom ended up being in here announced on Najaf that boy is hurting right now. He took. Six shots. To his upper body from thirty feet away where is he very very powerful paintball gun it I don't knows speeds or any of that stuff but. It was almost as bad as Jeremy and me injected that enabled bit. Those being blindfolded that he cheated and shot me like 75 times it was almost that bad except about 68 shots last. Yeah he ended and no 19. I don't know if we even rappers that are not because I thought it was going to be an end of the dead to one of nine shots. Is there anything about amassed a papal mass for Jeff because we did we cover demand numbers in the wee shot and with a paintball gun to. Take out the powerball to play later when 700 million. Page at once shot a 29 F four we've given amount. Not when my shots went over the top of our safety mask which was in fact they plastic adjacent forty tosses. And it just took off Damascus has undergone like that is it didn't connected. Holy crap that would hurt so bad. There are good I'm a gun if you ever shoot flamboyant. 88 misses a bit how. Yeah don't sink and rise when you shoot out of that Purdue and saying man. And I every shot and a little bit of a drop off the bat or whatever are aimed more it would miss high so far astray and hit a number on his shoulder. It would buzzed by ear. Visit mrs. high so it's. It's style powerful. To be calibrated book is it I mean it it comes. So velocity that may arise after leaving the barrel which is very strange and it has tremendous amount of velocity. Let canister of compressed air must've been Brandon. Kathy was Zandi. And as the first number I tried to get was a while and I'm glad I met you imagine being mean he is Lou breasts as we would have been more common issued after. Before giving back via Kazaa guys spectrum forklift run around about quarter and I don't know she's allows dad and I didn't do crimes that our Aggies. Massage him off that tower and Paige Jeff I'd love getting in here for the break against you and long periods this year. There. And just flawless now if you could please and you're gonna painters could understand your point we're on the air wanna talk about you in person thank you don't take. I'll tell you as I'm not too you know about him or anything. I you know look I'm saying he very quickly. Responded that yes I'll do it house pool I don't know if you. Understood you Jimmy shot a paintball image people takes an art that bad blow your dad dad better man and I am is that would've I would. I would have been and how would teared up absolutely. And as I was saying before we started when I was attacked and I was only shot like three time is right. I had welts for about two weeks it hurt so bad my lord. You remember when we do business tennis is back in the day went to the table to unfortunately. We be you know blues or burden for holidays and I. I still seen as a leisurely activity from people isn't. And ten and it would people do that usually win layers try and ammo and I'll just that they are better. It is bears can be. Terrible it is hard thing is that he's our mayor as far as playing golf for leisure and it leaves it is it beach real bullets going out I don't know. And then there's that nice. A total for those those of these guys have speed balls are they come out for five once. I don't know but we just like premeditated owns death that was an that was real bad is that in. I can't think of only one well I think he could think of too picky pig man in my does it go my level. I can remember. Erica number two times on the show were I have felt bad and really hurt for the person that was we had readers you know received that physical ailments or. One was fat boy when we put an ad supported John and duct tape it up and filled with that a 100000 fireworks and -- far. His first thought was just a barrel out big ruling but I don't blame you know smoke inhalation whistleblowers yeah. I mean this smoke came up pretty quick when this so did you see you do is the minute they went off the door but he blasted through duct tape this guy had. Our words strength he was just keep. The Hulk busted through there in the in the avocado and melting from the ground up trying to push it and excited go in here before we did enough. And when I remember literally hurting for the person and and there's been play anywhere where could've done this. Based off of oral ratings and that people get Ney is the balls busted him that real physical pain the rich flyer child Connell a news. Nine verses. Jeff. His medium first round it was not an Irish travel there. And nine against 400 pounds heavier and it's important for him out there and wait for a bounced out there. Shirtless you're a great player chops back and forth a one and he gave up or whatever that was. And nines chest afterwards. You see somebody's been a real bad car accident and next thing that the seat belt bested chest which is blues and blacks and purples and all up Oreo the way is his chest one. And I knew it was so bad. How bad was it was so bad that his mother moos saw it and it was like you need to quit that job. You don't need to go back to that you don't like you know blood pulling up at the surface GF is bleeding he's waiting he's not even on the surface do it's like. It is that we shot and would blood red paint ball yeah I'm going. I again the only other person I remember seeing bleed from paint balls on the show was me. It wasn't as bad as the years I'll con. This is Dave's gone home or coming Gundy don't have to act is to join the army with a and and there won't so he means in turn get an insult page on the clock. Assessed mark an. Excellent talent well thank you founding powerball we're gonna hide the numbers in a big bad us and our she's been solved yet a guy in the know war. President idea we wanted to get elephant crap high numbers and an inmate Jesse does got to dig through and find the numbers are suing it was any else that no. Think god I do it. Shalit has some kind of you can't there's good fertilize channel and I'm sure it's great fertilizer a Democrat. Again and eventually stolen and yeah I'm just off Somalia up joint sales and not join the most. Just now more aid he's not even acknowledging the usually he was and they text 1 of dozens I am here at paerson. I mean seniors in need. To get race. I guess your voices as long as articulate. As true there is an honor may I am fine when it. Oh boy well. I didn't hear it or is that they are firm where you need for those people are texting and big could just you know posts and listen. Almighty aren't got to see it end and maybe he'd been shot up a bunch of talents with a bang balls and Abigail do you bit. To the folks at Dolly a used to it. Screw it you do play everyday and we can you shot thirty feet away eat six times you're going to be hurting year here as a lead paint he can't do it may be that you'd feel if you what. You have to do is look at a photo of the dude and now he's like. Look at a picture of his chest his abdomen and his collar bone through his belly button is under a picture of him. I mean it hurts you. I really feel bad eating from almost every shot. You could hear one person plow my guy and you're smack him yeah it was amusing. He's getting is kind of free passage on this and he stepped up today. Annie get all the math question tries he was getting that Christian church even outside we can figure out what maybe when they're when they're walk it was. Are they now have to participate in the there won't listen it's. Big packs. Or he just does it you won't get it I don't well elect Jeff producers did their ball meaning heat. Can solve the bears and I just hum toll on. Jeff can lead they don't care he has gone from. Is that just listen on social media news. Man. Shown that page I found I felt bad we're just to be very easily just all or alienate. The Darrell all we hell. I alleged so they're okay let's just all oh please same polarized and all right well what one hopefully you'll have Jeff back in here will have an update. For that. And. So my guess nurses. Maybe not limit geez I don't think which fielded mentally they're actually doing the opposite of that competitive. Yes all right bleached. Is Jeff is still here lovely taught him next but regardless I can promise you this dean best damn audio you've heard all day nine delivers that ride that could then. Your ears and they beat Canada right now.