Thursday, September 20th


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Here's your key line. Get the day for our eyes and mornings yeah. He's a good to save your team it's just goodness but absolutely flooded. It's not just the Pueblo and includes sues the consumers and didn't lose the and food. Don't don't see this movie. Sales to end this is a sponsor small business. Get a sponsor on the I should respond to the movies opening this way that would be a Smart thing to do and they're right out of date I'm going to read to feature movie opens today. So it's him and he's an open today widely in America. You have finding the orient and this one angle is he fine Adori they like the women don't win in six the sale was vintage movie. Our failures exert. Rose Lemond and his clones have all done that and Oakland's comrades and I'll just around central intelligence. I can't understand how unitary this one apart that's got one and two of the hottest. Actors in Hollywood right now to be loved stars now to legitimately funny dudes I am dumb I'll do the rock and Kevin Hart using a poster says that saving the world takes a little heart and a big Johnson yes I get at us and getting him by a metal ball that T shirt Myrtle Beach 25 years here. Yeah but Jimmy used Kevin Hart and Ned why Johnson's dad now in the candy heart and soul magazine is Salma and rock he just knew I was so mad Roger Johnson. This movie is rated PG thirteen horror various things are wrong when it. Crude suggests a humorous unity action violence and brief strong language nudity is hitting the rocker Kevin Hart just missed. Some new guys probably like side gruesome and some exercise but teachers and the storage rose one time believed geek. Bolivar who grew up to be a lethal CIA agent. Turnovers high school reunion claiming to be our top secret case he enlists the help of the old big man on campus Calvin who was known accountant who misses his glory days and so basically Bob used to get bullied in Calvin used to be the blank now Bob is blank and Calvin is an accountant who misses being in the blank. I guess from what I've seen with the trailers the dead guy he used to be like them. The bullied is now on the bidding the chic she's muscular and the rock yes yes and guys used to be cool is never grew past ninth grade Kevin Hart. Before the accountant realizes what is getting into it's too late to get out his increasingly hundred when your friend drags him either world or shootouts double crosses and espionage. They could get them both killed in more ways than Calvin can count any of how do you account has an accountant Jergen. It's. CPA their parents are besides that tag line why should you congress see this movie starring the rock Kevin Hart this guy from break him mad ants and other people. Who made this movie it is is it'd Judd Apatow how are may be a Medea. It's directed by Ralston Marshall Thurber. You mean you might have heard his name frat boy you may know you like movies why he directed dodge ball movie. He also did Wear the millers he did a C a in his last movie was the wedding ring are also starred Kevin Hart. Els did not cause a great many of them use it as Allentown ACC and on that them wherever you download movies getting visits it's hilarious that's worth Washington for your. Just care. You Utah this bid is called nine. Don't go see this movie reviews so far sounds like a wonderful movie well Garland gave failure to see a movie star in two beloved stars are the rocket camera hard this seems like a terrible idea now. You know do bigger hole American right around the the reason that the British resigned as is moves because you've seen it before. We've seen this before what what what script and they agree repackage what Jersey's fort. Hours or another 48 hours or rush hour rush hour two or Russia or three year. Money talks and lethal weapon and lethal weapon to her lead to a three year. Lethal weapon full every other examples warning went upstream catered towards you jump street in Beverly Hills cop yeah Beverly Hills cop two and a couple more Beverly Hills I think three year cock our candy three more. They get louder another stake out there more tango and cash. Your bad boy is now bad boys two can blue streak arrived to show timer collision course starring Jay Leno mr. me jockeys ride. Kim is another state LL do on the famous line hunt as asthma says for thirteen years and you'll. I actually ridiculously long list of movies just like this we'll give you one more one more ride along will get an art made this exact same movie two years ago I made it twice is their I don't finances yet seen on they get the idea so you go get your hard earned money to go see some we've already seen literally thirty Tom Hanks sings it would the rot that. Mayor and all those. Days the big guy from breaking ready got to credit. A funny creative people they are very talented individuals they've done very good stuff. They are entirely capable of doing very good stuff they do some good stuff. Now they're very funny very talented very creative director awhile I've never heard of him I think we're the Miller's is a great memory and also movie hilarious movie. Polls do these videos related stuff anyway. It's a funny guy the rock is also the director of the good stuff more than Miller's is great yeah. But they are trying when they don't make a movie like this that they expect. You. To go bust your ass all weeklong earn your money and then they expect you to hand over their hard earned money it's hard earned money your hard earned money Hobbs I. Around in exchange for some that have fast she'll forget about. At most two days idiocy now. So a lot of money did you go watch a movie completely forget about many drown our apartment master but it really is and movies like this are my TVS is a channel. And wrestle but you at least show a lot of movies on TBS that this is movies for guys who like movies this is dinner and a movie with Paul Martin I don't I. All politics into this act early such US Heidi said she didn't have any lips and she didn't they would just doesn't is a slit. Back there owner Aaron has opened a that's half plus the app and no other noses and they're right there. But it always curry and CVS basic cable the prison is like this are not worth your hard earned money for a moment and rocks in it. I think yeah justified anger finally cooling Kevin Hart at first I didn't like him up buddy list too loud at Sony was to over end. And now he's made comedy for every heart isn't very funny guy I'm not taking anything away from but I am getting kind of tired of this particular shtick. He's a very funny guy how will say that enough. But if we just keep let them get away with this paint by numbers BS way and entertaining. He's just going to keep doing it never push himself never challenge himself. So we're ultimately going to shortchange ourselves and Kevin Hart by not pushing him to try harder. Kevin Hart a younger Chris rock and and that's what this is right now cracks in the short term this is a second body count movie that was a Murphy's bit. Yeah I mean that was Eddie Murphy's been for a long time. And as I guess is doing Kim nor and you realize you wife Jennifer's comments body suit to throw political message and Chris Rock has always been oppressed but this keeps working and Jamie I mean this is the Hollywood blue prayer rice just does. Formula and it's a formula to steal your money you gotta stand out TSA now man I've seen this before you've got to try you've got to put forth some effort. If you want my entertainment dollars you go earn my entertainment dollars and they will now you know they're capable of but if you don't make him the mildest do whatever's easy keep taking your money. You might be right suit is the rocked in mainly watch San Andreas. That's a great show once he was and that's great unity. See a lot of movie star in Iraq Al loves. Seat he had disasters hit it apparently loved plus are you going to say Independence Day to you know I'd bottle now that I am or not they get did the old as scientists back he's back but this movies I mean it's litigant it's one big cliche after another tired old retread material. Like the rock and a fat suit just like when Tyra Banks David Irwin would have how true did it change how how. It's a tired little bit as good and he's ever since the club's ever says big mama's house or big mama's house two or mrs. doubtfire or white girls which are all pretty much the same premise now. As I hate your stupid you'll think this is hilarious because it's a pretty girl now she's fat. Or this funny guys and old lady or this Bob guy is fat. Or these black guys are white girls RO FL and I doubt you'll laugh a little bit when he's in rock him and fancy GI and they say that's a though you say hey now it's given away I bet you that scene is dull scene from the movie mute. AA is not worth your 2530 bucks for a couple of legacy it. Now and are you currently breathing entirely through your mouth right now but you didn't even realize it till I sent that. If that's you this movie is for you all they longer check in this weekend Richard Richard operable. A really wanna watch a man moment you're going to be almost shoulder sling and can review you know the biggest reason to avoid this particular moment. Loses because finding Doris coming down you see it instead go support LG BT fish because you saw this show if you listen really listen the show this show has ruined this movie for you before his movie comes out one. I know is hurdles while registered. This show work the movie for me because. I love the rock. More than anybody way out except Matt who wants to have actually the right no I. That idol if advice is came over here and say hey used. Good looking guy with the beard get it sex go ahead gay sex or we're gonna kill. By your family and everybody in new -- choice and I would choose to rob you would choose the rock and so Barack more than anybody. Except Matt wants to have only choose the rock if made to buy ices it set Maddon wants to have sex with a rock. Want to you know we'll turgeon and his fantasize about them and then Jeff who wants to leave Iraq. We'll tell. So handlers here not a part of some I don't try to correlate and technically if you don't see this movie every time you look at the rock you're just going to be thinking of man having sex with Jeff. Yeah. I don't know how I'm so happy you do is let's agree I was not as familiar to movie. Why do currently at a commissions I passed today for a that's true. A little stronger than he is so and particularly PP if he's ultimately hope. He got an amicable. John. Below zero now no match start over yeah I'll be going over towards the hole now bull bull bull wall but Iran now let's do. I don't know how he's represented among mobile his by the commissioner of the. I can't tell me any more reason not hear or see this movie. Honestly that last vote in May that's all you need do not go see. This movie that movie of course being central intelligence with a rock Johnson and Kevin Hart and the best customer demands and some other thing and that guy. I have more power play these big. Get ahead keep dedicated work Sharon is or yeah Al lol I do that mr. Dell Dell every day every morning. Three point.