Thursday, October 12th

Not only does Paige sweep her house for intruders on the reg, she's about to start sword training: Headlines: Wrap-Up


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He's right guys like gas powered by so these kids can travel. Listen to the rise guys morning subordinate. Many times just download the planet that we're instant access to the latest rise guys like gangsta rap as guys. They're right page first. February might make you feel old opponent and you look ready at that point you know the only amateur 25 years ago today. Deion Sanders in the first athlete to play in a Major League Baseball game NFL games same day. Tony five years ago today Graham. Prime time. You do what I do when you map that easy played big mortal I don't know what he did first I think him baseball's first now. There's a rib right. Raiders of the restricted now who's read it one time yeah I knew I mean was but I think he was braves and falcons is same city there are Alex. As that NASA unheard anyway 25 years ago today that's another sign that you might not fellow bad. Statistically. You all our yard room. If there's some you are old are right comeback page. This is some that Jimmy will have to share more in depth but he was tell me about in this election. What a sale and always say save it for there savior they save it for a better. Page might be the most secure. And everyone in the room it's far is. Security tactics of the house. Yes yes pages have been. Very excited and talking about. A new thing she's going to require. Well but before the ruin what is she going to acquire page another gun in LA where in the middle of October when you realize I. I'll have my timer that on a sword I don't have what I. Then. I have done I have now I know he won in my car. It's nearly one you have at least a tomahawk assuming car that I do I have a tomahawk and the gunmen have to console one trillion girl story you know. He did we quarks or who through no fault that's where the money is hosting this breast pump yeah. So that you don't buckle it's gotten this is it to Thomas yes side and. We I'm gonna get less than. We're sort of find lessons learned and this is sort of related blog doesn't god and aren't we a year because I don't react remains our range the boot. OK good I know many voters or fire that's also befriended a ceremony. Are there as they are sold. My head and hand they use guns and things sort tragic car sneaky and I do anyone any depends what they say nice about bullets are used each. You lord who is some you ordered. Now and it came out of a conversation let me backtrack a little bit I had to find something for some money in my hands down and open the door. And that person saw this little behind the door because he saw a shotgun and a golf club and and and shedding. Golf clubs are great way yeah really make an intruder angry with you great way to make him mad. Why it's that machete golf club now probably makes me mad now I mean if there's some bad dude you just don't make you mad with a golf. It was I eat salt unless you're tiger. Effect. Though an OK she says he's all there yeah I had to explain to him what that was behind them. The door but it's not in the same place and every ram I have something hidden in every Graham did was do you have the visitor. Gentlemen all our perhaps it wasn't my cup and gentlemen collar it was just some I'm liking for something that my husband had and it was one and as. As type things that you turn the water off. Outside rumors came up big in May get us like a big T yeah it's what I read. That's weird he had two big taste yeah. Terry hello is plummeting and help them identify any other big change I did finally there's I guess parents areas like it's going to be in the other room okay Aleck and saying man now we are getting could comment again here your mini arsenal. And not only that. It's conversation as is harbor forward you're on the air is paged. Donors sweep of the house when she gets home. To make sure that I nobody's there's nothing wrong she may rooms in your place not a lot about. I went upstairs and down the top fives revenues from this isn't it the mental image of page creek and the state isn't. And I think this can sewer and water don't panic there at a rate of nearly ten hooks which is replaced now. If it is theirs then this is. Just like the blonde with big move for him please academy yes there and it's it and I'm fine you can Robbie could Delgado. The all of your composer and use a large sea lions learn on your own. It's true so this this this gentleman now this anything for his service I have okay. I.s so he's going he's bringing you did that kind of soared. Yes with his wife Sarah insomnia and all are okay. All in the last mayor to the shooting range kiss she needs to get familiar with the final I think this or throwing Ernie says it's. Very raised him into stars and yeah the way isn't lions to sweep the area today. You don't you go through the front door of the backdoor. I always a frank okay must have people parking want to do you know and that's scandal in this girl I radler signed a letter. So you'll win and then what you said on your bags and stuff. Iron and you say is anyone in here how else I give it away oh era craven and I feel good through your house. It is end here. Is they probably need a better man and you know what does that. They may come and if somebody's in there they hear you don't know the door unlocked income and then make him. I haven't been hiding you know posits that a woman and I go up stealth and make sure that I know who's the man okay he's don't I'm coming up the stairs yeah. I don't Zorn and I'd like to start the session now I know. They Chinese goods intruder first lessons go to this law's in Washington have so we can move to do is live. And find out all that pent up anger and not economic and so these sweet yeah you are indeed no way one bathroom exit. Him to let that happen after any can it's really can just pass it and easier to go to Pasadena to be a real you have an end Robert Arnold. Where else they can charge you that your real yeah insurance he could just basins so the biggest assailant. And a half math my legs against one wall is arms against the other and you just walk past you don't look up you don't know he's up there high marks firemen. So what's so you knew. You what my favorite what happened. Whoa that while there that's commitments now as for some. Yeah. He's had been sniffing he should not have been sniffing around trying to you know you can't remember had a blind Knox had to tell where it's O acres mr. and then the other line. Is right behind you say there's a there's someone in the house to get them. Need to lead him to yeah exactly last seen at the other mall on he's eighty pounds in her Nokia. So what she's secure and how long does that process take and I can get out and you know I. Yeah. As crab walk up these stairs and he's you know well. She's from our library why don't you do right here military were you YouTube crawling your inner thighs and your forum kinda thing and he get a better rate now and then and then everything's secure. How everything's done and things that what do you carrying around with the they'll say nothing. I didn't I have today and hand and you can't be done in your life you've hold to both hands. Yes and you but I you trillion considers it as walking through the house I asked her parents yes. US. Skier. Keeping your brought the big boulders and articles. As somebody taken me but this is a little bit and I could see good bagels may have a smooth moral no Glen Eagles assault off. Atlanta went. You know it's shooting the other day and I was like I wanna see how fast I can on them at this. The sun cartridge in you. Yeah and fast thinking and instead of and it was fun. Served but what I am I sounds so when I'm obsessed. And what is sounds like 1520 minutes yeah process. It's taller is as I should forget the handgun and a half and Caron Shaq can because that's a bigger deterrent and also it's less of a mess. So that's. If I know I think easy shot him with a shotgun Edmund a deadly mess it depends on the handguns it's gonna go straight pumped boomer he's in our ports. And I and I. Why nobody got information and I hate to live on the other side in the war the full metal jacket at all except Miami so they're back in there didn't walls blown forest sheets you don't want us. Let's end I see a Texan when he said that they should invest in our alarm system that that would give me peace of mind is my neighbor has patents because well why you just get bath and how much is that a month. And then very at a moment's peace of mind I now so he's twenty Manson afternoon nap. Put his foot and it's yeah it's funny I mean Iraqis and a couple yeah rumors and this is some special op stuff and doing everything goes yeah. It got a sword or you bell apparently shot their genetic yeah I didn't Calero. Because of my skating neighbors I have a weapon if I hears and mound I'm mark downstairs we don't do that right. Oh and did so and I can't tell you every drums swept the house at 2 o'clock in the morning with a pistol yeah he sits yeah I don't. And I are often carry some snack and hit somebody than begun his stretchy is not in your hands as you get through that now I kind of have that now. It's somewhere but he wants Ellie Mae were the guns didn't. Somewhere nicer person or group Mac right do you ever liked call for sneeze draw are now actually accidentally fire often done now before hot area. My to have this item underneath the safety in. Yeah so imagine a kid nice neighborhood walking is called him c.'s civil whatnot more to 2000 to go on party thinks he's a cop I was got a confirmation. They are god does not mean that my silhouettes we don't Housley. Important to many times you don't do that. I adamantly. You sweat the house if I wake up because anger as Bart general does. First they had there is Graham of firearm and see what she altered like Emilio Estevez and a mistaken her remark runner don't you don't do you and Swedish house would you and is when it's firmer never backing that. Are how hard work horse crashed at par woods' third out still aren't included. Pages this a different side I see sometimes you post pictures on nasty grams W news girlfriends that she and Jones yeah. I skeet it's fine but I am not Franken that. Asks please the right places that you learn yeah you have to say fire and now. Tens on June in their house you know like Colin is shot you don't like saying fire you know you guys. That the use our mayor thanks in yeah save all yeah I think what else are actors she shoots them for the things even released. Done well as my husband is thrown against that but if you have someone his hand throws them now that's. I can never hit that you're a regular 38 double GI Jane can't expect not at all. Father would be disappointment in me or really and then it can as early treason. Because my marksmanship isn't the way used to be right or which treats a bit of course here yeah. Am now and here as a master gunnery sergeant so I would have to be calling him and he would always say I think can you with my own hands don't mean again. You can learn Hannity. I'm my dad never did anything as long. This press is okay what else. OK there are a little stores Debbie downer I don't know. Did you get any of the master gunnery Sargent the every TC issued on oh yeah I don't against Mary Matalin and respect again. And again. Never pointed at some money never play with an ounce spray golly when spoken to. I learned to use all kinds around the rim of the Budweiser we'll keep you from Glen arbor and there are. It sits say it again alert to salt packets around the rim of the vote was a rookie before in arbor is a bit on the awful and there the list. Well sedated so that every day is the same what about a kid today you don't go to war do you get up and sweep the house. A sweet bit by going through the gun and everything to make sure a year and as I come home and yeah. Yeah. Just or you come home and repair. Guarding them there yak and now in the dogs that bark at somebody if they in her house we are right but if we're sleeping. And I don't downstairs imminent ground something. Downstairs and your weapons sit at the it's a sure you keep akin to stay behind her for it. Actually there isn't necessary mentions a guess and in that case you have dinner NYNEX have fun and it javelin like that and it's. I really. When Jesus he's thrown off it's I'm not very Kim has not afraid and it they're all review and I don't want you haven't enough and I asked. I know we can never to the blue and new chapter or not there he's embarrassed she thinks Ellen married and now I'm terrible it was gory and a until you're throwing them Hebron. Okay. But to cognitive volunteer have a needs its movement and another huge audience and had a match again where I should be used to that by and that is just regular annual raise of Oregon Virginia many years now I'm gonna come all the negative language what's wrong way you call Dr. Phil drug before against emasculated by gun turn page everywhere that. Yes I'm very oh that's kinda what it is is because fat boy makes it well and only on again there. Are more get one now. Are you want what you. OK let's say. Definitely don't want this to happen but let's say did whatever policies for their lives but what if but what if you heard something in the middle and high or whatever is let's say you know you moms in tennis was not her bar. Okay never happen. Well let's say you heard someone break it what do you what do you what is your grabbed what you go to his II page I got some men about every room of the house. You mess and a garage you're screwed up we. I mean you're beyond all kinds of Oman. See that's the thing I got to get beyond. Our society dictates everybody needs a young you know what you need. You need to have a remote thing in every everybody needs this myself including never lighter clapper hooked up. Where do you hear like glass breaking the middle of the night you clap your hands twice. In light White Zombie comes on real loud and strobe light starts flashing house and they think they've broken the devils house they just turn around and leave for even get shooting guard when they did. There a weird thing. I'm secluded manners big steel door on the other side I got to know the wall decide death and it had more. Well enough I mean like I do partitioned. It's sought by the whole basement there. By three quarters of them and can't see got to get through the door to get through distilled or to get outside don't hear anything was to arrest in the basement the other fourth storage from. The meat freezer in the air earth but I don't hear it I fear reigns thunders whenever I hear everything you may owe me entries via. Cypress trees and you. Don't care what you go to there's not one. I lemon it's camera can't afford you the places TrailBlazer who lived had to go once it's done now. As we know what it was Coughlin was in the house and is still fresh tragedy grabs 'cause that's when. You know nobody felt comfortable having guns we are removing. Montague knew when Mel just don't just felt a need to watch kids did not comfortable with a no there was. Despite a lot of guys who snows I issued her dad was you know all in the guns does not assume that on more. And it was hers and her mom's gonna wish god. Would evoke powerful he can't he get a knife. Oh I don't know I'm not I know we have a lot of robbers are listening to undo us. I don't know section and check this again if you roll combing through my get a couple books but and pressed on moniker. Back to pay to see that that's that's that's good. I mean that's absolutely did because what you do it and he's secure everything you don't get logged in the mirror. While there was a situation in my family or somebody crawled through a bathroom window at night and attacks and so ever since then I've been. Went on tonight the bat guy. Pitcher with a summary that takes your mind. If Ollie as one Dolly through the balance of the Madden Bob Hope yes well that's what I did I cracked my head on the porcelain she was stabbed into the bottom off. It's not that I'm done hungry and I am I wanna save my family enormous to offer however isn't tough enough. If I could and you know. And yeah I agree I hope those people would feel that way and if they don't there is some. Militias that are are you going through life and hands and he went like big gun drawn like again like lieutenant hooks from please candidate is the black officer on the air for each and I. As they've the favorite for Fred is your your rear your main priority if we must get serious burns thought it was real funny that you mentioned. Page sleep in the house with a gun Orkut talk can't wait it's our summer hours you may doing it. There are donor through two books on Amazon is to Tom swords. Well yeah but she is Amy take their classes yet Mercer Brewster and learn how to use in kids lord. Our people are all over fan what is really don't remind. You grab your woman I got your guys little guys that made all of the brand nasty just hair we got Thomas short months and to its investors. Australia the robbed here at the building you'll be okay in the kitchen indicates in the world's yeah keg very cage also mad he won pirate mirror from Gaffney does the same thing with a sling blade. Now he adds that goes through the house doesn't canceling bush really it at all now. I lose big immensely blade one and mustard this kid number down. Our hope Digi very secure page of the queen of blue laws and firearms is gonna deliver the news front us. The rise guys morning show with a man. He just say oh boy 93 point freedom for. Right guys headlines with the aids and you're beatle who. I think headlines is not intimidated by pound men and state are marrying while I'm telling you what's the worst thing that can ever happen to groom before his wedding. I'm a few seconds but first I gotta tell you. What Brad Pitt told Harvey Weinstein. According to People Magazine. Boy I tell you that guy. Overnight. Mainstream name not very good reason I mean the guy's been a name for years to those that pay attention of that crap here now as high as frank. Do you want me eight actresses now that are coming port is a poster child for just the NL like Bill O'Reilly is I think god. Thank god that this has happened because it takes it off may be in the weird. So Mario skits and he mounted. As the celtics' give us have been employed grouped into. Twenty years ago. When he here via an inning he's apologized for those another one. Was it some make up more aggressive he wore pastor at a Golden Globes party in basically booster. Now enables it to walk all. Now I mean I cannot I see it clear that thing happens with. I mean these dudes are disconnected from reality am I making an excuse pharmacy and they're disconnected from reality as they are at. There was pain was so weird in the the audio that was play would Weinstein where the girls talking and and he's come Hermes two and I'm famous. Hide blasts. And even I was into the guy that would be a total turn off here. Doesn't want but it never paint well of course Gwyneth Paltrow as when Andy Ellis played down metal icon ER. Unemployment hit came forward accusing Weinstein and sexual misconduct. And this hurt situation happened when she was 22 years of age it was in the hotel room. And Weinstein hired her for the lead role and Emma. And allegedly. Ended up with him placing. His hands on her and suggesting and the size yeah. So Brad Pitt according to People Magazine confronted Weinstein about the incident at a Hollywood party around 1995. And he got right up into his face poke demand contestants and you are not ever did this to granite again. And he made it clear. That there will be consequences. If Weinstein put a hand honor. He described it that he would give Harvey Weinstein and Missouri wanting if he touched his girlfriend. Ever Missouri wolf yeah. There's Ahmad Julian concurrent. There are your Missouri now why gas. Are you like a Missouri are sort of oh I don't know what is Jeff I have heard in the bunk house brawl of hurt today. Atlanta street five. All have a street fight a bit and Spartanburg street fight yeah. Romanians but never never heard it never heard of them NSR Missouri ask Hillary mirror more and more street for India and oh Islam and what any billet. I gotta get down Missouri up and he warned them betting he'd laid a hand on her that's what's gonna happen. Since this economic movies anymore what is it just done what he wants to the other brother said asphalt to him at least through the media is his brother. I mean he's in them he's you know he's like I'm I have to go against you based on my brother I'm on page has exhibited just happened. Oh do light last nights are once he went to Europe to Korea and so he's gonna come back annuals to work against CIA I I got caught me yesterday and read that he went to some sexual rehab place in Arizona. Gazing European summary have in Europe right. I mean there's rehab for months then come back out now than ever happened and you can't do that now someone that. Nom I wanna see jango and zipped. He should start making weird moment like what would it be like if the Weinstein started making like weirdo movies. Exposing right into one of the Brothers really in pioneer from Pixar sex Toy Story sex toys to laugh at central Brothers. You asked that question is he gonna work again wall when all this came to. Those surface and these divorce coming forward he stepped down from his own company don't Weinstein Co. out there he resigned. So he I have to get a straw house. I have anything to do and yeah. Yeah any Hawkins running on the business experience here is another company get a higher math while singing bird making more movies and gets out of rehab is good strategy did ended producing TV shares. Or yeah there is no room table Netflix already called stranger way. You. I'll I'll love it that's how guys are eighty start rebuilding other movies he'd be like stand by me by take a shower now. But I'm sorry I'm gonna notice Beirut is harder Wednesday. Right yes yes that's right through here sexual assault lies and videotape. Was brilliant no problem reading that one. Well here's a fun fact for Thursday that I know nine recovering at a cemetery about this little. Ask her a little hopping on Hancock Hancock also sign up. Yeah it's a plethora. Twister going decent number gloated here we go Blake Harrison. It is a bad connotation. What does she have her removed parade. Many untouchables get ready for the touch double secret at all nervous or not I don't think mentally if you go walk it. Well why you do that it did you know party was never supposed to be released. A developer at Atari mated during a training exercise. But guitars founder liked it so much that they decided to take it public. Yeah. You knots and I boogie nights scoring I never saw Paul as a video game by as a freestanding video game era. Is it it was it was not made for home news right it was made for a stand out. Arcade game armour who does say that it was but I never saw planes Alice in. After that. Yeah I mean I was Obama but remember. Like those old really simple arcade game there are rumored plan arcade games it was because they looked better than the ones on the NES. Yeah. Guy there. Arm. Yeah it says it was first come around its sun it clearly everybody knows. And how far we've come. Off of forty years ago or did you ever play combat on it own a tar a little bit but I don't remember oil. EU are actual pixelated tanks he gets another pick slate attain there'd be a wall between you got home same thing isn't really your bullets would start to shatter the wall you know and then eventually you stay behind a wall he'd get shot you brokered it was fun I was very fast moving not at all. Not at all if anyone I mean it was fun. X-Men in this same school authorities on the switch is always a party games across or five or ten dollars apiece it sure looks really fun Irish start. Mr. download them all spent money on video games in your. Ian Maggie until you are a mortgage program. This really gets amend deals we've. Rigid jones' hush money. And that's the end telling all now. And lastly I mean I think as a Weinstein Brothers movies. Would I did jango was this sort of Melissa and a of their Marietta Jaeger was altered to yours or at least they got Dimension Films to him. So screams orders. Lost in translation are as perfect as he brings a New York's marriage. Basically yeah. I had so yeah. Now I'm misogynist the burning and a student. Of the departed the puck well. The story that you've been waiting for but you know it's this is gonna make you crank blanking mrs. tingle. Illegal immigrants. And lastly. I can't believe that somebody did this happen in China the best man I miss high and they Graham to a lamppost. It firecrackers and has by and bruised by lit firecrackers right before his wedding. This story and I I ended up of course in the hospital and we don't know. When the landing is gonna take place that you don't think it would never happen if they bang immigrant has anybody care and letting us how how. Is there. Is hurt. Well it's. That's. It's senate it didn't disclose exactly what happened to his cavity because visitors and maybe I'm sure there is some serious damage. But. It set off a series of small explosions. And which made fairways guys' eyes. Is back out. Now that's great divide and then Egypt. I'm not a matter probably well liked and that nobody in the volume of fireworks yeah. Video interlude it is our summer website where angry I can't read any of it is I beat him in the mind. Final usually the guys but they started gyro love them attached just doesn't actually aren't. Well. I. Okay these guys at some kind of tradition. Serbs now and app and senator is tight thinking it was again idea and it was funny at the time and they realize when he did to the guy yeah. The Arab I don't know what you people think humanely little bit lower house your problem that big balloons. I learned I don't understand you know you hear stories of the grim and getting his carefully star. Eyebrows shaved the night before you have the bachelor parties I don't wanna do it and I need far. Has Jimmy G. I don't resemble eastern evening earlier. Now you're wearing less sensitive yes it's all good all results are now only sell don't always studied. All thought it off there there's already there's our program I have two months known to consider for weighing kid cannot solve places somewhere. Anymore Phat morning. Connie Gatti in the outlying farms her. It's hard to say I. And it is hard to think of movies that they conceived and involved any King's Speech after her. Or is it faster and it's while some argue with titles. Tim James Bond movies makes I realize this was a Weinstein imovie and she's seen founder. When Michael Keaton about McDonald's our great movie rental real it's real to the real story ray crock it's legit I. I don't doesn't McDonald's was co whether or not but it's it's true to form it's real good more ticket and Rogen. I'm paints an asterisk as handling. Seniors have upstaged morning radio and now an Asian central LA so I guess I'm not afraid boy freed up. Did tag saying we should turn it into a game where we. Tomorrow a new movie titles Harvey Weinstein good and then we've already Donald hall and admitting that. I can't think of anymore. You wouldn't get to see. Missionary position a possible. Somehow I yeah see if he'd be there when the doors are open. He had a harder and don't prop problem and I. Doing different that. Those that stayed for womb raider. Not hard rim Harvey's. Especially since. Now I'm Richard Harvey Weinstein and six. Says honey do personally do well on the ride down another medic can save us a source in the subways trash institutes. And his will house like after days they're humans are angered. Yeah yeah I do read through all the dam around love. And brown well hello. That figure in my care faster back curious Kaman and mr. Holland's groups dog. It certainly has tried calling my office with a neck summation Marat that's way better and Corey potter. I saw a commanding thirteen times wolf and thank you nearby called FaceBook Nancy Graham and snapped and tweeting and she's saying. It is the letter to a build closer do you rate not the founder the pounder the pounder with Michael Keaton. All of this is Loren. Should not have a good ring Iran as Disney won anyway I can sit on the radio and I. Oh yeah. Germs we. And how all of no room with everybody did everybody hear me Jimmy Lester isn't winning right now on the way outdoor air links themselves well and I feel so why. No but there are a year. Do you song. My whole mode is fun again. Yeah. Still bill. I was real opponent. I was referring aren't here we're. Text or Perry movie title now Harvey why. My instinct just drive that they don't hey why not texting and make us all must outlasting the 93 tour money one way or receive. The real winner and go to Libya the united mad world with a madman and myself tomorrow for Friday and thirty. There you go take 672341. That's 72341. Thing Carolina beta mail dot com that Arnold has got the numbers are going thank Joseph allied yeah like kids like an insurance 7234. Line Mary here we get our last set of food. First he's Smart to get to as the last line you called at 8642414328. And as I said earlier in the evil last contest marred look both both both. Page is gonna have you had thousand dollars here and our page and I were besides any of our names and it will not be part. Will not be far. Wonderful she had a pretty good to see yeah. We'll leave Baghdad Smart had a thousand our story salmon and thank you so much a list and have a great day be blessed it is good innings. How can say yeah. You're just a little flash yeah. He's free points radio. Planet rack.