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A call from a P1 who moved across the country for a pretty odd reason: Headlines: Wrap-Up


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You're listening to rise guys morning you know. And 83 boys read Atlantic route. Create a hope being examined. Really. Sticking our diet most don't and then I want or another many gain more from other you know we can start feeling for the lead have it seems to lose playing teams from this guy just keeps happening through. I have really been really any so we had a smelly like garlic and dirt it's that you don't see. And ask your leukemia. And people. That's what we do when they. I like dance contest when you have. Have to dance to a rise as Perry song of choice. I did you see Ric Flair he was on Jimmy Fallon not for last. Offset the guy does Rick flair drip was performing so they're performing and arranged. And their first college at the ring roads were actual what. Wrote via the light rope broke like the old days like David Levy and Rick flair comes out there awareness broad and he's dancing and buy it after a while he he quits doing this Frye and he's just doing like bad dancing. I mean it was great anime goes about America. So well I'd I actually did wreck and challenged him. To a dance all that wrestle mania 35 at MetLife stadium that got hammered out here I have thank a strike better yeah. And he's at least I think he's got his notifications on aides said O Matthew just challenge you to wrestle mania dance off. Yes I world and generous and third for the Simoneau let amendments Cherie yeah I mean I just runs Twitter either scenario and a promise from. What's your name is yeah olestra healthy Faye dress her. Armed for. All right we. We are contacted by a guy who won in two get a little bit of advice today next week we have male advice show coming up. Didn't wanna wait that long wanted to just get this out in the open and we are we mentioning any man gets it matters doesn't. The only minor surgery saved her first name and OK you're working Bosnian ours and we Merom just did we know his name. IE eight told me is names and he didn't specify that he's good with the tenth all right. Let's talk to Craig well. Listen to this page Craig in California. And Craig. I was not. Eight. So yeah I am. Only good things happen. I'm actually I'm from South Carolina originally. Top Lewis oh okay so you moved here from here urban area and then mayor makes sense is why it was an arrest OK we'll I was I was saying why does it come from California. Yeah army is. Well I am. I moved out you're actually her job. And down I think it has pitched. Mean yeah just like you got out there and there's no job. No number of job that ordinary cat dish bird girl moved out here. Okay you got a John Hurt. So. Another words you word you were catfish my faith. In me. Your girl did go works. Hope works in California. Whoever was like. I would you don't like them out here you know to this goal or target mainly. Throughout the Dublin need to move that Europe and Mike. So you know this goes down and so. On the go then went into great so no I don't think in this girl on the money down here she doesn't work that the company anymore. So before you move to you where you had talked to this girl I guess it works for the company or whatever. Yeah and then. CU MER UBC any kind of took a liking to talk mentor on the phone crush on her a little bit. Yeah she was from back and scored on time is how do patients really friend on FaceBook. And make music this thing where they get him loudly and port you about work. Every seemed to bridge this is reciprocated or she's like. You know another would you not taken. Her advance is the wrong way she was really put it out there she was in a may be interested in year. Are under al-Qaeda and our am. OK Ed. Eight in the big cat fishing do you think the cat fishing is. Someone within the company used her to wanna make you moved to California for the job. Who wouldn't hurt this weird is that when they get out here. She was important company wide and they say that's easy she's from there and well certified Newark aren't they look. Again thank you to two liter counters lemon. And the blue route we election message back and forth but as you terribly unheard companies sell solid so. That's gone to the side there's an increase of her. So once you get out there is for this job in using a cab did you know that the job and I'll get to you know move DNA and then once all that gets settled down then he she and I won't possibly go out. We don't working for the same company before you moved out there right. Sartre pieces together since the what was hurdle what was her job I don't. What was heard it this has just about her. Dispatched. Is your chance that an I'd things have changed a long time since I work within intended dispatched you know it end in mind was really like. What are the first pondered this batch I don't know what you do but it was you know when I delivered pornography magazines. There was a despite a but now the words when you. Make the call and does it mean that the dispatcher actually works for you or did they subcontract out this factors. You know when you call 1800 number eight they said oh yeah all senators sometimes. There this this girl worked support company. And they didn't know there. Clearwire are saying can. I get there and search and some of the other guys the work. With me and I have three other guys but has the same sort. Same girl. Why Leo actually won on the exact same girl. And then two I cannot be handling it usually name a different girl but acumen had this same exact experience. Sounds similar situations. There's court is in them by two girls. Between the four guys spend it suits you OK I. Wonder. Like what do you change your name and I do now. Is weirdest hail so isn't that curlers it's more than and the job. Catch fishing. Didn't like yourself to lure you to move to California to work. More and we I wouldn't want to do that you like your job and like it is well. How weird bird. Let me ask you that's as an lug I I don't know yet and I am taking your word for everything but these things that may be in it he not that I know you've talked to some the other co workers did you think that maybe. You were. Really like into her and and maybe maybe more than she was into you in name etched in Nina like hey guess what I'm moving to where you are now maybe you'd. Scared her off. A name she deleted her FaceBook from you our blog you or something. I just can't imagine it is a company no offense I can imagine there's a company using. Some kind of female caller kind of situation says Lourdes guys. Two a certain state to work community if this was watching. Like. Iowa or somewhere like that OK I think it's hard to get people to go to California isn't. But what like what part of California. For me it's big state. So it had a little bit earlier. Yeah I think we legs Southern California shouldn't be hard to give people enough he said central California I. Bakersfield or somewhere it's just count pastors and crap we have for our give him to move there. And your your guests are in California be easy to recruit people. But inside he talked to as several other guys who experienced something similar one with the same exact girls that if there's more to than maybe you just kinda in them. Scared or something dear birdie kid still. And then well I mean I'm healthy now it's a very good at most is direction. There's. You know look like this happens you know what would I do that route option but I'm telling you guys that work it's like okay. And that sort of won this happened to him. Edit I admit I don't have any answers for that other than they've anybody's dealt with anything similar. I I've never mile I've heard of anybody using it. Romance. To lure. People to a job across the country but I. I don't know that's weird it shouldn't do approach show me that I can't say it. I'm sure that it isn't I mean I wouldn't be bringing you the same things I've had were all of his information yes. That's how is some big did dad had you know no care in this world. Let's go to California. And white born. Yeah I bet you if he kind of said that he thought that she is misleading Hamdan. That would be an and they misread their signals yeah but he obviously in told her that he was gonna move there are so. There must have been some sort of plans. And placed in them. And it's great because you would assume. Hotels where she is that you get a job and you did talk this scratching your head doll for the girl this passion. Else certain get along real good you are currently no survey the company wants to move you out there portion. Works can ask you very personal question sir. I sure I won't he wrestled sex with a it's imagine receptionist I really get an. And I wouldn't say. And sex lies. That'd be glad Hillary so it is. The ought to. Actual phone sex is weird Brunette yeah. Via says that should place and yeah you're more than deserved punch line I'm serious thought they are we're very. The food just buddies that's way in now. That's the bizarre thing about that I've never heard of such things so are you like miserable right now with the job. Because sometimes like a plea in that direction UN plan don't go on for certain reasons here maybe you're going to be the movie star who. I'm very very red red you know I guess that is like that the election pretty good and I know there are doing just. Mood out there actually it's true that mode for some road since. You may never know unless you do bigger around. In places that we get fired the coach Dick around the records and stuff. And records and they catfish probably play and she's not. I mean in a dispatcher. You should not headhunter. Head hunters get compensated. For herb you know landing jobs for people yeah but she's just no facet to this bashers out there but just as a simple dispatcher. She do where she gave it guides and got a commission forget dues to move out there are more what are dairy is. What are that's part of like a returner you don't even though you're talking to dispatch from from South Carolina or they are monitoring those calls and applaud your work in the they find candidates Thursday saying portion of this may be recorded her training and don't do it internally and listen to them. I know I've been a part of a lot of training exercises for telemarketers I bet. Listen to this redneck South Carolina and fine I'm not to deal with a customer the guys in the death there's somebody takes want to know where they all from south Kara why are they from different places around the country are going the other three guys read similar situations. I didn't play our yeah okay. And I can't finish to win Becky she can't go here. There is there's no easy answer for this but this but you're not miserable you making good money from. So that kind of that kind of thing works out. Bear but not to them not to the point where you're like you're just ACC curiosities taking Evernote is like when you go out with somebody you thought it was working out great. In the new column not saying on these and coffee wanna go get some brunch brunch. And you hear back into what. Okay ditch five you don't want me okay what that you. Just great he said Reggie Brooks in a while that's a brother and it really did deserve merger bridge camera yeah. Jerry and Roger Roger Andre and restaurant hum yeah I mean it's just. He's got some ice and maybe she's got cold feet now now does not through these other guys were involved that's what makes this different that's what makes this in the somewhere you wake up and America Arab allies maybe she really didn't think he was gonna do it. Given the others I I I'd agree with that put the others. It means that you. Religious text and maybe she was a recruiter posing as this pressure I put. Nestle USA double cab gesture she was a double agent she wasn't real this red Jose recruiter. And recruiter was trying to get your bridges thinking about moving in California meg I don't know new tactic that was important to know if you work symbol if you're looking for a job and be aware of this barely this might happen now burns you out. Was that the wrestler. Well. That's weird that's weird bird. Landed the dating game was seeming find another. There are a party and more in Louisville medals count of whale to thank you mean not that she hated this area but. EU in May be in that in that mode of you know what. Let's just. Leave AmeriCares behind go to California. I don't. I mean now her and I would. How am I what are we doing him no no not not would that be like if they job and everything else that would mean they cherry on top there a lady. Yeah exactly that would mean you drive and force him. It was set where you got to where you live mainly for her for the job or combination on. We I mean like I guess who's coming those millions and inspired. That's exactly Greg has access to extend it it is simply would go and I don't go well. Maybe just like you know you GE you did make do with her may be on your days off go to the bus station and wait for all the news of a lady's coming in to all under the Hollywood star. I'll make you just be standing there like. And some nomination. Our bridges or girl to muscle south returner OSHA and M array of cardiac they're casting call right here in this alleyway where someone that not only that this isn't. Trying to get time I'm in our society today. Good luck when everything man I got no answer story other than may be may be maybe it was some kind of he had missionary position where she was just making money off hiring days mood. And here's hello here's what they get paid for. Not your traditional head hunters ever and you know of Kentucky and Kentucky with a. Then another very professional and doing that is what if he got there it she didn't hook up with them and then equipment instantly. Their story about somebody an honest good luck with everything sir we appreciate you listening that even now the way out in California. They are brother and good morning. And we didn't really give him anything other than some may b.s but that's what they are it's like wow that's just weird we don't live and bizarre world. Good isn't a situation reversed earlier. Yeah you know they have not heard it is easier and if you're commissioned on owned something like that endeared you don't eat especially if your girl and you're dealing with guys in need get a nice speaking voice. A new page for that then I'll violent. Alia. I'd say yeah you got to use or you got it. You know come on out here. Crazy and bush you can they're girls job recruiters there across the country I'd be afraid that I game remnants really crazy when lane in town. We're here and are there are far her shoe and is heinous batches is Philip overdoing it I hate mile blossom looking for a job what are you know. Applicant for an area you'll come fireworks bill. I'd like to you'll come iron will be mostly are feel do you have any positions available oh yeah yeah you guess six in law and order to get stronger arms. So my take Sunnis can't take HR since it happened and I would not. I think you're scared this. You lose points. I've seen you may know go experiments are kind of crap to be doing this an agenda there and still don't taste very I'm sure. Yeah how she's scared and iShares hello. Arrow walking around allege it. All of this they were empire or go to fill out his benefits package H. Eric Manning this or terrorist actions. Asian army. And eat and I'll allow use more love more. What is a tirade wish you thought. Earlier in the earth. The new a new wing is show up pond not our. Our new cells vote in the least 202000 dollars and higher related. This is the rise guys morning show with a man. Thought he 93 point freedom. Right guys headlines with the aids. And you're beatle who. I have had this game. This people magazine's most beautiful woman while sort of because they've changed the whole issue. Equipping some they Cullen the beautiful issue but they don't want to be a contest. Nobody is being torn us pedophile right acids are OK so weighing in this current climate there were dealing win there there's still gonna do the sexiest man alive because I don't appreciate. It's reviewing war room there's a lot of tips to sexiness. Should have an idea been nominated again this. Says they renamed it the beautiful issue an order to clone made clear it's not a beauty contest still she's on the cover to cover and she wins but hey. Aren't you she's. Not the beautiful list. She's a sexiest man alive but we do the beautiful issue for women are miss sexy issue in terms earlier in the Tennessee human sexiest issue in the sixty issue this this is beautiful issue that'll be the sexy issue yeah and elected one Sports Illustrated people by every year. Another thing that's changed is nargis and this is not just had shot her kids it's her daughter six year old willow and her son fifth. Fifteen month old Jamison is also on the camera with her. Is she talks a lot about mother had an issue in her marriage. But there has been caring heart. Oh well okay. Fair rare race card murders Arnold's turn to the. But still she's on the bank cover of People Magazine. Went and beautiful issue that's pretty yen for her well I had eye candy and latest round sang it she's not even on the top 100. Every you know they always do consolation to Wear a little manner but the other people and she's got some say engaging honey don't know if mr. Steve Lawrence for. Right beds lined wooded Matthew McConaughey hey ever have to sour note that. Eight if any are really stupid current. He really Astra he gets a lot of charity and he's in and he's more than just a that's how I. I I was winning sexy no not at all because he's gonna look and heroes a lot of charity every. Somebody with as much money is and they all do if you ever lose money as you give a lot to charity yeah plus if you're a good person I should know what you get shared or rather your calendar is like Jerry what do you do and I mean this is everybody would millions of dollars donates a lot of money I think master. And he's got a brother named rooster a cause that I've score Oscar race. This is a good family man and and talk about her. Pink she was on Alan and use cut and make it fun about the whole thing and she says. I still want beautiful man decided for the holy that. The magazine is out that no one is allowed to look directly in my eyes she's taken it lightly. Path. I don't I don't know what to Moses was that they'll like minded people like is that to say. You know what he are beautiful is not your beautiful anymore. But they won't against everything we ever. Push that out now it's about what's on the inside. So we're not gonna judge you on your superficial features of your face in your Bonnie we're gonna let more enjoy your all about and nobody cares. New Orleans put somebody on the cover their battered. Mean they know they're dim our game out paint is a huge. Name. Huge presence right now especially because right now she's like mom's famous and huge weight so people who might buy the magazine she's really popular word them. And Kelly Clarkson coming in second and a big doesn't I thought it doesn't Mayhew were. It doesn't seem is. Super special exactly it just doesn't on the surface it seems more related more people I think delayed regular people out there regular. But it every day therapy I just want Danny DeVito on the character on the cover for man there's no matter where you are you being teller says this site. If your are Walton ordered pink gets hotter blank. Yeah right yeah where you aren't usually are walking up and the dollar store she's a ten out of ten say law she's beautiful and FTC or Victoria's Secret party. Maybe not birdies singer. All right. She's small town ha. Yes he's big box retailers are big parts retailer copyright then there should very should be the British touring Wal-Mart roaming and as an insult these thousands of people Wal-Mart a lot of their good looking I've been caught AutoZone attract him before us. Yeah. Can she do some sort of feel like you take us all he wants Alia. Yeah easy if you were doing some manager p.s say she'd like ghost you're being swung her mutilate aren't is rent I used to say I am a business corridor sandstorm sexy reduced or call me Costco copy. I don't know how he didn't fit grounder colds go at it if it gets our. I'm a man. Out here again. Hello Walker's call it the worry for America don't. Diminish. America I think more and fifth. I was going to be all day thinking driving home I'll call him of something I want now by hand. Said violent on me now. And as a reference but it should. But at the heat cook the Clinton and I. No more past stars America. Anyways when our president and the United States speaks we all listen ranked yeah guys sometimes is an important. Well. The president every Diana had a speech and he had to address the public act. A very important issue. You mentioned let the public now that there is a ban on oral sex and he has a message and he tells his people that Mel. Is for eating. This is confusing statement I demand now for eating and I. It's not like I'm going to bust who's got. We're sort it now you've got to circle are eating not for sex you breed with your nose to Cooper is from all the president are you gonna. Know a polo Mississippi needs of any case I brother and mother about it. Well and back into winning fourteen they had some other girls and they had anti homosexuality. Act that way his. Out there. And also he he won here they realize just try to eliminate our top tens since clear Arianna. This time that they use in terrorism information that was sent out about oral sex that it can come back and costs more arms and stomach. The stuff. Most are. Aren't Jane tonight I say never made me stop you can only ban on faxes public mourning determine forms and a Mathis for eating that's it yeah. Yeah. I via while led advances shame on him. First of all. Good. These are you can't just like you can't just take third base had the game we can't exhilarating third they're convinced that we still pregnant and I know. Manager these low Walter did an odd. At at at at a go and miss a goal of 123 in my did try to picture business for us a little earlier on should I burden during a homer. The border murder rub. I'd do it this orderly you're really burgers target grand. Well that's it while you bonded to win or lose now he wants some good news math man yeah. It's saying is grown and grown mineral and it's finally moving into blue. NL after two months and staying in Alabama down that ended the Alabama. Ends island do their way to a landfill site. 25 miles away from where it stunk up the whole town. Well hallelujah. All right that's rough it's this is her pink. Ahmed donkey but in the mail legs could feature piece. Please see. Looks like Orlando Orlando Sheila cycle Alando Linda she's a cycle Melinda will end you know the track these people how am I tend to have clothes and her comment on matters via. Seized it and she's got clerks big east had. Now go to Flint I don't know but it's. Is that what girls and are squatting for in the gym they want donkey nuts. Obama camp. Of Islam wants argument Pinochet and his game. About it and yeah if it yeah I doubted there's no better counselors short. And I think for a second. How does this here's some grazing is a woman left ten million dollars to a Seattle rock station. She left it behind me and her well twenty bequeath that to them. All sound great players how they owns now go visit is the one. Now no present venture are merger it's. Ninety point three KE XP in Seattle Washington the KE XP now. Says hey hey edge issue is young and she did this since passed away and says she gave the station ten million dollars or nemesis Sam. She did that because she loved music. Ice any legit or strategize she will leave her fortune to the radio station T Wednesday build the most legendary allegedly beat her from new mayor soon I it. Okay topples for congress and say that if Kevin's listen it's a nonprofit. Radio station owners is started Bob Paul Allen's Experience Music Project I'll name's Paul says dish radio show you three nonprofit. Materialized and you're never reimbursed by didn't check him each partner the sag. Thank you during your top RSS has been my biggest mistakes some financial editor Fareed an inability to execute it to do fund animation. You know to their gonna keep it away and I just flown on cars and stuff. Plugged in fans. And art equipment I have. Hate journalism in this country not against you but page that I saw that link this morning and is said a woman leads. Ten million dollars to a alternative radio station. And what do you think when you're that challenged pleasing alternative rock idea. Any special winds in Seattle something all well she really let the card against the breeders and I'm flannel shirts and hole there. Below holding her I'm so why but now it's an alternative style like it's non profit. Not for prop. It's like the other day it said. Stand up comic legend dead at 83 and house oh my god and it was the woman who on the comedy store music. Death Mitzi shore Pauly shores mom but still it's like a big beastie martyrs are my they would put that in. The Clinton made. Their parents are warped yeah I mean in other brother. Nothing is or isn't saying nothing is not think so how did they had a day honors is Dan's life on Monday they played senator favorite songs including locals Seattle artist. And Icelandic music went bananas. And that. Changing Ding Ding adept at occasions being being dating decent and it was Charlotte the one for fusion you know Sears sexy. I got up. It fairly short Poehler Carol Kmart classy. I say is saying. There among your rentals boy he can do this debate disordered brain cells slowly dial him one by one. I challenge for target cancer and other area. And you like it in her around her this will result. In big businesses or of the Jeep. Well if you. Yeah. And it's Friday may 02 inside. Every rigid and this matter again. Tell Lutz tardy or use started we're kind. Well we'll we'll we'll come back this site Huntington well I have one more start this half. Maybe a half time I think in about. This maybe sad news for some Nicholas contains. Says she will hang up. And three or four years hang out acting but he's gonna focus on his true love which is directing right now yes but he's only directed one movie so far and that was an hour to. Sunny and inconsistent the bailout Zurich James Franco as a male prostitute. He was an Obama as a parent. Is used him that was a mom and dad and he was and then Nichols case you cute you know and I'll follow cocaine looked at as good read. Tuesday's regular make a lot of dream of in Amman but you know what supports a. Sessions says right now I'm primarily a film performer and I'm gonna continue doing that for three year or more years and I'm like to focus on more interacting. So we you know. Thanks sends skill. He's not going to be easy action man forever. In the weird Howell like in movies you wool you'll go from being the actor to one day you know drifting off in retirement as a director. That's like it's steamed but in radio can you imagine as a under retire already I'm gonna be a producer Bruce. I've been done. Ernie yeah imagine like and they convinced you know it's it's it's it's is it it's it's different because like even in sports. You got from a player don't coach a rare isn't a good player to coach yeah. It's I see or understand it when lives are on his averse to the business side is him when we have to do and that is why I'm great sex to look awful film. Home why I think Dick Lebow's only one of the few boo boos and Altman's the player and going has coached in my mom has been the only like fifty or sixty years or. He's and one big lobos trying to. How would he wanted to home. Net and NL winner what is that I have been waiting for him please just give. So what are resurrect ethnic Karen and a nerd bloomer who RadioShack radio and I especially those who make this. We always work. There are little different branch a song were you or there will be those what does the market. It was or that there was sort of well would announce a jets mean you want from him and god. Do you weigh in here all day I can't think of to zoom Bihac 500 term I don't know I don't know Epstein mark students at. And only talking I imagine there's your eyes guys' headline and yeah. Wrap written word 93 minute drive. Begins at 10 this morning now more of the rise guys morning show okay my. Fast. They nearby you called snap its hands emailed. Video called us any of this thing trying to board ran the board is very that are. Don't lose billions and it was a lot of fun. Get today's podcast go to the rise guys dot com iTunes Google playing or tanks podcast is 72341. Friday we have added. The FLS line 8642414318. X 8642414318. Also our remind you the outlook on the calendar yet to Mars for joining all we do in our annual Stoner jeopardy. Jimmie and he's a beard had three contestants you let me back up. Just in case we only using backup contestants are forced contested look at these three guys play you'll not get to play with them. Yeah but you governing council of the players maintenance. We do have a Nextel has tomorrow redeeming them play. Yeah my eyes so contact Jimmy on social media fear in the back. I let Susan what is really Jimmy jag yet. Solved and are scared so why don't vote the way. There's more space but the San. Those guys were argued about race and on what. Text finish in the Carolina bed mil dot com tax audit numbers 7341. That 72341. We've taken any third correct answer. Repaired take a seat coupe buyers lot. I'm little and next Saturday night at Georgia State state yes yes cages here to rock your next fab wins 5 AM. We'll go live about six marsh Friday always can be good visual list and have a blessed day tickling guys it's. Don't touch that dial one bomb blew. He's free points crazy.