Thursday, September 20th


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Gears you're. The little boy like it'll look I know and let's go to the lion or. The most willow Harry you my whole. Yes I do not you just made my day. People are honest I didn't like at all and come back and espionage casino who bit one of our the morning show hosts in our home building was columnist sat on the radio. How dare about other guys in line. I agree and you only 15100 dollars I'm still waiting for it. We're like Shaq. It's now been how many months. He's got paid today to. He's been about 1118. You know. But again he has twelve team thirteen teens. I want my money back. I don't know I root canal is worse because these guys it's still didn't feel right. But Europe yes because it's from your toxic. Radio show that's so instead. We're yellow. Let me ask you that you're on hold the other day what happened did you get pissed off fans and hang peppered you can. Sounds hard. You know I didn't needs to have some respect to its particulate. I I couldn't believe I was like you know what it was like worsen holding for the cable company to come over to fix that able. All I know Nancy hundreds of hours are you say you are supposed to your name. Guess the guy just you know it's just as ridiculous. I just you know I can't stand any of you guys. Yeah. Can is just we only get them out talking about you guys all the time but I'm so sick of it only does my sister Tanya as well. Sheets it's just I can get away from me about. On your anger Etan is she angry as well our season with it I hit it dead it's that is to say yeah. Kids who had ties Candela America and our who won a Burma's hard core. It doesn't have as cheap as extensive view. The states. Don't you love him no matter how he is. I'd welcome a little bit better at 54 statement said it best that you are the places you just materialistic. We await. That minute that narcissistic you. Well I know that I do think. I do have the taxes. Says it. The only thing good about easier appeared which is kind of nice. Well ventilated from my opponent is delivered complement my way. And I got. Only when you're getting done in this millennium terror. You're getting girly hair on your face how about. Hey I tell you that. I take that his company detained I appreciate that you sweep throughout. That's the only compliment you're gonna get from need to do resting you guys are idiots. Let me ask you this we mentioned you on the show the other day is that why you called. Yeah how to you were listening. I'm glad bend it can totally get you mentioned me I don't listen to your show I get forced to listen to your show I don't know you know it would boost. Cute Jammer in a bigger waist is that they have oxygen is catered or (%expletive) Yeah. Yeah you'll play really really makes me more angry Tina. Can they don't even know who would they don't know Abraham Lincoln from the end drooling Ken and get a clue cleanup get a white. Who is injury link just heard many things I love. Don't know who we have Joseph link to this oh my god you're stupid to figure beer wrapped around your brain can. To wait TI can't do Lincoln is Sargent Rick Grimes and you know what that's probably the best. Best show in the entire World Cup the Walking Dead yeah. It's reassuring. Words from Georgy on now I hate the Walking Dead well and oh yeah. But at her cat or oxygen into your brain looks a lot of said the great show you guys are that are that tortured dead and listening to your show all but he'll let you bolt. Shocked. Luke. Your web. Hope you saw what people say is your mommy right here jokes. He my socks. It would particular monies. Behind. Hello very sad let's do this circular rebellions or does and actually hailed and so I disintegrate. Tax just now how he seen my beard. Eve and social media. I wish I was forced to watchers stupid drag racing video. It. Did that. They understand that it's just do whatever it is that it is that you gain Keiko texting and he has cheated crackhead. Let me ask you this the size of chance do you say you love your husband but you would love him more if he got his teeth fixed. And besides we know you like. Yeah I Bernie is there anyone else that you light in this world. I would like Bernie to win. And I like Casper the Friendly Ghost. That's the good thing. Is that a setup for a punch line might why do you like Casper. Conceived was victimized. By his other goes. Family and he wrote above everybody and became the deal is Casper the ghost. That was what I'd love for my childhood. I'll I say I see you or. Your. We're very gasoline for sure if I can't castrate him let me ask you this now. I would take what you said is being you know like I'm a little bit of narcissism fine and I do you have a just a gorgeous beard and all these different things you said. I I would ever agree with the about the bigger waste of oxygen Paige Jeff I don't. The thing the real thing here. Is that the reason we are talking about you is because we found out what we knew it all but that we agreed that he hates all of us on the show you guys are very similar so on and I was sand and actually as tweet came innocent I would love to hear teaming retain his list so is there any way possible he could do a the top 50. I hope god I've met finish that sentence for yield and acted I think could change on my and in fact I hate I hate I hate. We met you in nine the leafs now. You can't let you know where Italy is now because I didn't doubt it's a feeling now you know. All right so you it would be five so you're saying there's that tired at number five for delay I did this me in non OK to right image and all that you. You look at next most hated it two tweedle doubled Dee. And tweedle job. It was I had another type of the next most hated. And my fair to say that Tencent Paige Jeff. I've got. Quite Arabs and I didn't see any that I. Please say yeah fairly is that nobody is I was thinking I could be some money out I lose you money still brewing wow so you're saying that restaurant seeing chance and then pages gigantic breasts wide. And the federal hate the most. Well no need to know really hate not like it like to be used festive said the worst. They you hate and number one. The worst this Smart boy. Nice marveled at how I've changed it a new world it's much worse. For several reasons it's got to get into it didn't call you disgraced boy. Kent told me each debt and didn't you do that you cross dress which is against my religion and you also. Apparently practice satanism. I guess well. Our teeth it almost all of home currency can't there's this you won't. And it. Apple in disguise to wait. The weight John Boehner called Cruz police turn the flash U I Q we now disgraced boy. Wow I see great series I was currencies across dressings and this low stress. I don't approve of that activity keep clearly you clearly is Hillary supporter and wolf's clothing. That he heard. Dead dead dead this all this dress singing the move craziness is because he's part tank today. You hard and well boy is are you moonlighting on your life is like I was saying the enemy camp and been knocking boots little. Okay. Are. You got mid morning usually the family messed up can't taste as far as they know that this can all so much why didn't this guy. Yeah the ball so much you made more and I thought oh yeah. Just pretty slowly and there's formerly artist formerly known as Smart boy that was your guy that was the one you love because you both feel the felt the burn you love Bernie is bad news. They're not anymore. TP years he's probably as secret Trump's supportive kill. In all currencies kiss and my boobs are concert you know why alcohol and you're right. Ever and still don't need to comment about you and my husband can't. Torres. He's which are due out more. Your husband are fat boy or you told them together. Disgraced Boyd just solely on his own life has been wonderful don't don't. Disgraced came on the state. It's what you. And you know white tent step he had never please dubious victory some good. Just leave he's on the radio so people could hear. She would never have a threesome with the as a known Satan S cross Dresser and a guy was Hazmat team. I don't think. These kids Carney are you talking about the the it is your only blogs went out. Also told me that that you guys are all part of the new order. This isn't probably go live in nodding it's just because your gut. Hi debate decrypt society he liked but you riding. I say they let go to like byte all of these guys. And the dog the dog fail and OK assailant. If if what we're in the news new world order not the old new world order. We're not like it did not the illuminati new world order not to build a berm turn the you know the group of thirty or whatever we're the we're a wrestling faction. Yeah me. But Presley is. Cupid. He's asked for aren't really stopping by insulting me yet again. He's got a read on what the hell was she says she's real down to examine disgraced boy. The code name. So disappointed in you. Disgraced boy I thought you were part of my team. And we were late to deal in the burn it with our Bernie gloves so that I don't know what's happening just fixing the boat types simply Hillary won four of those states. Eugene into an angry too and it's your fault until. Two and I'll tell you jinxed them and we weren't we would be closer doors are closed minded. Yep what your budget crap this is. Or got to promote our DC you. Clinton I know one thing that Al our saints in this teeny might be right has someone just text in this and not only does that way they said he hasn't pat go and essentially his mother as ago. And then they also said fab Boise and one never say Christmas is always a holiday. Decorations. That wiped dead why why are you doing that that's so it's sacrilegious. I didn't help teach you how to do extra propagated sacrifice that dead goat. You probably have some type of pass to Graham in the back closet in your room at your own doing double worshipping. The list. Yeah just to howl. You're going to be quite patent boy saved Europe and nobody gives me. Selig should try to do announcer track down all the names and I changed the Smart boy it's a disgrace void now do is change the Satan born pages tweedle double b.'s chances tweedle dummy me and I need names really good friends thank you some. And the guy in the era of big fat zero. Yeah spiralled. Yeah he didn't and that may in your ear and just didn't match flash that's what you are. That's not clever tune anger is better than you do wave pattern as you saw that mouth minds off I ninety some pounds now I need to send my beard was beautiful this thing better than that. Well instead see I don't know you're she just you're just like crazy and your your guns and that meant job. That's what you are just. Maddon does not as good currency can't it. Didn't. I don't call that I hope you guys are just I actually didn't believe I waste my time with you guys to a little bit and yes it will work but avatar you know I just I just I'm just so just to. I really am disappointed and and disgraced boy. Did that Williams Williams if you can't viewing game how about best I'll give you a name when you suddenly 15100 dollars. City enough to me and I'll turn our. I'm not only that I can add on that the root canal money that you only kills I can think of some great names you know it might get ahead. Yeah I deserve that money you don't deserve. Getting your name from me until I get paid that money. If you do you mean do you just Egypt's ruling to ever. I think though fat boy now because since you paid him us DOJ the 15100. I think your your funny is on a year right now I think you're just don't seem trying to fining cutie for some more Terry re loads more comedy is you funny is that kind of Gwendolyn and that was called. Yeah we'll sit on it. I cannot be seen angry scared Carnegie kid who's who's and it's. An angry to tie they are honestly. There it is getting taken out kid teen angry too if he's fed up with do you guys. And that can be on the check. Your back and. Zuma July's telegram for quality content and not a mortgage is ruined. Our. I don't want it had a great and that's people. He won me should just text then says mad men Tina eerie tale love your beard because she has a nice bottom beard what does that ultimately. Oh my god I believe that's good about staying. Light two because. Something like that a broad. Since oh my gosh it's that your callers are just like lake all they skewered smoking QB's that's all they do. I dropped it probably. Get some pot to legalize it which has Blake so wrong. Now why is right about the funny you hate you have somebody called in and told us that some about you that you'll have yards sells every weekend that your house every weekend you have a yard sale turf fault. We have it every other week. Like we have a lot of stuff in 2000 dad can get their hands on knowledge you're gonna. Seattle get it selling your station off to. And kids tidbits says neverland to. Be the first eleven on your why aren't well listen we must eight AJ do you have a in your yard sell items the F harmonize and there by chance we're looking for one. Apartment I says. What's that. I'd think you know Hollywood's business term. We come they are just in time he goes to look in the paper yeah. I can give you some lemonade from my lemonade stand. Is he goes yeah 15100 dollars. Yeah we have Tina analytics barbecue up. He not know what she done but fat boy he's now called Satan boy has sprouted horns and his face is red now. Is the third. It doesn't surprise me to. Yeah whenever. You get away to cure its board continued hope to stick it where the sun don't shine that. It's all my god. CBS this idiot has an assailant you know and I trust the campaign. Pictures moments and OK. Yeah tablet master the moves that look means say double layered them here I Tina we Moscow. Deborah but yet so it's got to I pretty law and my hate list. Olive view you know do whatever and I'm in it weighed by the mailbox to get my 15100 dollars back. When we say they're holding two and anger in the foot. It's hateful Tina hateful. Oh my god okay whatever I want to bring you. Don't I've ordered occupied again and wetness on its chat if you sit on it Sedona first. Oh yeah that's old news. I it would. And here yeah. Was. Good IT not a lot of bad box. Did die as a bad day. Give awful debut weekends sucks it rains that your lead when I don't want to rain or when they're at it anyway bot. Murdering so she can use any excuse me once eternal in the human amount. I have more power play these big. Yet keep dedicated worker Sharon is life or yeah Al lol I do that mr. Dell Dell every day every morning. Re doing. Well.