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Wednesday, September 19th


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Here's your key line. Get the day for our eyes and mornings yeah. The reigning champion. Is Jimmy. He had he lost to Benton blunt who Benoit vacated the title which we kind of forgot about to be honest and then Jess says. Well there's got to be a champion so I'm gonna claim the title and then twelve minutes later nine challenged him. And then more at bats from neo. And now mine is the reigning champion somehow there was a tie which. Should people caught BS about it. Earlier we are spreadsheet I saw ideas. But I had I think people I don't my dad is that a compliment that they were calm BS on number they say in no way you lost to Jeff map really. And he's saying what did you saying. If I saying that wrecking ball now yeah. But dead end country reckon ball is awesome you only had Steve with. Whatever career I sang breaking ball and that I sang the thunder rolls. On by dark I know you stall that IDF army to. Yeah no matter of getting them by a hack while the fix always a matter of three hours or three of the work and show you click it on and say me a couple of GB I can upload disorderly charges made a few minutes you're in the hallway you got to see in the media that you don't rise as FaceBook via. What scumbag you are. Us our best for our was drew crushing it is it's such a rush to get it generally didn't turn it sideways now I'm sorry I didn't I don't know what I did in the area. The whole thing it was just awful. But before that it breached or take our songs and we're going to do two minutes each that is not the full song because. The timing and plus the boredom with Kiki and I think probably carries two minutes and of summer either regular mind you the champion. I think as champion you get to pick the order of what's going down here and I know I'm not gonna lead G in any way. I would you like a last order last year okay. The big question is who do you wanna go first Jeff. Mobilize and I'm not into that or just your hurt when there's only three options yet. Yes China only three options to pump oil lasted just go first Jeff who's your second. My view. What did you guys say my name I wonder the raft you know and then it says about saint Malo like our own. This could just out of my last night and balance its opponents and I kept a massive wrestle mania party. Controller and we are far far and he looks so John can have nature means high. Or that. Itself. These state to do outskirts of the mall I heard oh while there are supplying America. Tommy OK okay okay press corporation the clock ran out. What is Terrell he's always Russian o'clock I heard persistently Russia Norway never right. All right closed it fat boy award not only be video on but he will be to vote count her you don't how to vote yes it don't even bother don't even bother my first song wind Jeff you wanna introduce the song we know. It is a classic songs by the king Elvis Presley homeland almost an Elvis and Brandon talented and got it so. Can't help fall in love with the U. Almost the same mantle I'm unreasonable. Jesse words. King salmon. New is. And it's. I mean it's. All the news. Okay. He's still. Bernie and me. See. EK okay. Oh me news. Okay. And and I age Lou really very. Should only. Do this singing it's. Our earnings so big you know. Sounds. Game. As a men. Oh okay. I learn. It's a new team love. Saying okay. It's okay now. I need to. We. Need. And wrong BC news now. Okay. I needed him if China's cheap go way I'm still don't brother. I'll sleep at all day long. How I I feel like he did he sell you played tell your fiance hey this is them dedicating this year this is how are fair you know lately but because the last one was and I haven't semi section pitches off the wall. You know this symbol that was her song to me so. Well I'll hear her saying it since the apparent belief parent and I'm. Now the showstopper on the main event there. And I ask you Jimmy now from our eyes this song I'm going to be honestly I said earlier that I did something to get the ladies vote. Quite honestly when I was picking out my karaoke song I had already taken Miami and so when I said that earlier that. It was not a song that I chip I tell you saw matter and a woman to devote from. But I think you'll be fine entertaining so I dedicate this to all the hard working men and women. At BMW this morning. I don't you share. And I Sheila you don't know. Then you are her out and Andre can mind everybody Michelin AG in your early on ten million are here we go. And really your park could talk never must solve. It's going to lose here. Still has made sure. Needs to CI. I. You German accent. Nobody has ever really your best performance in the history of karaoke gardez on the ship my guy in the fancy. Better know Lou yes how you think consumption Yahoo! mail is best whatever murmur wrestler. Well thank you. I try I put my heart and soul I left it all on the stage. I really did put it all out there would you think pebble in the comments. As pretty good battles the German looked oh was that all. I guess did the any effort I got there are caught a stone. For German Mark Penn as an act made it on top with some lasagna. Are very good. Show Jimmy their reigning and defending champion asks tabloids and it's they had a vote in just meant Woodside who is the the champion in this three way dance are on the set of the song any Jimmy Jack I want whoever did did you have sparked sort of see everything okay. Burger. College detect people jerks. Yeah so called fans. If you won now rotten got to set a semi bad financing and does his matte that was also I love it I mean I'm nervous fashion don't Torre used Wilson on Twitter says I'm just handing it to you or Jeff. How dare you or earlier. And that's our belts is a solid stuff this thing. That is not come have a career in there. A lot of money. You order this all what you're saying in saint fair. Singular whom. He. And good luck my very best man win or Jeff. I am. Only to rely us. They're horrible and yeah ours and sharing your cool her the I'll pay among the not my song Giles you know remaining. And stern lean on learn. And the days it is and I am. More urgent and Denmark today. Whaling. We'll. Most. Reverend. Hole. Morning may well I have try and zone. Diane is. Allowed him to do Martell. Hey nobody be who. There's real pressures on germs. Her total browns are much. Everywhere Zeller diamond rings. I salute some brave new jeans or alone. It's. Guys throw to me who. Did your high society. EU cry iron all day. Bring them so Lindsay do you crowd whereas. It's. I'm always. Relay users who. I'll fire Torre. How will remind you I know we can't play clips and everybody's performances but I'll remind you that Jeff started off by saying game. Elvis Presley's can't help falling in love with the I went number two and and then sustain some. Well without them. Good. Yeah. I think so yeah I've just. I saying. Brent Ramstein is do Hoss doo hostile nation. I say that and then nine saying. Sorry LibriVox Texas. Have a great Weiler engines Waylon Willie invoice. You were voting if he were texting in and for me 93 nine or in jail and for Jeff. Fan boy as you tabulated the votes. The most turbulent. Our. We'll go from bottom to talk like you do Miss America yeah. That way. Well we're doing their way a Muslim community there will be a new champion rob Ohno. This is seeing him third runner up dead last so you're okay. Wouldn't swing I personally voted. Champion. Former champion from my guy is intelligent judgment doll. Still it's time to move on from singing I'm ruling on the mound you're gonna dancers have lost some weight. Forget about it here's some events are no longer singer got along like John gas. And on the wrist totally quiz on the power windows the strap on and Bruno similar Cano lined runway this. It's been gradually adding champion and no Benson's there. Lower as well. Did tell you to Jeff let's hold hands we have tea will do it I don't know what do NW at first runner up with a can somehow. Did they champion. The average guy well. From the candidate himself a man who threw the champion meditate pursue those you would assume the ground because. We'll see how. Any real little brown still won't now pick up the entire. I assume 85%. Of them he. Wow. Wow. Wow that's going to be question in his songs legs and probably now.